the sad joke of diversity

Friday, April 26, 2001

Everytime I hear about a police officer, teacher, government employee or someone else disciplined for being "insensitive" and forced to undergo "sensitivity training", I want to punch-out bitch-slap a diversity advocate. Screw the legislature-court-mandated PC shit from the bed-wetting, hand-wringing, whining liberals, democRATs, deviant lesbians and degenerate homos who push that corrupt, pathetic, patronizing, government and court-ordered junk/shit/shit on a daily basis, for both fun and profit. Sickos, all. What the hell heck did we do before all the incontinent and incoherent rulings and guidelines? We had plenty of natural diversity, and no one complained about racism or other idiotic problems; it was handled locally, not through blackmail and extortion of the Jack-scum "family". The pandering, lowlife, criminal race-hustlers and con-men-boys Farra-con-man, Jack-scum and Sharp-scum didn't have an faux religious industry to exploit, and the race-baiting scumbags at the NAALCP were more concerned with helping their people than with making moronic political statements. There wasn't a 70% illegitimate black birthrate back then, nor was there the startling statistic of black involvement in 75% of the violent crime, nor a 34% incarceration rate of young black males. Clearly, what the left-wing, socialist, lib-democRAT wackos have perpetrated upon America and her Citizens is a traitorous, sinister plot to divide the races by "appointing blacks as the victims", instead of allowing them to find their way together with American Society, as water finds its own level. Why is it that the Chinese, Japanese, Latinos, Hispanics, Cubans et al don't have the myriad of problems that the blacks do? If the lib-dems had singled out any of those people to be "their protected victims", the scenario today might be very, very different; pure speculation at best, now. The damage to black Americans has been accomplished in a short 50 years. Aren't the lib-dems proud of what they've done? You bet they are.

Around The Garden Center.
Things are going well, thankyouverymuch, despite the Drought From Hell and oppressive August-like heat, so early in April. The new landscape crew members have been trained, jobs are being completed we're booked into late July or so and cancellations due to drought worries have stopped, the Garden Center & Nursery Complex looks better than it ever has, and we're getting a few passing thunderstorms, which are helping to slowly replenish the reservoirs.
In talking with many of my new and existing customers, I'm finding that they've decided to curtail travel and vacations after The Massacre of September 11th, work on their landscaping and homes, and add drip irrigation systems to existing and new gardens. Consequently, even with the ongoing Drought From Hell, my retail traffic and sales on weekends is up 40% over all previous years. The unusually warm Winter and early Spring has goaded people into acting much earlier than in previous years.
No, we I didn't feel the Saturday quake here, in York, PA. But we've had a couple of jolts from other nearby quakes, over the past 12 years.
The "2002 Replacements" folder is already thick with numerous claims, and getting thicker by the week. The Ongoing Drought From Hell Since we didn't have a true "dormancy period" last Winter, many trees, shrubs, ornamental grasses, groundcovers and perennials grew all Winter thru Spring, and were hit with some bitter cold mid-Spring weather. Death, death, death, all over the place. In another 2-3 weeks, I'll be sending the #1 LSCP Maintenance Crew out to repair damage via replacement plant material; the #1 LSCP Installation Crew will keep on trucking with the high-end jobs. Ummmm, notice that I'm only talking about 2 x 2man crews; wherein some previous years, I've had 3 x 3man crews. The US Congress' passage of the 13-week extension for Unemployment Benefits, whacked the labor market in the Nation, hurting the labor pool.
Too much heat all at once. With the past three weeks of nightime temps in the 40s-60s, the tender new growth on the tens-of-thousands of trees and shrubs at my Garden Center & Nursery Complex, was just beginning to "harden-off", but on Monday, temps droped to around 32°F and did some damage. Some outlying areas around York (PA) had frost, but we escaped it this time. Furtunately, we didn't get any ice storms this season.
As an Eagle Scout ('63), I'm outraged at what The United Way is doing to bully and intimidate the Boy Scouts of America into allowing gays deviant homosexuals into the organization. I've stopped giving, long ago, to the corrupt United Way and their perverted PC causes; I donate directly to the BSA (Step 1) and NESA (National Eagle Scout ass'n), as well as help local scouts with their Landscaping Merit Badge projects. Also, Carrier Air-Conditioning Corporation has severed funding the Boy Scouts to the tune of $42,025. A long time supporter of the Scouts, Carrier made the decision because of the BSA policy of protecting boys from homosexual leaders. I'll never buy or have another of their products in my home or business.
Both my office and home computers have been under seige all last week and this week from email viruses; notably this one called Klez. Symantec's Norton Anti-Virus software, part of the Norton SystemWorks 2002 Utility, has intercepted, quarrantined and destroyed them all nicely.
I got a shock when I filled-up my Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8, early Thursday morning: gas prices had dropped from $1.47.9 (89 octane) last week, to $1.36.9 (89 octane), at the Sheetz gas station I frequent on the way into work. I asked the manager why such a fluctuation, and he had no answer. The prices are dictated from the corporate office, and vary from station to station, depending upon how many competitors are in the area.

The Massacre of September 11th
I don't condone or advocate the Killing of "innocent" Muslims or Arabs, but I wonder how many of the lowlife subhumans were "secretly celebrating" on September 11th, instead of mourning the loss of 3,000 people and wanting revenge, nevermind justice.
Here's that terrible morning, as captured on's Conservative Forum.
Everytime I hear and re-hear this Moving Testimonial to The Massacre of September 11th, I re-fill with anger and hate, and well-up 9-11. What's next? Who knows? Lock & load, my friend; be safe. Get a Glock and an AR-13-15. Never Forget 9-11-01!
Al Queerda threatening attacks against US Banks in the Northeast? Stupid, boy-buggering, Muslim garbage, towelhead Islamic shitfilth: there's nothing worthwhile in those structures, morons. It's all in the computer systems, and none of you pork-sucking, goat-humpers are smart enough to mess with that system. Go f*ck-off spit on a rock, diaperhead filth. I'd truly enjoy Killing you, if you were nearby, Allah-homo-pork-suckers.
shit Heck, let me have 30secs in a locked room with this sandidiot scumbag, Zacarias Moussaoui Islamic Allah-homo, and I'll beat him to death with my bare hands; my constant pal, Mr Glock 32/.357sig, won't take quite that long with a simple headshot. I would truly enjoy Killing him.
Any doubt in your mind that the Saudis are behind most of the terrorist cells and their criminal activity? Then read this, and be convinced. Here's a gimpse of what life is like in that filthy, Islam-stinking shithole country.
The pork-sucking Islamic, lowlife Muslim filth at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) are aiding and abetting terrorist cells here in the US, and should be shut down, rounded up and deported. They're Musli-Nazis.
Well, f*cking freaking bravo, INS; arresting 80 illegals working at US airports is a start. But it also begs the question: what the f*ck hell heck were they doing there in the first place? More Clintoon legacy shitpola?
Oooooo, the pork-sucking Islamic, raghead Muslim, deviant, degenerate lowlife scumbag Saudis are delivering an ultimatum to the US? They're considering using the "oil weapon" against us and kicking us out of the billion dollar military bases we've built for them? I sure hope W tells them to f*ck piss off; we'll do what's best for our interests, not for the goat-humping, Arab garbage.
And the search for, and the Killing of, AlQueerda murderers, goes on and on and on.

Israel vs Palestinian Filth.
Anti-semitism on the rise in commie, socialist Europe? Figures, with all the Arab, Muslim and islamic garbage weaved into the societies there; time to root the diaperheads out and deport the garbage.
I'm sad the Israelis lost 23 brave soldiers in the Jenin camp battle, but they laid waste to the stinking Palestinian and Arab trash, and most of the camp. I love it when extremist Arabs, Muslims and Islamic shitfilth, die. There are no rules in war. The Israelis should have whacked everything that moved; all Arab scum should have been executed, especially Yow-sir Arrid-fart and his homo diaperheads. And then move on to Killing as many more as possible, in defense of Israel. Imagine this crowd of Muslim and Arab filth in DC; heck, they're right at home with the lowlife garbage who already live there. The subhuman Palestinian filth demands help and protection from Israel? f*ck Screw you, lowlife trash; stop the homicide bombing, and Israel will stop Killing your extremists. Not before.

House Republican lawmakers are demanding that the Bush administration revoke a permit allowing the dumping of sludge in the Potomac River. No one even knew this was happening. Why are we still doing this shit to our rivers? Ship it to Afghanistan, and tell the towelheads it "Allah-moron food".
Well, okay, maybe I'll have to reconsider my rather harsh opinion of US Sec'y of State, Colon Bowel, RINO? Looks like he's grown been forced to grow, some brass balls, instead of the fragile glass ones he's always had. Maybe.
Let's once again, be honest: neither W nor AlGoreBore is "eco-friendly". It's part of the required mantra of moderate-to-lefty folks, but also applies to me, a Conservative. Why destroy what you're a steward of, in this Lifetime?

Lowlife, Lib-democRAT Garbage.
To say that the Clintoon administration was scandal-riddled, corrupt and sleazy is a gross understatement; now comes final proof that they were also criminal: vandalism, theft and defacing The White House as they departed with their tails between their legs. All should face criminal charges and jail time.
Listen to shit-for-brains, ex-presidential moron, Jimmah Carter-farter's "ideas for peace"; it's a laffer and as pathetic as his four years of "malaise" in The White House, were. Hey Jimmah, go back and build some more slum Habitat hovels For InHumanity hovels, idiot, and leave the prosecution of war against the extremist, boy-buggering, towelhead Muslim shitfilth, Islamic terrorists, to real men. You're a lowlife, lib-dem scumbag, chump. No one takes you seriousky; you're a poor joke.
The lowlife, lib-democRAT garbage lawmakers gun grabbers are at it again, trying to erase the 2nd Amendment and still trying to blame crime on the gun manufacturers.
The federal government should force soft drink companies to find a way to get consumers to recycle soft drink and other beverage bottles, according to the homo, boy-molesting US Senator "Jumping Jim The Traitor" Jeffords (I-VT).
The lowlifes at the NAALCP (National association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) are boycotting South Carolina; they still think they're "slave victims", as per the democRAT's orders. Pathetic people, aren't they?
Lib-dem Connecticut making The People's Republik of Kalifornicate look good? Yes, CT has imposed a 1% surcharge on anyone making over $1million per year. 6,500 residents will be affected and many will probably move to Florida, which has no income tax.
Tom Nelson, spokesmanmoron for the Coalition Against Hate Radio, a commie pinko lib-dem homo who ignores the lowlife lib-dem Carville, Begala and Press filth, wants to end Conservative Talk Radio. Hey Nelson: you're a two-bit, rump-raiding child molester, as is Mona Goode, spokeswoman bull-dyke alcoholic for the Coalition Against Hate Radio. Scum, all.

Lowlifes & Scumbags.
Oh gee whiz, now some Asians are offended and yelling racism about t-shirts. Get a life, scumbag people.
Finally, semi-ostensibly, the French are getting rid of the socialists, communists and other assorted leftist scum who've ruined their government and country for the past 45 years, and have pre-elected "extreme-right" leader Jean-Marie Le Pen on Sunday, to face the scumbag Socialist/Commiescum President Jacques Chirac, in the runoff for French president, on May 5th. Le Pen is founder and head of the National Front party, which historically has blamed Muslim immigrants for high unemployment and urban violence. Hopefully, he'll beat the Chirac moron, and begin cleansing France of the African and MidEast, wacko extremist Muslim-Islamist garbage who've ruined the country.
Shucks, the more I read about LePen, the more rational and well-reasoned, he seems. Okay, so call me part Pat Buchanan; when we're at war, we're at war. I sure wish this stupid idiot garbage not sensible black people would dare to come to my neighborhood and yell, "get whitey". How fast can you say, "dead cretinous-moron(s)"?
Time for the DC Cops to crack some empty left-wing wacko heads, as human garbage descends upon Washington, DC.
What? The protesting filth is still there on Monday, disrupting everything? Shoot to whack the lowlife filth, DC Cops. Call out the FBI and BATF; they know how to whack and can teach you black chumps a lesson.
Read what two lowlifes did to a young cat with a pitbull, and then with their car's wheel. I sure wish Mr Glock & I could have been there just prior to the event: all three would be headshot without mercy, and quite dead. No jury in MidState Penna would convict me.
Mmmmmmmmnnnnnnn, I think it's time to eradicate this piece of subhuman shitfilth, don't you?
Good riddance, scumbag; no measurable loss at all.
The scuzzed-out, criminal bitch loser, Tonya Harding, is baaaaaaaack in the news again: DUI.
Pedophilia and child sex abuse isn't the problem with the RCC (Roman Catholic Church); homosexuality is the problem. For generations, deviant, degenerate, subhuman homos and lesbian-bull-dykes have infiltrated the RCC as priests and nuns, seeking to get at the ripe, young pre- and post-pubescent children. No, I'm not Catholic, so I don't have any firsthand knowledge. We "United Methodists" are now dominated by liberal filth and democRAT scumbags, each with a demented agenda to transform the once-Holy Church, into a breeding ground or perversion, degeneracy and secular dementia from mentally-diseased homos. And the fags' damage control is just starting; they're running scared.
UN Secretary-General Koffee Annus, Monday announced an "accomplished, highly respected and independent" fact-finding team of French, cheese-eating surrender specialists, to investigate the events at the Jenin refugee camp, in the West Bank. Yeah, sure thing.
And a hearty good riddance to the lowlife, white trash whorebitch, Linda Lovelace. I'm truly surprised she didn't die from AIDS long ago, as most of her "co-stars" have done. As long as she's room temperature, that's all that counts.
Hey, Robert Iler punk, who plays the rebellious, pot-smoking son of a mob boss on HBO's "The Sopranos," pleaded guilty Tuesday to mugging two youths and stealing $40: you're greaseball dogshit, and richly deserve to go to prison and become the "girlfriend" of a 450lb black lifer named "Bubbles". Bend over and smile, boy.
I'd like nothing more than AOL-Time-Warner, who just lost $54 billion, to go down the dumper. I've hated AOL and its shitty shitpy, mindless junk service for 7 years, and would truly enjoy seeing it tank. Steve "800 Free Hours!" Case is an moron scumbag, and richly deserves Chapter 7 & 11.

Execute This Scum.
A Kansas City man who whacked his stepson and four other men in 1999 will receive a life sentence rather than the death penalty, a judge ruled. Gary Beach, 59, who blamed mental illness and anger over drug use by his victims, pleaded guilty in February to five counts of first-degree murder and five of armed criminal action. Can you say, f*cked up legal system?
Besides, murder, child molestation and rape, treason should automatically qualify anyone convicted for the death penalty. This case is apropos.
APRIL 22, 13:00 ET, Terminally Ill Death Row Man Dies, RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) A terminally ill death row inmate who wanted to be released from prison to a hoillegal aliene died in the prison hospital Monday morning, saving US Taxpayers, mucho x 3, money. Edward Lemons, 34, was given two death sentences for the 1994 murders of two Goldsboro residents. His attorneys asked Gov. Mike Easley and correction officials either to grant clemency and release Lemons or allow him to be sent to a hoillegal aliene for life-ending care. Both requests were refused last week, and Lemons died early Monday. Lemons was an HIV-positive hemophiliac who suffered from cirrhosis, hepatitis C and possibly liver cancer, his attorneys said. The hemophilia made him unable to receive treatment for the other illnesses. Good riddance, scumbag!
Jeeeez, another idiot(Timothy Stuart Ring aka Abu-Ali Abdur'Rahman) who murdered someone in a robbery, and who found the evil cult of Allah-humping Islam pork-sucking trash in prison, is decrying his constitutional rights before execution. Fry the scumbag, and get on with executing the 3,700 murderous subhumans who linger on death row.
Never mis-underestimate the ability of President George W. Bush (x43) to take a thought and twist it into an utterance that defies comprehension. This site catalogs hundreds of quotes and witticisms, from the lips of George W. Bush. You can get your grammar garbled in a variety of flavors, thoughtfully broken down by category. They recommend checking out the Repeat Offender section, where you'll find examples of the president's favorite old saws. Whether he's waxing poetic about evil doers, education, or himself, President Bush speaks a language all his own. (Ummmmm, have you guessed that this is a wacko, lib-dem website. Yuk. Pass the C4 and Anthrax Spores, Quincy.)

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