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Friday, August 20, 2007

it's spreading southward into the southeast states from the Mid-Atlantic State Region. The Drought of '99, that is. The Federal Government is doing its pathetic, bureaucratic best to tread water, but it's way ahead of them. They hand out low-interest loans and sporadic in-kind grants; neither of which do anything to alleviate the situation, except drive the farm families deeper and deeper into debt. Meanwhile, farmers and many other agriculture-related businesses are going under in droves. Low interest loans won't assuage that. Only substantial rainfall can do that satisfactorily, and it just isn't in the cards for now. Oh boy, are we having fun or what?

Around The Garden Center.
I took last Thursday and this Tuesday off. Sleeping-in 'till 10am was nice and it was also good to get caught up on personal chores, such as clothes and food shopping, as well as small projects around the condo. It was in the low- to mid-90s on both days, and very humid, so I did "inside stuff".
Last Friday, a huge thunderstorm cell moved through York, PA, where I live some 14 miles north of the Garden Center Complex. It boomed and banged and rained for almost two hours and left a much-welcomed 3/8" hey, in a drought, every little bit helps of water. But not a drop at the Garden Center when I arrived on Saturday morning. Consequently, we had to water with sprinkler towers all weekend. Saturday afternoon, another group of powerful storms moved through the region and brought some heavy, but short-lived showers to the Garden Center area. Several towns around us got 3-5" of rain; we netted 1/8". Some parts of Maryland really took a hit.
The losses so far are staggering, and we're still a long way from any Fall rains or hurricanes coming by to drop moisture. It's beginning to look like hurricanes are the only hope this Mid-Atlantic Region and the Northeast has of averting many billions in losses. Fat chance.
Speaking of browser fleas, do you use Netscape Navigator/ Communicator and can you see all of the 6x6 pixels swirling around the browser pointer on this page? (Go ahead: fire up your Netscape Communicator Brower and view this HTML wonder,, website-to-be, which I'm helping Ashley to develop? The JavaScript v1.2 script, "Stars", is directed to Netscape and not Microsoft. That's why you can't see what's going on until you fire-up a Netscape browser 4.x+ and see what happens. Uhhh, okay sure.
A dear friend of 7+ years, D**** is leaving the area next week and moving with her husband to Pittsburgh a darn site closer to civilization's great restaurants than we are here in south-central Pennsyl-tucky. She'll have internet access in Pittsburgh, so we'll stay in touch as the years go by. Good luck, Kiddo!

Clinton's Treason.
In exchange for '96 campaign monies, Clinton sold out this Nation and its Citizens. He lied and lied and lied and lied and lied, from day one. The "most ethical administration in history" was an enema of icewater. Or at least it should have been: the American Public and Mainstream Media didn't wake up to it soon enough. And still haven't. It's the fucking economy, stupid!
Now we've come to find out that the deviant, rapist, lying, treasonous, son-of-a-bitch Clinton has sold out the Panama Canal to the Chink filth.
There is a major threat from China in the Panama Canal; they'll control both ends and can block any traffic for any reason, according to terms of their lease with Clintonite filth and Panamanian officials. Who agreed to something as fucking stupid as that? Guess. Yup, Bubba.
The criminal Clintonite shit-filth are still in debt for their crimes; legal fees running into the tens-of-millions-of-dollars. Well heck, it's Clinton's own fault he was impeached and is in debt now, bigtime. It's also not amazing that honest, moral and law-abiding Presidents and First Ladys have been able to leave office without debt, prior to the Clintonite scum.
Clinton's main Chink fundraiser and commie lapdog, Johnny Boy Huang gets off with an unprecedented fine and probation. Plus, the lowlife Chink dog refused to cooperate and DOJ let him skate away.
Plus, the treasonous, lib-dem filth, coached the zit-faced Chink, Johnny Chung, to obfuscate and plead The Fifth Amendment to all fundraising questions when asked by Congressional Committees investigating. Once again, the lowlifes of Mainstream Media were silent and ignored the story while protecting the stinking Clintonites.
Hey, fuck you, Chinks!
The Chink-A-Stink-Filth spies are in many places, thanks to the treasonous, Clintonite garbage.
So, what else is new, American Government liars?

Execute Them.
The raping, child molesting, murderer, Jesse Timmendequas, who sparked "Megan's Law", will delay his appointment with Death for many years while the lowlife attorneys appeal, appeal, appeal, appeal, appeal, appeal, appeal, appeal, appeal, appeal, appeal, appeal, appeal and on and on ad infinitum, ad nauseum. He needs to die promptly for his crime or the Death Penalty really doesn't mean anything.
Better to abort the filth from society first, than to deal with it later on in a mega-buck way.
It's soooo much nicer when cops don't die and criminals do; my second-favorite scenario.
There are so many subhuman, degenerate lowlifes in prison that we've had to build dozens of new prisons at a cost of tens-of-billions, that we'd be better off executing them all. At at cost of $40,000 - 60,000 per prisoner per year, we American Taxpayers spend over $100 billion to keep that filth out of society. More than ever are being sent back for committing crimes. Personally, I'd execute every fucking one of them without hesitation or delay. For what we spend to house one for a year, we could buy enough 9mm bullets for quick headshots and mass grave disposal.
Here's a cogent example why someone with a mental illness deserves the death sentence be carried out and rid society of such a piece of shit. Read what he did to his victims. Read this. Such garbage doesn't deserve clemency and treatment; he deserves death.
Although I abhor their communist politics, I laud their approach to crime. We should be so bold as to adopt such measures here in the US.
Sure, I agree that if they're innocent, let them go. But if they're guilty, execute them immediately. Isn't that how the so-called system is supposed to work?
This stinking towelhead filth should be executed, not imprisoned for life at our expense.
Bullshit. As much as I feel sorry for what this mother did to her daughter, she's responsible not what the whining, liberal scum lawyer pleads for her actions, not any drugs she was taking voluntarily. Execute her for murder.
Too damned bad this subhuman piece of shit was spared; he deserves to die for what he did to 5 people. He's been alive for 17 fucking years; his horribly-mutilated victims have been dead for 17 fucking years. Where is the stinking Justice when a state so-called supreme court stays the execution? NONE!
Although whining, bed-wetting liberal filth and other subhuman relatives of the 42-year-old and capital punishment opponents cite Robison as an example of why mentally ill people should be treated for their conditions instead of executed, I disagree. Bull-fucking-shit, lowlifes! Execute, execute, execute, execute et al!
Aw shit, I gotta sit down for a few minutes; I'm having chest pains again just thinking about what criminals get away with.
Child molesters should be executed. Period. They're subhuman filth, preying upon the innocents of society. I would have no problem sleeping soundly after executing 1-1,000 pieces of garbage. God help me: I'd enjoy the living shit out of executing murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors.
Read the degenerate, "Black-and-White-Issue" article and what sambo-tar baby-porch monkey-lib-dem-lackey-dog-boy, Cuba Gooding, had to say. Hey lowlife, mud-race scumbag: time to die for your bullshit beliefs!
If this murderous, rat-bastard, Nichols doesn't have the money to defend himself, fuck it: execute him. No state-paid, private lawyers for that scum; give him a public defender.
Another subhuman lowlife and his wife need to die for a triple murder, of his own family. At least they're pleading guilty and can be executed quickly.
When someone points a gun at another and pulls the trigger, s/he know the damage to be done. Usually, it's death; sometimes, it's life w/ limitations. Here's another example of someone not taking responsibility for their actions, blaming it on drugs. This kind of filth should be executed immediately wo/ appeals. Agreed.
Another lowlife scum, blaming drugs and alcohol for her murderous rampage in killing her four young sons. She needs to die for what she did, and not be another burden to the state for the rest of her unnatural life.

Bullshit Dept.
It's a step backward for Kansas society: elimination of the Evolution Theory in all curricula to just prior to college. The governor would do well to repeal the law and abolish The State Board of Education. Kansas just stepped back 150 years to the Scopes Monkey Trial.
The shit-for-brains, lib-dem scum still can't get a firm grasp on the obvious: people kill, guns don't. What the fuck is so hard to grasp, lib-dem scum? More liberal lies, more scare tactics, more cowardice = more fascism, communism and socialism from liberal democRATs. Face the truth, for once in your pathetic lives.
Good riddance to another piece of liberal, labor union shit. Unions have fucked up this country for the past 30 years and are havens for criminals and scum.
There goes the fucking neighborhood: Clinton scum moving in. They'll have to depend on other liberal lowlifes to pay their mortgage, as they've done to get their legal bills paid; both are financially and morally bankrupt assholes.
Only idiots would do this. Yep, there are a lot of idiots out there.
I bristle in anger when I hear murderous Neo-Nazis et al identified with the Right Wing; they're not. They're Left Wing and socialist. Pure Clintonite scum. And guns are not the problem; criminals are.
It's difficult to believe that there are so many criminals in Congress, but a majority of the 535 elected routinely avoid payment of debts, write bad checks, abuse their spouses, assault people and openly violate the law. Frankly, I was stunned but not surprised.
The racist morons from the NAACP are suing gun manufacturers because they're (NAACP) stupid enough to think that "whitey" is conspiring against blacks and killing them is disproportionate numbers. It's simply amazing that the top tier porch monkeys in charge believe something as ridiculous as that, but they somehow do.
More racist NAACP crap: the highest degree and amount of illegitimate children come from blacks; so why are these NAACP porch monkeys bitching about the Truth? Wake up, sambos.
Good riddance to the bloated, fat, stupid piece of shit, Elvis Presley, who died choking on his own vomit, face down in a toilet with his pants around his ankles. Some "King", huh?
For any lib-dem lowlife to claim that the US Economy has been fueled by an increase in prison inmates and not by anything else, is way beyond ludicrous. It's insane. But that's a lib-dem scumbag, for ya; twisting the facts to suit their perverted and degenerate purposes. Hey assholes: ever heard of the InterNet and Silicon Valley/ Alley?
Discrimination against SUVs? Sure, in left-wing-nut California, anything's possible, baby.
Fuck you, whining parents in Littleton, CO. This was about the living, not the dead. Work through it, move on.
And good riddance to this perennial loser.
Allah is dogshit; see for yourself, baby.

Stinking Chinks.
There isn't any sound or logical reason to put up with the stinking Chi-Comm Chink scum anymore; they're windbags and losers, but then again, they're Billy Bob Clinton's friends and political contributors, aren't they?
So, the Chink filth are ready to give up some lives to take Taiwan? Well, let's help the slimy Chi-Comm dogshit scum lose 1-2 million. A few dozen, well-placed nuclear warheads could easily decimate the backward, stone-age country and it's offensive people. No one would ever miss them on the world scene.
Ready? 1-2-3: missiles launched and break out the vino, baby. Chink scum is toast.

What If It's True? Part 2.
All my life, I've wondered if the God-Holy Spirit-Jesus theory could be proven valid to any and all questioners.
Then, there's this widely accepted viewpoint. Which is what Kansas eliminated from the school reality curriculum. How fucking stupid.

Save The Children.
Can't Iraq rid itself of the Saddam Hussein (aka Sodomy Insane) and prevent more innocent children dying? The amount of wasted, innocent humanity is incredulous.
The world organizations do what they can.

Bubba v Newt.
It's amazing that newspapers worldwide are carrying the story of Newt Gingrich partying with a woman 23 years his younger, after filing for divorce. Yet only 1-2 newspapers carried the story of Bill Clinton raping Juanita Broaddrick or snorting cocaine, witnesses aplenty.

Political Websites.
One of the more colorful website parodies out there on the Web, Yes Rudy! is competing against Hitlery's Hillary No! website. Very clever jobs.

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