February 15th, 2008

i had a funny dream just the other night. I dreamt that America wasn't evolving into a turd-world, polygot, balkanized hellhole. Yeah, I know that goes full-against all the available and obvious evidence to-the-contrary, but it's an amusing notion. Suppose the corrupted, criminal elite in DC actually did the Will of The People, which is what they were elected to do, instead of grasping at more and more power and it concomitant friend, dirty money? Suppose the Federal Government's unbridled growth and power were reversed, and its mandate in The US Constitution was finally adhered to? Suppose 46% of America didn't hate this Country and the US Military, which has given its treasure and blood to keep it Free, and instead supported our domestic and foreign policies? Suppose we didn't murder 1.37 million innocent, unborn babies each year? Suppose this Nation actually carried-out punishments specified for crimes against society and its innocents, instead of trying futile rehab and permitting recividism? Suppose that same 46% once again knew the difference between right and wrong, instead of living their lives in the gray areas, in between? Suppose America regained its soverignty, pride and self-worth, after mercillessly-destroying The Enemy Within™, and The Enemy at The Gates™? Suppose we once again respected our own Borders, Language, Culture™, the essential elements of nationhood, as a Nation of Laws, backed-up by the world's strongest military, and realized that the rest of the world would respect that, too. F*ck those who don't; smash them like the bugs and vermin they are. Suppose that it wasn't 7 years after 9-11, and we'd already rebuilt the Twin Towers and appropriate memorials for those innocents slaughtered by subhuman muslim-islamist-arab filth, instead of doing absolutely nothing in the interim? Suppose we closed the porous borders, rounded-up the islamic terrorists and their supporters, summarily executed them, and deported the rest of the illegal aliens? Suppose, suppose, suppose. Dream on, America. We've been kicked to the curb, told to "say cheese" and smile. Back to dreaming.



Around The Garden Center™.

Having Extra Fancy Hawaiian Kona Coffee (Turkish Grind Powder) to drink in the morning at 4m, almost makes it worth getting up that early. Almost. Brewing it with boiling water and my Chemex Coffee System perfumes the entire condo; even the cats notice the fragrance. It is so intense that it wires-me-up, almost instantaneously. At $31+/lb, not a drop is wasted. I've changed my mind; I will do this again, as the experience is just too satisfying to miss. On such a cold, rainy Friday morning, I appreciated the uber-rich flavor and feeling from it, as I headed out into the darkness, to go to work. 37

Powerful and deadly T-Storms from the southwest moved through our Mid-Atlantic Region, after doing lots of damage in the southeast, and we got >1" of rain, all day, although 3-4" were forecast; didn't happen. We had trucks to unload, projects to work on, mulch deliveries to make, plants to be taken from Winter storage in the GHs, a Key Staff Mtg to review the upcoming jobs and weeks' schedules, and the occasional walk-in customer to attend to. After scores and scores of calls about our Open House, Spring-Summer-Fall Hours, mulch prices and delivery etc, I packed-it-in at 5:30pm and made a lscp site visit, on the way home. It was a busy week.

At 5am on Saturday, I had no cable modem Net connection (ComCast was down) to check the weather and news, but my CATV connection in my home's RAID 0+1 machine worked just fine. I watered and fed the cats, and left for work around 6. At 47°F, it was almost "balmy" that early in the morning. Traffic was light. Lots of things in bloom: forsythia, Okame cherries, maples (yes, all maples bloom), and many other plants breaking-bud and leafing-out. I had Alan, James and Seth in with various LSCP customers, two mulch deliveries to get out, some clean-up and a 30's Desk Phone to install on my Office's conference table, and get the Complex opened-up by 8am. I have this 50's Pay Phone at the front counter, and this Wall Phone in my Office, and this Candlestick Desk Phone has yet to arrive. I've got phones everywhere! If you're looking for restored originals or replicas, here's the "Motherlode of Phones". By 5pm, I was tired, from taking care of numerous customers and their purchases. My damaged back's sciatica pain is back with a vengence, and I'm thinking it's time for another epidural shot. My damaged left shoulder, too. My damaged right knee, as well. Crap, I'm a mess. With having to get up at 4am — the lscp crew and key staff now report at 7am — and I have to be into work by 6, to get the place opened-up and running, plus get some stuff done before they arrive, I decided to call it a day at 10pm. Not so many years ago, I could do 7 days a week, on 4-5hrs sleep, but 16 of 18 years of that schedule has taken its toll. That's why we're closed on Sunday, last year, this year and from now on.

Gas prices at the pump went up another 10¢, last weekend and this week. Unleaded Regular (87oct) is now at $3.35/gal, Unleaded Premium (89oct) is at $3.45/gal, and Unleaded Super Premium (92oct) is $3.65/gal —, and by mid-Summer, I predict that we'll be at $4/gal, and many families will be just "working for gas". With a fleet of 3 trucks, a car and 3 pieces of machinery, I'll also feel it, but nowhere near as bad as they will.

Monday was a cold, drizzly day and I was into work by 6:30am, to open-up the place. Everyone else straggled-in, as the earlier reporting time is going to take some getting used to for them. Another tractor trailer to unload, mulch and soil deliveries, and getting the place set-up and ready for the Open House, were the priorities. I had several lscp site visits to make, with the LSCP Foreman, for pending early transplant jobs, this week and for a large commercial tree installation estimate. After getting home, I found that one of my 4 250GB SATA HDs, in the RAID 0+1 Array, had "fallen from the array", and will probably have to be replaced. I asked Jeff to come by Tuesday evening to help me rebuild it, but that will only be a temporary fix. Looks like new hardware is needed: mobo, chipset, memory etc. It took about an hour for WinXP to finish the rebuild, and it's holding, so far.

Okay, I was wrong again. With nighttime temps in the upper-40s to mid-50s, it looks like Mother Nature isn't about to whack us with a freak Spring snow or ice storm, again. Yeah, I know: never say never. We're seeing numerous ornamental cherries, magnolias, forsythia, pears and other Spring bloomers coming into season, while Minnesota got hammered with a 24"+ snowstorm. I'm still wary of what could happen.

It looks as though my USB ports went south on the home computer, right after the dropped HD was deleted and rebuilt. It shouldn't have happened, but they're gone. The Control Panel's "Device Mangler" shows them in-place, but they don't work. So now instead of using the USB Flashdrive, I email the files back-and-forth, from home to office and back. The DVD-R&RW also isn't working properly. It records but my 3 GC&N computers' identical drives can't read it. And it locks-up the O/S on each. Plus, it gave my Office RAID 0 unit a "fatal system error" at 6:30am, on Thursday, which put me in a crappy mood all day. I had to make 2 roundtrips to my condo to retrieve new sets of files, which finally had to be emaioled to myself at work. The "why it crapped-out" isn't clear, yet.

The rest of the week was all prep time for the Open House; my staff worked their butts off and the Complex was "shining" when I left at 5:30pm on Thursday. I stopped at a customer's home to prune-out her Ivory Silk Lilac Tree, which she and her husband had planted a week ago, but was supposed to be pruned before she arrived 5 days early, and took it before I had a chance to do it. I also had a couple of personal stops to make, to get stuff for the Saturday event. All is ready and I'm looking forward to The Day.



Fonts For You™.

Many Journal entries are best viewed in the Charrington Roughened and the Orlando typefaces. You already probably have Century Gothic on your Windows-XP machine, and that's occasionally used for the body copy or subheads. They're free from my website. Grab 'em! Save them to your HD, and install to C:/Windows/Fonts folder, thru your WIN XP Control Panel > Fonts > File > Install New Font. Simple.

Here are a few others, which my Journal will be written in during the coming weeks: Papyrus and Acoustic Bass , and Caesar Regular and Carleton and Charrington Strewn and Catherine. Get and install them, and see how much nicer these pages are to view and read. Plus, they add to your repertoire of available fonts in MS-Word, as WIN-XP System Fonts, so you can use them for your daily documents etc.



Things Which Make Your Head Explode™

Credit cards for US Gov't employees? And the GAO's surprised when Federal employees charged hundreds of millions of dollars for Internet dating, tailor-made suits, lingerie, lavish dinners and other questionable expenses to their government credit cards over a 15-month period? That's like giving an alcoholic a bottle of vodka, or a crackhead a bag of coke to cook-up, IMO. Dumbfuckingmorons! That's your and my hard-earned monies!

In their-often, lack of a functioning brain, on Tuesday, April 1, the shit-for-brains Pennsylvania House of Representatives defeated an amendment to House Bill 1845, by anti-gun, lowlife dirtbag, commie, socialist, drunk, pedophile State Representative David Levdansky (D-39) that would have required gun owners to report the loss or theft of a firearm to law enforcement or face criminal prosecution. By a vote of 128 to 75, the amendment was voted down. The House overwhelmingly passed two NRA-supported amendments to HB1845, which further protect the rights of Pennsylvania's gun-owners. One amendment, which passed 197 to 5, sponsored by Representative Edward Staback (D-115), would eliminate the prohibition of concealed carry permit holders right to carry in State Parks. Another amendment, which passed unanimously, introduced by Representative Russell Fairchild (R-85), would prohibit any government agency from confiscating or regulating the lawful sale, possession, transfer, transport and carry of firearms during a state of emergency, such as occurred in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Personally, I don't give a fuck about their assinine laws: I would have my formidable arsenal with me at all times, to find and kill muslim-islamist terrorists, their enablers and supporters.

40 years since MLK was assassinated? Good riddance to the commie, liar, womanizer, drug addict, alcoholic, plagiarizer, scumbag, lowlife, piece-of-shit race hustler and pimp. It was a huge mistake for America to remove both Lincoln's and Washington's Birthdays, and give King a holiday of his death. Total idiocy, and I opposed and still oppose it. He doesn't deserve dogshit, IMO.

The FBI has recently adopted a novel investigative technique: posting hyperlinks that purport to be illegal videos of minors having sex, and then raiding the homes of anyone willing to click on them. No, it's not entrapment, and you will go to prison. The courts support it. Be careful!

Wow, the dumbassed commie-socialist, Marxist, turd-world dictatorship, is trying Capitalism in Cuba, after 40 years of failed commie-socialism, and they're amazed/pleased that it works so well. Big fucking DUH, assholes!



Election 2008™.

I'm so sick of The Three Stooges — Hitlery-The-Liar, Hussein-Obama-Osama-The-Racist Nigga®, and McCain-The-Traitor — that my eyes and ears are squirting blood. Frankly, I truly wish all three would be in fatal accidents, and free-up this floundering Nation from their evil brands of socialism, communism and liberalism. They're garbage, shit, trash, junk, crap, scum, filth, liars, traitors, seditionists and saboteurs, who richly deserve immediate trips to Hell.

The corrupt, criminal, racist liberal-demokkkRAT party is in the wonderful throes of a Civil War (part 1) and (part 2). Stand back and enjoy it! I sure am.

Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (LIAR-NY) is a pathological liar, and she has been for all of her pathetic life.

And another lie, from Hitlery Rotten! And yet another lie, from the Klintoon bitch!



Global Warming™.

Have you seen this video: "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle"? It was outright-banned from leftist, hate-filled, dirtbag lowlife scumbags, Google.com's and YouTube.com's websites, by the mentally-ill, left-wing, global warming idiot wackos, but I've preserved it, for posterity, aka you, me and *ours*. Watch, be informed and download it for others to see. It's on my corporate server, and will stay there, BTW.

Here's everything you need to know about Global Warming, and why it's a good thing.

The "Greenhouse Effect" is a natural and valuable phenomenon, without which, the planet would be uninhabitable. Global Warming, at least in recent times, is real. CO2 is not a significant greenhouse gas; 95% of the contribution is due to Water Vapor. Man's contribution to Greenhouse Gasses is relatively insignificant. We didn't cause the recent Global Warming and we cannot stop it. Solar Activity appears to be the principal driver for Climate Change. CO2 is a useful trace gas in the atmosphere, and the planet would actually benefit by having more, not less of it, because it is not a driver for Global Warming and would enrich our vegetation, yielding better crops to feed the expanding population. CO2 is not causing global warming, in fact, CO2 is lagging temperature change in all reliable datasets. The cart is not pulling the donkey. Wake-up, folks.

Here's a listing of The Best Global Warming Videos on the Internet.

Hey, fat, shit-for-brains, bloated, liar, huckster, fraud, criminal, charlatan, scumbag, loser, disgraced ex-VP AlGoreBore (LIAR-TN), is back using $300 million of OPM (Other Peoples' Money) to promote his Global Warming Bullshit, after the worst Winter in over 100 years. Welcome back, fatso asswipe!

CO2 bad? No; CO2 is good, and we need more of it, or we're in for a very cold period, very soon.



Lowlife, Dirtbag Filth™.

There's nothing worse than a racist, hate-filled Nigga®, whether it's B. Hussein Obama-Osama-lama_Ding-Dong's hate-America/hate-Whitey preacher, Irrev Wright, a dirtbag piece-of-shit criminal athlete, Chris Henry, a mentally-ill skank bitch Naomi Campbell, supermodel, two lowlife piece-of-shit corrupt criminal bigots, Jake and Isaac Ford, politicians, or shit-for-brains Nigga®, East Baton Rouge Parish Councilman Ulysses "Bones" Addison, who wants his corrupt pols to "look like him" — stupid, fat, smelly, corrupt, alcoholic, drug-addicted lowlife filth — a Nigga®, and not a (Black) American. Pity; they all are mentally-ill liberal filth, who've lived on the demokkkRAT Plantation, have eaten the "Gov't Cheese" and are permitted their treason, bigotry, hatred, racism, crime and dipping their noses "in the trough".



Georges Seurat: The Drawings.

The French painter Georges Seurat did no have much time on this earth. He died at 31. But three decades was enough to produce a body of work that still dazzles its viewers. New York's Museum of Modern Art now presents an exhibit that traces the development of Seurat's sketches and drawing. The show runs through January 7, 2008. But regardless of whether you make it to Manhattan, the companion webpage calls out for a lingering visit. Richly designed, loaded with content, it's a visual treat in itself. Broken into three primary parts — sketchbooks, conservation, and subjects — each section includes images, history, background, and commentary on the Gallic artiste. We particularly liked paging through Seurat's worn notebooks. The images they contain, sketches of trees, men in straw hats, the arc of a church entryway, a young girl, are simple and luminous.