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Friday, August 11, 2000

if you ask the idiot lib-dem scumbags who is responsible for the immediate past, ongoing and future high gas prices, they'll lie and point to Big Oil. But if you do a little research, it's easy to find the culprit: Bubba Clintoon, the First Liar & Rapist. AlGoreBore played a huge role in the conspiracy, but I digress... Back in January, February and March, I read stories about people in the Northeast and Midwest having to choose between food or fuel for their families, because heating oil had risen to over $2.50/gal. As the cold weather eased up in those regions, the stories changed to the same people having to choose between filling their vehicles to get to work and again buying minimal groceries and clothing for their families. Either way, it was pathetic. In one of the articles, a for-profit corporation was mentioned as running a "re-distribution center" for foodstuffs for these people; I sent a personal check for $100 and hoped that others would contribute something to ease my fellow Americans' plight. But why? Why should this even be a factor in the strongest economy an economy that the Clintoon-GoreBore slime had nothing to do with when unemployment was at it's all-time low and wages and profits were at an all-time high? Good question; wish I could answer it. Nope, I'd like the Clintoon-GoreBore scumbags to answer that one. Unfortunately, it has no real answer. And they'd be lying once again, if they told you they did.

Around The Garden Center.
I was back into work last Friday, after a day off. The '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD was working fine despite 3 defective fuel pumps, with new brakes all-around and a 135,000 mile service; I'm good to go for a while. The condo 'fridge and pantry was heavily re-stocked. I did some work on new "boulder staircase" HTML additions to the OnGoing Projects Pages at; they're still on my home and office units, not quite ready for uploading to the corporate website. But, soon.
Gas prices continued to drop last week, from $1.54.9/ gal (89 oct) to $1.52.9/gal in most stations in the area. Oh sure, you can get 87 octane cheaper, but my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD doesn't like that low octane shit. Diesel fuel is still around $1.71.9/ gal, and since all of my construction machinery is diesel-powered, we still must pay the cost when filling the storage cans. I feel sorry for the truck drivers who have to use the big rigs to earn a living, but at least diesel has dropped from a high of $2.07 a few months ago.
I've always loved ice cream, especially Hagen-Dasz with it's high asserfat content. But when I read this story about the unusually high levels of the cancer-causing carcinogen, dioxin in Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, I vowed I'd never, never, never eat the Ben & Jerry's toxic shit; I'd tried it once or twice in the past and really never liked it as compared to H-D. Are you a B&J's fan? Think again, unless you're into cancer, chemotherapy and ultimately, death. Gulp.
Hurricane season is beginning; it's that time of year when everyone from Key West, Florida to Bangor, Maine pays rapt attention.
Last Friday at about 4pm, a horrific weather cell (read violent squall) blew through South-Central York County, Pannsylvania: 60-70mph winds, 2" of horizontal rain in 15 minutes, small hail, a possible tornado and two lightening strikes on my Garden Center. Several small-medium trees in the back growing fields were splintered; another bolt landed just behind my Landscape Foreman's Office. He got slightly buzzed-zapped-tingled. Apparently, it was a cold charge (-), rather than a hot charge (+), which is infinitely more lethal. I was waiting on customers and hit the floor after I heard the two loud reports (bangs) of very close thunder-lightening. The strike fried one of my irrigation system controller motherboards; several GFIs (ground fault interruptor) and the Altec-Lansing subwoofer-speakers on my SAG Electronics 600 PIII machine. shit. I had to send Dad 23 miles to the west to Biglerville to get motherboard replacements and install them to reactivate the 20acre irrigation system. Meanwhile, I used a "roach clip", errrr, "alligator clip" to jumpstart to manual system (now without a brain). Somehow, it all worked when the mobo's were installed and re-programmed. Back to normal. However, the phone lines were still screwed up until Monday when our long distance NTE tech repair guy showed and replaced the dialer.
Upon arriving at the Garden Center on Sunday morning at 11:30am, a couple from Pittsburgh was parked in the driveway at the chained gate. They'd seen the USA Today article about our high-end water gardens and had driven over from Pittsburgh to meet me and see some of them. I spent most of Sunday squiring them around to some of the larger and more costly WGs we've done over the years. They were impressed.
Since 1986, I can't remember a wetter Spring, Summer & Fall (so far!) season. One of three, but not two and certainly not three in the same year. 1999-2000 was a season to remember, and it's a long way from over, yet. The Dog Days of Summer have arrived, with temps and hum-didity in the mid- to upper-90s now and heat indexes in the 100s. Steamy and oppressive weather is making up for the unusually cool and rainy July we've just come through.
I took Thursday off, slept in 'til 10am, did some food and clothes shopping, picked up a couple of Hoppe's Cleaning Kits for my '63 Mossberg .22 Target Rifle and '74 Colt .357 Trooper MkIII Pistol, did a few projects around the condo, cleaned the Jeep, spent some "quality time" with my two condo cats and grilled some filet mignon on my new Char Broil Patio Caddy grill, sipping a luscious '86 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon. All in all, a nicely-restful day.

The Race: The Presidency 2000.
GWB hammered home the themes last week, and won over a huge audience of supporters. Thursday night was a "stem-winder of a speech". That was the only part I listened to. I read Cheney's diatribe on Wednesday and caught snippets on the Web. Overall, he and GWB got an A. But Philly's still a shithole, compared to NYC. Now, the boys are loose in the Midwest, wreaking political havoc in the swing states, the political "rustbelt".
Meanwhile, shit-for-brains AlGoreBore2000 plods along, committing political and social suicide with constituency after constituency. His lies and "prevarications" are nefarious and manifold.
One lifelong moderate-conservative, Jeff Greenfield, thinks it was worth doing and watching, if only for the GOP "follow up". Me too. That 59 minute speech was all I watched over the 4 days. And well worth it, Fellow & Fellowette Conservatives. And Lurking Liberal Democrats; you, too.
The twisted, perverted, demented politics of hate and personal destruction are alive and ill in AlGoreBoreWhore2000, liberal lowlife democrat scumbag liar.
Of course, the collective military brass is going to say they're combat ready, although they aren't. Clintoon's not only gutted the armed services, but made it a felony to speak out against his ignorant, lying, raping, cokehead ass. What'd you expect?
Barney The Fag is correct nomenclature. What's wrong with the truth? He's a demented, diseased, subhuman pervert lowlife, very worthy of an AIDS death.
No brains AlGoreBoreWhore Scumf*cker is sinking fast. His only hope is a huge bounce from the lib-dem-filth-scum Convention; otherwise he's toast and Hitlery Rodman Clintoon is soiled kitty litter, which she is anyway. Good riddance, lowlife commie socialist scum International association of Fire Fighters.
Lib-Dem scumbag liar knees are wobbling at the mere prospect of women, minorities et al defecting to the evil Republicans. Horror of horrors!
GWB shoved a piece of 4ft x 8ft plywood up AlGoreBore's tookus with his Thursday night speech. Know what? shit-for-brains AlGoreBore's still smiling. Duh. Here's AlGoreBore's reassal. Heh, heh, heh...
The Marriage Tax and the Estate (death) Tax are two tax cuts Bubba Clintoon has vowed to veto. That stupidity will help whack AlGoreBore's meager, pathetic chances in November.
Why is this piece of shit Castro trash still alive and commenting on the 2000 elections? Why hasn't someone put a bullet through the murderous dictator's empty head.
I like this guy, Chris Rock; saw him on HBO-CATV the other night, quite by accident. He's further to the Right than I am. Not.
That shit-for-brains Bubba Clintoon to be "worried" is rare; usually the lying, raping, draft-dodging, traitorous lowlife subhuman piece of shit only worries about his ownself, and his First Bitch co-partner. He and Hitlery Rodman Clintoon are in it for them, not us. Make no mistake about it. They're real close to evil.
Imagine this: Carly Simon, Bubba & Hitlery Clintoon, all three for $15,000 per plate. Would ya go? Ummmm, I don't f*cking think so. Only if they were all executed for their crimes would I pay that to sit near them.
At the height of hypocrisy, AlGoreBore chose the cowardly US Sen Joe Lieberman as his VP; sure, Lieberman castigated Clintoon during the Impeachment Hearings, but showed the Nation he had no backbone or brains after he then decided to acquit Bubba, rather than convict the liar. The fact that he's Jewish isn't important; that's a ploy for GoreBore and Hitlery to erase Hitlery's "f*cking Jew Bastard" slur and pump up GoreBore's Jewish constituency voters, if he has any left.
Of course, the filthy stinking Hitlery Rodman Clintoon wants Lieberman to help New York Jews to forget her "f*cking Jew Bastard" slur; she's already asked him to prostitute himself for her criminal campaign. Personally, I give NY Jews more credit than buckling to Lieberman and Hitlery; they'll reject the First Bitch outright and send her fat ass packing back to Arkansas.
That blacks are still voting the lib-dem filth ticket is no surprise; they're still addicted to gov't welfare programs and handouts from many decades gone by. Overall, they're a stupid people, made incapable of independent thinking for themselves by the lib-dem scumbags. Individually, there are many thinkers who've realized that the GOP Conservatives are their friends and allies, and they've done well when they've pursued that venue.
The corruption of Joe Lieberman has begun: he's now against school vouchers, now against partial privatization of social security, and now against moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem. Pretty soon, the GoreBore slime will have him renouncing Judaism and becoming a southern Baptist minister. Very sad to watch.

Clintoonista Lowlifes.
Once again, the Liar-&-Rapist-In-Chief is pandering to the Hispanics by delaying the federal execution of a convicted murderer, drug smuggler and money launderer. All to help his scuzbag, First Bitch lowlife wife in her pathetic attempt to become a US Senator from new York state. Hopefully, New Yorkers will see through the stinking Clintoon's lies and reject the sleazoid bitch outright.
In another egregious example of the Clintoon criminals using government to further their perverted political agenda, the Dept of InJustice is indicting a Texas oil company, and GOP contributor, on 5 year old charges, which were fixed five years ago. Mere coincidence? Serendipitous timing? Where is the real Justice Dept? Still held hostage by the lib-dem scum and the diseased, shaker, alcoholic, Janet "Waco" El-Reno criminal. The inmates are running the asylum.
Using a 100-year old Constitution allowance-loophole, called Recess Appointment, the Liar & Rapist In Chief, Bubba Clintoon, moved the Commie, Marxist, Black Panther sympathizer, Bill Lan Lee ditto Hitlery Rodman Clintoon's history to assistant attorney general for civil rights. moron, for short.
Once again proving that he's a lowlife scumbag hypocrite, Bubba Clintoon has vetoed the marriage penalty tax cut passed by the US Congress.
In another fit of anti-Semite behavior, the Democrat National Committee (DNC) Chairman Ed Rendell said that Sen Joe Liebermann would make a great VP, except that he's a Jew. Huh? What difference does that make? (Truth be told, Liebermann publicly berated Bubba Clintoon during the Impeachment Hearings in '98, but in an act of cowardice voted not to convict in the US Senate.) Well, at least he didn't call the guy a f*cking Jew Bastard like Hitlery did a few years ago. What a bunch of racist bigot, anti-Semites the Clintoons are.
Ethel, use an icepick to the eyeball or nose passage of Bubba Clintoon. The brain cedes quickly with a pointed leak. Even though I despise the lowlife Kennedy criminals and scum, Clintoon is (almost worse than fat Teddy) barely the lesser of two evils, but not by much. Do the philanderer and liar, girl. En guarde!
Listen to the criminal Clintoon Bitch lie about GWB; can voters really understand what a liar Hitlery is? They should after eight years; I could after the first time she spoke.
Speaking of the First Bitch, Hitlery, apparently Bubba Clintoon thinks his lardass wifey is "something special" and shouldn't be subject to personal attacks. Hell, the bitch has no record of public service at all, so the only thing left is to attack her for all her criminal doings over the past 30 years. She's a demonic, arrogant, racist, anti-Semite bigot. Rip her a new moron in that more-than-ample lardass, Rick. Go Lazio, go!
Shades of creeping socialism-communism: states are now requiring registration and waiting periods for beer "kegs". Huh? Calling them "potential trouble spots", Ohio joins other states in requiring the location of the party, so police can keep an eye on the goings on. Sounds like "Big Brother" is alive and well under Clintonism.
In the I-Told-You-So-Dept: for years in this Journal, I've said that Janet "Waco" El-Reno was an alcoholic, dyke criminal; now someone's got affidavits to prove it. Ohio congressmen Jim Traficant claims he has documents to prove she's a criminal. I sure hope his life insurance is paid up so, in case he gets mysteriously "Foster-ized", his family isn't left out in the cold.
Just when everyone thought The White House had cleaned all the president's DNA out of the sinks and carpets, comes another porn scandal, about ready to break. The real-time video files which came from hard-core porn sites featuring homosexual, farm-animal and teen sex acts were so large that they clogged up the WH's computers and servers for weeks. This is another potential compromise of national security, but I'll wager the Old Time Media won't give it any coverage; they'll just bury it as they've done with almost every other Clintoon scandal they could find.
Once again pointing out the incompetents, idiots, morons and cretins who staff the Clintoon Administration at all levels, a $25,000 reward is now offered for a missing laptop computer with classified information, stolen nearly two months ago. How in the hell could someone steal a secured, classified computer from State Dept? Simple: no security for the past 8 years of the stinking Clintoons; they've sold America out to anyone with cash. Traitors, all.
With thousands of US Military families now receiving food stamps, the Clintoonista slime have diverted millions of dollars to their pet pork-barrel projects, instead of raising the level of living for the people who serve and guard this Nation's security. Unbelievable lib-dem filth.

Terminate The Subhuman Filth.
I'm simultaneously amused and outraged when so-called foes of the death penalty pontificate and hold forums on a subject they know little or nothing about. Each of those lib-dem scumbags needs to have a family member brutally raped and murdered; then let's all watch with glee as they scream for the death penalty for the felon. Hypocrites, all of them.
Holding up the murderous cop whacker Mumia Abu Jamal (aka Tyrone Leroy Johnson) as a symbol of the perverted, twisted Left, those demonstrators should have been machine-gunned for ignoring the facts. Why Penna Gov Ridge hasn't signed the death order is beyond me. I'd sign one every day until the subhuman filth is duly executed.
I agree:stop naming and shaming pedophiles (child molesters) in the British newspapers. Name them after they've been executed for such heinous crimes against society's innocents. This is definitely a crime I'd institute as available for capital punishment if I were Dictator For A Day. Ah ha! Here's justice for the filth.
I LOVE Texas!Two executions in one week! After a slow several weeks, this double execution sure made my day. Both sorely needed to die for their heinous crimes. Bye, lowlife filth scumsuckers. Rot in Hell.
Shooting a police officer in the head and Killing him, just for giving some lowlife moron a ticket for not wearing a seatbelt, requires the death penalty. Nay, demands the death penalty.
Hey, I've got got no damned problem executing mentally-ill murderers; there's no such thing. If the scumsuckers knew they were murdering, they deserve to die in the death chamber. Pure, clean and simple. Hell, 25% of the 3,700 subhuman filth on death row are retarded? whack the lowlife shit-filth, whatever their mental status. They're murderers and they need to die.

Yeah, Sure Thing.
Huh? Some stupid whoredog bitch meets a couple of lowlife rapists over the Net, gets raped and sues Sparks, Nevada? How idiotic. Shouldn't the slut be suing the rapists? Another case of a lib-dem moron who can't take responsibility for her actions and blaming it on someone else. Hopefully, it'll be overturned in an appeals court and justice served.
Aw gee whiz, am I supposed to feel sorry for a cocaine addict who is deep in debt, and has cancer? f*ck no. The reason Darryl Strawberry who used to earn millions in major league baseball is poor now, is because his f*cking nose is always in a bag of expensive coke! Well, f*cking duh! Clean yourself up cokehead and get a job, earn the money and support your family, Strawberry moron. No sympathy here, scumbag.
I have no sympathy for the Japanese, as the "hell on earth" they claim we inflicted via the A-Bomb was far worse manifested by their army raping, pillaging, murdering and plundering armies throughout Asia. Ask the Chinese. Ask the Koreans. Ask any of their so-called American and British prisoners. The WWII Japs were lowlife, subhuman filth. The A-Bomb did the World a great favor by ending WWII early and sparing millions of US soldier's lives. No sweat.
Here's Israel's answer to "Calypso Louis" Farrakham, Irrev's Jesse Jack-scum & Fat Al Sharp-scum. This rabbi really lost his way, somewhere along the trip.
Sure, this is India, The Third World, but it is also America. What about the tens-of-thousands of US Citizens wrongly accused by the IRS, FBI, etc and made to defend themselves at great personal cost, often the result is bankruptcy, before clearing their wrongly-accused name?
The shit-for-brains idiot and so-called Green Party candidate, Ralphie "The Commie" Nader, thinks it's okay for gays to adopt normal children and then teach their perverted, demented values during the formative years. Hey Ralphie: f*ck you to death. You're scum and also deserve a massive heart attack very soon, and to die painfully.
This guy should have put a (throwaway) knife into the bum's hand after he shot him; no jury would have convicted anyone for Killing such filth. Hopefully, next time.
Anyone who listens and believes anything the Irrev Jesse Jack-scum says is a fool. He's a race-baiting, bigot and anti-Semite does "Hymie scum" and "Hymietown" (NYC) ring any bells? who needs to be discredited and ignored.
I believe the store guards; the shoplifter moron is a scumbag. Read the account for yuourself. You steal moron idiot, you die.

Tick Tock Toys.
Now, I appreciate that Taco Bell chihuahua just as much as the next person, but in the name of all things sacred, what ever happened to the Taco Bell Klang Puppet? (Oh, come on, don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about!) Well, even if Klang doesn't feature that prominently in your childhood memories, chances are you'll enjoy a run through Tick Tock Toys. Explore the site's vast archive of images used in food packaging, store and restaurant displays, cartoons, toys, and more. (I found Klang in the fast food archive.) It's all about staying true to the past. You don't know where you're going if you can't tell where you're from. Long live Klang! And Cecil and Beany! Long live Crusader Rabbit and Rags, too!

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