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7 truths libtards will never acknowledge
about illegal immigration

friday, august 24th, 2018

as Congress is gearing up to discuss a new amnesty, it’s striking how many falsehoods and bad assumptions made by liberals are driving the debate. Maybe it’s time to start talking about the truth.

1. Any sort of legalization or amnesty encourages more illegal aliens to come here. During the Reagan administration, we had a “one-time” amnesty that featured promises of security in return for three million illegals getting to become citizens. Today, most estimates seem to put the number of illegals in the United States somewhere between 11-12.5 million. In other words, seeing that we weren’t serious about enforcing our immigration laws led to more illegals than ever coming here in hopes of getting amnesty. If this amnesty goes through, we can expect to see the exact same problem repeated in a few decades.

2. A wall would make a major difference. A wall was never intended to be a fix for illegal immigration in and of itself. To the contrary, it’s a force multiplier. What we see everywhere that we have full fencing up is that illegals overwhelmingly avoid those areas. In other words, you can use a wall to direct illegals to certain areas and concentrate the border patrol in those areas. As we’ve seen in Israel and even around the White House and the Vatican, walls work. If you’re serious about stopping illegal immigration, you support a wall.

3. Illegal aliens hurt the poorest American workers. Because illegal aliens don’t need health insurance and car insurance and they can lie on their taxes to get the earned income tax credit, they can work cheaper than American workers. So, not only do the 11-12.5 million illegals outright take jobs that citizens would otherwise have, they drive wages down for all the workers competing with them. That’s Economics 101. When supply outstrips demand, the price drops.

4. Illegal immigration is almost entirely about votes for liberals. If illegal aliens voted heavily Republican instead of overwhelmingly liberal, you’d already be able to see the wall between us and Mexico from space. Liberals can use any excuse they want, but for every million illegals that become American citizens, the Democrats add about 600,000 more new potential supporters than Republicans. Because of that, there are no limits to the number of illegal aliens Democrats will support turning into Americans.

5. There are no jobs “Americans won’t do". This is easy to prove because there isn’t a single field where illegal immigrants make up the majority of the workers. So there are more Americans doing all those jobs we supposedly need illegals to do. If every illegal disappeared tomorrow, within a year or two, wages would rise enough in those professions so that American workers would fill those jobs or alternately, automation would be used to replace the workers. There may be rich business owners who benefit from having cheap illegal labor, but we don’t “need” illegals for anything.

6. The crime committed by illegal aliens is a big problem. As someone who hired a researcher to come up with illegal alien crime research, I can tell you that there is no such nationwide data. Why? I strongly suspect that it’s because if we had data, it would contradict the frequently heard claim that illegals don’t commit very much crime. Certainly there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that illegals commit horrible crimes in America, but in some of the places where there are a lot of illegals and we do have data, the numbers suggest there is an extremely serious crime problem with illegals:

The 287(g) program and related efforts have found high rates of illegal alien incarceration in some communities. But it is unclear if the communities are representative of the country:
• Maricopa County, Ariz.: 22 percent of felons are illegal aliens;
• Lake County, Ill.: 19 percent of jail inmates are illegal aliens;
• Collier County, Fla.: 20 to 22 percent of jail inmates and arrestees are illegal aliens;
• Weld County, Col.: 12.8 to 15.2 percent of those jailed are illegal aliens.”
• “From 1998 to 2007, 816,000 criminal aliens were removed from the United States because of a criminal charge or conviction. This is equal to about one-fifth of the nation’s total jail and prison population.

7. If you’re not willing to deport people today, you won’t be willing to deport them tomorrow. The argument we’ve been getting for the last 32 years on illegal immigration is that if we do an amnesty for illegals today, then we’ll start deporting people afterward. Except it never works like that. NEVER – and why would it? What reason would there be to deport people tomorrow that isn’t just as good today? We have every reason to believe that if we choose amnesty over deportation today that we’ll do exactly the same thing tomorrow.

© June 16, 2018 By John Hawkins, PJ Media.

A Day In The Life.

I was up at 5:45a on Friday, since the sunroom painters were arriving at 7a, and the 1-800-GOT-JUNK movers at 8a. I made coffee, had an English Muffin and moved my Jeep into one of the street's visitor's parking spaces, so they could get their truck into the driveway. The 2 painters arrived at 7a, and got right to work. The sunroom looks great, and with the motorized blinds Tammie&co installed, I can't wait to move into it as an office. I had coffee and listened to a couple of Chris Plant Show Podcasts from earlier in the week.

No, I wasn't a fan of Aretha Franklin, but pancreatic cancer is a terrible way to go. There is no cure; there is only death. That's what they thought I had, when they rushed me to the York Hospital on March 23rd, 2017, and I was in that place's Oncology Wing and the ICU until April 14th. Awful.

John D.M. Shelley

The 1-800-GOT-JUNK movers called and would be 2-3hrs late, due to problems with another job. That screwed-up my morning, but it was what it was. Two guys moved those very heavy couches out, plus some early-80s Infinity RS-b Reference Series speakers and other items, for $168. Amazing. I had some vacuuming and clean-up to do after the painters, junk movers, had lunch and drove into York Hospital to be with Dad for a few hours. It was a torrential downpour when I left at 6:30p, and as soon as it let up, I ran for the parking garage. Roads were under 6-8" of water, rivers of water were forming lakes in the streets, as I drove thru downtown York. I got home, had a large dinner, and went to bed early, at 9p.

Every day which goes by, I miss someone else who has died, either prematurely or of old age, and is now gone forever from my life on this earthly plane. I mourn their passing, but rejoice in the fact that we once crossed Paths and shared Life, Love and Fellowship, together.

Up at 8:30a on Saturday, I kept working on taking everything to the basement, and Lee came by to help. At 2:30p, Becky called from the York Hospital's ICU and said Dad had taken a turn for the worse; that I need to come to the ICU right away. Too much damage to the brain from the bleed. I stopped and dropped everything, got into the Jeep and drove out there quickly, as traffic would allow. After 2hrs, I left, Becky stayed, and I got a visit, hug and kiss from my wonderful Sherry, which helped a lot. Next, Becky called and said they'd put Dad on a breathing tube, which is a real bad sign. His younger sister and her son were driving in from Connecticut, to see him one last time, around 9p. I pumped myself full of coffee, took 2 extra Starbuck's Vanilla Coffees In A Can along, and drove to the hospital around 8:30p, to see them and see Dad; hopefully he will come out of this major setback, but that's not likely, or so the Drs say.

I arrived at the hospital around 9:00p, parked and went upstairs to the 3rd floor ICU. Becky was in the room; Dad was out having another CT-Scan of the brain, with 103°F temp, to determine if more blood was leaking, and from where. They'd also fitted him with a cooling blanket to bring down his temperature. I met Aunt Berdella and her son Ted, whom I hadn't seen in 40yrs, as they found the ICU room, and we had a long talk, until Dad was wheeled back in. He was deeply unconscious, and unable to respond to any stimuli, but we talked to him, held his hands and told him we loved him, anyway. I know God let him hear us. It's all in God's Hands now. I finally left at 11p, and went to bed at 1:30a, after printing-out documents for his IRA and non-IRA investments, for our meeting at Wells-Fargo, next Wednesday. Aunt Berdella, also a retired RN, stayed with him for the night, so Becky could go home and get some sleep. I'm worthless when it comes to stuff like that.

I was up at 6:30a on Sunday, had coffee, grits and poached eggs, and checked the weather and news. It'd rained hard much of the night, but I didn't see anymore coming this way. I had a small list for Rite Aid and also decided to stop at the Turkey Hill convenience store to get some of their 90 flavors of ice cream. Becky called around 8:30a, and said Dad's 103°F fever broke, but his kidneys are beginning to shut down, has more brain bleeding and he still doesn't recognize anyone. Aunt Berdella and Ted left for Connecticut at 10a.

I did several loads of laundry and dishes, paid some bills, and spent many hours going thru Dad's extensive legal and medical documents. I need to be doing the same thing at my PNC Bank: giving Becky POA over my accounts etc. Becky stopped by and I made her some Gen Tsao's Chicken, Steamed Pork Dumplings and Shrimp Toast for lunch. I tuned into CATV's NBCsN for the 500 mile IndyCar race at Pocono. It was a parade of unending wrecks and million-dollar carnage. So-so race.

Don't cry because it's over; smile because it happened.

It was 71°F and a rainy day, so I decided to stay in, stay warm and prepare myself for what's coming for Dad. Becky and I will be the Shelley Family sole survivors. I need to work with my VP at PNC Bank, to get things available and ready for Becky, in case something incapacitated me and I was unable to participate in my estate being handed-over to my sister. It's both critically necessary and unnerving, at the same time, but it's that time in my life where anything can happen, based upon my recent health problems.

It's going to be a busier-than-usual week ahead, and I'm ready for it. After gathering the necessary documents for Wednesday's meeting with Becky at Wells-Fargo, I watched CATV until 12:30a, and made even more detailed lists. By 12:45a, I'd had enough and went up to bed.

Up at 5:45a on Monday, I made coffee, had 3 bottles of Ensure® Protein Shake, and Karen, one of my cleaning ladies, came by to help me empty out closet, and move a lot of things to the basement and on to the 2nd BR's bed, so the painters could get things done much faster. I left for the hospital's ICU at 1p, and spent a couple hours with Dad and Becky. Both of us were very, very tired, and left at 3p, to go home and get some sleep. The condo sure looks eerie and weird, being empty and devoid of everything. I watched CATV until 8, and went to bed.

I slept-in until 7:30a on Tuesday, had coffee and Ensure®, and went to Bed, Bath & Beyond® to get a new queen-sized mattress pad for the Friday delivery of the new Serta® Perfect Sleeper® Cache Hotel Pillowtop Queen Mattress delivery, and do a few other errands. At 66°F outside, I grabbed one of my barn coats, but noticed that everyone else was in shirt sleeves. Meh. The Zach-Vac Co's ducts/floor vents/dryer vent and disinfectant-deodorant treatment, from 12:15p - 3:30p. Check another one off my long list of "condo to-do's". After dinner, and by 7:30p, I was tired, pulled the plug, and went up for some sleep. I have an 11a (Hospice) meeting at York Hospital, and a 1p (Banking) meeting about Dad, tomorrow.

To get something that you've never had, you've got to do something that you've never done.

Getting-up at 5a on Wednesday, I had a solid 8hrs of sleep, with no bizarre dreams; admittedly one of the few decent nights of sleep. I made coffee, had a couple bottles of Ensure, and scanned the wether and news. One article in "Politico" caught my eye, bigtime: "It’s the only excuse they'll need": Legal blows fuel impeachment fears." Hard for me to believe that what Trump did in his personal life, before becoming POTUS, is grounds for impeachment, unlike the slimy, criminal asshole, Billy-Bob Klintoon, who committed all kinds soft crimes while in office.

We had another 2½" of rain overnight and the ground is so saturated, shallow-rooted trees are falling, creeks, streams and rivers are overflowing the banks, once again. TRAFFAX® gave a very detailed report on flooded intersections, roads and highways to avoid. I'm planning some alternate routes into the hospital for my 11a meeting, and getting to Wells-Fargo® Banks for the meeting with Becky and 3 bankers should be no problem. It's mostly side streets and back roads, which I prefer taking over interstates and highways, that are underwater right now. Within hours, it should all be drained-off, as soon as the storm drains finally clear-out.

I stopped by Wolf's Furniture one more time, and found a great couch, and will have pillows covered in a soft blue-jean-like material! Finally, after 10 trips to that massive 3ac showroom. It's a 99" Klaussner Sofa, covered in a putty/oatmeal-colored material, with the 4 custom-made pillows. That accomplished, I headed home, and took a 20mg Rx Oxy for stomach pain. I went to sleep early, and with a new sunroom floor (10:30am) and new mattress delivery (7-9am) on my schedule for early tomorrow morning, I'm not planning on sleeping as late as I can. Maybe Sunday?

Somehow I thought Thursday was Friday, set my alarm for 5:30a, preparing for the Serta® Mattress delivery between 7-9a, and the sunroom floor installers at 10:30a. What a dolt I felt like when I looked at the calendar on the 'fridge, clearly showing it was tomorrow (Friday) and not today (Thursday). Heh. I made coffee anyway, OJ, and had some Shredded Wheat® cereal w/ blueberries. Shit-for-brains I am. Anyway, I was up and dressed, and had a small list of things to do. High for the day was 76°F, no humidity and sunny. A perfect day to open the new screen doors and windows. I did some more box moving to the basement, and the condo is now butt-naked.

I had a lot of paperwork to go thru from completed projects and especially for upcoming projects. While watching CATV's History Channel's documentaries, 'Mysteries of The Holy Arks", I got most of it done, and decided to get to sleep by 9:320p, since the Serta delivery would be here between 7-9a, and the flooring company at 10:30a. I sure was tired enough.

Fake Liberal Media BS

The most insidious power of the corrupt, criminal liberal media, is the power to ignore the truth.

Here, have some fun. Something stinks within America's newsrooms. It's the stench of liberal bias permeating the so-called mainstream media. From lies and deceit to distortions and character assassinations, the liberal media dish out leftist BS to drive their radical agenda.

Chris Plante, host of The Chris Plante Show on WMAL (DC) from 9-12, weekdays, said, "The most insidious power the media has, if the power to ignore." Think about what that really means and you can readily see what an evil force the corrupt, criminal, liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled, butt-kissing, fawning circlefest media assholes, are.

Think you can detect it? Take some serious time and read/scan these articles and find out just how much BS the liberal media are dishing out. Wear your hip-waders; the bullshit is real deep!

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