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Friday, April 6, 2001

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Ahhhhhh, the Rites of Spring are in the air, finally. Tree buds are swelling, birds are returning, bulbs are pushing up through the mulch and hopefully, the worry about more snow and ice is over. But I won't bet the ranch on it. Every year, we get hit with late storms which do some damage. Spring and Fall are my two favorite seasons. Winter's too damned cold and icy I still like the snow and Summer's too damned hot and humid. But Spring and Fall are just right for Vivaldi's Four Seasons and the marking of a change in life. Tomorrow's 11th Open House preparations are ready to rock 'n roll, with over 1,500+ people coming through from 5+ states, during the day's event. Every one of the previous 10 years' Open House celebrations has seen either rain or ice or snow or a combination of inclement weather visited upon us. Maybe we'll luck out this year. The days are getting longer and so are my hours at work. Soon, the trees and flowers will begin blooming and pollen will be thick as the snot in your nose from all the allergies re-awakened after Winter dormancy. Yuk. Buy some stock in Kleenex®.

Around The Garden Center.
Last week and weekend were rainy, but I'm not complaining. We needed rain rather than snow. Daylight Saving Time arrived right on schedule. The final truckloads of nursery stock are rolling in now, and we're in high gear to get ready for the Saturday, April 7th Open House event. Several thousand people from all over the region stop by to see our offerings; in fact, it's become quite "the social event" for the past 11 years. The 3-man Maintenance Crew is out on their assigned jobs: making customers' gardens look great after a harsh Winter. And soon the 4-man Landscape Crew will be hard at work, doing the high-end landscape work. We're already booked through June July.
Gas prices are rising dramatically in just the past few days here in York (PA); from $1.36.9 (89 oct) to $1.44.9 (89 oct), as they are all over the US. Even the so-called "super stations" which had a low of $1.27.9 (87 oct) are catching back up to the other stations. What's up with that? A harbinger of things to come? I gotta a queasy feeling about gas prices this Summer.
Last Sunday, sister Becky, Mom & Dad came over for a belated 6-course Birthday Dinner, which turned out awesome. We spent 3hrs eating and drinking; the weekend before, Jeff & Denise and I spent just over 4hrs on almost the same gourmet dinner, except we drank much more vino than I did with my Family.
Can you say, "Bear Market"? Hope you're also into pharmaceuticals or something "safe". I got out a while ago, except for my IRA, but who the hell cares about retirement funds? I can live at the YMCA, right?
Since DC is 3-4 weeks ahead of us in the York (PA) area, their cherry blossoms are peaking now. The buds on our Kwanzan, Yoshino, Okame, Higan, Snowgoose, Snowfountain and Akebono Japanese cherries are still swelling, in anticipation of blooming. It's going to be another 2-3 weeks until peak is reached around here.
By Wednesday and Thursday, the temps had reached the low 60s and it definitely felt as though Spring had arrived a few weeks early, as compared to the past 10 years. I'm still wary of a late snow or icestorm nailing us, but at least 85% of the nursery stock is already "hardened off"; the 350+ Jap Maples are still in bud, so we'll have to keep a careful watch on those in case of inclement weather. Damage from frost/snow/ice is devastating on the new, tender leaves.
I'm now out at 2-3 landscape site meetings a day, with 4-5 on Saturday and Sunday. People are sick of Winter, and coming out in droves. Can't blame them.
I'll get some pics of our 11th Open House tomorrow and post a link to them here next Friday.

The GOP Idiots.
While the economy tanks and the stock market plunges, the f*ck-ups in the US Congress are wasting time on the worthless campaign finance legislation. The idiotic McCain-Feingold Bill is without merit and an attempt to re-legislate the First Amendment, by abridging free speech. No one f*cking cares. The Senate GOP should have whacked it with a vote. Maybe the House GOP can do the right thing and whack it.
The underhanded machinations go on and on and on and on, ad infinitum, ad nauseum. No surprise these days. That's why I don't identify much with the GOP anymore; they're as crooked and the liberal democRAT scumbags. Conservatives, on the other hand, have a sense of propriety and dignity.
What a worthless waste of time and US Taxpayers' money: campaign finance reform legislation. Sen John "No Brain" McCain (R-AZ) and Russ "The Pusshead" Feingold...
Stinking f*cking Chi-Comm chink filth cause the mid-air accident, and W says it's "regrettable". Hey W: no f*cking apologies to that lowlife oriental scum! Too bad with all the tens of thousands of satellites up there, one didn't catch the true action of the commie jet hitting out recon plane on film. It'd be so nice to play that tape for the World to see and the Chi-Comm dogf*ckers to be unable to refute.
And while we're on that subject, why didn't the crew ditch the plane and use their life rafts? 20 years ago, the recon people would have done that; why not today? I'm not calling anyone "cowards", but it's very strange that they'd let the Chi-Comm trash have all that technology.
Oh shit, now the GOP's writing a regret letter to the yellow dog f*cking filth? Cowardly GOP idiots. Tell the Chi-Comm chinkdog-f*ckers to eat shit and die.

Brain Dead Filth.
A (C)rapper changing his spots? Doubt it, baby. This criminal lowlife punk is a piece of shit. Puffy-The-Criminal is always gonna be a subhuman piece of filth. Dogshit, to be precise.
What is this white trash whore doing out of federal prison? Surely not sucking BJ Clintoon's twisted, tiny dick. Nope, this slut's got better things to do.
Julia Roberts? That filthy two-dollar slut bag piece of garbage? Yep, white trash shit, at The Oscars. Doesn't even remember who the white trash slut Erin Brockovich is. Stupid bimbo.
Once again, the cokehead Darryl Strawberry scumbag has gotten himself arrested. Why doesn't this drug-addicted piece of shit just die from cancer and spare us the news?
Further proving that Islam is a garbage religion, every time a bunch of towel-head Muslim filth get together to worship, people get whacked. Funny, that never happens in Christianity. I sure don't remember any deaths at Bible School, when I was a kid, nor do I read about people getting whacked at Catholic Mass or Jewish Temple.
Here's a lowlife lib-democRAT bitch who belongs in a psycho ward: Babs Streisand. Read her "memo to democRATs"; it's hilariously funny coming from a whining, washed-up, talentless political wizard hag.
And speaking of brain-dead lowlife, lib-democRAT bitches, let's all hope and pray that the fat, waddling, dyke filth Rosie O'Donnell scum's new magazine venture is a financial and content disaster. This ambulating, empty-brained sweathog deserves another rung of failure.
Like the stubborn turd floating in the toilet which won't flush away, disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy "The Liar" Clintoon just won't go away. After polluting LA considering the trash that lives there, that's a feat he's off to India. One can only hope that airplane failure occurs over the Atlantic. Oh my, be still my rapidly-beating heart.
Roger "The Convicted Cokehead Felon Alcoholic" Clinton targeted by cops "because he's famous"? I don't f*cking think so. More likely he's a scumbag criminal like his bastard brother, America's first black president, the disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy "The Liar" Clintoon.
The lowlife, two-dollar, lib-democ, RAT whore slut bag, Jodie Foster, is having another illegitimate bastard kid. Another white trash piece of shit polluting the Nation with half-breeds and bastards. I pity the kid and it's uncertain future.
I'm sorry, I just don't have any sympathy for stupid kids imitating dangerous stunts on TV and getting hurt or whacked, or imitating fake wrestling mentality and Killing another child, and going to prison for life. They f*cking deserve what they get. It's a cool way to clean out the cesspool of a genepool, don'tcha think?
Hey AlGoreBore shithead: W is still winning Florida after what, 15+ recounts? Stupid lib-democRAT filth.
Hey, disgraced ex-first dyke and current senator (NY morons) Hitlery Rotten Clintoon is writing her $8 million memoir book about her years in the White House so she can better understand that time herself. "I sometimes don't know how to cover my own life," Clinton said. "I think I'm writing this book so I can just understand my own life. It's going to be how I see things and how I experience things." What a miserable, lowlife, lying, criminal sleazoid bitch this Clintoon whore is, and you know what? People will actually buy the f*cking piece of trash tome. Hopefully, only the f*cked-up half of America who voted for AlGoreBore. The other half have the brains and will stay away in droves.

Execute This shit.
I'm pro-life, but anyone who is murdered for such a misguided stance is due Justice. Anti-abortion rights activist James C. Kopp has been arrested in France and faces extradition in connection with the 1998 sniper Killing of abortion provider Dr. Barnett Slepian. Good, waste the scumbag. One hitch: the stupid f*cking commie-socialist Froggies (French) won't allow extradition if execution will be the result. At least Slepian's widow has the right attitude.
Even the British newspapers are commenting on the liberal-biased US media ignoring the rape and murder of 13 year old Jesse Dirkhising by two subhuman homo filth, yet the homo Matthew Shepard was front page news for months because it aided the "homo agenda". Both murderous queer garbage shitfilth should be executed without delay. Yep, I thought this was gonna happen. So much for Justice.
Another elegant and cogent argument for the death penalty being carried out promptly. "Life in prison without parole" is a f*cking joke.
Why is anyone wasting time on this murderous filth, who knifed and whacked an 8 year old boy at his grandmother's house? Medicate him so he can be tried for murder and given "life in prison"? Hey, the boy is still dead. Execute the subhuman piece of shit, and use the medication for better purposes. I'd gladly put my 9mm to the task and enjoy it.

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