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Friday, April 2, 1999

happy anniversary, Three Mile Island (TMI). Yep, last Sunday was the 20 year anniversary of this Nation's worst nuclear meltdown disaster, just outside of Harrisburg, PA. I was living in Princeton, NJ, at the time directly west of the #2 stack and remember it distinctly, as does most of the Nation. Coincidentally, the movie China Syndrome had just been released and enjoyed unparalleled attendance. There was no InterNet, as we know it today in its commercial form, so TV and newspapers carried the banner headlines. (Actually the lying scum AlGore hadn't invented it yet.) Everyone east of TMI that's downwind since the wind blows west to east was worried; TMI officials denied it was a meltdown and that any radiation had escaped, but the public soon learned the truth. (TMI is still in denial, like the lying, rapist, rat-bastard Clinton.) It was a meltdown. Vegetable gardens and fruit orchards were destroyed intentionally en masse so people didn't have to worry about radiation poisoning. Though not as bad as Chernobyl the Russian disaster many people near the TMI site have contracted some form of cancer and have since died. Personally, I wasn't worried; I turned off all the lights and made sure nothing I owned or ate glowed in the dark. So far, so good.

Picking Up The Pace.
On Monday, we went to our Spring-Summer-Fall hours a grueling 8am-8pm Monday-Saturday and, of course, the usual 12noon-5pm on Sunday to accommodate the hordes of stir-crazy gardeners in south central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland.
After a relatively easy and laid-back Winter of 10am-4pm, it'll take me a while to get used to the new schedule.
Over 40 landscape and 11 maintenance jobs are already on the books for this year without a single ad having run. I'm most pleased with our exponentially increasing reputation for high end work.
One of the sure signs Spring isn't too far away is that the sap commonly called Maple Syrup is flowing heavily. Buds are swelling heavily around here and many plants are breaking bud into bloom. But Winter's not finished with us just yet.
Although short-lived and beautiful, DC's cherry blossoms do not herald Spring for those in the north. Wait until after April 20th to install any tender plant material in your gardens.

Naughty Melissa.
I'd read the stories last week about the coming email virus called Melissa, and had sent warnings to my complete email list.
Getting up at 4am on Monday, I updated my Norton Anti-Virus definitions on the home machine, and did the same when I got to work at 6:30am. Shortly thereafter, the servers were so overloaded that I couldn't get back to up the Norton Utilities software.
Still, I received a note from an old college friend living in St. Louis and the evil file list.doc was attached. Quickly, I deleted it and notified him that his machine was infected. I also sent a page from ZDNet which told him how to fix it. Hope he followed it.
The news reports were stark: millions of computers affected and entire email systems shut down.
Accounts differed on the facts, but it seemed worse than previous email worms.
Even more dangerous copycat viruses are following.
Naughty Melissa is getting even badder.

Rudy Is Right.
Mayor Rudy Giuliani is absolutely correct in what he's done to tame New York City. He's made it civilized and inhabitable for its residents. The criminals and other subhuman filth are the complainers.
I worked there for 17 years in the 70s and 80s, and it was a crime riddled shithole back then. I applaud everything he's done so far.
To make omlets, one has to break some eggs. So what if some scum get wasted? No loss. And jail that fat, stupid piece-of-shit Al "pass dem donuts" Sharpton; check that, someone should waste him and rid the city and nation of a cancer. He's not black or African-American; he's a lowlife idiot.
All of the lowlife, filth who are making the noise are racists. The mere act of accusing someone else of a race-hatred crime without a formal charge, trial and verdict is racist in and of itself; that's their first line of defense. Racism and bigotry know no color. There are plenty in all the authorized colors.

Wimp Scum.
Hell, when I was at Drake University from '67-71, we drank 100x more than these punk, shit-for-brain-less morons who've died from a few beers. What brainless scumbags: must have been pisswater Bud which whacked 'em.

assisted Suicide v Murder?
A sad commentary on the state of today's society is that there's a wrongful verdict in Dr. Death's case. Most people support his philosophy; clearly the state of Michigan is f*cked up.
Anyone has the absolute right to end their life taking into consideration the quality of life v quantity of life remaining. Get the meddling, socialistic, communistic, fascist government out of our lives; all they do is f*ck things up.

Ummm, no thanks, don't ever want to go there and here's why, Bubba.

Lawsuit Happy Nation.
To say that Americans are clogging up the court system is a gross understatement. Everyday I hear about someone suing someone else because he was down wind when the other person farted, or something like that.
Here's a failed suit about a moron who drowned on a boating trip because The Weather Channel didn't present an accurate forecast in a more timely manner. What bullshit!
Here's another about some moron students who failed a computer course and are suing the university for their own stupidity. Gimme a f*cking break!
And this shit should never even go to trial and clog up the Legal System.

Execute The Filth.
One of the most vile, white trash, pieces-of-shit Chucklehead Manson needs execution in the worst way. It should have been done in '69 after he murdered the Tates and LaBiancas.
If there was ever a murdering, piece-of-shit filth who needed to die, it is the Manson scum. The US Taxpayers have spent $60,000 per year for the past 30 years to house and feed that lowlife, subhuman, piece-of-garbage.
Compared to this guy, Manson was a punk. All of them deserve to die.

Blue Moon.
There have been songs written about it, poems crafted and stories woven. In 1999, we were treated to something that occurs 3-4x per 100 years: two blue moons.
In January and March of '99, there were Blue Moons the rare occurrence of 2 full moons in the same year; this year, there were 2 months with 2 Blue Moons. Indeed, a rare occurrence. I'll be in Autumn House, sucking down a bowl of Cream Of Wheat, with a drool bucket taped to my chin. Not a pretty sight.
Glad I saw the phenomena; hope you did, too.

Huge Mistake, Part 2.
It was a loser from the beginning. Air wars Hiroshima and Nagasaki excepted have never won anything. History is stacked in favor of ground troops winning the war. Occupying territory, not owning the skies, is the way wars are won.
A ground war is a real possibility, despite The White House and NATOs denials and outright lies.
Clinton's wagged the dog one too many times. This will be a major part of his so-called legacy.
Now we've lost personnel to POW status.
Ground troops are the next step; then watch the quagmire and slaughter begin.

All trails lead to The White House. It's perplexing and scary at the same time when one realizes that Clinton got the US and NATO into the balkans Conflict to deflect attention away from ChinaGate. What's even scarier is that it's working.
The finger-wagging, lying, rapist, piece-of-shit, son-of-a-bitch, draft-dodging, obstructionist, criminal Bubba Filth lied when he said he knew nothing about espionage and wholesale auctions of national defense secrets.
To underscore what an arrogant moron Clinton is, read why he doesn't think his impeachment is shameful. He somehow forgot the lying, perjury and obstruction of justice he was charged with. He still doesn't think that he did anything wrong; he's still in denial and blames others for his own criminal actions.
Clinton is a piece of garbage.

Scam Of The Century.
Playing on many people's Y2K fears is this shithole Y2K website, which sells unnecessary junk to people who don't know better. Just make sure your PC is Y2K protected and updated; America will do just fine. These scum ought to be locked up for creating and trading on false hysteria.

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