Antonio Vivaldi – Spring Concerto

endless spring rains

friday, april 22nd, 2011

this Spring was not only late, but it was among some of the wettest weather in my memory, over the past 24 years I've been in the horticulture business and industry.

I can't seem to get an accurate count of the total snowfall melt/rainfall since January 1st, but with 3" and 4" deluges and consistent rainy days, I'd bet that it's one of the rainiest on-record. Just a hunch as we've had over 9" of rain this month alone. While the Southwest bakes in a drought, the Mid-Atlantic, Southeast and Northeast Regions have had their fill of drought, too. The Midwest and Southern Regions are getting blasted by constant thunderstorms and very destructive tornadoes, destroying thousands of homes and leaving tens-of-thousands of innocent families devastated and homeless.

A tornado watch was issued for York County on Saturday evening, with local community damage assessments of the police-reported tornado being done on Sunday. York County is still making damage assessments and will do so for several days, after the NWS Teams get here. It's very unusual for a tornado to come this far north. But hey, that's Spring weather and it can happen anywhere and everywhere.

As usual, after a blizzard, common snowstorm, t-storm or tornado, the next day is usually bright and sunny, as most of the damaging weather has moved out of the area and left its trail of destruction or remnants, such as snow or rain. Official rain totals measured 3.46", putting us well over the 12" for April alone. Chicago got snow. I'm more concerned about the rains occurring on The 21st Open House Weekend – Sat, April 21st & Sun, May 1st – than I am for the rest of the remaining 2 weeks ahead of the event. If it's a rainy, cold weekend, we'll only see 500-700 people through, whereas if it's a bright, sunny and warm weekend, we'll have 2,000-3,000 people there on both days. Huge difference in sales, depending upon the weather and attendance. We'll know when it's over, won't we?

Around The Garden Center

After going to sleep at 8:45pm – I stayed-up much to late Wednesday night to try to DVR "Justified" and Hauppauge's WIN-7 TV failed miserably after many months of performing well – I decided to catch-up on my sleep. I took a handful of Bayer® Aspirin, drank some OJ, closed down the condo's new 2-ton Amana AC unit, took my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP and Murphy followed me upstairs to bed. I was asleep in under 5 minutes.

On Friday, I switched the front gate sign and corporate website to "Spring Hours": Mon - Sat, 8am - 5pm; Sun 11am - 4pm. After getting-up at 6am (I forgot to set the alarm and overslept), it got hectic very quickly with 5 deliveries of mulch and topsoil piling-up on the front counter in the Delivery Folders, as no one was home this past week, and everyone wanted "their special delivery" re-scheduled for next week. I couldn't accommodate everyone, especially those who said they'd be home this past week, whome we did call numerous times and they weren't available. We managed to get them done later in the week. I needed to revise the Work Hours Schedule for Kim and Stephanie, so Dad and I could get a weekday or two off, since we're working weekends until July (and August), now. We'll do that at our weekly 3pm Key Staff Meeting w/ Alan, Steffi, Kim, Rich and me. I'm really trying to get "mentally ready" to work weekends again, as I have for the past 21 years, except in July and August, but I'm having trouble doing it. I got too used to Winter Hours, I guess. But now with the "selling season" upon us, it's a whole different ballgame. Two of our long-time and wonderful customers, Mr & Mrs "F" were in and purchased 6 3-3¼" caliper October Glory Maples, to compliment the 9 they purchased from us years ago. They also need some work done around their deck, and I got Rich, my Registered Landscape Architect (RLA) right on it. They're two of the nicest people I've met in my many years in this business, plus Mrs "F" is an occasional "Journal" reader. Bless her.

BTW, we're closed on Easter Sunday, April 24th, to be with our Families.

I went to my Church Board Meeting in Red Lion at 8pm, and truly missed my usual weekly (virtual) trip up north, to The Cabin. It'll be this way for the foreseeable future, unless I get some time off. I'm going to have to make a lot of change in my patterns and ways of doing things – notably food shopping (which I did on Friday evening after my meeting), visiting Family and friends, R&R, dining out evenings, chores around the condo and just "doing nothing" if I choose, on Saturdays and Sundays – now that those two days are effectively "gone" from my calendar until July-August, when I get Sundays back for personal time. Shit.. Crap. I'm getting too old for this routine; I want to sell and retire after 21 years in my own business and 24 years in the industry. I honestly don't know how many people work 25-30-40 and 50 years in the same job, as I'm reaching the end of this one, although I love what I'm doing by helping people "think outside the box" and providing high-end, ûber-quality landscape/hardscape and maintenance for their properties. I truly enjoy it, but feel it's time to "move on" and something else. I'll miss the more than 15,000+ customers and employees I've had, and many friendships I've made over all those years, when I do leave. That's the sad and regrettable part of it.

At 5:30am, after getting-up, watering and feeding Murphy, making breakfast and coffee, and logging on to the NWS (National Weather Service), I knew that we were in for a rainy, cold and stormy Saturday. Temps were in the low-40s, with Wind Chill at around 30°F. Cold, and the rain hadn't yet arrived when I opened-up the Complex at 7:20am. Being open on a day like this wouldn't be either fun or pleasant. Working with people in choosing/ tagging nursery stock in the cold rain sucks, and it's still impossible to get into the fields because of the ankle-deep mud. Using 2½-3 ton machines to dig, are out-of-the-question for today and probably tomorrow. We need 4-5 warm, windy, non-rainy, dry-out days in a row, to get into the fields for digging and planting. Within less than 1 hour of working outside with customers, I was soaked to the skin, and had to spend several hours drying my so-called "rain-resistant Marlboro Gear Down-Filled Parka" out, along with my Stetson and shoes. After recording a new "Spring Hours" OGM (outgoing message) on the office phone/answering machine (most frigging complicated "menu system" I've run into in years), I decided that we were going to close early at 2pm. Everyone was wet, cold and tired; me especially, after working with several customers during the heavy morning downpours and 45mph winds. I'd had enough for the day.

After getting home, a hot shower and fresh dry clothes, I felt great but very tired. I built a gas log fire, laid down on the King-Sized Couch by the fire and napped for a short while. Then, Boscov's called and said they had a "Real Stetson" now in stock, in my X-Large size (7-5¾"), and I drove over to their nearby Galleria Store to try it on, but it turned out to be a 7-5½" and didn't "fit". I'll have to visit The Village Hat Shop in NYC to get the world's best selection of hats, anywhere. It rained and poured all night (officially 3.46"). Lee stopped by to watch "The Matrix" and we'll be "exercise walking" on Sunday early, at the GC&N Complex. At 8:50pm, I got a call from Becky saying a "police-reported tornado" was in their area heading northeast, and that she had moved Mom & Dad to their basement for protection. Quick thinking, Sis!

"***TORNADO WATCH until 11:00 pm for York County! Yikes! Changed to a TORNADO WARNING: Issued at: 8:29 PM EDT 4/16/11, expires at: 9:00 PM EDT 4/16/11. The NWS in State College PA has issued a tornado warning for: west central Lancaster county in south central Pennsylvania, central York county in south central Pennsylvania, until 9:00 pm edt. At 8:28 pm edt, local law enforcement reported a tornado. The storm containing the tornado was near Emigsville, moving northeast at 35 mph. The tornado will be near, Bainbridge and Hallam around 8:35 pm edt, Maytown and Marietta around 8:40 pm edt, Elizabethtown and Columbia around 8:45 pm edt, Mount Joy and Mountville around 8:50 pm edt, Landisville around 855 pm edt, Manheim around 900 pm edt. This will impact i-83 between mile markers 17 and 26. This will also impact the following major roads, state highway 283, route 30. Precautionary/preparedness actions, In addition to the tornado, this storm is capable of producing destructive straight line winds. If in mobile homes or vehicles, evacuate them and get inside a sturdy shelter. If no shelter is available, lie flat in the nearest ditch or other low spot and cover your head with your hands. Tornadoes are difficult to see and confirm at night. If you wait to see or hear it coming, it may be too late to get to a safe place. Take cover inside now. Do not wait to see or hear the tornado. Move to an interior room on the lowest level of a sturdy building. Put as many walls between you and the outside as you can. Avoid windows. Protect yourself from flying debris. A tornado watch remains in effect until 11:00 pm edt Saturday evening for south central Pennsylvania. FLASH FLOOD WARNING for 32 counties at 9:30pm.***" Holy crap!

I was up at my usual 5:30am, although it was Sunday morning and I would liked to have slept-in until 9:30am, I watered and fed Murphy, made breakfast and coffee and started scanning the local news and weather sites for local community damage assessments of the reported tornado, but it was too early from personnel from NWS to have gotten there, done their job and make the "offical announcements" of tornadic activity. York County is still making damage assessments and will do so for several days, after the NWS Teams get here on Sunday. It's very unusual that a tornado gets this far north. I was oblivious to it all, watching that movie, although we did notice some "minor power blips" on the computer's TV and condo lights, around 8:45pm, but thought nothing of it at the time. Almost 7,500 people in the area lost full power from Met-Ed, it was reported.

Temps were up to 48°F, mostly from the southern air flow accompanying the tornado and massive, deadly storm system which devastated the Southeast, killed at least 45 people and then hit us last Saturday evening. The ground is "beyond water-saturated" with all creeks, stream and rivers are overflowing their banks today, not to mention all the retention ponds everywhere. 80% of the containerized nursery stock is laying-down from the storm's winds, but we won't stand it up until Monday, as it'll just fall again today in the 35-45mph gusts, and break limbs. Lee stopped by around 10:00am and we did some distance walking, to make-up for our usual Sunday Galleria Mall "laps" of 2-3 miles, but nowhere near that distance. He had to get to work and so did I. Sunday was a very busy (plus windy and cold) retail sales day, with many, many customers coming by after staying away on Saturday, because of the blinding/soaking 3.5" rains and 50+mph winds. I picked-up 2 landscape maintenance jobs and a phased landscape/hardscape job, plus sold almost $4,500 in trees & installations over the past 3 days.

The forecast is for storms and rain over the next 2 weeks, and for my 21st Open House on Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May 1st; DAMMIT! Since "weather changes by the minute", we may luck-out and have a decent weekend. This week's forecast is really nice: temps ranging from the mid-60s to the upper-70s, and only a day and night of rain mixed-into it. I can handle that. I also have to get the current "Work Schedule" finalized for Dad, Steffi, Kim, Arthur, Jon & me, so we all have week and weekend days-off, yet have the GC&N covered on the busy weekends in April, May and June.

It just again occurred to me on Monday morning, that I thoroughly-hate getting-up at 5:30am, 7 days-a-week, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. But it's changing; Saturday the 30th weather now looks clear. I've just been through one full week of working 7 days-a-week, and I don't like it at all. Anywho, I watered and fed Murphy, made breakfast and coffee, and left just as it was becoming light at 6;40am. I had an exceptionally busy week ahead with many on-site landscape/hardscape appointments all over York, Harford and Baltimore Counties, a doctor's appointment, meetings with a slew of new and existing customers, and needed to get started on their work estimates. The Amish crew from Happy Construction just called at 9:15am and said they'd be here to recover the Main VWGH; we have to strip its 4 roof panels (16ft x 100ft to save time and money) and paint the lath furring strips, along with the side doorway entrance before they arrive. What day? They didn't say, but we'll be ready for them, after waiting 3-4 months. I had 2 (possibly 3) site meetings to go to on Monday, which would eat-up much of the day, work on 2 new LSCP Estimates and 1 LSCP Estimate Revision from 2010, plus pick-up 2 105-cell flats of Sweet Basil plugs (to grow-on for my later Pesto Sauce, as well as some plants for retail sales), so I had a "full plate" ahead of me just for the day.

Between several walk-in customers, a few scattered appointments, 3 new LSCP Plant Lists from Rich to turn into formal LSCP Estimates, various plant problem questions, scheduling the Amish crew in to recover the Main GH and finally closing-down the Complex at 5:15pm, I was glad to get home and play with Murphy. After feeding and watering him, he curled-up to sleep, and I reviewed/answered over 80 emails, many of them requests for some type of landscape work or just plain plant questions/problems. At lest the "junk filter" is working well now, as compared to the 292 emails I first got when I was "switched" over to Google Mail. Almost all were Winter-related damage problems and I gave the appropriate horticultural advice as I always do, but my Conditional Warranty doesn't cover that or other situations. I was exhausted and really wanted to get some sleep, but if I did, I'd never get any later tonight. I'm back down to 2 small meals a day, from 3, and am very hungry when I get home, but don't eat anything after 5pm to keep my weight down at around 175-180lbs. I just drink the Ocean Spray® Pomegranate-Blueberry Diet Juice or Blueberry Diet Juice (5 cals/ 8oz glass), by the 32oz jug. After breakfast and lunch, I figure that's enough to tide me over, unless I'm "very active" that day, either unloading growers' delivery trucks, traveling to meetings or walking 2-3 miles around the 20-acre Complex.

I couldn't be coherent any longer or, stay awake, so I shut-down the computer and condo at 8:45pm, and went to sleep. Murphy was right behind me. I had all my breakfast hardware laid-out, as I do every night so I don't have to fumble with it so early in the mornings, Murphy fed and watered, fully-loaded dishwasher ready-to-go and decided to get a good night's sleep. Because my Sciatic Nerve was acting-up again in my R/S lower back and leg, from unloading the many growers' trucks, I took an Rx Med which my physician had ordered back in December 2010 to quell the pain. I also took a heating pad to bed to help with the back pain. While my alarm clock is set for 5:30am, I planned to get-up earlier if possible, and get into the office and leave for my 9:00am on-site landscape meeting 45 minutes south of my office in Maryland, with an important customer.

On Tuesday at 5:30am, I woke-up very "groggy" from that Rx medication and called my customer's cellphone to cancel/reschedule, and call him later after I got into work and reschedule the meeting. I didn't feel "competent" driving I-83 south in all that morning rush hour traffic while still medicated. An error/mistake on my part could lead to a bad accident, and I didn't need that, and neither did any other drivers on their way into work. The meeting has been rescheduled after The 21st Open House, during the week of May 1st.

Tuesday was a very busy day, even though it poured for much of the day, with retail customers coming in and buying everything from gift certificates to tree installations. The Amish company delivered 750 linear feet of lath furring strip wood, so we could get it stained before it's screwed down to help hold the new 6-mil poly plastic in place, for the Main VWGH recovering, later this week. I completed 2 of 3 LSCP Estimates, and mailed-out revised copies of 2010 Estimates, with revisions for 2011. All kinds of sales people were by to sell me nursery stock, none of which I needed, and declined their offers. It rained almost 2" for most of the day, taking us over 15" for April, possibly the rainiest on-record. It was still raining hard when I went to sleep at 9pm on Wednesday.

I upgraded my condo's Logitech Cordless MX-3200 Laser Keyboard and Mouse from v3.3d to v6.22.24, and it works so much better with the upgraded software. Tomorrow, I'll upgrade the Office hardware.

A Happy Seder-Passover, April 19th - 26th, to all my Jewish Friends. F•ck the subhuman, trash, murderous, garbage, lowlife dirtbag muslim pigshit! I support Israel 100%.

Yes, I miss going to my "virtual" place, "The Cabin" on the many past weekends, seeing Jenny and all the folks in that Virtual Village, Adam's Junction. Since Sunday is Easter, I'm thinking about leaving York after my Saturday 8am-5pm GC&N work stint, and staying there until early Sunday afternoon. Mom, Dad & Becky are planning a Special Easter Dinner and I may try to make it anyway. by leaving "The Cabin" in the early afternoon, after a good night's sleep away from it all in York. We'll see after I check my next week's Appointment Schedule, as we're getting down to "nut-cutting time" right before "The Big Event".

Once again, up at "0-Dark-Thirty" (5:30am), I watered and fed Murphy, made breakfast, drip coffee and tried to leave for work; my left rear tire was completely flat. A large, knife-like puncture slice was in the sidewall (not a curb hit) and I rushed to Rutter's to get air, but the tire shredded completely and I was riding on the now-damaged rim. I left it there, locked it and called Alan for a ride into work, called Gordon's Auto Body Towing for a flatbed tow, and had Endurance Automotive put the spare tire on, since I had *no damned jack in the frigging car*, and couldn't change it myself! Arrrrrgh, what a day and with so many appointments, I would have to borrow Dad's Jeep to make it to them! Shit! Crap; just what I didn't need this morning!important got to all my meetings, in spite of the tire trouble, and by 3pm, Endurance Automotive hadn't even begun work on my problem, as they had "other jobs ahead of me". Damn. Temps hit 76°F and humid, but thanks to a nice breeze, it was tolerable. When I got to Endurance, the spare was on, they'd ordered a new tire to put on the stock wheel with a tube and new valve stem, and they would call me when it was ready so we could swap-out the 2 wheels/tires.

We stripped-off all the 8-year old, 6-mil poly/plastic from the Main VWGH in preparation for Happy Construction to come-in at 7:15am on Wednesday, and begin the recovering process, despite predictions for a nice but "windy day". That wind's both not fun and can be very dangerous, all at the same time. It was truly bizarre looking to see no poly on that massive GH at all, and the wind blowing signs and plants around. I had 2 lscp site visits this afternoon and concurrent estimates to do; one of which I passed on to Rich as a design job, and then I'll do the spreadsheet estimate. I had several stops to make on the way home to pick-up starched shirts and dry cleaning.

I got-up at 5am on Thursday to accommodate the Amish GH Construction Crew, in order to be in at work by 7am. So I was asleep by 9:00pm, missing my favorite CATV FX-TV program, "Justified". After taking care of Murphy's food and water needs in the morning, eating breakfast and having 2 cups of extra-strong drip coffee from my Chemex Coffeemaker, my right rear tire was fine and I *sped to work* to open-up the Complex, after stopping at Sheetz for Marlboros and another cup of dbl-strength, high-caffeine coffee. Gas prices at the pump has skyrocketed: Unleaded Regular (87 oct) is now at $3.79/gal, Unleaded Premium (89oct) is at $3.99/gal, Premium (93 oct) is now at $4.09/gal and Diesel just climbed to $4.79/gal, in the York (PA) area, at many of the larger gas stations. Yikes, and it's going to get a lot worse as the "Summer Driving Season" begins. When Øbummer took office, oil was $39/ bbl; now it's $111/bbl (4-20-11). And gas at the pumps was >$1.78/gal; now it's well over $4.00/gal here, but far, far worse of the Left Coast and headed East. Some freaking "Øbummer Energy Policy", isn't it? Scumbag.

It was bright and sunny, but already breezy and windy, which would surely cause many problems handling the massive sheets of poly/plastic for all of us involved. The Amish brought 5 men; I provided 3, and still it wasn't enough manpower with all the winds. Even so, we had our hands full, considering we were under "time constraints" of t-storms, possible hail and rain later today, tonite, tomorrow and through the weekend. And next weekend's weather for The 21st Open House didn't look much better, in spite of the predicted 70-80°F temps. Shit! Crap; just what I didn't need.

I had a 1:30pm landscape/hardscape meeting in North York to go to, and left 45 minutes early. After meeting with the customer, I passed it on to Rich, my Staff Registered Landscape Architect, for his work on the project. Estimating the hardscape is easy; the landscape planning is not my forté anymore. Formal Landscape Estimates on Spreadsheets and the PA Law Required HICPA Contracts (since July 2009) are, but not the actual landscape design and drawing, though I did it all in "the early years" (1990-1994), until a so-called "landscape designer" (with an alcohol problem unbeknownst to me) came along and worked for me for 3 years, until I fired her for incompetence. Since then, I've had a slew of so-called "landscape designers" – none of whom I considered professional enough to meet my very high standards – especially my last one. I gave many a chance, but they all failed miserably, screwed it up, and Alan and I had to "fix" their drawings and work. Anywho, enough of that dark and unpleasant history.

Now that the Main VWGH has a new 6-mil coating of clear poly on the sides and ends, and 4 roof panels of 30% white poly for shade, it looks great, except for the mess inside. I spent much of Thursday, after my appointment, sweeping-up the 1" deep dirt and debris. We'll finish that task Friday and get it looking spic 'n span for Saturday and next week. I was tired and left at 6:45pm for the day, after the Amish Crew and Alan had left.

Happy Easter to all!

muslim "Heritage" In America?

Old' shit-for-brains, Barack Hussein ∅bummer, during his Cairo speech, said: "I know, too, that islam has always been a part of America's story." Say what, ∅bummer?

Really? Were those muslims that were in America when the Pilgrims first landed? Funny, I thought they were Native American Indians. Were those muslims that celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day? Sorry again, those were Pilgrims and Native American Indians.

Can you show me one muslim signature on the United States Constitution? Declaration of Independence? Bill of Rights? Didn't think so.

Did muslims fight for this country's freedom from England? No.

Did muslims fight during the Civil War to free the slaves in America? No, they did not. In fact, muslims to this day are still the largest traffickers in human slavery. Your own half brother, a devout muslim, still advocates slavery himself, even though muslims of Arabic descent refer to "black muslims" as "pug nosed slaves." Says a lot of what the muslim world really thinks of your family's "rich islamic heritage," doesn't it Mr. ∅bummer?

Where were muslims during the Civil Rights Era of this country? Not present. There are no pictures or media accounts of muslims walking side by side with Martin Luther King Jr, or helping to advance the cause of Civil Rights.

Where were muslims during this country's Woman's Suffrage era? Again, not present. In fact, devout muslims demand that women are subservient to men in the islamic culture. So much so, that often they are beaten for not wearing the 'hajib' or 'burka', or for talking to a man who is not a direct family member or their husband. Yep, the muslims are all for women's rights, aren't they, ∅bummer?

islam is a political system, with its own 6th century barbaric laws, controlling every aspect of a mindless muslim follower's pathetic life – from when to eat and drink, when to shit, what hand to use to wipe their asses, when to fart, when to rape, when to kill their own mindless adherents and Civilized Western Infidels, how to hate and murder, how to dress like a woman, how to fight like a girl, how many pre-teen boys to bugger, how many times to pray to the asshole moon-god allah and pigshit child molester mo-ham-head, – that all 1.2 billion of them richly-deserve *complete and total eradication from this earth*, IMO.

Where were muslims during World War II? They were aligned directly with Adolf Hitler, and the Nazis. The muslim grand mufti himself met with Adolf Hitler, reviewed the troops and accepted support from the Nazi's in killing Jews.

Finally, Mr. ∅bummer, where were muslims on Sept. 11th, 2001? If they weren't flying planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon or a field in Pennsylvania killing nearly 3,000 people on our own soil, they were rejoicing in the Middle East. No one can dispute the pictures shown from all parts of the muslim world celebrating on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and other cable news networks that day. Strangely, the very "moderate" muslims who's asses you bent over backwards to kiss in Cairo, Egypt on June 4th, were stone cold silent post 9-11. To many Americans, their silence has meant approval for the acts of that day.

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The "heritage" of any and all subhuman muslim slime, garbage and scum in America is that of wanton destruction, murder and death. From 9-11 to so-called "honor killings", to massacres on US Army Bases and the many plots to blow-up people, places and things, the subhuman muslim filth are indeed, "The Enemy Within Our Gates".

The real enemy is islam, not just "radicalized muslims", Rep Peter King (R-NY). Wake-up America and smell the islamic stench surrounding us all!

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mo-Ham-head + allah = Satan!

Any questions, you half-breed, sambo, lowlife scumbag, stinking ∅bummer asshole? Thought not.

The Global Warming Money Pit

Have you seen this video: "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle"? It was outright-banned from leftist, hate-filled, dirtbag, lowlife scumbags,'s and's websites, by the mentally-ill, left-wing, global warming idiot wackos, but I've preserved it, for posterity, aka you, me and *ours*. Watch, be informed and download it for others to see. It's on my corporate server, and will stay there, BTW.

Here's what the Global Warming Scam is all about. Sweet, huh? They're so transparent, aren't they?

Here's everything you need to know about the Global Warming Fraud, and why it's a good thing. It's a l-o-n-g article, so get a sandwich, iced tea and settle-in, for a very informative read. I'm right there with you, BTW.

The "Greenhouse Effect" is a natural and valuable phenomenon, without which, the planet would be uninhabitable. Global Warming, at least in recent times, is real. CO2 is not a significant greenhouse gas; 95% of the contribution is due to Water Vapor. Man's contribution to Greenhouse Gasses is relatively insignificant. We didn't cause the recent Global Warming and we cannot stop it. Solar Activity appears to be the principal driver for Climate Change. CO2 is a useful trace gas in the atmosphere, and the planet would actually benefit by having more, not less of it, because it is not a driver for Global Warming and would enrich our vegetation, yielding better crops to feed the expanding population. CO2 is not causing global warming, in fact, CO2 is lagging temperature change in all reliable datasets. The cart is not pulling the donkey. Wake-up, folks.

Here's a listing of The Best Global Warming Videos on the Internet.

Hey, fat, shit-for-brains, bloated, liar, huckster, fraud, criminal, charlatan, scumbag, loser, disgraced ex-VP AlGoreBore (LIAR-TN), is back using $300 million of OPM (Other Peoples' Money) to promote his Global Warming Bullshit, after the worst Winter in over 100 years. Welcome back, fatso huckster asswipe, AlGoreBore!

CO2 bad? No; CO2 is good, and we need more of it, or we're in for a very cold period, very soon. Here are the facts about CO2.

Roger Revelle of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Harvard University and University of California San Diego, spits on the lying scumbag, AlGoreBore. My, my, oh my. (((snicker))) No, there's no consensus on Glo-bullshit Warming, other than it's a LIE! Just ask Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT, Richard S. Lindzen; he's eminently-qualified to call AlGoreBoreAsshole, a LIAR! As I am.

There's another "ice age" coming, not the AlGoreBoreLiar 'Glo-bull warming' crap.

Larsen B Ice Shelf in Antarctica collapses in 2002 = Glo-bullshit Warming? Doubt it.

Read this Glo-bullshit Warming idiocy. Go ahead; I'll wait.

AlGoreBore's "hypocrisy"? See it right here!

You need to watch this 30 minute film; it's an eye-opener if you think that we're running out of crude oil, and that America has no reserves. We have more oil and natural gas in Alaska alone, than all the rest of the world's known reserves, COMBINED! Grab an adult beverage, and watch it.

Better get out your Winter coats, 'snuggies', wool socks and snow shovels, as it seems we've got an 80-year "Little Ice Age", on the way. Yawn; no biggie.

AlGoreBore's "Glo-bull Warming Bullshit" has spawned so-called 'cottage industries' around the world, worth hundreds of millions and probably billions of dollars, for green corporation validation, carbon credits, foundation & university climate studies, grants and a host of other BS-related crap to his lies and garbage. Global warming competes with cancer and competes with AIDS for a finite amount of money. This year's natural resurgence will surely see the global warmists, led by celebrity warmist, Gore, compete viscously for those US Taxpayers' hard-earned dollars. And I'm betting that the really important disease, cancer, loses to Glo-bullshit Warming and AIDS. Dammit.

F*ck all the "Glo-bullshit Warming Alarmists"! I say, FUCK-THEM-UP, and cleanse the planet, if they try to physically-intimidate and hurt anyone! I will; count on it! "Get in my face", assholes, and that'll be your last day on this Earth! If there are any "dissenting scientists" out there, who need protection, just get in-touch with me, and I'll guard you & yours. You can count upon that, folks!

Have you taken "The Global Warming Test"? If you have a sentient, functioning brain, and a simple knowledge of "the facts", you'll easily get a 10-of-10, as I did. Go ahead, and give it a try!

Read this article and pick-out "The WWF's Big Lie". If you chose this paragraph — "Summer sea ice is now forecasted to completely disappear in the summer months sometime between 2013 and 2040 — something which hasn't happened for over a million years." — you'd be right. There isn't, and never has been and ice on the earth dated at a million years old, and who the hell was around back then to begin recording it? The lying sacks-of-shit at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are typical lowlife, left-wing wacko scumbags, in-bed with the "Glo-Bull Warming" Crap, of asshole AlGoreBore and his phony, money-making scam. The oldest, and not reliably-dated ice cores are >160,000 years, and those are shaky in fact, at best. So where did the lying WWF pull the million year crap from? Their asses, of course!

Shit-for-brains, mentally-ill, fat, bloated liar, AlGoreBore's (LOWLIFE-TN) "ally", in NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), which is run by AlGoreBore's chief scientific ally/"asshole/butt-buddy"— Dr James "Moron-Cretin-Asshole" Hansen (DIRTBAG-NASA) — and is one of four bodies responsible for monitoring global temperatures, announced that "last month was the hottest October on record". Total, factual bullshit and lies. This was startling. Across the world there were reports of unseasonal snow and plummeting temperatures last month, from the American Great Plains to China, and from the Alps to New Zealand. China's official news agency reported that Tibet had suffered its "worst snowstorm ever". In the US, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration registered 63 local snowfall records and 115 lowest-ever temperatures for the month, and ranked it as only the 70th-warmest October in 114 years. So what explained the anomaly? GISS's computerized temperature maps seemed to show readings across a large part of Russia had been up to 10 degrees higher than normal. But when expert readers of the two leading warming-skeptic blogs, "Watts Up With That and Climate Audit", began detailed analysis of the GISS data they made an astonishing discovery. The reason for the freak figures was that scores of temperature records from Russia and elsewhere were not based on October readings at all. Figures from the previous month had simply been carried over and repeated two months running. Read this article, and find out why both lying, corrupt, criminal, subhuman idiots, GoreBore & Hansen, should be stood against a wall, and shot, IMO. In fact, the pathetically-socialist, left-wing UK, has just begun to awaken to what the "Climate Change Bill" will do to destroy their nation, or what's left of it. IMO, it's probably too late now to save the UK, but at least some of the more Conservative people over there, will at least get the chance to flee to America (or elsewhere), before we also "go down the proverbial dumper", as they've done. Heh.

On Friday, January 2nd, I ran a fully-attributed story in my weekly "Journal", which had links to other stories and facts, thoroughly-debunking AlGoreBore's trillion dollar scam and fraud, Global Warming". The Daily Telegraph UK's columnist, Christopher Booker, was the erudite author, and here is the link to that story. Nice job, Mr Booker!

Now, lowlife shit-for-brains dirtbag, Arkansas Gov Mike "DumbAss Turd-Boy" Beebe (ASSHOLE-AR), said that global warming is serious problem, not a "hoax," and requires more than a state response. "I think it's a threat, and I think global warming is occurring," Beebe-The-Shithead said in response to a caller to his statewide radio program who said he believed the climate change crisis was a "hoax." Idiot. Stupid idiot. Global warming is bullshit, you two-bit asshole! Crawl back inside of AlGoreBore's rectum, dumbfuck!

And global cooling goes merrily along, without any help from us mere humans, as it has for millions and millions of years.

Another "lie/error" in the favor of Glo-BULL Warming's false bullshit and lies? Got duct tape?

Here's the truth: Lord Monckton of Brenchley's Science & Public Policy Institute.

The commie/fascist/socialist liberal-demokkkRAT filth in the US Congress, have refused to allow Lord Monckton to testify the truth, against con-man, liar, scumbag AlGoreBore's LIES! This is Commie Russia, NOT Free America!

We are in a mini-ice-age for the next 30 years; get used to it!

UN: Glaciers are melting in some part of the world, while increasing in other parts of the world. So frigging what, dumbass UN scumbag trash? It's been happening for millions of years, idiots!

"Slime Magazine" can't even get it right. Read Bryan Walsh's crap and tripe about blizzards.

Amazing fact that all 7 glaciers on Mt Shasta (USA) are growing, not melting. Explain that, Glo-Bull Warming Assholes!

Things Which Make Your Head Explode

GOP SELLS OUT AMERICA TO LIB-DEM FILTH! Yes, I'm a registered Tea Party Member, and I echo the demand: "Shut Down The Damned Government"! Get rid of the caving US Rep RINO scumbag asshole, treasonous House Speaker John Boehner (RINO-OH). And NO UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS for the damned freeloading federal workers, including the most "non-essential employee" of all, lowlife dirtbag asshole, Barack Hussein ∅bummer!

Wind turbines are killing many thousands of bats in North America and contributing to a population decline that may be costing agriculture billions, researchers have claimed. Way to go, enviro-puke-assholes!

Drug-resistant strains of Staphylococcus aureus, a bacteria linked to a wide range of human diseases, are present in meat and poultry from US grocery stores at unexpectedly high rates, according to a nationwide study by the Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen). Cook it to an internal 165°F!

Once again, more concrete proof that both ∅bummer and shit-for-brain Biden are chocked-full of lies and bullshit.

Friday, April 15th was "Income Tax Day", where we work from January 1st through April 12th, just to pay our Federal Taxes. Un-fricking-believable, isn't it?

"US industrial production rose a solid 0.8% in March, with broad-based gains across sectors, the Federal Reserve reported Friday. It was the fifth straight gain in factory output, as manufacturing continues to lead the economy. The increase was a modest upside surprise as economists were expecting a 0.6% gain. In the first quarter, industrial output rose at a 6% annual rate, faster than the 3.2% rate in the final three months of 2010." But at the same time, the prices paid by American consumers rose sharply again in March, mainly because of higher gas and grocery costs, according to the latest government data. The consumer price index rose 0.5% last month, the Labor Department reported Friday. The so-called "core rate" rose a lesser 0.1%. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch had expected CPI, which tracks inflation at the retail level, to rise by 0.5% overall, or by 0.2% on a core basis. Figures. My costs of doing business are rising much faster than any of those "US Gov't numbers".

Make Charles king for a day? Ha; you've got to be shitting me! He's a spineless wimp and a gutless punk! Look at that horsefaced pig-skank, Camilla Parker-Bowles, he fucks; that's worse than pathetic and shameful. Charlie-boy couldn't shit without an enema, let alone be "King For A Day". MAKE ME King For A Day AND I'LL FIX EVERY PROBLEM IN THIS WORLD! Starting with the subhuman, murderous muslim filth, liberal-demokkkRAT garbage etc.

Charlie-boy couldn't shit without an enema, let alone be "King For A Day". He's an asshole.

400 NYC Cops to be indicted for a ticket-fixing scheme? Amazing, isn't it? Who would have thought it?

DJIA down 213 pts since Friday? Nice fucking job, half-breed, lowlife, commie, dirtbag, piece-of-muslim-pigshit ∅bummer asshole!

Trump's a lowlife, scumbag asshole, aka liberal-demokkkRAT filth! He's garbage and has been bankrupt more times than a computer can compute. He's the worst possible choice for anything, except trash collector.

An Arizona sheriff says he has been flooded with calls and emails of support from local and federal agents who back his claims that the US Border Patrol has effectively ordered them to stop apprehending illegal immigrants crossing the US-Mexican border. Total fucking bullshit, US Border Patrol; do your fucking job: arrest and deport the illegal filth!

If the US Military plane and personnel had been injured or died in "this close call", I would have felt very, very bad, But if the racist, hate-America, fat, ugly, pig-fucking Obama bitch had died, I would have rejoiced and led a parade of celebration.

Some People Just Need Killing

This will do it!

It's not my intention to be the judge here — that's God's "job" — but rather to "hasten the meeting" so that He can send the following subhuman filth to the "Fires of Hell", "River or Lake of Sulphur", or whatever He deems appropriate. I'd gladly/happily volunteer, at no cost to any of my Hard-Working, Fellow US Taxpayers, to gladly/gleefully/happily headshoot these murderous, lowlife dirtbags of all stripes — their skin-color doesn't matter to me, at all — and rid American Society's innocents (especially our precious children and the frail, defenseless elderly) of them, once-and-for-all. And yes, I'd rather see one innocent man convicted and executed, than 10 murderers/robbers/child rapists-murderers freed, to rob, rape and murder again. Hey; call me an "Old Fashioned Conservative"! Too harsh? Nah. Just & RIGHT!

Yes, I agree with the premise of this article, that "the death penalty is a Noahic Covenant with God, in a post-flood world".

Hang-out with the subhuman, filthy, murderous, pig-shit-slurping muslim and islamic garbage, you get killed, Vittorio Arrigoni, 36, you dumb asshole supporter of the Hamas pigfucker filth! Good riddance and rot in hell, scumbag! You deserved what you got, pig-asshole!

The Army private – lowlife dirtbag, piece-of-shit, hate-America, richly-deserving-death, treasonous Pfc Bradley "Fuck America" Manningsuspected of giving known for stealing classified data and giving it to the treasonous, anti-American WikiLeaks Garbage Operation, is being "moved" to Fort Leavenworth in Kansas in the wake of "international criticism about his treatment" during his detention at the Marine Corps base at Quantico, Va. He should be beaten and bones crushed, and horribly tortured, everyday. KILL THE STINKING MANNING TRAITOR! I volunteer to headshoot him with my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal, at no cost to US Taxpayers! Anyone with guts enough to give me "the kill shot"?

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