"i'm sick & tired of being sick & tired,

of corrupt, lying politicians & judges getting away with crimes,

working to intentionally-destroy America,

and not being held accountable for their treason, sedition & sabotage."

clever by a half

friday, august 15th, 2008

there is a point to which everyone comes, and says, "enough is enough", and I finally think that America is at that point-in-time. I'm just sick and tired of being sick and tired, of all the corrupt, criminal psychopaths, called "politicians". And let's not forget the so-called "judges", whose "activism" consists of trying to make law and rewrite the US Constitution, as a "living document", on an almost daily basis. There seemingly just isn't any end to the lies, deceit, corruption, filth, criminality and We've been lied to, screwed-six-ways-to-Sunday, and ignored on a wholesale basis.

"The Statue of Liberty has been raped and beaten by America's lib-dem traitors; She's disheveled. She's beaten-up. She's crying for help!"

Wasn't there another point-in-time, 'way back then', when our Founding Fathers envisioned that so-called 'professional politicians' would be a major liability and the ultimate downfall of this fragile, Constitutional Republic (nay, democracy), which "they had given us, if we could keep it", and Thomas Jefferson recommended in The Federalist Papers #52 'Citizen Legislators', term-limited to 2 years; no more. They all knew that so-called 'professional politicians' would be the downfall of such a fledgling, nascent Constitutional Republic, and could easily and quickly ( >250 years) lead to the internal destruction — the left's über-hero, Karl Marx once said, "Democracy is the quickest way to socialism" — by The Enemy Within, viscous, angry, bitter, hate-filled, demonic, subhuman groups of commies, socialists, lowlife, dirtbags, eco-freaks, America-haters, US Military-haters and various subhuman, psychopathic garbage, shit, trash, scum, filth, deviants, degenerates, dirtbags — and other sociopaths who take living in America for granted, yet constantly pile-shit-upon this *God's Unique National Gift to Mankind*, with their slobbering, whines, complaints, propaganda, anger, bitterness, twisted mentality, hate and outright lies. They complain about their 'loss of innocence', and not about the 'loss of a Nation'. Why is that?

Is the America which you & I grew-up and loved, now "gone"? Yes, it is, IMO. Will it come back? I don't know; I'm not sure we've hit bottom, yet. I think we have a lot more to lose, before millions of Patriots rise-up, take back this injured nation, and help heal it itself.

"The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed, from time to time with the blood of Patriots and tyrants." — Thomas Jefferson, in a 1787 letter.

Anytime a nation has 4-5 of 9 US Supreme Court Justices firmly-dedicated to wholesale baby murder/slaughter, but keeps the heinous murderers on death row alive and well-cared for; is sharply-divided on the US Constitution's 2nd Amendment, by the wholesale banning of personal protection firearms; is firmly-dedicated/sharply-divided to the total disregard of The 5th Amendment (the "Takings Clause" in the Kelo v New London, CT); it has an inherent, almost unsolvable problem; treason from within, at the highest level. It's The Enemy Within™ at work, as usual.

Around The Garden Center.

I closed 25mins early on Thursday, as some violent t-storms rolled through the area. Dad, Bob & I 'bailed' around 4pm, as the rain started, and t-storms moved-into the area, and grew-exponentially, before unloading upon us. The isolated t-storm-cells blasted some areas, and left many areas, untouched. "Just for grins", I climbed back into the Jeep, and drove down thru mid/southern York Cty, and got caught in the t-storms as they moved thru. Some areas were downright calm; others were violent and hurricane/tornado-like. That's what 'isolated cells' are like. The TWC Bug in my Office/Home computers' trays, went wild until around 6:45pm, but then went silent, around 7:15pm. Thankfully.

I went to Foot Solutions today, across from the York (PA) Galleria Mall, and got fitted with a $139 pair of 'wave-spring-loaded', Spira Walking Shoes. They installed some special 'shims' under the gel-cushioned-sole to redirect my 'foot roll' upon impact. And there are even more computer-machined insole possibilities available, after a thorough laser exam of the feet and detailed pressure-point analysis, which I had during the 45-minute exam. I had no idea that such computer technology existed, but I shouldn't be surprised. It all filters down from professional sports. Here's Spira's website; here's the Size 12 Leather Walkers I'm now wearing and enjoying. Thanks, Foot Solutions! You made my day/week/month etc. Now, if the 2nd epidural will just work, dammit... 8-9-10-11+ days and counting.

I also closed almost an hour early on Friday, during a hard Summer shower, and it was nice to get home, get an ice-pak on my backside and rest-up. We had our 3pm Key Staff Mtg, and the upcoming workload looks pretty good thru the end of August. James, my LSCP Designer, is bringing-in jobs to keep the remaining LSCP Crew and HSCP Foreman busy, with work, while many of the local operations are suffering-badly, in these usually slow Summer/ bad economy times. Plus, he's got some more 'irons in the fire', as well. I'm out bringing-in some jobs, too, which is something I really haven't done much of anymore, since I hired James, 3 years ago. I've left it to him to follow-up and develop the leads I give him, on a daily and weekly basis. I now take the 'crappy, smaller leads' off his back, and leave him to the larger jobs. Though their work, passes the data/numbers to me, and I put the detailed LSCP Estimates together, based upon his good data/numbers. I also do all the billing, so I have complete control of A/R and cash-flow. Promoting him to LSCP Designer was one of my better business decisions. And cultivating Seth to HSCP Foreman, my Hardscape Foreman/Mason, was also one of my better business decisions, as he's the cornerstone (no pun intended) of our corporate hardscape efforts, and recently-completed hardscape jobs. I'd put his skills and talents against anyone, anywhere, anytime. Both James and Seth are invaluable Key Staff of my company, and I will do what I can to take 'good care' of them. Ditto, Jennifer, my Staff Horticulturalist and, it goes without saying, that Alan, my LSCP Foreman and most senior employee, are all great people and 'most worthy of taking care' of, as I can afford to do so. If not now, as soon as I can. They all can count on that promise, from me. They know that I'm as good as my word, BTW.

I brought home some 'Italian eggplant' (courtesy of Dave & Joan), which is longer/thinner; not the "hand-grenade-type", on Friday Evening, cut them in horizontal pieces, saut?ed them in Keller's Butter, dusted them w/salt, pepper, Asiago/Parmesan-Reggiano Cheese, and devoured them, 'as is', so the very delicate flavor of eggplant wouldn't be compromised. The flavor was that of 'mashed potatoes & butter'; so nice and easy, it's not-to-be-believed, IMO! OMG, it was wonderful! I have the White Eggplant and Purple Eggplant fruits, producing 1-3/week, and I'm looking forward to some of them, in the coming weeks. Dave & Joan don't; they have the thin, Italian variety, which is good for frying/grilling and just plain *eating*. Mmmmmmmm!

It was 55°F when I got up at 6am on Saturday, and very low humidity (40%). It felt like a late September/early October morning, and as I was headed into work at 7:15am, I noticed that everyone except me, had their windows open last night. For the 9th of August, still inside The Dog Days of Summer window, it was highly unusual. The whole day was delightful; I didn't even have my office AC unit on. I opened up the condo on Saturday evening and both of the cats enjoyed the cool, fresh air, as I did for sleeping. Again, 'most unusual' for August, IIRC.

I opened-up all available windows & doors in the condo, on Saturday night/Sunday morning, at 56°F, despite the gradually-increasing-humidity (55%) at 1:45am, to "air-out the joint", and provide a comfortable sleeping atmosphere, for Saturday night/Sunday morning. I made fresh-ground Starbuck's "French Roast" coffee, waffles from scratch, slathered with Keller's Salted Butter, Vermont Maple Syrup, powdered (confectioner's) sugar, and tried a couple with Smucker's Blueberry Preserves. Mmmmmmmm. Can you say, "diabetic coma"? Yikes!

As I was food shopping on Sunday afternoon, I saw the massive cumulus and nimbus clouds building in the western sky, and knew that "something was brewing". (Check out these rare & unusual cloud formations. And as long as you're at it, have a look at these rare cloud formations, as well.) The Weather Channel's Bug in my 'puter's tray went berserk around 3:15pm, and *Severe Storm Warnings* were posted until 5:30pm. "Large hail" predicted? Dammit; that means some real damage is headed this way, based upon last week's 2" hailstones which broke some car windshields here in my condo complex. My Jeep is safely inside the garage, but I have 3 skylights and a sunroom/greenhouse extension on the living room, which has weathered 19yrs of storms, so far. It got very dark outside, very quickly. Temps dropped 23°F-plus (from 78°F down to 55°F), in just a few minutes, which told me that we were about to get "thrashed". Most of the red/yellow storm cells were moving underneath the York (PA) area, but a large one was coming directly at us. Suddenly, we had 55-60mph winds, rain coming down in massive waves/sheets, tree leaves being shredded by pea-sized hail, streets flooding 6-8" in mere seconds — and like the "proverbial male orgasm" — it was over very quickly. (Okay, okay, bad analogy; my bad.) I was just glad that there wasn't any real damage in the immediate area. I also hoped that when we got into work, we wouldn't find any of the 4 outdoor Irrigation System Controller Motherboards, fried from lightening strikes. From WGAL's 600 sq-mi Mid-Atlantic Doppler Radar Map, it looked as though we'd escaped the worst of it, and the rest of the evening would be relatively calm, with some rain showers, but nothing too violent, thankfully. Within mere minutes, the sun was back out, skies had cleared and temps were rising back into the 60s.

Monday was another truly delightful day: low humidity, temps in the upper-60s/ lower-70s, a nice breeze and all kinds of unusual cloud formations passing through the area. I had my office opened-up, small table fan on, and enjoyed the fresh air, for a second day in a row. I have two jobs underway in New Freedom (PA), with 2 miles of each other — one a large hardscape & landscape job; the other a small landscape job — so I was out visiting them. I had a call from a local excavator who's rehabbing some stream banks and dredging the black, rich topsoil from them and the adjacent lowlands, and I've contracted to buy 450+ tons (final tally 500 tons, BTW) is of the topsoil which had washed-off the surround mountains and hills, over the past 500-1,000 years, and deposited itself on the lowlands and stream banks. That should put me in good shape for the next 4-5 years. More "glitches" have shown-up in QuickBooks, after the shit-for-brains local accountant moron, reloaded some data, missing two weeks of paychecks, and entered some payroll job specs incorrectly. I fixed it, but it's annoying to have a putz who calls himself a "professional", make so many little niggling errors, and then I have to repair his screw-ups. (((sigh))) I closed at 4:30pm, and went home to ice-paks and rest my r/foots Sciatica, thankfully lessening each day, so far. I'm hoping that the 2nd epidural injection continues to show as much improvement, as it has since my last shot, on Friday, August 1st.

On the way home from work, on Monday afternoon, I noticed that Sheetz' gas prices at the pump, had dropped anther 20¢, since Sunday. Unleaded Regular (87oct) is now at $3.55/gal, Unleaded Premium (89oct) is at $3.65/gal, and Unleaded Super Premium (92oct) is at $3.85/gal, right now. How much the Russian/Georgia War affects those prices, long-term, isn't clear, right now. But it will; you can count on that as fact. Anyway, do you "feel better", as a result of the dropping prices?

Tuesday was another *unusual-for-August-beautiful-day* — low humidity, mid-70s temps — and I got the trucking company to get 8 x 22-ton loads of beautiful topsoil delivered from the creek/lowlands dredging, to my topsoil pile, just 6-7 minutes away. This topsoil has been washed-off the surrounding hills and mountains, and I almost "feel guilty" in buying/taking it; ***almost***, but not quite, dammit! My only concern is the unknown phosphate (fertilizer) levels, within it. It "smells" rich and decadent (technical terms; heh) but I'm getting a soil testing kit, to check its Ph levels. I got a resume in an email, a *.doc file which I never open from people I don't know/trust, and then asked him to cut & paste it back into the email, so I could read it, without fear of a virus. He did, and he was from Mindanao, had decent credentials, lousy spelling, and I'm guessing that he wanted a "free ticket to America", via that job. I decided against it. I closed early at 4:30pm, and went home with an aching leg/foot, to ice-paks and the couch. (((sigh)))

In my past 18yrs of owning/operating JSGC&N, I can only remember 1-2 years where we've has unusually-cool/low humidity weather, in early-to-mid-August, and that presaged an early Winter, as well as an unusually-bitterly cold one. I foresee early frost this September, and a bitterly-cold, snowy Winter, coming. WARNING: UNUSUAL, BITTERLY-COLD WINTER COMING!

It's been 3yrs since Pickle died on August 17th, 2005, and I still miss him, terribly. No, I haven't gotten a "replacement", though I've seen dozens of "Free Kittens" signs, over the years and have resisted stopping and getting another kitten, though it's tugged at my heartstrings, everyday, at not having another kitten to care for and enjoy its company. At 58, I just don't think that I could give him/her the full-attention needed, to help that cat survive at the GC&N Complex. I still have two condo cats — Murphy & Mama Kitty — who are my companions and friends, for the past 14-15yrs. I will miss them both, when they are gone, too. I probably won't get anymore pets, since their loss is more than I can bear, at this point in my life. And then, there's Mom (85) & Dad (84), whose terrible personal loss I will have to deal with, in (hopefully) many, many, many more years. And my sister, Becky (56), too. My own "loss", I could give a crap about, BTW. Here's our wonderful 1955 B&W Family Portrait, shot by Dad, on a time-delay thingy, with his (then $1,500 Zeiss 35mm Camera, which I now have (safely stored-away and have no clue as to how to use, BTW). Dave & Joan are preparing a "very special Christmas present" for Mom, Dad & Becky — a "painted image" of that old B&W picture, for me to give to My Family. I can't wait to see it! Woooooo-Hooooooo!

As the week progressed, the humidity s-l-o-w-l-y returned, and while the temps were in the 50s-70s, it was starting to become reminiscent of the "Dog Days of Summer", though they've officially-passed, based upon the calendar model.

As a company, we're getting ready to "re-open on Sundays", beginning on September 7th. I started the whole "open on Sunday" situation, back in 1991, to the great consternation to numerous local Church sects, in both southern York County/northern Maryland, and in response to their "veiled threats", said that "God's Gardens needed tending 7 days a week", and that ended the controversy. Dozens of other local garden centers and nurseries, who'd previously been closed on Sundays, opened-up on that day, and made some good retail sales. Once again, I was the "pioneer", and many others followed my example. However, after 15-plus years of such leadership, I tired physically (back problems and lack of weekend sales help),and closed on Sundays. The financial loss was around $205k in 2006 and 2007, so I'm reopening on Sundays, to, try to recoup some of those retail bucks, and in addition, putting back-on a semi-full Workshops Schedule, such as we had, back in the "heyday of the 90s". Pretty "heady days", back then, IMO. I'll do an even more aggressive Workshops Schedule, in Spring 2009.

Hellish t-storms tore through the York, Adams & Lancaster Counties last evening, knocking my ISP off, obliterating email and web service. At 9:30am on Friday, service was just coming back-up, and I'm finishing-up this week's "Journal", and getting ready to FTP it to the server, in New Park (PA). It's been a mess. We got anywhere from ¼" to 2½" of rain, depending upon where the measurement was taken. Lots of leaves and tree limbs down with the 70mph winds, I noticed on the drive into work. More coming this afternoon and evening. We can sure use the rain.

Georgia On My Mind.

No, not the Ray Charles song, but rather a potential WWIII-in-the-making, IMO. Russia is invading Georgia, one of the seven breakaway provinces of the old Soviet Union, and will be installing a "Soviet Puppet Government", as they re-set-up the "Old Soviet Union", once again. Five of the seven previous Soviet provinces — Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Ukraine — are heading to Russia, to petition for a cease-fire.

In a eerie parallel to Hitler invading the Sudetenland, a part of Czechoslovakia. Germany said it was responding to separatist demands from the large German population that lived there and that she was merely honoring their desire for reunion with Germany. That was 1938; this is 2008 and Russia is invading a sovereign country, propped-up by America. We're moving more US Naval Strike Forces into the ME Region, as we talk, here. Hundreds of thousands of Georgia & Osettia residents are fleeing or being evacuated. "Something really big" is afoot, here.

Get real, Mr Bush: war is violence.

What's this all mean? Your guess is as good as mine, at this point. I'm guessing that Russia is "reforming" the "Old Soviet Union", by invading Georgia, who wants to join NATO, and Russia is violently-opposed to that strategic move. Is this "Payback for Kosovo"? Or is it all about oil? Once again, your guess is as good as mine is, right now.

Here's one educated guess: "Russia is now unmasked". Read it; I'll wait.

This war did not begin because of a miscalculation by Georgian President Mikheil Saakashvili. It is a war that Moscow has been attempting to provoke for some time. The man who once called the collapse of the Soviet Union "the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the (20th) century" has re-established a virtual czarist rule in Russia and is trying to restore the country to its once-dominant role in Eurasia and the world. Armed with wealth from oil and gas; holding a near-monopoly over the energy supply to Europe; with a million soldiers, thousands of nuclear warheads and the world's third-largest military budget, Vlad Putrid believes that now is the time to make his move. His war against Georgia is part of this grand strategy. Putrid cares no more about a few thousand South Ossetians than he does about Kosovo's Serbs. This was planned well in advance, and Georgia was but a pawn in the chess game.

President Bush has ordered the US Military to begin "humanitarian aid", immediately, to Georgian civilians, slaughtered by the Russian/commie/soviet subhuman filth, and I'm truly hoping that they try to interfere with the US Military; WWIV is about 60 years overdue, IMO. We'd kick the soviet/rusky/commie ass so bad, that it'd be pitiful for shit-for-brains, Vlad Putrid. Maybe he'd kill himself, like his pal, Hitler, did.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode.

Are you fucking shitting "kidding" me, on this story? Some "American" airlines — notably American Airlines is — are actually charging US soldiers extra baggage fees to take their military kits with them as they set-off for war? These young troops are going to war. There's a lot more on their mind than to have to worry or try to remember to get a hundred dollars reimbursed to them when they get into a war zone. Like having to stay alive! WTF is with the American Airlines assholes?

Although the stand-off between the House GOP-Conservatives (nay, RINOs) and the corrupt, criminal liberal-demo kkkRATs is ongoing and now into its 10th+ day, it makes little or no headlines. The DBM (drive-by-media scumbags) are purposely-burying all mention of this incident, on a daily basis, BTW. Although that corrupt, criminal US House of Reps is 'formally-adjourned for the Summer Recess of 5 weeks', 25-30 stubborn, Conservative-GOPers are doing their very best to embarrass the stinking shithead, sluttish-greaseball, WOP-dog, ginnea-shit, dago-skank, fascist, commie, socialist bitch, Nancy "D'Alesandro filth" Pelosi bitch. Stay tuned; film at 11.

Workers at the Tyson Foods poultry processing plant in Shelbyville will no longer have a paid day off on Labor Day, but will instead be granted the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr. Tyson has replaced Labor Day with muslim-islamist pigshit, IMO. Fuck Tyson scumbags.

Barry Obama-Osama-Lama-Ding-Dong = Britney Spears + Paris Hilton, combined. Their combined IQ = 0.00000001, IMO. Dirtbags, all of them.

The USPS, the biggest financial loser in the US Gov't, and most likely anywhere in the world, should be disbanded and privatized, such as UPS, DHL and FedEx, which are very, very profitable, in comparison. They need a an increase in stamp prices, so they spend $31 million of US Taxpayers' hard-earned dollars, to garner that ¢ increase, resulting in a huge net loss! WTF? Why isn't the USPS being run like a private sector corporation/business, whose objective is ***profitability***, above and beyond all else? WHY, indeed!

Chicago Police will continue to enforce the city's *illegal handgun ban and firearm registration laws* while their massive cadres of criminal, corrupt, lowlife ambulance-chasing layaway-years, fight the pro-gun lobby in federal court. IMO, all the corrupt, criminal ambulance-chasing laaaaaaw-yers, need summary-charging, trial, conviction, sentencing and execution immediate-killing! The preservation of Society's Innocents — defenseless children, the elderly and the others who can't "adequately-defend " themselves against subhuman, murderous filth & garbage — is paramount in any civilized society, IMO —. Bar none, IMO.

Chicago is a turd-world, liberal-demo kkkRAT hellhole and needs to be "taken down" and made to comply with the SCOTUS' recent ruling, regarding the District of Columbia's (DC shithole) handgun ban, last month. Think 2nd & 14th Amendments. Place the stupid-assed, liberal-demo kkkRAT bitch, City Corporation Counsel Mara Georges, under arrest, and throw the scumbag bitch into a dark, dank, lesbo-infested prison. IMO. Appoint a "Special Master", who can order-in US Federal Troops to Chicago, San Francisco, Denver, Seattle, Portland, New Orleans, Austin (TX), NYC, most of NJ, Philadelphia etc, if they don't comply with that SCOTUS Ruling, IMO. Personally, I wouldn't have a problem with giving the remaining Conservatives in those hellhole cities, 48hrs to leave, and them *nuking all those lib-dem shitholes*, and starting over, with CAT bulldozers, after the radiation has abated. Heh; DO IT!

Election 2008.

Yes, Barry Hussein Obama-Osama-Lama-Ding-Dong is a stinking, filthy, murderous muslim-islamist, piece-of-subhuman-pigshit. It's documented and true. The lowlife assholes in the Obama-Osama Camp can deny/lie all they want, but facts are stubborn things, aren't they? C'mon Obama-Osama: refute it, you lying sambo asshole!

Hey, Michelle Obama-Osama-Rama-Lama-Ding-Dong-Sambette-Bitch: go iron your smelly, Pomade-crusted hair, you ugly, fuckless, skank-assed, nigga® bitch! And FUCK YOU, porch monkeyette whore-dog, for saying that "America is a mean place" and suck, you tar-baby filth! FUCK YOU, BITCH! If this weren't America, you'd be wiping toilets, cleaning grease-traps, wiping White Baby's shit-coated asses, and a bunch of other things, you aren't even remotely-qualified to do, bitch. You aren't fit to clean toilets in the Boy Scout Camps, nigga®-bitch! You are leftist, commie, marxist, hate-America, sambo-dogshit, just like that racist NIGGER Jerry Wright/WRONG-ASSED-NIGGER-MOTHERFUCKER! GOT it, SLUT SKANK LEFTIST COMMIE MARXIST FILTH GARBAGE TRASH CRAP SHIT-BITCH! Where is James Earl Ray when the nation really needs him? BANG!

Nice going, Barry Hussein Obama-Osama-Lama-Ding-Dong; cancelling a visit to the US Troops was a real smart idea, nigga® asshole. You'll pay for that one, sambo.

Corrupt, criminal, US Sen Barry Hussein Obama-Osama-Lama-Ding-Dong (mUSLIM-IL)'s office engaged in six months of negotiations with a company controlled by convicted muslim-islamist criminal, Tony Rezko to lobby the US Government to push through a nixed $50 million contact to train Iraqi security personnel at a site in Chicago. The contract was awarded to Rezko's company while muslim-islamist criminal, Aiham Alsammarae, a long-time, close Rezko friend and a contributor to Obama's campaign, served as Iraq's US-appointed electricity minister, the senator's office confirms. Where's the FBI on this one? Out to lunch?

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth.

Good riddance and rot in hell, Anthony J. Russo, a researcher traitor who helped Daniel Ellsberg, a top military analyst disillusioned with American policy traitorous piece-of-shit, leak the Vietnam-era Pentagon Papers to the media and prompted wider public questioning of the war. America's glad your dead, Russo, you subhuman piece-of-lowlife-shit. Both you and the Ellsberg filth will rot in hell and burn in the Lake of Sulphur, for eternity! Fuck you both to death!

Disgraced liberal-demokkkRAT John Edwards (LIAR-NC): liar, fake, liar, phony, liar, piece-of-shit, liar, dirtbag, liar, scumbag, liar... did I mention he's a stinking liar, too? And that the liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled media helped him keep it all under wraps, for over a year? Yes, they did. They had zero credibility before this; now they're in the negative range, IMO.

islam Is a Criminal Organization.

Lowlife, subhuman 6th century muslim-islamist-arabs just love treasonous, lowlife "infidel" dirtbags like Grover Norquist, who truly needs due-charging, summary-trial, conviction and immediate-execution. Norquist is treasonous, seditious dogshit, and a saboteur, IMO.

Some workers at a local plant will no longer to be able to take their Traditional American Labor Day Holiday, because of religious reasons. Workers at the Tyson Foods poultry processing plant in Shelbyville (TN) will no longer have a paid-day-off on Labor Day, but will instead "be granted" the filthy, subhuman, murderous, garbage, shit, trash, pigshit, crap-assed unholy M muslim un-holy-holiday, Eid al-Fitr, *Suck-A-Bag-of-Pigshit*. FUCK mUSLIMS! Fuck Tyson Foods!

Saleman Abdirahman Dirie, 29, dead with a large amount of cyanide, in his hotel room? A subhuman, piece-of-pigshit muslim-islamist with Weapons of Mass Destruction, nearby the Denver DNC office. IMO, too damned bad he didn't get to deploy that stuff, however it gets done (I don't have a clue) But I'm glad it was stopped, whatever the reason, BTW. Just another murderous muslim-islamist-arab, more than willing to kill for the pigfucker mo-ham-head,/allah scumbags. FUCK iSLAM!

Some People Just Need Killing.

It's not my intention to be judge here — that God's "job" — but it's my mission to "hasten the meeting" so that He can send the following subhuman filth to the Fires of Hell, River or Lake of Sulphur, or whatever. I'd volunteer, at no cost to any Hard-Working Taxpayer, to headshoot these murderous, raping, robbing lowlife dirtbags and rid American Society's innocents (children, the elderly) of them, once and for all. And yes, I'd rather see one innocent man convicted and executed, than 10 guilty freed, to rob, rape and murder again. That said, here we go...

Anyone who'd be involved in the murder, rape, kidnapping or robbery, is guilty and deserves summary-death, IMO. Therefore, Jeff Wood, 35, needs a bullet in the head. Kill him. Rid American Society's innocents of this subhuman filth.

Reason #1 why I carry a Kimber 1911 .45cal ACP "Eclipse Target II", and would shoot and kill any of these subhuman nigger filth, who'd attack me or these two Brave, Heroic US marines, who were beaten senseless, by a mob of 30 subhuman nigger filth! I carry 2-3 extra 8-round mags, with 230-gr FMJs, to kill anyone and anything who threatens with me or mine!

YES! burn this fat, cop-killing, stupid MF spic filth, Michael "Fat Pig Spic" Rodriguez! KILL HIM! Kill them all, dammit! Clean-out death Row: kill them all!

Okay, enough of this fucking bullshit: kill this piece-of-lowlife-dogshit-nazi-bastard, "Rockefeller asshole" IMO! KILL HIM! He's a subhuman, kidnapping, child-molesting, violent dirtbag asshole, so KILL HIM! Kill the MF-ING subhuman garbage, IMO. I volunteer to headshoot the nazi trash scumbag.

This subhuman, murderous piece-of-shit, lowlife dirtbag, Robert "Bobbie-Bobbie-Doo-Doo" Chambers, needed killing back in October 2007, and he needs it now: KILL HIM! I volunteer to headshoot the subhuman garbage! My Eclipse Target II, is just "itching" for a chance at that subhuman murderer's empty head, BTW!

Why is Mark David Chapman, John Lennon's murderer, still alive? He shot the wrong person. He should have shot that screaming, untalented Jap-dog bitch, Yoko Ono, IMO! Killing Lennon was a huge mistake; Ono was the filthy stinking, screeching skank, who needed, and still needs killing, IMO! Execute the fat pig-boy, Chapman, for "wrongful death"!

Way Too Personal.

With all the new faces on the Cincinnati Reds, manager Jack McKeon is worried about group chemistry. To accelerate team bonding, the coach has asked each player to write a personal ad outlining his likes and dislikes, which McKeon will then use to determine room assignments. To avoid awkward situations, the manager suggests his players check out Way Too Personal, a web site that examines real personal ads, from the pathetic to the successful to the risque. Brrrrrr; better take a long shower with 'brown soap', after reading this stuff!

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