This was the week it became abundantly clear that Joe Biden is not up to the job, and someone should start -— if they haven’t already -— the over-under betting line on whether he makes it to his 80th birthday late this year still in office. I imagine that web searches for “25th Amendment” are running hot right now. Somehow it fits: Googling after the gurgling goombah who managed to sneak into the White House. Meanwhile, the Branch Covidians still in charge at the CDC continue to burn down their credibility. Do you feel old, as I do, from all this crap? Biden&Co's first year is a dumpster fire. I was impressed by Joe's ability to stand for over an hour and a half. Sure, he leaned on the podium a lot. And there was a point during which he shifted his weight between his feet, looking like he was rocking sideways like an autistic child. He admitted having notes, too many notes. He called on people (for the first hour and a quarter) by name from his notes, not by pointing to where they were. Those questions were set up in advance and his answers were all in writing in his notes. When he finally took questions unscripted, he simply shrugged off any he didn’t like. He ignored the Hunter Biden question. He dismissed the mental competecy question with the equivalent of a “mean tweet.” When a president has an adoring media, his dumpster fire 1st year can be made to look... not so bad. But the reality is, its been horrible.

— Angie, Montclair, VA

Volume XXVII - 2022

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