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april showers
friday, april 20th, 2007

that old bromide, "April showers bring May flowers" is absolutely true, in that moisture in the ground, at rootball level, is critical to Spring/Summer/fall-flowering plants, of all stripes. With our meager snowfall of this Winter and last, Spring rains were crucial to many plants' health and bloom duration. The "Snowdrop Windflower" (Anemone sylvestris), pictured above, is one of Spring's early bloomers, after the Spring Bulbs — tulips and daffodils, primarily — to need and take advantage of the moisture, in-ground. When the ground is still frozen, it doesn't absorb and retain enough moisture to be of any benefit to plants, during the Spring growing and blooming season. This is even more critical and crucial for trees, which are merely larger plants with greater moisture requirements. As the basis for almost life on earth, plants are green, life-giving and forever young. A little O2 and a little water, is all it takes. Would that we humans were so easy to please.

Around The Garden Center™.
We've spent the past 4 weeks, working 45-50hr weeks, just to get the GC&N Complex "put back together"; 6 massive GHs emptied-out; dozens of tractor-trailer loads of fresh, new nursery stock, unloaded, tagged and heeled-in/displayed; re-stoning all retail Areas; deploying and testing 3½ miles of drip irrigation system through 20ac of nursery; readying for the 17th Open House; logging and compiling 'lists' for deliveries & installations (trees, mainly), landscape jobs, landscape maintenance, and 2007 replacements... I'm working on it, folks.
It's late Friday afternoon, and I'm watching a massive snow/ice/rain storm in the lower Midwest gather steam, and become a nasty Nor'easter for us, on Sunday and Monday, either delivering 3-4" of rain, or 8-10" of heavy, wet snow, depending upon where the cold/warm fronts meet and collide. The conversion table, from rain to snow, is tenuous, at best.
The 17th Open House was a roaring success, on Saturday, with about 500-600 people going through, just on Saturday. Tri-County BBQ catered it, with pit beef, sides and dessert; local and award-winning Allegro wines brought their best vino, and Dave Santanna's 3-piece jazz band rocked the joint. Thousands of daffodils were up and proudly announcing Spring, and numerous trees were just beginning to bloom. It was good to see so many friends and customers again, after the long Winter we had been through.
By Sunday, the Nor'easter had dumped 3½" of rain on the York (PA) area, streams and creeks were quickly flooding, as were some streets, and fire-police had numerous roads blocked-off. I slept-in until 9:30am, and decided not to open the GC&N Complex at all. I notified Dad and the GC&N employees, who would come in on Sunday, to stay home, stay warm and stay dry. The fields were awash with mud, and the multi-million-gallon retention ponds were overflowing, already, when I drove through, around 1:00pm, checking on things. Here's the discussion thread (thanks, Sean) from the NWS (National Weather Service), on that nor'easter. If you read it carefully, even they don't know what's going to happen, in the early Saturday stages of the storm. But they quickly-issued multiple, hour-by-hour *Flood Warnings* all-day, on Sunday, as the rain continued and storm totals mounted-up to almost 4½", by late-afternoon. I haven't seen worse in a long time, and luckily the ground wasn't frozen, but was able to absorb a lot of the water. When it became waterlogged, the flooding problems began, especially in low areas. Temps are already dropping into the upper-30s, and snowshowers are expected for this evening and into Monday. Swell; just what we don't need, at this point in time. Meanwhile, New England is preparing for some heavy Spring snows. By 4:30pm, the NWS had begun issuing *Severe Wind Warnings*, for winds 40-50mph, and frequent gusts over 60mph. Another, *bigtime* swell! By 1:25am, the so-called "most significant storm in 20yrs", had passed into New England, and we only got some intermittent snow showers. Y-a-w-n. So much for the "most significant storm in 20yrs", BTW. Didn't really do diddly-squat,here. Thankfully.
The pump price of (premium unleaded) gas is now over $3.00/gal. It's up 10¢ in the past week, at the pumps. Unleaded Regular is now at $2.79/gal; Unleaded Plus is at $2.89/gal, and Unleaded Premium is now at $3.09/gal. I've lost track of Kerosene (K-1) and Diesel fuels, but they'll be at/over $3.00/gal by Summer. Enjoy the prices, folks; even worse is just around the proverbial corner.
I was leaving work on Wednesday evening, around 5pm, when I noticed a new vase of flowers on Pickle's grave, just outside of the front door. Don't know how I missed them, before. My dear friend, ***, had placed the initial (artificial) Daisies in a vase, at 2006's Open House, and they brightened-up Pickle's grave, all Winter long, when it was bleak, brown and barren in those Display Gardens. Now, she's added a vase of bright pink Tulips, to the repertoire, on Saturday, as she and ** were at my 17th Open House. Very nice, and thanks, *** from Pickle and me.

Slaughter On The Virginia Tech Campus™.
I heard the initial reports come in on early-Monday morning, while I was still at the GC&N Complex, as we were letting employees and staff go home, because of the 50-60mph winds, snow squalls and cold. pMSNBC and CNN had 'Breaking News" flashes across their websites, and very few details followed. Just 2 students, shot and dead. After I decided to leave around 12noon, and close the Complex down, I went home, logged-on to the TV Card in my home computer, and found out the magnitude of the shooting: 22 dead and 28 wounded, so far. It would get much worse. Dear God, please watch over their poor souls.
Free Republic's website had a thread covering the slaughter, from many posters right at the campus, and it was way ahead of the networks and the Drudge Report website, combined. By 1:10pm, there was still no mention of the identity of the shooter, and I got the feeling that he was another stinking muslim-islamist-arab, doing his murderous, deviant 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome' shit, but the authorities were certainly covering it up. If it turns out that he was, The Shit Will Hit The Fan, I can guarantee you that fact.
The shooter has been ID'd as "Asian, in his 20s, wearing a black leather jacket, with two semi-auto handguns; one being a 9mm, the other unknown", according to an interview on a local Va station, WSLS. I don't believe, for one minute, that this slaughter was about a "girlfriend problem"; it was a subhuman piece-of-pigshit, muslim-islamist-arab filth, on his personal murderous, domestic terrorist 'Sudden Jihad Syndrome' shit. So much for Bush's bullshit statement, "islam, is a peaceful religion". Bull-f*cking-shit, Bush. islam is a dirtbag murder cult and the shit-filled koran (I wipe my ass with it) is a terrorist's murder manual. When is Bush and the other idiots, morons and assholes in DC, going to wake-up, and 'admit the truth about the horror of islam', which I've detailed in this Journal, since 9-11? This was a terrorist attack, dammit.
By 2:10pm, the dead/wounded count was up to 32, wth another 29 shot and injured, according to Federal Officials. By 7pm, the body-count was 33, including the suicidal shooter. More possible deaths are expected, overnight. (Let's pray it's not so.)
The lowlife, loser-dirtbag, liberal-demokkkRAT, "faggot", piece-of-shit, disgraced, Jew-hating, anti-Semite, Israel-loathing, run-out-of-office, mentally-ill, pyschotic, ex-US Sen John "The Breck Girl" (LOSER-NC), made a narcissistic, self-serving, photo-op, "presser" appearance, as did the lowlife, subhuman, half-breed, loser, punk, dirtbag, liar, sambo, porch-monkey, Nigga®, US Sen Barack Hussein Obama Jr (ASSHOLE-IL). Scumbags, lowlifes and subhuman filth, both of them, IMO. And lots more criminal, corrupt, photo-op-seeking pols, to come, I'll bet. Like the cowardly,, criminal, corrupt, lowlife, lying dirtbag, Sen Harry "Dingy Dogshit" Reid (CRIMINAL-NV), and his hint at the coming "gun bans". But not until after the 2008 General Election, I'd betting.
Almost immediately, the socialist, commie, nanny-state nations around the world started piling-on America's Second Amendment, castigating responsible, legal gun owners. Dumbass, lowlife scum that they are, just can't grasp the fact that guns don't kill people, people kill people, using guns, as their instruments of death. And if guns weren't available, they'd use another weapon, to do it. Or whatever they could get their mentally-ill, murderous hand on. Knives, axes, metal bars etc etc etc; name the weapon. F*ck Australia, f*ck South Korea, f*ck Europe; F*CK THEM ALL!
President and Mrs Bush should not have gone to Virginia Tech, for any kind of ceremony, as it was a strictly local matter, and the state's governor should have been the highest-ranking official there. Bush stuck his 'compassionate RINO' nose into something which didn't and shouldn't have concerned him, other than a letter of condolence. He should be working on shutting-down the porous US-mexican border, issuing orders to the US Forces in Iraq to use massive firepower to find and destroy the subhuman, lowlife muslim-islamist-arab terrorist filth, and a hundred other problems which America has, dammit! Instead, the man tries to insert himself into all kinds of events which aren't any of his damned business, because he's not doing his primary job: Preserve, Protect and Defend The US Constitution and America! Dammit Mr Bush, do your primary job, and let such things to others.
On Tuesday, Virginia Tech held a "memorial and convocation ceremony", and President and Mrs Bush, plus a bunch of idiot pols attended, like Virginia Gov Tim Kaine (MORON-VA), delivering useless, bullshit speeches, trying to mesmerize the stunned, shocked students. All too soon, the subhuman, lowlife, dirtbag, ugly, smelly, lesbo-dyke Nigga®-filth, Yolanda Cornelia Nikki Giovanni, joined the perverse, deviant, degenerate, multi-culti 'convocation', which the left-wing scumbag filth, dumped upon the shocked and grieving students. They also had a subhuman, piece-of-camelshit, muslim-islamist-arab "imam" asshole, foisted upon them, by the VT administration PC-assholes.
The so-called 'authorities' deliberately-delayed almost a full 24hrs, before they ID'd the mentally-ill, muslim-sympathizing: Cho-shit Seung-Hui, a 23-year-old senior English major from Centreville, Virginia, and a South Korean national, with a US Green Card, granting permanent status as a resident. Cho-shit is a murderous, muslim sympathizer, Asian scumbag and in this pic he sent to pMSNBC News, after the first two murders, and before the next 31 murders, he's got *** 2 Glocks***, but he only had one, legally. Where'd he get the second one? I'm looking for answers to 'loose ends'. Any helpers?
Why did the so-called 'authorities' delay in ID-ing the murderous, mentally-ill, subhuman, piece-of-shit Korean/Asian kid, Cho-shit, as the murderer? Because they were "sanitizing something" in his background, which ties him to a form of the 8th century, retrograde civilization, called islam. And that is the mystery of *ismail ax*. Why and what are still the precient mysteries. This isn't over, by a long shot, IMO. Trust me; the so-called authorities want it to disappear, but it won't. I'm not letting go, until I get some correct answers, dammit. And those truths aren't very forthcoming, right now. Cover-up is happening, and has been, since Monday, IMO.
More details to come, in next Friday's Journal...

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
$400 haircuts for lowlife, loser-dirtbag, liberal-demokkkRAT, "faggot", piece-of-shit, disgraced, Jew-hating, anti-Semite, Israel-loathing, run-out-of-office, mentally-ill, pyschotic, ex-US Sen John "The Breck Girl" (LOSER-NC)?
Saddam's WMDs? We had them and we let them get away, to Syria and other terrorist nations. Soon, TSHTF.

Global Warming™ Bullshit & Lies™.
If you want ***The Truth About Global Warming***, watch this 1hr:16min film by the BBC — The Great Global Warming Swindle — about what's really happening. The leftist, lying, verminous cowards at YouTube, have banned the film, and the idiotic, leftist-turdbags have picked it up. I have it on DVD, and will upload it to my corporate server, for all to see, when Google drops it, due to pressure from the wacko, leftist, subhuman, commie, enviro-filth. I won't allow this truth to die or disappear. Watch it, dammit!
April 2007 is currently tracking as the coldest April in 113yrs — a dramatic change from last year's warmest April, ever? So freaking what?

The Attack On Talk Radio™.
Does Don "Anus In The Morning" Imus, look like a common werewolf who got halfway thru the transformation, and then stopped? Does to me; ha! He's a lowlife, White-trash strawman, who pales in comparison to the racist, bigoted, hate-Jew, lowlife, subhuman, nappy-headed-Niggas®, like the criminal Al Sharp-scumbag (RACIST-NYC) and hare-lipped, dirtbag, extortionist, bastard-daddy, hate-Jew, Jesse "NYC Hymietown" Jack-scumbag (RACIST-IL), both of whom should have been duly-tried, convicted, jailed and executed, IMO. Where's James Earl Ray, when the country really needs him?
BTW, I'm sick and tired of this racist, bigoted crappola, from the Jack-scumbag and criminal Al Sharp-scumbag, both lowlife, dirtbag, nappy-headed-Niggas®, each of whom need permanent and total 'elimination', from the world's society, IMO.
That aside, what's coming is quite obvious: the attack, elimination and persecution of Conservative Talk Radio. It's already begun with Don "Anus-In-The-Morning" Imus, a piece-of-shit liberal-demokkkRAT, who was ordered sacrificed by the fat, bloated, commie, socialist filth, US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (COMMIE-NY), and who is secretly leading the purge, sans "Fairness Doctrine" bullshit, since they have less than 20most to get it all done. The lib-dem pol filth have enlisted their treasonous, seditionist saboteurs in the corrupt, criminal MSM, to lead the charge to attack the First Amendment. Subhuman garbage filth like Olbermann-fascist-nazi, are on-point, BTW. Pro-America, Journalistic Snipers (are there any remaining?); shoot at will.
Nappy-headed-Nigga-®ho's and Don "Anus In The Morning" Imus, meet to whine, cry and commiserate over shit-for-brains stupid comments; they weren't racist or sexist, just stupid, IMO.
As I said last week, this whole Rutger's Girls' Basketball Team bullshit brings to the fore, the question of why two racist, bigot, subhuman Niggas® can be held-up as 'arbiters of morality and free speech', in America. IMO, both Jack-scumbag and Sharp-scumbag need due trial, conviction, sentencing and execution.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Criminal, liar, corrupt, pandering lowlife subhuman scumbag, piece-of-liberal-demokkkRAT-shit, disgraced Durham DA, Mikey "I Hate Rich, White Boys" Nifong (CRIMINAL-NC) issued this pathetic and woeful "apology" to the three Duke LAX student-athletes, after destroying their college years and possibly, their lives. At the very least, he should be sent to prison, for 15-20yrs; at the most, he should be tried, convicted and executed. I prefer the latter.
Hey, Florida Hispanic Legislative Caucus: f*ck you, scumbags! *Illegal aliens* are criminals, who've committed a serious crime by coming to America, and then committed murder, rape, child molestation, and they all deserve immediate deportation/killing, IMO.
I'd personally "welcome the opportunity" to confront the liberal-demokkkRAT punk cowards from the turd-polishing, homo-sodomites of 'Critical Manners', whatever that crap means. I carry a Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, for personal protection (with several extra 8-round magazines), and if they threatened me, as they do to the wimps in SF, they'd get a surprise beyond their wildest nightmares. C'mon, subhuman filthies.
Next time, Corzine, you lowlife, subhuman piece-of-shit, liberal-demokkkTAT trash/garbage, kill yourself and spare the NJ Taxpayers all the medical bills! NJ would be soooooo much better-off, if you were dead, asshole.
Liberal-demokkkRATs "courting" Al Sharp-scumbag? Figures. They're all subhuman, criminal dogshit. Where's James Earl Ray when the country really needs him?

Some People Just Need Killing™.
A driver subhuman piece-of-lowlife-shit, arrested after the crash that killed “A Christmas Story” director Bob Clark and his son pleaded not guilty Friday to two counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated. Prosecutors say Hector Velazquez-Nava, 24, Mexican national a criminal illegal alien spic filth, was drunk when he steered his sport utility vehicle into the wrong lane of Pacific Coast Highway early Wednesday, and struck Clark’s sedan. Clark, 67 and his son, Ariel Hanrath-Clark, 22, died at the scene. Kill the criminal spic. Headshoot the subhuman with a .45cal, IMO. Problem solved. Next subhuman?
A subhuman who escaped from jail and eluded authorities for more than five months, said he disguised himself as a state trooper and spoke with a real trooper during his time on the run, a newspaper reported. Ralph "Bucky" Phillips, who is serving 40 years to life in prison for killing a state trooper and wounding two others, told The New York Times in a story published Saturday that his time as a fugitive wasn't bad. Shoot and kill this f*cking piece of white-trash filth . I can only hope that he is gang-raped nightly, and either beaten to death, of left to bleed-out in a toilet stall, where he belongs. He's subhuman garbage/trash/filth and so richly deserves to die, IMO.
Lowlife, subhuman murderous dirtbag, Scott Panetti needs killing, whether he is mentally-incompetent or not. Kill him. I'd volunteer for the firing squad, at *no charge* to the US Taxpayers.

Blogging the Bible.
What happens when an "amateur" sits down with the Good Book? Last September, Slate's David Plotz decided to find out. A "proud" but "not very" observant Jew, David one day found himself engrossed in the tale of Dinah. What he read there was so starkly different than anything he'd ever known about the Bible, he determined to start at the sacred text's beginning and discover what else lay in wait. Since then, he has released a steady stream of thoughtful, provocative, and often very funny responses to the likes of Isaac ("the Harpo Marx of Genesis"), Joseph, and Moses. Read along as he examines why there are so many prostitutes in the Bible, uncovers whether or not the Proverbs is a "collection of great one-liners," and develops his theory on "why God needs Satan." Start with Genesis or just jump in wherever you like. Either way, you're guaranteed something smart and provocative.

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