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Friday, April 2, 2004

herever these early-arriving Spring seasons have come in mid-March, we've always suffered a few late-Winter snow and ice storms, causing much damage to tender plants. It happened recently, in 2001, and in several of my previous 14 years, if memory serves. In '98, a freak, unpredicted ice storm did the damage to many of my 500+ Japanese Maples; it was pervasive and costly. So I'll take the same precautions, as I've done for the past 4-5 years: keep tender plants under shelter, until they've "hardened-off", or have strengthened the new growth enough to take inclement weather without major damage. Been there, done that; got the t-shirt. I'll never claim that I don't make mistakes; I do. But I try real hard not to make the same ones, twice. The 18 wholesale nurseries, from whom I buy copious amounts of top-quality nursery stock, are anxious to ship their product, much of which has swelling buds, is in bloom or is leafing-out, already. And I'm very happy to get their yearly offerings, but the highly-unpredictable weather in the Mid-Atlantic Region, is suspect and inclined toward an early-Spring/ late-Winter "ambush", of sorts. I check the 15-day forecast everyday, and make adjustments in sheltering the tender stock, accordingly. Better safe, than sorry.

Around The Garden Center.
I've finally completed all the arrangements for the 14th Annual Open House, on Saturday, April 17th: 3-piece jazz band, BBQ sandwiches and Dutch potato salad, Allegro Vineyards best vinos, chips, cookies, snacks, soft drinks and tens-of-thousands of fresh pieces of nursery stock, perennials, ornamental grasses and groundcovers. It's going to be a great time; you're invited!
Sunday was the 25th Anniversary of Three Mile Island's nuclear accident, in 1979. I was working and living downwind in New Jersey, at the time, loaded up my car and drove south to Cape May to escape any radiation release. I remember staying tehre for 2-3 days, until the "all clear" was announced. That NJ Shore town was so crowded with escapees, it was almost like being at Woodstock in 1969: bumper-to-bumper roads and body-to-body sidewalks. Never again, I hope.
I've just finished "seasoning" my new Lodge Cast Iron Cookware; best stuff I've ever bought. It was the same cookware my grandparents used, passed down to my parents, and then to me. And it was the very same cookware we used when in The Boy Scouts, back in the early 60s, on campouts. Life is good. Deja-vu, baby.
9-11, all the time. Never forget.
Reason #1,144 why I carry concealed. Gosh, I love happy endings.
Actually, I'm thinking of outsourcing my weekly-monthly-quarterly book-keeping and yearly tax preparation. I hate to say it, but I'm not a *numbers guy*. I need a weekly bookkeeper; got a top-rated York CPA.
Remember to set your clocks ahead, this weekend. DST (Daylight Savings Time) kicks-in.
Damn, Radio Flyer wagons, one of my favorites, is moving its manufacturing to China. I had 10 of them for customers to pull their plant purchases and kids around the nursery. They've since rusted out and have been replaced with USA-made green steel nursery carts.
Hey, have some fun with the Bush Shoot Out.

If there was any doubt in a rational, thinking mind, that Islam is a deviant cult of death, and that Muslims are subhuman, Wednesday's murder and mutilation of four American civilian contractors should have put that to rest, for good. RIP, American contractors. You will be avenged. Are you listening, President Bush, Rummy?
Pictures of the massacre and desecration are here.
These are the same, lowlife Islamic, subhuman Muslim pigshit filth who celebrated in the streets, when The 9-11 Massacre happened. They need to be tracked down and executed.
Muslims and Arabs need to be wiped from the face of the earth. If I could be King For A Day, I would have them all executed and buried in pit, the size of The Grand Canyon, filled with liquid pigshit, dusted with lime, and covered with soil. End of the world's problems.
In case you need reminding of why Islamics and Muslims are the enemy, and need to be tracked down and executed, go here and also go, here. And here's the 9-11 Quilt. Never forget.
BTW, here's why pigshit-for-brains Arabs throw rocks.

Liberals vs Conservatives.
The division of the human family into its two distinct branches occurred some 10,000 years ago, a few hundred years after the flood. Humans coexisted as members of small bands of nomadic hunter/gatherers. In the pivotal event of societal evolution, beer was invented. This epochal innovation was both the foundation of modern civilization and the occasion of the great bifurcation of humanity into its two distinct subgroups: Liberals and Conservatives.
Once beer was discovered, it required grain, and that was the beginning of agriculture. Neither the glass bottle or aluminum can had yet been invented, so it was necessary to stick pretty close to the brewery. That's how villages were formed.
Some men spent their days Executeing animals to barbeque at night while they were drinking beer. This was the beginning of the Conservative movement.
Other men who were weaker and less sExecuteed at hunting, learned how to live off Conservatives by showing up for the BBQs every night and doing women's work like sewing, fetching and hair dressing. This was the beginning of the liberal movement. Later, some of the Liberals actually became women.
Liberal achievements include the domestication of gerbils, invention of group therapy and democratic voting to see how to divide the beer and meat that the Conservatives provided. Women were not interested in democracy at that time because most of them were still women back then, and the Conservatives fed them.
Conservatives are symbolized by the largest, most powerful land animal on earth. Liberals are symbolized by the jackass.
Modern Liberals like imported beer (they add lime), but most prefer white wine or foreign water in a bottle. They eat raw fish but like their beef well done. Sushi, tofu, and french food are on liberal menus. Their women have more testosterone than the men. Liberals like deviant sex and want others to like it too. Their first successful city governments were Sodom and Gomorrah.
Most social workers, personal injury attorneys, journalists, and group therapists are Liberals. Liberals invented the designated hitter rule in baseball because it wasn't "fair" to make the pitcher also bat.
Conservatives drink domestic beer. They eat red meat, and still provide for their women. Conservatives are big-game hunters, rodeo cowboys, lumber jacks, construction workers, medical doctors, police officers, corporate executives, soldiers, athletes, and generally anyone who works productively outside government. Conservatives who own companies hire other Conservatives who want to work for a living.
Liberals do not produce anything. They like to "govern" the producers and decide what is to be done with the production. Liberals believe Europeans are more enlightened than Americans. That is why most of the liberals just stayed in Europe when Conservatives were coming to America.
Conservatives have principles, believe in a Creator, and the rule of law. They practice charity and give to the poor, normally through their churches. When in doubt on an issue, they check both the Bible and the Constitution, which they use as a constant reference in a changing world. They believe in the concept of truth.
Liberals do not have principles, except for their dedication to stealing production of Conservatives and undermining rincipled references such as the Bible and Constitution. They are never in doubt on an issue because they always do whatever is best for them without regard to others. They have no standard of reference. Liberals do not give to charity. They cultivate the poor like a cat cultivates a field of mice. They use the poor as voters and give them a portion of stolen tax money which they vote away from Conservatives.
Conservatives believe in self defense, both at home and abroad. They own guns and use them to discourage liberals and other common criminals. They provide guns to the armed forces to discourage foreign liberals and other foreign criminals.
Liberals do not believe in conservative self defense. They disarm Conservatives, and then attack them with impunity by liberal armies with guns. King George, Hitler and Stalin were all liberals who abandoned the rule of Law, had no principles except their own self indulgence, and attempted to tax and govern Conservatives. Liberals believe in BIG government. They think the United Nations is the ultimate answer.
Conservatives believe in the rule of law and when sitting on juries, convict common criminals and acquit fellow Conservatives who have been charged by liberals. When serving in the armed forces, they shoot liberals from other countries who want to govern our country. Conservatives know the difference between a common-sense law and a bone-headed statute passed by some liberal from Massachusetts. When sitting on juries, they do not enforce bone-headed statutes, and don't explain their reasons.
Liberals only believe in whatever laws are appealing to them, such as the privilege of making a living by taxing Conservatives. When sitting on juries, Liberals convict producers and acquit Liberals and other common criminals. Modern Judges are all Liberals as they do not produce anything except chaos, and are paid with confiscated tax money. They consider it against the law to reference any source of law such as the Bible or Constitution. Like other Liberals, they just make it up as they go and do what is best for them. Judge Roy Bean is their model.
The American cowboy, of course, is your basic, full-bore Conservative. A hundred years ago, an Englishman visiting Texas was attempting to find the owner of a huge cattle ranch. He rode up to one of the ranch hands, and inquired, "Pardon me, but could you perhaps tell me where I might locate your master?" To which the cowboy replied, "That sumbitch ain't been born yet".
NOTE: Thanks for the email, HD. Funny and true stuff.

Here it comes: an "assault weapons ban" in Pennsylvania, mandatory registration and probable follow-up confiscation down the road. The politician garbage are at it again. Look at what they're up to in The Peoples' Republik of Illinois. Vote the scum out!
Here it comes, Fellow Pennsylvanians: a Pennsylvania Bill to classify Pump Rifles as 'assault weapons'. Registration and confiscation, are next. Get a .50cal BMG and "vote from the rooftops".
For once, I agree with RINO Billy Bob O'Reilly: level the shithole, Fallujah, and Execute all the subhuman Muslim pigshit-drinking Islamic filth.
Screw you, traitorous Kraut bastards. America's outta there. Enjoy the economic collapse. The socialist Schroeder scumbag, is to blame. Take your anger out on him, morons.
Riots at the '04 Republican Convention in NYC? Bring it on, left-wing wacko filthies! We'll shoot you, on sight.

John F(ucking) Kerry.
Kerry's a lying piece-of-shit. Kerry is a liberal-demokkkRATshit-commie-socialist-nazi piece of garbage. His endorsement by mentally-ill Howard "The Coward" Deannie-Weenie (TURD-VT), is entirely laughable.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a criminal, involved in a conspiracy to assassinate US Senators. No statute of limitations on conspiracy to commit murder, FBI. US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a liar and a hate-America traitor.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a ???foul-mouthed, cowardly punk.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is an ignorant-of-the-facts, turdboy lowlife scumbag.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a fake and a fraud. Another fake Purple Heart for the fraudulent, cowardly Kerry filth? Show us your medical records, Kerry, you lying piece of shit.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a lying son-of-a-bitch.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a Catholic-hating, pro-abortion lowlife scumbag.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a socialist, commie tax-raising piece of nazi garbage.
Ahhhh, too late HJ Heinz Co: you're toast. I've quit buying and all of your shitty products, many months ago. You'd better do more than distance yourself from the slutty Teresa-bitch, and the lying coward hate-America traitor, Johnnie-boy-Kerry-Heinz.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is liberal scum.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is anti-Catholic and anti-life; he's garbage.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) and disgraced, ex-Gov Mario "The Homo" Cuomo, who almost ran for president in 1992, could emerge as yet another candidate for vice president? YES, do it, morons!
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is the murderous Muslim, hate-America pigshit Islamic hope?

Hate-America, liberal-demokkkRAT Filth.
Paul, "The Empty Forehead Subhuman", Begala, is a liberal-demokkkRAT, lying deviant buttwiper faggot. His nose is so brown/black, from being up the Kriminal Klintoon's asses, that he stinks from 100yds. Phewy, Paulie, you faggot.
Liberal-demokkkRATs are whining, crybaby, girlie-men-nancy-boys.
I agree: throw out the four pro-homo, unelected, appointed Massachusettes Supreme Judicial Court justices; they're subhuman scum. Stand them against a wall.
Fat, bloated, criminal, stupid, idiot-savant moron "Fast Eddie" Rendell, the lying, socialist-commie-nazi-liberal-demokkkRAT scumbag who ruined Philly, and who's been caught driving 100mph+, at least 9 times, is a subhuman piece of steaming dogshit. When his shit-stained lips move, the Rendell hate-America garbage is lying. Get cancer and die, fatboy.
Mansoor Ijaz's campaign contributions to lib-dem trash, prove he's a lying, piece of pigshit Muslim filth.
Liberal talk radio? No one will buy it.
Howard "The Coward" Sperm and Al "Bucktoothed Moron" Franken-shit: dumb and dumber. Blech.
Harley Sorensen, liberal, lowlife scumbag butt-boy homo for the SF Chronicle, hates Bush. Yawn.
The liberal-demokkkRATs are definitely the party of hatred.
Hate-America sambette bitch, Cynthia McKinney announced her bid to retake the 4th Congressional District seat now held by Denise Majette and released the following statement. Crawl back under your slimy rock, lowlife scum.
Black Americans are less likely than white Americans to own homes, don't earn as much as whites, don't live as long, and don't do as well in school, according to a report by the National Urban League. Well duh, sambos. Still haven't figured it out yet, have you?
Execute this liberal filth.
Liberal-demokkkRAT bitch, Kerri F. Dunn, a visiting professor of social psychology at Claremont McKenna, a sambette racist bigot, needs to go to prison, for hate crimes against herself.
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright Waddlin' Piggy Halfbright, the fat, ugly cleaning lady, gave a ringing defense of the Clinton administration's efforts to combat terrorism on Tuesday and a not-so-subtle jab at the Bush administration's policies when she it appeared before a commission investigating the events leading up to the 9-11 attacks. Yawn, piggie.
Impeached, disgraced, lying, ex-president BJ Klintoon was a coward, liar and degenerate lowlife scumbag. Here's why.
In one of his few lucid moments between many declining years of drug and alcohol abuse, shit-for-brains, untalented, unfunny asswipe addict, Don Imus Anus-In-The-Morning rips ugly, brain-dead, left-wing, wacko liberal-demokkkRAT CBS's Lesley Stahl. Bitch.
While bankrupt, lowlife combover scumbag, Donald Trump-A-Dump, basks in the popularity of his runaway hit reality TV show, "The Apprentice", the auditors for his Atlantic City casinos are raising alarms over their real-life debt. Barring a bailout, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts may not be able to continue as a "going concern". He's toast. Luvit!
Liberal Err America, Hate Radio kicked off on Wednesday, taking on Conservative Talk Radio. What a freaking disaster, both in content and financially for the poor, stupid lib-dem garbage. Al "Bucktoothed Moron" Franken-shit and former Minnesota Public Radio host Katherine "Hosebag Streetslut" Lanpher, were awful during the 3-4 minutes I listened. Just awful. I give them 6-8mos, until their money dries-up.
Disgraced loser, kicked-out-of-office, former ex-vice president AlGoreBore and business partner, lowlife scumbag Joel Hyatt, a screwball, moronic entrepreneur and crooked liberal-demokkkRAT fund-raiser, are corrupting America's youth, with the tiny digital-cable channel Newsworld International (NWI). Pure lib-dem junk.
Lying, disgraced US Sen Hillary Rodham Clinton Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (BITCH-NY), responding to remarks by a top US official that outsourcing can be good for the economy, said the Bush administration isn't facing reality, at least reality in upstate New York. WTF would that fat-assed pigbitch know about America? Zero.
Wake-up, Blacks in Boston, and in all of Massachusettes: why are you voting for any liberal-demokkkRAT scum, Kennedy and Kerry? They're laughing at you! The lib-dem garbage think you Blacks are stupid niggers and slaves. Are you? Vote Republican, and change your pathetic lives.

Subhuman, Lowlife, Deviant Garbage.
The Saudis are subhuman, pigshit traitorous garbage. Execute every one of them; no exceptions. Give the oilfields to the Jews. Execute "royal" Saudi pigshit filth. They're the true enemies of America.
Exercise guru Faggot, punk butt-boy, wimp scumbag, Richard Simmons, allegedly slapped a man who made a sarcastic remark about one of his videos. Huh? What kind of a lowlife morons would let a faggot slap him? Uhhh, nevermind.
A French frog lawyer will defend Sodomy Insane? Figures.
Clerics in Europe finally waking-up? Sorry, morons: too late. You're overrun with subhuman, pigshit Muslim filth. Buh-bye, idiot socialists!
Here's why pigshit Muslims are so fucked-up screwed-up. What a pathetic joke the deviant, murderous cult of Islam, is. Pigshit be upon you Islamic trash.
George Carlin is festering, fetid, steaming liberal-demokkkRAT-socialist-nazi-commie dogshit. Get a heart attack, and die, asshole.
Ahhhhh, Islam, The Religion of Pigshit™, strikes again at innocents. Still more gruesome pictures. And, still more gruesome pics. Cowardly Islamic-Muslim pigshit filth: come mess with me, scum!
The lowlife, child-molesting subhuman piece of deviant garbage, Michael "I Love Little Boys" Jackson, is dirtying the US Congress halls, with the racist bitch, bigoted, scumbag, hate-America sambette, US Rep Sheila Jackson Lee (NIGGRESS-TX). What a bunch of second-rate subhuman garbage.
Execute this Muslim terrorist garbage.
Simon & Schuster is Viacom is CBS is incestuous, lowlife, subhuman, liberal-demokkkRAT garbage.
Get AIDS and die, Simmons faggot. Die, scumbag.
Deport or execute all Muslim-Islamic terrorists, anywhere. Get it, UK?
Here's why Muslim pigshits are so fucked-up screwed-up.



Some People Deserve Executeing™.
The subhuman filth at NAMBLA, are back online. They all deserve to be tracked down, duly charged, tried, convicted and executed from the face of the earth. Pedophilia in inhuman and the punishment should be death. No freedom of speech issue is in play, here, IMO. Only deviancy, perversion and degeneracy. There is no "rehab" possible. The only cure is execution. Execute them all.
Hundreds of grassroots leaders representing National People's Action (NPA), aka illegal immigrant garbage, are paying a visit to the home of President Bush's Senior Policy Advisor Karl Rove on Sunday, March 28, because he refused to meet with them to discuss the rights of illegal immigrant youth. Huh? What? Hey, NPA subhuman filth: come fuck with me and I'll Execute violently waste every fucking one of you lowlife subhuman pigshit filth garbage, who steps on my property! GOT IT, SUBHUMANS? C'mon, try me chickenshit dirtbags... still waiting, subhumans.
Execute this murderous, subhuman nigger sambo filth, Marcus Wesson. Execute him, Execute him, Execute him.

Tasting Menu.
A simple fact everyday, we must eat. Some perform the act of eating joylessly, consuming the food placed in front of them with no attention paid to the merits of the morsels. Others savor and linger over every tasty bite, letting the flavors of a good meal satiate the senses. This food web log definitely falls into the latter camp, relating one man's love affair with all things edible. Entries are devoted to food discussion, restaurant recaps, and other delectable delights. You'll also find a mouthwatering collection of food photography. If browsing through tantalizing photos of pancakes and pizza don't start your stomach grumbling, nothing will. Let your taste buds be your guide on this fabulous voyage into the wonderful world of food.

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