time's running out
Friday, April 25, 2002

I've often wondered why liberal idiots put themselves "at risk" by hating America, our Military Troops and President Bush. After reading this article from an avowed left-wing paper, I think I know why, now. It's long past time to rein-in the ABC, NBC, CNN and CBS commie scum, and abandon those garbage networks, who hate America. Millions have ditched CNN and quickly migrated to FNC. The other so-called "mainstream networks" need to feel our collective Conservative wrath. I would like nothing better than to see Tommie, Petey and Danny's three networks with zero share. I despise those three lowlife scumbags; and what's worse, are the deviant, degenerate scumbags who run and write the news, according to their perverted, liberal-democRAT agenda. Causing them and their degenerate minions such pain, is a dream of mine. I want to see Tommie, Petey and Danny's three networks crawling in the sewer and gutter, begging for viewers. I despise and hate their socialist-sodden, gutless, America-hating souls and American-hating spirits. Time is running out. Time to arrest, jail, charge, try, convict and execute such traitorous filth as Tommie, Petey and Danny's three socialist-commie networks. They're working diligently to destroy America. We must do whatever it takes to counteract and destroy them. Whatever it takes. Time is running out.

Around The Garden Center.
Easter Weekend was extremely busy on Saturday and unusually quiet on Sunday as the weather warmed-up and the sun came out from hiding. Hundreds of people innundated us and, as I wasn't expecting crowds because of the weather and the Easter Holiday, didn't have enough staff on-site to handle things. But somehow, we got through it.
Our 13th Open House is tomorrow (this Saturday, the 26th), from 11am - 2pm, my sister, Becky, has been in town for over a week helping us get the GC&N Complex ready, and I'm hoping the weather cooperates. We've been working feverishly to get thousands of newly-arrived trees priced, tagged, heeled-into drip irrigation rows, container shrubs priced, tagged, and into the Main Retail Display Areas, and thousands of perennials cleaned-up, divided, re-potted, priced and displayed in the Retail Greenhouses. There are always a thousand and twelve things which need doing after a Winter as hard as the one we've been through.
Since starting The Atkins Diet two weeks ago, I've dropped 23lbs, going from 249 to 223, and still looking to get back down to 175-180lbs, as a final goal. Eating filet mignon, porterhouse, prime rib everyday isn't making me sad at all. I'm through "carb withdrawl" and feeling much better for shedding some of my gut. The only carbs I ingest now, are the ones from my "adult beverages" in the evenings, when alcohol is converted to carbohydrates and then to calories, or the weight would really be coming-off a lot faster.
Gas prices plumetting in the US? I like the sound of that. Unleaded 87 octane has dropped from $1.49/gal to $1.43/gal this week. No complaints on this end.
How has the assault Weapons Ban of '94 affected you? Other than raise prices dramatically for pre-ban mags etc, not much on my end. I own a "Black Rifle" AR-10 (.308cal) and and another "Black Rifle" AR-15 (.223cal), plus atill another "Black Shotgun" Remy 870 Tactical 12ga Riot Shotgun, a "Black Semi-Auto" Glock 32/.357sig, a "Black Semi-Auto" Kimber Eclipse 1911 .45 ACP, and a Colt Trooper MkIII .357 Magnum. A .50cal BMG is within my sights, soon. The History of The Second Amendment, is right here.
Yeah, I would go back go back in to get my "GC&N Guardian", Pickle, and my "Condo Cats", Murphy & Mama Kitty.
Heck, I'n not ashamed to say it: I love deviled eggs! Summer's almost here and it's time to think about them, steaks, burgers, potato salad, slaw and cold beer.
Yes, I have and use a Cable Modem at home, and yes, it's quite a bit faster than DSL.
Another happy ending to a crime, courtesy of The Second Amendment. I like happy endings.
On Thursday morning, just a couple of miles down the road from me, in Red Lion (PA), a high school shooting incident occured. Two dead. Not a happy ending, here in south central Pennsylvania. Truly, a sad day to end the workweek.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Mooooos-lim garbage and Islamic pigshit (my apologies to pigs) terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day last September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100+ stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "embrace the rage". And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemorative edition of 9-11 horror.
Here's the live thread, on www.freerepublic.com, and the ongoing posts that I caught on that terrible morning, as it happened.
Here's a 9-11 News Site, which covers it, superbly. As if we needed reminding.
Here are the 2998 Victims of The Massacre of September 11th, 2001.
After the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, which whacked six and injured 1,000; President Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 1995 bombing in Saudi Arabia, which whacked five U.S. military personnel; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 1996 Khobar Towers bombing in Saudi Arabia, which whacked 19 and injured 200 U.S. military personnel; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 1998 bombing of U.S. embassies in Africa, which whacked 224 and injured 5,000; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. After the 2000 bombing of the USS Cole, which whacked 17 and injured 39 US sailors; Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton promised that those responsible would be hunted down and punished. Maybe if Rapist-Liar-in-Chief Clinton had kept his promise, an estimated 3,000 people in New York and Washington, DC, that are now dead, would be alive today. The Criminal Clinton lowlifes Klintoon Kriminals; ahhhhh, what a pair!
Need to keep up your anger, hate and rage quotient, for The Massacre of 9-11? Go to Toby Keith's site, or Darryl Worley's site.
The truth about 9-11? Maybe and maybe not. If you get through it before I do, send me a note and synopsis.
I don't want justice; I want revenge!

The Iraq War.
Boycott the Frog products, along with German and Belgian stuff! Francoloathia! Let their economies suffer, for helping to whack American Troops in Iraq. I now check all labels carefully for any sign of these 3 lowlife countries; ditto Cana-DUH.
No, I'm not a tinfoil conspiracy theorist, but Iraq agents masterminded the April 19, 1995 OKC Bombing; Timmy Mcveigh and Terry Nichols were merely "useful idiots", and had little to do with the horror. The US' FBI and BATF covered it up. X41 (President GHW Bush imported over 5,000 Iraqi filth from Gulf War I) and they did the deed.
whack the subhuman, pigshit-drinking Abbas Islamic-pigshit-filth garbage. End of problem.
Mooooooos-lim filth and Arab morons are cowards; this war proved a lesson learned by both Arab and Mooooooos-lim scum. What? Want some more defeat and humiliation from your pathetic jihad, you lowlife subhumans?
Next, destroy the subhuman Syrian Mooooooos-lim pigshit filth for supporting terrorism.
THE DAILY TELEGRAPH's George Galloway is a traitor, and should be executed. He's a subhuman and should be rotting in hell.
The stinking, filthy Islamist terrorist garbage have infiltrated US prisons with murderous Wahhabi radical "priests", converting tens-of-thousands of inmates to their deviant religion cult of murder and terrorism, as well as the FBI and many other businesses. CAIR and AMC are terrorist-supporting fronts for al Queerda and the fanatical Mooooooos-lim filth. Make no mistake: Islam is the enemy.
I don't give a flying rats' rearend about the looting of Iraq's Museum of Antiquities vs American lives; the artifacts lose everytime, IMO.
Track down and whack as many of this Syrian Mooooooos-lim pigshit Islamic filth as possible, starting with Hizbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, a deviant boy-buggerer and woman-mutilator. whack him, CIA spec-ops.
There are no innocent Mooooooos-lims; they're all murderers and terrorists, readily and richly deserving of death.

Islam, The Religion of Peace™?
No, I don't advocate hurting or Killing any so-called "peaceable" Mooooooo-lims; that would bring us down to their evil level. Besides, I don't personally know a single one, nor have I met any so far. I do call for the tracking down of all known and suspected radical Mooooooo-lims and Islamists in America, their detainment, their interrogation with torture if required, their trial before a US Military Tribunal, their immediate execution and disposal. Also, I call for sealing the borders and not allowing anymore Mooooooo-lims into America or any other Western Nations, and deporting as many of the existing ones as humanly possible. The so-called moderate Mooooooo-lims are a Trojan Horse for allowing the extremist and radical Islamofascists to enter a country, and hide within the supportive Mooooooo-lim community, bolstered by money from Mooooooo-lim charities and organizations like CAIR, which support terrorism. A "radical" Mooooooo-lim has a bomb strapped to himself. A "moderate" Mooooooo-lim has the remote control.
The cowardly Tali-assheads want some more Killing through jihad? Bring it on, boy-buggerering al Queerda pigs. My apology to pigs.
CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) is a terrorist-supporting front, for cells of sleeper-terrorists, raising funds for al Queerda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and others. They should be rounded-up, prosecuted under the RICO and Anti-Terrorism Acts, and either deported executed or imprisoned for life. I prefer they'd be executed by military tribunal; I volunteer.
Abu Abbas is a murderer, a terrorist Mooooooos-lim and should be executed, promptly.
Death to America? Sounds like fighting words to me, impotent Hezbollah diaperheads. Bring it on, Mooooooos-lim filthies!
I agree: exterminate all the subhuman Mooooooos-lim filth in the cowardly, impotent terrorist organization, Hezbollah, and bury them in pits of liquid pigshit, publicly, as a message to the islamic garbage.
Why is this subhuman, lowlife, half-breed scumbag, sand monkey, Zacarias Moussaoui, still alive? Execute the subhuman Mooooooos-lim filth. Quit wasting US Taxpayers' monies on a liece of islamic pigshit. My apologies to pigs.

A speech I would love to see and hear President Bush give.
President George W. Bush invoked a national security waiver on Wednesday to prevent sanctions from being levied on the PLO for a period of six months; why, I'll never know. Bother the PLO and PA are terrorists, and all should be targeted and assassinated.
Wow, I take back everything I ever said or thought bad about Ann-Margaret; she is a real class act.
Homosexuality is far, far, far worse than bigamy, polygamy, incest and adultery. It is perversion of the most deviant level. US Sen Rick Santorum (Conservative-PA) is absolutely correct in making this statement.
Recess appointments! I've been advocating that, for years. Oh wait, it's not judicial; it's admin posts in the WH. C'mon, W&CO, recess-appointments, all those lib-dem, partisan held-up judges. Screw the lib-dem senate filth. Just do it!
US Sen Rick Santorum, R-Pa, has no reason to apologize to deviant, subhuman homo filth for anything.

Liberal democRAT Scum.
Here's another "by-product" of lib-democRAT's "Great Society" disaster: huge numbers of black men locked-up for crimes, because their communities, schools, churches and families failed them. They were told that society would take care of things, and that they have no responsibility for their actions.
Want proof that Jimmy Carter was and is putrid dogshit, and that his so-called "presidency" was a disaster which promulgated terrorism and these two Gulf Wars? Right here, and the rest of the world's known it for decades; the US lamestream media have hidden the facts.
Actress Halle Berry thinks she's ugly? yes, she is a turdy scumbagetter bitch. Ugly as sin.
With nothing good to say about the American Victory in Iraq, the traitorous left-wing wacko Hate America Inc'ers still whine and pine for some disaster any disaster to befall our Troops and Nation. They actually rooted for Sodomy Insane to beat our US Forces. Traitors and seditionists.
Wacked-out, left-wing garbage lib-dems, who hate America and hate GW Bush; ummmmmm, right here. holluweird halfwits? Ummmm, right here.
DiFiSwi's hubby, the impotent, incontinent lib-democRAT lowlife turd-boy, Mr "Richard Blum" DiFiSw, is getting a Christmas Gift way too early: a $600million US Army/Iraq contract, courtesy of the GOP. Hey Blum-Scum: get your kneepads out, wimp.
Definitive proof that Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, is a criminal, liar, murderer, and all-around subhuman lowlife lib-democRAT.
US Sen John Edwards is a frigging joke.
"Wow. Talk about having a bad six months. First he was kicked out of his majority leader's seat by the American electorate. Now, Tom Daschle's all but been kicked out of the Catholic Church."

Lowlife, Deviant, Subhuman Garbage.
Further proof that the NOW (National Organization for Women) lesbian, bull-dyke hags are baby-haters: The head of the National Organization for Women's Morris County chapter is opposing a double-murder charge in the Laci Peterson case, saying it could provide ammunition to the pro-life lobby. "If this is murder, well, then any time a late-term fetus is aborted, they could call it murder," Morris County NOW President Mavra "Butch" Stark said.
An AIDS memorial costing $500,000 isn't needed; homos taking personal responsibility for their deviant actions, is. If they don't, let them die, and quickly. Not a dime should be spent on the disease of perversion.
Another, morbidly obese, stupid, smelly-stinky, fat piece of subhuman shit, Joseph Connor, is suing McDonalds because they don't want to hire his slovenly, lib-democRAT ass. Too bad, fat man; lose 250lbs, and you'll be semi-normal. Otherwise, have a heart attack/diabetes/stroke and die. And no more Big Macs® for you, fatso scumbag.
Nina Simone, born Eunice Kathleen Waymon in Tryon, NC, is dead. Good riddance, America-hating scumbagette whore. Rot in hell, bitch.
The Dixie Chicks? Pigs, lowlifes, traitors, un-American whore-bags. Go back to Europe, slut-rags; no one's buying your tearful shit here, bitches. No, posing nude doesn't do a thing for me, lowlife skanks.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Here's the Death Schedule for April; I'm getting all giddy and excited at the prospect of most of those subhumans righteously and justly dying for their crimes against society. Good riddance, filth.
Yes, Scott Peterson needs the IV Death Drip, and soon.
Bravo, Texas! Juan Rodriguez Chavez, 34, who had earned the nickname "The Thrill whacker" , is rotting in hell, where he belongs. Made my week.

Potted Meat Museum.
You can have your roasted chicken, your seared tuna, and your grilled steak too. Give us some potted meat, and we're happy as clams, or conch, as the case may be. This site, the self-proclaimed "world's largest and most diverse canned meat collection" presents a copious amount of scrumptious food that happens to be in a can. Of course you've heard of SPAM, America's favorite pork shoulder and ham combination, but did you know you can find goose, haggis, and pork brains encased in metal? You can even partake of a whole chicken in a can! The most intriguing items, however, are found in the seafood section octopus, shark, mackerel, and eel are just a can opener away. And if you're ever in the mood to taste meat typically found on the side of the road, grab a can of armadillo or possum for a delectable meal.

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