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Friday, August 16, 2002

nuke all the subhuman Islamic filth

There's no doubt in my mind that I would have launched multiple ICBMs, on September 12th, replete with full-theater W-44 strategic nuclear warheads, and obliterated incinerated much or all of the Middle East, save for Israel. All religious centers, capitol cities, population centers, infrastructure and vast desert sands would be turned to bubbling glass and smoldering cinders. The subhuman Muslim filth and lowlife Arab garbage are very, very lucky I didn't don't have access to "The Football". Islam is evil and needs to be destroyed; it's a gutter religion, full of deviant homo girly-men, and women haters, and intolerant zealot scumbags, who aren't fit to join the modern world. No, of course I don't advocate the Killing of innocent Muslims and Arabs, but then again, I've never seen or heard any such people. All I've seen are the demented "celebrations" all over the Middle East last September 11th and 12th, when the sand-monkey creatures were dancing in the streets, throwing candies and praising the 19 subhuman Saudi Muslim terrorists who'd just murdered 3,000 innocent Americans. I heard no Muslims in America speak out forcefully against the Islamic terrorist murderers; the quiet here was deafening. It's become readily and painfully apparent that Islam is an insidious evil with a perverted agenda of taking over Western Civilization and Killing as many of us as they can. A religion of Peace? No, I don't freaking think so, pal. Radical Islam is an insane murder cult, and "moderate" Islam is its Trojan Horse in America. whack all Islamic, Muslim and Arab terrorist filth in the madrassas and in the US cities where they hide. 200 years from now, I want their children's children's children's children to cower and cringe in fear whenever they hear the sounds of jet engines overhead because their legends tell of fire from the sky. I want them to hide in dark caves and holes in the earth, shivering with terror whenever they hear the roar of diesel engines because the tales of their ancestors talk about metal monsters crawling over the earth, spitting death and destruction. I want their mothers to be able to admonish them with "If you don't behave, the Pale Destroyers will come for you", and that will be enough to reduce them to quivering obesience. I want the annihilation to be so complete that their mythology will tell them of the day of judgment when the stern gods from across the sea the Powerful 'Mericans destroyed their forefathers' wickedness. In short, I want as many of them dead as possible. Oh, a quick word to all Muslim filth: If you continue to engage in terrorist attacks against America and its allies, if you continue to support those attacks, if you continue to give aid and comfort to terrorists, if you continue to provide safe haven for terrorists and if you continue to use your public media to encourage people to become terrorists, we will nuke you till you glow and then shoot you in the dark. Do you understand? Any questions, diaperheads?

Around The Garden Center.
I'm getting tired of reading about rains causing flood damage in Europe; the drought's doing even worse damage on this side of the pond. The damage is pervasive, not just localized, as I'd once thought. I check the Drought Monitor on a regular basis, for more unrelenting bad news.
After a delightful week of low hum-didity and delightful temps in the 70s and low-80s, The Dog Days of Summer returned with a vengeance. Last weekend and all this past week, temps were up in the low to mid-90s with mega-hum-didity, making the simple act of walking around with customers, very uncomfortable. The shrivelled-up and withered plants reminded everyone of the ongoing Drought From Hell, yet I continue to water all 20 acres through 6 wells. I have no choice.
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Over the past 3-4 weeks, the Klez.H Virus attacks have abated somewhat, down to 2-3 per day; in the past week, they've been replaced with recurring attacks from other W32.YaHa, which Symantec Norton Anti-Virus SystemWorks 2002 also easily smashes. It's merely annoying in its frequency. I sure wish I was a hacker-cracker, and could maliciously "retaliate" against the senders, in kind.
I said it years ago: one day the world will go to war over potable water. And that day may be coming sooner, rather than later.
The York (PA) areas use of water has decreased overall, but several large manufacturing operations are using way more than they should, and they should be recycling or paying greatly-increased usage fees. And there's only a 70 day supply of potable water left, and then we're in deep doo-doo. And we've got West Nile Virus here, too, but thankfully, nothing on the magnitude of what Louisiana or Mississippi has. Yet. And the left-wing, wacko bitch, Rachael Carson, is completely to blame for its spread and the accompanying deaths. May she burn in hell.
Is John's Journal a blog? Apparently so/not. Whatever.
Are you ready for the coming "rain tax"? The People's Republik of Maryland already imposes such shit.
Are we all ready for more goobermint regulation; this time, of landscaping? The People's Republik of Maryland already does that, in the guise of a "Home Improvement Contracting License".

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day.
Don't forget: Red, White & Blue Day is coming, soon.
Lots of dead subhuman Muslim terrorist filth, is what I like to hear about.
Though his porno business needs jail-time, his patriotic effort is to be applauded. I wish I knew how to hack a site/server; I'd wage a 24x7 cyber-war on the subhuman Muslim lowlife Islamic pork-sucking diaperheads, everywhere, everyday, all the time, 'till death do the routers part. Any hackers-crackers out there reading this plea, get in touch w/ me. I want to do massive cyber-damage to the deviant diaperhead Islamic perverted Muslim trash. Here's a deposit of $0.25 percent.
There are still lowlife socialist lib-democRATs trying to cast doubt on what happened to Flight 93, on the morning of September 11th, 2001.
whack all the lowlife, filthy, subhuman Islamic-dogshit, Saudi Muslim-garbage. The Saudis are scumbags, liars and America's enemy. They're at the root of all terrorism. C'mon Bushies: what the f*ck heck's up with your cowardly attitude, chumps? I'm getting sick of your obfuscation of the Truth, as to whom our enemies really are.
Al Queerda lowlifes and scumbags massing for a new fight? Good, get the Muslim trash into one or two places and bomb them to mass death. Easier to whack them all in a few places.
No, I don't like the idea of Americans ratting-out other Americans for non-terrorist activities, but I do like the idea of Americans reporting any and all suillegal alienious activities of Muslim filth, Arab garbage and Islamic trash. Operation TIPS, with a few modifications, is okay with me.
Excellent article on the hateful, extremists in Islam, the perverted cult of murderers. Islam is not peace; it's terrorism and deviancy. Islam is the disease of the mind and its barbarity is the symptom of this disease which demented disease "PC" protects.
Was TWA 800 shot down by terrorists? Maybe, but it was surely shot down. I hope I'm wrong, but from the evidence presented, I'm now thinking it was a military accident. We'll never know now, as the investigation was intentionally botched and all evidence has been so completely corrupted by the FBI and NTSB, as to be useless.
I love this: authorities are quietly investigating more than 500 Muslim and Arab small businesses across the United States to determine whether they are dispatching money raised through criminal activity in the United States to terrorist groups overseas. Deport all the murderous diaperhead filth. Get 'em outta here!
The US' war gear is on the move to stockpile points, and the case is easily made for Killing Sodomy Insane in Iraq, right after the November Elections.
The murderous, violent evil cult of Islam has no future in the world; it must be destroyed.
Think I'm a racist? for my views of Islam? nah, don't think so. We're all on the same page, chum.
This article helps put the "Palestinian problem" into better perspective, for everyone who's been fooled by the Arab disinformation campaign of the past 30 years.
Bravo, Israel: another murderous Hamas Arab/Muslim piece of pigshit, dead. Thousands more to go. Don't let up.
Muslim garbage guarding the doors to The Church of the Holy Sepulcher? Out-freaking-rageous! Weren't they the same deviants and scumbags who defiled The Church of the Nativity earlier this year? Yep, thought so.
Well f*ck a duck gee whiz, the Euro-Weenies are upset. Seems the whining, left-wing socialist Euro-trash don't like America anymore: 85% of Germans, 80% of French, 73% of Britons and 68% of Italians said they believed that the United States is acting in its own interest in the war on terrorism? Well, duh. Hey morons: bite me. You ain't seen nothing yet. We're going to re-draw the map of the Middle East over the next few years, as we exterminate millions of Muslim and Arab subhumans. What are you gonna do? Cower and shake? Go take a bath, for once in your pathetic lives; you people smell stink.
When we take down Sodomy Insane like a rabid animal, and we will soon, there will be retaliatory rioting, small arms attacks, terrorist homicide bombings all around the world, and in the US, by Muslim, Islamists and Arabs. I will be eagerly awaiting those incidents, and ready to participate in "quelling the disturbances", with Mssrs Glock 32, AR-15 and Remy 870 12ga Tactical. Where will you be and what will you have to "quell" them with?

GOP & RINO Morons.
One more incident pointing to the fact that W&Co are brainless and full of PC shit: suspending a US Secret Service Agent for 6mos without pay, because he wrote some anti-Muslim statements on a prayer calendar during a search. And the lowlife Islamic scum at Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are involved, no doubt, in his punishment. Wake up Bush, you moron! The Muslim garbage in this Nation are all terrorists; there are no good Muslims! Show me one or two who spoke out strongly against The Massacre of September 11th, you brainless idiots.
Balancing state budget deficits on smokers' backs is bullshit, discriminatory and maybe illegal. Why not tax ice cream? Soda? Nail polish? Condoms? Heck, there's a million consumer items which can also yield additional revenue. It forces buyers to bypass legal outlets and either buy over the Net, avoiding sales taxes altogether, or buy black market from truckers hauling-in from the southern states. Either way, the states loses and a new criminal class is created, thanks to government.
Gutless GOPers and RINOs are afraid to seal the damned borders, as should have been done on September 12th. I'm pointing right a Bush & Co, for letting in illegal Mexicans, Muslims and Chinese through the Mexican shithole, to the south.

Lib-democRAT Scumbags.
Martha Stewart is a criminal; she should be subpoenaed, face an intensive House Probe, and do some hard prison time as her shitpy little "empire" crumbles. She's a nasty bitch, and thinks she is above everyone else and the Law.
The Gores are cheap scumbags and won't pay for Springsteen concert tickets? Yawn, that's (one more reason) why he's not president.
Transgender rights law that is protecting the rights of people whose identity does not match the genitalia they were born with has exploded in the field and in the political arena, becoming a new wave of civil rights in this country, according to experts. Leave it to sleazy liberal lawyers and corrupt democRAT judges to once again, pervert American values and morals.
Only lowlife liberal-democRATs would come up with something as pathetic as The National association to Advance Fat Acceptance, for obese cows and pigs, who are ravenous, food-guzzling degenerates. "We're large, we're in charge, we're out and we're proud!" LOL! Here, fatso, have a triple cheeseburger, extra large fry and diet drink. And please, die from diabetes or a coronary. Okay, okay, I've got a "few pounds to lose", but am merely portly.
Jail this pig-f*ckinghumping lowlife lib-democRAT turdbreath; he lied to the court! It wasn't for his whore-dog daughter-hating "UNDER GOD" bitch; it was for HIM! Fraud! Deceit! Perjury! Prison!!
Who gives a flying rat's ass about a subhuman lib-democRAT punk homo "actor", who can't take responsibility for his own actions driving a race car? He'll be suing if the rumpraider, fudgepacker queer lives everyone in sight, for his own pathetic failings. I hope he dies on the operating table; sure would save some US Taxpayer court costs.
Instead of working to better themselves, stupid, lazy blacks still want "reparations" from the slavery days. What a pathetic joke.
Maureen Dowdy; what a shrewful, clueless, ignorant, AIDS-riddled, angry, shrivelled-up, sorrowfull lib-democRAT bitch, who's hateful of all GOPers and Conservatives.
Who else but the fat, stupid, alcoholic, murdering (remember Mary Jo Kopechne?), drug-addicted, lowlife liberal-democRAT US Sen Teddy "The Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy, would introduce a perverted bill Cultural Bridges Act of 2002, "would authorize $75 million above current appropriations in fiscal years 2003 through 2007 to expand the activities of the State Department's existing educational and cultural programs in the Islamic world." $75million on Muslim and Arab filth? Fuuugggggedaaaboutit; I want my tax money back!
And speaking of lowlife, liberal-democRAT alcoholic scumbags, Bill Moyers got off the DWI charge and pleaded guilty to "negligent driving", with a chump change fine. Another aberration of Justice.
More proof that the greaseball piece of shit US Sen Bobby-Boy "The Turd" Torricelli (D-NJ) is a liberal-democRAT criminal, subhuman Muslim-licking, America-hating Arab-moron punk. He should be in prison, for many RICO violations.
BWAHHHHHAAAAAAAA!! A shocking new poll shows Al Sharpton looms as a player in Democratic presidential politics who could become the new Jesse Jackson, although Al Gore remains the favorite.
Get this filthy, lowlife vapid idiot 'ho Cynthia McKinney bitch Arab-sucking whore outta the US Congress; she's a traitor and deserves prison and summary execution.
The lib-democRAT Martha Stewart slut and her homo broker, Peter Bacanovic, are blaming a 26-year-old rookie brokerage assistant, for landing them in the mess. Yeah, sure, scumbags. Typical liberal democRATs: blame it on someone/ anyone else; avoid taking personal responsibility for your criminal actions.
And the wacky socialist, left-wing nut, turd-nibbling Green scumbags blame the US for the world's floods and drought. Freaking hilarious.

Scumbags, Lowlifes & Degenerates.
What a waste; another police officer dead, whacked by a subhuman criminal who had no known priors.
Ignorant, stupid, lowlife idiot trash rapper scum: yeah sure, they're "role models" for black kids and white trash scumbag punks. Makes me vomit.
Wow, lowlife (C)rapper filth are "discovering" Rock 'n Roll; what a deal! Invented by white people, no less. Rock on, scumbag garbage.
Only the stupid bitches at MADD and The People's Republik of New Joisey would charge and try a third party for a DUI death. Lib-democRAT trash run amok. I used to live there, so I know from whence I speak.
Sorry, no sympathy for White Farmers in Rhodesia (South Africa)/ Zimbabwe, being run off their lands and whacked by idiot filth. They should have left years ago and the murderous idiot garbage would be dying by the millions, cleansing the lands. Screw the homeland pride shit.
Professional baseball strike? Who gives a flying rat's ass rearend? They're whiny, grossly-overpaid lowlife criminals, who really need to grow-up, and get real jobs. Go ahead idiots: strike, and that'll be the end of your gravy train. I wish all so-called "fans" would stay away by the millions, and bankrupt the sport. I despise the punks and chumps who are called "professional athletes", when in fact, they're scumbags. Sue me.
No, let them collapse, re-organize the nation's economy, and stand on their own two feet.
American feminism? NOW NAGS FEMI-NAZIS rule! Get the community dildo.
A year after the Anthrax Mailings, a NJ mailbox is testing positive? A year? And the harrassed Dr Steven Hatfill isn't charged and arrested? He's either guilty or not guilty; c'mon FBI, either clear the guy or arrrest him.

Execute This Subhuman Filth.
I don't give a flying rat's ass rearend what color a murderer is, execute him/her for the heinous crime. End of problem.
Ummmm, no compensation, scumbag; just be glad we didn't execute you, as you probably deserved it anyway. Move along, get a job, and keep your nose clean, bub.
All child pornographers should be executed; those who photograph their own children and send pics around the world, should be tortured and whacked, slowly and very painfully.
Florida death row inmates say temperatures that routinely top 100 degrees in their cells force them to stand in toilets, drape themselves in wet towels and sleep naked on concrete floors. And their point is? Soooooo freaking what? Let 'em cook; they should all be in Hell, anyway.
This is pitiful: a convicted murderer going free after 13 years of only a 20 year sentence. He should have been executed. Now he's back out to murder again. Anything wrong with "the system" here? Drug users/dealers get worse sentences; something's very, very wrong with the US Legal System.
Here's what's wrong with America's Legal System: Death row houses the nation's most ruthless and violent whackers. But despite being sentenced to die, most of the condemned will never make it to the death chamber. From Florida's electric chair to California's lethal injection, endless strings of appeals and legal delays mean most death row inmates will die of natural causes in prison, rather than at the hands of the state. Pity; they all should be tortured and executed within one year of conviction. I'd gladly volunteer to execute all, at my own expense; you pay for the (Glock 32/.357sig) ammo, and I'll do the headshots, gratis.
The reason capital punishment isn't a deterrent, is because convicted and sentenced murderers aren't executed immediately; endless years of appeals and illegal bullshit delay and deny Justice. Time to change that shit. whack them upon conviction. I would, gladly. Prisoners guaranteed health care? WTF? They're subhuman garbage and should be executed. whack them! There are millions of honest, law abiding Americans who aren't guaranteed anything? And why are we socialist lib-democRAT filth guaranteeing health care to deviants, degenerates and other lowlife, socialist, lib-dem garbage felons?
A man convicted of Killing a Dallas police officer in 1988 was executed Wednesday despite protests that putting him to death violated international law. Screw "international law" and all the morons who got their panties in a bunch. The murderous piece of shit, Javier Suarez Medina, is in hell where he belongs. Good riddance, illegal alien filth. Sure made my week.

The Memory Hole.
This recently launched site takes a cue from the likes of The Smoking Gun and Internal Memos and exposes unscrupulous business practices and politics. The Memory Hole's tagline, "rescuing knowledge, freeing information," perfectly explains editor Russ Kick's goal to present information that "other people don't want you to see or would rather you quietly forgot." Read the U.S. Tobacco intra-company memo discussing its 9-year-old customers, then learn about Army Secretary Thomas White's changing biography, in which his 11 years as an Enron executive have ostensibly disappeared. The site is updated several times a week check back often for material that many people would prefer remain hidden.

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