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no 'good guys' in this war

friday, april 15th, 2022

All I hear these past 6-7 weeks, is that the "good" defending Ukranians are taking a beating from the "bad" invading Russians, and I hear it, ad nauseum. It makes me ill to hear that constant, lying crap.

Follow the money.

Going as far back to 2008, when Lunch Bucket Joe was VP to Marxist bastard scumbag, Barry 0sambo Boy, Hunter Biden and his uncle, Sock Puppet Joe Biden's n'er-do-well idiot brother, Jim, profited handsomely from multi-million dollar, no-show jobs and corporate board deals with Ukraine and China. Russia paid Hunter Biden millions, too. Ukrainian oil company, Burisma, and Chinese Energy Company, CEFC, both bad players, paid Joe's idiot brother, Jim, and crackhead addict son, many millions a year for no-show jobs, but easy access and influence with then-VP Joe. Lunch Bucket Joe Biden's secret relationship with China, is especially troubling. And in all instances, pResident Joey Bidet, aka "the Big Guy", got a 10% kichback from his crackhead, stripper-knocker-upper, liar kid, Hunter. Rest assured, that all three countries were and are, corrupt, criminal enemies of America and NATO. Hunter's been living off his father's influence and job power, for decades.

The media is the most powerful entity on Earth. They have the power to make the innocent, guilty. And the power to make the guilty, innocent.

Follow the history.

Russia and Ukraine have a bad history, going back many decades. Following the Ukrainian Revolution of Dignity in 2014, Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula was occupied by unmarked Russian forces, later being annexed by Russia, while pro-Russia separatists simultaneously engaged the Ukrainian military in an armed conflict for control over eastern Ukraine; these events marked the beginning of the ongoing Russian-Ukrainian War. In a major escalation of the conflict on February 24th, 2022, Russia launched a full-scale invasion of the Ukrainian mainland across a broad front, causing Ukraine to sever all formal diplomatic ties with Russia. Read the Wiki link entry, if you have l-o-n-g time to digest their convoluted history of relations. It's more than clear that Russia did not want Ukraine to join NATO, since they were on Russia's border. The parallel is the 13-day, October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, when the Soviet Union was suppplying ICBMs to Cuba, and we almost went to war over it.

Follow the corruption.

Ukraine's current president, elected installed by Soros&Co Globalists, in early 2019, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a former actor, comedian and sock puppet, is as corrupt as they come, and rules like a dictator. He ran on a pledge to clean up Ukraine’s oligarch-dominated ruling system, but is one of them, himself. Ukraine is awash in scandals since he seized power in a phoney-baloney "election". Corruption is just part of their culture; always has been, and always will be.

The most insidious power the media has, is the power to ignore.

Follow the nazis.

Ukraine has been "poking the bear", aka Russia, for decades, under several rulers, Zelenskyy and his US Neocons included, and his poking precipitated this invasion and war. Tens-of-thousands of Ukrainian civilians are being killed, and many are being murdered, by their own army's Azov-Nazi Battalion, in a "false flag op", to exacerbate and widen the war against Russia, to gain sympathy from the world, get massive amounts of "financial aid" (payoffs), and military "aid" (payoffs). The Ukrainians are killing thousands of their own people with donated missiles. Another "false flag op". You bet. They did it Bucha, too. Not the Russians. The US Congress knew that there were murderous Nazis in the Ukrainian army, who'd kill anything and everything that moved, friend or foe. Even their own people. We and NATO armed them to the teeth, for the torture and slaughter of their own people.

Follow the laptop.

By now, you're asking yourself: "How is all this stuff known and being written about, in "John's Journal"? Well, the "Laptop From Hell" yielded a large trove of documents. There's even a book, by Miranda Devine, of the "NY Post". Finally, the "NY Slimes" & "Washington Compost" had to admit that the laptop and its contents were real, after viciously denying and stonewalling for Meat Puppet Joey Biden, since 2019 and the 2020 General Election, in an effort to defeat Trump. Hunter's "Laptop From Hell", and its disclosures about the Ukrainian company Burisma, compromised US National Security. Despite Pedo Joe's protestations and lies to the contrary, HE KNEW EVERYTHING THAT HIS CRACKHEAD KID WAS DOING. EVERYTHING! Here are 12 instances that prove he did, and here are 11 more time, he was wholesale selling influence from the WH. Even his daughter is cashing in on the corrupt, lucrative Biden name. No surprises there.

Follow the crimes.

The media is not the 4th Estate. They are the enemies' 5th Column.

Sure, Russia has committed war crimes, but so has Ukraine. Russia's crimes are documented and probably inflated; who really knows? The little town of Bucha, in Ukraine, has been front and center after 50+ civilian bodies were found in the streets, and over 200 found in mass graves, hands back-tied and shot in the heads. Personally, I believe this is a "false flag op", and that it was committed by the Ukrainian Azov-Nazi Battalion, not the Russians. Here are dozens of videos, if you care to watch them. Go ahead; I'll wait.

Follow the bodies.

Aside from this so-called "Guide To The Ukraine Invasion", the slaughter, brutality, murder, rape, destruction, civilian deaths, civilian flight and exodus to Poland, Russian citizens living in Eastern Ukraine fleeing the fighting, and China overtly joining Russia in the war effort. By deciding to attack Ukraine, Vladimir Putin has destroyed the Russian Federation as it existed before. Obviously, Moscow has no chance of winning this war. The consequences could be either the transformation of Russia into an isolated police-counterintelligence dictatorship, completely dependent on Chinese support, or the removal of Putin and his inner circle from power, with further democratization and growing cooperation with Ukraine and the West, based on the strict observance of international law. It is worth noting that only the second option would allow Russia to retain its sovereignty and avoid becoming a resource colony of China. Hence, regime change is a task not only for the West, but also for those Russian elites who still retain some vestiges of patriotism. The only option to end the war and to prevent Russia from coming under greater control by China, is the removal of Putin’s regime.

Follow the politics.

Make no mistake about it: there are no "good guys" in this war, including us in America. And Washington is full of "neocon warriors", in both parties, who want America to get much more deeply involved in the European war, which puts the world on the precipice of a nuclear WWIII. Both Putin and Valenskyy are corrupt, lowlife, criminal, scumbag dictators. Both need quick and total "removal" (SPJNK), but that won't fully solve the problem. They both have tens-of-thousands of followers, and they must be removed, too. (We have the same problem here in America, with demonKKKrat-leftists, communists, socialists, Marxists, fascists, liberals, progressives, anarchists, BLMers etc.) Here's an interesting article about Zelenskyy; be sure to read the comments from people who know. To quote this interesting article: "The only option to end the war, and to prevent Russia from coming under greater control by China, is the removal of Putin’s regime." I would add that Zelenskyy&Co should be removed, too. Who committed the war crimes? Who really knows, at this point?

America needs to stay out of wars that don't defend and benefit us directly.

© 3.15.2022 by JS II, "John's Journal".

A Day In The Life.

Up at 7a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage and checked the day's list. It was a sunny, 45° morning, and 1 50mg Tramadol helped with the R/S pain. Magically, the pain went away. I had some errands to do, down south in Red Lion, so I left around 11:15a, and ran into 5 "Construction Ahead" sign and roadblocks, and miles of backed-up traffic. A simple 15min one-way drive, turned into a 1hr+ trip. Shit! We can expect that all Summer here. Did you know that Pennsylvania only has TWO SEASONS: Winter and Construction. Heh.

It's always something. If it's not one thing, it's another.

"A subsidiary of one of the largest U.S. providers of renewable energy pleaded guilty to criminal charges and was ordered to pay over $8 million in fines and restitution after at least 150 American Bald Eagles were killed at its wind farms in eight states, federal prosecutors said Wednesday. In addition to those deaths, the company acknowledged the deaths of golden and bald eagles at 50 wind farms affiliated with ESI and NextEra since 2012, prosecutors said. Birds were killed in eight states: Wyoming, California, New Mexico, North Dakota, Colorado, Michigan, Arizona and Illinois." by "USA Today". Greenie wacko wind crap killing America's symbol, the Bald Eagle, and only fined pennies, relatively speaking. They should be shut down and put out of business. I would fine and bankrupt them all. But the FWS (Fish & Wildlife Services Agency) didn't; they just issued a "new limit permit".

I'm still amused at the leftist, black bitch, Brown-Jackson, who "couldn't answer the "What is a woman" question from a female US Senator. It's not that she "couldn't" answer it "I'm not a biologist", she said); she WOULDN'T answer it, because it would have pissed-off all the moronic, pathetic, confused, idiot gender scumbags in America, >0.00001% of the population. Boo-Hoo, dykes, queers, trannies, fags and other subhuman filth! The SCOTUS remains a sewer.

After lunch, Sherry stopped by, picked me up, and we went for a short walk in the 60ac nearby Springettsbury Twp Park, visited her daughter, Hollie, at her amazing arts & crafts shop in Hallam, and came back to my place to talk. She left just after 6p, I had dinner, and tuned into Discovery's series, "Gold Rush", until 11p, when Fox' "Gutfeld!" came on. I quit at midnight.

Awake at 5a on Saturday, to a weird dream from the Ambien, I went back to sleep to the same dream until 8:15a (no, I don't remember it since having a couple of smokes and coffee). I took my 21 Rx & OTC pills, skipped breakfast and just drank Kona Coffee, did paperwork while listening to some selected Chris Stigall Podcasts. It was still raining outside, as t-storm cells passed thru the area, and we had sleet/ freezing rain in a couple of them, even at 46°. Pea-sized hail moved thru, pelting us about 3:45p. I had an early dinner, watched a couple of IMSA Sportscar races on TV, then switched over to Fox for some news, and called it a night at 10:30p.

Trump continues his idiot-endorsing ways, as he did while in office -- surrounding himself with back-stabbers and Deep State bureaucrats -- by endorsing fake Dr Mehmet Oz, a Hollywood scumbag liberal, and muslim(SPIT!) piece-of-shit, who will screw America and Pennsylvania, at every chance and turn. Both Oz and McCormick are lowlife leftist scumbags; in that race, I'm voting for Kathy Barnett a Black American woman. Wake the hell up, Trump!

Up at 8a on Sunday, it was a cloudy, 41° and a frost warning for tonite/tomorrow morning, was posted. I did the finger stick, made coffee, took some of my morning's 20 pills, took a Tramadol for R/S pain, and held-off on breakfast, while checking the weather and news on my computer.

Frost Advisory
9:45pm EDT, Apr 09 2022
9:00am EDT, Apr 11 2022
• WHAT: Temperatures between 32 and 34 degrees will result in frost formation.
• WHERE: Franklin, Dauphin, Lebanon, Cumberland, Adams, York and Lancaster Counties.
• WHEN: From midnight Sunday night to 9 AM EDT Monday.
• IMPACTS: Frost could kill sensitive outdoor vegetation if left uncovered.
Take steps now to protect tender plants and vegetation from the cold. Potted plants should be brought inside.

I did condo chores, now that my cleaning lady, who's down with Covid/Omicron or some variant, won't be coming on Tuesday. After lunch and an errand down to the nearby convenience store, I watched the IndyCar Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach, starting at 3:30p. I had some dinner around, just after the race, and re-watched the F1 Australian GP at 7p, on ESPN. By 11, I'd had enough TV, set the alarm for 6a, and crashed for the night. I have a 10:30a ECHO at the Cardiovascular Center, at Apple Hill Medical Center, so I needed some sleep.

Up at 6a on Monday, to a very cold and frosty 31° morning, I fired-up the furnace and garage heater, did the finger stick, made coffee, and checked the weather and news. It was forecast to get to 70° after the night/morning frost, due to clear skies and no wind. I listened to the early morning Chris Stigall Show from 6-9, and switched-over to the Chris Plante Show from 9-12, for 45mins, and left at 9:45a for the Cardiovascular Center's 10:30a app't, at Apple Hill Medical Center. Done in 45mins, I headed home to await the results online.

Sitting on the back irregular flagstone patio having a smoke, I called Sherry to revise our weekly plans, due to my electrician's revised schedule. Becky called to go out to dinner at the First Post in East York, and my ECHO results came back: great news! Becky and I had a great dinner; she dropped me off at my condo, and tired, I only watched TV until 10p. Lights out.

Up at 8a on Tuesday, after a stormy, rainy night, it was a 50°, cloudy morning. I fired-up the furnace, garage heater, made Kona Coffee, and had a couple smokes in the garage. I had R/S pain, took 2 50mg Tramadols, and listened to the Chris Plante Show from 9-12, while making-up a small food shopping list. It's nice to lounge around, in the mornings, in my Turkish Bathrobe for a while. Sure glad I haven't worked in NYC, for the past 40 years. It's hell there, just right now, and going to get much worse as the economy seriously tanks.

Liberals use the words; they don't know what they mean.

The shit's hitting the supply chain fan, once again. Rerouting freight to avoid the extended lockdown in Shanghai, where daily confirmed COVID cases topped a record 17,000 this week, is becoming more difficult and expensive as cargo facilities in other Chinese cities become overcrowded, logistics companies and carriers warn. The logistics challenges for ocean and airfreight in Shanghai are extreme. More than 90% of truck capacity is out of service. Trucks are prevented from moving in and out of the city without a special permit, which is only valid for 24 hours and only on specific routes. “Even with this arranged, it is possible for booked trucks to be commandeered by the government to transport aid supplies,” Seko Logistics said in an update for clients. Most warehouses in the city are closed. Pactl, the large airport cargo terminal operator, only has skeleton operations. Limited truck access to Shanghai port terminals is causing shipping containers to pile up and slowing ship transfers. Seko said its team in Shanghai has seen an 80% decrease in container pickups from outside the lockdown area because of driver shortages and restrictions, with drivers requiring a special pass and negative COVID test results.

I skipped breakfast, since I was still full from the dinners that Becky & I'd had; just had a banana and went food shopping at nearby Weis Market, spending $154 for 6 bags of groceries. I'm still re-stocking the "prepper shelves" in the basement, so when there's a sale on an item that I'm low on, I buy plenty to refill. I finally had some breakfast cereal -- Cheerios and Cap'n Crunch -- with red raspberries, around 3p. I went out for a short walk around the complex, spent some time doing a little gardening, checking for new growth on the past season's perennials. A few are poking thru, with some already showing serious growth. High for the day was 68°, and after dinner, temps had "dropped" to 62° for the night. Heh; I can take that.

I watched History's "Curse of Oak Island" until 11, caught FNC's "Gutfeld!" and bagged it at midnight, for the day.

In an analyst's note to clients, BofA chief investment strategist Michael Hartnett warned that surging consumer prices, combined with an increasingly hawkish central bank, could precipitate an economic downturn in the US. FED RAISES INTEREST RATES FOR FIRST TIME IN 3 YEARS, PROJECTS 6 MORE HIKES AS INFLATION SURGES: "'Inflation shock' worsening, 'rates shock' just beginning, 'recession shock' coming," Hartnett wrote. Friends, we're in for a serious deflation of our once-robust (under Trump) economy, and a raging case of inflation (under Biden), many times worse than we have it now. THANKS, YOU COMMIE, SOCIALIST, MARXIST, LEFTIST, LIE-BRAL, ANARCHIST BIDET&Co ASSHOLE SCUM-SUCKING FILTH! Let me be clear, inflation is a tax and today's historic inflation data tells another chilling story about how these taxes on Americans are completely out of control. And a bird shit on Meat Puppet Joey's left lapel.

The most insidious power the corrupt media/demoKKKrat party -- but I repeat myself -- have, is the power to ignore.

Up at 8:30a on Wednesday, it was already sunny and 65°. I opened the front and back storm/screen doors, windows and let the fresh air flow. After a Croissant for breakfast, I did the 20 Rx & OTC regimen, and ran a couple of quick errands. Soon enough, it was 81° and clouds overcast the area, with severe t-storms forecast. But that didn't stop Sherry and me from walking at nearby 60ac Springettsbury Twp Park, or Les, my electrician from coming to repair the outdoor wire to my front pole light. Sherry and I walked for an hour, and left for my condo to await the electrician. Les completed the job in an hour, I paid him and he left.

Here's a most interesting theory on a venom-derived "Covid-19 Virus", refuting the BS bat virus theory from the Wuhan Virus lab, in China. So many coincidences and compelling evidence, it's scary. It's 47mins, but well worth a listen. (H/T to Sherry for the video.)

I had dinner, did some paperwork and filing, closed the condo and turned-on the AC to get the humidity out and cool it down from 78° to 72°. The t-storms never did materialize. Not much on TV, so I replayed some "Chris Plante Show", "Chris Stigall Show" and "Michael Berry Show" Podcasts until 11, when "Gutfeld!" came on Fox. Lights out at midnight.

Up at 7:30a on Thursday, to an unusually warm 69° and sunny day, I didn't turn-on any heat or don my Turkish Bathrobe; it was warm, as is. I started Kona Coffee, and got another 1lb bag out of the garage freezer, did the finger stick, and checked the weather and news on my computer. I listened to the Chris Plante Show from 9-12, while doing the last of a pile of paperwork, and just relaxed. I needed to get the garden support hoops, in several sizes and configurations, installed around the many tall perennials, for support.

I tested myself for Covid-19/Omicron etc, and it was a *negative* result. To "celebrate", I listened to the Michael Berry Show, for a while.

T-storms rolled into the York area around 2:30p, but were moving so fast overhead, little rain got to the ground. We're supposedly getting the destructive t-storms -- without the tornadoes, thankfully -- that TX, WV, OK, TN, AR, OH, LA, VA got, last night. No storms. Temps dropped from 84° down to 61°, by 5:30p. After dinner, the temps continued to drop and I closed down, and bumped-up the heat for a short while, to take the chill off. Once again, TV sucked, but I managed to find a couple things to watch until "Tucker" came on, and after that, a few more to get me to 11p and "Gutfeld!", and then upstairs to sleep at midnight.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and lab tests, several Drs' app'ts are on my schedule.

What Covid Crimes Will Victims Not Forgive?

History has altered course. Lockdowns saw the belittling of whole populations by a neo-feudal elite, while that elite, with astonishing frequency, was stoutly defended by those same belittled populations. Monocultural autocracies allied with powerful corporate barons have now emerged within Western governing institutions, yielding a system that approximates Benito Mussolini’s concept of fascism.

The struggle against this darkness will surely take many years. Who and what will keep that struggle alive? What hurt will fuel the fight, keeping the fires of resentment burning, and what hurt – real as it may have been – will fade over time and hence be only a weak ally of the soldiers of the resistance?

Social science has reasonable answers to these questions, which are in essence questions about what people get used to and what they don’t.

The decades-old well-being literature has asked whether and over what time scale people adjust to major life shocks. Researchers track, year after year, how satisfied people are with life and how their life satisfaction changes when they are hit by major life shocks like divorce, unemployment, financial losses, violent crime, the death of important others, major illnesses, eviction, and so on. 

We ourselves have contributed to this literature, which now boasts hundreds of papers. Some of the rules of thumb distilled from this research are startling, and many remain unknown outside the well-being community. We draw on these high-level insights below, recognising naturally that there are exceptions to every rule.

First, people do recover from the death of loved ones. It takes about two years, but after that time passes, people are about as satisfied with life as they were before the bereavement. They simply move on with life. In fact, it turns out that people move on from almost any shock to their social networks by finding new social relationships within about two years. This means that we mostly get over temporary loneliness, unemployment, personal disputes, and changes of career. 

Similarly, people are not permanently pained by limitations on their political freedom, travel disruptions, constant virtue signalling, or the propagating of improbable histories, for the simple reason that well-being is barely connected to those things in the first place. 

Human well-being is far more embedded in aspects of life like mental health, social status, and warm social relations. Freedom and other intangible social “goods” do affect these three main drivers of well-being, but for most people not much and for reasons they don’t fully understand. 

This means that banging on about losses to freedom –- as bad as they are for the longer-run development of human societies – is not the best approach if you want to rouse mass support against the feudal elites now running the show. Traction in that area simply fades fast. If politicians can still distract an audience after two years of doing all kinds of damage to their freedom and social lives, then we hate to admit it, but they have gotten away with it. 

What do people not get used to? They do not recover from reductions in social status. People only get over unemployment, for example, if they find another job or move into a different role that is equally socially valued (like “homemaker”, or “retiree”). 

On this basis we would predict that someone who filled an important role in business but whose firm was destroyed by Covid restrictions will have a burning and lasting resentment against that loss until and unless she finds a roughly equal-status alternative role, because she continues to want the return of her lost social status. 

That resentment will burn all the more brightly if there is a group with high status that she can blame for her loss, and whose status she can hope to capture for herself. Permanent damage to status coupled with the idea of restitution is powerful. It provides a motivation that keeps on burning.

Machiavelli made a similar observation on human nature 500 years ago, when in advising a ruler on what not to do, he noted: “Above all he must refrain from seizing the property of others, because a man is quicker to forget the death of his father than the loss of his patrimony.”

The insight that loss of status leads to permanent resentment also goes for lost health and lost opportunities if those losses can be linked to a current group of culprits from whom something can be taken away. The idea that an important thing was stolen which, if somehow returned, would markedly improve life right here and now is extremely powerful. The idea that vaccines did permanent damage to health, or that people were robbed of their best years, coupled with the plausible culpability in both cases of a nasty elite, would fit this bill.

Following this line of logic, we expect to see the gradual emergence and ultimate success of a resistance storyline that the masses “have been deliberately damaged by a rich elite.” Vaccine damage in particular, real or imagined, is extremely powerful from a modern narrative point of view, because it ties into the obsession with self that characterises social media and underpins modern cowardice. 

More and more people will start worrying that they were injected with poison that damaged them permanently, particularly if the companies selling the poison could potentially be forced to compensate them for the damage. Obsessing about how one’s health has been damaged due to vaccines inflicted by others fits today’s grievance culture like a glove: it is personal, it invites virtue signalling, it names a culpable group, it allows for draconian actions, it demands redistribution to self, and it is simple to understand.

Team Lockdown, which subsequently morphed into Team Vaccine, will find it extremely difficult to avoid blame for vaccine damage, particularly since Team Lockdown/Vaccine so blatantly disregarded public health principles and scientific standards in medical trials. That the Covid vaccine project included deliberately exposing children to known risks for no significant reasonably expectable gain will be very difficult to hide from the population in the longer run. 

No matter what distractions can be manufactured, the suspicion of permanent damage to self and to own children will keep creeping back, particularly as large majorities in most Western states have been cajoled, by hook or by crook, into accepting these vaccines.

Evidence of enlarged hearts, blood clots, long-term tissue damage, genetic alteration, immune system misdirection, and so on will remind people over and over again of the ongoing health loss inflicted upon them. Damage to their health will prey on the minds of the masses, particularly when expensive health problems befall them in the future. True or not, they will suspect that they would not have had those problems had they not taken the vaccines. 

These suspicions are capable of capturing the public imagination. This can raise a lust for vengeance and compensation. A range of popular books will doubtless emerge on the topic, drawn upon by all and sundry in political battles. The Covid response can and undoubtedly will be portrayed in future years as the product of criminal negligence.

Such a thing can get ugly. Once a population is truly convinced they have been betrayed by an elite that has both money and status (read: things to lose), all gloves are off. We are then in similar historical circumstances as those in which Germany found itself in the 1920s, where a belief spread in the idea that Germany had lost the Great War due to betrayal by socialists and Jews. This belief was dubbed the ‘Dolchstoßlegende’ (the ‘dagger legend’), and became a storyline used very effectively by you-know-who. Many believed to have done the betraying did not survive.

For better or for worse, a story of betrayal along these lines seems unavoidable at this point. A new dagger story is coming, this time partly because it is true, and partly because it fits both the needs of the resistance and the norms of the modern zeitgeist. 

Just how powerful this story will turn out to be is difficult to predict, but what we can predict is who can be counted upon to champion it most vociferously: the businesspeople who irrecoverably lost their positions due to the Covid lockdowns and other restrictions, the young and single who for similar reasons lost the best years of their lives, and those who believe the vaccines did them and their children permanent damage. That alliance –- forged in the fires of lasting hurt to human well-being –- could produce a formidable adversary against the culpable Covid elites.

© 4.14.2022 by Paul Frijiters, Gigi Foster, Michael Bbaker, Brownstone Institute.

[H/T to Pastor Tom.]

A Donkey Was Tied To A Tree.

A donkey was tied to a tree.

A demon came and released it.

The donkey entered the field of a farmer and began to eat everything.

The farmer’s wife saw the donkey and was afraid that he would destroy the farm, took the rifle and killed him.

The donkey’s owner saw the dead donkey, got angry and also took his rifle and fired at the woman, killing her.

When the farmer got home and saw that his wife was dead, he killed the donkey’s owner.

The donkey owner’s sons seeing their dead father burned the farmer’s field.

The farmer in retaliation killed them.

When they asked the demon what he had done, he said, “I did nothing, I just released the donkey.”

Do you get it?

The devil doesn’t have the power to do much, but one simple thing he does triggers the evil intents of men’s hearts to harm one another.

So, let’s think before seeking revenge! Be careful with your heart, because many times, the only thing the devil does is “release the donkey”.

So don’t be fooled into fighting people, do the simple thing “with love tie back the donkey” and the devil is disarmed.

[From Anonymous eMail.)

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