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Friday, April 30, 2004

just when many of us have dutifully worked 173 of 365 days to pay our income taxes, the Enemy Within™, who pays no taxes and who doesn't work, is trying harder to tear down and destroy America, while we're in the beginning throes of a long-term war against Muslim terrorists and Islamic murderers. The liberal-demokkkRAT filth on the 9-11 Commission, are actively trying to destroy President George W Bush's Administration, when the corrupt cowards of disgraced, impeached, ex-president Bubba Jeffy Klintoon, were directly complicit in allowing 9-11 to happen. Funny how they've gotten a pass on that lethal error, from the socialist-left-wing lamestream media. The America-hating, Red Diaper Doper Babies™, wholly-liberal-owned media filth, are actively pursuing their perverted, degenerate homo agenda, to corrupt normal children in American schools, portray the brave Americam Military as criminals, portray Muslim/Islamic terrorists and murderers as "insurgents" and "victims", and readily supports the widespread economic and cultural destruction which illegal immigration has wreaked upon America and her Citizens. Lowlife, degenerate left-wing, socialist-commie-nazi, hate-America filth like the Teresa Heinz-funded The Tides Center and deviant garbage at MoveOnOrg and subhuman trash at The IndyMedia Center, are actively plotting America's decline and demise. All should be rounded up ditto the ACLU homo deviants and stood up against a wall. Unfortunately, America has forgotten the lessons of 9-11, all too quickly. The festering and fetid stain of liberalism has permeated America's fabric, and nothing short of complete and utter annihilation of it, will suffice.

Around The Garden Center.
The deliveries from wholesale nursery stock growers have finally ceased; we're full and stocked to the blinking brim! 17 tractor trailer loads, and 5 assorted smaller box trucks up the 1,000ft driveway, in 2 weeks. Our customers are amazed at the diversity and quality, once again. As I am, too. It seems that each year, our suppliers produce higher and higher quality crops and products, which pleases me, no end. My hat's off to them.
Yes, I'm seeing some strong economic growth in this York(PA) area. Customers are spending, businesses are expanding, inventories are down and production is up, employment is up for those actively looking for work. Hells bells; I've hired 18 employees in the past 30 days, and confidence in America is reaching new heights. Life is good.
Coming off a very, very harsh Winter, the flowering trees and shrubs are in full bloom: Kwanzan and Yoshino Cherries, Eastern Redbuds, Purple Leaf Plums, Flowering Pears, Serviceberrys, Magnolias, Viburnums, Quince and dozens more. What a great show! And what a thunderstorm we had on Monday: just under 3½" in numerous violent downpours and steady rain, which flooded many local streets and roads, and caused streams and creeks to rise rapidly and overflow in many spots.
Milk's new price is more than twice as expensive as gas, here in York County (PA), with bottled water, anti-freeze, cologne, orange juice, half & half, and just about any bottled liquid. IMO, it's stil a good deal. BTW, I'm poster 7.62 x 51mm on's site.
Several weeks ago, I called Orange County Choppers (NY) and talked to Paul Sr, about a GDNCTR CHOPPERthemed-bike, and they said it would cost a minimum $50-70k. Heck, baby needs new shoes; aka, I could use a new, heavy-duty, stake-body dumptruck, and another John Deere 675B SkidLoader-Backhoe. 2004 is the last year for tax write-offs for those kinds of 6,000lb+ vehicle purchases.
It's official: we're booked into September, with two 3-man landscape crews and one 3-man maintenance crew. Plus, I've taken on several, very high profile pro-bono "community service" projects: the new Mason-Dixon Library, in nearby Stewartstown, PA; the North Hopewell-Winterstown Elementary School Memorial Park (I completed Parts 1 ('02) & 2 ('03); Part 3 will be finished this year); and several BSA Eagle Scout and Girl Scout projects. As a pillar of the community, I'm not only expected to help out; I really enjoy doing it.
Here's a new InterNet Stream WTNT-AM to catch The Savage Nation on, weeknights 7-10pm EST. In less than a week, WOR-AM in NYC will add The Savage Nation on their 7-10pm EST schedule.
RIP, Ranger Warrior Pat Tillman, whacked in Afghanistan. Sua Sponte!
Have you forgotten? (Click on Full Screen) Never, never, never forget.
Here's an opportunity to help our wounded servicemen and women.
I now digress. Track down, torture and whack all spammers, email-virus and email-worm senders. Show no mercy; torture and whack them all. They're subhuman filth, costing American business and people, billions of dollars in damage. whack them all.

Hey Republicans, listen-up: Flat Tax!
Six more years of the lowlife scumbag, lying shit-for-brains US Sen Arlie Sphincter (LIBERAL-PA)? Dammit, dammit, dammit!.
Thanks to the Sensenbrenner Bill, the US House of Representatives has ensured that it will become only the second thing that will survive a nuclear holocaust. The next natural order of business will be extensive debate as to exactly how to go about taxing cockroaches.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Filth.
The dirtbag, lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT NJ Gov, James "The homo" McGreevey, said he loves his Catholic faith and will continue to practice it, but church leaders are wrong to tell him and other politicians not to support abortion and homo rights.
The unborn baby-whackers and murderers were on the march, Sunday. Hundreds of thousands of the "reproductive rights" whores Catholics for a Free Choice, NOW-NAGS, FemiNazis, Whoopi Goldberg, Kathleen Turner, Cybill Shepherd, NARAL Pro-Choice America, Hitlery Rotten Klintoon, Nancy Pelosi and many more liberal-demokkkRAT, two-bit slutbags were in evidence.
NJ's ass-boy, liberal-demokkkRAT homo, Gov James "Blow Me, Lance" McGreevey (HOMO-NJ) said he loves his Catholic faith and will continue to practice it, but church leaders are wrong to tell him and other politicians not to support abortion rights.
The grossly-fat, urine-colored hair, lardass cleaning lady, bloated waddling pig, disgraced ex-Sec'y of State, Madeline Albright, joins the baby-murderers in DC. Sterilize all of the subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT bitches. Remove their corrupted genes from the pool.
Washed-up, has-been, never-was, old fart, disgraced, run-out-of-office dirtbag, US Sen Frank Lautenberg (LIAR-NJ), thinks his shit doesn't stink, but VP Dick Cheney's, does. Louten-fart is mentally-ill. Stand the coward up against a wall.

John F(ucking) Kerry.
Hey, shit-for-brains, John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA), here's some sound advice for you, moron: from Cooter at Daryl's Bait Shop.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a traitorous coward. Everytime he opens his ignorant hole, he lies, like AlGoreBore.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a stinking hypocrite. He can't be trusted to tell the truth. He's a lowlife piece of trash.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a flip-flopping scumbag. Lying is second nature to Kerry. He's garbage.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a translucent, lying scumbag, who hates America, loves the commie-socialist-UN, and wants America to cede its Constitutional Soverignity to the UN-commie-nazi-socialists. Kerry is a traitor and a coward.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a fake and a phony; show us the x-rays, Ketchup-Boy; you cowardly asswipe liberal punk.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a lowlife scumbag for lying about VietNam atrocities by US Soldiers.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a mentally-ill, paranoid scumbag.
John F(ucking) Heinz-Kerry (LIBERAL-MA)'s ugly bitch wifey, Teresa, is a two-bit elite scuzbag. She's not worthy of setting foot in The White House. She's scum. She's filth. She's an America-hating lowlife hag.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is an America-hating traitor, coward and liar.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA), who's hung like a mosquito, hosed these dumbass, lib-dem bitches? Hardly, chum. They were transfixed by his "power" as a US Senator. Otherwise, no one would have even noticed his pathetic, sorry ass. Kerry's a punk, a wimp and a steaming pile of dogshit.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is a lying, traitorous, hat-America scumbag, who threw back his medals/ribbons from VietNam. Kerry's a f*cking freaking liar punk. Kerry's a pigshit elitist homo.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is just a regular guy, like you and me.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA) is pigshit. Buh-bye, lib-dem asswipe.
John F(ucking) Kerry (LIBERAL-MA)'s liberal whorebag wifey slutrag bitchscum, Tuh-reeeee-za Heinz-Kerry, is a left-wing, socialist-commie-nazi bitch.

Lowlife, Subhuman Garbage.
Billy Joel, the alcoholic, drug-addicted scumbag, had his third car accident in two years. Take away his license, lock the lowlife up and throw away the key; he's garbage.
France sucks, literally.
Michael "I Like Little Naked Boys" Jackson, is readying for a prison stint, as someone's "bitch". He's a child molesting, piece of subhuman filth, and deserves to be executed.
Canada wastes $500 million in support of Kyoto? Yawn.
C'mon NYC Police: shoot this subhuman, deviant filth out of the tree. What's the matter with youse guys, huh?

Islam, The Cult of Pigshit™.
Gee whiz, the first Islamic/Muslim rally against terrorism? Lying (Al Taqiyyah) pigshit filth, all.
The toothpaste is out of the tube, in Europe. Goodbye, folks.
Yes, whack the Islamic pigshit subhuman murderer, Yow-sir Ara-fart Muslim garbage. whack him!
More family love from Islam, The Religion of Pigshit™.
ROPMA™ (Religion Of Peace, My ass!) whack all the subhuman Muslim pigshit garbage in Kosovo. Milosevic had it correct, the first time. whack them all.
Yes, the subhuman Muslim pigshit at CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), are terrorist supporters and are actively trying to overthrow America. They should be rounded-up, duly tried and convicted, and executed.
Muslim filth trying to whack 80,000 people? The Religion of Peace? Hardly; they're subhuman garbage.
Syrian President Bashar assad described armed attacks against U.S.-led troops in neighboring Iraq as legitimate "resistance" against foreign occupation. Oh, really? whack him.
More peace and love from The Cult of Pigshit Muslims.
Find, track down and whack all cowardly jihadists.
One more nail in the UK's Islamic-enforced sharia law coffin.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
The liberal activist-corrupted US Supreme Court, on Monday, used an unusual death penalty case to revisit a previous ruling on where the authority rests to sentence convicted murderers to death. Screw it: Warren Summerlin, a convicted whacker on Arizona's death row, richly deserves to be executed.
Sadly, it was a slow week for executions of subhuman filth. Bummed me out.

Bag Ladies.
You have to love a site that attempts to answer one of man's eternal mysteries. The contents of a woman's purse is normally as closely guarded as a Presidential daily briefing and as puzzling as Ben Affleck's stardom. This site blows the cover off women's handbags, exposing the contents of over 40 purses in a unique look into the essential items women clutch closely. Besides the usual wallets and sunglasses, you'll find assorted pills, perfumes, and curiosities. Some women are minimalists who carry the bare necessities, while others take the kitchen sink approach and cram their bags to bursting. An equal opportunity snooper, the site also takes a look at the items men tote in their backpacks and messenger bags. Quench your curiosity and enjoy this look inside a world men seldom see.

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