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Friday, August 29, 1997

the silence can be deafening sometimes, especially when the truth isn't heard as part of the conversation. I hear a deafening silence coming from Washington all the time; criminal politicians bending the truth to fit their needs on a daily basis. The Beatles June, 1967 Magical Mystery Tour song, Eleanor Rigby, told the story of someone, "... who kept her face in a jar by the door." Some people are wont to keep truth and reality in a tightly sealed jar that never sees the light of day; never opening it and freely tasting of its fruits. Such is the pity.

The Nation's Silence.
The country doesn't care one iota that its collective morals and ethics are in the toilet. Not one f*cking bit. That fact alone is disquieting in its message that we, as a nation, have become so inured to scandals, trysts and peccadillos as a part of daily life, we're oblivious to minor crime and obfuscation of the truth. Especially when it emanates from The White House on a daily basis as a giant sucking sound.
Their current dilemma is not so much that the Clintons have committed myriad crimes in the past, but rather that they feel the compulsive necessity to cover them up today. It costs millions to investigate their illegal actions, uncover the crimes and prosecute those involved. The layers of lies and diversions often meld and intermingle until there's no hope of ever finding the truth. Simple admissions of transgression coupled with a willingness to take the punishment would be met by more sympathy and forgiveness than the full-tilt, damage control mode they've been operating in for the past 6 years. The idiotic investigating body is on a 30day vacation; something no one in Congress has ever earned by pure hard work, yet. And the trail of liberal criminals continues to cool off, thereby reducing the number that will actually provide worthwhile information and leads to the Senate and House Committees.
Poll and poll after poll tells us that a sample (didn't ask me) populace thinks the president's (job) performance is stellar; confession after confession from former female employees tells us that his after hours (sexual) performance is dismal. Exposing himself to women during government (Arkansas and DC incidents) business meetings is hardly the chief executive's main role. If Slick Willie could get laid at home, maybe he wouldn't travel by night. Are you listening, Hitlery? Pleading and begging for it is very unseemly; maybe he needs a First Prostitute to replace the First Lady? A real sure thing, that will keep his wandering genitals at home, where they belong. Where's Elena Bobbitt and her knife when the country really needs them?
Clinton and the liberals have helped us make the transition from a sensitive and caring nation to one of abject unconcern about ethics and morals, as long as our collective pockets are full of money. The material age of the 80s is still with us. The immoral age that they've spawned has blended in nicely and will continue to subvert the moral fabric of our time. There's very little that I can do about that, except keep my own little part of the world free from it: it appears to now be a sign of the times.
Meanwhile, the nation's First Family of Criminals are still vacationing at Martha's Vineyard, taking a well-deserved rest from their illegal and immoral activities.

Sleazy Deals.
Well, another of the filthy liberal scumbags that Slick Willie brought to public service in Washington has been indicted: a low class, half-breed, piece-of-shit-for-brains named Mike Espy, former Clinton Cabinet Member as Secretary of Agriculture, was taking bribes and so-called favors (read cash) in exchange for favorable treatment of companies regulated by the USDA. He tried to line his pockets and get rich from his government position; all he got was a lousy $35,000 or so and will (hopefully) do some long federal prison time for it. Scum like him need to learn not to betray the public trust. Good riddance and enjoy the prison cuisine, Mikey boy.
Ummm, let's see: Ron Brown, Secretary of Commerce; Hazel O'leary, Secretary of Labor and Mike Espy, Secretary of Agriculture. All crooks, liberal scum and subhuman filth for f*cking America. And all black; three real quality role models for America's black youth. Now, Ron Brown's son is a criminal too; like father, like son.
To say that liberals are scum is an understatement. They're right down there in the gutter with teamsters, which is to say criminals. After a high-minded start in the early 1900s, Unions have now done more to destroy America and the business world, than any other entity known in world history, while enslaving their total memberships, communism and socialism excluded. Each is in bed with the other, as investigations will soon prove out that money changed hands in a quid pro quo deal for votes and political favors. These two groups of degenerate filth really thought they could get away with major corruption again, as they've done in the past. When it's finally exposed, my guess is that the American people will yawn about it, as they've done about everything else lately. As long as their pockets are full of money, they won't give a flying shit about it all.

The Gore Whore.
The Mr. Personality VP, Al Gore, stepped in it again the other day when he was forced to admit a rather large lie to the nation: he actually hadn't charged all those fund raising calls at The White House to a DNC credit card; they were in fact made at the taxpayers' expense. A $24.20 lie that further damages Gore's marginal credibility to the point of disbelief. Had these subpoenaed papers not exposed the lying moron Gore's fraudulent activity, his silence was so deafening, he might have gotten away with something as trivial as this. Hopefully, the American public will come to realize that he's as crooked as Clinton. Both of them.
This isn't the first time Gore's directly lied to the nation; it appears Clinton's taught him well. It's only the second major time he's been caught, and it probably won't be the last. He also stated that the Buddhist fund raiser in Los Angeles was something he knew nothing about, yet documents surfaced later showing he knew all about it. Tsk, tsk, Al. Keep your lies straight. He's had great teachers, though: Slick Willie & Hitlery Clinton, two of the greatest liars this country has ever known. Anything for a buck, Al?

Slick Willie & Co are vacationing in Martha's Vineyard for three weeks, and attended a nondenominational church service last Sunday. The so-called minister, Rev. John Miller, made a huge point of wanting the world to forgive the murderous sins of Tim McVeigh, the ultra-right wing nut who bombed the federal building in Oklahoma City two years ago.
As a caring preacher does, he addressed this message directly to Clinton whom, he apparently hoped, would pardon McVeigh to life in prison, instead of the sentenced death by lethal injection. This minister with a brain, Miller, is nuts. McVeigh more than deserves to die for Killing 168 people and injuring over 500 people. But he does deserve forgiveness; right after the needle injects the lethal chemicals into his comatose body.
I'd also guess that the social lowlife, bleeding heart, liberal scumbag preacher would want us to forgive all murderers, rapists and child molestors, too. I'd have to take extremely vigorous exception to that sick and twisted line of thought. Each of those groups should be considered capital criminals and should be promptly executed after one appeal. This no bullshit approach to crime would certainly clean out the prisons and put sociopaths, psychopaths and other societal problems in a right and proper perspective.
And we can accommodate the preacher's wish: forgive each criminal just before we execute them.

Public Health Lies.
I grew up in the Midwest; the northwest suburbs of Chicago. The Chicago Stock Yards and the world famous Stockyard Inn were just 35 minutes away back then, so I grew up on steaks, roasts and a modicum of seafood.
Until I read this story, I still ate filet mignon steaks several times each week. Back in the 70s, I went vegetarian for a couple of years during my martial arts/ Zen period.
Not only are we finding out in the news that bacteria-tainted hamburger is selling quite rapidly all over the US, all kinds of foreign material is being fed to cattle to bulk them up for higher beef prices. Things like putrid chicken manure, dead cats and dogs and of course, whatever else the producers can find that cattle will eat.
Where the f*ck is the FDA when all this shit's going on? I'm back on fruit and vegetables until I can stomach the thought of eating beef again. And after reading more stories on the subject, that may be never. Okay, I'm probably over-reacting, but I'll wait and see where this whole thing goes after public opinion kicks in, if it ever does get past the apathy point.

Legal Silence.
I wanted to be a lawyer way back in high school; I even declared Law as a major at Drake University when I started in 67 during my freshman year. But I got a bellyful of disillusionment soon enough.
Watergate happened in the early 70s; just about everyone involved except the media were lawyers. How can people who know what the law is, do such illegal things. Indictments and jail were widespread as a result. Disbarment from the legal profession was commonplace and widespread. No wonder Americans lost all respect for attorneys.
It's happening again with the Clinton criminals: seems almost everyone involved in their liberal nest of scumbags is an attorney too. And now they're dropping like flies. Again. All of the Clinton criminal cronies are attorneys; most will lose that license to practice, after jail is completed.

Shrewsbury Flower Show
This is one of the best technical and aesthetically-oriented flower shows I've been to in recent years. Way out in the middle of nowhere is a gem of an flower show; it's a pity that more people don't know about it.
Several thousand do, however, and glady make the trip from 5 surrounding states. I see many, many different license plates in the parking lot each year. Plus, our sign-up sheets are dotted with people from many states. And the mail list database for Roots & Shoots reads like a United Nations roster.
We won Best Of Show with our exhibit, for the third year in a row. The judge's comment sheets were very complimentary and kind. The exhibitors' displays were all wonderful; I thought everyone should have won 1st Place, but then what do I know?

Site Re-Design.
I had an empty feeling in the pit of my stomach from it all. After much consternation and angst over the way various browsers (MSIE v3 & v4b, Netscape v3 & v4, Opera v2, Mosaic v3 et al) that I've tried, see my site's graphics, I've decided to try some small modifications, rather than junk the work and start over. There will always be that problem of viewership; different people using different browsers on different platforms getting different results. Not much I can do except minimize some of the variations.
I finally got Netscape's Communicator v4.02 Suite installed and configured, and it showed me the very same graphic and type alignment problems that MSIE v3.02 did. So I tried some workarounds and hacks to modify my site and accommodate those two browsers, while maintaining its readability to other browsers. Mildly successful, but at least it accommodated more than just one browser.
Thanks to Jeffrey Zeldman, aka Dr. Web, I have a couple of new workaround things to try. If they don't work, well, there's always the option of doing nothing.
Net net: I can't be all things to all browsers, so I'll make the revisions to allow the Netscape browsers to view the site. MSIE's browser will have to get by as best it can. I'm sure that will cause some viewers to leave prematurely, but until CSS and other HTML4 tags are in widespread use, that's the Net.

It's Nice To Be Right.
For years, I've been saying that the flowering Bradford Pear is a piece of junk. My ads have reflected that fact and have advised people not to buy those shitpy trees. Thousands of people listened. Many others didn't and are still dealing with the damage caused by Bradford's when they fall apart in 10-13 years.
Finally, someone else had the guts to tell people that same fact. The Baltimore Sun's August 17th edition carried an article on Page One documenting the disaster that is inherent in that tree.
Yes, it's very nice to be right.

Kiss ass.
Here's a funny routine about... well, figure it out. I'm still trying to.

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