RE: last night's 9th Democrat Debate... So we are left in a way with the worst of both possible worlds, a Bernie Sander's campaign resting on a broad and vigorous base funded by an oligarch's contributions. If Bloomberg stays in the race even after he fails to get the nomination, he can run anti-Trump unlimited TV spots as his own personal contributions to his own personal campaign but to the benefit of Bernie Sanders. Much depends on whether the diminutive white knight of Wall Street and Goldman Sachs fears Trump more or less than Bernie Sanders. That is another way of asking, who is the greater threat to the trillions being carved by China investors hollowing out America? I think Bernie Sanders, despite the fact that he can reasonably be called Bolshevik Bernie, is the most formidable of the Democrat field. He exudes authenticity which is so patently-lacking in candidates like Warren and Bloomberg. He has demonstrated charisma, unlike the stolid Klobuchar and the zombie-like Biden. He is unflappable and more agile under tough questioning than even Buttigieg. He has the aura of it being his time after he was so cruelly-denied last time. Trump has much in his record to point to in defense of his presidency and much to point to in defense of the country against a Chinese virus. If the virus comes, if the stock market crashes, if medicines are not forthcoming from China, if many jobs are lost, Trump, pointing to that record, can easily be seen to advantage as the man to lead the country rather than barking Commie Bernie.

— Nathan, Chattanooga, TN

Volume XXV - 2020

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03 Why Aren't We Protesting In The Streets?

10 Soros’ War Against The Jews

17 Our Lady of Perpetual Impeachment vs America

24 Re-Greta

31 The Plight of The Unwoke


07 Top 8 Reasons Trump Already Won Impeachment

14 Fake Investigations – Designed To Fool You

21 Why Are Liberal Cities Such a Mess?
















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