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friday, august 24th, 2007

i'm so glad that times have changed on the Net, since I "joined-up" in the Summer of '95. It was "rude and crude" back then, with so many software companies in their public infancy, and so many confusing, cluttered, cumbersome and bloated software downloads, as the "norm". (I actually "joined the Net", back in 1982, with an IBM PS2/50 machine, with a 40k HD, 256k RAM, two 5¼" floppy drives, a B&W 13" monitor and a 9600 baud modem, logging-on to Compuserve's fledgling BBS. Back then, I could logon, go mow the lawn, chop a cord of wood,, wash the car and take a shower, and I'd just about be active on the BBS, But that's another Journal entry, for another time.) In the Summer of '95, I first signed-up with Cyberia Communications, got Netscape's v2.x browser and Euroda's v1.5x email client, both very shaky and troubled apps at that early point-in-time. (Cyberia was bought-out and became D&E Communications, which was bought-out and became BlazeNet, which was bought-out and became Suscom, which was bought-out and became Comcast, and...) Now, Netscape's v9.x browser, by Mozilla Foundation, is a thing of GUI-beauty and stability. Also made by the venerable Mozilla Foundation, are the powerful, stable, GUI-friendly and compact, Firefox v2.x and Thunderbird v2.x, also GUI-friendly, beautiful and stable, the best browser and email client, found anywhere, IMO. Since MSIE v7.x is part of the Windows O/S, it's somewhat faster, but is a hugely-bloated and unstable app, and very susceptible to viruses, Trojans and worms, and always needing so-called "patches" and "fixes", which cause O/S problems, themselves. That's careless and incompetent MS bullshit, IMO. Also, the Opera v9.x browser is a wonderfully-compact, GUI-beautiful, stable and powerful app, and just mere 1¼ steps behind Firefox and Netscape. Confused? You needn't be, as it's really simple: Ditch MSIE's crappy browser (v7.x) and lousy email client, Outlook Express, by deleting their ubiquitous, ugly, all-controlling icons in your computer's tray and start-up menu, and add the Netscape or Firefox browsers, and Thunderbird's email to your Win-XP Pro's Launch Bar. And you can remove the MSIE crap from the Start Menu, very easily, too. If it isn't to you, simply ask me and I'll step you through the process. (If you live nearby, I'll come over and do it for you.) MSIE v7.x/Outlook Express are both bloated, unnecessary, crappy, error-prone, virus-prone, Trojan-prone, buggy, unstable, lousy apps, garbage/crap/junk/shit/garbage et al. I hate to see so many unaware, unknowing people using the ancient, Win-98 or Win-XP O/S-mandated MSIE junk browser/email apps. It's time to "use what really works well", and that means getting rid of MSIE garbage, IMO. Okay, enough is enough. You're going to do what you want to do, and I've already done 100% of the above to my condo, office and 2 front counter machines. And with the simple addition of Norton SystemWorks 2007, the brains/guts of all those machines are functioning flawlessly. How did we ever get along without Norton's app, back in those "early days" of the Net? I could tell you horror stories about the 32million lines of code in Windows, BTW.

Around The Garden Center™.
Last week was a very sad week, for me, personally. A long-time friend, Greg (54yrs) in Illinois, died in his sleep, and an even longer friend, Rusty (57) in Hawaii, announced that his "cancer had returned with a vengeance", and that he probably didn't have much time left. Plus, last Friday was the 2-year anniversary of Pickle's death. By Friday evening, I was very 'bummed-out' about the week's events, and thought that it couldn't get much worse, but when I thought about so many other people, specifically my Family and Friends, who have health problems, I realize that it could. So I'm thankful it's not, thus far.
With the passing of two low-pressure, cold fronts through the Mid-Atlantic Region, on Friday evening, temps dropped from the upper 80s down (daytime) into the 50s (nighttime) and mid-70s (daytime), with greatly-decreased humidity, and it was once again *pleasant*, to be outside of the AC. Not much rainfall accompanied the fronts' passing, but the noticeably-cool fronts more than made-up for the nasty, sweltering humid days, which we've endured for the past several weeks. Hurricane "Dean" has begun pushing very warm, humid air up into the Eastern US, and into our Mid-Atlantic Region, and that accounts for most of the uncomfortable weather we've experienced in the past 5-7 days. Yuk. It's "Hurricane Season", and we all have to get ready for the effects, which are generated by those weather events, at this time of year. 70°F and a mere 39% humidity, made Saturday and Sunday two of the nicest days of the brutally-hot Summer, so far. Yikes, 110°F and 49 dead, in the south. Though "not quite as bad" as the 35,000 people killed in the 2003 European Heat Wave.
With the sweltering, hot, humid and very dry months of July and August, combined with 70%+ of Mid-Atlantic Residents taking vacation during those two months, our small-medium business projects are slowing-down, even more than usual. Yes, we have numerous "large and very large" landscape jobs — in the $40-90K+ range — on the schedule, but the smaller — $5-10K+ — and medium — $20-40K+ — lscp jobs, have all but dried-up, as fill-ins, in between the larger, scheduled lscp projects. Drought, heat and the crashing housing market, are mostly causing it. As a result, I've had to lay-off my 3 Summer college students, 3 weeks earlier than usual. I hated to lose the good manpower, but if the work just isn't coming in, neither are the revenues for their paychecks.
"Laurie D", one of my long-term landscape clients, good Conservative Friend and sometime Journal reader, stopped by on Friday to pay her bill for Phase 1, and dropped-off a jug of *her world famous* Long Island Iced Tea mix, though not exactly this recipe. She said it was her "aunt's killer concoction", and I truly believe her. I was waiting until Saturday evening to try it, and after 2 glasses, I was nearly blind and unable to stand-up! Yahoo, Laurie, that was GREAT, as was the jug you made for me, last year! Ummmmmmmmmmm, that *girl can cook*!
The remnants of Hurricane Tropical Storm Erin began finally hitting us, in the Mid-Atlanic Region, on Sunday evening, and continued affecting us through Monday and Tuesday. After hammering and battering the Midwest, I am most appreciative of all the rainfall and newfound ground moisture we've gotten: 4.1", unofficially at the GC&N Complex. Monday & Tuesday were total rainouts — no complaints from me — for the landscape jobs that I'd scheduled, and temps were in the low-60s, cloudy and very cool. It felt more like late October, than mid-August, but it didn't last long. I sent everyone home at 1pm, and locked-down ths GC&N Complex, and left for the day, around 2pm, curled-up on the LR couch (king-size bed), in front of the roaring fireplace (in August!), with the two condo cats, and napped until 7pm. Nice.
It's been cool, cloudy and rainy since Monday — going on 5 days — and I'm saying that the "back of the drought from hell, is broken". Groundwater levels are up, and many plants are recovering, although many have suffered heat stress, and simply shut-down, until Fall or next Spring. I mourn the loss of (at least) 26 Fellow Americans in the terrible Midwest Floods, and yet am thankful we got some of that rain and moisture to alleviate our Mid-Atlantic drought conditions.

Things Which Make You Head Explode™.
Yes, I support Michael Savage, because he's being pilloried by the subhuman, deviant, degenerate, homo-sodomite-faggots of SF, specifically the lowlife, dirtbag SF Commissioner, Geraldo Sandoval, a hate-filled, leftist wacko scumbag, America-hater, US-Military-hater, First Amendment-hater, piece-of-shit. Sandoval needs due-charging, trial, conviction, sentencing and execution, IMO.
Bravo, Nashville: get the criminal, illegal, alien filth out of your city, and out of America! Dammit!
This criminal, illegal alien invasion isn't about racism; it's about not breaking US Laws, dammit! Get the damned criminal, illegal alien filth out of my Country!
Hurricane Dean? Here it/he comes!
Are viruses making us fat/rich? Dunno? Are corresponding antibiotics making us skinny/poor? Heh. It's BS, simply some people wanting to make more excuses for fat people eating too much food.
Dumbass Russian filth are now glorifying, glamorizing the subhuman, murderous thug dictator, Josef Stalin, who slaughtered an estimated 20-30 million Russians, by rewriting history.
The CIA’s top leaders — pock-faced, piece-of-shit, lowlife, dirtbag, former CIA Director George Tenet, his deputy director for operations Jim Pavitt, Counterterrorism Center Chief Cofer Black, and agency Executive Director A.B. “Buzzy” Krongard — failed to use their available powers, never developed a comprehensive plan to stop al-Qaida and missed crucial opportunities to thwart two hijackers in the run-up to Sept 11th, the agency’s own watchdog concluded in a bruising report released Tuesday. Tenet, Pavitt, Black and Krongard need due charging, trial, conviction, sentencing and immediate execution, IMO. No appeals; they're traitors, seditionists and saboteurs.
30 to 3? Was that a football score? Nope, the Texas Rangers rounded the bases at a dizzying pace, touching the plate so often it became almost embarrassing to make an out. The Rangers became the first team in 110 years to score 30 runs in a game, setting an American League record Wednesday in a 30-3 rout of the Baltimore Orioles. Yikes!

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth, IMO™.
Loser, lowlife, dirtbag, liar, faux homo-sodomite "Silky Pony" girlie-boy, disgraced, run-out-of-public-office, Johnnie "The Breck Girl" Edwards (DIRTBAG-NC), and his fat, bloated, waddling, loud-mouthed, empty-headed, pig-wife, "Elizabeth-The-Sweathog", are so obsessed with the Ann Coulter "She-Devil", that they've become laughable, pathetic, predictable and public pieces-of-shit (how's that for alliteration?). Edwards is a two-bit, ambulance-chasing punk, IMO.
Lance Armstrong, the seven-time winner of the Tour de France, who inspired millions with his recovery from testicular cancer that had spread to his lungs and brain, is using his celebrity and forceful personality to push policy makers to address cancer issues. Fine and dandy. Armstrong is a lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT asshole, IMO, and has seriously undermined his already steroid drug-taking reputation, which is reported to have helped him to win the Tour de France, 7x. If that's true, and I have no reason to think otherwise, Armstrong's a liar, cheat and lowlife, drug-addicted, piece-of-shit. "Spread to his lungs and brain"? That would explain why the Armstrong asshole is mentally-ill and siding with AlGoreBore, Kerry and the Edwards dirtbags. I have no respect for Armstrong or his so-called "accomplishment", which is a tainted as the steroid-abuser and drug-addict, Barry Bonds, who'll never be credited with beating Hank Aaron's Home Run Record, IMO. Armstrong, Bonds, McGuire etc etc are losers, lowlifes, cheats, liars, for using steroids.
Charles Feldman, a left-wing wacko, scumbag CNN correspondent from 1983 to 2004, a lowlife, turd-polishing, liberal-demokkkRAT punk, a subhuman, dirtbag, homo-sodomite-faggot, who "suffers" severe "Bush Derangement Syndrome", has crawlwed out ferom under his slimy, algae-covered rock, to pontificate in the daylight, for a change, needs his lithium and elctro-shock therapy, increased many times IMO, as he's terminally mentally-ill, a traitor, seditioniost, saboteur and a pervert/deviant/dirtbag/degenerate/subhuman lowlife, piece-of-America-hating-US Military-hating-shitscum. Feldman needs a summary trial, conviction, sentencing and prompt execution, IMO. BANG!
Get rid of the 14th Amendment — Illegal Anchor Babies — and eliminate the criminal, illegal aliens, who are *squirting-out bastard babies*, en masse to screw America, dammit! Get those bastard babies outta here, dammit! Get the intellectually-vacuous and venal subhumans, outta my Country! The SF Stpid-visor, Geraldo Sandoval cowards's, obvious- misfiring, treasonous/seditious neurons, promoting anti-America sabotage, are grounds for summary execution, IMO.
Labor unions are corrupt, criminal filth, and need to be completely and fully-destroyed, by the RICO Act.
Shoot this treasonous, seditionous bitch saboteur, IMO.
Shoot this this treasonous, seditionous asshole saboteur, IMO.
Deport this criminal, illegal alien spic bitch, and her bastard, squirted-out idiot kid, IMO. If she resists; shoot her.
Loser, dirtbag, liar, filth, garbage, junk crap, shit, filth, Mikey Bloomberg (ASSHOLE-NY), needs to meet Lee Harvey Oswald's "cousin", up close and personal, IMO.
These racist, bigoted, mindless crap, dumbass Niggas® in Mississippi, are typical of the sambos, porch monkeys and other subhuman filth — state Rep Mary Coleman, (RACIST-Jackson), Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Dowdy (RACIST-MS), Tchula Mayor Yvonne Brown (RACIST-MS), Leslie McLemore, director of the Fannie Lou Hamer Institute on Citizenship and Democracy at Jackson State University (RACIST-MS), Marty Wiseman, director of the Stennis Institute at Mississippi State University (RACIST-MS), state Rep George Flaggs, (RACIST-Vicksburg) — are the real reason that the American Blacks will never be anything more than they are right now: NOTHING. It's of their own doing: a "victim" mentality, "sue and whine", "blame Whitey", "act' like niggers®, disobey Ameica's laws, whine, blame, whine, blame, whine, whine, whine, whine! Grow-up, NIGGERS, and become HUMANS, for once in your f*cking, miserable, pathetic, filthy, lowlife, dirtbag lives, assholes! Or go back to the jungles, trees and deserts of that turd-world shithole, Africa, from whence you came, scumbags. Any questions?
Here's the reason why 90% of Black Americans — NO, not that "African-American" BULLSHIT! — are simply Niggas®, and not Real Americans, IMO. None of them are ancestors of slaves; they're all American-born blacks, and deserve ZERO reparations. They're racists, bigots and lowlife scumbags!

Global Warming Bullshit™.
Have you seen the BBC's "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle"? It was banned from Google.com's and YouTube.com's websites, by the mentally-ill dirtbag, subhuman, left-wing wackos, but I've preserved it, for posterity, aka you, me and *ours*. Watch, be amazed and download it for others to see.
Now, it's "Nitrogen (NO2 Hysteria", and the wacked-out leftist dirtbag liars are hyping it, and seemingly-abandoning CO2, as "Global Warming's" so-called "cause". Make no mistake about it: global warming is real and happening, but it's cyclical, natural and mankind has zero to do with it. It's ***natural*** and has been happening for millions of years. BTW, CO2 is 0.0360% of our atmosphere — ESSENTIALLY ZERO — and has nothing to do with global warming!
Freeman Dyson kicks the dirtbag, global warming assholes', asses!
Read The Truth, and sweat-profusely, AlGoreBore, you phony, lying, criminal, fat, bloated, fraud, asshole! Freeman Dyson kicks your fat, bloated ass, out of the city's stadium, punk homo-sodomite-faggot!
Lowlife, butt-breath, Newsweak's editor, Jon Meacham, brings up an embarrassing blast from his magazine's past: an April 1975 story about global cooling, and the coming ice age that scientists then were predicting. Do you remember "Global Cooling", way back in 1975?

The Religion Cult Political System of Perpetual Outrage™.
Subhuman muslim-islamist-arab footbaths? How about *liquid pigshit*, you lowlife, dirtbag, murderers? I'd be glad/happy to contribute $1 to your camel-humping, allah-mo-HAM-head-asshole footbaths! Fuck all of you 9-11 murderous, muslim-islamist filthies! F*ck you, traitors, seditionists, saboteurs!
The lowlife, cowardly dirtbag, Islamic Republic's elite Revolutionary Guards, suck a bag of camelshit, IMO! F*ck the muslim-islamist-arab subhuman filth! Punksd, cowards, liars, faggots and scumbags. IMO.
Shitfilth, murderous, lowlife, dirtbag, criminal, corrupt Nation of I islam Niggas®, not paying a dime in rent? The Nation of I islam school, in San Francisco's Hunters Point, now at the center of a controversy over whether asbestos-laden dust from a neighboring development is sickening residents, has quite a criminal, corrupt and perverted history — not to mention a curious lease arrangement with the city. It sits on city land, and the school was supposed to pay rent — but in the five years since it opened, it hasn't been billed a dime. It's a classic example of how the corrupt, criminal, patronage, liberal-demokkkRAT politics, that defined the corrupt, criminal Willie Brown era, at San Francisco City Hall, still rattles-around, to this day. SF needs to be nuked, and started-over, IMO. Where are the murderous, muslim-islamist terrorists, when America really needs them? Huh?

Some People Just Need Killing™.
IMO, the skank filth lowlife, Gloria Gomez subhuman "sons", who murdered/slaughtered 3 black kids in a Newark school's playground, just two blocks away, four promising young people had been shot, three fatally, and now Ms Gomez’s two sons were being hunted by the authorities. She did not want to believe that "her boys" could have played a role in the killings, but they were cold-blooded-murderers. Just more criminal illegal aliens, who have murdered, and needed killing, themselves, IMO. Minorities — worthless, subhuman pieces-of-filth, comprising less than 15% of the US Population, but who commit 50-60% of the murderers — and who populate 35%+ of the US Prison population trash/shit/crap/scum/garbage/junk etc, should be executed/killed, to permanently-remove them from society, so they don't re-commit (recividism) the same crimes, against society's innocents and helpless members, aka children, the elderly, women etc. KILL THEM! IMO.
Shit-for-brains, lowlife, dirtbag liberal-demokkkRAT Kansas "judge" scumbag, Matthew Dowd, allowed a subhuman, criminal, illegal alien, Orlando Cisneros, convicted of raping and sodomizing a 14 year old girl, to go free on probation. Cisneros needs imediate killing, IMO. Dowd needs to spend 20-30yrs in prison, for gross corruption and crimes against society's innocents, and be raped/beaten to death by the GP inmates, IMO. The "death sentences" put upon American Society, by subhuman liberals, are criminal, and need to be "brutally reversed", IMO. By whatever means, IMO. Clean the filthy judicial benches out, dammit!
Subhuman, lowlife dirtbag, Manuel De Jesus Gonzalez-Geronimo, 31, is a crminal, illegal Guatemalan, living in Hyattsville, MD, and he needs killing for the hit-and-run accident that killed two members of a road crew.
Subhuman, lowlife dirtbag, Eddie Carbajal-Lile, 27 — aka Eddie Carbajal; Eddie Lile; Eddie Carbajal-Farvies; Negro Carbajal; Negro Carbajal-Lile; and Negro Lile — is a crminal, illegal Mexican spic piece-of-shit, is charged with felony hit & run — fatality and two counts of hit & run — injury, in a hit-and-run crash that killed a 17 year old Wisconsin youth/Port Washington boy. Carbajal-Lile needs killing, IMO. Find him and kill him!
Subhuman, lowlife, dirtbag, Juan Felix Salinas, 42, a criminal illegal alien Mexican SPIC, who caused a car wreck that killed Houston family of three Americans: Tenisha Williams, 26, her husband, S.J. Williams, and her son, Xavier Brown, 2. Find the Salinas filth, and kill him!
Well, well, well, subhuman piece-of-lowlife-shit, self-admitted pedophile, Jack McClellan, had charges dropped after prosecutors determined the judge who issued the order, failed to set a hearing to argue its merits, and had not given the 45-year-old transient proper notice. McClellan was released from jail Tuesday following a court hearing. IMO, he needs killing, as do all pedophiles. Death = Zero Recividism, against society's innocent children, and is well-warranted in this and every pedophile case, IMO. Releasing him back into society is a crime against society; he should be executed, IMO.
Subhuman, piece-of-shit murderer, Ralph Baze, needs killing, for killing Powell County Sheriff Steve Bennett and Deputy Arthur Briscoe, in 1993. Kentucky Governor Fletcher's office has announced that the shit-for-brains governor, plans to sign a death warrant for a convicted murderer, setting an execution date for September 25th. It would be the first execution in the state in eight years. There have been no executions in Kentucky since Fletcher took office in 2003. The state has executed two men since reinstating the death penalty in 1976. Kentucky has 40 death-row inmates, including 11 who have been there for more than two decades. IMO, all subhuman filth on so-called death row, need immediate killing; no more damned appeals! KILL THEM ALL!
Bravo, Texas! Nice going with your 400th execution! Johnny Ray Conner, 32, who was convicted in the shooting death of a convenience store owner in Houston in 1998, was on Wednesday the 21st man put to death by lethal injection in Texas this year. Good riddance, and rot in hell, sambo! And f*ck your muslim-islamist, camel-humping scumbags, allah and mo-HAM-head, boys, IMO!

The Stray Shopping Cart Project.
Consider the stray shopping cart. Ignored, derided, or abandoned — the four-wheeled pushcart rarely earns an understanding glance, much less an intricate classification of its species. Until Julian Montague came along, that is. This artistic and scientific wunderkind has come up with an intricate taxonomy of shopping carts that have wandered from, or been shoved off, their natural habitats. Ponder first, Class A: the "false strays." See how they linger, possibly confused. Next, peruse Class B: "true strays." These bold contraptions have become true outsiders, exiled from their parking lot brethren. Site studies in Cleveland, Niagara Gorge, and along the Scajaquada Creek in Buffalo, NY have turned up fascinating and, yes, moving documentation of both types. But what of the shopping carts in your neighborhood? Wait no longer—observe, document, and classify!

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