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Friday, April 16, 2004

n a perfect world, all left-wing nut, liberal-demokkkRATs would be relegated to internment camps, where they could do no harm, and eventually inbreed themselves out of the DNA gene pool, and out of existence. Darwin at work. A world without their degenerate, lowlife, deviant, subhuman agenda would truly be worth living in. Frankly, I have to admist to taking great pleasure in making their collective lives as miserable as I can, anytime I can. I relish seeing them get their panties in a bunch, being out of power for the past four years, and take great delight in knowing they'll once again be kept out of the halls of influence for another four, after November's General Election. The leftist-wackos' daily attacks on President Bush is fun to watch and hear; it reeks of doltish, childish desperation. This handy list of traitorous liberal-demokkkRAT codewords, makes it easy to understand what they're really saying. Remember, that when a liberal-demokkkRAT's lips move, they're lying, like corrupt trial lawyers. Stand 'em all, against a wall. They're part of the insidious enemy within.

Around The Garden Center.
Eas†er Weekend was a crazy precursor to what's coming this weekend, at the 14th Annual Open House Celebration. For the first time in 14yrs, I was closed on Eas†er Sunday, but Saturday was a mini-madhouse, with hundreds of people through the GC&N, and many, many hundreds of calls coming in. On Sunday, I slept-in (nice!) to after 10, and then went in to work to feed Pickle, do some paperwork and tackle over a half-dozen landscape design estimates from our freelance landscape designer, and some by me and my landscape foreman, now piling-up on my desk. Then, at 3pm, over to Mom & Dad's for a traditional Eas†er Sunday Ham Dinner, with sister, Becky. Burrrrrp.
Well, at least it wasn't snow or ice, this past week. Storms from the Gulf roared northward from the Southeast Region, from Monday through Wednesday, dumping 3"+ on us here in the Mid-Atlantic Region, and flood warnings were posted everywhere. With the ground completely saturated, huge tracts of land and many roads were underwater, streams and creeks breached their banks, retention ponds overflowed and several of the larger rivers neared flood stage. Luckily, there was no major damage and no injuries or deaths; the worst storms were to the east of us.
I'll have dozens of pics of The 14th Open House Celebration, up next Friday, on a special URL on my server. This Complex is spruced-up as I've never seen it before, in preparation for 3,000 - 5,000 visitors, over the course of the weekend. I've made last-minute "diaster check" calls to all the vendors, insuring that they're ready with my arrangements. All is well. I'm excited.

Why President Bush is wasting any time at all on saving Specter's sorry liberal RINO ass, is beyond me. Conservative Pat Toomey gets my vote. Specter is out, as far as I'm concerned. Specter is just more liberal garbage.
Nice job, Condi, in spite of the liberal-demokkkRATs and RINO Republican garbage on that so-called 9-11 Commission.
Yes, TWA 800 was shot down in '96, as I've been saying for the past 5 years, and it was covered-up. Former FBI Director Louis Freeh also let it slip in the "9-11 Commission" Hearings, this week.
Cindy McCain, the heavily drug-addicted wife of mentally-ill US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (RINO-AZ), had a minor stroke. BFD.
Yes, I watched President Bush's News Conference, Tuesday evening; he looked very, very tired and was carrying the weight of the world upon his shoulders. W's Tuesday evening news conference, was just, good. I truly wished he would have been more angry, belligerent, bellicose and ready-to-whack-all-subhuman Muslim murderers and terrorists. But, he wasn't.

John F(ucking) Kerry.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a traitorous criminal.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) hates Catholics and has no respect for any religion.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a lying, impotent piece of shit shit; he's degenerate garbage.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a tax-and-spend liberal who will raise everyone's taxes by cutting the Bush Tax Cuts.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a piece of lying scum, and so are his campaign staff.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a blatant liar.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a piece of French shit.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) lies and lies about everything; he's white trash.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a cowardly traitor.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) just can't stop lying about the economy and jobs. He's an inveterate liar.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) just loves his botox injections; he's that vain.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a phony, a fake and a fraud; his real name should be Senator Paper Cut.
US Sen John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is afraid to release his bitch-whore wife's financial records. Let's call her, Teresa "Don't Call Me Mrs. Kerry" Heinz. Let's call him, John "Don't Call Me Mr. Heinz" Kerry.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage.
Liberal-demokkkRAT US Senate candidate Betty "The Bitch" Castor (SCUZBAG-FL) is after Rush Limbaugh and wants her lowlife, bastard son, Frank — who works in the office of Florida States Attorney Barry Krischer — to do everything he could to put Limbaugh behind bars. Dream on, ugly-as-hell bitch! Get some botox injections for that scary face, whorebag.
Disgraced, impeached ex-president Bill Clinton, caught in another lie. Wow; what a shocker! NOT.
The liberal-demokkkRAT shill rag, NY Slimes' hypocrisy is astounding, in saying that President Bush should have used racial profiling to prevent 9-11. Racial profiling is a valid law enforcement technique; always has been, except to those criminals, of all stripes, who get caught, and their dirtbag lawyers.
US Sen Christopher J Dodd (homo-CT), is a piece of lowlife, subhuman shit shit.
Yes, the Clinton Criminals directly caused The Massacre of 9-11.
After just two weeks on the air, Air America Radio, the fledgling liberal talk-radio network featuring Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo, appears to have encountered serious cash-flow problems. Awwwwwww.
Liberal-demokkkRAT scum in Flori-duh: 'We should put this S.O.B. up against a wall..and pull the trigger'. Oh, really? Where's the Secret Service on this one? Arrest the lib-dem filth.
Jamie S. Gore-lick, the lowlife, subhuman, whorebag lib-dem bitch, is conflicted on the corrupt 9-11 Commission, and was the one most responsible for 9-11 happening, as she ignored the warnings. Jail the lying, filthy bitch!
BlowJob Clinton lies again. Yawn.
Another liberal-demokkkRAT, smelly, pot-smoking hippie degenerate, hate-America lowlife joins the "anyone but Bush" deviants: Petey "I hate America" Lewis, retiring scumbag of Progressive Insurance Companies, whose two big issues are getting Bush out of office and regulating marijuana. What an two-bit, asswipe punk.

Islam, The Cult of Death™.
Christians shouldn't be reaching out to the murderous Muslim pigshit filth; we should be Killing them, instead of Muslims Killing Christians. No Muslims = No Terrorism.
The dirtbag, terrorist-supporting Islamic scum at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) are pulling another racial hate crime scam, in Florida. Deport the Muslim filth at CAIR; one's just pled guilty to actively supporting murderous pigshit-drinking Muslim terrorist cowards. This website gives ample details of CAIR's terrorist ties.
Read about what the subhuman Muslim filth are doing to the UK. It's already happening here in the US, on a smaller scale.
Still think that Islam is a religion of peace? Read this, and learn the truth about the filthy pigshit Muslim garbage. And, yet more peaceful times from the subhuman Islamic trash.
Yes, Muslim terrorists shot down TWA 800 in 1996. Any questions?
Hey, here's a pigshit-sucking, subhuman Muslim dirtbag, UC Berkeley Lecturer Hatem Bazian, who's calling for an intifada in the USA. Bring it on, diaperhead! I'll drop you like a 50lb sack of pigshit, on a 20mile hike, subhuman boy-buggerer.
The lowlife, subhuman, degenerate, criminal, murderer, pigshit-sucking dirtbag Palestinian Authority Chairman, Yasser Arafat, is a terrorist, who needs Killing.
Track down and whack fat, smelly, pigshit-slurping, subhuman homo, boy-buggerer, Shia cleric Moqtada al-Sadr; no deals, no arrest. whack him.
Try, convict and execute pigshit Muslim extremist, Sami Omar Al-Hussayen. whack him.
Islam's agenda? Simple: take over the world and whack all Christians and Jews. Pretty straightforward.
Islam doesn't mix well with anything civilized; only terrorism, death and destruction work well with the Muslim garbage.
The pigshit, turdboy, cowardly Muslim pigfat-sucking, boy-buggerer Usama bin Laden homo, offers a truce to Europe? Bwwwaaaaaahhaaaa! You lowlife, subhuman Islamic dirtbag punk: time to die, Mo-ham-head shit-for-brains.

Subhuman, Lowlife Filth.
John Dean is a lying, subhuman asswipe, dirtbag lib-dem, ass-boy, deviant homo weasel. Die, Deanie-weenie, of a heart attack or brain tumor, you gasbag, piece of shit, hate-America garbage. Impeach Bush? You're a liar, a punk, a traitor, and a degenerate turd.
Reparations? Crawl back under your lazy-assed, slimy rocks, scumbag scum.
Homo 'couples' vs normal, married couples? No contest. Homo filth lose, as usual. Homos are murderous, subhuman filth.
Yeah sure, Barry "Steroids" Bonds hits 660 HRs, and ties Willie Mays. Bonds is a drugp-addicted, steroids-scumbag piece of garbage.
Rachael Corrie, one year later: still dead and rotting in hell. Good riddance, bitch.
Rot in hell, ELF (Earth Liberation Front) terrorist, Aaron Labe Linas, 19, gets 42 months in prison, while co-defendants John Wade Burton, 19 , and Adam Virden Blackwell, 20 are expected to get similar sentences. Should have been 42 years. Hopefully, all three will be brutally raped and beaten, daily, and never come out alive.
shit-for-brains, liberal-demokkkRAT, America-hater Andy Rooney, needs to get a stroke, heart attack or cancer, and die. He's a piece of subhuman filth.
Time to investigate and audit the hate-America, subhuman filth at The Sentencing Project, a commie-left-wing-nazi-liberal-socialist organization.
Stand the lowlife, commie-left-wing-nazi-liberal-socialist, George Soros up against a wall; any wall...
Fat, bloated, ugly, smelly, untalented, nasty racist bigoted bitch, Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, should be sent back to the Turd World shithole that the scuzbag came from. She's not an American; she's junk
Think homos and lesbians make good parents? Think again; read this.
More talentless garbage who can't handle fame and money. Idiots, scumbags, lowlifes and trash.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
These subhuman, child murderers in Australia deserve execution, not early parole.
Convicted child molestor, Edward Harvey Stokes, needs Killing, not release from prison. Kalifornia screws-up, once again.

Toilets of the World.
We've all been there. Nature calls and the only answer is a toilet with more levers, switches, and assons than Wily E. Coyote's latest invention. What to do? If you're Bob Cromwell, the answer is obvious: You take a picture. Dedicated to the man and the latrines he's dared to use, Toilets of the World features photos and captions from Bob's many encounters with the cryptic, the seatless, and the downright weird. During his travels through Russia, East Asia, and South America, Bob never met a commode he didn't want to remember. From an Ottoman-era throne of a more modest variety to a hole-in-the-ground kind enough to offer tips on feet placement, you're bound to gain a quick appreciation for Bob, the Indiana Jones (and Ansel Adams) of latrines.

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