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russia collusion hoax, pt-6

friday, april 5th, 2024

The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago last summer might have been a plot to protect deep state intelligence officials, according to sources who spoke with a team of independent journalists this week.

[FULL TITLE: "Former Director Gina Haspel Hid The CIA’s Role In Russiagate For Years".]

On Wednesday, journalists Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, and Alex Gutentag published part 2 of an expose on the role of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) in orchestrating the years-long crusade to frame former President Donald Trump as a Russian plant. The article posted on Shellenberger’s Substack, Public, outlined how intelligence officials fretted over the presence of a classified “binder” in Trump’s possession that former CIA Director Gina Haspel had guarded for years.

“Transgressions range from Justice Department surveillance of domestic political targets without probable cause to the improper unmasking of a pre-election conversation between a Trump official and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to WMD-style manipulation of intelligence for public reports on alleged Russian ‘influence activities,'” Public reported.

One unnamed source cited as “knowledgeable about the case” called the binder “Trump’s insurance policy.” Trump was apparently “very concerned about having it and taking it with him because it was his road map” of the Russian collusion hoax.

“The ‘missing binder’ story has several variants,” Public reported. “Sources offer differing answers on the question of whether anything of consequence is missing. They give mixed accounts of Trump’s frantic last efforts to declassify Russia-related material. But nearly everyone Public and Racket spoke to agreed that the tale obscured a broader and more important story.”

On Tuesday, the Substack reporters revealed the CIA launched the Russiagate conspiracy with demands for allied nations who are members of the “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance to spy on Trump and his campaign. Members of the global intelligence apparatus include the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. In 2019, Democrats ostensibly impeached Trump over requesting that a foreign nation investigate domestic political opponents in the U.S. Trump now faces 40 criminal charges over allegations of mishandling classified documents after the FBI raid on his Florida residence. President Joe Biden escaped similar charges because prosecutors ruled the commander-in-chief too senile to face a jury trial.

“Multiple sources believe that Trump’s possession of the binder, or one of multiple binders, led the FBI to raid his home in Mar-a-Lago, which led to the prosecution of Trump by Justice Department special prosecutor Jack Smith,” reported Public. Haspel, who led the CIA under Trump, “repeatedly blocked attempts to declassify information about the Trump-Russia investigation” as far back as 2018.

Republican Sens. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Chuck Grassley repeatedly requested the CIA’s Russiagate documents in 2020 but were stonewalled by Haspel, whose tenure ran from April 2018 to January 2021. It is unclear whether the records sought by lawmakers were the same as those reported by Public, though the material purportedly showed intelligence officials knew the allegations of Trump-Russia collusion were Russian disinformation. Neither Johnson nor Grassley’s office immediately responded to The Federalist’s inquiries Thursday.

“The documents in question are said to contain information about the legal justification for those investigations, or more specifically, the lack of justification, among other things. Should more of that information be made public, it might implicate a long list of officials in serious abuses,” Public reported. Questions like these may be answered if the 10-inch thick binder of sensitive documents about the origins of the Russia probe is made public. Fear for reputations and careers, not national security, is what has intelligence officials panicked.

© 2.15.2024 by Tristan Justice, "The Federalist".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 8a on Good Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, took two 50mg Tramadol and a 300mg Gabapentin for various pains, fired-up the Win-7 Pentium HP desktop to let 32 million lines of code load, and had a couple smokes in the warming garage.

It was a cool 37° and I fired-up the condo furnace and garage heater to take the chill off, and scanned the news and weather sites. Then tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show LIVE" (CS Show) from 6-9a, and then the "Chris Plante Show LIVE" (CP Show) 9-12noon, and finally to the Rob Carson Show LIVE (RC Show) 12-3p. Most Talk Radio hosts were off for the Easter Holiday weekend, and the guys I listen to, were having "Best Of" programs.

For the past 2yrs, the corrupt, criminal Bidet&Co Regime has released all US Payroll Jobs Statistics are being 'positive', when in fact, all new job numbers have been grossly overstated and fabricated LIES. THEY WERE PART-TIME JOBS! Thus: "Philadelphia Fed says the US Payrolls overstated by at least 800,000". The WH and 'Official Gov't Statements' lie was repeated over and over and over for the past 2-3yrs, monthly, and it was all a LIE! Surprise.

Have a Blessed Good Friday.

Was the Tuesday morning Baltimore Cargo Ship Crash and Bridge Collapse a "Black Swan Event"? No, not yet; it's too early to decisively-impact the November 5th GEs. Look for it to happen in August or September, most likely September.

After lunch, I went for a short walk around the condo complex, began watching History's "UnXplained" Marathon and Discovery's "Gold Rush: Whitewater" spinoff, as nothing else was on which kept my attention. By 7p, I was ready for some dinner, and had another HUGE Chopped Chef's Salad, and got drowsy; so drowsy that I fell asleep in my comfy office-sunroom chair around 8, and woke-up at 3a. Heh. I closed the place down, and hurried upstairs for the rest of the night.

Nothing gets you in such trouble, like the Truth.

Back up at 6a on Saturday, 37°, aka Holy Saturday, I fired-up the heat, made some much-needed Monarch Hawaiian Kona Coffee, had a couple of smokes in the warming garage, and scanned the news. One of my favorite reads every morning is Kurt Schlicter, at Townhall.com, and on X and YouTube, 3x a week, so get some Colonel Kurt when you can. I'm going over to Sis' place, and we'll take a drive to Mt Rose Cemetery, clean-up the outside and inside (if needed) of the Victorian Chapel of Memories -- which we landscaped last Fall -- and visit Mom & Dad inside, leave an Easter card, and go back to her place for a Honey-Baked, Spiral-Cut, Easter Ham dinner. Yum.

I skipped breakfast, bagged-up some goodies to take to Sis, and left at 10:30a. We got to the Cemetery, cleaned-up the ornamental grasses, did a little weeding, swept-off the new paver sidewalk, and decided to get help with the weed and wild grass control. Back to Sis' condo, for a wonderful dinner, and then home. I was tired, so I had a 2hr snooze on the LR couch, watched History's "The Bible", late evening news, and hit the sack early.

Up at 9 on Easter Sunday -- I now prefer Resurrection Sunday -- a bright, sunny, 50°, with high cloud cover, I fired-up the heat, made coffee, scanned the news sites and had some smokes in the garage. I tuned into some "CS Show" Podcasts from last week, which I'd missed. By 11, the sunny morning was gone. I decided to lounge around for a while longer. NBD. The only thing to do today is to get the laundry done, and get the recycle bin out to the curb, for morning p/u. NBD2.

Pontius Pilate: "Joseph, I don’t understand. You’re one of the richest men in the region, and you've spent a fortune on a new tomb for you and your family and you want to give it to this man Jesus?”

Joseph: “It’s just for the weekend”.

America's sickness continues: the evil, satanic White House needs a Godly Cleansing. In fact, this whole country does need one, too. If God doesn't do it, we'll do it to ourselves, as we crash our society and economy, financially.

Have you ever seen a broken down Toyota? Well Toyota, I have seen several.

I finally got ready for the day at 1:30p, still tired from the previous 2 days of little sleep. I got laundry done, and after a trip to Rite Aid to p?u some waiting Rxs, and some Bayer Back & Body Aspirin 500mg 100 caplets, and a 23 of 25gal refill for my HEMI V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee, I made some Orville Reddenbacher Buttery Popcorn, which wasn't so "buttery". But I made it so, with plenty of KerryGold Irish Butter (my favorite). After eating a HUGE amount of leftover Honey-Baked Ham, Mashed Potatoes and Sweet Peas, I settled-in for the evening news, "Life, Liberty & Levin", the evening news and Rob Carson's "What In The World?". Major rain coming for the next 3-4 days. Lights out.

Flo dear... the mornings are for coffee and contemplation!

Awake at 6a on Monday -- April (1st) "Fool's Day" -- due to the electric garbage truck outside, I rolled over and went back to sleep until 7:30. Up to very heavy rain, just barely light, it was a heavy overcast, 47°, so I upped the heat in the condo and garage, made coffee, and fired-up the HP Desktop. The news headlines hadn't much from yesterday, but I went thru the several websites, just to cover all bases. The Turkish-grind, Fool's Dar Roast French, was just what I needed. I tuned into the early morning "CS Show" from Philly, and heard Bill Maher's "Stuck on Stupid" Monologue. So damned true, it was both funny and painful, at the same time.

I checked the weather maps on AccuWeather.com (set your zipcode at top), and the 2-3 day rain forecast is going to mess-up a lot of landscapers' early Spring work. I'm glad I'm not in the Horticultural business, anymore, since I dealt with snow, rain, blizzards, floods, recessions and also many, many good times, for 23 years at my Garden Center, Nursery and Landscape Contracting Business. I do miss it.

It's very sad when it's easier to abort an American Baby, than it is to deport a criminal, illegal, alien invader.

Yesterday, Easter, was also the perverted, degenerate, deviant White House's "Holiday" of "Transgender Visibility Day", and after 15 years of that filth/trash/garbage, it finally sparked an outrage from Trump. Did you have a fabulous Transgender Visibility Day, uncluttered with any loose talk about one Jesus Christ and his travails in the Roman Levant some 2000 years ago? The Easter Bunny desisted from twerking on the White House lawn this time around, but the Party of Chaos still nailed down the vote of the .000429 percent of the population that identifies as opposite the clerical error made upon their sexual assignment at birth. All in all, this may be the last grotesque frivolity the leftist political class indulges in for a long time to come. Let's hope so.

If the subhuman degenerates, deviants, perverts, scumbags and assorted lowlifes can have their filthy "tranny day", and 145 other days, we Christians will have our:

Resurrection Visibility Day!

More White House bigotry, racism and harm to Christian children: "Children of the National Guard are prohibited from submitting religious Easter egg designs for the 2024 "Celebrating National Guard Families" art event at the White House", per Fox News. "The flyer for the contest states that an Easter egg design submission "must not include any questionable content, religious symbols, overtly religious themes, or partisan political statements." Natch.

April showers bring May flowers.

I left at 12;30p for Southern York County, for errands in Red Lion and Dallastown, and on the way home, stopped at a closed Eastern Flowers Sale tent, to buy 7-4" and 3-6" pots of Teté e Teté Yellow Miniature Daffodils, to plant at Mom's & Dad's Chapel of Memories site, in the winding walk garden beds. They'll naturalize nicely in the coming years and give some early Spring color. I had paperwork to do, a property tax check to write and mail w/ SASE to get receipt for 2024 taxes, a check for JoAnne's cleaning in the morning, and a system back-up to get done. Sis called and was in Lancaster for a haircut appt, and was going to Wegmans afterward, so I placed a small order. She'd drop it off on her way home.

The rain started around 6, I had dinner of some of the wonderful Chinese food that Sis had brought. After the evening news, I watched a History's "Ancient Aliens" Marathon until 11:30, and called it a day.

Total Eclipse April 8th

Up just before 6a, "ZERO DARK THIRTY". the rain was pounding on the skylights, 49°, I still had Sciatica pain, though not so bad right now, so I took 2 50mg Tramadol, made coffee, upped the heat and had a smoke in the warming garage. The coffee was wonderful, and lifted the foggy veil from my head, quickly. I scanned the usual 5-6 new sites, to get a grip on what might be ahead, and just relaxed, as JoAnne would be in a 8:30, and it'd be chaos for 2+ hours. And as soon as the kitchen dusting and cleaning began, my Jeep neon wall clock came loose from the wall hook, crashed and shattered. Meh; no biggie. Just a clock..

It's weird being the same age as old people...

The stock market is down 500+ pts and tanking more by the hour, as it did yesterday. Trumps fault! (Just kidding, but that's what the criminal demonKKKrats will yell.) I guess they're finally "getting it" about the shitstorm of "Bidenomics", or whatever that leftist economic-ruination crap is called. I tuned into the "CS Show" until 9, and then switched to the "CP Show" until 12noon. Then I noticed the posted warnings, all over local websites:


* WHAT: Flooding caused by excessive rainfall is possible. Strong winds, hail and possible tornadoes could occur. Stay tuned to your local weather station.

* WHERE: A portion of central Pennsylvania, including the following areas, Adams, Cameron, Columbia, Cumberland, Dauphin, Elk, Franklin, Fulton, Huntingdon, Juniata, Lancaster, Lebanon, McKean, Mifflin, Montour, Northern Centre, Northern Clinton, Northern Lycoming, Northumberland, Perry, Potter, Schuylkill, Snyder, Southern Centre, Southern Clinton, Southern Lycoming, Sullivan, Tioga, Union, Warren and York.

* WHEN: Through Thursday morning.

* IMPACTS: Creeks and streams may rise out of their banks. Excessive runoff may result in flooding of rivers, creeks, streams, and other low-lying and flood-prone locations. Flooding may occur in poor drainage and urban areas.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS: Additional rainfall between 3 and 4 inches is forecast through Wednesday. Locally higher amounts up to 4 inches are possible. The heavy rainfall forecast through midweek will result in an increasing risk of flooding in the watch area. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS:

You should monitor later forecasts and be alert for possible Flood Warnings. Those living in areas prone to flooding should be prepared to take action should flooding develop.

Burn this circus down, cause the world is full of clowns.

After JoAnne left at 11, I drove over to Rite Aid to p/u 2 waiting Rxs, had lunch when I got home and Sherry arrived in heavy rain, at 1p. We had 4 great hours together, hugs & kisses, and she had to leave to get an errand done on the way home. We always have a wonderful time, and I missed her before she left, after our last kiss on the driveway. I watched the news, had some dinner, did some xHTML5 Work on this "Journal", and took another 500mg Bayer Aspirin for the Sciatica. The only thing on TV worth a crap is History's "Curse of Oak Island", so I watched it until 11:30. Lights out.

There are known knowns things we know that we know and there are known unknowns things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns things we do not know we don't know.

A Baptist, muslim(SPIT!) and Seven Day Adventist walk into a bar... nevermind.

Awake at 5:30a on Wednesday, I wanted to roll over and go back to sleep, but I got up. The heavy rain continued, a 'balmy' 46°, very windy, and I fired-up both the condo furnace and garage oscillating heater. I started coffee, opened my HP Desktop to let the code load, and had a smoke in the garage. As with every morning, I open the door to get some fresh air, close it and fire-up the oscillating heater to re-warm it. I tuned into the "CS Show" from 6-9, and then into the "CP Show" from 9-12. Behind my condo, water was pooling heavily from the hill run-off, and roof downspouts, emptying into the area just in front of my irregular flagstone patio. Yesterday afternoon, Sherry said that water was ponding on the roads, on her way over here, so I guess we're probably into 'flood stage' by now. Best to stay off the roads, at this point. We've had over 3" of rain, so far.

Thunderstorms rolled thru the area around 1p, as they did yesterday, when Sherry had just arrived. It's amazing to hear thunder in the Winter; even more rare is a phenomenon called "Thunder Snow", which I've experienced a number of times, usually during blizzards.

When people are made to believe absurdities, they will commit atrocities.

I had Salmon, Rice & Peas and Tea, for lunch, and hit the LR couch for a couple hours. The rain continued, as I recorded almost 4". I had more Chinese Lo Mein for dinner, watched the evening news, and switched to Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" Marathon for the rest of the evening, until 11:30. Good night, Irene.

If you need Ivermectin or any antibiotics for the coming Plandemic/Scamdemic, use that link to order.

Up at 6a on Thursday, a VERY FOGGY, 40°, overcast morning, with some severe t-storms forecast for afternoon; the Jeep will get garaged. New England is getting hammered with 18-24" of snow from the MASSIVE STORM that battered us for the past 3 days. I fired-up the condo furnace and garage heater, made coffee and scanned the news sites' headlines and selected articles. I tuned into the "CS Show" and then the "CP Show", picked voicemails from the cellphone, and got my daily errands lined-up. Sis stopped by with 3 medium containers of her 'famous' Ham & Bean Soup, from our Mom's recipe, and I left for Rite Aid Pharmacy at 2p. The rain stopped, skies cleared for a few hours, and I did some condo chores. No nap today.

While out front resetting the dawn-to-dusk spotlight on the Stewartia Pseudocamellia, I saw the western sky was *black* and coming this sway. I remembered the forecast was for severe t-storms w/ hail, in the afternoon, so I quickly moved the Jeep into the garage. Rechecking the weather radar maps, I saw a lot of snow 50-75 miles to our west, but it was turning back to rain as it moved east, into warmer weather. No hail. After and entire container of Ham & Bean Soup for dinner, I watched the news, Jesse Watters and found an old TV show from 2012, called "Misfit Garage", and watched it for a short while. I remember it from way back then. Still sucks.

I had some computer work to do, dumped TV for the night and did 4 HD disk defragging, 4 HD disk optimization, and a full system back-up. By 11p, I was tired of 'supervising' the computer's maintenance procedures, and called it a night. I'm going to the New Eastern Farmer's Market late tomorrow morning, to get some goodies./p>

Tomorrow starts a new week, here in the "Journal', and VIOLA!... I have another clear week, unless something comes up over the weekend.

America’s Stunning Embrace Of Paganism Signals The End Of This Country As We Know It.

It’s hard to survey the state of our country and not conclude that something is very wrong in America. I don’t just mean with our economy or the border or rampant crime in our cities, but with our basic grasp on reality itself.

Our cultural and political elite now insist that men can become women, and vice versa, and that even children can consent to what they euphemistically call “gender-affirming care.” In a perfect inversion of reason and common sense, some Democratic lawmakers now want laws on the books forcing parents to affirm their child’s “gender identity” on the pain of having the child taken from them by the state for abuse.

The future of the post-Christian West isn’t some secular liberal utopia, it’s a pagan empire in which might makes right.

Abortion, which was once reluctantly defended only on the basis that it should be “safe, legal, and rare,” is now championed as a positive good, even at later stages of pregnancy. Abortion advocates now insist the only difference between an unborn child with rights and one without them is the mother’s desire, or not, to carry the pregnancy to term.

But even less contentious issues are now up for grabs, like mass rape. After Hamas terrorists filmed themselves raping and murdering Israeli women on Oct. 7, boasting about their savagery to a watching world, vast swaths of the America left still cannot bring themselves to condemn Hamas. The same progressive college students who insist that the mere presence of a conservative speaker on campus makes them “unsafe” are unable to condemn one of the worst instances of mass rape in modern history. Some even declare openly that they stand in solidarity with the Hamas rapists.

Pagan America

What is happening? Put bluntly, America is becoming pagan. That doesn’t necessarily mean a sudden surge in people worshipping Zeus or Apollo (although modern forms of witchcraft are on the rise). Rather it means an embrace of a fundamentally pagan worldview that rejects both transcendent moral truth and objective reality, and insists instead that truth is relative and reality is what we will it to be.

Recall that ancient pagans ascribed sacred or divine status to the here and now, to things or activities, even to human beings if they were powerful enough (like a pharaoh or a Roman emperor). They rejected the notion of an omnipotent, transcendent God -- and all that the existence of God would imply. Hasan i-Sabbah, the ninth-century Arab warlord whose group gave us the word “assassins”, summed up the pagan ethos in his famous last words: Nothing is true, everything is permitted.

In other words, the radical moral relativism we see everywhere today represents a thoroughly post-Christian worldview that is best understood as the return of paganism, which, as the Romans well understood, is fundamentally incompatible with the Christian faith. Christianity after all does not allow for such relativism but insists on hard definitions of truth and what is -- and is not -- sacred and divine.  

So if we have entered a post-Christian era in the West and are facing a return, in modern guises, of paganism, what does that mean for America? It means the end of America as we know it, and the emergence of something new and terrifying in its place.

America was founded not just on certain ideals but on a certain kind of people, a predominantly Christian people, and it depends for its survival on their moral virtue, without which the entire experiment in self-government will unravel. As Christianity fades in America, so too will our system of government, our civil society, and all our rights and freedoms. Without a national culture shaped by the Christian faith, without a majority consensus in favor of traditional Christian morality, America as we know it will come to an end. Instead of free citizens in a republic, we will be slaves in a pagan empire.

Perhaps that sounds dramatic, but it is true nevertheless. There is no secular utopia waiting for us in the post-Christian, neopagan world now coming into being -- no future in which we get to retain the advantages and benefits of Christendom without the faith from which they sprang. Western civilization and its accoutrements depend on Christianity, not just in the abstract but in practice. Liberalism relies on a source of vitality that does not originate from it and that it cannot replenish. That source is the Christian faith, in the absence of which we will revert to an older form of civilization, one in which power alone matters and the weak and the vulnerable count for nothing.

What awaits us on the other side of Christendom, in other words, is a pagan dark age. Here, in the third decade of the 21st century, we can say with some confidence that this dark age has begun.

T. S. Eliot made this point in a series of lectures he gave at Cambridge University in 1939 that would later be published as The Idea of a Christian Society. Eliot wrote, “[T]he choice before us is the creation of a new Christian culture, and the acceptance of a pagan one.” Writing on the eve of the Second World War, Eliot said, “To speak of ourselves as a Christian Society, in contrast to that of [National Socialist] Germany or [Communist] Russia, is an abuse of terms. We mean only that we have a society in which no one is penalised for the formal profession of Christianity; but we conceal from ourselves the unpleasant knowledge of the real values by which we live.” 

Those values, Eliot argued, did not belong to Christianity but to “modern paganism,” which he believed was ascendent in both Western democracies and totalitarian states alike. Western democracies held no positive principles aside from liberalism and tolerance, he argued. The result was a negative culture, lacking substance, that would eventually dissolve and be replaced by a pagan culture that espoused materialism, secularism, and moral relativism as positive principles. These principles would be enforced as a public or state morality, and those who dissented from them would be punished. 

Paganism, as Eliot saw it and as I argue in my new book, Pagan America, imposes a moral relativism in which power alone determines right. The principles Americans have always asserted against this kind of moral and political tyranny -- freedom of speech, equal protection under the law, government by consent of the governed -- depend for their sustenance on the Christian faith, alive and active among the people, shaping their private and family lives as much as the social and political life of the nation.

Dechristianization in America, then, heralds the end of all that once held it together and made it cohere. And the process of dechristianization is further along than most people realize, partly because it has been underway in the West for centuries, and in America since at least the middle of the last century. Only now, in our time, are the outlines of a post-Christian society coming clearly into view. 

What does it mean for America to be post-Christian? To be pagan? What will such a country be like? We don’t have to wait to find out because the pagan era has arrived. If we look closely and consider the evidence honestly, we can already see what kind of a place it will be. Put bluntly, America without Christianity will not be the sort of place where most Americans will want to live, Christian or not. The classical liberal order, so long protected and preserved by the Christian civilization from which it sprang, is already being systematically destroyed and replaced with something new.

This new society -- call it pagan America -- will be marked above all by oppression and violence, primarily against the weak and powerless, perpetrated by the wealthy and powerful. In pagan America, such violence will be officially sanctioned and carry the force of law. We will have a public or state morality, just as Rome had, which will be quite separate from whatever religion one happens to profess. It was, after all, Christianity that united morality and religion, and without it, they will be separated once more. What you believe won’t really matter to the state; what will matter is whether you adhere to the public morality -- whether you offer the mandatory sacrifice to Caesar, so to speak. And if you don’t, there will be consequences.

We are not talking about the imminent return of pre-Christian polytheism as the state religion. The new paganism will not necessarily come with the outward trappings of the old, but it will be no less pagan for all that. It will be defined, as it always was, by the belief that nothing is true, everything is permitted. And that belief will produce, as it always has, a world defined almost entirely by power: the strong subjugating or discarding the weak, and the weak doing what they must to survive. That’s why nearly all pagan civilizations, especially the most “advanced” ones, were slave empires. The more advanced they were, the more brutal and violent they became.

The same thing will eventually happen in our time. The lionization of abortion, the rise of transgenderism, the normalization of euthanasia, the destruction of the family, the sexualization of children and mainstreaming of pedophilia, and the emergence of a materialist supernaturalism as a substitute for traditional religion are all happening right now as a result of Christianity’s decline.

We should understand all of these things as signs of paganism’s return, remembering that paganism was not just the ritual embodiment of sincere religious belief but an entire sociopolitical order. The mystery cults of pagan Rome and Babylon were not just theatrical or fanciful expressions of polytheistic urges in the populace, they were mechanisms of social control.

There was of course spiritual -- demonic -- power behind the pagan gods, but also real political power behind the pagan order. This order achieved its fullest expression in Rome, which eventually elevated emperors to the status of deities, embracing the diabolical idea that man himself creates the gods and therefore can become one. It is no accident that the worship of the Roman emperor as a god emerged at more or less the exact same historical moment as the Incarnation. Christianity, which proclaimed that God had become man, burst forth into a social world that was everywhere adopting the worship of a man-god, and its coming heralded the end of that world. 

The new paganism will likewise bring an entire sociopolitical order with its own mechanisms of amassing power and exerting social and political control. We can see these mechanisms at work everywhere today, from the therapeutic narcissism of social media to the spread of transgender and even transhumanist ideologies pushed by powerful corporations working in concert with the state.

We see it in the emergence of new technologies, above all artificial intelligence, whose architects talk openly in pagan terms about “creating the gods” and imbuing them with immense new powers over every aspect of our lives. The old gods are indeed returning, only we do not call them that because Christianity has made it impossible. Perhaps as the Christian faith subsides they will be called gods once more. 

But whatever we call them, the sociopolitical order they bring will not be liberal or tolerant. It will not be secular humanism divorced from the Christian morality that made humanism possible. All of that will be swept away, replaced by an oppressive and violent sociopolitical order predicated on raw power, not principle. The violence will be official -- carried out by government bureaucrats, police, heath care workers, NGOs, public schools, and Big Tech. 

This is predictable, and was indeed predicted a long time ago. Edmund Burke said that if the Christian religion, “which has hitherto been our boast and comfort, and one great source of civilization,” were somehow overthrown, the void would be filled by “some uncouth, pernicious, and degrading superstition.” He was right. The prevalence of degrading superstition and the disfigurement of reason are hallmarks of the new pagan order, and today are everywhere visible in American society. 

We were warned about all this, warned that our survival as a free people depended on preserving the faith of our fathers. President Calvin Coolidge, speaking on the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence, called it “the product of the spiritual insight of the people.” America in 1926 was booming in every way, with great leaps forward not just in economic prosperity, but in science and technology. But all these material things, said Coolidge, came from the Declaration. “The things of the spirit come first,” he said, and then leveled a stark warning to his countrymen:

Unless we cling to that, all our material prosperity, overwhelming though it may appear, will turn to a barren sceptre in our grasp. If we are to maintain the great heritage which has been bequeathed to us, we must be like-minded as the fathers who created it. We must not sink into a pagan materialism. We must cultivate the reverence which they had for the things that are holy. We must follow the spiritual and moral leadership which they showed. We must keep replenished, that they may glow with a more compelling flame, the altar fires before which they worshiped.

Nearly a century later, it’s clear we have failed to cultivate the reverence our fathers had for the things that are holy, and we have indeed sunk into a pagan materialism. What comes next is pagan slavery, which now looms over the republic like a great storm cloud, ready to break.

No Fear

When it breaks and the deluge comes, though, Christians at least need not fear. Christ Himself came into a pagan world that regarded His message with contempt and incomprehension. His followers endured centuries of persecution and martyrdom, and in those fires, a faith was forged that would topple the greatest pagan empire ever known, and amid its ruins build something greater yet.

In a television address in 1974, the Venerable Fulton J. Sheen, then nearly 80 years old, declared, “We are at the end of Christendom.” He defined Christendom as “economic, political, social life, as inspired by Christian principles. That is ending -- we have seen it die. Look at the symptoms: the breakup of the family, divorce, abortion, immorality, general dishonesty. We live in it from day to day, and we do not see the decline.”

Half a century has passed since Sheen said this, which might not be long in the lifespan of a religion founded 2,000 years ago, but then it only takes the lifespan of a single generation for much to be lost. And much has been lost in the last half-century. The symptoms are much worse today than they were in 1974, in ways that Sheen himself might not have foreseen. But he was right that it’s hard to see the decline when you live in it day to day and hard to see where it’s heading.

The task for Americans today, Christian and non-Christian alike, is to see the decline, understand what it portends, and prepare accordingly. This is not a counsel of despair. For Christians familiar with their own history, nothing is ever really cause for despair -- not even the loss, if it comes to that, of the American republic. History, as J. R. R. Tolkien said in one of his letters, is for Christians a “long defeat — though it contains (and in a legend may contain more clearly and movingly) some samples or glimpses of final victory.”

What he meant by this, in part, is that we cannot in the end vanquish or eradicate evil. Our world, like Tolkien’s Middle Earth, is a world in decline, marred by sin and corruption, embroiled in a rebellion against God. But as Christians, we repose our hope in a God who can, and indeed already has, conquered sin and death. So we await the dawn, and in the meantime, we fight the long defeat.  

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Some Men Just Want...

In the movie The Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne (the Batman) confides to his butler Alfred that he’s having trouble anticipating the psychotic Joker’s next move and figuring out his motives.

Alfred blinks his owlish, bespectacled eyes, and then, in his British accent, says, “Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money.  They can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned, or negotiated with.  Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

So true.

And with that excellent answer, Alfred the butler has just educated the rather naïve Master Wayne on the presence of pure evil in our world.

Doing bad just for the fun of it.

Sacrilege for sacrilege’s sake.

This brings me to our sad, decaying country, led by our sad, decaying president and his Deep State/media minions.

Let’s pretend for a moment that you’re a naïve bleeding-heart, albeit quite muscular, orphan like Bruce.  (I was an orphan; therefore, by The New Rules, I can say orphan.)  And I’ll be Alfred.  Ancestry DNA says I’m overwhelmingly British, plus I’m paler than freshly bleached bedsheets.

You start.

Why would the people in power leave our country open for anyone in the world to waltz in and potentially bring with them terrorism, crime, disease, drugs, a welfare mentality, and illiteracy?

Me: Because some men just want to watch the world burn.

Why would politicians, academicians, and the media labor strenuously to convince minority children that they’re helpless victims of an unjust system, while telling white kids they’re the problem, whether they know it or not?

Because some men just want to watch the world burn.

On the subject of kids, why on Earth would our leaders, child psychologists, and medical “experts” allow minors — who, last time I checked, are not allowed to smoke cigarettes, drink booze, own guns, or drive a car — to take dangerous hormones, amputate their penises or breasts, and consign themselves to a life without procreation or sexual pleasure?

Because some men wanna watch the world burn, that’s why.

Can you explain to me why certain of our public health experts helped fund the Wuhan, China lab that synthesized COVID-19, then lied about that, then tried to float a narrative that the bug came from eating pangolins or bats, and then attacked anyone trying to tell the truth about the disease’s origin?

And why these same supposed caregivers, along with their political compañeros, made up social distancing; promoted useless (against aerosolized viruses) paper and cloth masks; and mandated improperly tested vaccines that, while failing to prevent the acquisition or spread of disease, did and continue to do grave damage to the poor souls who trustingly bared their arms for multiple injections?

Because some men just...well, you know the rest.

OK, please explain this.  Why would anyone who purportedly cares about the welfare of his parents, spouse, or children, not to mention his fellow man, think it’s a good idea to hamstring law enforcement while making it easier for criminals to roam the streets?  Or useful to allow the mentally ill to roam the subways while arresting good Samaritans seeking to protect their fellow riders?  Or prudent to allow some folks to riot, causing deaths, injuries and destruction — even during a pandemic — while other folks go to prison for a long, long time for taking a walk in the Capitol, with the Capitol Police kindly opening the doors and providing tours?

(See watch the world burn, because some folks just want to.)

And why would our leaders make it ridiculously easy to cheat in our elections?  When elections used to be decided on Election Night, why must we now wait days or weeks for early, late, remote, harvested, no-ID, or cured votes to be counted?  And why does our entire court system studiously look the other way if so much alleged cheating is occurring?

BSMJWTWTWB, that’s why!

Well, can you explain to me why some people, who can’t even accurately predict tomorrow’s weather, want to build costly solar farms and bird-killing windmills that produce negligible energy, and under the wrong circumstances, none?  And why the most dedicated environmentalists want us to eat bugs instead of steaks, to have sex but not children, and to turn down our heat but raise the A.C. — all this while they — the environmentalists, not the bugs — fly their private jets or yacht their way around the world to tony conferences ostensibly committed to saving the planet?


And could someone, for God’s sake, explain to me how anyone can justify ripping an unborn baby from its mother’s womb?  And while you’re at it, tell me how something that hurts society, the mother, the father, and most definitely the baby could possibly be called reproductive health care instead of filicide?  While there are circumstances where an abortion is an unfortunate necessity, why would anyone promote, facilitate, or celebrate it?

Because...well, you know the rest.

I could go on forever, but I’m old and, although marginally wiser, must get my rest.  Suffice it to say that evil walks freely along our mountains and valleys, and across our fruited plains.

We’ve got cocaine in the White House, a demented grifter in the Oval Office, and a man exposing his fake breasts on the South Lawn.

We help a totally corrupt country fight to a stalemate with an equally corrupt aggressor; we equate the ruthless, rapacious thugs of Hamas with Israelis fighting to survive; and we look the other way while China steals us blind.

We pretend our president’s not deep-fried; our deficit’s not a ticking time-bomb; and it’s OK that our kids can’t really read, write, or take their faces out of a screen.

We look the other way as the Uniparty, federal law enforcement, the media, academia, and left-wing attorney generals and courts all abuse Donald Trump, an American citizen, worse perhaps than anyone in U.S. history.

That’s evil, folks.  That’s bad.

And sadly, other than tending to your own garden, I have no solutions to offer.  For these men who are destroying our once great country can’t be bought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with.  They just want to watch the world burn.

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America Is Going to Be Targeted for a Massive Terrorist Attack. Will You Be Ready?

It happened in Israel, and it happened in Moscow, and it’s going to happen here in America -- again, and exponentially worse. The jihadis’ merciless war against the West – the Muslim fanatics are not so finicky as we are about our distinctions between the Jewish state, Russia, and us, the Great Satan -- did not end when the regime media started covering other things. We may have fled Afghanistan and Libya and largely pulled out of Iraq, but that war is still going on. It’s going to go on until we decisively win it. But unfortunately, our ruling class refuses to decisively win it. In fact, our ruling class actively undermines attempts to win it. And it refuses to prepare for what’s coming.

That leaves you to prepare, you the individual, you and your small community, you and your red state. There is no one else who’s going to help you. There will be a bloodbath here in America. It will dwarf what happened on 9/11, it’ll dwarf what happened in Israel, it will be Moscow times 1000, and you’re going to be caught in the middle of it. 

You have to make the decision to be ready for yourself, for your community, and perhaps for your state if you live in one that’s not run by leftist idiots. The enemy is not just coming; it  is probably already here. Even Christopher Wray thinks so, and you know what it takes to get his attention away from arresting people taking selfies in the Rotunda or praying at abortion clinics. Our border has been pried wide open. There’s nothing to stop them from coming in. 

And we know what they will do. It’s just hard to accept. Some of us see Muslim terrorists as insane because our minds don’t work like theirs. We don’t want our minds to work like theirs. How they think and how they act is completely alien to us. That’s because, as a culture, we’re narcissists, self-absorbed and utterly unable to imagine that other people not only are not like us but that they have no desire to be like us.

They desire to rape and murder us. How do we know this? Because of their track record of raping and murdering us.

Our ruling class refuses to acknowledge this and refuses to act. Instead, it actively subverts attempts to stop the jihad. It won’t shut our border. It opposes Israel’s plan to go in to the last infestation of Hamas and blow up its tunnel complexes. It won’t work effectively with the Russians to fight jihadis even though we share that enemy despite our other conflicts. Instead, it Norm McDonalds the situation, fearing that the most horrible consequence of thousands of Americans being murdered by Muslim fanatics is that people might start not liking Muslims.

The bottom line is our elite’s incompetence, fecklessness, and utter moral illiteracy are going to bring a brutal terrorist attack upon America that will shake us to our core. It’s not what I want to predict, it’s what I -- and many others -- must predict.

The specifics of what will happen are beyond this column’s depth. I write about it at length in my latest novel, “The Attack,” which goes into great detail on exactly how we are vulnerable and exactly how anyone with a bit of tactical knowledge and a dose of ruthlessness can shove a knife into the guts of the United States. We’re vulnerable. We’ve seen them walk into packed venues in France, here in America at the Pulse nightclub, and now in Moscow. America has hundreds of thousands of packed venues. What America needs is millions of packed Americans.

Buy guns and ammunition. Get trained. Get ready.

You are the first line of defense. Whether you’re at a shopping mall or a movie theater or a Taylor Swift concert, when it goes down there’s no cavalry coming because it’s happening all over the country all at once. Remember those two untrained idiots in Boston with some handguns and pressure cookers? Just two idiots shut down a whole major US city. What happens with 1000 guys with effective weapons and a little training do it all over the country? There is a decisive tactical advantage to leveraging semi-trained individuals operating simple but effective weapons, like automatic Kalashnikovs that can be easily smuggled into the United States alongside the fentanyl and illegal aliens that have no trouble coming across. The key is that they are suicidal -- they want to fight to the death. They kill until they themselves are killed. Mindless meat murder robots provide a huge tactical advantage over regular soldiers to their murderous masterminds in Teheran or wherever. They don’t need combat logistics. They don’t need medical evacuation. They don’t need command and control. All they need is a time and place and a bunch of Americans, preferably in a gun-free zone, to shoot.

Citizens with guns change the calculation. They are the only sand in the gears of organized mass murder. Why? How does one guy with a small SIG P320 pistol have any effect on a squad of five killers with real assault rifles, not the legal black rifles that terrify the frigid wine women? Look at the video of the butchers in Israel on October 7. Look at the video of the terrorists at the Crocus Music Hall in Moscow. They’re just walking along, not a care in this world, having the time of their lives taking lives. They don’t fear anything. But armed opposition changes all that, even if it is just one defending shooter. A citizen returning fire requires that the terror squad stop culling the unarmed and focus all its efforts on eliminating that threat. A great example is the second half of the movie “Full Metal Jacket.” An entire squad of heavily armed Marines, including Red State’s own Adam Baldwin humping an M-60 machine gun, is totally occupied and completely neutralized by a single sniper. The reality of the kind of mass murder we’ve seen from these terrorists and from trans and other leftist mass killers is that they target unarmed citizens. When a citizen is armed, they have no choice but to stop their killing and deal with him. That throws off their plan and allows others to escape while the police can build combat power to eliminate the threat. No, one pistol against five rifles will probably end up with the guy with a pistol in a bag. But it’s the time that the guy with a pistol takes up that saves lives and sets up the final victory. That’s the tactical reason for armed citizens. The moral reason for armed citizens is that we have a right and a duty to protect ourselves, our families, our communities, and our Constitution.

Yes, the coming terrorist attacks will primarily come in the blue states. Those are the places that ensure that the citizens are vulnerable. But the ruling class won’t necessarily escape it as they are used to escaping the consequences of their other crimes. We will see the right to keep and bear arms protected only when our elites realize that they need to protect themselves, and that their security guards and their cops are not enough. But that’s going to mean heaps of dead before it happens. Remember that our ruling class would rather you be murdered by criminals or terrorists than have the ability to defend yourself against them … or against the elite itself, which is really its problem with American citizens keeping and bearing arms.

The time for talking is over. You must buy guns and ammunition. You must train. You must carry when you can. And when bad stuff goes down, you must engage. Don’t spend the rest of your life hating yourself for being a coward like the loathsome femboys who lurked outside Florida and the Uvalde schools while some freak was inside shooting kids. Seek out the enemy and kill as many of them as you can in conformity with the law. Maybe you’ll die, but you’ll die like a man, and not everybody gets that option.

It’s coming. Be ready. Pack a bag with medical supplies and learn to stop the bleeding. And pack a gun, because there’s literally no one else who can protect you from what is absolutely going to happen.

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The Bezmenov Plan: Is America Now In The Last Stage?

President Joe Biden’s welcoming Easter Sunday message posted on X that, “Today, on Transgender Day of Visibility, I have a simple message to all trans Americans: I see you…” was shocking. Most could not understand how the President’s judgment can be so skewed on the most holy day for Christians.

As offensive as this was, it provides a window through which all can see what’s happening. With Biden’s cognitive decline being so obvious, there can be little doubt that he is being used by internal and external enemies of America intent on breaking down the constitutional republic of the United States without firing a shot. And it’s not hard to recognize the plan being followed is parallel to the blueprint plan revealed forty years ago by Soviet defector Yuri Bezmenov, who explained the four stages of communist subversion: 1) Demoralization, 2) Disorientation, 3) Crisis, and 4) Normalization.

The United States has been under prolonged internal attacks of demoralization for several generations, through the educational system and the culture which have delivered messaging that disparages the United States and derides traditional values.

The second stage, known as disorientation, is most successful after a large portion of the population has been demoralized. Covid-19 brought about disorientation through mask mandates, social distancing, quarantines, lockdowns, and the abandonment of best medical practices of preventative and therapeutic treatments. Another important part of disorientation that was inflicted on America at that time was the ginned-up racism after the death of George Floyd, which triggered rioting, looting, and destruction of several billion dollars’ worth of property and the tearing down of historic statues and memorials in many cities across the United States.

What added to the disorientation of Americans at that time was that for weeks nobody seemed able to do anything about the rioting, lawlessness, and destruction going on in big cities across America. There were few arrests while some 1,000 police officers were injured and 33 were killed. At the same time cities with the most lawlessness like Minneapolis, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and Baltimore initiated efforts to defund their police and law enforcement.

When nothing makes sense, the subliminal message is, “This is not the America you know, it’s a new world that you have entered.” This was as close to a mass state of disorientation in a time of relative peace as Americans have ever experienced.

The stage that follows “disorientation” is the “crisis” stage. The crisis stage would come in November 2020 with election rigging. The fear factor of Covid contagion was exploited by Democratic operatives who brought change to swing state election rules that greatly expanded mail-in ballots and drop boxes, which everyone knows facilitates vote fraud.

Simultaneous to the changes to election rules to facilitate stuffing the ballot boxes, a social media censorship and cancellation campaign was undertaken by the Stanford University-based NGO Election Integrity Project (EIP) in consultation with the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a unit within the Department of Homeland Security.

EIP had an inordinate influence on the 2020 election by convincing major social media companies such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, You Tube, Reddit, and Pinterest to change their customer terms of service policies to incorporate language about “delegitimization.” Once that was accomplished, according to Mike Benz, a former U.S. State Department communications policymaker and an expert on propaganda, the door would be open to instantaneous algorithmic mass censorship and cancellation. EIP then exerted pressure on all the social media companies to adhere to their customer service policies and censor, cancel, or deplatform any content that contained “delegitimized” terms such as: ‘new election protocols and processes,’ ‘issues and outcomes,’ ‘mail-in ballots,’ ‘early voting,’ ‘drop boxes,’ and ‘Antifa.’ And when the Hunter Biden laptop story broke in mid-October 2020, it was immediately delegitimized, and taken down from every social media site.

In the end by EIP’s own admission, Twitter was forced to cancel 22 million tweets that contained “misinformation” associated with delegitimized terms that violated the company’s terms of service prior to the November 2020 election. After the election, when many Americans felt disenfranchised and had many questions about perceived irregularities, they found that social media effectively thwarted discussion about election fraud, again facilitated by censoring and canceling any content containing new delegitimized terms such as ‘Stop the Steal,’ ‘dead voter rolls,’ ‘Sharpiegate,’ ‘manufactured ballots,’ ‘stolen election,’ and ‘Postal Service’ to name a few.

While America is still in the crisis stage, some subversion experts argue that the censorship and cancellation regime that now exists is also part of the last and final stage of communist takeover known as “normalization.” If Americans are denied access to information, become accustomed to rigged elections, accept limitations on free speech, and acquiesce to the rewriting of history facilitated by cancellation and deconstructing the past, the constitutional republic that was America will be gone, and the new world of government elite control will be normalized. As John Adams, the second president, warned, “Liberty once lost is lost forever.”

With information narratives coming from government agencies that have direct portals to social media, combined with information and voices being blocked, canceled, or deplatformed on social media by NGOs like Election Integrity Partnership, the result is an Orwellian thought control.

Censorship is not just a violation of the First Amendment and an assault on the Constitution. It is a betrayal of government of the people, by the people, and for the people. Our entire way of life is protected by the First Amendment, which is the firewall against abuse of power and tyranny.

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