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Friday, August 13, 1999

it doesn't take a genius to realize that the GOP isn't going to break out of its malaise anytime soon. They're effectively not a political force anymore. Since 1994, when they took over the US Congress, they've done nothing concrete and frittered away the once-in-a-forty-year opportunity they had won from the American Voter in the Congressional, mid-term elections. Newt Gingrich & Co did next to nothing to amount to anything, except embroil themselves in scandal, and the lib-dem scumbags have again fractured the slim majority by enticing pathetically-disaffected Republicans to defect; so far, two idiots named Smith and Forbes, have. No real loss on either count. The GOP will pay dearly with innumerable House and Senate losses in the 2000 General Election for their ineptness. A directionless and rudderless GOP ship inspires no one to vote for it.

Around The Garden Center.
The drought continues and worsens with each passing day. Now, New Jersey and Delaware have chimed in by declaring a drought emergency. We continue to provide extra water for all plant material from the six operational wells here. I feel bad for those in some of the nearby local boroughs and townships who are forbidden from watering anything at their homes. I'm still getting dozens of calls each day from people with lots of questions about how to keep their plant material alive. No rain in the forecast and it's looking more and more like normal rain won't be enough to end it anyway; it'll take several hurricanes worth to make any dent in this drought.
Yeah sure, I'll believe it when I see it, you lying rat bastards.
The Microsoft v Netscape browser saga continues. My Dell 333 in the office won't run any Netscape browser version higher than 4.08. Don't ask. The SAG 450 at home accepted v4.61 but won't display java without error messages. Don't ask. So to keep my sanity, I've dumped Communicator and chosen to go strictly with MSIE v5, for now. It's a powerful and fast browser, but also has its share of quirks. Don't we all.
In addition to the 5,000+ conservatives and moderates I get coming to visit this site each week, I get another 300-500 (varies by national urge and author topic) liberals, libertarians and democrats-of-all-persuasions visiting. The email from them is sometimes staggering and often argumentative and outright nasty. But I enjoy reading it all and marvel at their diversity.
Reporters from the daily, evening, weekly and monthly local papers are calling all the time for an opinion and to interview me about what problems I'm having with the drought. It's amusing that they can't seem to get the facts straight, even though I go over it (the facts) several times with them. Woodward & Bernstein, they ain't.
Lynn's P-200 at the front counter is still being reconstructed bit by bit, and the recalcitrant 56k modem won't go any faster than 21.6kbps. Don't ask. Win98 has some of its own quirks and workarounds are being sought. The continuing saga also continues to continue. On Wednesday, it looked as though the P-200 was terminal. I took Thursday off and Friday we started shopping the Web for a new drive unit.
I'm waiting for the SAG P-3 700mhz to arrive; the 600s are here now. I'll had planned to recycle my Dell 333 to Lynn's front counter station, move the SAG P-2 450 from home to my office, and install the SAG 700 at home with the cable modem, but all that's changed now.
A disturbing story on plant disappearances around the world. Hey, I'm doing what I can to allay that portentous event, in my little corner of the world. So be it.

I remember the last day of Richard M. Nixon's presidency; the entire Nation watched as he gave a final speech and boarded USMC Chopper One and flew away. Gerald Ford assumed the presidency and the Nation breathed a collective sigh of relief. Nixon, in the final days, was truly a man awake in his own nightmare, of his own making: Watergate.

Not If, But When.
So far, we've been lucky the two US Embassies in Africa, World Trade Center and OKC Federal Building bombings were the worst but it's only a matter of time until terrorists strike. And I don't give a flying rat's ass what the FBI and NTSB say, TWA Flight 800 was shot down by 1-2 portable missiles; over 250 people witnessed the hit. The government's still covering it up after three years; guess they don't think the American People can handle the news.
The US has been fortunate so far, thanks in part to the CIA and other agencies, but terrorists will strike again using either chemical, biological or nuclear weapons and the damage will dwarf anything seen yet, outside of Hiroshima or Nagasaki.
Simply catching or Killing the bin Laden towelhead piece of shit isn't enough; he has thousands of deranged followers of Islam, a dogshit religion of cowardice, extremism and malice.
Read this for a seriously chilling set of scenarios.

Fry 'Em!
Better late than never, I guess. It only took the system 19 years to rid society of a murderous piece of shit for the rape and beating death of an 86 year old woman in 1980. She's still dead and the subhuman filth was just executed, 19 years later. Most unfair.
Once again, I don't understand how the f*cked up legal system can sentence someone to life in prison when they've murdered someone else, for whatever reason. The deserve and need the death penalty. Pretty clear and simple logic to me.
Although slightly Hitlerian and Draconian, I agree with the Vermont Eugenics Project's premise: rid society of all the filth and scum, and breed better humans. C'mon liberal-shit-for-brains-motherf*ckers; f*ck with me. Dare ya. The only troubling area is the selection process criteria. Everyone has their own standards by which others are judged: one man's ceiling is another man's floor; one man's trash is another man's treasures. But the criminal filth should be at least sterilized, especially child molesters; best scenario is execution for them all.
Here's another subhuman piece of shit, in a nearby Penna so-called maximum security prison, who has been allowed to live for another 19 years after the murder of four teenagers in 1980. He's still loose; they can't catch him when they had him.
Why do murderers live so much longer? Why the f*ck aren't they executed within a year of conviction and sentence? Appeals should be limited to one year; then the sentence is carried out with impunity. Knowing that they'll get a cozy and comfy prison cell with all kinds of privileges and endless appeals at US Taxpayers expense, makes society's subhuman filth more likely to commit murder, rape, child molestation and treason.
Remember Chucklehead Manson and the "helter skelter" murders? Well, the piece of shit is back in the news with the idiot bimbo followers. How they ever got their executions commuted is way beyond my scope of comprehension. Oh, the '72 rescinding of The Death Penalty. What idiots. They should all have been executed. The US Taxpayer that's you and me have spent tens-of-millions of our hard-earned, dollars to keep them cozy and comfy in prison. What a bad joke on us.
If abortions performed 20+ years ago did lower crime rates today, it's a shame that the current crop of 3,700 on Death Row weren't also aborted. Execution is permanent sterilization and all subhuman filth should be executed so they do not have even the remotest chance of breeding.
Get rid of the criminal immigrants; we don't need anymore here in the US, we have too many now as it is. And we're cowards in meting out the justice they so truly deserve: execution.
This fruitcake desperately requires the death penalty for the attempted murder of children and for Killing a federal employee. The grinning piece of white trash needs to die.
The Summer of Hate is impacting all of us.

Bullshit Dep't.
Eliminating all mention of evolution is beyond absurd, it's idiotic and borders on being a church, instead of a science curriculum. Leave it to Kansas to intentionally f*ck things up by shoving creationism up all the kids' noses and ignoring a scientifically-viable theory.
Aw gee whiz: the Net steals billions from offline retailers? Tough shit, morons. Time to get online and get in on the gravy train. No sympathy from me. Like the lottery says, "You gotta be in it to win it". Not.
Probably the most nationally visible, most known racist, hypocritical piece-of-shit, next to Al Sharpton of NYC, is Jesse "Gimme alla ya monies, Whitey-Jew-filth-f*ck-scum" Jackson, takes corporate money for his own use and berates those corporations for not including unqualified minorities on their boards. If I headed one of the Fortune 100s, a simple f*ck you, scumbag! is what he'd get from me when he came begging for cash.
Neither of these Carters did a f*cking thing worthwhile while in office; their significant contributions to humankind came after Jimmayh left office and Billy Beer the Worthless Piece of shit died, literally.
Affirmative action is racism, pure and simple. The University of Michigan is a racist institution.
It's the people, not the guns, stupid f*cking Clintonite scumbag liberal morons. Can't those stupid morons make the connection?
One of the world's true lowlifes who has lived in a fantasy world all his miserable life, Warren Beatty is about to throw his lib-dem scum hat into the 2000 Presidential Race. Guess his pea-sized brain reckons that if Reagan can do it in the 80s, he can. Hmmm.

What If It's True?
All my life, I've wondered if the God-The Holy Spirit-Jesus theory could be proven valid to any and all questioners. Alas, nothing is an absolute; it was only a theory.
Either Wyatt was the biggest charlatan or an extraordinary researcher and discoverer of antiquities of unique proportion.

House Of Clematis.
Want to know everything about the beautiful climber? It's all here.

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