the national nightmare
light a candle,
our painful episode is almost over

August 18, 2000


f all the disasters this Nation has contracted, endured and survived, the disease of Clintonism is by far the most insipid. With it's perverted battle cry in '92 — It's the economy, stupid — enough of the populace looked the other way and voted the sociopathic slime into office; and they repeated the travesty in '96. By '97, everyone's portfolio was so fat and happy, many said, "So what?" to his daily lies and high crimes and misdemeanors. And most kept looking the other way, as long as their financial numbers were good. Morals, ethics and integrity went down the collective National Dumper in eight short, but amorally painful years. How long it will take us as a Nation to restore what damage Clintoon has wrought, is anyone's guess. There's less than 200 days remaining for the Clintoon morons; I'll wait it out and cheer when they're gone, finally. At least, he's given his so-called "farewell speech". (Somehow, I don't trust that the Liar-In-Chief or his First Bitch wife will ever really be gone.) Bubba is frantically searching for a legacy — any legacy — to replace the wanton and widespread criminal and immoral activity, which has characterized "the most ethical administration in US history". He would have us believe that his heir-apparent, the pathological liar, AlGoreBore, is now moral and clean and ready to lead this morally-befuddled Nation, since choosing an Orthodox Jew to cleanse the corrupt Democrat ticket. Not so. It's merely a ploy, like using cut flowers to disguise the stench of decaying flesh; it doesn't work. We can still smell Clintoon and his corrupting influence. Phhhhhheeeeewwwwwwww! AlGoreBoreWhore, you stink, too! You're toast in November, scumbag.

Around The Garden Center.
Gas prices have indeed dropped this week: $1.42.9/ gal (89 oct) and it's once again a pleasure to fill-up any sized gas tank. Except diesel; that's still in the $1.76.9 range. Don't ask. Can anyone tell us the "reason"? Yep, you bet they can, but they won't.
Jeeez, I can't believe the calls I'm getting these past weeks after the USA Today article came out on June 30th. Calls from scam artists wanting to put me on national TV, on a so-called "Captains of Industry" show (airs 2 hrs at 12noon on some obscure CATV channel), but oh BTW: there's a 5-6 min corporate video you're going to pay $15,000 to Pat Summerall Productions to produce. Ummm, I don't f*cking think so. Click! Then there's the one ..., uh just forget it. I simply hang up and clear the line. Guess they think I recently fell off the turnip wagon, living here in Pennsyl-tucky or something. Huh, Goober?
On a sad note, a local 17 year old boy lost control of his new car, flipped and slid into a tree, dying on impact. This now makes 60 teenage deaths in the past 3 years; what a waste. His grieving relatives came to the Garden Center late Friday afternoon to purchase a memorial tree for him, to be planted by his relatives, who came in from all around the US, at his parent's veterinary business in nearby New Freedom. One of my landscape crew came in to help me deliver the 6-7ft B&B tree early Saturday morning. The funeral service was at 11am. RIP.
Over last weekend, heavy thunderstorms moved through and caused locally heavy rains and some street flooding, but nothing compared to the 12-14" of rain they had in northern NJ. I know the towns mentioned in this article, having lived in Princeton, NJ, some 11 years ago. The York, PA, area saw 3" near my condo in East York, but since we're on a hill, the flooding occurred in the residences below. Market St and State Rt 24 were under a foot of water on my drive home from work at 6pm on Saturday. Slow going, indeed, for those in non-SUVs. My '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD swan like a champ.
On the way back to the Garden Center from a late morning landscape visitation appointment in nearby Red Lion, PA, I came across a 6-7lb Painted Box Turtle trying to cross a busy highway. Knowing full well that if I didn't "rescue" him/her/it, a car or truck would turn it into quick roadwhack. I did a fast U-turn, snatched it off the northbound lane, and brought it back to my large pond at the complex, to join the two other smaller (2-3lb and 3-4lb) Painted Box Turtles I'd rescued earlier this Summer. All three are happy campers now and I occassionally see them feeding and frolicking, or whatever it is they do.
Locally, we had a nutcase, racist, bigot lowlife whack to two White guys near the Harley-Davidson Plant. He truly needed to be executed, not imprisoned for life. What a crock of shit the shit-for-brains-jury there was. He was a overt racist, hating everyone who wasn't his color. He needed to die. Dot com. Good riddance, scumbag.
If you haven't "locked in" the price of heating oil and natural gas (nay LPG), you may be in deep shit for the Winter of 2000-01. In really bad shape. All the pity. I have LPG from across the Susquehanna River, from Columbia Gas Co, and we're on "market price", meaning we get hosed six-ways-to-Tuesday. No contract. Ouch!
On Wednesday morning, a "highest priority" email was in my Netscape InBox: my corporate website hosting ISP, Dragon Communications, Manassas VA, is closing down September 1st, and I and many others will have to find another "home" for our websites. Bummer, I just didn't need this to happen so quickly, after only being with them since '98, and prior to that with the defunct Cyberia Communications (now, York PA, since '96. So now, I'm in the search mode for a new ISP, downloading an entire 90meg site to my hard drive at home via cable modem, to preserve its integrity and do some "house cleaning" (read: exterraneous files) prior to an upload on a new (TBD) server. If September 1st's Journal and entire website are MIA (Missing In Action) as you check in that Friday morning, you'll know why. Light a candle for me: I'm out there trying to find it.

Us v Them.
Let’s get down to reality for a minute. The differences between Republicans and Democrats are significant enough to make our choice in November meaningful.
The Democrats are "the party of people" who live off the taxpayer (read parasites): unionized government employees, the organized teachers, bureaucrats in federal, state, and local governments, all of whom have a vested interest in higher taxes. They also include liberal millionaires who feel guilty about being rich and therefore want the government to take care of the poor. Their foundations don’t give money to the poor, but to other liberal wealthy tax-exempt institutions. Add to them the abortionists, pornographers and Hollywood degenerates and you have an idea of the moral corruption at the heart of the Democratic Party that fuels Al Gore’s campaign of lies.
Republicans, in general, are those who earn their own way, without government help. They are individualists who don’t want government breathing down their necks. They are small business owners and entrepreneurs who work hard and take their chances in the marketplace. They take care of themselves and pay their own way. They employ millions of people and pay their taxes. They are usually religious, pro-life, pro-capitalist, pro-freedom. They are homeschoolers who pay for their children’s education while still paying taxes for the public schools.
Given the facts, what choice do you have in November? If you have a thinking, functioning mind, none. Choose Republican all the way down the line. Get the lowlife, socialist-commie, lib-dem slime outta power.

Liberal Democrat Convention 2000.
No, I didn't watch the parade of liars, scum, lowlifes, subhuman filth, hypocrites, criminals, communists, socialists and just plain scum in LA, this past week. No need to, no desire to, as the protesters summed it up nicely with 4 tons of shit.
The Old Time, liberal-biased media gushed about and effusively covered the lib-dem slime, so much so I needed a barf bag. I haven't watched TV News for years now; I get all my information on The Web's unbiased news sites. Want a list? Email me; then you too can get the news you need instead of the lib-dem shit passed off at NBC, CBS, ABC, NYTimes, Washington Post et al.
I absolutely relish watching Bubba Clintoon play second fiddle to AlGoreBore; it must be eating him alive. I love to see the lying rapist squirm. Heh, heh, heh.
Still raping the Hollywood slime and degenerates for their cash, both Bubba & Hitlery "f*cking Jew Bastard" Clintoon are garnering all the bucks they can for their own pet projects, at the expense of AlGoreBore's campaign. I love it. Hitlery needs cash for the New York Senate race, Bubba needs cash for his so-called presidential library — actually more of a XXX-rated adult bookstore — and neither will be able to raise a shiny dime once the scumbags are out of office in November. I'm happy to see all the Hollywood morons pony-up to the Clintoons and empty their pitiful pockets, now as empty as their souls and heads.
Are we really better off than we were eight years ago before the Clintoonistas took power? Read this and decide for yourself.
I used to think Bill Gates had brains; now I'm not so sure. After donating $600,000 to the lib-dem slimeballs, he also threw a party for the scumbags. He'd be a whole lot better off courting the GOP, since they're gonna run things for the next 8 years and judge the break-up of Microsoft.
Good riddance, Bubba.
The whoring of Joe Lieberman continues: to appease the black lib-dem filth like Waters and Conyers, Ol' Joe now says he's always supported racial quotas; truth is, he's always not ever supported them. His record is quite clear on that point. He's become a liar like Clintoon and GoreBore. This will come back to haunt him. He should have never accepted the VP slot on GoreBore's lib-dem ticket, or should have resigned quickly when he found out that he'd have to lie to get elected by the lib-dem filth. Even the blacks are seeing he's sold out to the GoreBore scumbags.

Clintoonista Scumbags.
So Bubba's contrite and duly ashamed of his lecherous behavior with that White House Intern in the Oral Orifice? How about his felony crimes of perjury and suborning perjury and obstruction of justice? Sorry, I don't believe it for a minute, fellow Conservatives. He's a liar, through and through. He feels no pain for what he did; only anger at getting caught and being exposed to the Nation. Nothing more. He has a sociopathic regard for Law and The Truth, as it applies to him.
To give the race-baiting, anti-Semite bigot Irrev Jesse Jack-scum a Medal of Freedom is absurd; he's a piece of racist shit, a traitor who has helped keep his people enslaved in the chains of welfare for generations. He's garbage and a criminal, pure and simple.
Yeah sure, I believe in the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy: the diseased, , S&M-B&D, alcoholic, dopehead, Janet "Waco" El-Reno is gonna investigate AlGoreBore for '96 campaign finance crimes? No such thing, friend. Both Clintoonista and GoreBore have the goods on Reno; she's their defense attorney, she's not working for you and I, fellow and fellowette Taxpayers.
Further proof that the Clintoonista-GoreBore filth have gutted and devastated the US Military. How about a 4-star General's candid assessment? I'll accept that as Gospel. Unlike the Clintoons, what Zinni's reason to lie? None whatsoever.
Hitlery Rodman Clintoon now says she's "worked behind the scenes to write and shape policy" for the past 8 years. Huh? That's bullshit. After the '94 health care disaster, she claims she's been the guiding light behind a whole load of social programs. That's also bullshit. The First Bitch still has no record to run on in New York State; she's merely inventing a record. ya know, lying, as she and the lib-dem filth are wont to do in leiu of reality. Plus, she's got all kinds of lowlife lib-dem filth lying for her now, too. She's a worthless, congenital liar. Send the fat-assed bitch packing back to Arkansas, NYC!
Your tax dollars at work: White House staffers and executives downloading massive pornography files, including gay, teen and bestial sex acts through government computers and on Taxpayer's dollars. Considering the lowlife, degenerate pervert in the Oral Orifice, it outrages me, but it doesn't surprise me. Ummm, that would be Bubba Clintoon.
Ever wonder why Bubba Clintoon would not release his medical records all these years? I said that he's got several varieties of infectious herpes, which he's since infected other women victims with. I said this in my Journal, back in '97-98, long before Matt Drudge said it. In fact, I emailed Drudge with the news scoop, based upon a conversation I'd heard between two doctors who'd worked for Clintoon's personal physician, in DC. Hell, JFK had the same thing. He was a scummy lowlife like Clintoon.
Count the number of times the stinking, filthy Clintoons became "celebrities"; makes me vomit in a bucket.
Think I'm being too hard on the sociopathic Clintoon moron? Read this.
Finally, a voice of reason and sanity in this wilderness of stupidity: an appeals court ruled that Cincinnati can't sue gun manufacturers over violence, just as matchmakers can't be sued over arson. That pretty much nails it, as the person who pulls the trigger or lights the match being legally at fault, not the gun or match, ergo the manufacturers. That should have applied to the dumb ass bitch who spilled a hot cup of McDonald's coffee into her crotch and collected $2million. Ditto with the tobacco industry.
I'd love to believe that the lying Bubba Clintoon is going to finally be brought up on criminal charges of perjury and obstruction of justice — he was already convicted of both in a civil case and fined $90,000 — but I'm not going to hold my breath. In addition to proving what a lowlife slimeball he is, Clintoon has consistently avoided indictment and prosecution for his many, many crimes; instead, many dozens of others have taken the fall. He'll probably slip this effort, too. Pity; I'd love to see him twisting in the wind.

Racist Scum.
Black racists are the absolute worst. The Irrev's Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum and Al "Interloper Jew Bastard" Sharp-scum and Mumia Abu Jamal (aka Tyrone LeRoy Johnson) and hundreds, nay thousands of scumbags are actively milking the White Guilt Trip. Here's a momma in Mississippi whose son whacked himself, but she's still seeing the KKK behind every tree and shrub. She won't let go of the idea that Jack-scum planted in the community about racists lynching the boy. Her boy had problems. He was a loser. Get over it, woman.
Helping racism along are the national "Old Time Media" — CBS, ABC, NBC, Washington Post, and the worst lib-dem racist rag of all, The New York Times. They fan the flames of fear, keep insignificant and outdated stories alive to racially divide the Nation, all to sell papers and gain audience ratings points. No other reason. They cater to scum and filth like the Irrev's Jesse "The Harelip" Jack-scum and Al "Fat Boy" Sharp-scum, hanging on every bigoted and racist utterance, vetting each and making them public figures of stature, when in fact, they're criminals.
Here's a f*cking joke: so-called "Progressive Black Baptists" are wailing and whining about AIDS, drug abuse, the prison system and other problems they contend amount to racial "genocide." Well, duh. If blacks didn't put so many heroin needles into their f*cking veins, they wouldn't get AIDS. If blacks didn't commit so many crimes, the prisons wouldn't be full of them. And if they'd stop shooting each other for drugs and in "turf wars", black youth death wouldn't be an genocidal issue, completely of their own making. Well sure, it's gotta be the White Devils who are trying to whack off the blacks, isn't it? Ummm no, I don't f*cking think so. They don't need our help, they're doing just fine on their own.
It didn't take long for the fat, stupid, racist, bigot, scumbag, Irrev Al "Interloper Jew Bastard" Sharp-scum, to weigh in with his anti-Semitic comments about Joe Lieberman. Think I'm being too hard on lowlife Al? Read this.
That piece of subhuman shit, Rodney "Beat me, copper!" King has re-surfaced from the slimy rock he lives under, to battle his attorneys for the millions he unduly got in a civil suit against LA. He deserved to and should have been beaten to death; he's a lowlife idiot scumbag who incited the blacks to riot and lose 32 lives.

Yeah, Sure.
I don't live there, but I sympathize with their problem. Utility co's are doing the same thing here in mid-state Penna: ruining street surfaces to lay fiber optic cable and Taxpayers — you and I — are footing the bill for repairing them. How does that bunch your shorts or panties?
Uh oh, they're letting Mikey "The Psycho Rapist" Tyson out of his cell to fight another idiot chump. Anything for a buck, huh guys?
Can you believe it? A $1.75million settlement for a stinking, degenerate, lowlife pervert transvestite who died? Not if I was on the f*cking jury or the judge in that court. There'd be no settlement for such shit. Whoever let that piece of subhuman shit die did the community a service and ought to be rewarded.
Why filthy, degenerate whore sluts like Madonna aren't sterilized so they can't breed half-breed bastards is a mystery to me. She f*cked everything that walked, crawled and breathed for so many years, it's amazing she doesn't have AIDS; there are millions who wished she did and would die soon.
One more — of the 818 reasons — why I don't fly in an airplane, anymore - never!, after 17 years and 1.1 million air-miles. The stats favor flying over driving - true - but I'd rather be in total control than drop like a stone to my pre-ordained death without some semblance of control. I'm a Certified Pilot, 60+hrs certificate (now expired), visual and instrument rated. I'd rather drive, thankyouverymuch. There's just nowhere to pull over and stop, "up there", check things out or take a break.
Too bad the Madonna whore slut slime bitch didn't bleed to death. I'd have cheered that! Alas, she didn't and survived to breed again. Too bad; let's sterilize that garbage-filth-slime. Kudos for the baby.

The Death Penalty.
If lethal injection makes condemned, subhuman filth choose death over anything else, I say inject away! and give the lowlife murderers what they want. Just get them off this Earth and into the eternal Hell they so richly deserve for their crimes. Yes, I'm definitely pro-Death Penalty. Can't you guess?
Just as murder knows no age limit, so should the death penalty be applied: instead of life in prison at Taxpayers' expense, this scumbag should be executed.
Next to Texas, I love Saudi Arabia best in their treatment of lowlife scum convicted of murder, rape, drug trafficking and armed robbery. Add child molestation and treason to that line-up for execution, and I'd probably move there. Sounds to me like they know how to eliminate the filth and scum of society and protect society's innocents. Like we should be doing here in the USA.
Here's a 34 year old, piece of subhuman shit-filth, a janitor with a tattoo on his forehead, who raped and murdered an 18 year old high school senior at the school, and is now turning the legal tables upon her in his trial: "She wanted it, she asked for it." f*ck it, it's lethal injection time! Execute the garbage.
shit for brains George Ryan, Illinois governor, is a lowlife idiot, for stopping all the scheduled executions. Now, he's allowing more murderers, rapists and child molesters to get freed, just because he's a scumbag. Who gives a flying f*ck whether a murderer-rapist had competent legal advice? If he did the crime, he dies. Next scumbag into the death chamber. Step lively, subhuman filth and burn in Hell.
Oh Christ: burn, shoot, inject, electrocute, beat to death, gas, bludgeon, torture, ETC this cop-Killing idiot to death. '82 — 18 f*cking years! - is way f*cking too long to wait to exact JUSTICE! whack the subhuman shit filth now. Don't wait.
whack these subhuman filth protesting for the cop-murderer, Tyrone LeRoy Johnson (Mumia Abu Jamal, shit filth). Terminate them with extreme prejudice; a 9mm or .357 Magnum anywhere in the skull will do it.
Lots of people gripe and moan about jury duty; hell, I'd love to be on a jury trying a murder trial and sentence the piece of subhuman shit to death. That'd make my day.
ScrewDNA testing; execute the rapist and murderer of a 13 year old girl in '93, as now re-scheduled in September.

The Pin-Up Page.
Featuring over 400 images of classic pin-up girls from the forties and fifties, this squeaky clean collection pays tribute to the cover models of such classic periodicals as Eyeful, Wink, Flirt, Titter, and Whisper. If the names Gil Elvgren, Peter Driben, or Edward Ru mean anything to you, you've come to the right place. Forget about that "gratuitous rubbish" from the sixties onward — you'll only find the most sophisticated scantily clad ladies here: Marilyn Monroe, Bettie Page, and more.


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