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Friday, April 9, 2004

've ranted about them no, not the birds for years, berated them for their lack of moral clarity, taken them to task for their unwillingness to take personal responsibility for their own actions, and willingness to blame others for their own abject stupidity and continuing bad life choices. Liberal-demokkkRATs; who else? One Matt from Stewartstown came into my GC&N Complex last Friday, claiming that one of my employees had given him the wrong size for a tree's rootball (in-ground; couldn't be seen or measured until we dug it later), that he had planted he wanted to save $100 planting costs and the tree had sunk 1-2", in a too-big hole, that he'd dug, during last Fall's visit by Hurricane Isabel. He said that I was responsible for his screw-up, and that I should send a crew and machine down to dig and re-plant the tree. I asked him why he didn't use "common sense", measure both the rootball and the hole, after we delivered the tree, and backfill and tamp the hole so that the tree wouldn't have any sinking problems. His face got red, and veins bulged on his neck; he shreiked that I was arrogant and rude, and that the customer is always right, dammit! I thought he was going to stroke-out; I was ready to dial 911, very slowly. I told him that he was unwelcome at my business, forever from this point in time, and that if he ever again set foot on the property, I'd have him arrested and prosecuted, for trespassing, which is publicly posted at the entrances. In 14 years of operation, he's the first true, lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT I've encountered. A transplant from the bowels of Baltimore, to Pennsylvania, running from lib-dem high taxes, wearing a NY Yankees baseball cap, and blaming others for his failures and screw-ups. A dissembling, lying, hate-America scumbag. Liberalism is a mental disease; it must be identified, challenged, stopped and utterly destroyed. Our Nation hangs in the balance. There is no choice; we must act to take back the government and Our Way of Life, and soon.

Around The Garden Center.
Did you remember to set your clocks ahead, this weekend. DST (Daylight Savings Time) kicked-in. Somehow I did, but still managed to make it to work on Sunday, 20 minutes late! Damned snooze asson. Duh.
My sister, Becky, arrived last Friday evening from San Francisco, as she does every Spring and Fall, to help us ready the 20ac GC&N Complex for the Open House, and ready it for the coming Winter hiatus. Everything's coming alive once again, and there's plenty of Sweet Basil to make many pounds of pesto with, as well as many pots of catnip for both Pickle and my two condo cats to enjoy. Life is good, once again.
Plans for The 14th Open House, on Saturday April 17th, are now complete. My 18 employees have whipped the 20ac GC&N Complex into shape for Spring, and for the upcoming event, next Saturday. I expect between 1,500 and 5,000 visitors to go through the place on Saturday and Sunday. It's a major social weekend in the region. The selection, diversity and availability is awesome. No one, anywhere, even comes close to what I offer. No brag; just fact. Be there, or be nowhere.
Yes, this is a shortone; I've been busier than a one-armed-paperhanger with juggling 50+ projects this past week. Next week, and in the following weeks, it'll be closer to 100 simultaneous projects, but I'll be more "in shape" to handle the work load. Just now, I'm basically coming-off Winter's "banker's hours", and need to toughen-up, for the 7-8 month ordeal ahead. As the years go by, it seems to take a bit longer to get up to speed. Go figure.

Unless we get immigration under control and deport the illegals, the future of America isn't very rosy. Right now, illegal alien Mexicans pose the greatest threat to America. Already, many Bush supporters have closed their wallets, and it's going to get worse if W's Amnesty Program goes through. And his brother Jeb, wants to give illegal aliens driver's licenses, in Florida. Here's Jeb's Q&A Session; a steaming pile of BS, IMO. Hey Bush brothers: here's why all illegal aliens must be deported or executed. I'd prefer to execute them all, but that's just me.
Here's what really happened to TWA Flight 800, in July '96. Wake-up, America.
Bill O'Reilly is a liberal, whiny, lowlife RINO piece of shit shit; G. Gordon Liddy is a true Conservative and American Patriot.
Italian journalist, Oriana Fallaci, rocks, and she's not afraid to tell the truth about the evil cult of Islam. As I am, every week in John's Journal.
Go, Pat Toomey, go! get rid of that liberal RINO scumbag, Arlie Sphincter. Toomey's getting closer to kicking that liberal sonofabitch Sphincter out of Congress, after 19yrs of taking US Taxpayers' money, and helping to destroy America.
Looking for The Savage Nation? Direct audio feed, right here. Here's the handy Radio Program Locator, to help you out, if you need additional radio station URLs. Hey, Savage moooooron: quit your liberal-demokkkRAT whining, idiot.
Liberal RINO scumbag US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (moron-AZ) is off his psychotropic meds and at it again.
Oh swell, a cross-dressing Republican candidate. Just what we freaking need. Probably a happy graduate of The J. Edgar Hoover School of Fashion.

John F(ucking) Kerry.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) loves terrorists. Kerry's a seditionist.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a liar and a traitor. Kerry lies, lies, lies; he can't help it. Kerry's a lying psycho.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) can't stop lying; he's a flip-flopper.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) wants to confiscate our guns; he hates The Second Amendment.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) doesn't understand anyone's problems. He's married another rich, idiot bitch, and has 5 homes worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Kerry hates all Americans.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) hates Catholics; he's a hypocrite scumbag.

The 9-11 Commission? So many flawed and partisan political hack, beginning with the failed loser, voted-from-office, disgraced ex-governor, Thomas H. Kean (RINO-NJ) to well, everyone else on that pathetic group. They're a bunch of Hate Bush/ Hate America lefty scumbags.
Dirtbag, lowlife, mentally-ill Howard "The Coward" Dean, is back from electro-shock and making inane, moronic statements about President Bush. Poor Howie's off his psychotic meds, once again.
Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, a lowlife degenerate subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT hate-America scumbag, who runs the left-wing wacko Angry Left Daily Kos blog, had this to say in a post the other day, about the murders of four American contractors who were helping to deliver food in Fallujah, Iraq. Stand him against a wall and execute Markos Zuniga, traitor; he's a subhuman piece of pigshit.
And yet more liberal-demokkkRAT subhuman filth hating America, and wishing death upon our Military.
Ignorant, liar, lowlife bigot, whiny scumbag, race-baiting bitch, Omarosa Maginault Stallworth, is contemplating a run for Congress. She'll fit right in with the mentally-ill lib-dem scuzbags, Sheila Jackson-Lee, Barbara Lee & Maxine Waters, in the Congressional Black Caucus Mucous. Yawn.
Fat, bloated, liberal-demokkkRAT, alcoholic lowlife, murderer, drug-addicted scumbag, US Sen Teddy "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy (MURDERER-MA), blames President Bush for terrorism. Iraq is America's VietNam? Teddy's having a mental meltdown.
Disgraced, voted-out-of-office, lowlife degenerate, hate-America scumbag, ex-president Jimmah Carter-Farter, is a criminal. It's slowly coming out.
f*ck Screw the UN garbage. Get out of the UN and get the UN out of America. The UN is run by Satan.
The alcoholic, old addled scumbag, Jimmy Breslin, is a lying lib-dem piece of shit.
The judicial confirmation process is corrupt? I'm just shocked!
Liberal-demokkkRAT, racist, KKK bigot, US Sen Robert "Klu Klux Klan" Byrd (KKK-WVa), wants America to cut and run, like Klintoon did, many times. Figures.
Give the vote to non-US Citizen immigrants in New York state? Pure madness.
Lib-dem homo, Howard Fineman, weighs-in with his hate-America screed, on Condi Rice.

Subhuman, Lowlife Dirtbag Filth.
No, I'm not specifically talking about liberal-demokkkRATs here, but I could be. But I digress.
whack this fat, ugly, stupid, lowlife, subhuman pigshit filth, homo Muslim boy-buggerer, Moqtada al-Sadr. whack him, US Military! If he were within range, my AR-10 (.308 cal) would split his empty, hate-filled Islamic skull, like a busted watermelon.
Here's why Muslim pigshit scumbags are so f*cked-up screwed-up.
BTW, here's why pigshit-for-brains, dumbass, lowlife, dirtbag, subhuman Arabs/Muslims throw rocks.
Time to get the stinking pigshit Muslim and Islamic filth out of our schools and universities.
If you don't think the treasonous, hate-America ALCU are leading the enemy from within to destroy Amertica, read this article. Round-up, imprison, torture and whack all the subhuman commie-socialist-liberal-demokkkRAT ACLU filth. whack them all.
whack all the Saudi Wahhabi Muslim terrorist supporter filth.
Jail the slutbag, bitch-filth, alcoholic, drug-addicted Canadian rocker Alanis Morissette whorebag.
Ooooooooooooooo, the pigshit Muslim Islamic dirtbag Mullah scum in Iran has declared war on the US? Bring it on, subhumans!
Oh gee whiz, another mentally-ill, dirtbag, whorebag bitch, Elecia Battle, 41, of Cleveland, a subhuman, needs to be executed. She's mentally-ill.
Time to track down, round-up, torture and whack the Islamist Fifth Columns in America; all of them.
Buh-bye and good riddance, Howard "The Coward" Stern!
No, I don't advocate the attack or Killing of "innocent Muslims" though, personally I've never met one and this attack on a Muslim woman, is heinous, and deserves quick, legal retribution. BTW, every Muslim I've ever met, hates me, America, and wants to whack us all. CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is subhuman, terrorist-supporting Islamic garbage.

These People Need Killing™.
Execute University of Wisconsin sophomore Audrey Seiler, 20; fake, liar, mentally-ill bitch, and subhuman scumbagette. She's in dire need of death, and quick release to Hell. whack the garbage slut filth.
Hey, "Tigger", aka Michael Chartrand, 36, pervert, deviant, child molester, needs to die. He's a subhuman lowlife degenerate piece of shit. whack him. Let the general population inmates in prison, mercilessly beat him to death. Good riddance, garbage. Walt Disney World is a pervert-filled vestibule of subhuman homo trash.
Execute this lowlife, subhuman whorebag, Courtney Love. whack the garbage slut filth.
Anyone who would do this to a small dog, deserves a bullet in the head.
This murderous Muslim terrorist needs Killing.

Pick Up Your Own Damn Socks.
When unhappy homemakers of past decades had something to get off their chests, they probably sought out close friends to vent and air their dirty linens. These days, the notion of domestic tranquility is shattered and shared with the world by a group of disgruntled wives on this anonymous group weblog. They tattle on husbands who won't dispose of holey socks, men who shut their spouses out during Sunday football, and guys who consider their women glorified errand-runners. Each post is accompanied by comments from other beleaguered wives who shed a little light or offer some compassion. The anonymity allows for frankness in the postings, and the result is a cathartic spot where women can freely discuss the always contentious battle of the sexes.

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