I said that very same thing as you have – "The CCP stopped all air traffic into Wuhan after Chinese New Year celebration, but allowed tens-of-thousands, contaminated with the virus, out on flights to the rest of the world" – from the very beginning. Thousands of Chinese going all over the world, being “Typhoid Marys”. Wuhan is a major air travel port in China. I certainly hope Trump gets the evidence the whole world needs to know that China deliberately let loose this virus, trying to weaken the rest of the world & to try to take over. China was particularly angry at Trump for the new trade deals he got. They want to have everything THEIR way. Also- WHY did 21 million Chinese cell phone account go dormant during Nov-Dec? Why did one of our satellites pick up the chemicals from China burning bodies out in the streets in huge piles because the crematoriums couldn’t keep up with the deaths? This was war with bio-weapons...and IF ANYONE will get to the bottom of this all, Trump will. Since Obama admin gave a $13M +++ grant to the Wuhan lab, I think they are part of the conspiracy. Keep buying ‘supplies’. STAY SAFE!

— ridesthemiles, FR

Volume XXV - 2020

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03 Why Aren't We Protesting In The Streets?

10 Soros’ War Against The Jews

17 Our Lady of Perpetual Impeachment vs America

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31 The Plight of The Unwoke


07 Top 8 Reasons Trump Already Won Impeachment

14 Fake Investigations – Designed To Fool You

21 Why Are Liberal Cities Such a Mess?

28 You Bernie Suckers Are Going to Get Fooled Again



06 Are Battle Lines Being Drawn?

13 Drafting Men Over 60

20 Hunan Flu Virus Masking Beijing’s Expanding Influence

27 The Enemy of America



03 A Month of Sundays

10 Something Is Not Right

17 COVID’s Non-COVID Casualties

24 The New Normal?



01 Are America, and Trump, Being Played?

08 The ‘Big Lie’ Behind Covid-19

15 How Stupid Are You?

22 American Society and the Stretched Rubber Band









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