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end of summer
friday, august 17th, 2007

if there's a "safe port in the storm", during these sweltering, steamy, hot and humid Summer months, I'll be one of the first heading towards it, and for good reason. I despise Summer. (Likewise, I detest Winter, but that's another story.) As a kid, they were my favorites, in Summer: swimming pools/ tanning at the shore, sandy beaches, cold beers, BBQ-ing, frisbee, volleyball, baseball, convertible cars. In Winter: ice skating, sledding, tobogganing, shovelling snow, snowball fights, bundled-up head-to-toe. I always run into people, from all walks of life, in my age (57+) bracket, who feel as I do: that Summer and Winter aren't palatable anymore, at their current station in life, but that Spring and Fall, now are. Forget The Dog Days of Summer, as there is nothing comparable for the Winter months, BTW. And both Spring and Fall, garner nothing special, in that lexicon of literary comparisons, to the Summer doldrums. That said, I propose that Winter be given the nom de guerre/ nom de plume, "Ice Age Stage", as against the Summer months' "Dog Days". Spring and Summer? That'll take some further thinking, I'd guess, by someone more creative than I am, these days. It's August, BTW, and the oppressive Summer heat brings the 'juice' from the leaves and stems, into the Summer veggies, whether it be corn or soybeans, tomatoes, melons, peaches, peppers, eggplant, onions or zucchinis etc. It's damned HOT, as it should be! September brings-on the myriad Fall veggies of squash, apples, pumpkins, chestnuts etc. Mmmmmmmm! Good eats coming up, very soon! My myriad recipes for "Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque" is legendary, and I've treated many scores of Family and Friends, to "Roasted Butternut Squash Bisque" delicacies, over the years. With the drought, heat, humidity, I've decided to serve several additional wine glasses of *ice water*, with the multi-course vino selections, to each of my dining Family and Friends. Can do that, bigtime!

Around The Garden Center™.
If I said that I was "giddy" at the t-storms coming through the York (PA) area, on Friday afternoon and evening, after so many weeks of oppressive heat and seemingly-unending drought, it would be the understatement of the week. To get a constant stream of non-destructive t-storms (lightening strikes etc), almost 2½" rainfall-dumping, t-storms in a 24-hour window, is a true blessing-in-disguise. I'm a "happy camper", about it all. Along with the rain, came a noticeable drop in 100°F-plus temps, from "The Week From Hell", on the weekend. At least we didn't get hit with tornadoes and flooding, as the Midwest and NW Pennsylvania, did.
The backbone of the heat and drought, has finally been broken, with Friday's cold front pushing through and concurrent rain, and as I just mentioned, Saturday's 82°F was dry and awesome weather! I was actually happy to come into work at 7:15am, on Saturday, and wear an extra cotton overshirt, due to the chill-in-the-morning's-air, at 59°F. Nice! The warm temps returned on Sunday with 88°F, but with low humidity, and since it was my "day-off", I had some errands to run, and food shopping to do. All-in-all, it was a very pleasant day.
Reason #1 why I carry a Kimber 1911 "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, concealed, with 2 extra 8-rnd mags, at-the-ready-backup. With all the home invasions, illegal alien criminals, and other subhuman lowlife garbage/junk/crap/trash/filth/scum out there on the streets, and trying to invade you and my homes and businesses, it's no wonder that Real Americans must take their self-and-family-protections, into our own hands, since the Police are stretched so thin, and can't protect us.
Our first hurricane (finally) of the season, is now forming-off the western coast of Africa, right now. By now, we should have had 1-3 hurricanes, going by the projections/estimates of NOAA's 2006 forecasts, which are/have been very (thankfully) erroneous, so far. I decry the horrrendous damage and death, which those awesome, natural things do to people living in their immediate paths, but I truly look forward to one or more of them coming north, with plenty of rainfall, specifically for the Mid-Atlantic Region. If that's all we can get, we'll take it.
Two years ago today, August 17th, my little friend and companion of 15 years, Pickle, died. It was a very sad week, for me, and for many of my GC&N Staff, hundreds of long-term customers, and personal Family Members, all of whom had come to treasure that little guy, both as an icon of the GC&N Complex, and as a "family member". Here's "Pickle's Page", on my Corporate Website, and once again, my politically-truncated, weekly Journal's tribute to Pickle. RIP, little friend. See you at The Rainbow Bridge, with all of my other pets, friends and companions, BTW.
After 87k, my 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, has been almost trouble-free, and the local Chrysler-Jeep dealer's service, impeccable. But this looks to be the last Jeep I'll buy, since Daimler-Benz has badly screwed-up the brand, in the US. I've owned Jeeps since 1988 — all Grand Cherokee LTD's (1988, 1994) and one Laredo (2004), but won't go back to that brand, ever again. I'm thinking about a Toyota Land Cruiser, as my next SUV, and a 2006 Ford GT, for my "play toy".
Oh crap, the DJIA is down another 207 pts, on Tuesday, on fresh worries about the mortgage and credit markets and disappointing profit forecasts from two big retailers, Home Depot and Wal-Mart Stores. Just damn.
A bit of "good news", for a change? (Do tell!) Gas prices at the pump, dropped another 6-7¢/gal, this week. Unleaded Regular is now at $2.69/gal, Unleaded Plus is at $2.79/gal, and Unleaded Premium is at $2.99/gal. I haven't heard any complaints, whatsoever, BTW. No complaints from me, baby!
Over last Winter, I began listening to "The Glenn Beck Show", and dumped the local WSBA "Gary Sutton Show", for being too middling and wishy-washy, in his views. Gary's not a Conservative, in any respect, IMO. After Beck went over to CNN's "Headline News" crap, and became just like them, so I dumped him and cancelled my subscription to his $5.95/mo "Insider" pages. Beck is MSM trash. I'm now back 100% with WSBA's Gary Sutton's 9am-12noon Show, as he's suddenly-found great passion and his advocate's voice on the *criminal illegal alien* problem, plus some local (liberral-demokkkRAT-commie) York City Resolution issues about immigration, and York (PA) bending-over, grabbing its collective lib-dem ankles, and becoming a 'sanctuary city' for criminal illegal alien filth. I sadly, also spit on York (PA), my Hometown (BD 12-1949 @ York Hospital), for doing the illegal action of sanctioning "criminal, illegal alien subhuman filth". Although WSBA features "The Savage Nation", in the evenings, and since I only have a circa 1940s antique AM radio (replica; last 4 pics at the bottom, btw), w/ single speaker, to use, I listen to him live, streaming on the Web on my condo's superfast, uber-killer RAID 0+1 Display. (4 x 250 Gb Sata HDs = 1 Terrabyte, folks.) Nice job, Gary Sutton, Uber Talk Show Host!
I brought in a local excavator, with a medium-sized track-hoe, and he dredged my 100ft x 50ft run-off pond, and turned the mountainous compost pile. Both jobs should have been done 1-2 years ago, but that excavator was "too busy" to help us get these yearly jobs, done. I've found a new one, who's better than the old one, IMO. Heavy rains set-in, within 2hrs of his work, and the pond began filling-up, after he rebuilt the retention pond wall. I have about 50 tons of muck and organic matter — cattails, water lillies and mucho "poop/muck" from 1-2yrs accumulation — which we'll let dry-oput a bit, and then move back into the just-turned, massive compost pile.

Things Which make Your Head Explode™.
Have you heard this speech quote of GWB's, on August 9th? he said, "I recognize there's a debate here in America as to whether or not failure in Iraq would cause there to be more danger here in America. I strongly believe that's the case. It matters if the United States does not believe in the universality of freedom. It matters to the security of people here at home if we don't work to change the conditions that cause 19 kids to be lured onto airplanes to come and murder our citizens." Huh? Did I hear that right? Yes, I did. I re-listened to it 14x, and heard it exactly 100% correct, each time, IMO. 19 kids? Lured onto airplanes? Is Mr Bush kidding, or simply mentally-ill? Yu be the judge... I have already made my *judgement*, btw. This is the same president who declares that the murderous, social system of islam, is "the religion of peace", btw. And he invites those subhuman garbage/spic/trash/scum/filth/junk/crap muslims/islamists/arabs, to un-holy-day feasts at the now-defiled White House, several times a year, BTW.
Years ago, I criticized Karl Rove in GWB's Administration, as being too much of a "control freak", behind the scenes. I was 101% correct, but I'm sorry to see him leaving, now. Who'll control the weather? The world? Is he taking that world-controlling weather generator machine with him, when he leaves? Or did he teach GWB how to "use it", and Bush is now, finally "adept", at it? Hmmmm, I doubt it?
Reason #4 why I own and run my own business, and do not work for anyone else, and never will after 17 years of "being my own boss". Yes, I'm a smoker.
RIP, Merv. Though not a big fan of yours, through the years, Merv, thanks for the good, Christian family-value memories of the shows you did and produced, IMO.
Okay, VP Dick Cheney was wrong: Vice President Dick Cheney is a staunch defender of the US invasion of Iraq (in 2003) to topple Saddam Hussein, but a 1994 video has now surfaced showing he opposed that very move after the liberation of Kuwait, saying it would land America in a "quagmire.” So freaking what? IMO, that's what nuclear bombs are for.
Sorry, I have none/zero/nada/zip/no sympathy for thousands of so-called "Elvis fans", who faced thick humidity and temperatures that could exceed 100 degrees Wednesday, as they prepared for a graveside procession to mark the 30th anniversary of his death. I remember his death in 1977, face-down in a toilet, with his trousers around his ankles, from a drug OD. IMO, good riddance, Elvis!

Lowlife, Subhuman Garbage™.
Hey, commie dirtbag, hate-America, Geraldo Sandoval, you fat, verminous lowlife, commie ("formalism"), bloated-socialist, drug-addicted, spic-filth, pig-fucking, homo-sodomite dirtbag: Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray and/or John Hinckley are coming to "visit you", refried-beaner-boy, spic filth. They "want your autograph", I've heard, wetback garbage/trash/spic/junk/crap/filth. Ready to "sign some autographs", asshole? Better be, spic-punk boy. You and the lowlife, racist, bigoted La Raza ("The Race") subhuman filth, are about to be "permanently-removed" from power, pig-fucking subhuman dirtbag. When you attack Michael Savage, me or any Real Americans, you'll suffer "untold consequences", beyond your wildest nightmares. Count on it, spic garbage. Personally, I could give a spic that you soil yourself, dirtbag beaner-wetback-spics. The US Courts will hand you your empty head(s) in a blood-filled bucket, boy. And the verminous lowlife filth, deviant-pervert-homo-sodomite-faggot-filth, Ammiano, Daly, McGoldrick, Maxwell, Peskin and other subhuman, racist, vermin, bigoted, leftist, Marxist, commie, sociaist, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Police, dirtbags, SF Stupid-visor trash, too. Their "autographs will be demanded", and GOTTEN, as well as yours will, verminous garbage. Heh. Get ready, treasonous-seditious, subhuman saboteurs; "your autograph-signing time, is at hand". Time to "wipe" the "brown-filth invasion" murderous, criminal subhumans, from the face of the earth, IMO. And get America back from the commie-socialist-liberal-demokkkRATs, IMO. Wipe the snivelling, whining, liberal-demokkkRAT drool from your ugly, racist, verminous, bigoted, leftist, Marxist, commie, sociaist, brown-filth faces, scumbag filthies. Or we'll wipe it for you, with much more than a simple "hanky", homo-sodomite-faggot "boys". "Borders, Language, Culture™"! You have no idea of what you've just started, IMO. Any questions, punk lowlifes? A "world of hurt" is coming your way, dirtbags!
No, Newt Gingrich is a steaming pile of dogspic, and he's going nowhere, IMO. Eleanor Clift is a two-dollar idiot skank-bitch, and can't write her way out of a wet paperbag.
A BP Agent kills another criminal, illegal alien spic, a smuggler — Jose Alejandro Ortiz Castillo, a 23-year-old man who had been caught crossing the border 28 times since 1999 — at the fence that separates El Paso from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico? And the BP's in trouble? Bull-fucking-spic! We should be wholesale shooting and killing the millions of criminal, illegal alien spics, who've invaded and crossed our southern borders, IMO. SHOOT AND KILL THEM ALL, IMO!
Make no mistake about it: Hitlery Rotten Klintoon is a communist, socialist (commie-lite), hate-America, hate-US Military, terrorist-supporting, lesbo-bull-dyke bitch, and is 100% committed to destroying America's Freedom and Liberty, and she/ it must be stopped, at all costs. If that subhuman, filthy dirtbag bitch gains the US Presidency, America is finished, as we know it, today. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray and John Hinckley, when the Nation really needs them? Heh.
Liberal-demokkkRAT presidential candidate loser, dirtbag socialist, criminal, lowlife, ambulance-chaser lawyer, Breck Girl, John Edwards (LOSER-NC) recently defended taking a lucrative book contract from a publisher controlled by Rupert Murdoch — whose News Corp empire Edwards has sharply criticized — by insisting that “every dime” of his $500,000 advance, went to charity. Left unmentioned by Edwards, however, was that Murdoch’s HarperCollins Co, paid portions of a $300,000 expense budget for the book to Edwards’s ugly, fat, bloated, pig-fucker daughter, Cate, and to a corrupt, criminal senior political aide, Jonathan Prince. The sums paid to lowlife, slut-rag, skank bitch, Cate Edwards, and Prince, who are listed as co-authors on the little-noticed 2006 coffee table book, "Home: The Blueprints of Our Lives", have not been made public, but were confirmed by two sources with first-hand knowledge of the book deal.
US Presidential Candidate, Mitt Romney (LIAR-MA) is a lowlife, lying, flip-flopping, piece-of-spic. And America finally knows it.
Dumbass, mentally-ill, liberal wetback beaner-boy and Chicago Alderman, George "Asshole" Cardenas (12th) wants to slap a tax of up to 25 cents on the cost of every bottle to help close a $217 million budget gap. “People enjoy jogging or driving with a bottle of water. There’s a cost associated with this behavior. You have to pay for it,” said Cardenas, one of corrupt, criminal Mayor Richard M. Daley’s staunchest City Council supporters. Read the asshole's quote again, will you, and tell me if that's not mental illness, aka liberalism". No, I don't drink bottled water, as there are no fecal matter standards, so I dump out the bottled water, and fill it with tap water, which is far cleaner and is up to much superior standards.
Oh puuuuuuuh-lease! Not that talentless, lowlife, subhuman dirtbag, Donny "Anus-In-The-Morning", again? Keep that washed-up, lowlife, dirtbag, piece-of-spic off the radio, IMO. He was complete dogshit, and AM Radio is better-off without him, IMO.
Just another lowlife, subhuman, dirtbag, piece-of-shit nigga®-spic, acting like a tribal porch-monkey sambo beaner, who belongs back in the turd-world hellholes of Africa of Mexico, IMO. Dumbass punk filth, Jose Offerman, is now charged with two counts of second-degree assault. Police arrested him immediately after the game. Offerman has also been suspended indefinitely. Offerman was released on $10,000 bond. BS; it should have been $500k, IMO.
Tim Donaghy, now ex-NBA ref, is a criminal and crook, and should be going to prison, IMO. Buh-bye, asshole!
A mentally-ill, greedy, arrogant, so-called "judge", who lost a $54 million lawsuit against a dry cleaner over a missing pair of pants continues to press his suit. Roy Pearson, a District of Columbia administrative law judge, filed a notice of appeal Tuesday. IMO, duly-charge, try, convict, sentence and execute/kill the nigga®.

All Imports From China = Death™.
Less than two weeks after Mattel Inc, recalled 1.5 million Chinese-made toys because of lead paint, the toy industry is bracing for another blow that could give parents more reason to rethink their purchases just before the critical holiday shopping season. Mattel is set to announce the recall of another toy involving a different Chinese supplier as early as Tuesday, according to three people close to the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation. On August 1st, Mattel's Fisher-Price division announced the worldwide recall of 1.5 million Chinese-made preschool toys featuring characters such as Dora the Explorer, Big Bird and Elmo. About 967,000 of those toys were sold in the United States between May and August. A new Mattel action would mark the latest in a string of recalled products from China, ranging from faulty tires to tainted toothpaste. With more than 80 percent of toys sold worldwide made in China, toy sellers are nervous that shoppers will shy away from their products. China is dogspic. And I have zero sympathy for American companies who lose millions/billions in sales and market share: you deserve it, assholes! If I can avoid it, I don't buy chink crap.
Yikes, Mattel is recalling 9 million toys! Sucks to be a Mattel stock holder or employee.
And this spic-for-brains moron, Miles Rubin, founder of Miles Automotive Group, plans to being the chink-made XS 500 piece of garbage/crap/spic/trash/filth, to the US. Idiot. After what's happened in the past 6mos, you won't sell squat, IMO.

Traitors, Seditionists and Saboteurs = Liberal-demokkkRATs™.
If you have a sentient, functioning brain, are an American, are either a Real Conservative or a True Democrat, are you not PO'd by this criminal activity? The lib-dem criminals should be stood against a wall, and shot, IMO. The wimpy, gutless, balless, cowardly GOPer-RINOs are "worthless as teats on a bull", BTW. They whine and complain, but do nothing about it. Shut down the fucking House of Reps and US Senate, GOPers-RINOs! DO SOMETHING, dammit! Or get the hell out of the way, and WE WILL! Bastards!
As well as robbing, raping, molesting and murdering Real Americans, do ciminal, illegal alien spics steal (scroll down to post #118), too? 63% of hard-working, legal immigrant latino/hispanics are Conservatives, IMO. The 37% of those, who are criminal, illegal aliens, who need either deporting, jail or execution, for robbery, kidnapping, rape, child-molestation-rape-murder, drug-dealing, destruction and murder.

The Religion Cult Political System of Perpetual Outrage™.
islamberg. Springtime in islamberg. islamberg. Huh? It's a murderous, muslim-islamist-arab terrorist training camp, in the NY Catskills, on the outskirts of Hancock (NY), and it needs to be annihilated, decimated by nuclear weapons, IMO. Why America's DHS-ICE allows this NOi (Nation Of islam)Nigga®-spic to occur, in our Nation, is way beyond me. Those Niggas® need wholesale killing, IMO. Kill them all; women and children, included. Find and kill the many terrorist training camps of muslim-islamic-arab-Niggas®, in America! Kill them. They are the future terrorists of America. C'mon, subhuman muslim-islamic-arab-Niggas®: just try to threaten me and come try to f*ck with me, sambos!
90,000-100,000 subhuman, murderous muslim-islamist filth, gathered in the Indonesian capital of Jakarta on Sunday, should have been obliterated by a nuclear bomb, IMO. All of those screaming, filthy, subhuman, muslim-islamist terrorists and terrorist-supporters garbage, need killing, en masse!
No, don't release of GITMO's murderous, muslim-islamist-arab terrorist filth, to other countries; KILL THEM ALL! They'll be back trying to kill our US Military, within months, if not weeks, as it's been proven. KILL THEM ALL!
Radical islamists vs moderate muslims? No such thing, IMO. All muslim-islamists are the world's enemy, and they'll cut your Christian/Jewish throat, if given the chance/opportunity to do so, to prove it. Count on it! Get your guns ready for the coming conflagration, IMO.
Sheikh Mubarik Ali Hasmi Shah Gilani, founder of the terrorist organization, Jamaat ul Fuqra, and lead terrorist of "Islamberg" in Hancock, New York, is angry at infidel Doug Hagmann, director of the Northeast Intelligence Report. Gilani is the lead terrorist in a handful of radical M muslim paramilitary compounds, flourishing on North American soil, including the infamous, filthy, illegal "Islamberg" spichole terrorist training compound, who are secretly-readying another murderous attack on America and its innocent, trusting Citizens.
IMO, Joey "Somodite" Sandler (SUBHUMAN-SA), disgraced former Democratic National Committee staff counsel, bigot, hate-America, hate-Freedom, muslim-islamist-whorebag-boy, Saudi-slut-filth-buggerer, lowlife, dirtbag, scum-sucking piece-of-camel-spic, has thrown America under-the-bus, and bent-over-and-grabbed-his-ankles, for the almighty petro-dollar. He cowardly attacks anyone and everyone who tells the Truth about the terrorist-supporting garbage at terrorist-supporting CAiR, his paying-pimp, and the Saudi trash, who truly need "permanent removal" from this earth, IMO. Sandler, a cowardly, lowlife, liberal-secular Jew who sold his liberal-demokkkRAT soul to the Saudi spic/trash/garbage/crap/filth/scum/garbage, will be one of the very first infidels to be throat-cut, if the murderous murlim-islamist-arabs establish their subhuman caliphate/umma, worlwide. IMO. He's a dumbass moron/cretin/idiot, who hasn't a clue as to what's coming, IMO. I'll truly enjoy the YouTube video of his head-cutting, his family being raped and murdered, BTW.
Some asshole, coward Dutch catholic bishop scumbag, named "Tiny" Muskens, from the southern diocese of Breda, told Dutch television on Monday that God did not mind what he was named and that in Indonesia, where Muskens spent eight years, priests used the word "Allah" while celebrating Mass. "Allah is a very beautiful word for God. Shouldn't we all say that from now on we will name God Allah? ... What does God care what we call him? It is our problem." No, you stupid, ignorant, dirtbag asshole! GOD IS OUR CHRISTIAN GOD; the pig-humping-camel-fucker *allah*, eats dog-shit, as does the mentally-ill, drug-addicted pedophile lying murderous turd filth, *mo-HAM-head*, IMO! Fuck the moonbat phony islamic-muslim trash, both to death, in The Lake of Sulfur! Any question, mohammedhans?
CAiR is a covert, terrorist-supporting, hate-America, hate-US Military, who need to be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed/headshot/killed, IMO. CAiR is subhuman, murderous filth/shit/trash/garbage/junk/crap muslim-islamist-arab dirtbags.

Global Warming Bullshit™.
Have you seen the BBC's "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle"? It was banned from Google.com's and YouTube.com's websites, by the mentally-ill dirtbag, subhuman, left-wing wackos, but I've preserved it, for posterity, you and me. Watch, be amazed and download it for others to see.
Do you remember "Global Cooling", way back in 1975? I sure do. Another steaming load of festering, fetid, liberal-demokkkRAT, bullspic, IMO.

Now, it's "Nitrogen (NO2 Hysteria", and the wacked-out leftist dirtbag liars are hyping it, and seemingly-abandoning CO2, as "Global Warming's" so-called "cause". Make no mistake about it: global warming is real and happening, but it's cyclical, natural and mankind has zero to do with it. It's ***natural*** and has been happening for millions of years. BTW, CO2 is 0.0360% of our atmosphere — ESSENTIALLY ZERO — and has nothing to do with global warming!
Freeman Dyson kicks the dirtbag, global warming assholes' asses!
Read The Truth, and weep, AlGoreBore, you phony, fat, bloated, fraud, asshole! Freeman Dyson kicks your fat, bloated ass, out of the city's stadium, punk homo-sodomite-faggot!

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Bravo, Texas! Coming-up on 400 executions, which there'll be 400 less, murderous subhuman filth on the earth, ready to rob, rape, kidnap, molest/rape/murder children or be released on parole and kill again. Bravo, Texas! Would that the other cowardly 49 states had your guts!
Subhuman, criminal, murderous, illegal alien spic, who raped a 5-year old girl, should have been deported but wasn't due to an incompetent NJ DA bitch (Essex County Prosecutor Paula Dow) — he was arrested three times in the last year — for felony assault and twice on 31 counts involving the repeated sexual assault of a 5-year-old girl, then made bail and went on to murder others, head-shoots and kills 3 Newark (NJ) black kids? Really? What's the problem, NJ blacks? You have "no guts" to go after the murderous, illegal alien spic filth, invading your town, and murdering your children? The cops aren't going to do squat, idiots. Either you do it, or it won't get done. Cowards!
More criminal, illegal alien spics "doing the murdering that Americans refuse to do", IMO. To wit: As 15-year-old Dani Countryman struggled beneath criminal,illegal alien spic, Gilberto Arellano Gamboa, pinned to the floor with her pants down, he called on his cousin to help subdue the girl. Criminal, illegal alien spic, Alejandro Rivera Gamboa, responded by stepping on Countryman's throat until she stopped moving. She was dead. Headshoot the spic filth, immediately after trial; no appeals, IMO. KILL THEM BOTH!
On July 26, a former Washington cab driver and resident of Gwynn Oak, Maryland, was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for providing material support to a terrorist group. Ohio-born Mahmud Faruq Brent, 32, admitted to attending training camps run by Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT, Army of the Pure) in 2002, a Pakistan-based jihadist group established during the 1980s campaign against the Soviets in Afghanistan. F*ck the 15 years; KILL HIM! Don't waste US Taxpayers' monies on that subhuman, lowlife, dirtbag, murderous muslim-islamist-arab, IMO. KILL HIM!
As I've said on many, many occasions, all pedophiles need killing immediate legal execution, and scumbag, subhuman, lowlife, degenerate, deviant, piece-of-shit, Jack(off) McClellan is no exception. Jack(off) McClellan, 45, who is unemployed and lives out of his car, was arrested at 1:40 p.m. at the University of California (LA) campus, near a university child care facility with a camera. Look at that subhuman's face; doesn't he need killing imediate, legal execution? He want to go to "kiddie events"? He's a sick, subhuman, son-of-a-bitch, and DESERVES KILLING! I truly think so, as do all child-molesters, child-rapists, child-murderers. Kill him; zero recividism, IMO.
After spending a total of seven months in custody, the murderous, criminal Tennessee woman skank, who fatally-shot her preacher husband in the back, was released on Tuesday, her corrupt, criminal, lowlife, ambulance-chasing lawyer, told CNN. Mary Winkler, a 33-year-old mother of three girls, was freed from a Tennessee mental health facility where she was treated for depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD: bullshit, IMO!), her corrupt, lowlife, dirtbag lawyer, Steve Farese, said. Mary Winkler is a criminal, who was in financial trouble, and that the bank had caught her trying to deposit bad checks. Her husband caught her in the crimes, and she killed him, to silence him. She was an embezzler who was running a check-kiting scheme to cover up the money she stole from her husband's congregation. She killed him because he was going to expose her malfeasance many crimes. His murder was a cold and calculated action. She waited for him to go to bed. When she was sure he was asleep, she went downstairs, retrieved a shotgun, and shot him point blank as he slept. This was premeditated murder, IMO. The filthy, criminal, dirtbag Winkler bitch, truly needs due-charging, trial, conviction, sentencing and execution/head-shooting/killing, IMO. The Winkler woman bitch is a murderous criminal, and should be killed and *permanently-removed from society". $100 says she'll murder the children, IMO. Any takers, on that bet?
A condemned prisoner whose threats toward corrections officers restricted his already limited movements on Texas death row was executed Wednesday evening for the rape and fatal shooting of a woman during a break-in at her home nearly 10 years ago. In a brief final statement, a quiet subhuman, murderous, rapist. cowardly, dirtbag, piece-of-shit, lowlife Kenneth Parr, expressed love to his family. Make me f*cking puke! Parr needed to die a very painful, and protracted death, IMO! KILL HIM! Oh wait; he's already dead. YES! Rot in hell, you subhuman filth!

Aerial Archaeology in Northern France.
It began before hot air balloons and airplanes: the habit of noticing differences in crop coloring and height, or dampness and depressions in the land. These signposts often hinted at the location of ancient human habitation. But it wasn't until air travel and cameras arrived on the scene that aerial archaeology came into being. Now, scientists take to the air to look for shadows of the past, catch snapshots of sights that catch their eye, and follow up to check their discoveries on the ground. This site was inspired by the work of Roger Agache, part of the mid-20th century group of French "flying fools." The results of their cheap aerial surveys, taken with second-hand cameras in doctored-up aircraft, inspired the International Aerial Archaeology Conference in Paris in 1963. Strap yourself in and take a tour through the history and this amazing "collection of images of the many ways that the past has left its trace."

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