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Friday, April 14, 2000

i'd give anything to have been a fly on the wall in The White House when the Clintonista criminals plotted and planned their many crimes. Especially if I could have taped it for follow-up legal action. Once again, it seems they're going to get away with another crime and the (In)Justice Dept and Attorney General are helping them stall and cover it up. The latest involving missing emails pertaining to ongoing investigations is another in a long line of the most corrupt administration in this Nation's history. Will it ever end? If AlGoreBore gets into The White House in '01, no it won't. The ugly, socialist, traitorous Clintonism will continue unabated and the Nation will be the poorer for it. Seems when you're confronted by vice, you're first repulsed, then as you're exposed to it repeatedly, you grow to accept it, then you eventually embrace it. That's where many in this Nation are right now: ... old news ... who cares? ... so what? ... time to move on. They know, but they don't care anymore.

Around The Garden Center.
Gas prices are dropping somewhat; instead of the $1.63/ gallon, it's now down to $1.49/ gallon here in the York, PA, are, in some stations. The shit-for-brains Clintonistas in DC are claiming it'll drop into the $1.40 range by Summer. There is so much oil in Alaska and elsewhere in the US, we should have been developing the technology since the so-called "gas crisis of the 70s" to sustain ourselves, instead of becoming so dependent upon the stinking towelheads in the Middle East. It's still costing me around $35 to fill the Jeep's 22 gallon tank, and doesn't bother me, but I feel for the families who have to choose between food and heating oil over the past Winter. With diesel fuel over $2.19/ gallon, I've told the landscape crews not to let the machinery idle while they're off doing something else; conserve the fuel. I paid almost $55 for 20 gallons of diesel fuel last week. I curse the lowlifes in DC who allowed this to happen.
Except for a few deliveries of perennials and groundcovers, all nursery stock has arrived. We're putting the finishing touches on the 20 acre complex for tomorrow's 10th Anniversary Open House.
On Saturday evening/ Sunday morning, a huge Winter storm moved through, did major league damage and dropped 1-2" of rain and then snow all over the region. 50-60mph winds and single-digit wind chill did the most damage. I've been telling people for weeks that Winter isn't over yet; I sure hope they listened and took my advice. My newly-budded nursery stock sustained some serious damage, as just-opened tender leaves had not "hardened off"; we'll just have to wait and see what happens and hope it all recovers.
The local Sunday paper, York Dispatch Sunday News, quoted me in their annual Spring Gardening article. Leslie Streeter, the YDR staff writer, did a nice job in both the print and e-version.
Just as I was wrapping up work last Sunday at 5pm, a reporter from the York Daily Record newspaper called, wanting to know what had happened with my plant material and those of my customers. Here's that interview. My damage at the Garden Center was bad; the home gardeners and commercial orchards got nailed too. Everything not "hardened off" was severely damaged by the snow, 60mph winds and single-digit windchill. Fruit is going to be sparse at the local orchards, due to the blossom failure (which turn into fruit when pollenated) with wet snow. The coming Drought of '00 will be an eventual whacker of many, many more plants.
I said several weeks ago that the so-called new Netscape v6.0 is shit; I stand by that empirical observation which has been borne out, big time. MSIE v5.0 and Netscape v4.72 still rule the Web. The reviews are in: Netscape v6 is shit.
We're all working feverishly in preparation for the 10th Anniversary Open House, tomorrow, Saturday, April 15th. I'll get some pics of the event and post them in next Friday's Journal, on a separate page.

Ha Ha Ha!
On Monday morning, as I got to work around 6am, I received an email from Journal regular, Greg P. and his lovely wife, Jill, in the Chicago area, and almost split a gut reading it. With his kind permission, here it is:

Subject: It's a small world!!!!
Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 23:24:07 -0500
From: Greg P
To: John Shelley

John, this really happened to me the other day.....

Thursday morning, I stopped a our local Dunkin Donut to pick up some coffee and a donut on my way into the office. As I stood at the counter, a well dressed man announced loudly, "I recognize that logo" while pointing at my hat. I realized that I was wearing my John Shelley Garden Center and Nursery chapeau and he must be a fan of my dear friend, JS.

"Yeah", he said, "I know that logo, that's from John Shelley's Garden Center". He went on to tell me that his wife was a "gardening fanatic" and that "she had book marked every garden site on the WWW., but she liked Shelley's place the best." he further stated, "Hell, I even spent last winter building a bunch of window boxes for the Alpine Gardens she saw at his site."

It felt a bit strange to be discussing ol JS with this total stranger, but stranger things have happened.

The clerk brought me my coffee and donut, I paid the tab and was about to turn for the door when this stranger said " I bet John Shelley doesn't have any hemeroids (sic)!!" I was speechless and stared blankly at the stranger. He he repeated himself, hoping that I might pick up meaning of his statement. Still staring blankly I said "WHUT???" He cleared his throat and repeated his mantra " I bet John Shelley doesn't have any hemeroids (sic)!!" I'd had enough of his nonsense "What the hell are you talking about?? I demanded. He cleared his throat once more and said " Shelley must not have any hemeroids (sic), because he is such a perfect moron."

I immediately sprang to your defense. I told this mouthy stranger that he must be "some kind of commie, pinko, bed-wetting Liberal, the kind that Shelley is always warning us about". "No", he replied, "I am a card carrying conservative Republican, Always have been, Always will be, but this Shelley is sooooo right wing that he make Atilla the Hun look like a pussy."

I had to agree with this stranger, JS is waaaay out there on the right end of things.....

So John, I thought that you'd like to know that your "fame" is spreading


Reverse Racism.
No two-bit, half-breed, racist, piece of shit dictator would do that to me if I were living in Rhodesia, aka Zimbabwe. (I wouldn't be living in that stinking shithole in the first place.) I'd take thousands of those cretinous-moron scum out with M60 & M70 mini-vulcan machine guns before they'd get me. I'd place thousands of land mines throughout the farm property, making it unusable for anyone before I'd turn it over to such aboriginal trash.
Best thing for the Whites to do is leave the country; the aboriginal-shit-filth (aka idiots) will soon f*ck it up and turn it into a desert again. They always do.

Ummmmmm, lemme see if I've got this matter straight: shit-for-brains John Hinckley tried to assassinate President Ronald Reagan in '81. And now he's eligible for "unsupervised weekend release"? Ummmmmm, I don't f*cking think so! Such liberal bullshit theories nauseate me. He should be locked away forever; better yet, the piece of white trash should have been executed years ago.
Perverts in prison getting conjugal visits and pay-TV? In Australia? JFC, they should be tortured and whacked, rather than get sex and movies. What's wrong with that idiot island country?
I hate baseball. I hate basketball. I hate hockey. I hate football. So-called "pro sports" is dogshit. All forms.
They're all whining, criminal, moronic millionaires and celebrities; pure garbage. The owners are multi-billionaires, all guilty of blackmail and extortion of the US Public. So why are the people who live in that State forced by their lowlife legal-tortial-filth to shoulder the burden of building new stadiums? Why don't the people who actually attend the events, watch on Pay-TV pay higher ticket prices? Why the f*ck are "we" paying the bill? The answer is: communism, socialism, liberalism, degeneracy, malfunction, Clintonism. Synonyms, all.
The filthy, stinking shithole called India does the name Calcutta ring any bells? is building stealth warships at many billions apiece, when 98% of the population lives in abject poverty. Not very smart. They're also spending many billions on a ridiculous nuclear weapons program, to compete with pakistan, another 13th century stinking, shithole of a so-called country. I'd like to see each blow the other up and reduce the world's population by 2+ billion and sterilize the region of all that disease and poverty.
Future rapists and criminals? You bet. Grade school students in Harlem rape and sodomize a little girl at school. Hell, they need to be castrated right away before they go on to worse crimes.
Speaking of rape: a liberal court in Florida has let a rapist of a 13 year old girl go free and be permitted to attend the birth of the illegitimate baby. This is unconscionable and par for the course for lowlife liberal judges. No law abiding and self respecting Conservative judge or court would allow this to happen.

Clinton + Castro = Scum.
The two "C's" are on a par with each other. Clinton is so concerned with his so-called "legacy" desperate to be remembered for something other than so many scandals and impeachment and the most corrupt administration in US history that he's trying to "normalize" relations with the despot scumbag Castro in Cuba. And the stinkingly corrupt, diseased and inept AG Janet el-Reno bitch is doing her pathetic best to aid Clinton in his hideous search for a legacy, before time runs out. If he succeeds in normalizing relations with Cuba, it'll be a tragedy, not a legacy.
But a 6 year old Cuban boy got in Bubba's way.
Sure, Castro is in on this Elian Gonzalez fiasco, too. He engineered it. He wants to control everyone on the island, as he has for the past 41 years. Funny, I don't see many people swimming or rafting to Cuba from the US; seems more like the other way around.
I've changed my opinion on the Cuban kid: he should stay and Miami should erupt in riots if the INS and (In)Justice Dept try to take him.
Whatever it takes to thwart the lowlife Clinton & Castro scum.

AlGore A Liar?
Shocking! Absolutely shocking!
Gore, known for some well-documented cases of lies such as claiming a crucial role in the invention of the Internet and saying he served as the inspiration for the film "Love Story," along with his wife, Tipper, having discovered and fixed Love Canal toxic waste, the Buddhist fundraising scandal of "no controlling authority" and many, many more outright lies stepped in it again today by claiming his mother did something she didn't. Let me repeat that: Al Gore is a liar.
After 7 years of the Clintons both congenital liars, sociopaths and criminals this Nation doesn't need another liar in The White House. Someone of character and morals is needed, nay is demanded, to put this country back on course. The Clintons and Gores are liberal, lowlife filth and should be tried, convicted and imprisoned for their myriad crimes.
Here's some Gore-isms to make you sick.

Jail To The Chief.
Oh be still my beating heart! The very idea that OIC (Office of Independent Counsel) Bob Ray is actively considering indicting the criminal Billy Jeff Clinton for crimes of perjury and obstruction of justice after he's left the deeply-soiled office of the President is just too much to hope for. And, the liberal scum media continue to plead and whine for not indicting Clinton.
Personally, I'm hoping that the White House email scandal opens up both Clintons and Gore to criminal charges.
Betcha he pardons himself before he leaves office.
Why do so many people hate Clinton? Here's why.
Still using the deaths of those Columbine HS students a year ago to his political advantage, the slimeball Clinton continues to pander for more restrictive gun control laws. He just can't grasp the fact that more laws aren't needed there are over 20,000 laws already on the so-called "books" and what is needed is stricter enforcement of existing laws aimed at criminals, who commit 99.998374652% of the gun-related crimes. Restricting law-abiding citizens' 2nd Amendment Rights is just another perverted facet of the Clintonista scumbag's socialist-communist agenda.

This may be the first truly amazing site of the Millennium. According to its makers, Constructor "animates and edits two-dimensional models made out of masses and springs." A recent user says that Constructor "has these crazy, wicked insect thingies that you can mess with and stuff!" I have yet to come up with a better description of this phenomenal hybrid of video game and erector set. Hint: turn the gravity off in Amoeba mode for some real fun.

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