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Friday, April 21, 2000

ponder, for a moment, what a screwed up mess this Nation will be in if AlGoreBore is elected president. The most corrupt administration in US history will continue unabated, and probably get much worse that what we've endured for the past 7+ years. AlGoreBore is a congenital liar and sociopath, easily on a par with the other scandal-riddled, Clintonista scumbag liberals. His perverted sense or morality and degenerative values will further corrupt the American Public, who've been traumatized and conditioned by Clinton's unending scandals, cover-ups and lies. At any cost, we need to rid America of Clintonism and Gorism. Voting the lowlife filth out of elected office is the only way, short of the OIC (Office of The Independent Counsel) finally finding them both guilty of criminal activity. If Gore is elected in November, I'm headed for Canada. Montreal, I think.

Around The Garden Center.
The 10th Anniversary Open House & Birthday Bash was a smashing success last weekend, although the weather didn't cooperate. Almost 600 people came through the register on Saturday to help us celebrate the Big 10. We didn't set a dollar sales or attendance record, but the net for both was very pleasing. The local Keystone Brass Quintet played for 3hrs and was excellent, the 5 flavors of local Carman's Ice Cream was very good, sandwiches and cookies and local Naylor's wine rounded out the bill of fare.
Here's a few highlights of the 10th Anniversary Open House 2000.
We're back to 8am-8pm, Monday through Saturday, and 12noon-5pm on Sundays again, as Spring-Summer-Fall hours have kicked in. Last Sunday was a rainy day in the morning, as was Saturday, so I slept in before going in to work at 11am. Nice. It cleared up around noon and was a typical April Spring day. The crowds were heavy from about 12noon-3pm, then it tapered off as people were probably home finishing up their '99 Taxes. Not.
I cooked dinner for my Mom, Dad and sister, Becky, on Sunday evening: tossed chef's salad, fresh asparagus with wild mushroom and roasted sweet pepper sauce, Maryland crabcakes, filet mignon in a porcini mushroom sauce, cheese cake and my personal favorite, 1996 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon. Mangia, mangia!
It was my Dad's 78th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Dad!
It rained on Monday, Tuesday and part of Wednesday, and the Landscape Crews worked in the rain. The Office Staff finished up the paperwork generated by the Open House: mulch deliveries, tree installation scheduling, landscape request follow-ups etc. For each rain day, we loose 2-3 days out on landscape jobs; the sites are just too wet to do anything except cause lawn damage or get the machinery stuck in the mud.
Don't get me wrong, we need the rain, but it does interfere with our scheduled jobs.
On Tuesday, my Office ViewSonic G800, (21"/ 20" view able Graphics Series) monitor started to go "south"; it had "smear shadows" all over the app HomeSite v2.5, a nice HTML app. Word2000, Excel2000, Works2000, Publisher2000, Works2000et al type. I thought I was going blind, but it was the 4-year old monitor which was having the problem.
I quickly called SAG Electronics and ordered the replacement unit for my 600's larger screen size, 19"/18"v monitor: the Hitachi 19"/18"v 572U at $439 + $50 shipping. It arrived Thursday afternoon.
On Wednesday, the rain finally cleared out and we were able to send the crews out to scheduled maintenance and landscape jobs. Most of the mulch and simple tree deliveries were completed during the rainy Monday and Tuesday periods. But there are plenty of tree installations scheduled for Fridays through June, now.
After my physical last week, I went to the Apple Hill Medical Center complex on Wednesday in York for some scheduled tests: lung function, EKG and blood work-ups. I'm now on a beta blocker for high blood pressure (189/118), as well as taking an aspirin daily. I hate medical stuff; it interferes with my life.
The personnel situation is clearing up, somewhat. We've hired 4 new people and are interviewing more as the apps come in. The problem now becomes a shortage of trained, supervisory staff to direct them on the landscape jobs. Since I only have 3 men with extensive experience, training the newbies is almost a full time job and will slow the rest of the crews down.

Industry Roundtable at Equipment WebSite.
If you're in the business, or even if you're not, here's a lively, thoughtful and provocative roundtable discussion (nay real-time) all about the state of the industry, the educational role of gardening forums, and much more. And it's run and moderated by my long-time cyber buddy, Ed Wagner. Stop by for a visit when you're "in the neighborhood" or just in the mood.

Aw, Bullshit.
Pouring billions and billions of dollars down the Columbia shithole in a vain attempt to stem the flow of drugs is ludicrous; we're wasting US Taxpayers' monies and merely inciting the rebels and drug traffickers to ship more and more poison into the USA. Nothing will stop the flow of drugs except a sharp drop-off in demand here. As long as it's a profitable business, they're keep sending drugs to the US.
The Liar-In-Chief Bubba Clinton still can't resolve his guilt and impeachment in January '99; he's still blaming others and thinking he is a "victim" of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, of which I am a proud member. What a stupid moron the criminal Clintonista is.
Once again, the Clintonista criminals are screwing Americans in favor of the stinking towelhead filth from Iran, by refusing to allow terrorist victims to seize assets of state sponsored terrorism after legal judgments have been rendered. The lowlife Clintonistas was to open Iran and have blocked all efforts by harmed Americans to get their just and due compensation. Just one more way in which the most corrupt administration in US history has screwed America.
The bed wetting, whining, liberal scum Christians and Jews are upset that a murderer/ rapist of an 8 year old girl is going to be put to death during the Easter/ Passover Holiday. Hey, go f*ck yourselves, lib-dem scum! The girl's been dead for 21 years and neither she nor her family has received justice for the subhuman lowlife, piece of shit filth's heinous actions. I truly hope the murderer's death is painful and that he sees the little girl's face as he arrives in Eternal Hell. The death penalty is richly deserved by all murderers. Three cheers for Texas and GW Bush, leading the way for justice.
The Clintonista lowlife filth, scum have sold Taiwan out; they've reduced the arsenal at Tiawan's disposal to defend against the mainland Commie Chink Filth. "Anything" to appease the Clintonista-Commies", and to repay the "Clintonista-Chinks" for their millions of dollars illegally "donated" to Clinton's '96 campaign coffers.
What a f*cked up concept "politically correct" is: suspending Atlanta relief pitcher John Rocker for telling the truth, as he sees it. The lib-dem slime persecuted him, got him suspended and "re-oriented" back into their perverted social system. Now he's back. He should have told them all to f*ck off! and walked out. But $3-4 million per year is a lot to walk away from, I guess. But then some things are worth a whole lot more than mere money: pride, self-respect and doing things your own way. Rocker caved in to the money. Pity.
Bull-f*cking-shit. There'd be no way that porch-monkey, shit filth idiot scum would f*ck with me: M60 machine guns and M70 Vulcan Mini-Guns would greet the scumbag, cretinous-moron shit filth; they'd die bloody-hamburger deaths. Killing 6,000+ per minute would do my soul good, baby. First of all, I wouldn't live in the stinking idiot shithole, Rhodesia. I'd heavily mine the farmland, rendering it unusable and deadly. Let 'em die, mangled and screaming. whack the idiot-scum-filth; not the blacks.
What a load of shit: paying so-called "reparations" to blacks for the slavery days in the 1700s and 1800s. Guess who rounded up all the blacks in Africa and sold them to white slavers? Blacks did; they kidnapped their own kind for money. Michigan is idiotic in trying to pass such a stupid bill giving $330,000 in tax credits to each person. They're fortunate to be living in the US instead of Africa and certainly don't deserve any reparations for what someone's ancestors did 260+ years ago. Who is the lowlife racist, half breed, subhuman piece of shit's lackey-punk? Clintonista-Goreism shit, that's who! Socialists, communists, liars, rapists, draft-dodging, coke-snorting, military-hating, intern diddling, daughter let down-ing, "wife" (Hitlery) "victim"-izing whatever it takes to get the votes. She's pandering, demagogue, congenital liar.

Good Riddance.
Glad to see it. A piece of subhuman filth who raped and murdered and 8 year old girl in 1979 was executed in Tennessee, the first execution since 1960. Welcome back to reality and justice, Tennessee. The puzzling thing is why do lawyers waste so much time on the guilty, with endless appeals and motions? The piece of shit richly deserved death and got what he deserved.
I love the US Supreme Court; they're making it difficult for subhuman filth murderers sentenced to death, to appeal to liberal federal courts to overturn state court verdicts. Love it! Die, die, die!
Personally, I rejoice when I hear about executions, especially serial whackers being terminated. That means there'll be less murders loose in the Nation doing irreparable damage to innocent citizens.

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