Friday, August 20, 2004

if you ever had any doubt that the frothing-at-the-mouth left-wing wackos, wild-eyed tree-huggers and eco-terrorists, liberal-demokkkRATs, complicit and biased media presstitutes, the ACLU and immigrant rights groups, were out to destroy America, and turn our Constitution over to the cowardly, socialist-commie UN; then, be advised: they are. The Enemy Within™ is everywhere and dilligently working to subvert President Bush, by derailing America's position as the last remaining superpower in the world. Freedom isn't free; there's a huge price to pay, and America's paid that price, in spades, over the past 6 decades, to keep the world free: WWI, WWII, Korea, VietNam, Haiti, Grenada, Panama and now Afghanistan, Iraq and the evil, murderous, lowlife, subhuman, degenerate, deviant, boy-buggering, women-chattelling, Muslim hordes of subhuman filth.

Around The Garden Center.
Fortunately, Tropical Storm Bonnie didn't do all that much damage, except some localized flooding and a few mudslides, to the York area on Thursday and Friday. I got pounded with 3" of rain at my condo on Friday evening, in East York — the drive home was certainly an adventure — while at my GC&N Complex, we received less than a ½" of rainfall.
On Friday, Hurricane Charley — now a Category 4 (Winds 131-155 mph) Event — made land in Florida's panhandle near Ft Meyers/ Naples/ Tampa, and is expected to do damage with a 15-20' storm surge and 145+ mph winds, and tornadoes on the northeast quadrant. It's also expected to turn north-northeast and head up through our region (Mid Atlantic) and up into Canada. Here's the live thread on's website.
I was up early (4am) Saturday morning, to feed the cats, and logon to the ongoing news/damage reports of Hurricane Charley. I have a Digital TV Tuner/Recorder in my home machine, connected to a 1.5 MBPS cable modem, and can watch TV simultaneously while on the Net. (Heck, I haven't been upstairs to the condo's loft to watch the Sony 37" Trinitron TV, or use the Sony Super BetaMax 900 or Sony VHS VCRs, in over 2½ years.) The damage and death shown on the early reports was depressing in its massive scale; far worse than predicted. Dozens dead, hundreds missing, millions in damage, so far. Net net: Hurricane Charley missed everyone west of I-95, as it came up the coast and veered into New England. A big non-event, thankfully. We soooooooo didn't need anymore rainfall, thankyouverymuch.
RIP, Julia; we'll miss you.
Hey, check this out! Send it to a "friend". (((:::Smirk:::)))
Aaaaahhhhh, Woodstock '69; I remember it well. And I have the ticket stubs and memories to prove I was there for 3 days of rock 'n roll, and some etc. Woodstock II & III sucked. Didn't go; saw the TV movies.
Horrendous thunderstorms hit the area on my way home, Thursday evening. 4-5" of rain in less than an hour, 40-50mph winds, tornado sightings in adjacent Lancaster County and 1" hail at the storm's leading edge. I got into my garage just as it hit. The humidity rose 15pts, and Friday promises to be a scorcher, with temps in the 93-95°F range. Yikes!

Finally, a politician who gets it! Vernon Robinson (R), a Winston-Salem City Council member running for the 5th District House seat, has a great TV ad spotlighting terrorism.
America doesn't need RINO traitors and lowlife scum, like US Rep Darrell Issa, R-Vista (CA) and Department of Homeland Security Under-Secretary Asa Hutchinson, who do nothing for US security, and who by default, allow millions of illegal aliens to sneak across the US-Mexican border. They should be duly charged, tried, convicted and executed. They both are traitors.
Thousands of Arab terrorists are sneaking across the US-Mexico border, and President Bush is finally waking up to it and doing "something" about it? In the past 4 years, almost 5 million have snuck across. We're screwed.
shit-for-brains NYC mayor Mikey "I'm Really A Liberal" Bloomberg (RINO-NY), has ruined New York City, since Rudy Guiliani left, and his recipe for the GOP Convention will be a disaster. Watch for riots, rampages and much destruction.
This article clearly illustrates the idiot-savant mentality of the GOPers in Washington, regarding non-apprehension of illegal aliens, due to "sensitivity" of those being detained. The "cheap labor" branch of the GOP is in charges, these days. 8,000,000 - 12,000,000 illegal aliens running rampant in America. Tom Ridge and Asa Hutchinson should be fired, immediately, and US Rep Tom Tancredo (R-CO) installed as DHS (Dept of Homeland Security) Chief. We're screwed.
We're screwed. Arab and Muslim terrorists pouring across the Mexican border. Look for something to happen before the Nov 2 Elections.
Get ready, GOPers: it's going to hit the fan in NYC. Bring guns.
There is one major issue that separates the candidacy of US Rep Jim Kolbe (homo-AZ) from State Rep Randy Graf. It is encapsulated in two words — illegal immigration. Get rid of the rump-raiding Kolbe homo.
The 9-11 Commission's Recommendations? Right here.

John F(ucking) Kerry Is A Fraud, Fake and Phony.
I can get used to many things, but liars and their lies are something I just can't accomodate. Case in point: liberal-demokkkRATs. Specifically: John F(ucking) Kerry's bald-faced lies about VietNam and his dubious medals. Absent any worthwhile achievements in a boring 20-year US Senate "career", Kerry-the-idiot has made his 4 months of "duty" in Nam, the center lynchpin of his run for the presidency. Big mistake, Lurch. Yet, 254 of his Swift Boat commanders and swiftees are hotly disputing his claims and stories, as lies. Fact is, Kerry's a fake, a phony, a fraud, a liar and a traitor to America. Upon his return from Nam, he willingly and knowingly gave aid and comfort to the enemy. He should be tried for sedition and treason, removed in disgrace from the US Senate, and imprisoned. For my money, execute him, as well. I hate traitors and seditionists. All should be whacked. Kerry's lies about the "war crimes" committed by US Soldiers tarred and feathered all VietNam Vets' reputations, for the past 35+ years. Only now is the truth beginning to comeout.
Have you seen the new John F(ucking) Kerry campaign ad? Right here.
John F(ucking) Kerry flew his Washington, DC hairdresser to Portland, OR last week for a touch-up. CRISTOPHE stylist Isabelle Goetz, who handles Kerry's hair issues, made the trek to the West Coast at a cost of $5,000-plus.
For all the dumbass liberal pukes who want to compare President Bush's "record" of the past 4 years WOT (War On Terror) to Kerry's "non-record" of 20 wasted years in the US Senate, have at it. The lowlifes at the Philadelphia Daily News can't seem to understand the simple concept of *apples and oranges*.
John F(ucking) Kerry is so stupid that he's "confused himself" with disgraced, ex-US Sen Bob "The Liberal Schmuck" Kerrey (HACK-NE), and lied outright about it. Here's the article. John F(ucking) Kerry can't keep his lies straight. Kerry is lowlife, hate-America, pigshit.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a lying skunk.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a fake, a phony and a fraud.
John F(ucking) Kerry is a liar.
Kerry's shitty little ship is sinking, and the RATs are bailing out. The truth has stuck to him, and people are waking-up to his lies. He's a commie sympathizer.
Kerry and Edwards are hate-America morons.

Liberal-demokkkRATs Hate America.
The looney-toons, liberal-demokkkRATs on The Ninth Circus Court of Appeals, want to allow all felons to vote, since there is a disproportionately high number of blacks in prison, which constitutes a form of discrimination in violation of the 1982 Voting Rights Act. Nevermind that blacks commit 70% of the Nation's crime, and compromise only 13% of the US population. The asswipes on that court must be replaced with real Americans, and the lib-dem filth turned-out for sedition.
Hey, dumbass liberal-demokkkRAT, New Joisey shit-for-brains-scumbags: you got what you voted for, and there's a lot more to come from the corrupt, criminal, fudge-packer McGreevy homo. No sympathy here. The McGreedy homo needs to be turned-out ASAP; he's a worthless, homo rump-raider.
Liberal-demokkkRAT US Sen Tom Harkin (COWARD-IA) accuses VP Dick Cheney (CONSERVATIVE-USA) of "ducking" the Vietnam War? Hey, Harkin trash: crawl back under your slimy rock, dick-breath, asswipe, fag-boy.
While the worthless, illegal, disarm the citizen AWB (assault Weapons Ban) is expiring next month, Sens. John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, and Ted Kennedy are now co-sponsoring S. 1431, a bill that would effectively ban all hunting and sporting semi-automatic shotguns and detachable-magazine, semi-automatic rifles. Get ready for a real fight!
More corrupt liberal-demokkkRATs in The People's Republik of Kalifornicate: Secretary of State Kevin Shelley (no relation!), Wilie Brown and Julie Lee. All should be doing prison time. The dirty money just rolls around the state.
Tom Harkin (LIAR-IA) is a lying, cowardly, liberal-demokkkRAT dirtbag.
Homo Jim McGreedy lied to the INS, among other things? I'm shocked!

Islam, The Cult of Terrorism™.
What will fighting the subhuman, lowlife, pigshit Muslim filth of al Queerda be like in 2010? Right here.
whack the pigshit Muslim filth, who are playing Fourth-Generation Warfare. whack them all.
whack all the Phillipine Abu Sayyaf Muslim subhuman pigshit filth! whack them all!!
Yes, read what the subhuman Muslim dirtbag pigshit lowlifes did on Northwest Airlines flight 327 from Detroit to Los Angeles on June 29. whack all pigshit Muslim trash.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth.
Adios Rick James, and good riddance; you and your music noise, sucked.
Speaking of scumbags whose music noise, sucks: Mikey "The Pedophile Deviant" Jackson, was in court again, for his child-molestation trial. If convicted, he should be executed.
Just one month after the UN and EU launched a furious campaign against Israel's security fence, culminating in the International Court of Justice ruling that the fence is illegal, the EU announced it's planning to build a separation fence of its own, and invited Israel to participate in the construction.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Alabama made my week: James Barney Hubbard, 74, died by lethal injection just after six o'clock. He was convicted of Killing a 62-year-old Tuscaloosa woman in 1977. Rot in hell, subhuman.
Ooooooooo, subhuman illegal alien shitfilth Jorge Salinas, needs to die. Salinas was sentenced to lethal injection for the 2001 deaths of a 29-year-old man and a 21-month-old girl during a carjacking in Hidalgo County, Texas. Salinas, a death row inmate being escorted to his cell turned around suddenly and stabbed a prison guard 13 times with a sharpened metal rod, but the wounds were not considered serious. whack HIM, dammit!!
Maura van Lommel, 44, needs to die, painfully, for this atrocity.

I Sell Garbage.
It's been said that one man's trash is another man's treasure, but what do you call the trash of several people carefully arranged in a plastic cube? Art, of course. Justin Gignac must have been in a serious New York state of mind when he decided to scour the streets for litter, package it, and sell it. Cigarette asss, lottery tickets, and beer bottles are just a few of the wonderful pieces encased in the cubes. The phenomenon started with a $10 cube, but due to overwhelming demand, the site currently sells only a "Gimme-One-Now" cube for $50. Don't worry — Justin promises to offer the $10 cube again in the not-too-distant future. And he's not exaggerating its popularity — New York garbage can now be found in 35 states and 17 countries as garbage collections are added to art collections around the globe.

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