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Friday, April 20, 2001

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It's always interesting to watch someone's reaction when they're expecting one thing, and get something completely different. Many gardeners install a plant which "morphs" into something else, years later. Or it dies out and another plant replaces it in the cyclical pattern of life. Voters occasionally install a candidate who "morphs" into a traitor Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, Jim Jeffords of Vermont and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania are all cogent examples of GOP dogshit. Reverting or "morphing" isn't unusual; in fact, it happens frequently in Nature. I've seen flowers "revert" to their pre-hybridized color and form; ditto, for some shrubs. But with the fragile, idiot homo sapiens, it shouldn't happen. Humans should retain the values and beliefs which make them what they are. To completely abandon such precepts and leap to "the other side" is indeed treasonous; both to oneself and others who've come to rely upon the person's heretofore position of stability. But lowlife lib-democRATs don't give a flying rat's ass about morality, values or anything else held dear by Conservatives. They'll jump ship in the blink of an eye if it suits their immediate needs. They're completely devoid of any positive character; mere transparent whores to socialism, communism and big government. If every liberal piece of shit and every lib-democRAT were "removed" from the Earth, a great stench would abate and the world would be a nicer place to call Home. Oh be still, my beating heart, at such a wondrous thought.

Around The Garden Center.
Our weather's acting very weird for early to mid-April: 86°F for 2-3 days, and then a precipitous drop to the mid-40s within a day. All plants I've seen are looking very lush and green, due to the rainy, cloudy weather. But with the advent of sustained hot weather, that could change rapidly.
Easter Weekend was a classic; warm and in the 60s. And as usual, I worked all weekend under the new Spring-Summer-Fall Hours regimen: Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm; Sun 12-5pm. Both Saturday and Sunday were very busy and, as usual, we were shorthanded. The monsoon rains started mid-afternoon and continued for 2 days, aborting my landscape crews' scheduled projects and jobs.
Did I mention that gas prices have incredibly amazingly predictably leapt up to $1.64.9 (89 oct) from $1.44.9 (89 oct), just two weeks ago. The theoretical $3.00/ gal isn't an impossibility anymore, based upon what's happening in the US and world marketplaces. (No, I'm not thinking about getting a bicycle; the training wheels would be too embarassing.) Concurrently, natural gas and heating oil prices are dropping, as the warm weather settles in. No "collusion" here, huh?
The IRS cometh and The Tax Man taketh away. Every April 15th. Yeah, yeah, yeah, my corporate accountant got my personal and the business taxes done two weeks ago. Ouch, in both cases, once again. If the 16th Amendment to the US Constitution, which gave us the income tax, was never fully ratified, why are we paying taxes at all? Better not go there.
On Tuesday, heavy snow showers mixed in with the rain and temps dropped back into the low 30s. Fortunately, all plants were either "hardened-off", or quickly sheltered by my landscape crews the day before. Everyone awoke Wednesday to 3-4" of fresh "onion snow" Chiefly in Pennsylvania: A light snow in late spring, after onions have been planted and a clear sky. Deja Vu: Winter all over again, but only a minor interruption in the overall schedule.
Wednesday was a vewry hectic day. Lynn was off and I had 2 appointments in Bel Air and Jarrettsville, MD; Dad came in about 11am, but I'd handled 5 customers by the time (10:15am) I'd left for the landscape meetings, and it continued all day long. The calls are coming in steadily: mulch, topsoil, plant prices and availability, landscape design and assistance, Winter damage repairs et al. Par for the course.
I took Thursday off, went shopping for both clothes and food. It's been 3-4 weeks since I've had a day off, what with Spring-Summer-Fall Hours kicking into effect. I lined-up landscaping jobs for next week via phone, based upon The List, re-posted it for all to see, and left quickly Wednesday evening. Time to catch-up on other things.
Okay, the DJIA up almost 400 points; the NASDQ up 156+ on Wednesday, after shit for brains Greenspan announced a surprise cut in interest rates by half a percentage point, lowering the federal funds rate the interest that banks charge each other on overnight loans to 4.5 percent. The rate cut took Wall Street by surprise; in fact, everyone by surprise. Wow Dow.

GOP f*ck-Ups.
On Thursday, W endorsed the f*cked-up notion that Thomas Jefferson sired a slave child, entertaining black and white men and women claiming to be Jefferson descendants on a day that a commission of scholars said they had concluded that Jefferson was not the father of a child of his slave bitch, Sally Hemings. With no evidence whatsoever, it's merely a backdoor attempt at some legitimacy by a group of bastard scumbags.
And yet, like moths drawn to a flame, austerity-obsessed Conservatives are again embarking on a self-destructive campaign to slay the old budget dragons of pork-barrel spending, corporate subsidies, and wasteful social programs. There's an ontological blood feud between traditional, GOP establishment budget-balancers and the federal government. At the end of each of these battles, it's the government not the GOP that's always left standing.
It's long past time, but better late than never. At least, the criminal US Congress has some semblance of "balls" or "ovaries", or whatever. In a long tradition of cowards, lowlifes, criminals, scumbags, thieves, degenerates, deviates, subhuman garbage slimeballs, the US Congress in unparalleled in its abject cowardice and retivism.
Members of Congress ought to do more than talk of slapping sanctions on the stinking Chi-Comm yellowdogshit scum. The better act on it and make the chink filth feel it economically; f*ck all those US companies already over there. Of course, the US Congress is little more than a collection of liars, cowards and criminals themselves, so I don't expect any real action from them, just a lot of smoke.
Speaking of Chi-Comm scum, why the f*ck did W put Elaine Chao in a Secretary of Labor? She's a PLA-Chi-Comm commie oriental whose husband, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell is also a flunkie stooge, up to his ears in illegal campaign monies. Hey W, wake the f*ck up. Is a stinking lib-democRAT mole making those bad cabinet appointment choices for you?
The "US Team" arriving in the stinking shitfilth city of Beijing to "negotiate" the release of the US Navy Recon plane is a bunch of cowards, leftover from the criminal Clintoon administration, bought and paid for by the oriental slime dink Riady criminal organization. Cowards and traitors, all. Why even waste the time and US Taxpayers' monies? Nuke the stinking chink filth! Blow their Chi-Comm cities off the face of the Earth. I would, in a heartbeat.
Yes, I'm a card-carrying Federalist, but not a lowlife, ambulance-chasing lawyer scumf*cker, as most members are. So f*cking what?
I sure hope W & Co remember the cowardice and stupidity of our "East Asian allies", who cowered before the Chi-Comm chink dog-scum f*ck-filth lowlifes. The said nothing in support of the US position.

Lib-DemocRAT Dogshit.
It ain't over just yet. The disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy "The Liar" Clintoon's comrades in crime are being subpoenaed and testifying in grand jury hearings by U.S. Attorney Mary Jo "Molasses" White. Maybe we'll hear something by 2008?
Ah, Denise "The Presidential Dicksucker Whore" Rich is back in the news: some idiot's U.S. Attorney Mary Jo "Molasses" White given the two-dollar slut immunity from prosecution in exchange for her lies in protecting the Clintoon scum. Some f*cking deal. Another hush-up by the dwarf dyke lib-democRAT prosecutor.
Another criminal, drug-addicted. alcoholic Kennedy is running for elected office: Rhode Island Rep. Patrick Kennedy. Kennedy's troubles started last March when he revealed that he took prescription drugs for depression. Previously, he'd acknowledged that he went to rehab as a teenager for cocaine addiction. That same month, he made headlines again when he was accused of assaulting an airport security guard. Next came reports of Kennedy trashing a rented yacht while it was in his possession. Atlantic Navigation Co., in Connecticut, said in November that Kennedy did $28,000 worth of damage last summer to a yacht he chartered from the company. Then stories surfaced about a Coast Guard rescue boat arriving during an argument with a girlfriend on that same chartered yacht in July. He's a lowlife piece of shit, like fat Teddy "Chappadiquick" Kennedy, the unconvicted murderer, is.
Another lib-democRAT criminal, Sen. Robert "Got Any Money?" Torricelli (D-NJ) is battling for his (lack of) honor and position in the US Senate. He's a scumbag, lowlife, degenerate criminal rife with campaign fund violations. Enjoy the prison, Bobby dickbreath.

Lowlifes & Subhuman shit.
I'd like to see this moron, who threw a puppy into oncoming traffic in a "road rage" incident, go to prison for 3-5 years, no parole. Yes, the dog's dead.
Gee whiz, here's a shocker: another shitper in trouble. If it's not the piece of shit, white trash scumbag Enema in trouble for something, it's some lowlife. This time, Grammy-winning rapper Jay-Z and three other men have been arrested for illegal gun possession outside a midtown Manhattan nightclub. It's f*cking amazing that anyone would get an award for that filthy noise, shit. Off to prison with the scumbag.
New York City is truly the most f*cked up place in the world; even worse than Beijing, Moscow and Washington, combined. First, those stupid morons elected the disgraced, lowlife bitch dog, Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, over a quality, home grown, principled man like Rick Lazio. Now, they're putting subhuman, AIDS-riddled, homeless filth in NY hotel suites for $329/ night, at taxpayer expense. All because a piece of shit lib-democRAT court order, obligating the city agency to provide medically appropriate emergency housing for homeless clients on the day they request it or face fines. Un-f*cking-believable. What should happen to the subhuman, AIDS-riddled, homeless filth is a 9mm bullet in the skull. End of the AIDS problem.
Cincinnati's not a racist town. The 19-year-old Tim "The Criminal" Thomas, who was unarmed, and had 14 warrants for his arrest outstanding, was shot to death last Saturday while fleeing a white police officer. He's the fifth black whacked by police since September, and the 15th black since 1995. Gee whiz, blacks comprise 13% of the US population, but commit 45% of the crimes. The 15 blacks who were whacked by cops in the line of duty were mostly violent criminals. The liberal media doesn't tell anyone that fact. And over 5 were whacked in gun battles with cops. I'm sorry, I have no f*cking sympathy for black criminals, as I don't for white trash criminals. They're better off dead and so is American society, for their permanent absence. And I guarantee you that if I'd been police chief or mayor of Cincinnati during the riots and looting last week, I'd have issued orders to shoot to whack all rioters and looters, irregardless of color. There'd have been a lot of dead carcasses lying in the gutters, where the rioting shit-scum-filth belonged.
True to form, the bloated, fat, stupid Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum waddled into Cincinnati and proceeded to lecture the wrong people. Instead of talking about the police doing their job, the Sharp-scum scumbag should be talking to the people who were rioting: white trash and blacks alike. Sharp-scum has his ugly, fat Pomade-greased head so far up his lowlife criminal ass, that he can't think straight. Nothing's changed in the past 20 years with that lowlife.
Hey, fat, stupid, racist slimeball, Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum was right there in the midst of Cincinnati's racist, misery-profiteering, bigot-lowlife, shitfilth liberal slimeballs.

Hey, fat, stupid, slimeball, Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum, you're about to die, from lying, about buying slaves, scumbag lardbucket.
A major-league WHITE BACKLASH is coming, as a result of the stupidity in Cincinnati, and it won't be pretty. The shit-for-brains mayor and cretin-idiot-moron governor, who appeased the criminals at the expense of the police force, are toast. They're gone, come next election.
So, a whole city erupts when a lowlife black criminal gets whacked, but when a law-abiding white man gets murdered, nothing happens. Justice? Hardly anything resembling it, to my way of thinking.
Here's a more reasoned look into the truth about Cincinnati.
The stupid criminal shitper Puffy Combs is at it again. He got his stupid, ignorant moron arrested again. No wonder people drag them behind pick-up trucks.
Good riddance to the white trash piece of dogshit, Joey Ramone, purveyor of noise looking for a category. Certainly not any form of music acceptable to anyone with a functioning brain, this lowlife died of lymphoma at 49; gosh, I sure hope it was a long and painful death. May he rot in Hell, where he belongs.
Lessee, Gays claim they're born that way, so they'll always be homos. But lesbians can change at will? To dyke or not to dyke. What was the question? Wassup wid dat? (Ebonics...)
Old shit for brains, crackhead, incompetent politican disgraced ex-mayor of DC, Marion Barry, is back in the news. This time, he exposed himself to a female janitor and shoved her in BWI. Nice going, lowlife scumbag.
Bravo, too. Not being a Southerner, I do agree: keep your flag and f*ck the lowlife shit-scum-filth NAACLP (Nat'l ass'n for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People), who want to take it away in the name of PC shit. Move somewhere else if you don't like it, scumbags. Shoot to whack.

Time To Die, Scumbags.
I love this description of a murderer, dying. All 3,700+ pieces of subhuman filth on death row nationwide should die this way: screaming as they go to Hell.
A lowlife, dick-sucking, lib-democRAT, shithead court of homo slime the Maryland Court of Appeals has decreed an ad hoc end to executions in the Peoples Republic of Maryland, for at least 6 months. What the f*ck right do fag-slime-filth judge-shit(s) have to allow the murderer to live and the victim to remain dead, on a f*cking technicality? None, as far as I'm concerned.
Sympathy for male or female prisoners who are raped by other prisoners? Nah, not a f*cking chance. They deserve what they get in there for committing crimes. I have no sympathy. I just wish every violent offender would get raped hundreds of times, get AIDS and either die from it, or be murdered in prison. Sure would save us US taxpayers millions and billions of dollars.
Jeeeeez, it's been a slow couple of weeks in the death department. Those syringes and electric chairs must be getting pretty rusty. There's 3,700+ pieces of subhuman shit languishing on death row, and all richly deserve execution. What the f*ck's the hold-up?

Pray For The Garden State, Doug.
This beautifully wrought look at 18th- and 19th-century religious architecture features trenchant commentary, plenty of great historical anecdotes, and dozens of haunting black-and-white photographs. New Jersey Churches examines the mid-19th-century Gothic revival. Appreciate the puritan simplicity of Saint Peter's in Greensboro: rectangular wood-frame structure, modest steeple, unassuming belfry. Now tremble in fear before the towering Chapel of the Holy Innocents in Burlington: massive stone foundation, imposing stained glass windows, steeply-pitched roof; everything but the gargoyles. And here's the kicker both churches were built in 1845. So what the hell does that mean?

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