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russia collusion hoax, pt-7

friday, april 12th, 2024

We already knew that the FBI used the Clinton-funded Steele Dossier to obtain FISA warrants and justify spying on Trump campaign officials in the hopes of thwarting his campaign and undermining his presidency. But this week we learned that the CIA under Barack Obama recruited the intelligence services of foreign allies to illegally spy on 26 associates of Donald Trump before the FBI launched its counterintelligence probe in the summer of 2016. 

[FULL TITLE: "Is This What the Biden Admin Was Really After When It Raided Mar-a-Lago?"]

But before we get more into that, let's take a step back. Back in December, CNN reported that a binder "containing highly classified information related to Russian election interference went missing at the end of Donald Trump’s presidency, raising alarms among intelligence officials that some of the most closely guarded national security secrets from the US and its allies could be exposed."

Its disappearance, which has not been previously reported, was so concerning that intelligence officials briefed Senate Intelligence Committee leaders last year about the missing materials and the government’s efforts to retrieve them, the sources said.

In the two-plus years since Trump left office, the missing intelligence does not appear to have been found.

But that's not true. According to a report from Michael Shellenberger, Matt Taibbi, and Alex Gutentag, the binder contains evidence of the CIA's efforts to spy on Trump and interfere in the 2016 election. And this binder is what the Biden administration was really after when they raided Trump's Mar-a-Lago home in Florida.

CNN and its intelligence sources meant “exposure” in a bad way. Sources have told Public and Racket, however, that the secrets officials worry might be “exposed” are ones that would implicate them in widespread abuses of intelligence authority dating back to the 2015-2016 election season.

“I would call [the binder] Trump’s insurance policy,” said someone knowledgeable about the case. “He was very concerned about having it and taking it with him because it was the road map” of Russiagate.

Transgressions range from Justice Department surveillance of domestic political targets without probable cause to the improper unmasking of a pre-election conversation between a Trump official and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to WMD-style manipulation of intelligence for public reports on alleged Russian “influence activities.”

CNN's report claimed that intelligence officials were worried about the exposure of “sources and methods that informed the U.S. government’s assessment that Russian President Vladimir Putin sought to help Trump win the 2016 election."

According to Shellenberger, Taibbi, and Gutentag, "They should be concerned," though clearly for different reasons. "The story of how a team 'hand-picked' by CIA Director John Brennan relied on 'cooked intelligence' to craft that January 6th, 2017 Intelligence Community Assessment is the subject of tomorrow’s story, the last in this three-part series."

Several sources suggest that Trump's ownership of the binder, or one of several binders, prompted the FBI to conduct a raid on Mar-a-Lago, and this is why the Biden administration is prosecuting him. 

According to a source from the House Intelligence investigation, they believe that much of the material at Mar-a-Lago is what the investigators thoroughly examined. “We think a lot of that product in Mar-a-Lago is” what investigators “went through,” the source said. The FBI was “worried that there was a copy [of the binder] there.”

“I think [retrieving the binder] was part of [FBI’s] motivation. It was Russiagate," a source close to Trump said. "It was years of FISA [surveillance warrant] abuse. It was doing a 702 [FISA] query to surveil 300,000 Americans. It was using taxpayer dollars to fund the Steele memo and get Justice Department lawyers when we fired Christopher Steele. It was the mountain of corruption we uncovered.”

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A Day In The Life.

Up at 8a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, took two 50mg Tramadol and a 300mg Gabapentin for various pains, fired-up the Win-7 Pentium HP desktop to let 32 million lines of code load, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the leftover errands list.

It was a cool 38°, so I fired-up the condo furnace and garage heater to take the chill off, and scanned the news and weather sites, tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show LIVE" (CS Show) from 6-9a, and then the "Chris Plante Show LIVE" (CP Show) 9-12noon, and finally to the Rob Carson Show LIVE (RC Show) 12-3p.

Wow, I found "a quick exercise" which stopped my unending Peripheral Neuropathy, in both feet. It completely stopped the pain, a pins-and-needles sensation, numbness, and weakness in both feet. Mine caused by severe Diabetes 2, I've had since 2017, when I was hospitalized for a terrible 23 day (March 23-April 15) and 3 weeks, but I found a non-drug way to alleviate all symptoms for 30-60 minutes. I'll share it with my Drs, on the next visits. Good on me.

The East Coast had a 4.8 Magnitude Earthquake (Trump's fault!), but I felt nothing here (York, PA), and we have a Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, demonKKKrats are supporting the murderous, blood-soaked, Troglodyte-From-Hell Hamas terrorists, Israel is being thrown under the bus, DEI, CRT, Wokeness and other Assorted leftist Bullshit pervade America and the Western World... what does The Bible say about End Times?

I had lunch, drove over to Flinchbaugh’s Orchard & Farm Market and got a serious load of groceries and goodies, and noticed that when Sherry called me in the Jeep, my phone wasn't 'paired' with the Jeep's network. WTH? It was working yesterday. I tried for an hour to get the two networks to recognize each other, and install the device on my Jeep's system. I spent another 45-mins on my phone's Bluetooth thingy just re-scanning the available devices, found every neighbors' network, and just as I was about to smash the phone, it found the Jeep, which I'd been sitting in for over an hour! JEEEEEZ! Sometimes, I freaking hate technology!

I hate this electronic crap!

No paperwork and no computer work to do, so I watched Discovery's "Gold Rush: Whitewater" and "America's Backyard Gold" shows in Marathon, took a break for some Chinese Steamed Dumplings for dinner, and resumed watching TV until 12:30a. Lights out.

up at 7;30a on Saturday, to a partly sunny, 41° and windy morning, with somewhat warmer temps forecast. I had wonderful Kona Blended Coffee, tuned into one of the "CS Show" Podcasts from yesterday, and scanned the various news sites' headlines. Awww crap, now it looks like the cloudy weather won't be cooperating for Monday's Total Solar Eclipse, for millions of folks. I could give a flying rat's rearend (Rush saying). The video'll be on the weather and YT sites.

Sis stopped by to visit and drop-off a container of Shrimp-Fried Wild Rice, have a nice visit, and get my D-Handle Shovel to use in her garden. She left around 1;30, I tried to get some sleep on the LR couch, but was still too wired from the morning's coffee. Even after some lunch, I couldn't get a nap, as deliveries were coming FedEx/UPS/USPS almost every hour, and they kept ringing the doorbell and walking away after dropping-off the package. By 5p, I'd had fresh BBQ for dinner, and watched the evening news. Discovery's "Gold Rush: White Water" was on again, and I watched that until 12midnight. Time for some sleep.

I was up at 6a to use the bathroom, when my sinus did a "dump" into my nose, and I couldn't breathe properly, gagged and coughed hard for way too long, feeling like I was suffocating. No amount of nose blowing alleviated it, and I had to squirt some water up my nose -- a terrible feeling! -- to get "things" loosened-up, and get it blown out. Seriously out-of-breath, all I could do was sit and try to get back to a regular breathing pattern again. It was very unnerving, to say the least. Up, I went downstairs, upped the hat, made Kona Coffee and checked the news headlines.

Millions will be disappointed by the cloudy weather, obscuring the Total Solar Eclipse. Hey folks: watch it on YT or the evening news.

A not-so-cold 39°, and sunny, the forecast was for mid-60s and dun. Hopefully, a nice day ahead, and no storm squalls blowing thru. I had a large Apple Fritter, turned on the F1-TV channel, to watch the 1a (2p their time) F-1 Japanese Grand Prix Race. 52 exciting laps, and a almost-predictable ending. Good race.

I had laundry and condo chores to do, plus spend some time in the Spring-like 64° weather, until Sherry stopped by on her way home at 4p, after filling-in for Daughter Holly at her very special shop, Virtue Local Art Market, in nearby Hallam. We had several wonderful hours together, and she had to make a stop on the way home, leaving at 6:30. I had dinner, watched the news, and caught-up on computer work,since the night's TV offerings were crap. An NBC Night. I bagged it at 11:30p. Busy day tomorrow.

Up at 6:30a on Monday, to a bright, overcast, 41° morning. Heat up to 74°, I made coffee, fired-up the desktop HP computer, scanned the news and "Eclipse Weather Forecasts" all over the many darned news and weather sites. I waited and waited and waited for the local electrician to show-up between 10-11a, but he never did, and didn't call. My WF Investments Broker did call at 12noon, our pre-arranged time, to review some CDs and brokerage accounts, my wishes and some of his recommendations. I left at 12:30p for the usual points south of York, every Monday.

Back by 1:45, I unloaded, checked voicemail and email -- in case the world ends at 2:10 (heh) -- and had some lunch. THE ECLIPSE WENT-OFF AT 2:04 PM, I NOTICED THAT THE DAYLIGHT 'DIMMED' A LITTLE OUTSIDE, MUCH AS IT WOULD IF STORMS HAD FILLED THE SKIES, AND THAT'S IT -- a big freaking nothingburger! Boring, over-hyped pile of crap.

I had some Ham & Potato Soup for lunch, crashed (4:30-7:30) on the LR couch for 3hrs (!), and woke as it was getting dark. After closing down the condo, I watched the news on TV, and remembered that Monday is the worst of the "NBC Nights" (Nothing But Crap), and found History's "Ancient Aliens" old episodes which I'd seen years ago, but it was better than what else was on. By 10:30p, I was fading, and quit for the day.

Up at 5:30a on Tuesday, turned-up the heat, made some Kona Coffee, and tuned into the "CS Show LIVE" from 6-9, and then the "CP Show LIVE" from 9-12. At 44°, it felt unusually warm in the garage, with the door open, feeding the squirrels handfuls of peanuts. I lounged around until 11:30, as the lawn mower guys finished-up, I drove over to nearby Weis Market to get just a few things. I'm hearing on some of the morning talk shows, that there are many thousands of idiot people who are complaining of their "sore eyes", from looking at yesterday's total eclipse, without protective glasses. Seriously, people?

Do not give up. DON'T EVER GIVE UP !

I left at 12:30, after a superb conference call with my WF Investment Broker, ran into a neighbor and his wife, both good friends, elderly and in not good health/ just had serious surgery, so I pushed their cart to their SUV, loaded the ~15 bags into the cargo bay, and took the cart back. My Good Deed done for the day, unless another one needs doing... I'm there for it. Heh, I was only going to a couple 6-paks of Gold Peak Tea, Lettuce, Peanuts (for the squirrels) and Rye Bread; I spent $138 for an overflowing cart full of fresh fruits, vegs, etc etc etc. Damn.

Back home by 2:30, I unloaded, made Creamed Chipped Beef & Sweet Peas -- MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM GOOOOOOOOOOOD! Been a long time since I had that "comfort food". After lunch, I hit the couch for 2hrs, called Sherry, and retrieved 3 soft packages from my CHCA Community Mailbox -- how the USPS carrier got those 3 plus mail, into that narrow mailbox, I'll never figure out. Still full from the late, large lunch, I skipped dinner, watch the news, and History's "Curse of Oak Island" series, until midnight. Heat off for the night. Lights out.

Up at 6:30a on Wednesday, no need to fire-up any heaters, as it was another Spring-like morning. 59° outside and still 73° inside, all I needed was my Turkish Robe, made coffee and tuned into the "CS Show LIVE", and just relaxed. Soon enough, the "CP Show LIVE" was on, I had Apple Fritters doe breakfast, and scanned the news sites. All the major markets are taking another financial dump, as inflation continues to rise, despite the Bidet&Co assholes' protestations to the contrary. By 1p, temps had hit 78°. Nice day to grab a snooze, and I did so at 1p, for 2½hrs.

Temps quickly hit 74°, and it was nice to open the place up, two days in a row. Spring might be here, but I'll reserve judgment for another week or two. Anyway, I moved the beach chairs and weathered Teak side table onto the patio, had a few smokes, made a Grilled Chicken Sandwich on buttered toast with avocado for dinner, and watched the evening news. I also had a Y-U-G-E amount of email to go thru, answer, and do some cleaning of the T-Bird program. Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" was on for the rest of the evening, until 11:30, and I unplugged.

Nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no one to do it with.

Awake at 4a and then at 4:30, I was having trouble breathing; my sinus was seriously stopped-up and wouldn't clear either time I blew it. The pillow was wet from sweat, it was very warm in the BR, and I still had flannel sheets on the bed. The heat was off, but as warm as yesterday and overnight was, I forgot to turn-on the AC, to cool the place down overnight. 64° outside, 73° inside; this is a Summer weather. Damn. I made coffee, had a couple smokes in the warm garage, As with the past 3 days, air quality has been Fair to Poor. 'Unhealthy' is next in line, and I don't go out much when we're in that condition, such as with the Canadian Wildfires' smoke, last Summer and Fall.

I made 2 Sunny-Side-Up Eggs, Homefries and Toast, for breakfast at 10;30, lounged around until 11:30, listening to the "CP Show LIVE", heard the news about OJ dying, and waited for the rain to arrive. Nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no one to do it with. My back pain was bad, and I didn't feel like doing stairs to get to/from the washer/dryer, so I'll do it tomorrow or Saturday. Maybe. Nah, I started it today; pain be damned. Around noon, I switched to the "RC Show LIVE", finished the laundry, fed the squirrels off the back patio, and the garage, also fed the birds some potato bread, since I'd gotten fresh loaves of both rye and potato, on Tuesday.

It was a very windy, cloudy day, with rain on the way, or so they forecast. I hit the LR couch for just over an hour. The Home Security System panel was beeping and woke me up, telling me that a Low Battery Warning was displayed, and needed immediate service. I also got an immediate cellphone call to that effect, so I called Choice Security's Central Station to set-up a service call with a tech. So much for my nap. The rain finally arrived around 4p, and it was heavy, as forecast.

I had dinner, watched the day's news -- way too about the scumbag murderer OJ Simpson -- settled-in and bounced around between History, Discovery, Motor Trend and NEWSMAX Channels. By 11p, I was tired and bagged it for the night. The rain and wind just got heavier. I'm sure that a ***FLOOD WARNING*** will be posted by morning.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and next week's going to be busy, with a Monday trip to my cleaning lady and her husband's home, for lunch and to prune their unruly Wisteria, Dr's app'ts etc, my cleaning lady's semi-weekly visit, but Sherry and I have Thursday reserved, at least. She's had a busy time this past week, so it'll be good to see her again. I miss her.

Is The Great Illusion In Ruins?

In 2021, Joe Biden was elected after a bitterly fought campaign that deposed the incumbent Donald Trump. Democrats eventually captured, for a time, both the House and Senate, ensuring the most left-wing government in modern American history.

Americans were then set to witness a great experiment. For the first time in their lives, a truly radical socialist program would supposedly fundamentally transform the way America dealt with the border, immigration, the economy, race relations, foreign policy, energy, law enforcement, crime, education, and social questions such as religion, gender, abortion, and schooling.

The long-awaited Great Fundamental Transformation finally got its moment, crashed, and now has torched the nation—middle-class Americans most of all.

In a sense, we were all to be lab rats of sorts, to be experimented on by the radical left and their various critical theories. Now in the last year of the Biden term, we can see the results of that experiment—and the unfortunate disasters that followed.

But first, how was such a radical move to the left even possible in a center-right America?

The Democratic nominee, Biden, had earlier united the left, but only through a Faustian deal. The handlers of a nearly "non compos mentis" Biden had ushered all his 2020 primary rivals out of the primary races in unison.

But in exchange for their exits that ensured Biden the nomination, the left took over his general campaign—in which Biden was virtually relegated to his basement—and then set his agenda.

Who was running things?

The mysterious architects of White House ideology included, inter alia, the omnipresent, now-Washington-DC-dwelling Obamas, the old socialist gadfly Bernie Sanders, the fossilized tribunes of the black and Latino congressional caucuses, the DEI firebrand Squad, and the neo-socialist scold Elizabeth Warren.

As a result, for one of the few times in American history, the hard left now had undreamt of power. And it was enhanced by a chorus in our compliant media, academia, corporations, the administrative state, foundations, entertainment, and popular culture.

So we were all to embark on a great adventure led by the foot soldiers of DEI, the Chicken-Little green extremists, the critical race and critical legal theory crowd, the modern monetary theorists, the woke commissars, the transgendered zealots, Antifa, BLM, the hate-Israel lobby, and the Trump Derangement Syndrome media sorts.

Ostensibly, America was to be reset financially, economically, socially, culturally, militarily, and politically. The nation would be arbitrarily divided into oppressors and oppressed—with one caveat: hyper-rich, left-wing white architects had to be exempt from the damage inflicted on those they targeted. Thus, like Orwellian pigs who walked on their two hind legs, they were free to fly their private jets, get their kids into racially quota-bound Ivy League schools, burn lots of fossil fuels to heat and cool their massive homes, and be protected by their walls, security details, and zip codes from the crime wave they would soon unleash on others.

Now, as we enter the fourth year of the great experiment, America is $35 trillion in debt, borrowing $1 trillion every 100 days. Home mortgages are at 7 percent. Key prices for food, insurance, rent, and fuels are 30-40 percent higher than when Biden entered office.

The nation has been humiliated and emasculated abroad. Racial relations are the worst in a half-century. The military is in virtual receivership. Biden is polling about 40 percent approval and is behind in key swing states in most of the 2024 polls.

As a result, the Biden administration is furiously trying to find a way to release more of its hated oil and natural gas on the world market. It stopped refilling the strategic petroleum reserve that it had earlier drained to lower gas prices before the 2022 midterms.

So it will quietly pump more oil and gas, appease Iran in fear of a war in the oil-producing Middle East, plead with the once “pariah” Saudis, and order the Ukrainians not to hit Russian oil installations—all to get more oil produced to lower November 2024 gas prices.

It will head nod to eliminating fossil fuels, mandating EVs, banning natural gas stoves, and subsidizing more inefficient wind and solar farms. But it now realizes that its green agenda on its watch will wreck the United States economy and throw the left out of power. So it pivots to an old-fashioned “Drill, World, Drill” mantra—at least until the election is over.

Biden fulfilled his agenda of getting 10 million illegal aliens into the United States by destroying the southern border. The point was to swarm America with poor, unaudited migrants, all in need of massive federal and state assistance, all supposedly now loyal to their entitlement benefactors. Who could stop them from voting as repayment to their enablers in the new age of 70 percent mail-in ballots, same-day registration, inadequate authentication and audit of ballots, third-party vote harvesting, ballot curing, and Zuckbucks pouring into key precincts to absorb the work of the registrars?

Most of the illegals went to Texas and Florida, key swing states that the left still thinks it can flip to blue status. Long term, the 10 million will recalibrate congressional districts to favor neo-socialist agendas. Short-term, millions of new arrivals unlawfully may still try to vote in 2024.

Any who object to or publicize this agenda will be dammed with boilerplate smears of “election deniers,” “voter suppressions,” “racists,” and “xenophobes,” Yet all that said, the administration is now desperately trying to distance itself from its greatest “new Democratic Majority” border success, given that public opinion abhors what Biden had done at the border to the country at large.

So it floated a phony “bipartisan border security” bill in hopes of luring naïve Republicans to support a stealth de facto amnesty agenda that would have still allowed 5,000 illegals in a day rather than the now customary 10-15,000. The hope was that when it failed (and the left knew it would), to blame Republicans for what the left had wrought.

Biden knows destroying the border will ruin America for generations to come, costing billions of dollars in subsidies and legal and policing costs to integrate the massive influx. So until the election, it is thrashing about, claiming that it never did such a thing at all. Its duplicity is again proof that the open borders agenda was hated by the public, a human catastrophe, and not sustainable before an impending election.

Biden’s foreign policy is also in ruins. Biden destroyed deterrence in an effort to beg, appease, and buy off America’s enemies to behave and not cause an election-losing war. But the more it fled from Afghanistan in humiliation, the more it appeased Russia as it massed on Ukraine’s border, the more it snored as a Chinese spy balloon traversed the United States, the more it put early holds on aid to Ukraine, the more it assured Putin a “minor” offensive into Ukraine would not elicit a US response, so all the more it convinced Putin that he could take Ukraine without an American pushback, the Chinese to threaten Taiwan, and Hamas to prepare for massacring Jews.

So here we are in Ukraine with nearly 800,000 dead, wounded, and missing Ukrainians and Russians. The administration has no clue how to stop the Verdun that its appeasement birthed. The entire therapeutic approach to foreign policy lies in ruins.

Ditto the Middle East. National security advisor Jack Sullivan’s “quiet” portfolio that he inherited from the Trump administration simply blew up. Biden is now scrambling to stop the Israeli response to the encircled Hamas remnants, trapped in their last redoubt in Rafah.

Biden is now replaying the 1950s CIA-stereotype of the “Ugly American,” as he does his best to overthrow the Netanyahu government, and to allow the trapped Hamas remnants to escape and claim they defeated the Zionist entity, despite butchering more Jews in a single day than any time since the Holocaust. No matter: the Biden administration is stealthily communicating with the Israeli opposition concerning the best joint strategies to force Netanyahu out. Mass protests in the streets of Tel Aviv attest to the success of destabilizing the current Israeli government.

Team Biden whispers to the media about slow-walking or stopping key arms shipments, abdicating America’s once protective role in the UN, or encouraging the “international community” to go after Netanyahu for “war crimes” for accidentally hitting a civilian team in Gaza. (By such logic, are Biden and Gen. Mark (“righteous strike”) Milley equally culpable for being in charge when a US strike in Kabul blew up 10 innocent civilians by similarly mistaken targeting?). Meanwhile, Biden keeps courting Muslim-American Michigan voters, who repay his appeasement with cries of “Death to Israel! Death to America!”.

The release of violent criminals and an uptick in property crimes, murders and assault follow a similar script. The Biden administration outsourced criminal justice to defund the police/critical legal theorists at the federal, state, and local levels. No bail arrests led to violent offenders released the next day. Thousands were let go from jails and prisons.

The word spread in the criminal community that in the new Biden years, there were no real consequences, no serious punishments for violent assault or major felonies.

So in 2021-2023, crime exploded. When it reached the point of making life unlivable in the major cities and began to max out, the administration declared “crime is declining”—in the same way that hyper-inflation supposedly did so on the economic front.

After spiking the prices of key food staples, insurance, fuel, and interest rates, such hikes could not go too much higher without destroying outright the American way of life. So as the rate of inflation slowed, Biden bragged about “lowering inflation”—but not the 30-40 percent higher food prices since his own inauguration.

The common denominator for these disasters is the embrace of left-wing “theory.”

Critical legal theory mandates that jurisprudence is a construct. Laws have no morality since they favor the powerful. The latter use “white privilege” arbitrarily to invent crimes and punishments to protect their own power hierarchies. All that nonsense has now led to a pre-civilizational free-for-all in our dirty, dangerous, and dysfunctional cities.

Modern monetary theory—printing lots of money to spread around to those who have none while diminishing the value of money of those who have it—only led to hyperinflation and high interest rates.

When DEI theories were unleashed on the military, potential recruits hesitated, and thousands quit. After Pentagon grandees virtue signaled their fear of “white rage” and “white privilege,” after DEI made promotions and assessments often contingent on race, gender, and sexual orientation, and after the new military was humiliated in Afghanistan, it found it could no longer deter the enemy, recruit sufficient soldiers, or win back the confidence of the American people.

In all these cases, the woke genie left the bottle—and won’t go back in. So it will be hard for the administration to assure a long-suffering public that things are just wonderful, much less to reverse these policies, if indeed they are reversible, before November.

Expect instead nonstop distraction as the left beats the January 6 horse to death, calls for abortion on demand, and waits for its underling judges, prosecutors, and juries to jail or bankrupt Trump and therefore do what balloting cannot.

In other words, the long-awaited Great Fundamental Transformation finally got its moment, crashed, and now has torched the nation—middle-class Americans most of all.

© 4.08.2024 by Victor Davis Hanson, "American Greatness".

Honest Question for Trump-Averse Republicans:
How Bad Do Things Have to Get?

Seriously, people. 

Look, Donald Trump wasn't my first choice for this one, either. I enjoyed his presidency, but like many who had supported him in the past, I'd grown weary of the unforced errors and the drama. True, most of the drama is being visited upon him by the insane Democrats, but it's drama all the same. 

Admittedly, the thought of a Trump 47 Revenge Tour held great appeal for me. I had already become a huge fan of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, though, and really wanted to see him at the top of the presidential ballot this year. Alas, that was not to be. My support immediately shifted to Trump. It was the most no-brainer decision in the history of no-brainer decisions. 

Most voters were asserting that the 2016 presidential election was fraught with existential implications. I never believed that.

I'm kind of there now. 

Look around at what Joe Biden and his equally unstable cabal of commie handlers have "achieved" in just three years. Our long problematic border with Mexico has erupted into a humanitarian and national security crisis. Already beleaguered American taxpayers are footing the bill to house and feed illegal aliens all over the country. Criminals from all over the world are part of the Biden border parade, including military-aged men from China. 

But, hey, Trump is crass or something.

Around the world, the bad guys are feasting on the fact that the president of the United States is a doddering fossil who should be meandering on a beach with a metal detector and a juice box. Vladimir Putin upped his expansionist game as soon as Biden got into office. We're all aware of the savagery wrought by Hamas. And — as our own VodkaPundit recently wrote -- ISIS is back. 

None of those three were a problem when Donald Trump was president. 

Back on the domestic front, Biden is dancing for his Big Green masters and will soon mandate us into a green future that will take us about 100 years into the past. 

Because no sane person believes that Biden will make it to the end of a second term if he wins, we can pencil in President Harris, maybe even for ten years!

"Biden" will one day replace "dumpster fire" to describe disastrous situations. 

Again: seriously, people. 

If you're on the fence or thinking of sitting this one out because Trump offends your sensibilities, then please be aware that your sensibilities are going to get this country killed. Really. The Democrats are right about one thing — there is a threat to democracy, or, more precisely, the Republic. They're it. 

Back to the headline. What will it take for you to decide that you don't want to see things get any worse? Are you waiting for some kind of personal pain point? If Biden wins, you'll get plenty of that, most likely in the form of an illegal alien criminal. Then you'll be saddled with misery, regret, and your delicate sensibilities. 

I won't even indulge any nonsense about Trump not being any better than Biden when it comes to dealing with the problems facing this country.

There is no room for feelings in this election. It's big-boy and big-girl pants time. Freedom-loving people need to come together to make sure that the real United States of America survives past the 2024 election. Oh, it'll still be called the United States of America if Biden wins, but it'll be operating with an entirely new set of rules that don't have anything to do with the Constitution. 

I know that this is a heavy column for me. Because I write about politics five days a week, I am acutely aware of how Bidened this country is right now. After I read about the latest illegal alien horror, I will see a bunch of "principled" Republicans harumphing about why they can't vote for Trump. 

Seriously, people. 

© 4.04.2024 by STEPHEN KRUISER, "PJ Media".

Marxist Globalists Will Resort To Terror and Violence.

It is important to understand that censorship does not occur in a vacuum.  It is a symptom of a worsening disease.  It is an early indicator of the political repression to come.  Like a canary in a coal mine, the criminalization of speech forewarns that State-sponsored terror and murder are not far away.  First, certain words and thoughts are banned.  Next, certain people are rounded up and imprisoned.  Finally, certain “enemies of the State” are executed quite publicly.  The imposition of fear supersedes the rule of law.  Terrorism undergirds social order.  Oppression replaces popular support.

What is happening in the West today is a concentrated push for global communism.  We could bicker about precise definitions — whether we are under attack from Marxists, socialists, Leninists, Trotskyites, Maoists, or other “revolutionaries” — but the end goal is clear.  A small group of global “elites” seek to use ideological and economic leverage to centralize political power and direct all human activity.  They seek the abolition of private property.  They seek absolute control over individual lives and local communities.  They are rebuilding twentieth-century totalitarianism with the privacy-destroying surveillance technologies of the twenty-first century.  

Most Western nations are working together to promote a public vision that achieves their private totalitarian goals.  Governments do not care about “hate speech”; they are dedicated to seizing control of the press, punishing dissent, censoring political opposition, and regulating public debate.  Governments do not care about “climate change”; they are dedicated to seizing control over all economic activity by first establishing a monopoly on available energy.  Governments do not care about “systemic racism,” “social justice,” or “income inequality”; they are dedicated to maximizing social divisions and distorting the meaning of fundamental rights, so that they may undermine long-cherished personal liberties.  Governments do not care about “gun violence”; they are dedicated to disarming their populations and making it impossible for them to fight back against tyranny.  Governments do not care about minimizing vicious and costly wars; they are dedicated to distracting their citizens with false threats to their personal security.  Governments do not care about maintaining the integrity and value of their monetary currencies; they are dedicated to printing and spending money that inflates household costs, taxes middle class savings, maximizes Wall Street profits, and increases welfare dependency.  Governments do not need to create central bank digital currencies to stave off economic disaster; they are dedicated to creating economic disasters, so that they can justify a future communist system that runs on privacy-destroying CBDCs.

We are right now in the middle of a war.  It is as threatening to human civilization as the Cold War.  However, it is rarely discussed except on the pages of alternative news media.  By ignoring it, our compromised corporate press work to keep the war secret and the public confused.  The most consequential war today is not flaring in Eastern Europe, the Middle East, or the Asia-Pacific.  It is a quiet, chilling war raging between States that seek absolute control over society and citizens who insist on defending their constitutional rights and personal liberties.  Everything Western governments do must be seen through the lens of this broader conflict.

For two centuries, Marxists have debated and fought each other over a salient point: should they patiently wait for the supposed contradictions of free market capitalism to naturally usher in their communist Utopia?  Or should they actively promote societal conditions that speed the “revolution” and their beloved “fundamental transformation” along?  So sure of Marx’s conception of historical materialism and its determinative impact on humanity’s future, plenty of nineteenth and twentieth-century intellectuals urged steady restraint.  They used democratic elections to elevate Marxist socialists into political offices, but they cautioned against the use of violence to accelerate a process that they understood as foreordained.

Communist Utopia, however, is not foreordained, and the longer that Marx’s disciples had to wait for their “revolution,” the more anxious they became.  Patience evaporated because Marx has always been a false prophet.  In order to create a Marxist future that is wholly unnatural, his followers eventually realized that coercion and violence are instrumental to their vision.  Just like the Jonestown Massacre in Guyana, Marxism requires everyone to “drink the Kool-Aid.”  And just as with Jim Jones’s astonishing cult, Marxism always leads to “revolutionary suicide.”  

Marxists cannot square their practical failures with Marx’s theoretical promises yet stubbornly refuse to learn from the contradiction.  Failed ideologues who push false visions of the future inevitably become more coercive and violent as failures pile up.  This is Marxism’s lasting mark upon history — bloody stains and mass graves wherever it has been imposed. 

Some of Marxism’s most staunch defenders reluctantly acknowledged this truth last century.  Karl Kautsky — a devout Marxist, colleague of Friedrich Engels, and influential theorist for Germany’s Social Democratic Party — excoriated Vladimir Lenin’s socialist revolution in Russia: “Among the phenomena for which Bolshevism has been responsible, Terrorism, which begins with the abolition of every form of freedom of the Press, and ends in a system of wholesale execution, is certainly the most striking and the most repellent of all.”  Unable to accept that violence is inextricably linked to Marxism, Kautsky echoed the naïve complaint that history cannot be “hurried.”  History’s “speed,” however, has never been the source of Marxism’s violence.  Marxism’s internal fallacies, disregard for personal freedom, and imposition of unnatural human relationships create the necessary conditions for terror, bloodshed, poverty, agony, and angst. 

What is important to understand is that the various Western projects active today all reflect this long conflict among Marxists about the best way to achieve their “revolution.”  Sure, there still remain a few residual peaceniks in the faculty lounge who believe — as Kautsky did — that human societies will naturally evolve into Marxist Utopias and “equitable” communes from the sheer deterministic forces of historical materialism.  There are far more, however, who believe political repression, terror, and violence are essential for success.  Standing somewhere in the middle — for the time being, at least — are the great majority of governmental and non-governmental forces pushing demonstrable forms of Marxist socialism under the guise of public policies ostensibly meant to advance environmentalism, mass migration, pandemic preparedness, minority rights, or “sustainable” economic development in impoverished communities.  

We are familiar with their many names: the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset,” the United Nations’ “2030 Agenda,” the “Green New Deal,” the “Build Back Better” initiatives, George Soros’s “Open Society Foundations,” and the World Health Organization’s “Pandemic Treaty.”  There are many others, of course.  Every perceived global problem provides Marxist socialists with an opportunity to “solve” that problem by constructing financial and governmental institutions that advance their “revolution.”  They believe that they can “speed up” the “progression” of human history by creating painful conditions that justify communism’s architecture.  The vast majority of globalists who run central banks, newsrooms, intelligence agencies, administrative departments, legislative assemblies, religious nonprofits, and too many corporate boardrooms are all “true believers.”

Make no mistake, when these Marxist globalists conclude that an increasingly popular resistance force within Western society threatens their “long march” toward domination, they will not throw up their hands in defeat, shrug, and concede, “Well, that’s democracy.”  In their twisted totalitarian minds, only ideological allies merit “democratic” respect or civil rights protections; ideological foes deserve dictatorial force and bloody despotism.  

Just as Lenin justified “violent revolution” and defended “unrestricted power, based on force and not on law,” today’s globalists showed us who they are during the “Reign of COVID Tyranny.”  Within a matter of weeks, they threw free speech, bodily integrity, religious freedom, due process, and economic liberty right out the window.  In his short book, The Defense of Terrorism, Leon Trotsky argues that organized violence against opponents of the “revolution” is morally right.  Today’s J6 political hostages serve as a tragic testament that D.C. ignominiously agrees.

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Biden’s DOJ Is A Dark Shadow On The Land.

It's hard to overstate how corrupt the Biden DOJ has become. You know about Jack Smith’s manic pursuit of Donald Trump. That’s the tip of the fraud spear. It’s gotten so bad that even an Obama-appointed judge notices. There are cases that the DOJ is trying to accelerate, i.e. any cases against Republicans. There are cases that are being slow walked, i.e. cases against democrats. It’s gotten so obvious that it’s painful.

We know for a fact that David Weiss intentionally slow walked the investigation into Hunter Biden so thoroughly that statutes of limitation for the worst of the Hunter Biden crimes expired. Weiss did indict the younger Biden on more recent tax charges, but only after two IRS whistleblowers (Shapley and Ziegler) came forward and revealed “an undeniable pattern of preferential treatment” for Biden. Now Weiss is again slow walking the prosecution of Hunter Biden. He is expanding his “investigation” to include the two IRS whistleblowers.

Filings from Hunter Biden’s ongoing prosecution show that Weiss also made efforts to downplay the legal protections afforded to whistleblowers, according to Tristan Leavitt of Empower Oversight, the organization that helped secure representation for the whistleblowers. Since late last year, Weiss has been leading the prosecution of Hunter Biden for tax crimes in the Central District of California as a special counsel.

He believes Weiss has an interest in doing so, stemming from the fact that the special counsel’s own conduct was a subject of some of the allegations the whistleblowers brought to Congress.

“This is the one area where Weiss’s interests are aligned with Hunter Biden’s: Not being happy about SSA Shapley and SA Ziegler blowing the whistle to Congress on Weiss’s allowing politics to infect the Hunter Biden case. Weiss has every reason to minimize the statutory protections the IRS agents had in blowing the whistle to Congress,” Leavitt posted to X on Tuesday.

Weiss continues to act as defense counsel to Hunter Biden

In one filing, Weiss noted the IRS repeatedly informed both Shapley and Ziegler their rights and proper ways to blow the whistle, however, Weiss did not explain to the judge that the agency left out key details mandated by federal law, and in one instance, even attempted to impose an illegal gag order on the agents.

“It would be absolutely improper for Weiss’s office to have any role in investigating the IRS whistleblowers for blowing the whistle ON HIM. We don’t know if that is the case,” he continued. “But we do know that Weiss used the opportunity of this response to Hunter Biden’s motion to dismiss to gratuitously disclose in a public document a ‘potential’ investigation into the IRS whistleblowers.”

“And THAT move by Weiss and his team was completely inappropriate in and of itself,” he added.

As `was seen in the Obama administration, whistleblowers were loved unless the interests of democrats were being adversely affected. Then it was war on whistleblowers. The same is being seen today under Biden.

Shapley and Ziegler filed a whistleblower retaliation complaint with the US Office of Special Counsel against Weiss days after being removed from the tax case last year, one of many related potential conflicts of interest, given Weiss’ alleged “preferential treatment involving Mr. Biden,” according to Leavitt.

Leavitt also noted in his letter that IRS agents blew the whistle on DOJ officials intimately involved in both cases, as well as in a separate lawsuit Hunter’s attorneys filed against the IRS for alleged improper leaks of his tax information.

The Justice Department has “bizarrely” excluded in case filings the federal laws that protect whistleblowers from prosecution for disclosing tax information, Leavitt added, in a seeming attempt to stick it to IRS agents by suggesting their conduct was improper.

The Hunter Biden case is hardly the only one Garland and Biden are trying to smother. Remember the guy who was going to try to assassinate Brett Kavanaugh?

President Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is dragging its feet in prosecuting Nicholas Roske, the man accused of trying to assassinate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, leaving legal experts perplexed about the slow-moving pace of the case.

Roske was indicted for attempted murder of a Supreme Court justice nearly two years ago in June 2022, after allegedly traveling from his parent’s home in California to the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., with the intent to kill Kavanaugh. Roske, a biological male who identified in some online posts as a transgender woman, was upset over the leaked Supreme Court draft opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, according to court documents.

After arriving by taxi at Kavanaugh’s house, Roske called the police on himself and was eventually found with a suitcase full of guns, ammo, zip ties, and other tools to carry out the attack. However, the case—which one legal expert who spoke to the Washington Free Beacon called a “slam dunk” for federal prosecutors—has seen almost a dozen continuances since Roske last appeared in court in October 2022, and still no plea has been reached or trial date set.

“It’s noteworthy that after nearly two years, there is still no trial date or plea agreement in this case,” Gerard Filitti, senior counsel at The Lawfare Project, told the Free Beacon. “While pretrial motions would resolve questions about the admissibility of some of the evidence, including statements made by Roske, there is no underlying procedural reason why it would take this long to get to trial.”

Are you picking up the pattern here? Now contrast those cases to the crazed efforts of Jack Smith and Fani Willis to accelerate the trials of Donald Trump and keep him off the campaign trail and ultimately from the White House.

We’re not done with DOJ corruption yet. Remember Roger Stone? The then sixty-nine-year-old was arrested in a pre-dawn SWAT raid complete with automatic weapons. He was shackled and then arraigned in those shackles.

Remember Peter Navarro? He was arrested for defying a Congressional Jan 6 subpoena while boarding a plane and then also placed in shackles.

Know anyone else who has defied a Congressional subpoena? His name rhymes with Hunter Biden. Biden and his lawyers have received such astonishing preferential treatment that even a Joe Biden appointed judge was flabbergasted.

A federal judge scolded the Justice Department on Friday for refusing to allow attorneys involved in the Hunter Biden investigation to comply with subpoenas issued by House Republicans.

The House Judiciary Committee filed a lawsuit last month in the federal District Court in Washington seeking to force DOJ lawyers Mark Daly and Jack Morgan to provide testimony as part of the panel’s impeachment inquiry into President Biden.

The GOP-led panel co-leading the impeachment probe related to the 81-year-old president’s alleged involvement in his family’s business dealings claims the DOJ has “thwarted” efforts by the committee to get depositions from the DOJ Tax Division officials.

District Judge Ana Reyes, an appointee of President Biden, argued that the Justice Department was being hypocritical for instructing Daly and Morgan not to comply with the committee’s subpoenas while throwing others in prison for similar actions.

Here’s where it gets good

“There’s a person in jail right now because you all brought a criminal lawsuit against him because he did not appear for a House subpoena,” Reyes said during a hearing on the Judiciary Committee’s lawsuit, according to Politico.

Reyes seemed to be referring to former Trump White House official Peter Navarro, who was sentenced in January to four months behind bars after being convicted of two counts of contempt of Congress over his refusal to comply with a subpoena from the House select committee that investigated the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot.

“And now you guys are flouting those subpoenas,” Reyes added, directing her ire at DOJ attorney James Gilligan.

“I find it rich that you pursue criminal action and put people in jail for defying congressional subpoenas, then say this here,” the judge continued, according to Courthouse News Service.

“You all are making a bunch of arguments that you would never accept from any other litigant.”

Reyes suggested that the DOJ’s position, which she characterized as “if you don’t agree with a subpoena -- you can unilaterally not show up,” would delight defense attorneys across the country.

When the judge asked if the DOJ would commit to instructing Daly and Morgan to testify if the House Judiciary Committee dropped its insistence that government counsel not be in the room for their depositions, Gilligan wouldn’t answer in the affirmative.

“I cannot answer that now,” he said.

To which Reyes responded, “Are you kidding me?”

You will also remember that Hunter Biden stood outside the Senate and thumbed his nose at the House Oversight committee in defiance of a subpoena and has also refused to testify in an open hearing.

Instead of administering justice evenly, Merrick Garland is the lapdog of Joe Biden and the DNC. The contrast between the treatment of the left and the right is mind boggling. It’s anti-American, the stuff of communist countries.

A wholly corrupt DOJ is but one more Joe Biden legacy. It is a dark shadow on the land.

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