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Friday, August 23, 2002

is it my overactive imagination, or are there more lib-democRAT scum than there were back in the 80s, when Reagan won in a massive landslide? I refer back to the 2000 General Election 2000 Map with an almost dead-even tie. Whatever happened to our Nation's conservative European immigrant roots? And are there more illegal Muslim garbage than there should be? To what end? For the lib-democRATs, that's easy: they're the socialist Fifth Column for whatever anti-US group de jour wants to neutralize and overthrow The United States of America, its Constitution, Bill Of Rights and Christian Heritage. They're traitors and insidious filth, easily deserving trial, conviction and summary execution. The cowardly, girly-men homo Muslim and Arab subhumans are quite another matter. Islamists do not accept the United States as it is, and actively want to change it into a majority Muslim country where the Quran replaces the Constitution. The lib-dems run "PC interference" for America-haters, obscuring the true details and the important dialogue on all issues. We love "diversity" and "multi-culturism", don't we? No, but we need to eliminate neutralize the lib-dem garbage's ability to marginize "the true issue" and cloud every issue with PC shit. We need to isolate, confine and inter, all Muslims and Arabs, interrogate them rigorously, decide who's a terrorist or supporter, and whack eliminate them; then deport all the rest. Radical Islam is an insane murder cult, and "moderate" Islam is its Trojan Horse in America. Racial profiling and ethnic cleansing to prevent them from multiplying? You betcha. Right after The Next Massacre of September 11th, when TSHTF (The shit Hits The Fan) in an exponentially-increased Terrorists whacked Millions 'Cause We Didn't Take Them Seriously scenario. Muslims and Arabs are actively trying to change America into an Islamic state. We are under attack from within. Time for the left-wing, wacko, liberals and democRATs to be exposed for what they are: America haters and subversives. We are truly living in the Dis-United States of America.

Around The Garden Center.
The ongoing Drought From Hell gets worse with every passing week, Nationwide, while Europe gets way more water than it needs and Argentina is also innundated with too much rain. I gotta believe that floods are worse than drought; as with a potted plant: you can always add water, but once it's saturated, you can't get the water out. Hmmmm, bad analogy. Anyway, we'd gladly volunteer to take Europe's "excess" rains. York County has the same problem in certain areas with dry wells, as does Nebraska.
Thanks to Doug, long-time cyber-buddy and Journal reader, I'm having a blast with Death To Spam website's tips. I'm setting up hundreds of message filters, using a DOS Window program called TraceRoute (included with your Win O/S!) to track the spammer bastards down.
For those who care anymore, there's a Bad Hair Day Forecast Map online, at one of the major weather services. Might have meant something back when I had more hair. You?
Ummmm, local juicy Summer peaches; my oh my, they're delicious. Had my first one three this week. Sweet, local watermelon's next on my list, as soon as they ripen.
It doesn't look like I'll be making my tenatively-planned trip to San Francisco to visit my sister, Becky, and then up to Oregon to visit a number of conifer nurseries and friends, afterall. Becky sent her itinerary to me last week, for her visit in October, to help with the final weeks of our once-a-year Fall Sale, and the closing up of the GC&N Complex for the Winter. Maybe I'll get out there next year. Drat, I was sure looking forward to getting outta here for a couple of weeks.
Okay, okay, after hundreds of requests from Journal Readers, here's a pic of my Bushmaster AR-15 A3 "Shorty" Carbine (.223cal/.556mm), fitted with a Leupold Mark 4CQ/T 3x Gold Dot Illuminated Scope, and 40rnd magazine. Also, here's a pic of my Remington 870 Express HD Tactical 12ga, fitted with an EoTech Red Dot Sight. And finally, here's one pic, and another pic of my Glock 32/.357sig, with both the 10rnd and 29rnd mags, and fitted with the small Docter Red Dot Sight. These were shot at the Garden Center Office & Conference Room.
Although the Commonwealth Communist-wealth of Pennsylvania has tripled the cigarette tax, and is trying to balance the state's budget deficit on my and my fellow & fellowette smokers' backs, I'm just not ready to roll my own, to avoid the tax. Reminds me too much of rolling joints back in the 60s, and I wasn't very good at that, even then. But hey, gimme a bong or a hookah; nah, too clumsy to carry around, and I'd have every LEO (law enforcement officer) within 45miles peering over my shoulder. I'll just continue to buy my Marlboros by the carton at $35.50 per, for now.
Aw shit shucks, Pennsylvania only made 26th of The List of 50 Most Liveable States, despite the crime-riddled, filthy liberal shitholes of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.
Gas prices are still at $1.36.9/gal (89 octane) at the "super station" I stop at, here in York (PA). Supply and demand still rules, I guess. Plenty of Marylanders coming across the state line to fill-up; at $1.65.9/gal, gas is no bargain down there.
This tidbit makes my day; love it.
I agree: let's get rid of August, as it has no redeeming value.
Have you taken "The Cool Person Test", yet?
As I was closing up on Thursday around 5pm, I got a call from my field crew chief that a landscape worker had driven one of my dumptrucks into a 2ac pond we were rehabilitating the eroding bank with large stone. I notified the neighboring towing service, whose owner is that town's fire chief. He dispatched an ambulance and local haz-mat team to the scene. The truck was successfully pulled from the pond and towed to a local truck service garage. The Haz-mat team secured, with buoys, the diesel fuel and oils which leaked into the pond. I gave the two workers a ride back to the Garden Center Complex, mindful that we were going to be 2 dumptrucks short next week, as another heavy duty unit had an appointment at the same local garage for transmission work. shit Shucks, what next?
Don't try this at home, your mileage may vary, and contents may settle during shipment. Ummm, I'd like a vodka screwdriver; please make it a double, barkeep.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day. Here's a well-done time-line section from CNN.
The whining, wimpy Euro-weenies are still gnashing their teeth, wringing their bony hands, wetting their beds and getting their soiled panties in a colective bunch over our willingness to got it alone against terrorism and Al Queerda. I wonder if any of them have bathed since last month? Their jealousy about America is overwhelming and pathetic.
I've been advocating "camps for enemy combatants" since last September 12th, and I still think it's way past time to round-up Middle east suspects and intern them in the desert. The Muslims and Arabs, who are proven terrorists, should be tried by military tribunals and executed quickly.
Grab a cold one, sit down and read this chilling article about the FBI's and DOJ's covert involvement in terrorist attacks by Al Queerda, for many years. This is difficult for me to swallow.
Finally, the INS is "sort of" doing its job keeping Middle East subhuman Muslim and Arab terrorists out but allowing the stinking, pig-shit eating Saudi filth and Paki garbage into the US. The Saudis are the main supporters of terrorism, worldwide.
What to do with the fragmented remains of nine September 11th hijackers? Put them in a pit, pour pigshit in, and close the pit. They're all in hell now, with their 72 goats, each.
"A defiant Iraq warned the United States "it would be taught a lesson it will never forget" if it launched a military campaign against Saddam Hussein's regime." What lesson? Iraq surrendering faster than the French, or faster than they did to us in '91? BWWWWWAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAA! Bring it on, Mo-Ham-Head dupe, and Ack-Med chump.
Ahhhh, the roots of terrorism in the US, circa '90, which the FBI ignored for many years. Nice going, guys. There are hundreds of "cells" operating with impunity now, and we're heading for a major civil confrontation because of the lax government "PC" attitude toward Muslim and Arab filth.
One does not need a functioning brain to become a Muslim; rather, one must be a lowlife, empty-headed, potential murderer, hater of women, deviant pedophile and degenerate homosexual, hater of all ageless Innocent Humanity, detester of all which is different, destroyer of societies, and lots more evil cultism. Islam isn't a religion; it's a cult of insidious evil with a perverted agenda of taking over Western Civilization and Killing as many of us as they can. Radical Islam is an insane murder cult, and "moderate" Islam is its Trojan Horse in America. Islam is a gutter religion, full of deviant homo girly-men, and women haters, and intolerant zealot scumbags, who aren't fit to join the modern world. whack all Islamic, Muslim and Arab terrorist filth in the madrassas and in the US cities where they hide.
Being "a Mexican and a Muslim and be happy", said the stupid, ignorant illegal alien bitch. "We're all dumb, subhuman, lowlife illegal alien shitheads down here, looking for a Gringo Buzz, don'tcha know?" Go back to the Mexican shithole, scumbags. There's nothing but trouble and death for you here. Take my word for it, illegal alien garbage whore.
Does this article debunk the theory that 11 bio-warfare and germ scientists who've died worldwide, did so at ramdom? Not for me, yet.
Death by shipping container? I love it! I'll buy and sponsor a shipping container if they'll fill it up with subhuman Muslims and al Queerda filth and let them suffocate. What a wonderful idea.
When not if implemented, this is what your National ID Card might look like.
As if The Massacre of September 11th was enough to demonstrate that Muslims and al Queerda filth are subhuman, the newly-found 64 videotapes of nerve gas tests Killing innocent, docile dogs, is enough for me. Islam is evil, Muslims and Arabs are subhuman filth.
Lowlife Muslim shitfilth gangs committing wanton rape all over Europe, and the Euro-weenies write it off to "diversity" and "multiculturalism"? Not me; my Glock's barrel would glow red until they're all dead. The new 29-round mag would get a truly joyous workout. End of problem.
And the pollution of America by Muslim lowlifes and Arab garbage continues; this time, Houston's the target. If there's anyone out there who doesn't think that their objective is to make America into an Islamic state in 30 or 40 years, read this.
Any doubts there are going to be urban attacks here in the US? That Al Queerda "jihad joke" tape should make the point very clear and concise: get your weapons purchased/ ready and lay in plenty of ammo. It's going to be a bumpy ride in the coming months and years, until we whack them all.
Here's a nice OBL Target for your use at the range. whack the goat f*cker humper.
Amazing, just freaking amazing. The lowlife, pigshit-sucking Saudi scumbag filth are suing the US government and media organizations for the alleged psychological and financial damage they suffered in the aftermath of September 11th.
Here's one more reason to whack every subhuman Muslim, pigshit-drinking Islamic terrorist you find: they want to whack us by whatever means available. Coincidences and factors tell me that I'll probably not get the opportunity to outright waste a terrorist, but I'm ready and available, nonetheless. Call me, Uncle Sam.
Muslim, Saudi, Terrorism, all interchangable words: "A Saudi corporation and charities on Wednesday denied accusations in a US lawsuit they helped finance the September 11th terror attacks Massacre, with one banker warning the legal action could jeopardize Arab investments in the United States." Oh really? You filthy, lowlife Saudi subhuman trash investors: get your blood money outta the USA! You're pig-sucking, degenerate, deviant filth.
Illegals are pouring through the southern and northern borders at an unpreceedented rate, and The Bush Administration is only now cooling towards the filthy, murderous Muslim shitfilth? What gives, W?
Another left-wing wacko, cheese-eating surrender monkey Frenchie with another 9-11 conspiracy theory, in print. Get the f*cking stupid, smelly Frog outta here! Gaaaawd, those Euro-weenies smell!
Well, f*ck a duck gee whiz, the treacherous, lowlife murdering Saudi scum feel betrayed by the US? Tough f*cking shit tooties, diaperhead Muslim filth. The feeling's very, very mutual. What about 15 of the 19 hijacker-murderers in The Massacre of September 11th being Saudi, didn't you Islamic garbage understand?
Islam is an insane, Allah-worshipping murder cult, and Hinduism is a religion of nutcases. Time to impose sane Christianity upon the world.
Viacom and Vivendi-Universal are traitorous EU trash. Boycott!
Stinking Muslim gang rapists? whack them all.

GOP and RINO Morons.
Aw gee whiz, the lowlife Vicente Fox of the shithole, Mexico, is angry at the US for executing a Mexican murderer. Eat shit and die Go choke on a burrito, illegal alien scumbag.
What? WTF! Tens of thousands of US military and government computers containing sensitive information are easily accessible over the Net. What gives? We've known this for the past 4-5 years, supposedly spent millions billions to correct it, and it's not fixed. Listen W&Co: get rid of the anti-American, lib-dem socialist Klintoon holdovers, and get real American Patriots in there to run the government and oversee what's going on.
Great! The traitorous do-nothing bastard, James "I Love Illegals" Ziglar, is quitting the INS. Good riddance, homo scumbag.
The more things change, the more they remain the same. Y ~ A ~ W ~ N.
What's the matter with America? Why the hell are we importing this African and Middle East filth into this country? This is subhuman garbage which will never assimilate, be dependent upon welfare and will wind-up under the lib-democRAT's thumbs, as all blacks idiots and white trash are now. Liabilities, all. Stop the flow.
Are we giving up America's security by getting rid of the MX Missile? This startling article should be read by everyone.
Failing to capitalize on W's high public ratings and cash-in on the accompanying "political capital" is something which will haunt the GOP in November: acceeding to lib-democRAT demands and helping to advance their perverted agenda isn't paying off for the very disillusioned Conservatives, of which I count myself among. Sad.

Lib-democRAT Garbage.
You think BJ Clintoon was a piece of shit? The lib-democRAT lowlife Bobby "The Turd" Torricelli is far, far worse.
If there's any doubt that mayor Anthony Williams running DC is anything but a total incompetent scumbag, this should put that to rest.
And this scumbagette, Rep Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, is taking more dirty, tainted Arab cash for her re-election fight, because she's a traitor to America. Here's hoping she's beaten and goes back to emptying garbage cans, where she belongs.
The IRS has lost 2,300 laptop computers? Again?
Here's what the liberal and democRAT teachers have done to Black America: turned them into a subservient underclass, beholden to the democRAT Party.
Here's the stinking lib-democRATs who've taken blood money campaign contribution cash from Islamic terrorists and murderers. Wake-up, America.
Hitlery Rotten Clintoon is running for president in 2008. Bet on it.
The drought in North America and the floods in Europe are America's fault, says the socialists and communists in the UN. SUVs are responsible for global warming and murders of innocent pedestrians, not the drivers. The lowlife, New World Order scumbags at the UN lie through their yellow teeth on a daily basis. We should quit the UN, kick the Turd Worlders outta NYC, and do what we want.
How sad: Hitlery & Bubba Jeffy are still alive. Mmmmmmm. So many West Nile Virus Mosquitoes and Klintoon Stench, and so little DDT.
Susan Sarandon? Why is that un-talented, alcoholic, mentally-ill, Hollyweird bitch out of The Home? Doing a gutter play in London? She's a lib-dem wacko, in the truest sense of the word: mentally-ill. She's off her lithium, once again.
The lib-democRAT homo filth, like Turley, a 'professor' of constitutional law at George Washington University, in Washington, DC, are slithering out from the woodwork, in support of the Muslim terrorists, Islamist murderers, Arab cowards and assorted subhuman trash. Yech!
The New York Times Slimes plans to begin publishing announcements of same-sex commitment ceremonies in September, along with its wedding announcements. And I will be deleting them from my browser bookmarks, permanently. I truly hope their circulation drops-off precipitously and that the lib-dem scumbag editor, Howell Raines, suffers a fatal coronary, as payback, for his personal dementia.
Oh gee whiz, the lib-dem whorebitch, Martha Stewart, is seeing political conspiracy behind the deepening investigation into her questionable stock trades. She really believes it is the Republicans who are behind this. She's a paranoid, nasty-tempered wacko, left-wing nutcase, who should be in prison, knitting dildo covers for her lesbian bull-dyke friends. That fact that she broke the Law is irrelevant; what matters is her new "Clintoon defense", which will cost her everything she has. America will sniff this snakebitch out and she's broke.
Ever the liberal lowlifes and scumbag moral relativists, the NEA (National Education association) insists that commemorative programs must avoid any suggestion that Islamic fanaticism can be blamed for the attacks, and that the most important way to protect ourselves from future assaults is to embrace all religions and sexual orientations. Huh? Time to disband the Dept of Education and defund the NEA, execute all the libs, and start over. Those people are subversive traitors and subhuman garbage.
Read this article, and see into the twisted mind of an emotionally and intellectually unstable, gun-grabbing liberal bitch. Her whole premise is: she has no right to defend herself from the threat of violence, and is therefore prepared to deny that right to everybody else. Here's a cogent, medical analysis of a gun-grabber's "mind".
Georgia, get rid of the lowlife, subhuman, commie idiot bitch, lib-democRAT slut-rag, McKinney whore. She's out and gone! Buh-bye, idiot socialist bitch! Sorry to lose a Good Conservative like Bob Barr, though. Is the NRA Presidency in his future?
Last Summer's wave of media-driven hysteria, was The Shark Attacks; this Summer, it's The Child Abductions. Natch; they're running out of newsworthy material every August.
Any doubt in your mind that the left-wing wackos in GreenPeace are liars? Read this; no doubt about it, in my mind.
Martha, Martha, Martha... Tsk, tsk. Just when I thought the lib-dem bitch couldn't get any more stupid, another story comes out of how insider-trading Martha Stewart secretly sold millions of shares in her now-collapsing Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc, because she knew she would be investigated on suillegal alienion of insider trading in the ImClone case. She's going to prison.
Q: "What do you call a NY Slimes reporter jumping out his office window, to his death?" A:"A good start." The liberal media is stalling on the story. DRUDGE REPORT has this: Business reporter/editor Allen Myerson jumps to death at NYT building in New York City on 43rd Street this morning... MORE... Police investigating, DRUDGE has learned...Newsroom in shock, say sources... Had been at TIMES since 1989... Covered ENRON, was named weekend business editor... MORE... Just returned from Harvard Grad Anni, survived by wife and children... Appeared to suffer psychological breakdown in newsroom in front of other staffers, say sources... Recently edited book for NY TIMES imprint, 'The New Rules of Personal Investing'...

Unthinkable Stupidity.
Why are white farmers, or any whites, still in Rhodesia-Zimbabwe? Leave the shithole country, come to the US and farm your brains out, and let the subhuman filth in Africa starve and die. End of problem? No, we're sending millions of tons of food to feed those racist nations, when we should be letting them starve and die. Why waste the food?
The Reparations Crowd stupid idiots and dumbass white trash marched on Washington, DC, with a "They Owe Us" theme, all dozen/hundred/thousand of the subhumans. What a pathetic lot: racists and bigots who don't want to take advantage of this wonderfully-capitalistic society and earn the fruits of their labor. Rather, they want "40 acres and a Bentley" for just being black, not African-American, which none of them are. They're blacks idiots and they're further dividing America, not healing it, as Dr King urged. Scummy, porch-monkey scumbags, all of the "pasrticipants". The moronic news media took this seriously, and actually covered it. What shit. Hey, Nation of Jislam "Leader Minister" Calypso Louie Farra-con-man was there, railing against Whitey. What a joke that idiot is. Buffoons, all.
Goodbye United Kingdom: when a criminal takes the victim to court for apprehending him, it's the end of the line for civilized society. Not to mention that all guns have been taken away from UK citizens, and crime is up 40-50%.
Why are we still wasting money on 100% preventable diseases like AIDS, and the subhuman homos who contract it through a deviant, degenerate, risky lifestyle? Let them die; they're the fecal matter of society.
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) self-destructed, this morning. The fur, flesh, flim&flam hit a shopping-oriented crowd at about USA EST 5:23PM. Many casualties, thank you. Unknown dead; thankfully millions of liberals and hundreds-of-thousands-of democRATs. *******FREAKING LIB-DEMOCRAT REPORTS TO FOLLOW******

Execute This Subhuman Trash.
This murderous punk, Andy Williams, who whacked 2 and wounded 12 at Santana HS last year, should get the death penalty when he reaches 18. Instead, he got 50yrs to life and he'll get gang raped daily by the prison's general population. Hmmmm, maybe that's a better punishment, afterall.
I love it: women in Baton Rouge, LA, arming themselves against a serial whacker, upon the police chief's recommendation. Two in the chest, one in the head, ladies. Shoot straight and often.
Another serial whacker (60 murders!), scheduled to be freed in 2006, vows to whack again. Coral Eugene Watts needs to be terminated the minute he hits the street.
I love it, Part 2: woman wrestles convicted serial rapist's gun away from him and shoots him to death. Bravo! Two in the chest, one in the head, ladies.
47 freaking years and this subhuman child-murderer, Kenneth Hansen, still hasn't been executed? The legal system is so corrupt and broken, no wonder capital punishment doesn't work as a deterrent. Execution should be immediate; no appreals.
An 11-year-old girl remained in critical condition Tuesday following a brutal beating and rape by a man who abducted her from her bedroom and then assaulted her in her back yard. Javier Sickler, 28, remained in the Salt Lake County Jail on Tuesday for investigation of attempted homicide, aggravated rape of a child and aggravated burglary. He needs to die for this outrage.

The Food Timeline.
Americans have a love affair with food. But do the hungry masses ever consider the history of the crispy French fry or humble hamburger when they mosey up to the register and super-size their order? This comprehensive timeline offers links to the history of hundreds of foods, starting with salt and ending with the latest product from Kraft. Do you know when pasta was invented or where sushi was first eaten? Ever wonder what Christopher Columbus packed for his famous voyages or which condiment was invented first, Tabasco sauce or A1 Steak Sauce? The answers might surprise you, but you'll have a delectable time discovering the history of food. Dig in, and don't forget to pass the potato chips.

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