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Friday, April 27, 2007

gee whiz, there are times when I envy The Energizer Bunny®'s Keep Going! mentality; kind of reminds me of what I once was. These days, even though I charge and change "the batteries", I still feel rundown. Is it a residue of the 'pain meds', which I've been taking and now, am slowly-exiting? Or is it a residue of the vodka/cranberry juice, which I'm drinking? Doubt that. Dunno, really. I surely don't have that verve and vitality, which I once did. At 57, my patience with customers' so-called problems, is waning. Has a mere 17yrs really caused me to "burn-out"? For, what started-out as a hobby and passion, horticulture has become a grinding business, isn't rare. It seriously-afficts thousands of those of us, who go from hobbyist to professional, and experience the "burn-out", first-hand. I've had a similar experience, in two other careers/industries/professions, so I know the symptoms and the cause. Over the years, I've run into many people, from all kinds of careers/industries/professions, who've experienced the same "burn-out"; some have been able to go back and enjoy what they did, while most others have had to move on to other fields, to become once-again fufilled, in their personal quest for success. I'm hoping it's the former, for me, as I'd like to mark both a 20th and 25th Anniversary, before selling the business for $9-10mm, and retiring. Retiring to what? I don't have a clue. A year-off, some relaxing and getting my health back, would be nice, before entering into a new venture. Next time, I'd want to do it with some other, like-minded Conservative Entrepreneurs, who've also "been there, done that, got the t-shit", instead of doing it all by myself, IMO. I don't think I can build a completely new business and handle it all again, by myself. Ha.

Around The Garden Center™.
I did some target shooting at my GC&N Complex's pistol/rifle range, last Friday afternoon, with my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, putting 100 rounds through it, and 80 rounds into the 9 & 10-rings. I'm working on improving my 'index finger technique', by using my index finger's 1st pad, on the 3.5lb trigger, instead of using my index finger's crease, which pushed the barrel to the left and lower portion of the target. A simple 'technique adjustment' means all the difference, and my accuracy has improved 150%, thanks to two Conservative Friends' - Scott and *flytosail* — sage advice. What a difference! Shooting is fun, once again! Ha!
Dammit; last week was a real bad week, for America: the Virginia Tech massacre, the NASA Johnson Space Flight Center murder/suicide, and the Blue Angels crash. Bad things happen in *threes*, as the old bromide goes. RIP, all.
With unseasonably-warm temps on Friday (71°F), Saturday (76°F), Sunday (79°F) and Monday (84°F), it brought hundreds of customers out, and we struggled to handle the sheer volume of buyers. Thankfully, on Saturday and Sunday, I'd arranged to have several additional GC&N Staff and LSCP Crew in to help out, or we'd have been even more swamped, than we actually were. Damn, it was busy all weekend.
Speaking of working 7 days a week, I'm going to work the next two Sundays and then I'll (most likely) be closing on Sundays, for good. I can't get any reliable, weekend retail sales help in here, as no one wants to work on Sunday, and I sure can't handle it by myself. By closing on Sundays, I'll then "force" all retail traffic into the GC&N Complex, on Saturdays, when I have sufficient retail sales help available.
Strawberry Daiquiris are good/healthy/beneficial for me? I'm collecting recipes, and am thinking of switching from Vodka/Cranberry Juice, to Strawberry Daiquiris. Nah, maybe in addition, but not replacing V/CJs. And daiquiris are "much too sweet" tasting, for me. Yet, I like the "boosted anti-oxidant concept", though.
It's Monday night, and I'm watching "24" on FOX-TV, and it's rriveting as usual. (Yes, I'm a "24" fan.) I dumped KFMB's The Savage Nation's 4th Hour, which is simply a re-broadcast of the 1st Hour. No loss, since I can "make-it-up", via the TSN Archives, anytime I want, since I'm a "Premium Member", or somesuch term, they call it. $5.95/mo, and all I can listen to, download and store on my HD. Blech. I don't d/l'd and store that on my HD, but merely use it to catch-up-on any missed episodes. As for "24', I get the FOX-issued DVD, each year, so all episodes are preserved, other than what I record and store on an external Seagate 200GB HD. I watched it 2x, on Tuesday Night, and ...
The weather has been abnormally warm, and uncomfortably-humid, for the past 5 days — upper 70s/lower 80s — but on Wednesday, more seasonable weather returned: low-to-mid-60s. We lost a new lscp crew team member, who refused to wear our company t-shirt and cap, and insisted on wearing his all-black 'goth costume'. I gave him an ultimatum last Friday, and he quit. Too bad, as he was a good worker. But he had a lousy attitude. I told him that what he does on his own time, is none of my business, but what he does and looks like here, from 7am-3:30pm, IS my business.
Rain and thunderstorms moved into the area, on Wednesday afternoon, bringing some much-needed moisture to this region. The week's very warm temps have cooked all of the moisture out of the ground, and the rain was needed. Thursday and Thursday night were also rainy, and much appreciated. No complaints from me.
Gas prices, at the pump, have increased another 7¢ this week: The pump price of (premium unleaded) gas is now over $3.00/gal. Unleaded Regular is now at $2.85/gal; Unleaded Plus is at $2.95/gal, and Unleaded Premium is now at $3.15/gal. I've lost track of Kerosene (K-1), but Diesel is now at $2.79/gal. Is $4.00/gal just around the proverbial corner? It appears so.
I've never seen so many trees and shrubs in bloom, at the same time. Normally, there is a "sequential blooming order", as dictated by Nature: flowering pears, maples, serviceberries, redbuds, flowering cherries, flowering plums, etc etc etc, right through the Summer and Fall months. But this year, they're all blooming at the same time! What a display.

Slaughter On The Virginia Tech Campus™.
Awwwwwwww, poor little gook-dink-slope baby boy, piece-of-shit, trash. You were the best reason for abortion, IMO. You were "picked on and laughed at" by those evil Whities, were you, subhuman filth? Awwwwwwww. The lib-dem apologists for murder and death, are covering the murderous, subhuman filth's ass, aren't they? You betcha. The so-called authorities purposely-delayed the release of the murderer's name, personal information and the slaughtered students' names and pics. Cover-up, aka "sanitization", is still underway, IMO. "Picked on and laughed at"? Bullied by the hegemonic, islamophobic, homophobic, White-trash Americans, as they are subtly-suggesting, in the hate-America, verminous, left-wing wacko, hate-US Military, "drive-by-media"? Yes, they are, bigtime.
Is the "Cho-verload™" (Michael Savage-ism) factor setting-in, amongst Americans, in just under a week's time? Has America had enough of the mentally-ill murderer, from The VA Tech Massacre. I'm thinking it is, but not with me, as there's more to this story than is being told, by the so-called 'authorities', who've covered-up and 'sanitized' Cho's story and related evidence, IMO.
The scores of 'copycat' threats started almost immediately after Monday's massacre, and are continuing, nationwide, in nine states, so far. IMO, all 'copycatters' should be ID'd, and prosecuted to the maximum: hard, long prison time with scheduled, nightly rapes by other GP (general population)inmates. I hate those who emulate a murderer and want to 'virtually replicate' that slaughter, and they all should 'feel the boot's heel', up to the point of death. Squash their asses, like a bug, dammit!
A 'neo-nazi connection', aka left-wing, socialist-commie-liberal agenda, for Cho? Possibly. But I think the subtle, murderous, muslim-islamic-arab connection is much more plausible. Cho was a mentally-ill, partial-muslim convert, IMO. The Official Cover-Up, continues.
Now, NASA, too? Yikes. All of them, should be carrying (CCW), IMO.
Oh, really? Gooks-dinks-slopes? F*ck you, Asian American Journalists Association (AAJA)! Any questions, Gooks-dinks-slopes? Gooks-dinks-slopes! Gooks-dinks-slopes! Gooks-dinks-slopes! Gooks-dinks-slopes! Gooks-dinks-slopes! Gooks-dinks-slopes! Gooks-dinks-slopes! Gooks-dinks-slopes! Go f*ck yourselves, subhumans! can't handle The Truth, assholes? F*ck all of you lowlife scumbags.
"Ismael Ax"? Yes, it's a veiled muslim-islamist-arab connection to murder, slaughter and death, IMO. That phrase was/is widely-searched on the Net, and is still being investigated, even after the so-called authorities have "sanitized" the murderer's background, to erase all connections to the hell-hole cult of death and murder, called islam.
The subhuman, mentally-ill people, or lowlife, dirtbag, murderous muslim-islamist-arab filth, who commit mass murder want immediate media attention, and the instance of mass murders have increased exponentially since the 1960s. The availability of TVs in our homes and nationwide networks to widely-transmit breaking news stories live, increases the incentives for mass killers and terrorists to commit their heinous crimes. A news blackout, denying publicity to the murderous garbage/trash/garbage, would solve that problem, IMO.
Under federal law, Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho should have been prohibited from buying a gun after a Virginia court declared him to be a danger to himself in late 2005 and sent him for psychiatric treatment, a state official and several legal experts said Friday. The subhuman, mentally-ill defective dirtbag, Cho, apparently had an "appetite for violence, as a child", according to relatives, who knew his violent tendencies. Federal law prohibits anyone who has been "adjudicated as a mental defective," as well as those who have been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility, from purchasing a gun. The liberal-controlled courts failed the dead students/professors, and they're to blame, inj large part, for this slaughter, IMO.
Cho bought both a Glock 19/9mm and a Walther P22/.22cal, but after he was legally-declared "mentally-ill", his guns should have been flagged and confiscated. IMO. Mental defectives (and criminals) should never be allowed to own/have weapons, dammit. There's a whole new industry in ID-ing, tracking down and confiscating their now-illegal weapons. *Weapon-Repo*, like Car-Repo, etc etc. The impotent, inept, lowlife criminals in the corrupt, US Congress are on it. Heh.
Of course, the lowlife dirtbag liberal-demokkkRAT filth — Jack Ohman/The Oregonian — immediately-opined on The Second Amendment, with a vulgar, tasteless and disgusting 'cartoon', soon afterwards. Ohman is a subhuman, homo-sodomite, piece-of-shit punk, who can't understand simple reality: guns, by themselves, don't kill; demented, angry, twisted, disturbed people using them, do the killing. Ohman is a talentless asshole, and that crappy 'cartoon', shows it, quite aptly.
The family of murderous Cho, released this statement, on Friday. What's your opinion? Me? I have synmpathy for them, but they failed American Society and his 32 victims, by not having the piece-of-shit, murderous punk, committed to an asylum, when they knew he was a mental-defective, and a 'danger to himself and others', as the courts ruled several years before. They and the liberal-controlled courts, are to blame for this massacre.
All too soon, homo-sodomite liberal-demokkkRATs, like Tommie "The Commie" Plate, one of CNN's contributing faggots, opined that we ???"all should lay down our right tobear arms", and submit meekly to our enemies, worldwide. Hey, shit-for-brains Plate: the right to free speech, press, religion and assembly is guarranteed by The Second Amendment, you dumb asshole!
pMSNBC and CNN are guilty, IMO, of giving the murderous, mentally-ill, gook-dink-slope Cho, a greater degree of historical immortality, by showing his so-called "manifesto", over-and-over, for days and days. Those liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled media whores are guilty, and should be reigned-in, by the FCC.
Speaking of mentally-ill, lowlife dirtbags, dirtbag and disgraced US Congressman Dennis Kucinich (TURD-OH) wants to ban hand guns in America. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when America really needs him? Typically, in an election year cycle, cowardly pols of all stripes, fear taking-on the issue of Second Amendment gun control, as they know they'll lose tens-of-milliosn of votes, and the election, so they'll wait until after the cycle is over, before introducing such bills.
I've been listening to the many radio Talk Shows, for almost two weeks, discussing the VA Tech Massacre, and dissecting the mentally-ill, murderous, sympathetic muslim-islamic-arab killer of Americans, and the subhuman black muslim, camel-shitscum-filthies coming out from their slimy rocks, sewers and gutters, to defend the 8th century hell-hole, garbage/trash/shit/crap/junk filth cult, called islam. IMO, islanm should be utterly and completely destroyed and annihilated, beyond recognition and reorganization. islam is not a religion, in any sense of the word. It is a cult, completely-devoted to murder, mayhem, death, destruction and absolute poverty and disease. Their unholy koran/curan — I wipe my ass with it, muzzie garbage — is their war/murder manual. I've said so, and told you this, since 9-11-01, haven't I? If you've read my weekly John's Journal,over the past 11 years, you know that's true. Visit my Archives.
The sick, mentally-ill, subhuman leftist filth mourn the murderer. Natch. Rot in hell, Cho bastard!

Global Warming™ Bullshit & Lies.
If you want ***The Truth About Global Warming***, watch this 1hr:16min film by the BBC — The Great Global Warming Swindle — about what's really happening. The leftist, lying, verminous cowards at YouTube, have banned the film, and the idiotic, leftist-turdbags have picked it up. I have it on DVD, and will upload it to my corporate server, for all to see, when Google drops it, due to pressure from the wacko, leftist, subhuman, commie, enviro-filth. I won't allow this truth to die or disappear. Watch it, dammit!
How can people be so f*cking stupid, as to believe in this scam?

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
"The war in Iraq is lost"? What? I formally declare that criminal, lowlife, dirtbag, disgraced, traitor, seditionist, saboteur, US Sen Harry "Dingy Harry" Reid (CRIMINAL-NV) with the capital crimes of treason, sedition and sabotage, in a time of war, and demand that he be duly-charged, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced, and executed. All treasonous, cut-and-run, liberal-demokkkRATs and GOP/RINOs must also be duly-charged, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced, and executed, in this time of war. There are hundreds, if not thousands of them, out there, who are daily-undermining and sabotaging America and The US Military, in this War Against islam, IMO, and all need to be ID'd, and executed. IMO. I volunteer for the firing squad, at absolutely no charge, to US Taxpayers. I'd do the execution duty, gladly on my own dime, in service to America.
Hershey Corp (PA) officials told union employees Monday that they would be shutting down the Hershey plant in Reading (PA) and cutting more than 200 jobs. Officials said they are working with union representatives to work out "fair severance packages" for the 260 employees who will lose their jobs. Officials said the closure is part of a "supply-chain realignment". Bullshit, IMO. Hershey Corp is another of the treasonous, anti-American, NWO-scumbag companies, whom I will never, never, never buy another piece of chocolate product from, and whom I'd sold my stock, over a year ago, and will never support, ever again. Hershey Chocolate is steaming DOGSHIT! It pains me to say it, but it's true. I will buy chocolate from other US companies, but never from Hershey. They are truly anti-American garbage, IMO.
"America's image is a problem for the next US President", opines the lowlife, dirtbag, homo-sodomite, alcoholic, scumbag, liar, amateur 'writer', Michael Hirsh, a laughable, talentless, hate-filled, bald-headed, Jew-hating, AIDS-riddled faggot butt-boy, for the pathetic, hate-America, hate-US Military shitscumbags at the liberal-crap-filled, Newsweak magazine. That is the liberal-mandated and ordered message, behind a new multinational survey, released this week by the left-wing, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Bush, Euro-socialist-commie Chicago Council on Global Affairs and WorldPublicOpinion.org, both subversive filth and scum, which 'showed' that nations around the world reject the idea that the United States should play the role of preeminent world leader. F*ck both the commie-Euro-socialist organizations/organs and the Jew-hating, secular dirtbag, Hirsh. Where are John Hinckley and Mark David Chapman, when the Nation really needs them?
Alec "The liberal asshole" Baldwin's voicemail conversation with his daughter? Who the f*ck cares? His ex-wife, Kimmy "The WhoreBag Bimbo" Bassinger, is behind it all, and they can work it out in court, without dirtying US Society with their filthy garbage, IMO. F*ck those two subhuman pieces-of-shit.
Read through this list of muslim boys' names, and if you can stomach this muslim-islamic-arab filth, and not puke, I'll be surprised. Those filthy, dirty, subhuman garbage/trash/crap/camel-shit names are worthy of wiping my ass with, in leiu of toilet paper. I don't know how I happened-across this pathetic roster of shit and trash, muslim-islamic-arab crap. I like Ann Coulter's recommendation: invade their turd-world, hell-hole countries, kill all their murderous leaders, and convert them to Christianity, or kill them by the hundreds-of-millions. They're subhuman filth and garbage, and not worthy of wasting anymore O2, IMO.
The DJIA breaks 13,000 (13,089.89), and "the economy is terrible?" Gimme some duct tape; my head is ready to erupt!
Have you ever heard of an Assault Ham Sandwich? Apparently, there is such a thing, and it's classified as a "hate crime". America is truly f*cked. Rampant illegal immigration, muslim-islamic-arab terrorism, crime at all-time levels, drugs destroying America's moral fabric, and the so-called 'authorities' go after 10yr-old kids, for hate crimes with a ham sandwich?

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
The US House of Representatives, by their cowardly, leftist, liberal-demokkkRAT vote of 218-208, is complicit in treason, sedition and sabotage, IMO, and duly-deserves trial, conviction, sentencing and immediate execution, IMO. Those 218 subhuman, lowlife filth, make me puke and want to volunteer for the firing squad, for all of them. The cowardly, do-nothing liars, traitors, seditionists and saboteurs in the corrupt, criminal US Senate, are complicit, as well, and richly-deserve the same treatment, IMO, as they voted 51-46 to pass the 'cut-and-run' bill and send it to President Bush, who said he will veto it. I spit on the US Congress filth.
Sheryl Crow? She's a subhuman, piece-of-shit, lowlife, alcoholic, drug-addicted, porno-loving, abortion-adoring, baby-slaughtering, dirtbag whore-slut-bitch-skank, IMO.
Good riddance and rot in hell, Millender-McDonald liberal-demokkkRAT bitch!
Good riddance and rot in hell, Halberstam liberal-demokkkRAT asshole!
Alec Baldwin, the pitiful subhuman piece-of-lowlife-shit, is leaving America, finally, maybe, hopefully? Time for a party!

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Yes, these five subhuman, lowlife, dirtbag, murderous garbage/trash/filth NIGGERS® need killing! And I volunteer to put a .45cal through their hate-filled NIGGER heads! Time to kill them all, and rid society of their presence, danger, smell and disease, IMO. NIGGERS? Yes, NIGGERS! Not blacks, in any sense of the word. KILL THE FUCKING NIGGERS! Any questions?
Kill the rioting inmates at this US prison; kill them all, IMO. They're subhuman, criminal filth, and deserve death for their crimes against society. Kill them all.
Allen Joseph "Boonie" Hicks III, 22, deserved to die, for robbery and attempted murder, and the world is so much better-off with his criminal, Nigga® ass, wasting O2, IMO. Rot in hell, asshole!
The treasonous, seditious fat pig, Lynne Stewart, needs to die for her crimes against America. I'd volunteer for the firing squad, at No Charge to the US taxpayers. One shot; dead sweathog bitch.

Angry Asian Man.
As he acknowledges right off, he's not as angry as you think. But he's not going to just sit back and let stuff slide by him, either. Since January, Angry Asian Man has blogged loud and proud about everything from the indignity of some Las Vegas advertising to the glorious prowess of air-guitar master C-Diddy, aka "the Asian fury." (Make air, not war.) Our muckraking blogger tracks who's getting in to Hillary Clinton's fundraisers and who's not, spreads the word on police violence against a Sikh-American army vet, and wades in to the Sanjaya spectacle on "American Idol." He marks the anniversaries of the Bataan Death March and the Syracuse Denny's Incident. He revels in the Sundance film festival. And he comes close to gushing about "Chinatown bad boy" rappers Notorious MSG. He loves. He hates. He's a conscious human in America. Blog on, Angry Asian Man.
Coincidence that this 'blog' review, and "The Massacre at Virginia Tech", occur in the same week? Who knows?

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