Friday, August 9, 2001

'm not one prone to panic, hysteria or rumor, but I know when things are slipping past the Danger Point. And they are, right now. I happened on this Sierra Times' War Room site, a few days ago, and was stunned at the threads there. Though I agree in principle with what many posters say, some topic forums are so far over the top and onto the ledge, as to be deemed unthinkable, in scope. The GOP-RINOS are roundly castigated, and righty so; Conservatives are dissed, for no reason. Anarchy, on some topics, reigns supreme. It's as if the Moderators are asleep-at-the-switch. Well, go exploring some of the articles and judge for yourself, and read the outrageous conclusions about The Bush Administration's methods and objectives. There are hundreds to choose from. Or jump over to's latest offerings and read what the wacky libertarians are saying. Last week, I was "revising my BOB" (bug out bag), and gave a few "survivalist" links; here's the definitive mother lode list of survival links. Heck, I knew I'd find something good in there, amongst all the craziness.

Around The Garden Center.
Another hot, steamy Summer in America (duh!); more precisely, the Mid-Atlantic Region. Kinda reminds me of those youthful Summers in the 60s, long ago at The Shore (PA & NJ) or The Ocean (MD): Nathan's Kosher Hot Dogs® with sauerkraut or ketchup, warm large Soft Pretzels with illegal alieny mustard, girls in bikinis, sun-bleached hair, sand in your shorts, Hawaiian Tropic® SunTan Lotion, Rolling Rock® Longnecks, TR6s, MGBs, Chevy Chevelle 327 SSs, the Beach Boys, The Doors, Procul Harum; the list could go on and on. Funny how the olfactory sense plays to one's emotions. Okay, okay, back to reality in 2002.
Thunderstorms moved through the region last weekend, dumping 1"+ on the parched region, everywhere it seems, except my garden center: we got a paltry 1/10". So I had to do some serious supplemental watering with the overhead sprinklers, all day Sunday. It was easily 96°F with heat index of 112°F, and very oppressive hum-didity.
Last Friday, I bought a Remington 870 Tactical Express HD 12ga "synthetic" shotgun — imagine this unit in all-black — from my friends at Freedom Armory in Shrewsbury, PA, and also had the Docter Red Dot Sight fitted to my Glock32/.357sig. Freaking awesome package. I'm readying pics, with my new Kodak DX3900, for posting, as soon as all the "accessories" for the Remington 870 are in and installed. This is more like what I got, but for $375 and minus all the goodies; I'm adding some of them over the next two weeks at considerably less cost. The new slide and tactical flashlight are on order and should be in shortly, giving me a shotgun like this. And of course, there are a "few more modifications" I'll be doing to it. Pics to come after it's "fully accessorized".
Wow, what a relief: big storms crashed through the region Monday evening, and by Tuesday morning, temps had dropped into the low 70s with greatly-lowered hum-didity. I turned off the AC at the office and at my condo, and truly enjoyed the past few days and cool nights. I could take that weather all year long.
Glock'nSail and I went to his private Fish & Game Club in Stewartstown, PA, on Tuesday, and I broke-in my new Remington 870 shotgun. I haven't fired a real shotgun since the early 60s, in Scout Camp, when we did some non-serious skeet shooting, for the Marksmanship Merit Badge. He brought his two Mossbergs along and we blasted targets for 2hrs. You should see what 00 Buckshot and Birdshot do to silhouette bad guys.
Look at this massive, 12-mile wide crater found under the North Sea/ Atlantic Ocean, which probably extinguished life on the earth 60-65million years ago. And we're worried about car exhaust, obesity and gun control. One big rock, and it's buh-bye!, world.
I said this 3-4 years ago in this Journal: the world will go to war over drinking water. Think I'm an idiot? Click here.
Lots of new technologies have been developed in secret over the past 15-20 years, and some will be made public soon. I've seen things... I could tell you stories... Don't ask.
"Experts" find Glocks are prone to accidents? I think not. It's careless people, who do dumb things, getting into trouble. Inanimate objects
Gas prices are still at $1.36.9/gal (89 octane) in the York (PA) area. Compared to NYC-NJ area and the Left Coast prices, I guess I should be thankful; and I am. No complaints on this end.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what the subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day.
Here's a TV archive of September 11th. Click on CNN Live at Daybreak, then find the link for your connection (dial-up or braodband), and you're back on that Tuesday morning.
America's committing "cultural suicide", Fellow American. Are you ready for the "results"?
Here's the perfect solution to the middle east's Arab filth problem.
Read about the wacko, murderous, lowlife, subhuman Arabs who make themselves into "living bombs", Killing dozens and maiming hundreds.
Oh gee whiz, 4 towelhead dogshit subhuman Muslim/Arab scumbags are suiing American Airlines, claiming they were wrongly removed from an airplane in March and strip-searched because of their Arabic names. They should have been removed and shot. Hey, Mo-ham-heads: it wasn't blue-eyed, blond-haired people who murdered 3,000 Americans on 9-11-01; it was you stinking Islamic filth. You're all second class vermin. You should be deported DEAD back to your 'origin of deviancy'.
Here's al Queerda's humorous "recruiting film", probably very aptly named for those lowlife subhuman Islamic turds. Ridicule of those murderous, traitorous, lowlife subhuman sand-idiot filth is appropriate; I just wish I'd get a few hundred of the cowards in my AR-15s special sight. Deport millions; execute hundreds-of-thousands.
f*ck Screw the tinfoil shitpola! TWA Flt-800 was shot down in '96. Wake-up America. Ditto Waco, Riby Ridge. Hey, the tinfoil is too warm to the touch!
Timetable to invade Iraq? Sure, right here.
Muslim contributions to Life Quality, add up to shit shit. What a waste of a race and murderous religion deviant cult of pervert al Queerda girly-men-boy-fags.
I can't wait until the degenerates in Saudi Arabia, completely implode. But, how vulnerable is the USA?
Muslim extremists: WANTED FOR MURDER!
And the FBIs still careless and clueless about flight schools.
It's long past time to whack thousands hundreds of thousands millions billions of the Muslim-Arab trash subhumans filth. Without question, Muslim-Arab terrorist filth need to whacked upon discovery, before they can do further damage. Killing innocents? No such thing; they're all guilty. whack everyone found, with impunity. I'd volunteer, first, and would be with millions of real people who hate the goat-humpers.
Thousands of immigrants have been forced to leave their jobs in the last few months, the result of a little-publicized operation by the U.S. government to clean up Social Security records. Good! It's about damned time they do their job and get the illegals outta the US.
Saudi Arabia — where 15 of the 19 hijacker-murderers came from — is our enemy as much as Islam is; time to clean out the nest of viperous Islamists and Muslim filth. Topple the House of Saud, take over the oilfields, get rid of nuke Mecca and Medina Islamist shit. Either civilize or exterminate all Muslims and Arabs. Finally, someone in the US Goobermint is listening to the truth about the degenerate Saudi scum.
But the lying scumbag cowards at The Pentagon, disavow that truth. Hey, they'd "disavow" their own Mothers, if it suited them to do so.
Was TWA 800 shot down in '96? Yes, it was. By whom? Don't know for sure, yet. But Clintoon, the NTSB and FBI covered it up nicely badly, and the truth will come out eventually; I've been saying that for the past 5 years. Screw Pity you who don't believe the truth.
And it also looks like the Iraq connection to the OKC Bombing in '95 will come out soon enough, too. Clintoon and the FBI covered that one up badly, too. Screw Pity you who don't believe the truth, also.
Awwwww geeeee whizzzz, another whiny, lowlife piece of Muslim-shit. Get used to it, towelhead Islamic filth. It was your countrymen who murdered 3,000 Americans, and if I had my way, you'd all be either dead or deported.
US Special Forces have whacked four Afghans and injured a fifth in eastern Afghanistan after one of them attempted to open fire. whacked four? Four? WTF are we doing reporting four subhuman towelhead murderous Islamic shitfilth Muslim pieces of garbage as dead? There should be hundreds thousands hundreds of thousands millions dead; not 4 stinking diaperheads.
FEMA's still planning for NBC (nuclear, biological, chemical) attacks on major population centers, and continues to deny it is doing so. All this secrecy sure doesn't do much to inspire public confidence; why can't government just tell Americans the truth?
More proof that Saudi Arabian scumbags are the US' enemy: denying use of the military bases we built, for the Iraq attack. The cowardly and weak Saudis need to be toppled and replaced, too.
While NYC has their September 11th Memorial, I'll be at work, still harboring hate and rage at Muslims and Islamists for murdering 3,000 people, wishing we'd get off this "nation building" shit in Ashcanistan, and get on to the business of Killing more and more Islamic and Muslim terrorists.
Here's why Sodomy Insane and Iraq need to be taken out, sooner rather than later.
More proof that the INS can't find it's own ass with both hands: Immigration and Naturalization Service inspectors at Los Angeles International Airport — the nation's third-busiest — have been told by their superiors not to arrest terrorist suspects, even though they carry guns and have arrest authority.

I can't believe I'm reading this shit right now.
Brent Scowcroft, who remains close to the Bush family, is a lowlife turd.
How Conservative is W, really? Read this and decide for yourself.

Lib-democRAT Traitors & Lowlifes.
A Klintoon-appointee, the lowlife liberal garbage traitorous Federal Judge bitch, Judge Gladys "I Hate Ameica" Kessler of the US District Court for the District of Columbia, gave the Justice Department 15 days to release the names of the detainees and their attorneys. The government can leave out the names of any detainees who request in writing that their names be kept private. BFD, traitorous lib whore rag.
Soooo, Bill Moyers is a drunkard, is getting a DWI, but won't admit responsibility and face the charges. Typical liberal piece-of-shit. Hey Bill: you suck scum, punk boy.
Disgraced criminal US Sen Robert Torricelli, D-NJ, is freeling the heat: NJ newspapers are calling for his resignation, on corruption charges. Good riddance, greaseball.
The nasty little lib-democRAT bitch diva criminal, Martha Stewart, is seeing her empire crumble. I'm loving it.
I love it when lib-democRAT scumbags and degenerate socialists are fighting each other. The criminal Clintoons and murderous Kennedys are at it over where the 2004 Democratic National Convention will be held. I hope they rip each other to freaking bits, and show the Nation what scum they all are. C'mon, lowlifes, put on a real show for us; show us what trash the DNC and its liberal garbage is.
US Sen Joe "The Palgiarist Liar" Biden's two-bit, whore-dog daughter, Ashley Blazer Biden, 21, of Wilmington, DE, was arrested for being a lowlife slut on a misdemeanor charge of obstructing a police officer. She's a scumbag whorebitch, like daddy's bald-headed artificial transplant. Biden is dogshit.
Congressman Anthony "The lib-democRAT Idiot Poster Scumbag" Weiner, D-NY, is truly a W-E-I-N-E-R, if he thinks disgraced, lying, convicted, impeached, ex-president Bubba Jeffy Klintoon would defend anyone and die for the cause. Klintoon, and his fat, ugly, stupid, nlard-ass, lying bitch co-partner, Hitlery Rotten Klintoon, would cut bait and run. Cowards, socialists, both.
The ultra-liberal, left-wing wacko, lying-in-your-face, TIME Magazine, lies again to cover-up for impeached, disgraced, ex-president Bubba Jeffy Klintoon's failed 8 years of criminal activity: "A bold plan for the U.S. to attack al Qaeda was delayed by a Bush administration "policy review process" and was approved just a week before September 11, a TIME special report reveals. The plan, developed in the last days of the Clinton administration, was passed along to the Bush administration in January 2001 by Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger and Richard Clarke, a career bureaucrat who had served in the first Bush administration and risen during the Clinton years to become the White House’s point man on terrorism. In the words of a senior Bush administration official, the proposals amounted to "everything we’ve done since 9/11." TIME’s special report offers the fullest account of how ambitious the plan was, and how the Bush administration delayed the plan." Complete and utter lib-democRAT bullshit from lying left-wing wacko scumbags.
Oh, here we go again: another demon-possessed SUV destroys something/ whacks someone; no mention that a freaking human was driving in the headline. The lib-democRAT scumbags who write this shit are relentlessly pursuing their perverted "agenda".
I'm truly surprised that 50% of Americans believe anything that the lying, disgraced, impeached ex-president scumbag Bubba Jeffy Klintoon says. The closeness of Election 2000 spoke volumes about how far this once-great Nation has sunk into depravity, lawlessness and immorality.
English must be made the defacto language of America; the bilingual regs put in place by the lib-democRAT filth, are shit.
I feel sorry for any and all investors in Martha Stewart's so-called empire, which is now crumbling due to her greed, but I really want to see that nasty liberal-democRAT lying bitch take a hard fall. Doubtful, though; the rich have a different set of standards and laws applied to them. Get her records; they'll prove her greed and guilt.
As if anyone even needed any proof that AlGoreBore is an insane sociopath who still believes he's "entitled" to the presidency, not W, this socialist screed nails it. Nurse, get his meds.
Only in the filthy shadow of The Kriminal Klintoon Administration, could an aberration like The Anna Nicole Smith Show be televised. There's nothing, which that two-bit, gold-digging whore could do, which would entice me to watch a mmorbid second of that "show".
Further proof that the NY Slimes is a traitorous publication, run by criminal liberals and degenerate democRATs. I stopped reading its garbage years ago, and cancelled my subscription over 17 years ago. I wouldn't use it to line a bird cage.

Clearly Deserving Execution.
Sure thing, the criminals are protected and the victims are trampled upon. The lib-dem lowlife wackos in the 9th Circus Court of Appeals are at it again: A federal appeals court set aside a death sentence Thursday for an Orange County man who whacked a woman by stabbing her a dozen times with a butcher knife. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled 6-5 that a prosecutor's remarks to the jury caused William Payton to receive an unfair trial.
Blacks beating other blacks to death, after a traffic accident in Chicago's lovely South side ghetto, and "no one saw nothing". Yeah, sure thing. Several need to die for their actions.
Hmmmm, 7,200+ pedophiles identified by the FBI and Scotland Yard, in the US and Britain? And all they6'll get is a maximum of 5 years? Very, very wrong: all should get thrown in with the prison's 'general population' and let them whack 'em all. End of that problem. Next?
Halleujah! A subhuman piece of shit murderer gets his overdue and just reward: Repeatedly proclaiming his innocence, a career criminal with convictions in three states was executed Wednesday evening for Killing a suburban Houston, TX, woman. Richard William Kutzner, 59, won't ever whack again. Good riddance, lowlife filth. Made my week.

Redneck Neighbor.
Most of us have had the pleasure of residing next door to a less-than-desirable neighbor at some point in our residential lives. In this simple (but entirely enthralling) discourse, you'll meet JD8 (John Doe 8), an unquestionable nuisance of a neighbor. JD8's fed-up next-door neighbor decided to document the frequent follies of JD8 — what follows is a humorous look at suburban life gone awry. Read the adventures of good ol' JD8 as he completes numerous "home improvement" projects, throws late-night Karoake parties, and sets his backyard on fire. Gaze with wonder at pictures of his oversize flagpole or his ingenious use of a fish tank as a garden centerpiece. Be warned — this look at a particularly noisome neighbor might cause laughter that hits particularly close to home.

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