Breaking: LONG BEACH, NY ó- The emergency department in Long Beach, operated by Mount Sinai South Nassau, is closing temporarily due to nursing staff shortages related to the state vaccine mandate, the hospital announced. It will shutter as of 3 p.m. on Monday. Patients in Long Beach in need of emergency care will be directed to the hospital's main campus in Oceanside. An ambulance will be stationed around the clock at the Long Beach Emergency Department during the closure. The closure will continue for up to four weeks and could be extended depending on staff availability. The facility could be shut for at least four weeks in connection to the state's vaccine mandate. Here's a starter list of thousands of medical employees being fired or resigning their job at hospital and medical system, all over the country. "No jab, no job". Better start planning your emergencies and health problems. Nice, huh?

– City Press Release, NY

Volume XXVI - 2021

"Now In My 26th Year & Still Commenting Weekly, On The World's Daily Dose Of Lunacy"
In The InterNet's Longest Running Journal, Since January 1996.


01 Is The Whole Gov't In On It?

08 The Disenfranchised American Voter

15 Attention, Please

22 The Separation

29 Bidenís Fossil Fuel Killer EO


05 Biden's 1st Week Was Utterly Destructive

12 Trump Uncovered a Spirit of Racketeering

19 Itís Time To Hate Them Right Back

26 Celebrating Rush's Death Is Acceptable



05 Everything Is Fake In Utopia

12 Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Are Crap

19 Time For Rush Limbaugh's Show To End

26 Relying On Wind & Solar



02 The Deification of The Woke Self

09 5 Biden Scandals You Might Not Know About

16 Is Tom Wolf An Idiot?

23 Dumb Camp

30 All Rioters, Looters & Arsonists Need Killing


07 Conservatives Are Losing The Ideological War

14 Snow Whiteís "Woke" Kiss

21 Origin Of Covid ó Following The Clues

28 Fauci: Why No Criminal Investigation?



04 China Preps Bio-Weapons For WW3

11 The Lab-Leak Theory: Origins

18 The Death Of Nation States

25 Study: Chinese Scientists Created COVID



02 Two Imperatives Will Change Our Country

09 Does Anyone Believe Blacks Are Oppressed?

16 Lockdowns, Unpunished Crime & Climate Crap

23 When Companies Go Woke

30 The American Descent Into Madness


06 They Arenít Migrants, They Are Illegal Aliens

13 Timing Exposes China's Weaponization of Virus

20 Delta Variant: Closer To The Edge

27 The Forever Stain On The US



03 A Fairy Story

10 20 Years On

17 Pretending Covid Is An Emergency

24 A Virus That Has Killed More Minds Than Bodies



01 Proud To Be White

08 Progressives' Fascism... Only One Problem

15 I Don't Give A Damn, Pt 2

22 The War On Cash Is Here

29 Supply Chain Collapse


05 Garland Just Tipped Over The Dominos

12 Inflation Is Real And Here

19 GOP Commits Suicide Trying to Stop Trump

26 How Many More?









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