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"era of global boiling" is here

friday, august 4th, 2023

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid. United Nations chief Antonio Guterres on Thursday night rolled out some of his most apocalyptic climate rhetoric to date declaring “the era of global warming has ended, the era of global boiling has arrived.”

[FULL TITLE: "Climate of Fear: U.N. Chief Guterres Warns ‘Era of Global Boiling’ Is Here."]

He went on to lament how “terrifying” it is seeing children “swept away by monsoon rains, families running from the flames, workers collapsing in scorching heat.”

The veteran Portuguese socialist painted his picture of a world in peril during a streamed speech from U.N. headquarters in New York, returning once more to a theme of climate doom he has used almost without respite since he took office.

He said “short of a mini ice age” over coming days, some scientists estimate July 2023 would shatter records across the board.

“Climate change is here. It is terrifying, and it is just the beginning,” Guterres outlined. “The era of global warming has ended. The era of global boiling has arrived.

“The consequences are clear and they are tragic — children swept away by monsoon rains, families running from the flames, workers collapsing in scorching heat.

“For vast parts of North America, Asia, Africa and Europe, it is a cruel summer.”

Guterres spoke as a separate analysis for the month, published Friday by Leipzig University climate scientist Karsten Haustein, estimated July could possibly finish 0.2 degrees Celsius warmer than the 2019 record.

Dr Haustein predicted not only would that make it the warmest month on record, but potentially in “thousands if not tens of thousands of years.”

“We may have to go back all the way to the Eemian warm period (about 120,000 years ago) to find similarly warm conditions,” he said, ABC News reports.

“But since paleo-temperature records do not provide high enough temporal resolution, we cannot say with certainty that this July hasn’t been hotter during the peak of the current interglacial [period].”

This is not the first time Guterres has warned the world of impending climate doom.

Just last November he told participants in the COP27 climate summit of impending “climate chaos” due to humanity’s “fossil fuel addiction,” as Breitbart News reported.

“We are on a highway to climate hell with our foot still on the accelerator,” the career diplomat diplomat insisted during his Cop27 opening speech in the resort town of Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt.

“How will we answer when baby 8 billion is old enough to ask: What did you do for our world and for our planet when you had the chance?” he asked.

Previous to that in 2019 the secretary-general said climate-related devastation is striking the planet on a weekly basis and global action must be undertaken immediately with U.N. agencies in the lead, a message echoed by climate protesters.

“We are here because the world is facing a grave climate emergency,” Guterres told a two-day Abu Dhabi climate meeting ahead of a Climate Action Summit in New York.

“Climate disruption is happening now… It is progressing even faster than the world’s top scientists have predicted,” the U.N. secretary general said. “It is outpacing our efforts to address it. Climate change is running faster than we are.”

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[JS: Guterres is an Idiot commie, socialist, fascist, eco-wacko moron. Always remember that "Mother Nature's In Charge; We're Just Along For The Ride." -- me, 1996.]

A Day In The Life.

Up at 8a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, took two 50mg Tramadol and a 300mg Gabapentin for various pains, fired-up the Win-7 Pro x64 Pentium HP desktop to let 32 million lines of code load, had a couple smokes in the hot, but fan-cooled, garage and checked the leftover errands list.

I made coffee, scanned the weather and news sites, and fired-up the desktop computer, and tuned into the last 30mins of the morning's 6-9a "Chris Stigall Show", 6-9a. Temps were already up to 82° and forecast to hit 97° today. The *** Heat Advisory Warning *** was updated and still in effect. It took 4 mugs of French Roast Dark coffee to get my "brain fog" to lift. I made a second carafe, and tuned into the "Chris Plante Show", 9-12noon. Temps were already at 91° on my back patio, and I had to abandon it around 11a, for the garage and the 3ft oscillating tower fan. I lounged around in gym shorts and my GDNCTR-embroidered t-shirt -- I still have 15-20 of the grey Champion shirts left -- until around noon, since I had no errands to do, and decided not to go to the New Eastern Farmers' Market, today.

LORD, grant thy people grace to withstand the temptations of the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Scanning the news, I found these articles: wacko title for UN nutbag: “the era of global warming has ended, the era of global boiling has arrived” -- more unending bullshit, but a funny, hysterical read, about a simple, warm Summer. The idiot is delusional and infected with eco-wackism. AND, "The world’s oceans are off-the-charts warm — and the worst could be yet to come" -- the "climate change, aka weather" bullshit continues from leftist NBC/CommieCast hate-America fascist scumbags. I just tune-it-out, and laugh at the indoctrinated idiots.

Heatwave killing cacti.

After yesterday's Severe Thunderstorm Watch, nothing was posted today. Temps had dropped from 120° to 97°, on my back patio, with an occasional breeze. My garage was a "dead zone", as usual, completely devoid of a breeze, hence my new oscillating tower fan, which helps a little. It's hard for me to breathe, even with my emergency rescue inhaler, Combivent Respimat 20mcg/100mcg.

After BBQ and pasta for lunch, I fell asleep on the LR couch for 2hrs, and woke to even worse heat outside, around 5p. Sucks to be me. Sherry stopped by after working all day at her daughter's shop, Virtue Local Art Market, in nearby Hallam, and we had some time together. A large t-storm front moved thru, dropped ½" on rain, and was followed by another t-storm, dropping more much welcomed rain. Sherry left, called me when she got home, and I got some minor chores done. Not much on TV tonight, so I watched some crap that I normally would skip, had a few beers, and called it an 'early' night, at 11p. Tomorrow's another day.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

Up at 7:30a on Saturday, it was a sunny, hazy, humid, 74° morning, forecast to get to 91° today. Summer's still here. Heh. I scanned the news sites, and played some recent, missed Chris Stigall Podcasts on the iHeart program/app, whatever it is. I went thru my usual morning routines and had some smokes in the fan-cooled garage. AccuWeather.com's site showed that we're possibly into some cooler and less humid weather, for the next 5-7 days. We'll all take that. Hard to believe it's already August; the days, weeks, months and years now pass so quickly.

After lunch, I had a short 2hrs on the LR couch, did paperwork and a few small condo chores -- anything to avoid going outside in the 93° heat & 70% humidity. A ***Severe Thunderstorm Watch*** was posted until 9p, but I couldn't find anything on the radar maps. After PA Dutch Chicken Pot Pie for dinner, I watched "Gold Rush" reruns of recent seasons, until 11:30p. Lights out. F-1 Belgium GP on at 0900.

Awake and up at 5:30a on Sunday, I made coffee, fired-up the computer, and went out to the back patio to have a smoke w/ coffee. It was a cool 60°(!), 80% humidity, Robin's egg-blue sky, and zero breeze, as often happens at dawn and sunset. Beautiful start to the day! I tuned into some Chris Stigall Podcasts on iHeart.com, made a second carafe of coffee, and checked the weather maps. The F-1` Belgium Grand Prix went off at 9a, on schedule, and I watched until 11a. Damned good race! I grabbed a shower afterward.

I had a big lunch and got drowsy quickly, headed for the LR couch and had a 2hr snooze. With the decent weather, I did some work outside, came back in and made a salad. I called Sherry, set-up some time later this week, and watched TV until 11p. Lights out.

Up at 6:30a on Monday, I made coffee, had a smoke in the cool garage, and enjoyed the nice weather. It was 64°, sunny, high overcast, tolerable humidity, and forecast to be in the low 80s. I made coffee, had a couple smokes in the garage, checked my DumbPhone for voicemails -- had one -- fed the squirrels, chatted with a neighbor walking his dog, and tuned into the Chris Stigall Show. I scanned the news and weather sites to get caught-up on the day's coming crappola. Hard to believe that tomorrow's the first day of August, and that Fall's almost here; where'd the Summer go?

Do you have your BA or MA Degree in "One-Legged Native American Lesbian Folk Dancing"? I don't, but am planning to check some online "universities" to see if the course and degree are available. .

I left at 10:30 for DeVono's Cleaners in Dallastown, about 12 miles south, to drop-off/pick-up jeans and shirts, but hit heavy truck traffic on Rt24 on the RT, so it took far longer than it usually would, for that short of a drive and stop. 2hrs later, I got home. Damn Spring/Summer/Fall traffic bullshit.

Ahhhhhhh, 47 people shot, 4 killed... just another weekend in Chi-Congo, IL.

I had some condo chores to do, and hit the LR couch for a snooze, around 4:30p. Didn't work; too bright. I had dinner, watched the news, and switched-over to "Jesse Watters" on Fox, then to early "Gold" Rush episodes until 11:30p, and called it a day. Lots of travel to my CPA's offices, to do tomorrow, plus some errands and food shopping.

Up at 6:30a on Tuesday, 1st day of August, I had the usual morning debilitating pain in my right elbow, and got the 3 pain meds down, started the computer and coffee, had a smoke in the cool garage and fed the squirrels. They come down the Pin Oak as soon as I call them with a "clicking" noise that I make. An overcast morning, 61°, "Fair Air Quality", forecast to get to 82°. The first mug of coffee, with a Marlboro, is always best. It was even nicer on the back patio, with a very cool breeze.

3 tree service bucket trucks appeared at 7:30a and began setting-up, to take down the 70ft Eastern White Pine (Pinus Strobus) just 40ft away from my patio. It got noisy real quickly as the multiple chainsaws did their work, and two large chipper trucks started-up and began grinding-up the branches and limbs. So much for a nice, peaceful, quiet morning. Heh. Glad to see that tree go, as it was slightly leaning towards two of my neighbors' condos, and perhaps, mine, if the strong winds blew west-to-east.

I made a second carafe of French Roast House Dark Coffee, and enjoyed it until I left at 10a, for my CPA's offices in Dallastown, and a few errands before doing the food shopping. Traffic was annoying, with all the detour -- construction, and utilities construction, and road repairs construction, and police incident detour, etc etc etc. I finally made it home by 12:30p. I unloaded the 5 bags of food, had some lunch and leftover morning coffee, and by 2:30, hit the LR couch. Nice nap.

After Crab-Filled Ravioli w/ Butter Sauce & Sweet Peas & Crusty French Bread, for dinner, I tuned into past episodes and the season finale of The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch, followed by the season finale of Beyond Skinwalker Ranch on History. Amazing stuff. No, I've never seen a UFO, or UAP as they're now called. By 11:30p, I was losing steam and wrapped it up for the night.

Awake and up at 5:30a on Wednesday, I made coffee and went out into the very cool 56° garage, and front driveway to have a smoke and feed the squirrels, who scampered into the garage after I settled-in. My across-the-street neighbor was walking his dog and we talked for a few minutes. His 30ft Schubert Chokecherry Prunus virginiana 'Schubert' was also removed yesterday, and I just noticed. Heh.

Last night and early this morning, the 30% bigger Super Full Moon (Perigee-syzygy) made its last appearance until the end of August. It was HUGE, since the Earth was so close to it in its orbit. Stunning! If you missed it, it'll be back on August 31st, and then back 3x in 2024.

Indict a Ham Sandwich!

And the destruction of Trump and America, continues as he's indicted on 6 more bullshit charges, now from the "Jan 6th (2021) Insurreciton". They waited 31 months to bring the charges, before the 2024 elections. Go figure that one. True, that "you can indict a ham sandwich" with the right corrupt demonKKKrat prosecutor and leftist grand jury scumbags.

The US’s credit rating has been cut from AAA to AA+, in an unexpected blow to the world’s biggest economy. Surprised? Nope, not at all. Just that the rating hadn't been cut 2-3yrs ago, when "Bidenomics" was unleashed upon America's middle class and poor.

We're going to have another Covid-19 (or XBB v1.5 variant) *False Flag* Op dropped upon us, worldwide, as "they" did in 2019, sure as hell is hot. It might happen during an "electrical emergency" which they've purposely created, or during another USA/Europe/Asia-based event. If you're not well-stocked-up and ready for it by now, it's almost too late at today's costs. I started back in 2001, week by week, and am beyond well-stocked, now.

I made Stuffed Shells for lunch, had a smoke on the back patio, and hit the LR couch for a couple hours, after doing pruning and garden clean-up front/back, all morning, while listening to the "Chris Plante Show". Sherry called and we rescheduled today's park walk to Friday. I had the front and back screen doors open, with the AC off, and a nice breeze thru the condo. Still only 76°, on the way up to to a forecast 84°. Damn, too bright to get any sleep, and wired on the morning's coffee. Maybe later...

Over the past few days, while the demonKKKrats' corrupt, lowlife scumbag federal prosecutor, Jack Smith, is trying to destroy POTUS45 Trump's First Amendment Rights, America was so distracted by all that illegal crap, that we paid no attention to the crumbling of America: the banning of home items, such as light bulbs, gas stoves, refrigerators... ratings company Fitch throws America's credit rating under a bus... one of apparently several Secret Chinese Biolabs discovered in California was experimenting with COVID, HIV, Herpes, Malaria and much more, to mass-kill Americans. Meanwhile, the criminal, corrupt Biden scumbags -- Hunter's and Joe's 9 complicit relatives -- skate free. Worried yet? Come get me, DoInJ scumbags!

Still full from lunch, I made a light dinner, watched History's "American Pickers" recent episodes and a new one until 11p, and called it a day. Temps outside had dropped into the mid-60s, with humidity on the rise.

Up at 7a on Thursday, I started coffee, scanned the weather and news sites on the desktop, had a smoke in the garage. Already an overcast, 66° and tolerably humid (65%) morning, weather changes are on the way. After tuning into the "Chris Stigall Show", I had my usual Buttery & Flaky Croissants with Kerrygold® Irish Butter for breakfast, and continued to listen until the "Chris Plante Show" came on at 9, with his barely-acceptable sub. It is what it is.

1) Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional.
2) Forget the health food. I need all the preservatives I can get.
3) When you fall down, you wonder what else you can do while you?'re down there.
4) You?'re getting old when you get the same sensation from a rocking chair that you once got from a roller coaster.
5) It?s frustrating when you know all the answers but nobody bothers to ask you the questions.
6) Time may be a great healer, but it?s a lousy beautician.
7) Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.

My right elbow is so painful, that I'm having some trouble getting very many condo chores done. I can't describe what caused it -- I don't know -- but I'll be at my Drs (PCP) at 11a, tomorrow, so I'll have him tend to it. He'll probably order a CT Scan w/ Contrast, or something. Meanwhile, I'm resting it as best I can, hoping that the injury or whatever it is, decreases. And no, surgery isn't in the cards.

I got thru the day, had dinnewr and watched various shows on TV until 11:30p, and called it a day. Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and I've got a clear week, with a Therapeutic Massage -- maybe focused on the elbow and arm -- on Thursday. We'll see how things progress.

https://www.johnshelleysjournal.com/Biden-Obama-puppet.png https://babylonbee.com/video/californians-move-to-texas-finale--episode-6-return-to-california https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4169465/posts https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4169463/posts https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=crashes+only https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68xGLUTGqiA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1kOOv5yrzM MON: TUE: Skinwalker Ranch 9pm WED: American Pickers 8pm THU: FRI: Gold Rush 8pm SAT: SUN: F-1, IndyCar, IMSA July 23 F-1 Hungary, Budapest Watch! https://rumble.com/v302xwo-live-replay-one-on-one-with-tucker-carlson-glenn-tv-07-14-2023.html https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CWf2-1K6JpQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUZUyck6KoU&t=1075s https://archive.org/details/the-andromeda-strain-1971 https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-bloggers/4165682/posts https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-news/4164863/posts https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHGlSrUqd_o https://dailycaller.com/2023/06/30/tucker-carlson-rachel-levine-trans-ideology/ https://twitter.com/TuckerCarlson/status/1673856877841764352?s=20 https://archive.org/details/they-live-1988 https://tubitv.com/movies/698796/they-live https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2m_WA1EN-pQ whistleblower https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vHvOyZ0GbY https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=tucker+carlson+today https://plandemicseries.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIPj0kCaqRo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgSIKzQzMLg&t=7589s https://www.foxnews.com/politics/military-whistleblower-public-claims-us-secret-ufo-retrieval-program-terrestrial-arms-race https://discernreport.com/the-ufo-coverup-bombshell-is-conveniently-timed-and-that-should-worry-you/ https://rumble.com/Bongino https://archive.org/details/the-cruel-sea-1953


The serial indictments and investigations of former President Trump are meant to rig the 2024 presidential election, but the latest indictment is unique in rigging even its aftermath.

Previous indictments of the former president had broken all sorts of new legal ground by turning misdemeanors into felonies and deciding that the statute of limitations is just a suggestion, but the Jan 6 indictment by Democrat special counsel Jack Smith criminalizes election challenges. This indictment is not just about a threat to a former president, but to the Bill of Rights.

Or at least election challenges against Democrats. And along with that, all political dissent.

The Jan 6 indictment contends that Trump’s election challenges were a crime. What does this latest indictment offer that the previous indictments did not? This one is designed to intimidate any Republicans who might seek to challenge the outcome of the 2024 presidential election.

Unsatisfied with indicting the leading GOP primary candidate in order to rig the election, Democrats are criminalizing political opposition before and after the upcoming election.

The indictment reads more like a Washington Post editorial with its contention that Trump was “determined to remain in power” and so “spread lies” that there had been fraud to “create an intense national atmosphere of mistrust and anger, and erode public faith in the administration of the election.”

If contending that a presidential election was stolen is illegal, where is Al Gore’s indictment? No Democrats have ever been charged for claiming that Bush was elected by hanging chads, for challenging his election both times in Congress, or for spreading lies and launching investigations for their false claims that Trump had been elected by the Russians, even when they did this in order to “create an intense national atmosphere of mistrust and anger.”

When Democrats spread lies about an election, they get book deals and evening slots on MSNBC, and sometimes, like Gore, they even get Oscars and Nobel peace prizes. The elections that elect those we agree to be governed by must be free and fair.

Challenging elections has been a traditional practice going back over two centuries to the 1800 presidential election. Free nations with open elections are not afraid of election challenges and the Democrats have spent a fortune on their own election challenge efforts. The Biden campaign spent $20 million on over sixty post-election lawsuits in 2020.

Smith, a longtime Democrat crony, won’t be indicting Biden or Marc Elias. Instead, he’s indicting Trump for such invented crimes as “obstructing and impeding the January 6 congressional proceeding”, a “conspiracy against the right to vote” and a conspiracy to “obstruct” the “lawful federal government function by which the results of the presidential election are collected, counted and certified by the federal government.”

Describing publicly conducted election challenges as an effort to “defraud” the United States government turns 18 U.S. Code § 371 into an open-ended tool for suppressing a wide range of political dissent. Treating lobbying or any kind of advocacy as the equivalent of witness tampering weaponizes 18 U.S. Code § 1512 against virtually anyone trying to influence a function of government. Which is to say virtually everyone who is interested in politics. And finally deploying 18 U.S. Code § 241, originally designed to fight the KKK, against Trump and anyone trying to verify legitimate election results makes election fraud into a civil right.

Beyond the malicious abuses of federal law to target a political opponent, Jack Smith’s indictment will create an unprecedented suppression of the political opposition that will not end with Trump or with the 2024 presidential election. Smith has done nothing less than to take sections of the law and use them to build a criminal infrastructure that can be used to outlaw most political parties and activities on a level with that of Communist China or Russia. Those who govern must live by the same laws as those they govern.

This was the totalitarian state of affairs that Russiagate had only hinted at but that is reaching its maturity with an indictment that is not merely unconstitutional, but that seeks to replace any kind of open political system with a paranoid surveillance state that ruthlessly stamps out any threat to “democracy” by abusing existing laws to selectively target and imprison political opponents.

And that is what is really at stake here.

The Jan 6 indictment leans heavily on editorializing about the threat to democracy, accusing the former president of “destabilizing lies about election fraud” which “targeted a bedrock function of the federal government” while failing to actually establish why challenging federal functions ought to be a crime. If lobbying state legislators and searching for alternate electors is a crime then virtually every single president before 1900 would have been locked up. Not to mention aspiring political figures like Alexander Hamilton. And every time Democrats lose an election, they start plotting to eliminate the electoral college and have been seeking to do it through the back door using comprehensive measures like the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact.

Should the NPVIC and the states participating in it be treated as a criminal conspiracy against a “bedrock function of the federal government”? Jack Smith’s indictment has created a precedent.

The indictment repeatedly accuses Trump and his associates of “fraud” on the presumption, self-apparent to Democrats, that Biden had won the election and therefore challenging it is fraudulent. Smith’s indictment bases its claims of fraud on his own party’s assertions, using rhetoric such as “baseless fraud claims”, “sham election investigations” and “false claims of election fraud”. All of these are the partisan opinions of the prosecutor rather than the law.

And that is what the indictment comes down to. Is it illegal to disagree with Democrats? If it is, as Smith asserts in his indictment, then all forms of political opposition are also illegal.

Democrats and their media contend that the indictment is apolitical when it is not only the product of political bias, but can only exist as a Democrat political document which has no relevance to a legal system independent of its biases. In a Democrat worldview, Trump was making “false claims” about an election that he lost.

But, like so much of politics, that’s an opinion, not a fact.

You can indict people for what they do, not for what they believe, and yet Smith obsessively hammers away at what Trump believed because without that, there’s no crime. And if there’s no crime without a belief, then there was never a crime to begin with.

Smith claims that Trump knowingly made “false claims” because, among other things, the Nevada Secretary of State had posted a “Facts vs. Myths” document. According to the indictment, it’s not possible for the President of the United States and the Nevada Secretary of State to disagree and it is illegal for the former not to bow to the authority of the latter.

Democrats who rejected the conclusions of Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris in 2000, who was then denounced, threatened and parodied, were not put on trial. The issue is not the relative positions, but the relative politics of Republicans and Democrats.

Democrats have spent the last two generations criminalizing political dissent. Environmental activists demand that oil and gas companies face fraud charges because they “deny” global warming. Police departments face civil rights investigations when they challenge contentions of systemic racism. The Jan 6 indictment is part of a totalitarian program that rejects the idea of political dissent and the centrality of debate within the marketplace of ideas in our system.

This indictment is not just about a threat to a former president, but to the Bill of Rights.

If Jack Smith’s Jan 6 indictment succeeds, freedom dies and dissent becomes illegal. To disagree with leftists will no longer just lead to a loss of work or arguments on social media, but arrests, trials and prison sentences. What is at stake here is whether America will survive.

© 8.3.2023 by Dasniel Greenfield, "Sultan Knish".

It Turns Out the Driving Range of Electric Vehicles Is Even Worse Than Advertised.

Electric vehicle manufacturers have exaggerating the driving range of their vehicles by more than twice as much as advertised in some cases, according to a study by SAE International.

On average, electric vehicles (EV) fall short of their advertised range by 12.5%, according to a study by SAE International. The study included 21 different brands, and revealed that EV manufacturers as a whole inflate the range of their vehicles far beyond their actual capabilities.

Tesla seems to be inflating the numbers far more than other brands. SAE International revealed that the range displayed on Tesla vehicle’s dashboard is 26% lower than the car’s ability.

This led to a slew of service requests by Tesla customers. The employees denied these requests because, in reality, the batteries did not need to be fixed; they were just operating at a level far below advertised. Tesla employees were informed that they save the company 1000 dollars every time they turn down a service request.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – JANUARY 30: A tesla vehicle is displayed in a Manhattan dealership on January 30, 2020 in New York City. Following a fourth-quarter earnings report, Tesla, the electric car company, saw its stock surge to another record high Thursday that blew past estimates, giving the leading maker of electric vehicles a market valuation of $115 billion. Shares of Tesla (TSLA) rose 10.3%, closing at 640.81, a new closing high.

The exaggerated range can be attributed to the testing procedures prescribed by the EPA. Although most manufacturers follow these guidelines, Tesla uses additional testing that may boost the car’s purported range.

American-Crisis-Report: “I’m not suggesting they’re cheating. What they’re doing, at least minimally, is leveraging the current procedures more than the other manufacturers,” said Gregory Pannone, an expert on EV’s.

This is not Tesla’s first time being accused of such transgressions. South Korean regulators fined Tesla $2.1 million for exaggerating the performance of their vehicles in 2019. The fine came after it was discovered that Tesla cars drove half of their advertised distance when used in cold weather, according to Reuters.

Tesla did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

© 7.27.2023 by Peter Machera, "Daily Caller News Foundation".

It’s A Very Dark Time In America.

It’s a very dark time in America. We’re going to learn quickly if there is any hope for us. We’re going to find out whether Merrick Garland, and consequently his DOJ, has a least shred of integrity left.

The Diversion Plea written for Hunter Biden wasn’t a real document. It wasn’t a plea. He could not plead to things for which he had not been charged. He had not been charged with anything. That means the thing presented in court yesterday was a joke, but it has a provision that would protect Hunter (and thus Joe) from any past or future criminal charges. This is big. It’s biggest scam ever perpetrated by anyone in government. It’s depth of depravity reflects the evil it’s hiding.

At every step of the way the DOJ has acted as Biden’s personal defense firm. Elite IRS teams were removed from cases. AUSA’s actively blocked investigations. As we pointed out before, David Weiss, who buried the laptop in 2020, allowed the worst of the Hunter Biden felony tax evasion cases’ statute of limitations to expire. The statute of limitations on the Hunter Biden gun violation will be expiring in October.

There is a short list of people who have the juice to approve something as audacious as was seen yesterday. Merrick Garland is the Attorney General. Lisa Monaco is the DAG. Monte Wilkinson heads up the Office of Enforcement Operations. That is the office to which the AUSA’s report. It is likely that Weiss brought the “plea” to Wilkinson and Monaco. We do not know if Garland was informed of the plea or not.

Here’s what has to happen.

As many charges as even imaginable must be filed against Hunter Biden and right away, to keep the SOL from expiring. But who will file them? Garland, Monaco Wilkinson and Weiss must appear before House committees to answer question and explain their actions. Like yesterday. But here’s the rub- what if they refuse? Where do you go? Biden has no respect for the Supreme Court. His efforts to destroy free speech through collusion with social media has been exposed.

Or Garland can just assert that justice is being pursued and squash the case by letting it die on the vine. Is there even a single honest person in the DOJ?

We are soon to find out, because all roads lead to Joe Biden.

© 7.28.2023 by DrJohn, "Flopping Aces"

DOJ’s Dirty Deeds.

It has been a week of scandalous doings on Attorney General Merrick Garland’s watch.   Congress seems paralyzed to intervene with more than hearings, and so far, only federal district court Judge Maryellen Noreika has tried. As I explain, it’s questionable whether her conduct will prevent the Justice Department from exonerating Hunter Biden from laundering what may be as much as $50 million in bribes from countries, including China, Ukraine, and Romania, into his family’s pockets. Through Jack Smith it has corralled President Trump’s valet and the Mar-a-Largo maintenance worker into the ridiculous documents case. Finally, it dropped another case against crypto scammer Sam Bankman-Fried, who contributed as much as $90 million dollars of ill-gotten funds almost entirely to Democratic candidates and their action committees.

Hunter Biden and the No-good, Dirty Deal.< /p>

Ferried to the courthouse by a substantial (obviously taxpayer paid) motorcade, Hunter appeared chipper, obviously believing that his very significant tax avoidance and FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) violations were going to be wiped off the prosecution table if he pled guilty to two misdemeanor charges for unrelated offenses.

The tables quickly turned. It was alleged that counsel for the defense had misled the court clerk into believing she was acting for the government in requesting the amicus brief filed by House ways and Means Committee Chairman Jason Smith be removed from the docket. Upon learning of the impersonation deception, the Judge threatened sanctions against Hunter’s team. It’s not clear whether or not she accepted the explanation offered, ("an unfortunate and unintentional miscommunication”), but on Friday she entered an order which reads in relevant part:

“Any such issues and inquiries shall be submitted in writing and placed on the docket. To the extent that the rare instance arises in which a writing is not practicable, a phone call may be made to my Chambers by an attorney who represents one of the parties in these cases or an interested third party.”

The case went downhill after that when it appeared the government and defense counsel had tried to pull the wool over her eyes about the full extent of the plea deal. The plea on its face seemed to recommend probation after Hunter admitted guilt on two misdemeanor charges that he failed to pay over $100,000 in taxes on income earned in 2017 and 2018 and would avoid consequences for a felony gun charge. The devil was in the details: A side pretrial diversion agreement, the most important portion of which (paragraph 15) had just been handed to the judge before she entered the courtroom. The judge needed clarification of it as it appeared to give Hunter immunity from a firearm offense as well as tax and other tax crimes. 

"Have you ever seen a diversion agreement where the agreement not to prosecute is so broad that it encompasses crimes in a different case?” she asked assistant U.S. Attorney Leo Wise.

Mr. Wise replied that he had not.

Questioning why such promises were made in the diversion agreement -- an agreement she could not rule on [by its very terms] -- the judge said: “It seems to me like you are saying ‘just rubber stamp the agreement, Your Honor.’ …This seems to me to be form over substance.”

Ultimately, the judge deferred action on the plea deal, declaring that she could not accept it as is.

The DoJ has been insisting to congressional investigators that it could not respond to inquiries about the Hunter case in those matters still under investigation, but the diversion agreement, of course, would render that claim and any “investigation” baseless. In any event, when pressed, the prosecution team denied that accepting the plea deal would grant Hunter criminal immunity in perpetuity, at which point the deal fell apart because Hunter’s counsel quite reasonably believed that would be the effect. Hunter responded “not guilty,” and the hearing ended. I think it beyond debate that the government backed off what criminal lawyers call a “global agreement” because it stunk of a partisan cover-up, mostly to protect the “big guy,” President Biden.

“In Hunter’s case, according to what folks in the courtroom have told me, Hunter’s plea was structured under Federal Rule of Criminal Procedure 11(c)(1)(B), which is usually just a plea in return for a joint sentencing recommendation only, and contained no information on its face about other potential charges, and contained no clear agreement by DOJ to forego prosecution of other charges,” Will Scharf said.

“Instead, DOJ and Hunter’s lawyers effectively hid that part of the agreement in what was publicly described as a pretrial diversion agreement relating to a § 922(g)(3) gun charge against Hunter for being a drug user in possession of a firearm,” Scharf said.

The lawyers slipped Hunter’s blanket immunity in the pre-trial diversion agreement so the judge could not accept -- or reject -- the blanket immunity part of the deal.

However, the judge smelled a rat and blew up the entire plea deal!

“So, they put the facts in the plea agreement, but put their non-prosecution agreement in the pretrial diversion agreement, effectively hiding the full scope of what DOJ was offering and Hunter was obtaining through these proceedings. Hunter’s upside from this deal was vast immunity from further prosecution if he finished a couple years of probation, and the public wouldn’t be any the wiser because none of this was clearly stated on the face of the plea agreement, as would normally be the case,’ Will Scharf said. 

It’s as yet unclear to me what the next step by the prosecution will be. I understand that the first thing Hunter did when he entered the courtroom was to sign the diversion agreement. Former Deputy Independent Counsel Sol Wisenberg tweeted it was of no effect because it was conditioned on a plea agreement which was not accepted by the Court. Will Hunter’s counsel argue that is an independent agreement which does not require court approval to be effective? Would that work?

New Charges in the Trump Document Case.

As if admitting the prior charges were weak, this week Jack Smith added charges against Trump’s valet and the Mar-A-Lago maintenance man, accusing them of concealing documentation by deleting security tape footage in the storage room. They tried that gambit earlier before Judge Aileen Cannon in Florida where they were forced to admit they only needed to see the video from May 24 until June 2, which they were already given.

Sam Bankman-Fried.

You may recall Sam, the son of two Stanford University professors:

who was accused of misusing customer deposits and who made $90 million in campaign contributions to around 300 predominantly left-wing political candidates or action committees (PACs).

Prosecutors argued the United States “mishandled” the process of extraditing Bankman-Fried from the Bahamas, writing a letter stating, “In keeping with its treaty obligations to the Bahamas, the government does not intend to proceed to trial on the campaign contributions count.”

Bankman-Fried, who had a net worth of around $26.5 billion at his peak, ranked behind only George Soros in donations to the Democrats last year. He also donated to some Republicans through what he described as ‘dark’ channels. [snip] 

Bankman-Fried was the founder and former CEO of cryptocurrency exchange FTX but resigned last November after the company’s collapse, costing customers and lenders billions of dollars. He was subsequently arrested and released after paying a $250 million bond: the largest in American history.

There remain other charges for fraud involving banks and customers. It will be interesting to see if the Justice Department conjures up another catch-us-if-you-can phony baloney diversion agreement.

To sum up, this week, in two cases -- Hunter and Bankman-Fried -- the Department of Justice went out of its way to hide evidence of millions of dollars of overseas money being funneled to Democrats and in a third, it is resurrecting stale, paltry charges against the likely Republican challenger for president.

© 7.30.2023 by Clarice Feldman, "American Thinker".

The Biden Presidency Is Unsustainable

Imagine if Gavin Newsom was currently Vice President amid the final meltdown of the Biden family consortium.

Does anyone doubt that Biden would then either be forced to resign by Democratic politicos (for reasons in addition to his escalating dementia), or would be impeached and perhaps abdicate Nixon-style?

The presence of the now predictable mediocrity of Kamala Harris and the impossibility, given her race and gender, of removing her, for now is about all that keeps a cognitively declining Biden still in office. The Left fears what she could do as president to the Democratic Party; conservatives are terrified of what she could do to the country.

Joe Biden doesn’t hate Black People, he thinks everyone should own at least one.

Joe Biden’s bewilderment exempts his embarrassments from accountability in the way that Hunter Biden’s addictions excuse his past serial criminality. But the passes granted to both father and son would be now unsustainable with a viable Vice President in waiting.

Indeed, the Harris problem explains some of current Democratic strategy.

Backroom leaks and growing insider rumors of Biden dementia confirm the portrait of an often befuddled president whom the public by now knows all too well.

The aimless House Democrats’ “how-dare-you-even-consider-an-impeachment inquiry” furor, coupled with their half-hearted efforts, along with the media, to refute the actual charges of corruption of the Biden family, suggest that he will not run for reelection—but also not be impeached much less convicted or removed under the 25th Amendment.

So the Harris dilemma explains a lot: finding a way to keep her out of current power until Biden somehow finishes his first term, and thus letting the Democratic 2024 primary candidates organically abort her presidential aspirations.

There are a few problems, however, with this strategy.

One, can Joe Biden finish his first term?

That would require his staff to shorten his already truncated workday for the next 18 months to about 2-3 hours of work per day.

He would have to be kept away from photo-ops with young (especially female) children, lest he turkey-gobbles the cheek of another victim to a worldwide audience.

He can no longer read off a teleprompter without slurring his words, losing his place, or going off extemporaneously on to topics such as “Vladimir” Zelenskyy, the “Iraq” war in Ukraine, or relief over the curing of cancer.

He cannot hold half-hour press conferences given his incoherence and his angry prevarications. He still insists incredulously that he never discussed the Biden family business with Hunter, although we may soon see transcripts, recordings, and affidavits that he was in fact intimately involved in and profited from it.

The Strange Case of Hunter in the White House

Hunter is toxic and capable of leaving behind incriminating evidence or engaging in surreal behavior anywhere and anytime. Why would a former crack cocaine addict be brought into the White House, after which a bag of cocaine was for the first time in presidential history found abandoned in the West Wing?

(Partial answer: why and how would an addict leave an incriminating crackpipe in a rental car, simply abandon a laptop at a repair shop with evidence of his own felonious behavior on it, or allow his illegally registered handgun to turn up in a dumpster near a school)?

An outside, disinterested observer who read the contents of the laptop and Hunter’s wounded-fawn protestations about his unappreciated role in enriching his father and uncle, or digested his unhinged recent career as a quid-pro-quo, paint-by-the-numbers artiste, selling high-priced junk in exchange for presidential flavors, would conclude that the Bidens are apprehensive of the unpredictable Hunter. Keep your friends close, but your explosive son even closer.

Of course, they fear Hunter’s recklessness, addictions, and greed—but more perhaps his ability to take down the entire Biden clan should they distance themselves too far from him or leak that the family’s corrupt schemes were birthed by the fall-guy Hunter alone.

Aside from Joe’s cognitive decline and Hunter’s volatility, no one believes anymore Joe Biden’s patent lies that he never discussed with Hunter his lucrative grifting career. Already, the untruth has transmogrified into he never did business with Hunter—and soon perhaps he never profited from the business he did and discussed with Hunter.

No matter, by year’s end there will be witnesses and hard data showing that Joe himself discussed pay-for-play schemes with foreign entities, of the sort he long ago boasted with previous impunity before a Council of Foreign Relations event.

This is no Whitewater, Trooper-gate, or Stormy Daniels scandal, but bribery of the sort explicitly outlined by the Constitution for removal from office: “The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for, and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.”

Selling influence to foreign-government related enterprises is, of course, not just bribery but perhaps treason as well. And it involves other “high Crimes and Misdemeanors,” among them tax fraud on unreported foreign income.

Moreover, it is arguable that the Biden shake-down consortium has altered the very nature of U.S. foreign policy. We will never know the full effect of the false Russian disinformation/laptop narrative, following the fake Russian collusion hoax, on Kremlin thinking. Nor can we explain why Joe Biden once urged Putin to lay off hacking humanitarian U.S. targets, or suggested that a minor invasion of Ukraine would not elicit a U.S. response, or offered to airlift Zelenskyy out of Kyiv in the first days of the war.

Nor can we explain why China was never held accountable by Biden after new information entailed the role of the Wuhan lab in birthing the Covid virus, or for sending a spy balloon across the continental U.S. with impunity. Meanwhile, the administration’s crazy talk of partnering with a supposedly non-bellicose China seems unhinged.

Finally, given the first Trump impeachment, what is the Left now going to say to House Republicans—“You cannot in this country impeach a president merely for threatening to cancel foreign aid unless Ukraine fired a prosecutor looking into his high-ranking family’s illegal influence selling?”

Equality Under the Law?

The Democrats in their Trump derangement fits so lowered the bar for impeachment and special prosecutions, that not impeaching or removing Biden under the Left’s own new standards seems almost ridiculous.

If Trump earned hysteria about 25th-amendment removal (to the point of taking and acing the Montreal Cognitive Assessment) for a halting gait on an occasion descending a ramp, how could a non-compos-mentis and chronically falling Biden not be so examined?

Moreover, Trump was impeached for 1) asking a foreign leader to examine the corruption of the Biden family with Ukraine while he put a hold on approved foreign aid to Ukraine; 2) and at the time, it was possible that Joe Biden could have been Trump’s likely future 2020 opponent.

But in contrast note that Biden 1) issued an ultimatum that a Ukraine prosecutor would either be summarily fired, or aid would be ended. And he was fired!; and 2) Biden was only a possible general-election presidential rival when Trump called Zelensky; Trump is currently the front-runner against a putative Biden candidacy in 2024.

Biden has also done far more than ask Ukraine to ensure a political opponent was not guilty of corruption, but rather sicced a special DOJ prosecutor on Trump for taking out classified papers in the manner that Joe Biden himself did years earlier, without the prerogative as a senator or vice president of declassifying such papers.

Harris Paradoxes

The open disregard for Kamala Harris is not just a Republican phenomenon. Her dismal popularity reflects that such disappointment in her is bipartisan. And now the likely machinations mentioned to keep her out of the presidency are undoing all the racial and gender pandering that explain her otherwise inexplicable appointment in the first place. At some point the Democratic identity-politics base is going to pressure the party’s hierarchy to back off and back Harris or face charges of racism.

In an odd way, the Left’s tolerance of Biden’s own cognitive impairment also strengthens Harris’s case, especially among her diversity base. Kamala utters incomprehensible sentences; Joe cannot finish them. Kamala’s public declamations are kindergarten stuff; Joe’s are more nursery school level. In theory, Kamala can be coached and improve; Joe’s declines are at a geometric rate that is irreversible.

So if someone so cognitively challenged is currently President with the full assent of the Democratic Party, for what reasons does it turn its animus on a Vice President who is still relatively young and hale?

How odd that the Left knows that both the current President and Vice President should not be in either job after 2024; and yet its own prior pandering and rank politicking have made both almost impossible to remove. And how odder that the extra-legal measures the Left took to emasculate the Trump presidency are now the low standards by which an utterly corrupt Biden can be investigated, indicted, impeached, or forced to resign.

© 7.31.2023 by Victor Davis Hanson, "American Greatness".

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