can i bum a smoke?
Friday, April 27, 2001

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No, I've never bummed a smoke; always had my own. The first time I tried to quit smoking after 37 years of three packs a day, it was a disaster. I was cranky mean nasty to everyone since depriving myself of the habit. I make no bones about it: it's an addiction, but I do enjoy it immensely. I don't know whether it's the just the nicotine or whether it's also the "social procedure" or "ritual" and "aura" which go with smoking. Yeah sure, I've tried Nicorette® Gum, Nicoderm® Patches and a few other voodoo cures. Since I opened my Garden Center & Nursery 11 years ago, I've cut back to two packs a day, but completely quitting just isn't in the cards. At least I'm honest about it with my doctor; many people lie and say they're cutting back or quitting. Lung X-rays are clear, no tumors. Yet. But the emphysema is progressive and will eventually overtake my former sports-lung capacity. I can feel it almost daily. I don't look forward to carting around a tank of Oxygen (O²) in 10-15 years. Now Nitrous Oxide (NO²), that's another story. I'd gladly wheel a tank of that stuff around. I could be suffocating to death or dying from lung cancer, but I wouldn't give a flying rat's rearend. Sounds good to me. Bring it on, doc!

Around The Garden Center.
The 3-4" of wet "onion snow" we had last week did some real damage, mainly to the 275+ hydrangea cultivars I carry, but not to much else; everything else was sufficiently "hardened-off" and withstood the cold temps. The leaves will recover and the plants will be saleable in a few weeks. Such is Nature. Summer weather hit last weekend and carried over into mid-week: 85°F temps wilted a lot of plants and people, who were used to cooler, cloudier and rainier days of early April. So much for Spring.
As the Summer "driving season" approaches, gas prices are climbing from last week's $1.64.9 (89 octane) to $1.71.9 for the same grade. Even the so-called "super stations" are inching up their prices to keep pace. Home heating oil and natural gas are almost non-existent topics anymore, what with the onset of warm temps. I had the Jeep dealer do a major service ($735) tune-up on my '94 Grand Cherokee LTD V8 in March, so it's getting a reliable 17-19mpg on the highway now. I can see $3.00/gal gas by mid-Summer. The gas companies are raking-in the bucks already, and it's not yet Summer peak driving season.
Alas, Netscape v4.75 is wearing thin. Over the past few months since I upgraded my office and condo SCSI Pentium IIIs to 933Mhz units, I've been having unidentifiable problems with each unit suddenly "blacking-out", having to reboot and then go through Norton Disk Dr to fix "lost clusters", "broken chains" and "misallocated file space". I adjusted the power management feature in the BIOS, tinkered with the Registry settings and tweaked both IE v5.5 and Communicator v4.75 preferences. Nothing helped. Until the next black-out, when I read (duh!) the details of the problem in NDD: the Netscape email inbox was causing the problem. The fat.db file was corrupted. After using MS-Outlook as my email client for almost a week, the black-outs have ceased and all is right in computerland again. Oh, I still use Netscape Communicator for browsing, but have disabled Messenger for email. End of problem.
The last loads of nursery stock have finally arrived; we're set for the season. The weather has dried up and rains abated. Still, we're 3-4 weeks behind an already frenetic schedule. Carry on, nurse!

GOP Idiots.
Ws showing everyone his really stupid side: playing the "100 days" game with the shithead lib-dem media scumbags.
And shit-for-brains Colon Bowel, aka Colin Powell, has some nice things to say about the murderous dictator Fidel Castro. Really, Colon, you dumb shithead?

Lib-democRAT Scumbags.
Finally, 25 years after murdering a 13 year old neighbor girl, the fat, stupid, lardass, alcoholic, drug-addicted, white trash Kennedy cousin, Michael "Come Here Little Girlie" Skakel, is going to trial. Any wagers on whether the Kennedy money can buy off this jury?
And Blacks wonder why their so-called "leaders" are ostracized by mainstream America? This stupid bitch, the new "leader" of the Congressional Black Mucous (Caucus), can't understand that W won Florida after the lib-dem shitheads tried to pull every illegal vote count their way. No wonder people drag them behind pick-up trucks.
Hagged-out, washed-up lowlife, has-been Robert Redford comes out of the old folks home to criticize B; pathetic, isn't it?
Lowlife, lying, criminal Bobby "Got Any Money For Me?" Torricelli (Sen-D, NJ), is up to his lying eyeballs in graft and corruption but, like the disgraced, ex-president Liar-In-Chief, Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, he lies directly to everyone, merely postponing the inevitable: THE TRUTH. Shucks, that's the way lib-democRAT filth are. All pols, actually.

Racist, Bigot Filth.
Read the stupid comments in the first paragraph of this article, about the violence in Cincinnati. That's why people drag them behind pick-up trucks. None of them have a functioning brain. The Sharp-scums, Jack-scums, Bufoonme-Mwfume and Cock-roaches of the world the misery-profiteers and race-baiters have perverted the truth.
For anyone wondering if some blacks are as bigoted and racist as some whites, here's proof.
Fat dumbass Irrev scumracistbigotliar Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum is back in the news, after a cowardly trip to the Sudan, where real slavery is happening. He went, did nothing and is trying to take credit for exposing slavery, which White Christians and Jews have done for decades. Nothing's changed: Sharp-scum's still just dogshit.

No way would I allow this shit in Quebec or would have allowed that rioting shit in Seattle. My orders would be shoot to whack all rioters and looters.
US Taxpayers spending hundreds of millions on benefits and payments to felons? How does this shit happen?
White trash piece of dogshit filth Rapper-shitper Enema already serving probation after pleading guilty to a separate weapons charge isn't going to jail afterall for committing another felony weapons crime. Huh? If you or I had done what shithead did, we'd already be in jail doing time.
Jeeeez, not again. White trash piece of shitfilth quasi-actor Robert Downey Jr. was arrested early Tuesday and booked for investigation of being under the influence of a controlled substance. What's that now? Lessee: his arrest Thanksgiving weekend at a luxury hotel in the desert resort of Palm Springs, California, for felony possession of cocaine, Valium and a misdemeanor count of being under the influence of a controlled substance. Why doesn't someone put a bullet through his empty adedicted head? No no no; a better idea! Give him all the coke he can snort or smoke and let the loser lowlife whack himself! Yes, then his and our (we gotta read about this shit) problem's over. Here's my $10 toward his death stash.
This is sickening: a US Nuclear Sub Commander profusely apologizing for a mere accident to a Jap fishing boat, in which 9 lowlife scum drowned. The whining, crying shithead Cmdr Scott Waddle was all over TV shows this past week slobbering like an OPRAH pigf*ckerslut. Certainly not a man. Did the murderous Japs apologize to the US for their Pearl Harbor sneak attack? Or for torturing and multilating US prisoners on Batan and Iwo Jima during WWII? f*ck no. The Jap scum committed atrocities against everyone they came into contact with: Chinese, Americans, Indian, African, other uncounted Asians and they remain unrepentent to this day. If I was Cmdr Scott Waddle, I'd have said, "It was a accident, and I'm regretful your relatives died, but hey, that's what I'm trained for: to whack and destroy. Now go get a life, Jap shitfilthdogf*ckerscum. I'm retiring and looking forward to some fun in the sun. When you apologize to the USA and 30 other nations, I'll apologize to you, mutherf*cker slopes. Til then, get outta my face or I'll put a nuclear torpedo up your yellow ass."
No wonder DC is such a f*cked-up town; read about all the subhuman filth immigrants settling and living there. Pure trash.
Remember the US Recon Plane which the yellowdogf*ckscum Chi-Comm filth have not returned? There should have been a 500lb TNT charge imbedded in the plane's fuselage which should have been activated for explosion 5mins after the US Crew abandoned the craft. Then the yellowdogf*ckscum Chi-Comm filth wouldn't have captured all the US secret technology. Dumb f*cking military, aren't they?

Waste The Filth.
Two wacko homo filth bound, raped and murdered a 13 year old boy, and the lowlife liberal national media refused to report it as a hate crime. Yet when a piece of subhuman homo shit is whacked, it's a hate crime. Now, after trials for both the lowlife scum, all they're getting is life in prison, when they both should be executed. Double standards? You bet. That's why the US Legal System is so f*cked-up. Hopefully, both will be repeatedly raped, beaten and whacked in prison. If I was the prison warden, I'd commute the sentence of anyone who whacked the two fags and set them free.
It's been a slow week again for executions, dammit. There are thousands of murders waiting for the appointments with Hell, but not nearly enough courts and judges with enough guts to get the job done.

The GreatestPictures in History.
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