Vivaldi, "Four Seasons Spring",
"The Sand Animation Film", by Ferenc Cakó

marks the spot

friday, april 29th, 2011

what is said upon finding your target has been marked out. Derived from an "X" on pirate treasure maps. The phrase was put into common usage by the British army, who performed executions by marking a piece of paper with a red "X" and positioning it on the heart of someone sentenced to death. The acting officer would say "X marks the spot" and the firing squad would shoot the "X".

For doing what almost irreparable damage the filthy, stinking, in the corrupt US Senate, and the lowlife, dirtbag, half-breed, racist, liberal-demokkkRATs, commie, incompetent president have done to the Nation in just 2 short years, they all ought to have the red "X" painted on their empty, perverted heads and stood against a wall, IMO.

There are many thousands-of-millions of True Americans who would rapidly and proudly volunteer for the firing squad, me included, if sure conviction of "high crimes and misdemeanors" and "felonies" could be proved for both the so-called president and congress critters, but the way things are "rigged" in the InJustice System in America, that'll never happen. ∅bummer's list of crimes, punishable by life imprisonment and death are innumerable. We just want to see that subhuman filth and scum, GONE; whatever it takes to do so! 2012 can't come soon enough for America.

Still, one can dream, can't one?

If any bill, similar to Michigan's MCL 8.3q comes your way, make your mark with an "X", if you can't write. I can sign my name and will do so. But an "X" will suffice. Getting the garbage and trash of both sides of the aisle out of office and into prison or graves, is the most important act an American can do. Let the race riots begin, and millions of them will die this time. We've had enough. The future of our children and grandchildren are at stake. We're the last guard between communism, racism and raging lib-dem hatred, and The Real American Way.

I've read "I See Danger"©2011, a "sane person's book in what lies ahead", and so should you. Don't be a wuss; read it, dammit.

There are actually two messages here. The 1st message is very interesting, but the 2nd is absolutely astounding – and explains a lot. A recent survey provided very interesting statistics from a survey by the corrupt United Nations International Health Organization:

Percentage of men and women who survived a cancer five years after diagnosis:

U.S. – 65%

England – 46%

Canada – 42%

Percentage of patients diagnosed with diabetes who received treatment within six months:

U.S. – 93%

England – 15%

Canada – 43%

Percentage of seniors needing hip replacement who received it within six months:

U.S. – 90%

England – 15%

Canada – 43%

Percentage referred to a medical specialist who see one within one month:

U.S. – 77%

England – 40%

Canada – 43%

Number of MRI scanners (a prime diagnostic tool) per million people:

U.S. – 71%

England – 14%

Canada – 18%

Percentage of seniors (65+), with low income, who say they are in "excellent health":

U.S. – 12%

England – 2%

Canada – 6%

Check this last set of statistics:

The percentage of each past president's cabinet who had worked in the private business sector prior to their appointment to the cabinet. You know what the private business sector is…a real-life business, not a government job. Here are the percentages

T. Roosevelt – 38%

Taft – 40%

Wilson – 52%

Harding – 49%

Coolidge – 48%

Hoover – 42%

F. Roosevelt – 50%

Truman – 50%

Eisenhower – 57%

Kennedy – 30%

Johnson – 47%

Nixon – 53%

Ford – 42%

Carter – 32%

Reagan – 56%

GHW Bush – 51%

Clinton – 39%

GW Bush – 55%

And the lowest-life, dirtbag, halfbreed, subhuman piece-of-pigshit, Kenyan-born, muslim garbage islamic shit-filth, to never hold a real business job is Barack Hussein Soetero Obama, who now illegally occupies The White House:

Obama – 8%

This helps to explain the incompetence of this administration: Only 8% of them have ever worked in private business. That's right. Only eight percent – the least, by far, of the last 19 presidents. And these corrupt ∅bummer people are "trying to tell our big corporations how to run their business"? They know what's best for GM, Chrysler, Wall Street, the Airline Industry, Oil & Gas Exploration, and especially your and my Small Business?

How can the president of a major nation and society, the one with the most successful economic system in world history, stand and talk about business when he's never worked for one? Or about any jobs when s/he has never really had one? And it's the same for 92%+ of his incompetent senior staff and closest advisors? They've spent most of their time in pathetic academia, take-not-make government and/or non-profit jobs or as "asshole community organizers". They should have been standing in an employment line. They should be stood against a wall with an "X marks the spot" glued to their empty, racist, fascist, socialist, communist foreheads, and the *fire command* given repeatedly until "the problem is solved". Bring on the race and religious riots; they'll be slaughtered by the millions, this time. Real Americans are worse-than-PO'd and won't hesitate to use overwhelming firepower to protect and defend to the death, OUR CITIES and OUR HOMES from subhuman lowlife garbage, subhuman muslim pigshit and racist sambo trash! Bring it, scumbags!

Around The Garden Center

Oh crap: here it comes again toward us, hopefully minus the destructive and lethal tornadoes. We should be getting hit by Saturday afternoon with this system. Mercifully, the Main Retail VWGH (Van Wingerden GH) is newly-recovered and will easily withstand any coming storms. It feels good to have it all finally completed. Now, the massive interior clean-up begins on Friday, with dirt and debris from the upper gutters all over the place. I swept-up more than half of the GH Thursday afternoon, but there's so much more to do to get it ready for Saturday and next week.

I reset my alarm clock to 6am, since I don't have to get-up at 4:30-5am for the Amish Construction Crews again, until next Spring when we recover the 6 30ft x 100ft Brady Quonset GHs. That'll take 2-4 days easily, but until then I can sleep until 6am and still be into work by 7:15am. I have a heating pad on my lower right back now, will take it to bed with me, for comfort and relief from the work I did today, although the Sciatic Nerve pain isn't a major problem. I'm eating 325mg coated aspirin like candy, though. Better for me than opiates.

Friday was a very busy day. We cleaned the entire, newly-recovered VWGH (Van Wingerden GH) "within-an-inch-of-its-life", since there was so much dirt and debris on the metal benches and concrete floor from the work on Thursday: 8 years worth of crap. Plus, we cleaned-out gobs and piles of "other stuff" which had "accumulated" over the past 21 years, and it looks 100% better. Crates of statuary and garden art arrived, were unpacked, priced and displayed both inside and outside.

With a few minor adjustments to the tables on Friday for serving food and refreshments, the quartet-band playing area, seating for hundreds, plants filling the tables stem to stern, tablecloths/plates/napkins/pizza-cutters/spatulas/utensils etc for the 60+ gourmet pizzas I've ordered from Golden Crust Pizza in Red Lion (PA). I moved the golf cart and battery-charging unit to GH-2 for storage and use, to give us more room in the rear of the Main VWGH for serving the food and drinks. The place has never looked better, except when I built it 21+ years ago.

I had 3 site meetings to go to for large landscape maintenance jobs, and two other landscape design jobs to pass on to Rich. I have 3 more landscape job appointments coming into the Complex to meet with me, since I've been to their homes and they're relatively simple jobs, which I can do on an MS-Excel Spreadsheet, quickly. The ones from Friday will take a "bit longer" to spec plant varieties, sizes and prices of the various plants required, but I should have them done in a few days. Saturday promises to be another very busy day, despite the predicted rain and t-storms moving through. I expect to get thoroughly-soaked again helping customers, like last weekend. Time for the US Military Rainwear, I guess.

Friday night, in addition to the regular Church Board Meeting at 8pm, we had a Good Friday Service at 8:30om and it lasted an hour. That's the first one I've been to in many, many years and it brought back memories plus a Spiritual Re-Awakening. I used to love Christmas as a kid, because of all the presents, but Easter – Christ's Rebirth from The Cross – is what I truly celebrate now. Getting home at 10pm, I headed for sleep, with Murphy close behind. I would have to be up at 6am and open by 8am, with several customers promising to come in by 9am or sooner.

Saturday was another cold, rainy day in the low-40s, with a Wind Chill of upper-30s. It was busy in both the retail and landscape departments; good revenue. My trusty Logitech MX3200 Wireless Keyboard & Mouse mysteriously quit working at 2pm, although I changed all 6 AAA batteries, restarted several times but nothing worked. I ordered a new Logitech MX710 Wireless K&M online, but then mysteriously as before, both the MX3200 Keyboard/Mouse started working again. The 710 would now be stored as a back-up if the 3200 failed again. We had our 3pm Key Staff Meeting to review the coming weeks and jobs, and by 5pm, I had *lost my 2 rings of 21-year-old, original keys* to the Complex, when they fell from the back pocket of my Lee® Jeans. I went near-ballistic and searched the entire place until 8pm with a flashlight. No luck. I would now get-up at 6am on Sunday, go food shopping at Weis Markets, and then spend the day down there searching everywhere again. Failing that, all employees would be involved in the search on Monday morning, or I'd have to get dozens of locks and ignitions re-keyed, for safety, the security company and the insurance companies' sakes. That would cost close to a thousand dollars. I went to sleep around 10:15pm Friday, having set the alarm for 6am. Fortunately, we were closed on Easter Sunday, but my personal "key-ring hunt" took precedence over formal Church attendance. And I'd miss Easter Dinner with Mom, Dad & Becky. I had no other choice.

I spent 5 hours – 3 with Lee – searching the GC&N Complex for my missing, connected ring-sets of keys: nothing, nada, zip, zilch. I re-traced my actions from Friday to Saturday closing, and all I can come up with is that "someone" lifted them off of my Office's conference room table, where I usually keep them with my clip-on sunglasses and site visitation clipboard and specific customer files, hopefully by accident, and left with them after using my Office's bathroom. If it was intentional, then they have total access to everything at the 20-acre Complex: entrances, buildings, GHs, machinery, trucks etc, and I will have to get the entire Complex re-keyed. Lee left at 11am; I left at 12noon after one more once-around the Center, inside and out.

After getting home and unpacking the food I'd bought early in the morning, I did some laundry and left for Easter Dinner with Mom, Dad & Becky, though really not hungry at all, after my abject failure to find my keys. It was delicious: spiral-cut honey-glazed ham, yams done perfectly, fresh asparagus, cornbread and fruits for dessert with a biscuit dipped in their juices. I worked on Dad's wireless HP laptop, trying to get his email working, but also to no avail. The asshole tech from CommieCast installed CATV but left before ever setting it up and making sure it works. Now, I have to call CommieCast and get them re-involved to get it working. Dad's browsers, which I set-up and configured, all work fine; CommieCast's shitty email is the problem. No matter, I'll get it done very soon.

My 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee "Laredo" is scheduled at Endurance Motors in Rinely (PA) for all-day Monday service: tire and wheel replacement of the spare, oil & filter change, tranny oil filter change and chassis lube. So I'll be without transportation, except for borrowing Dad's Jeep to run some errands, like get new keys made for myself if we don't find the missing others. I've got close to 115 plants to tag for upcoming lscp maintenance jobs, estimates to work on and get ready for a meeting in Phoenix (MD) with an important customer, which was rescheduled from 2 weeks ago. There's a lot to do and right now, Steffi and Kim are involved in tagging and pricing plants, and can't take these "staging jobs" over, just yet. They will, very soon.

Happy Easter, and "Dance Your Shoes Off!" to everyone, regardless of who you are!

Rain showers and heavy squalls moved through the area around 6:30pm, dropping temps almost 15°F, but it'll be sunny, hot and sticky for the rest of the week, as the TV forecaster-idiots are calling for un-April-like weather. I already have my new 2-ton High-Efficiency 18-Seer Amana Model ASXC-18 AC Unit running to cool things down. The new Highest Efficiency Amana Model AMVC95 64-Seer Gas Furnace is almost a thing of the past for the coming Summer months, now. And my new Ruud Tankless Model 95 Point-Of-Use Gas Water Heater is performing flawlessly. Do laundry, wash dishes and take a shower and get nothing but hot water; outstanding! Hopewell HVAC in Winterstown (PA) did a wonderful installation at a very nice price. Those 3 units will be the first appliances which I "change-out" when I move into my new condo, in 2 years or less.

I was up at 5am instead of my usual 6am, watered and fed Murphy, made breakfast and coffee and was still thinking about my "lost & missing 65 original keys"; in fact, I'd even had a weird dream about them being found and then stolen again. My back was hurting from the fall I'd taken the other night in a pair of clogs, when the insert came apart. Aspirin helped that Sciatica somewhat. I refuse to take anything stronger because of dependence upon it after the pain fades away; natural healing is best if it can allowed to occur, IMO.

Up at 5am instead of my now-usual 6am time, I watered and fed Murphy, made breakfast & coffee, and headed-out in the dark to work. I had my "new set of 9 keys'" to try and label each key, so I'd know WTH I was doing when I needed to unlock the Complex' many doors. I did the labeling task, and opened the Complex at 6:50am, well-ahead of everyone else's arrival at 8am. Yes, I always say "Good Morning, Pickle" and "Good Night, Pickle" as I pass his grave at the top of the GC&N Stairs; I still miss him very much. And I don't give a flying crap who hears me say it, either. He was that special to me.

I just cleaned my Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, on my Office desk, while waiting for some callbacks from grower-suppliers. It wasn't "dirty" since the last time I fired and cleaned it, but just needed a good reaming-out and oiling, to make me feel good. It's always in tip-top shape, in case I need it.

DAD FOUND MY MISSING SETS OF KEYS! Sacre Bleu! They were on the electrical meter box, on the west side of The Pump House, which we'd all walked by 1,000 times looking *down* for them on the ground! What keen eyesight and amazing powers of observation Dad has at 87 years old (Click on Court of Valor Slide Show)). So now I have 2 sets of keys, kept 100% of my Lee® Jeans belt loops by a Mountain Climbing, non-locking Carabiner.

I made a gourmet "Ooey-Gooey Grilled Cheese Sandwich" for dinner last evening, and it was outstanding! Try it if you're really adventurous and hungry. Yes, I miss the fine restaurants and Broadway after working in NYC's "Madison Ave Jungle" for 17 years, but not the rest of that shitty city. The terrorists can have it!

And we think we had it bad here with over 13" of rain? Missouri and several other states are getting their asses kick and kicked hard with tornados and floods. Prayers for all of them.

On Wednesday, I was up and about by 6:15am, slightly-groggy from the 12.5mg Ambien CR® Rx pill I'd taken at 8:45pm the night before. After taking care of Murphy's water and food needs, I made Maple Oatmeal, Oatmeal Toast and 2 cups of French Roast Drip Coffee in my Chemex Coffeemaker. The line of vicious-storms went to our northwest and missed us completely, mercifully. I was running late and off to work by 7:00am, stopped at Sheetz® for coffee and Marlboros®. I had errands to run, bank deposits to make, appointments with plumbers and HVAC techs at my condo, and Dad was off for the day. Some of it I'd have "push-off" into Thursday, my only day off. No choice but to make the long drive to Quality GHs in Dillsburgh (PA) and pick-up a load of perennials in my Jeep. I hated the thought of wasting the day driving all over the mid-state, but I had no choice in the matter. I made it into work before 7am, opened-up the Complex and began to lay-out my day's priorities. Only 3 days to go to "The Open House" and were behind on a few things, though 95% had come together.

I unloaded *everything* from my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee "Laredo", in preparation for the drive to Dillsburgh (PA) to pick-up 16+ flats of 1gal pots of perennials we needed for The 21st Open House. It would be a "very tight fit" to get all that plant material inside the empty Jeep, even with our "jury-rigging" some shelves to stack plants in the 6-to-a-tray configuration. I had am 8am haircut to get, a 10am-12noon app't with the dishwasher repairman from Saunders Heating, and then at least a 3¾ hour drive round-trip to get those needed plants in 1gal pots. Forget my weekly food shopping trip; some frigging day off this would be! I prepped the Jeep by emptying it out, laying-down the rear seats, filling it with 73 used trays from Quality GHs for a refund and plenty of heavy-duty brown butcher paper to contain all or most of the spilled potting soil and dirt.

At 10:15am on Wednesday, Hopewell HVAC fixed my new 2-ton Amana AC Unit; a simple wiring problem and it's working beautifully now. I can't say enough good things about Ellie & Company, just down the road; they're always there for me and any problem which I have, no matter how "niggling" it is. Now if I could just say the same good things about R.E. Sanders follow-through and thoroughness on their jobs, I'd be a very happy camper. I rescheduled them to next week, so that I can get an Thursday 8am haircut and drive 1½hrs to Dillsburg to pick-up and transport all those perennials in my Jeep, and then get back to the Complex to unload. I also found a new excellent Electricial Company in Stewartstown (PA): J&T Electrical, John Orr (717)993-4210/ cell:(717)332-8043 & Tom Orr, cell: (717) 332-7821, to do our (electrical, and lots of it here) work.

Vince, the Owner of Golden Crust Pizza of Red Lion (PA), and I spoke on Wednesday morning about the 60 18" pizzas he's to deliver starting at 11am through 2:30pm on Saturday: 40 plain cheese, 10 cheese w/ oinions & hamburger and 10 with mushrooms, delivered to my Complex. That's finalized. Now, to scrubbing the vinyl chairs, cleaning-out garbage cans, sweeping "dust-bunnies", cleaning the sink & toilet, emptying wastebasket and garbage cans, mopping floors etc; you know, "boss stuff".

Showers, t-storms, torrential rains and possibly damaging hail from 94+ reported tornadoes were forecast by the TV-weather idiot talking-heads, only this time they weren't too far off the mark. I saw the massive stormfront approaching us from the Missouri Valley Region, and it looked bad for Wednesday evening and for my round-trip drive to Dillsburg, on Thursday. Aw shit crap! I just didn't need that mess to drive in. Lee asked to ride along and I could use the company on that drive, so I'd pick him up after my haircut. I decided to forgo "Justified", my favorite TV Show on FX-CATV at 10pm EST, and get some serious sleep, since I wanted to be at Walt's Barber Shop in Red Lion (PA) by 8am, and get my hair cut, first-in-line, as usual. Then, off to Dillsburg (PA) to get plants, with the Jeep "gutted and shelved-out" to be loaded-up. Going up to "The Cabin" wasn't looking good for this Thursday's day off; perhaps next week would be a better choice, after The Open House etc.

Up at 4:30am on Thursday, my so-called "day off", from the thunder and lightening as the remnants of the deadly tornadoes and t-storms – which left at least 93 125 189 197 247 dead in the Southeast – rolled through this area, shaking buildings and giving us "horizontal rain". I watered and fed Murphy, made breakfast, scanned the doppler radar weather screens on NWS, and saw that we were in for an ugly morning. Lee wanted to go along for the ride to Dillsburg, so after my haircut, I picked him up and we headed-off to Quality GHs.

Just about every side road was flooded and detoured in some way on the trip, and it took us 3¾hrs to make the round-trip to pick-up 93 additional plants and return 83 6-gal plastic trays. We saw numerous trees down, split like kindling wood, but no building damage. We were back by 12noon, I dropped him off at his home in Dallastown (PA), unloaded the plants at the Complex, put the Jeep "back together" and went home for the day, as my R/S hip was hurting even worse. I had a leak under my sink and found the problem: the rinsing sprayer on the right-side sink had a small hole in its hose, and everytime it was charged with water to rinse something off, it leaked down below into the cupboards. After cleaning all that water and mess out, and leaving the doors open to dry-out the bottom cupboard, I got a new spray unit from Home Depot and solved the problem. Always something isn't it?

I made a 10qt pot of chili from scratch after waking-up from a "short 4 hour nap" in the early afternoon. I dded-in dark brown sugar, baby carrots, celery, Sweet Vidalia Onions, 3lbs of 90% Lean Burger, 3 Cube Steaks, fresh copped parsley, cheese and Sweet Cippolini Onions. It perfumed the entire condo, and even derw a couple of next-door neighbors over to see what I was cooking, as frequently happens when I grill 10oz Filet Mignons from Allen Bros Steaks, with onions, and other veggies drixxled in EVOO. Should be enough chili to last us at the GC&N for 1-2 weeks. Open the windows, everyone!

muslim "Heritage" In America?

Ol' pigshit-for-no-brains, Barack Hussein ∅bummer, during his Cairo speech, said: "I know, too, that islam has always been a part of America's story." Say what, ∅bummer?

Really? Were those muslims that were in America when the Pilgrims first landed? Funny, I thought they were Native American Indians. Were those muslims that celebrated the first Thanksgiving Day? Sorry again, those were Pilgrims and Native American Indians.

Can you show me one muslim signature on the United States Constitution? Declaration of Independence? Bill of Rights? Didn't think so.

Did muslims fight for this country's freedom from England? No.

Did muslims fight during the Civil War to free the slaves in America? No, they did not. In fact, muslims to this day are still the largest traffickers in human slavery. Your own half brother, a devout muslim, still advocates slavery himself, even though muslims of Arabic descent refer to "black muslims" as "pug nosed slaves." Says a lot of what the muslim world really thinks of your family's "rich islamic heritage," doesn't it Mr. ∅bummer?

Where were muslims during the Civil Rights Era of this country? Not present. There are no pictures or media accounts of muslims walking side by side with Martin Luther King Jr, or helping to advance the cause of Civil Rights.

Where were muslims during this country's Woman's Suffrage era? Again, not present. In fact, devout muslims demand that women are subservient to men in the islamic culture. So much so, that often they are beaten for not wearing the 'hajib' or 'burka', or for talking to a man who is not a direct family member or their husband. Yep, the muslims are all for women's rights, aren't they, ∅bummer?

islam is a politial system, with its own 6th century barbaric laws, controlling every aspect of a mindless muslim follower's pathetic life – from when to eat and drink, when to shit, what hand to use to wipe their asses, when to fart, when to rape, when to kill their own mindless adherents and Civilized Western Infidels, how to hate and murder, how to dress like a woman, how to fight like a girl, how many pre-teen boys to bugger, how many times to pray to the asshole moon-god allah and pigshit child molester mo-ham-head, – that all 1.2 billion of them richly-deserve *complete and total eradication from this earth*, IMO.

Where were muslims during World War II? They were aligned directly with Adolf Hitler, and the Nazis. The muslim grand mufti himself met with Adolf Hitler, reviewed the troops and accepted support from the Nazi's in killing Jews.

Finally, Mr. ∅bummer, where were muslims on Sept. 11th, 2001? If they weren't flying planes into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon or a field in Pennsylvania killing nearly 3,000 people on our own soil, they were rejoicing in the Middle East. No one can dispute the pictures shown from all parts of the muslim world celebrating on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and other cable news networks that day. Strangely, the very "moderate" muslims who's asses you bent over backwards to kiss in Cairo, Egypt on June 4th, were stone cold silent post 9-11. To many Americans, their silence has meant approval for the acts of that day.

And THAT, Mr. ∅bummer, is the "rich heritage" muslims have here in America.

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot to mention the Barbary Pirates. They were and still are, all murderous muslim garbage, richly deserving of summary death.

And now we can add November 5th, 2009: the slaughter of 13 American dead and wounding of 29 other American Soldiers at Fort Hood by a muslim major who is a doctor and a psychiatrist, and who was supposed to be counseling soldiers returning from battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The "heritage" of any and all subhuman muslim slime, garbage and scum in America is that of wanton destruction, murder and death. From 9-11 to so-called "honor killings", to massacres on US Army Bases and the many plots to blow-up people, places and things, the subhuman muslim filth are indeed, "The Enemy Within Our Gates".

The real enemy is islam, not just "radicalized muslims", Rep Peter King (R-NY). Wake-up America and smell the islamic stench surrounding us all!

Slaughtering people for burning a piece-of-pigshit book, the koran – I wipe a dead pig's ass with it – is your "heritage", you racist, dumbfucking, hate-America, piece-of-pigshit, stinking ∅bummer asshole.

Riots, death, destruction, from the pigshit-eating muslim filth.

Memo to Mr. ∅bummer: "allahu akbar!" is a war cry, you racist, dumbfucking, hate-America, piece-of-pigshit, Kenyan asshole.

That finally, Mr. ∅bummer is the "muslim heritage" in America. All muslims and everything islamic should be totally-outlawed in America, and should be made prunishable by summary execution, IMO.

∅bummer, your "muslim heritage" is piracy, plain and simple, going back hundreds of years and continuing today.

mo-Ham-head + allah = Satan!

Any questions, you half-breed, sambo, lowlife scumbag, stinking ∅bummer asshole? Thought not.

The Global Warming Money Pit

Have you seen this video: "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle"? It was outright-banned from leftist, hate-filled, dirtbag, lowlife scumbags,'s and's websites, by the mentally-ill, left-wing, global warming idiot wackos, but I've preserved it, for posterity, aka you, me and *ours*. Watch, be informed and download it for others to see. It's on my corporate server, and will stay there, BTW.

Here's what the Global Warming Scam is all about. Sweet, huh? They're so transparent, aren't they?

Here's everything you need to know about the Global Warming Fraud, and why it's a good thing. It's a l-o-n-g article, so get a sandwich, iced tea and settle-in, for a very informative read. I'm right there with you, BTW.

The "Greenhouse Effect" is a natural and valuable phenomenon, without which, the planet would be uninhabitable. Global Warming, at least in recent times, is real. CO2 is not a significant greenhouse gas; 95% of the contribution is due to Water Vapor. Man's contribution to Greenhouse Gasses is relatively insignificant. We didn't cause the recent Global Warming and we cannot stop it. Solar Activity appears to be the principal driver for Climate Change. CO2 is a useful trace gas in the atmosphere, and the planet would actually benefit by having more, not less of it, because it is not a driver for Global Warming and would enrich our vegetation, yielding better crops to feed the expanding population. CO2 is not causing global warming, in fact, CO2 is lagging temperature change in all reliable datasets. The cart is not pulling the donkey. Wake-up, folks.

Here's a listing of The Best Global Warming Videos on the Internet.

Hey, fat, shit-for-brains, bloated, liar, huckster, fraud, criminal, charlatan, scumbag, loser, disgraced ex-VP AlGoreBore (LIAR-TN), is back using $300 million of OPM (Other Peoples' Money) to promote his Global Warming Bullshit, after the worst Winter in over 100 years. Welcome back, fatso huckster asswipe, AlGoreBore!

CO2 bad? No; CO2 is good, and we need more of it, or we're in for a very cold period, very soon. Here are the facts about CO2.

Roger Revelle of Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Harvard University and University of California San Diego, spits on the lying scumbag, AlGoreBore. My, my, oh my. (((snicker))) No, there's no consensus on Glo-bullshit Warming, other than it's a LIE! Just ask Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science at MIT, Richard S. Lindzen; he's eminently-qualified to call AlGoreBoreAsshole, a LIAR! As I am.

There's another "ice age" coming, not the AlGoreBoreLiar 'Glo-bull warming' crap.

Larsen B Ice Shelf in Antarctica collapses in 2002 = Glo-bullshit Warming? Doubt it.

Read this Glo-bullshit Warming idiocy. Go ahead; I'll wait.

AlGoreBore's "hypocrisy"? See it right here!

You need to watch this 30 minute film; it's an eye-opener if you think that we're running out of crude oil, and that America has no reserves. We have more oil and natural gas in Alaska alone, than all the rest of the world's known reserves, COMBINED! Grab an adult beverage, and watch it.

Better get out your Winter coats, 'snuggies', wool socks and snow shovels, as it seems we've got an 80-year "Little Ice Age", on the way. Yawn; no biggie.

AlGoreBore's "Glo-bull Warming Bullshit" has spawned so-called 'cottage industries' around the world, worth hundreds of millions and probably billions of dollars, for green corporation validation, carbon credits, foundation & university climate studies, grants and a host of other BS-related crap to his lies and garbage. Global warming competes with cancer and competes with AIDS for a finite amount of money. This year's natural resurgence will surely see the global warmists, led by celebrity warmist, Gore, compete viscously for those US Taxpayers' hard-earned dollars. And I'm betting that the really important disease, cancer, loses to Glo-bullshit Warming and AIDS. Dammit.

F*ck all the "Glo-bullshit Warming Alarmists"! I say, FUCK-THEM-UP, and cleanse the planet, if they try to physically-intimidate and hurt anyone! I will; count on it! "Get in my face", assholes, and that'll be your last day on this Earth! If there are any "dissenting scientists" out there, who need protection, just get in-touch with me, and I'll guard you & yours. You can count upon that, folks!

Have you taken "The Global Warming Test"? If you have a sentient, functioning brain, and a simple knowledge of "the facts", you'll easily get a 10-of-10, as I did. Go ahead, and give it a try!

Read this article and pick-out "The WWF's Big Lie". If you chose this paragraph — "Summer sea ice is now forecasted to completely disappear in the summer months sometime between 2013 and 2040 — something which hasn't happened for over a million years." — you'd be right. There isn't, and never has been and ice on the earth dated at a million years old, and who the hell was around back then to begin recording it? The lying sacks-of-shit at the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) are typical lowlife, left-wing wacko scumbags, in-bed with the "Glo-Bull Warming" Crap, of asshole AlGoreBore and his phony, money-making scam. The oldest, and not reliably-dated ice cores are >160,000 years, and those are shaky in fact, at best. So where did the lying WWF pull the million year crap from? Their asses, of course!

Shit-for-brains, mentally-ill, fat, bloated liar, AlGoreBore's (LOWLIFE-TN) "ally", in NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), which is run by AlGoreBore's chief scientific ally/"asshole/butt-buddy"— Dr James "Moron-Cretin-Asshole" Hansen (DIRTBAG-NASA) — and is one of four bodies responsible for monitoring global temperatures, announced that "last month was the hottest October on record". Total, factual bullshit and lies. This was startling. Across the world there were reports of unseasonal snow and plummeting temperatures last month, from the American Great Plains to China, and from the Alps to New Zealand. China's official news agency reported that Tibet had suffered its "worst snowstorm ever". In the US, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration registered 63 local snowfall records and 115 lowest-ever temperatures for the month, and ranked it as only the 70th-warmest October in 114 years. So what explained the anomaly? GISS's computerized temperature maps seemed to show readings across a large part of Russia had been up to 10 degrees higher than normal. But when expert readers of the two leading warming-skeptic blogs, "Watts Up With That and Climate Audit", began detailed analysis of the GISS data they made an astonishing discovery. The reason for the freak figures was that scores of temperature records from Russia and elsewhere were not based on October readings at all. Figures from the previous month had simply been carried over and repeated two months running. Read this article, and find out why both lying, corrupt, criminal, subhuman idiots, GoreBore & Hansen, should be stood against a wall, and shot, IMO. In fact, the pathetically-socialist, left-wing UK, has just begun to awaken to what the "Climate Change Bill" will do to destroy their nation, or what's left of it. IMO, it's probably too late now to save the UK, but at least some of the more Conservative people over there, will at least get the chance to flee to America (or elsewhere), before we also "go down the proverbial dumper", as they've done. Heh.

On Friday, January 2nd, I ran a fully-attributed story in my weekly "Journal", which had links to other stories and facts, thoroughly-debunking AlGoreBore's trillion dollar scam and fraud, Global Warming". The Daily Telegraph UK's columnist, Christopher Booker, was the erudite author, and here is the link to that story. Nice job, Mr Booker!

Now, lowlife shit-for-brains dirtbag, Arkansas Gov Mike "DumbAss Turd-Boy" Beebe (ASSHOLE-AR), said that global warming is serious problem, not a "hoax," and requires more than a state response. "I think it's a threat, and I think global warming is occurring," Beebe-The-Shithead said in response to a caller to his statewide radio program who said he believed the climate change crisis was a "hoax." Idiot. Stupid idiot. Global warming is bullshit, you two-bit asshole! Crawl back inside of AlGoreBore's rectum, dumbfuck!

And global cooling goes merrily along, without any help from us mere humans, as it has for millions and millions of years.

Another "lie/error" in the favor of Glo-BULL Warming's false bullshit and lies? Got duct tape?

Here's the truth: Lord Monckton of Brenchley's Science & Public Policy Institute.

The commie/fascist/socialist liberal-demokkkRAT filth in the US Congress, have refused to allow Lord Monckton to testify the truth, against con-man, liar, scumbag AlGoreBore's LIES! This is Commie Russia, NOT Free America!

We are in a mini-ice-age for the next 30 years; get used to it!

UN: Glaciers are melting in some part of the world, while increasing in other parts of the world. So frigging what, dumbass UN scumbag trash? It's been happening for millions of years, idiots!

"Slime Magazine" can't even get it right. Read Bryan Walsh's crap and tripe about blizzards.

Amazing fact that all 7 glaciers on Mt Shasta (USA) are growing, not melting. Explain that, Glo-Bull Warming Assholes!

Things Which Make Your Head Explode

Good riddance, you skank-assed, lying, liberal-demokkkRAT Couric BITCH! Rot in hell, please!

Some People Just Need Killing

This will do it!

It's not my intention to be the judge here — that's God's "job" — but rather to "hasten the meeting" so that He can send the following subhuman filth to the "Fires of Hell", "River or Lake of Sulphur", or whatever He deems appropriate. I'd gladly/happily volunteer, at no cost to any of my Hard-Working, Fellow US Taxpayers, to gladly/gleefully/happily headshoot these murderous, lowlife dirtbags of all stripes — their skin-color doesn't matter to me, at all — and rid American Society's innocents (especially our precious children and the frail, defenseless elderly) of them, once-and-for-all. And yes, I'd rather see one innocent man convicted and executed, than 10 murderers/robbers/child rapists-murderers freed, to rob, rape and murder again. Hey; call me an "Old Fashioned Conservative"! Too harsh? Nah. Just & RIGHT!

Yes, I agree with the premise of this article, that "the death penalty is a Noahic Covenant with God, in a post-flood world".

Yes, I'd have shot and killed all of the fat, ugly, smelly, nigga sambo bitches who beat the White girl and her friend at a McDonald's Restaurant in Baltimore; no question about it. Teonna Brown, 18: you'd be a dead, cold nigga bitch right now.; if I could get the shot at your hatred-filled head, I'd take it with my .45cal ACP. Denied bail? Damned right, whorebag slutbitch! Your kind should and would be dead by the millions!

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