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Friday, April 7, 2000

so far, I'm having no problem getting used to this balmy, Spring-like weather. Even though April 20th is our last frost date here in USDA Zone 6, everyone is acting like we're past that date and is actively planting tender annuals, bedding plants, herbs and seedlings. Just one frosty night and all those are toast. Temps have been in the low 30s at night for the past weeks, so I caution people not to get too over anxious and risk losing their plants so soon. Best to keep them on a porch with an overhang to protect against frost, but allow the cool air to "harden-off" the leaves before they're set out in the garden. In fact, it did snow on Wednesday, just south of my Garden Center & Nursery. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Around The Garden Center.
Only a few more tractor trailers of nursery stock and perennials left to arrive before "the season" officially begins. People are edgy to get started, but I'm still cautioning against planting too fast; there's two more weeks of Winter left. April 20th is our last frost date here in USDA Zone 6. Last weekend, Denver was having a blizzard. It came through Pennsylvania as much-needed rain. Go figure.
With the 10th Anniversary Open House only eight days away on Saturday, April 15th, we're working feverishly to get all the nursery stock tagged and in place in the display areas. It's a huge job every year and requires many people moving many things around. I've brought in weekend help, but we'll still have the landscape crew take several days off just before the event to finish up any "loose ends". I'll post some pics on a special page after the 15th.
Last weekend was extremely busy with hundreds of people coming through to see this year's very special offerings of unusual and rare nursery stock. I was short-handed my general manager, Lynn and her daughter, Ashley were at a high school play but we managed to get through it. We also set a new sales (dollar) record for this early in "the season".
The emails and calls are fast and furious these days, with so many gardening, pest and insect questions that it's often difficult for me to keep up. I spend the evenings at home replying to 100+ emails that I've forwarded from the office; the calls I handle all day long at the office. Soon it'll be upwards of 200 emails each day. Oh well, it's that time of year. I should be used to it by now. Yeah, yeah, I'll quit whining. Not.
With the changeover to Daylight Savings Time on Sunday, I'm already minding losing that hour of sleep.
If you hadn't already heard, Netscape 6.0 (preview release 1) is out. So what do I think about it? The UI (user interface) has taken a giant leap backwards, and you know how I feel about cruddy UI's. I know we're taught to like someone for who they are and not for what they look like. Still, I don't know what those folks were smoking when they put this puppy together. White in windows was great in the days of Windows 3.1, but Netscape 6.0 looks like an old 16-bit app. Sure, it's a cosmetic thing, but wouldn't you rather use something more visually appealing? You may disagree with my assessment, and that's fine. Give it a shot, draw your own conclusions. Beauty is in the eye of the downloader.
As always, the job market is tight around here and good help is difficult to find. We're still hiring anyone who is vertical, taking nourishment on their own and breathing without mechanical assistance, but many of the younger kids (18+) just don't last; landscaping is hard work.

Things To Do In Your Garden.
Yep, it's early, but there is a huge list of things to get moving on.Remember that last frost date is April 20th; take precautions with any tender annuals, perennials, vegetables etc. Keep them on a porch with an overhang to protect against frost damage.
»Set out cool-season annuals,
»Set out seedlings of warm-season annuals,
»Set out summer-flowering bulbs,
»Plant fall-blooming bulbs,
»Divide and replant crowded winter- and spring-blooming bulbs after leaves yellow,
»Plant balled-and-burlapped, container, and bare-root fruit trees,
»Spray apples, peaches, and pears that have been affected with canker problems,
»Plant permanent ground covers,
»Plant and aerate lawns and loosen thatch,
»Plant bare-root perennial vegetables,
»Plant seedlings of cool-weather vegetables,
»Sow fast-growing warm-season vegetables,
»Sow seeds for frost-tolerant perennials,
»Sow seeds for tender perennials,
»Divide and replant spring-blooming perennials after bloom,
»Plant container and bare-root roses,
»Uncover roses for spring and apply dormant spray,
»Plant balled-and-burlapped, container, and bare-root trees, shrubs, and vines,
»Apply dormant spray to trees, shrubs, and vines,
»Plant tender shrubs and vines,
»Plant summer-blooming shrubs and vines,
»Plant frost-tolerant trees,
»Plant needle-leafed evergreens.
Pat yourself on the back if you get all the above done before May; there's another large list coming for that month, too.

How is it that this cop Killing idiot is speaking at college commencements while the Philadelphia police officer is still dead. This idiot state of Pennsylvania should have executed scumbag 19 years ago when he was sentenced to die.
Al Sharpton a one man political party? No, he's a lying, fat, stupid, racist, bigot. Where's James Earl Ray when the Nation really needs him?
The US Legal System is in disarray; no, make that tatters. When a convicted, armed robber walks out of court and does no jail time and others are put into jail for writing a bad check, something's very wrong. Liberal judges, appointed by democrat slime politicians, have ruined the system. Time for a sweeping change when Bush gets into The White House.
I thought that the Clintonista slime were finally going to get nailed with this latest scandal over missing and hidden email, but the probably won't. The Congress and Courts are just as corrupt as Bubba and Hitlery are. Here's why our government is bad and steadily getting worse.
Tennessee is making my week: executing two subhuman pieces of murdering filth. I love it when the so-called system works, even after 19 years. Of course, the victims are still dead after all that time, while the murdering scum have had the chance to live.
Aw shit! The stinking, lowlife liberal US Appeals Courts just ruined my week by staying the executions of those two subhuman pieces of filth. Does anyone wonder why the wonderful death penalty isn't much of deterrent to murder? Because the lowlife liberal court scum are delaying its application more and more. If it was applied swiftly to all 3,700 waiting on death row, crime would drop precipitously. If one of the judges' family members was raped and whacked, you can bet everything they'd be howling for swift justice and the death penalty, but since it's now, they don't give a flying rat's ass!
Whoaaaaaa, I gotta sit down; I'm having chest pains again.
Read about the tricks and secrets that the scum-sucking Clintonista filth used to keep Bubba and Hitlery afloat and out of prison. A most excellent analysis. At the bottom of the long article, there are other superb pieces which put the criminal Clintons into proper focus.
So, shit-for-brains Clinton thinks a PC and the Net are socialist tools, capable of moving this Nation's and the world's poor out of poverty and into wealth. What an moron. Ironically, Bill Gates of Microsoft was at the joke of a White House "Technology Summit", wrongly persecuted by the alcoholic dyke bitch Janet el-Reno's InJustice Dept and a fat, stupid, liberal shithead judge U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson who can't even use a computer. Here's the complete kangaroo court trial of DOJ v MS. Hey Clinton, you corrupt moron, what are the poor going to do on the Net? They need to learn how to use a computer first, and then buy one. I guess the American Taxpayer that's you and me are again going to foot the bill for Pentium III's for all the people on welfare. Again.
In the "Believe It Or Don't Dept", here's a story of a headless chicken who lived for 18 months and now has a statue and festival named after him. Mmmmmm, how about a Headless Hitlery?; we already have a Brainless Bubba. In any case, it's way past time to end the stinking Clintonism. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when the Nation really needs him?
Jeeeez, another week of headlines, reports, stories, interviews ad infinitum ad nauseum about that Cuban kid. Send him back to his father, already!
Hey, Al Sharpton, you fat, mother-f*cker, stupid, racist, bigot, well-dressed-in-$1,000 suits,to-well-fed, idiot, help your race survive, instead of suing journalists for your welfare checks, idiot fatso.

Earth From Above.
From FujiFilm and photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand comes a collection of beautiful aerial imagery. If you've got a high-bandwidth connection, an updated web browser, and an affinity for slightly over-the-top interface design, then you'll love diving into the many sections of Earth from Above. My favorite is the Motion Graphics area, which includes a series of cross-fading snapshots a little reminiscent of Godfrey Reggio's films (Koyaanisqatsi, et. al.). But then I have a 500kbps cable modem and a very fast Pentium at home. For quick access to all the site's images, head straight for the Photo Index. There's also a light version for those with a dial-up. You can also download the pics as *.bmp's for stunning wallpaper.

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