the food fascists cometh
Friday, April 12, 2002

first, it was the socialist, wacko, left-wing liberal-democRATs after Big Tobacco; through a perverted legal system, they cowed the tobacco industry's legitimate product and extorted billions for people who wouldn't take responsibility for their own actions of many years of smoking cigarettes, even when the warning labels plainly stated the consequences. (Yes, I'm a long-term smoker, but will never take part in that orgy of blameful recrimination.) Then they went after Big Guns; lib-dem run, filthy, crime-riddled, cesspool cities beat-up Smith & Wesson and extorted all kinds of concessions from that once-proud American company, because too many lowlife minorities got their crack-addled hands on "saturday night specials" and randomly whacked thousands. The truism, "guns don't whack people, people whack people", is still a clarion call to sanity. Thankfully, the US Courts are throwing out dozens of bogus lawsuits against the arms industry, and many decisions are being reversed upon appeal. Now, it's Big Fast Food; the lib-dem scum don't want you to take responsibility for what you put into your mouth. They want the food manufacturing industry to be responsible for what you eat and how much you weigh, plus attendant and remedial medical costs. The left-wing wacko socialist Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has dramatically ratcheted up its call for "city, state or federal taxes on soft drinks, and foods high in calories, fat or sugar." In a high-profile article in February's Public Health Reports, CSPI's Michael Jacobson argues: "Legislatures have long levied taxes on products deemed to be unhealthful." Along with food and drink, CSPI calls for "a 5% tax on new televisions and video equipment" and "a $65 tax on each new vehicle or an extra penny tax per gallon of gasoline" to fight obesity. A recent study in the British Medical Journal calling for a 17.5% excise tax on high-calorie foods mimics the early work of Yale professor Kelly Brownell. This time, British researcher Tom Marshall made news claiming such a tax would avoid 900 to 1000 premature deaths per year. No proof, of course, but plenty of headlines. Watch out, America! The environmental activist group Worldwatch Institute now recommends worldwide taxes on high calorie foods. The Feds already issue reports on how Americans don't exercise enough, and soon they'll be drafting a non-exercise tax. They say their plan is "modeled on the successful campaign to discourage smoking". They're going after Big Alcohol soon, then Big Cars, Big Appliances, Big Lumber, Big Pets, Big Swimming Pools, Big Electronics, Big Toothpaste, Big Bread and who knows what else. There's no end in sight to what these socialist, left-wing wacko morons will do to destroy America from within, as the traitorous attacks on our American Way of Life continue.

Around The Garden Center.
Large Huge, localized snow squalls rolled through Friday evening, dumping almost 1", but very little sticking on the roads (plenty on grass, though!) despite the 23°F temps. Ground temps are nearing 46°F, and artifical surfaces are even warmer. All in all, it was an exciting mini-Spring storm. Cold and blustery was the operative term for last weekend's 12th Annual Open House, which saw only about 700 people visit (1,500 last year), despite the Winter-like weather, and was a great success. Daylight Savings Time came and went. Lots of people on my staff, as well as Mom, Dad & Becky, make me look good. Thanks, everyone.
Following The Communistwealth of Pennsylvania's lead several weeks ago, The People's Republik of Maryland declared a Drought Emergency in 7 counties. I have many customers in Harford and Baltimore Counties, and have seen firsthand the devastation to ponds and lakes and reservoirs, so I concur.
Gas prices have jumped to $1.51.9/gal (89 octane) this week, up dramatically from last week, and it looks like we may set some records this Summer.
WinXP on my office computer is doing very nicely, thankyouverymuch. It even identifies and runs older apps which supposedly aren't compatible; that amazes me. I'm still "feeling my way around" all the nooks and crannies in the preferences and settings. I'll be copying all my data files off the identical home unit this week, in anticipation of Jeff coming over to install XP on that machine.
The 7th Anniversary of 9-11 passed this week; never forget those who lost their lives on that horrible day. Save it to your HD and play it every 11th of every month.

The Bush Doctrine is not dead. When he demanded see two following articles that Israel stand down from defending herself, he-we-the USA didn't lost the moral high ground. I'm not sorely disappointed in W&Co for applying a triple standard to one of our closest allies. A speech by Bibi Netanyahu before the corrupt US Senate marks the visible, but transient, lowlights of Ws (non-)vascillation in foreign policy. This article sums it up nicely. Go W, go! Shhhhhhhhhh.
Meanwhile, hey W: ass out of Israel's business and let them defend themselves and finish the job with the subhuman Arab terrorist garbage. You're deluded if you ever think there'll be "peace in the Mideast", without Killing the murderers, including Arrid-fart. (Wink, wink...)
Meanwhile, Ws at it again, demanding Israel withdraw it's troops from Killing the murderous Palestinian terrorists. Once again: ass out, W! Let them whack the filthy Arab subhuman scum. (Wink, wink...)
meanwhile, hey W, you're looking and sounding like a two-faced idiot. STFU and let Israel get on with its business of Killing all terrorists; you remember, like WE did in Ash-can-istan? (Wink, wink...)
I dislike this wimpy punk, Gary Bauer, and rarely agree with his RINO opinions, but in this case, he's right and I agree.
Is it just me, or is W waffling on terrorism? Try the Fart Waffle #2, if you're not sure. (Wink, wink...)
Sir Paul McCartney, a Conservative? Apparently so, and I rejoice, as I was a lib-dem back in the 60s. I saw the error of my ways, too, after a mugging and shooting, which I survived on 7.14.74 in Boynton Beach, FL.
RIP, Conservative Queen Mum. Making it to 101 ain't all that bad, lady. And I guess the Brit Boodles Gin helped a bit, too.
Getting the f*cked screwed-up INS fixed should have been the US Congress' first priority after 9-11; it needs to be completelt gutted and reorganized, and the Clintoon scum dispatched to prisons where they can't do anymore harm to America.
Is foreign aid a waste? In a word, yes. We've wasted trillions on scum and filth and lowlifes in the "developing countries" over the past 50 years and they keep breeding like rats, having nothing to show for our efforts. They don't develop, but rather keep begging for handouts and never develop a society which can support them. Kind of like what the lib-dems have done to blacks in America, by keeping them dependent upon the corrupt DNC. Throwing more money at the problem isn't the answer. The Natural Law of Selection should be allowed to run its course: the strong survive, the weak die. End of problem.
Moron. Edmund A. Matricardi III, the executive director of the Virginia Republican Party, who helped the state GOP's rise to political dominance, was indicted on four felony charges for eavesdropping on democRATic conference calls last month, prosecutors announced today. Matricardi resigned his party post later in the day. Hey Ed: the idea is not to get caught.
Hmmmmmmmmm, Bob "Woody" Woodward, ultra-lib-democRAT of '73 Watergate fame, "praising W"? Something smells afoul, methinks.
The Portland Press Herald reported yesterday that the federal government will move 1,000 Somalians to Maine this summer. They will join a colony of another 1,000 Somalian refugees who settled in Lewiston, already the poorest city in the state, population 50,000. The Somalians are being moved at taxpayer expense from Atlanta, arguing that Atlanta has too much crime.
President Bush has appointed four more Republican homosexual activists to posts in his administration. Sad, but true.
Ignore the pork-sucking turd, Yow-sir Arrid-fart, and get on with The War Against Terrorism, W. What's happened to America's focus on the job at hand?

The Massacre of September 11th.
No wonder the US is in great jeopardy from terrorist attacks: the Federal Government is not taking the war on terrorism seriously. To wit: Since the terrorist attacks of September 11, cretins idiots moronsthe U.S. State Department has issued more than 50,000 new visas to allow non-Israeli visitors from the Middle East to enter the United States.The department also issued new visas to allow more than 140,000 visitors into the United States since September 11 from an additional arc of countries running from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India and Nepal to Bangladesh. Looks like we have met the enemy, and he's us, doesn't it?
Very, very moving article; if you get a chance and some time. I'd have used my Glock 32/.357sig instead of her elegant, but convoluted, ruse. Choke 'em to death, Israel. I/We support your self-defense, even if our RINO President GW Bush and Liberal-RINO Sec'y of State, Colon Bowel (aka Colin Powell), want to inflict upon us. I opt-out, cum Glock.
The Europeans for the U.S. is fact? Except for Britain and (recent Berlisconi-)Italy, they're all communist cowards, liberal lowlifes, green garbage and socialist scumbags.
Ummm, I really don't care Why They Hate Us or Why Suicide Terrorism Takes Root; I want all the murderous, inbred Arab garbage, terrorist, Islamic garbage, pork-sucking Allah moron, Muslim filth, quite dead. I don't want justice, I want revenge.
The trial of four suspects murderers in the slaying of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was adjourned for a week shortly after its start Friday after the lawyer for a British-born Islamic militant demanded more documents from the government. Trial? There should be an quick execution of the four pork-sucking subhuman filth, but certainly no trial.
Can you believe this shit shit? In the aftermath of Sept. 11, a large number of The People's Republik of Kalifornia public school students were asked required to attend intensive courses and workshops on Islam. The course mandates that seventh-graders learn the tenets of Islam, memorize verses in the Koran and learn to pray in the name of Allah, and they are instructed to chant, "Praise to Allah, Lord of Creation". Bull-freaking-shitshit! I would have immediately pulled my children out of school, and sued the corrupt and wacked-out school system. Islam is a cult of hate and murder.
It now looks like Norweigan military pilots and their F-16s are going to guard US airspace, since the stinking Clintoon-GoreBore scum decimated the USAF Military assets (hardware, especially fighter planes) and we're in pretty bad shape. The lib-dem filth and GOP garbage balanced the budget on the back of the US Military. Un-freaking-believeable! Both BJ Clintoon and AlGoreBore should be tried for treason and executed. I volunteer.
shit Heck, I have no problem with torturing subhuman, lowlife Islamic terrorist, inbred Arab garbage, towelhead Muslim filth, if it'll help avert future terrorist attacks. None. I just wish I could be there.... ummm, no I don't; it's best left to professionals. But I'd probably buy the CD with soundtrack.
Four people lowlife subhumans, including a fat ugly slob-bitch, Manhattan-based attorney, were indicted today for allegedly supporting and providing resources for convicted blind terrorist Sheik Omar Abdel-Rahman and an Egyptian terrorist organization known as the Islamic Group. The federal indictment accuses bestial attorney Lynne Stewart, one of Abdel-Rahman's lawyers, of "unlawful communications" with him during prison visits and telephone calls. Stewart and the three others are accused of passing messages between the Islamic Group and Abdel-Rahman, who is serving a life sentence for a 1995 conviction in a thwarted conspiracy to assassinate Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and bomb New York City landmarks, including the United Nations and bridges and tunnels. Others indicted include: paralegal terrorist-facilitator Ahmed Abdul Sattar, Mohammed Yousry, an Arabic translator terrorist-facilitator, and Yassir al-Sirri, a former head of the London-based Islamic Observation Center terrorist-facilitator who is currently in custody in Britain. I truly hope the other lesbian-bull-dykes whack this traitorous sweathog ambulance-chaser, Lynne Stewart, in prison. Die bitch, die very slowly from the splintery broom and toilet plunger handles.
Why are we trying this subhuman non-American, traitorous Muslim shitfilth, Islamic Allah pork-sucking scumbag dogshit in US Courts? Are you guys nuts! MEMO to CIA: whack them where you find them! Do not bring them back to these shores!! Your remember the class, Headshots 101? Do it. Jeez, what's the matter with you guys? Ditto John Walker Lindht: whack him back there, not here!!! No trials, simply revenge.
Prolonged security checks since September 11 have caused a nearly 14-percent slowdown in the number of Muslims permitted to live in the United States through a special green card program. Under the program, citizens of countries with low rates of migration to the United States can try their luck in obtaining permanent U.S. residence visas through a lottery conducted annually by the U.S. State Department. A lottery for murderous, towelhead filth? Is the U.S. State Department nuts? A 100% reduction would be a whole lot better, IMO.
For the 39th time since The Massacre of September 11th, I again say: seal the borders, round-up, detain and deport all illegals of every color and political persuasion, execute all subversives and terrorists, and re-form the INS to attend to all these details, with civilian supervision. We're under attack, and the result will be the destruction of America from within and without. Get rid of the black and brown dissidents, deport execute the sandidiot terrorists, cleanse America and guard America.

Israel v Arab Filth.
Peace? There will never be peace until Israel wipes out the inbred Arab garbage, raghead Palestinian filth completely. Until then, all negotiations are merely smoke-and-mirrors.
I thoroughly enjoy reading stories about Israeli commandos wiping-out lowlife Arab Muslim filth; that's what we ought to be doing here in the US with terrorists. Find them and whack them.
I'm getting real worried about W's policy on The MidEast; he's more like a lib-dem-RINO than he is a Conservative. Way, way, way off to the stinky left-wingers. Just to take their political points, away? Isn't that a betrayal of principles? Votes for principles? Sure sounds like BJ Clintoon. I shudder to think any further.
The armed wing of radical Islamic militant group Hamas vowed today an unprecedented revenge against Israel after six of its fighters were whacked in an Israeli missile strike. "It will be a new kind of punishment this time, of an unaccustomed type that will shake their entity and destroy its pillars," the Ezzedine Al-Qassam Brigades said. Israel, dust off the tactical nukes, as there's a world of hurt coming your way, shortly.
It's long past time to start Killing this Palestinian filth by the thousands, Israel. use nukes if you want to; fry the subhuman terrorist Muslim scumbags. Either you whack them en masse, or they're going to whack you a dozen at a time.
This is why all Palestinians must be whacked, by Israel. This, too. No fail. None left alive. Nada. Show no mercy, whack as many as you can, Israel.

Lib-democRAT Scumbags.
Oh, this is rich: shit-for-brains former Clintoon flunkie, Joe Lockhart, blaming W for a lack of leadership in the Mideast, after his "boss", the disgraced, impeached, lying lowlife ex-president, Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, f*cked screwed it all up royally in '90. The world knows what a lying lowlife scumbag Clintoon was and is, Joe, so wipe the Clintoon ass-print from your ugly lying face, and go sit in the corner with your pointy hat.
The anti-Second Amendment gun grabbers are still trying to take all of our guns away. The real danger here is the classification of individuals the state does NOT like... as mentally ill, to remove their RKBA. The man in this article was obviously NOT well and should NOT have had a firearm. The priest and the woman SHOULD have been armed and weren't for reasons obvious and outdated. Women NEED to carry, as a preventative measure against rape, assault and murder. Priests, who abhor violence, should carry because they need to prevent violence... avoiding the use of guns does not prevent violence, it enables it. Should crazies get guns? NO... but who decides who the "crazies" are? I could forsee a time when anyone who is heterosexual, might be considered "crazy" by the radical left... labelled as homophobes and stripped of their arms. For that matter, who ISN'T a little crazy, out of balance or maladjusted at one time or another? If the guy is out on the street, and able to drive a 2000 pound weapon (car) on wheels, he ought to be able to own a gun. I guess the problem is, THIS guy was NOT well enough to be "out" in public. Obviously.

Lowlifes and Degenerates.
I kinda wished I'd been on the flight where this two-dollar homo, Petey Buck, shitty-REM guitarist,was acquitted on Friday of a drunken mid-air rampage and assaulting staff on a British Airways flight from Seattle, WA. I'd have trashed the piece of shit on the spot. No trial, no lies, no shit. End of problem. Adios, scumbag.
The fifty-cent whoredog, Sarah Jessica Parker, got herself knocked-up; and poof! goes the deviant TV show, "Sex and the City", and good riddance. Only a terminally-diseased subhuman aids-riddled lowlife it sure wasn't the rump-raiding, fudge-packing homo, Matthew Broderick would f*ck touch that slut-whoredog-bitch. Yuk, I wouldn't touch that filth with a 10ft weenie.
This subhuman, deviant, degenerate garbage, Judith Levine, expected her book on child sexuality to stir some controversy, but she never dreamed she would be called an evil accomplice to child molesters. She's a deviant, pervert, degenerate and subhuman lowlife. I hope you die, bitch, of a very, very, very painful and protracted, cancer. And good riddance, slut.
France, a leading scientific power in GPS? BWWWWAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! All they know how to do is eat cheese, whine and surrender. The French people are wonderful; it's their cowardly, socialist, communist governments who are pathetic.
Anyone who doesn't think the domestic wacko, tree-huggers are terrorists on a par with international terrorists and murderers, read this chilling account about ELF and ALF.
Anti-Americanism is rampant among many idiots blacks, who really should pack it up and go back to Mammy Africa for a "better life".
Of course, I fervently believe this murderous lowlife should forfeit his pathetic life for the willful murder of these two women lesbians. (Aren't women, lesbians/ lesbians, women? Okay, thought so.) Thought I abhor their deviant, perverted lifestyle, I value their lives and their distinct personalities. And I'd back-up/ protect them 100%.
More than 1,500 radioactive devices have been stolen, lost or abandoned since 1997, and the federal government can only account for 660 of those devices. Reports to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission from operators licensed to possess radioactive devices show that 835 of the instruments remain missing Un-freaking-believeable! Someone's not doing their job, and why are they still there doing it?
The word, idiot, becoming mainstream? I only apply it to lowlife, scumbag blacks Jesse Jackson, Ala Sharpton, Quiese Nfume, Cornel West and their ilk as I do white trash to lowlife scumbag whites. Not a term I use regularly.

Execute This Subhuman Filth.
Bummed my week. The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday delayed the execution of a condemned murderer until it could decide whether a judge should hear his claims prosecutors didn't turn over evidence, made misleading statements and improperly prepared witnesses. Abu-Ali Abdur'Rahman more likely Tyrone Leroy Johnson was to die by lethal injection early Wednesday for the 1986 murder of a Nashville drug dealer. 18 freaking years and this idiot scumbag is still alive; the victim is still dead. What a perverted legal system we have.
The problem is not "pedophile priests"; the problem is homosexuals and other "officially-sanctioned", subhuman homos who've infiltrated the Catholic Church as priests over the past several generations and who have had unfettered access to boys. Execute them all; ummmm, the deviant priests, that is.
I like the idea of thoroughly ridding the world of criminals by execution, not merely slapping them into jail cells "for life", at (insert country name here) Taxpayer expense. Screw Amnesty International's whining, hand wringing, bed wetting tactics; the US has 3,700 subhumans on death row who richly deserve death. Murderers, rapists, child molesters and all such filth truly need to be executed as soon as they're sentenced, and not allowed to languish for 15-20 years.
Here's April's execution schedule; I'll make the adult beverages and the chips and dip. You relax and pull up a nice, comfy chair. Back in a minute...
Time, actually, way past time, to imprison and execute this homo homo subhuman priest filth which preys upon young boys. Not pedophiles, not child molesters, but degenerate homo homos.
A repentant Jose Santellan was executed Wednesday for gunning down his ex-girlfriend almost nine years ago in the parking lot of a Fredericksburg hospital where she worked. Way to go, Texas. whack those subhumans. Santellan, 40, was the seventh condemned murderer to be executed in Texas this year and the first of two this week. Yep, made my week.

100 Words.
Short stories offer readers an interesting form of literature. An author condenses ideas and characters into a quick finish. Problem is, short stories aren't always short. If you're not ready to delve into pages of prose, we suggest you chew on these bite-sized chunks of writing. As the site states, "some are poems, some are stories, some are diaries, some are fiction, some are nonsense." We recommend starting with a random link, and then moseying through stories about a rose bud, a taco conspiracy, and a celebrity sighting. With over 7,500 examples filling the pages of 100 Words, you're sure to find something that strikes your fancy.

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