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friday, april 27th

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Civilized people must stop tolerating this kind of demented liberal behavior. A city councilwoman from the high-end West University neighborhood in Houston was charged with a misdemeanor on Wednesday. What’s the big deal, you ask? The big deal is that her offense was shouting obscenities at a couple of teenage girls in a coffee shop because one of those girls happened to be wearing a “Make America Great Again” t-shirt. I swear I don’t make this stuff up.

We have come to a point in our society in which liberals/progressives/socialists/communists/social justice warriors like this nutjob councilwoman believe they are justified in any form of anti-social behavior that they wish to use to express their disdain for the current President of the United States. That even extends to adult nitwits assaulting teenagers for wearing a t-shirt they don’t approve of.

This is completely demented behavior that has no place in civil society, and we see it happening all over the place. Here are three additional high-profile examples just from Thursday:

Thus, we have not only reached the point at which elected public officials feel justified in assaulting teenagers for wearing pro-Trump t-shirts; the point at which it’s perfectly fine for left-wing senators to engage in assassination dog-whistling on left-wing national TV shows; the point at which sadly fading actors urge their brain-dead fans to avoid engaging in actual debate on actual issues. We have now in fact reached the point at which believing conservative political thoughts is now a firing offense.

The next logical step in this progression is for engaging in conservative thought to become a criminal offense. And if you think your liberal “friends” aren’t really heading down that road, I invite you to look at what is going on in Europe, where the expression of anti-open borders thoughts have in fact become criminalized in “free” countries like England, France, Germany and Sweden. If you think that is not coming to America the next time your liberal friends elect a left-wing president, you are living in a very dangerous dream world.

Had the Pantsuit Princess actually won the 2016 election, we’d most likely already be at that point. Liberals/progressives/socialists/communists/SJW (Social Justice Warriors) are all tin pot totalitarian despots at heart. Don’t kid yourselves otherwise. They believe they are smarter than you are, and they believe in their hearts that their inherent superior goodness entitles them to control what everyone else thinks and does.

You see this playing out every day in California, where the state’s government, completely dominated by the radical left-wing Democrat party there, is now functioning in open sedition on policies related to immigration, violent crime, energy and many other areas. The Jerry Brown administration is actively moving its state towards a posture that, if left unchecked, will inevitably lead to either outright secession from the union, or open civil war.

All of which takes me back to this demented councilwoman from West University. Thinking people in this country have got to stop looking the other way when people like her act out in public. We have to start condemning such people, loudly and forcibly, when they engage in the sort of abusive behavior this woman engaged in towards these two teenagers. Even more to the point, we have to stop pretending that people like this woman are fit to hold elective office, or that such people are capable of being our “friends”.

Because the fact is, people like this councilwoman actively hate you. They hate you, they hate the President of the United States, and they hate this country at the end of the day. And the biggest part of this problem is that, after three full decades of refusing to actually engage in rational debate, liberals in this country are no longer self-aware enough to recognize that their own behavior is a problem.

The only proper way to deal with such hateful people is to shun them, to marginalize them from our lives, and to ensure that people like this councilwoman, like the Pantsuit Princess, like Robert De Niro and Kampala Harris, never hold real power over our lives again.

Just another day for raging liberals destroying America.

That is all.

© 2018 by David Blackmon,


A Day In The Life.

(NOTE: All 6 days previously "disappeared"; Today was all I could salvage. I hadn't saved my work and it was gone into the ether). I'd just take too long to rewrite all those events of that entire week.

After a great night's sleep, on the LR Couch, I had OJ, made scrambled eggs and toast and took a drive to SKH Garden Center to see what offerings they'd put out so for. Mot much; just too cold. I did but some 1-2-3gals and 1qts to plan, though, just to get some colors going. I slipped and fell head-over-head and hurt my L/S ribs. That was all the gardening I was doing for the day. I laid down, on the LR Couch with the heating pad and an Oxy, and fell asleep.

Sherry stopped by to see if I had any damage to my empty head, and if I was okay; I was. Both she and I were diaappointed that the weeky's "Journal" was missing, but that's the way it goes, sometimes.

She had dinner to get ready and I was fading fast. So we split-up; me on the LR couch and her headed home. I gotta be more careful with the damned "delete" button.

Next week...

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