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one last time
(brace yourself; it's time for yet another
interview with myself; and the last for awhile)

friday, august 25, 2006

t's been two weeks (Aug 11th) since my last interview with Mr John, and the response was bigger than we'd imagined, as was the first-time November 5th, 1998 Interview. With the exception of several muslim-islamist-arab-liberal-MSMs' threatening emails — mostly disgusting acts with goats, pigs and monkeys — all other readers' missives were very positive. Mr John's commentary will range on a variety of different topics; my choice, once again. Ready? Grab ahold of your chair's armrails, readers. Here heeeeeeeeeeeeeee is!

Q: It's been a couple of weeks since we did the last interview, with you, but from what has happened worldwide since, what do you think about what's transpired since then? Huh; LOL?•
A: Not much, actually. What's this "we" crap?•

Q: You haven't changed in these past weeks, Mr John, have you? Despite worldwide events changing history, you're the same guy you were, when I 'interviewed' you, many, many years ago. How can you say it's 'normal'? Is that normal?•
A: Who the hell are you to question or define 'normal'? Go back behind the black curtain, please.•

Q: Okay, okay, okay!•
A: Israel, under the turd-polishing, do-nothing, no-military-experience Ohlmert, has gone nowhere, except down to public defeat and ridicule. Militarily, they kicked the filthy muslim ass, but they didn't destroy them completely, which is what their objective was. The murderous Hizb-allah (pigshit be upon him!), has scored a major PR Victory, although they militarily lost The War's Round #1, handily. Ohlmert has to be 'purged' from the Israeli Ranks, ASAP. Ohlmert is liberal-pacifist loser.•

Q: It looks to me that the GOPer-RINOs are going to get their collective clocks cleaned in November. What do you think?•
A: I've quit supporting them financially — no more $1,000 donations to the RNC or GOPers on any level; not another fricking thin dime — but I sure don't see myself staying home or voting for the liberal, "Cut-and-Run leftist-wacko demokkkRAT Party", on November 7th. That would be national suicide. Yes, I'll hold my nose, once again, and selectively vote "Republican", only because the alternative is far too terrible to contemplate. Anyone stupid enough to think that not voting is punishing the GOP-RINOs, is sadly mistaken; America will pay an even steeper price by letting the treasonous, lowlife, hate-America, hate-US-Military, liberal-demokkkRAT garbage back into national office. Hmmmm, looks like the liberal-demokkkRATs' lead of the spineless, gutless, pandering GOPer-RINOs is shrinking. Go figure.•

Q: Why is America in such bad shape, as you say?•
A: The increasing feminization and homosexualization of America (and the other Western Nations) is eating the guts out of this country, from within. The homo-sodomite filth's agenda is being pushed in our schools, aided and abetted by the lesbo-bull-dyke feminist trash teachers and administrators, with the pointed objective of destroying American Males. Dumbing-down boys to the point of making them susceptible to school-mandated Ritalin and Zoloft medications, thereby effectively turning them into zombies and possible violent criminals, for life. The undermining of America's Future, is treason and sedition, IMO, and its proponents deserve execution. America's *supine* attitude is way-beyond-frustrating, chum.•

Q: The civil rights leader, Andrew Young, who was hired by Wal-Mart to improve its public image, resigned from that post last night after telling an African-American newspaper that Jewish, Arab and Korean shop owners had “ripped off” urban communities for years, “selling us stale bread, and bad meat and wilted vegetables.”•
A: Andy "I Hate Amerika" Young (RACIST-GA) is not a civil rights leader; he never was. He's a fat, alcoholic, drug-addicted, bloated, wife-beating, senile, dirtbag Nigga, through and through. Young is a bigoted, racist, sambo piece-of-shit. Hey, Andy: why aren't more Niggas owning and running those neighborhood stores, asshole?•

Q: Looks like the murderer of Jon Bennet Ramsey has been found. What's your take on it?•
A: Don't bet the ranch on it. The subhuman pedophile filth, cavorting in the child-molestation/sex sewer of Bangkok, Thailand, John Mark Karr, 41, has confessed and knows way too many confidential details, which are unknown to anyone else, but he's not the murderer. I'm going to be watching this bizarre scenario, as to how it plays out. In any case, he's a pedophile who truly needs killing. I'd volunteer to waste him, with a .45cal headshot, at zero cost to US taxpayers.•

Q: Things aren't going so well for our US Troops in Iraq, are they?•
A: No, they aren't. Our Brave, Heroic US Military is doing its assigned job a little too well, and are getting punished for it. Things aren't going so well, no thanks to the cowardly, fat, treasonous military brass in the Pentagon, with 'scrambled eggs' on their dress caps, who've denigrated, defiled and falsely-imprisoned our Brave, Heroic US Military, without charges and due-cause, based upon the enemy's hearsay charges. WTF is that crap all about in a time of war? Bush should issue blanket pardons and get those brave men out of prison, dammit!•

Q: Speaking of subhuman perverts, Phillip Distasio — accused of sexually assaulting nine boys with physical or mental disabilities — claimed that having sex with children "is a sacred ritual protected by civil-rights laws. A pedophile for over 20 years, He is on a collision course with reality in Ohio's Common Pleas Court. What do you think should be done with him? Or do we already know the answer?•
A: He also needs killing, as do all pedophiles, child molesters, child rapists, child murderers. The can't be 'rehabbed' as the dumbass liberal trash is wont to do; they simply need to be killed and permanently removed from all contact with society's innocents. Death = zero recividism. End of problem. Kill him.•

Q: Gas prices are dropping again this week, at the pump. So much for your 'prediction' of $5/gal gas this Summer.•
A: Ha! Maybe if I keep 'predicting', I can get them back down to under $1/ gal? Prices have dropped another 4ข/ gal here, and I'm not complaining.•

Q: Nope. For many years, you're railed against liberal, activist judges, as being part of The Enemy Within™. Still feel that way?•
A: Actually, it's gotten much worse. A EEOC-mandated, Affirmative Action-Required, incompetent, lowlife, dirtbag, skank, bitch, filth, lower-than-cleaning-woman-level, federal dunce-judgie-wudgie — US District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor in Detroit — ruled Thursday that the government's NSA warrantless wiretapping program is unconstitutional and ordered an immediate halt to it. The filthy Nigga bitch is actively aiding the muslim-islamic-arab terrorists. And then we have the masturbating county judge, Donald Thompson, who exposed himself and who used a 'penis pump' under his robes during trials, leaving semen all over the carpets etc? Yuk! And I should have any respect for any of those filthy, treasonous, lowlife subhuman judges? Why would that be? I have no faith in judges, of any kind, anywhere.•

Q: Halfway through this interview, I'm getting depressed, Mr John.•
A: As well, you should, grasshopper. As well you should. The geography of the soul of America is infected from within, as I've said for the past 5 years, with liberalism, and its horrors of multiculturalism and diversity. islamofascism is moving-in for the kill. Our schools are gone, your children are lost if you don't get them to safety, NOW. The churches, synagogues and local social/governments are still worth saving, IMO. From there, we can make a stand and begin the 'takeback'. "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than it is to find an honest politican". (((sigh))) If an honest man or woman were to come forward, and become a popular candidate for president or whatever, they'd be ripped to shreds. Who'd want to take that risk? Jesus did once, for us all, but I doubt he'd volunteer for that terrible duty, again. We've been given a 2nd chance, and we've failed miserably. I know I have.•

Q: Dire predictions, Mr John.•
A: Why should I lie? I'm a simple 'observer' of reality, chum. The dark days are ahead, IMO. Israel's been defeated. America's in the process of being neutered. And not a cry has been raised, in The Wilderness. Except for Savage's and mine. Most others are silent and complacent, still contempleting their blubbery navels. Are you and yours ready for Tuesday, August 22nd

Q: So far, America's been afraid of *racial, religious and ethnic profiling*. Where do you stand on the subject?•
A: Profiling, whether it be racial, muslim, religious, ethnic, criminal, islamist, hobbyist, behavorial, arab, psychological, social, or governmental, is a VALID law enforcement technique. And I support it, 1001%! Get it, liberal-demokkkRAT buttwipers? No, not you, specifically, chum.•

Q: Whom do you think needs killing this week?•
A: Iran's president homo-sodomite, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, needs immediate .308cal 7.62x51mm assassination. So does Hassan Nasrallah get a .308 in the skull. Chavez and the other verminous, socialist-commie-fascist-lennist-marxist subhumans from Central and South America, need .357SIG killing. All the Cuban Castros, need .12ga slug killing. Abu Abdullah PigFucker needs .45cal whacking. Treasonous, seditious, cowardly Jap scumbag, Lt Ehren Watada needs .40cal capping, badly. It is time to "call a spade a spade". Many more do, IMO.•

Q: You've now had Sundays off during the months of July and August, prior to the once-a-year, 25% Off Sale starting in September. Are your batteries re-charged?•
A: In a word, no. I've thoroughly enjoyed sleeping-in until 11 or 12, but the thought of going back to 7 days a week, sucks, frankly. Working 6 days a week, also sucks. Even during Winter months, I've there 6 days a week for the past 15 seasons, albeit on very shortened hours. Perhaps this coming Winter, I'll back Saturdays out of it, since I don't sell houseplants and exotics anymore, and I don't have to go in to take care of Pickle, anymore. I'm really leaning in that direction, Self.•

Q: It's awfully dry outside, isn't it? How's this affecting your business?•
A: Dry is the understatement of the day/week/month, Self. This is the worst on-going drought I've seen in my 16 years in business, here in York (PA). Lawns usually go brown (dormant) over the Summer months, due to lack of water, but so many trees, shrubs and perennials are browning-off, that I'm getting somewhat alarmed. Fortunately, since I mandated Drip Irrigation Systems in every landscape job, since 2000, my customers' landscapes are well-protected. I've checked The Farmers Almanac's 30-60-day forecasts, and we're not looking at any appreciable moisture for the short term. The prognosis is grim. We're at least 15-18" down on moisture since the very dry Winter, Spring months, and I don't see any relief coming, anytime soon.•

Q: Is America saveable from The Enemy Within™ and from her external enemies? Also, is it worth saving?•
A: In the very near future, unless we act NOW to save America from The Enemy Within™, there won't be any America to leave to our children. The Conquest of America is on, full-tilt, from several fronts. And our so-called soporific 'leadership', is asleep at the switch, again. President Bush finally identifies the enemy — islam — and is publicly castigated for it, and backs down. Make no mistake about it: islam is America's and the world's ENEMY! Got it?•

Q: As one of the Nation's most outspoken nurserymen, are you at least interested in what's happening to our forests?•
A: Newsweak's recent article, called "Environment: Troubled Time for Trees" was interesting, but once again intentionally-misleading and slanted toward making the weak case, for the bogus crap, falsely called global warming. These are millennial cyclical events, having gone on for millions of years, and likely to continue for millions more years. There is nothing we insignificant humans can do to damage the earth. Mother Nature is in charge, and we're just along for the ride.•

Q: Anything interesting happen to you, this week?•
A: A freelance reporter-ette from The York Daily Record, called on Tuesday evening, following-up on a an article interview she did on 9-12-01 with a number of other and York Citizens and me, and I told her what I really think, about *America's State of Affairs*. I'd forgotten the original interview, BTW. It was probably too much information, too quickly, all at once, for her. She seemed to be quite 'freaked-bummed-out', when we finally hung-up, 25mins later, IMO. God Bless you and your Family, Teresa, whatever you write. Just get my words correct, please.•

Q: Wow; another Russian Tupolev (Tu-154) airplane down/crashed. IMO, that's way too many planes and people, dead. Just damn.•
A: You couldn't get me on any type of airplane, much let alone one of those Russian shitboxes, after the shootdown of TWA 800 (July 19th, 1996) and scores of other planes around the world.•

Q: The poor, hapless "victims" of Hurricane Katrina still aren't re-settled, after a whole year? Really? Don't you just feel terrible about it?•
A: Boo-fricking-hoo, pal! Is it our fault that all those misfits, welfare queens and kings, grifters, scumbags, lowlifes and dirtballs aren't getting their weekly checks for doing absolutely nothing, but staying home, smoking crack, drinking cheap wine and defrauding US Taxpayers? Hell, no. Let 'em starve to death, or learn how to work for a living, instead of living off the 'public teat'. I have no fricking sympathy. Worthless, subhuman pieces of shit! Rebuild your filthy, damned city 22ft below sea level, morons.•

Q: Hey, Brownie: STFU
A: Tsk, tsk, tsk, Self. The Culture of Corruption is so pervasive in American Society, that it makes me ill. Treasonous, seditious, alcoholic, drug-addicted, POW piece-of-shit, mentally-ill, son-of-a-bitch US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (RINO-AZ) says that President Bush said that Iraq would be, "some kind of day at the beach." Huh? I heard Bush's speech that day, and McCain is a LIAR! No such words in that speech! McCain's a LIAR!•

Q: Did you hear about this incident, on Wednesday? Twelve passengers were in custody Wednesday after a Northwest Airlines flight bound for Mumbai, India, returned to Amsterdam with a fighter jet escort, Dutch police said.•
A: Another airliner trip interrupted by subhuman, pigshit-drinking muslim-islamist-arab filth? Here's the solution: pig-fucking, muslim-islamist-arab fly only French airlines, piloted by French or Germans, who just love the subhuman, murderous, asswipe 7th century garbage. No more muslim-islamist-arab garbage on any American air carriers; NONE! 250lbs of remote-activated Semtex (C4) is positioned mid-plane in the luggage compartments, below, to be detonated in case the subhumans take over the plane and a "Special Signal" is issued from the plane, that the unit is to be used in a terrorist attack on the ground. Problem solved.•

Q: Is America hampering The war on Terror?•
A: There is no such War on Terror. Terror is a *tactic* of the islamic enemy: muslim-islamist-arab filth. islam is the enemy. islam is the enemy. islam is the enemy. islam is the enemy. islam is the enemy. islam is the enemy. islam is the enemy. want me to state it again? Read this Ann Coulter article. It re-states the obvious: liberals and demokkkRATs are also supporters of the enemy, islam, and therefore the enemy, themselves.•

Q: We're into the '06 Hurricane Season, now. What's your forecast?•
A: I'm not a meterologist, Self. But I think a hurricane mega-disaster is coming, which will dwarf Katrina. I shudder to think of the human losses, and the economic damage, which will be unfathomable.•

Q: Oh my, racial profiling at JFK Airport
A: First, muslim-islamist-arabs are NOT a race. They're pigshit-gulping, lowlife, murderous, subhuman garbage! Got it? Profiling, of all kinds, is a valid and proven law enforcement technique. I support the NJ State Police, wrongly accused of racial profiling on I-95, years ago. F*ck the ACLU, NAALCP Niggas and their dirtbag garbage sambos. PROFILE the damned muslim-islamist-arabs! They're subhuman, 7th century garbage, trash, pigshit and filth!Wake the hell up, America! I've been saying this for 5 years! We're at war with the avowed-murderers of Western Civilization — that's You and Me! — and that is i-s-l-a-m! What don't some of you understand about reality?•

Q: Holy cow! What's up with Larry Craig?•
A: US Sen Larry "The Traitor" Craig, (RINO-ID), is a lowlife, piece-of-shit, criminal, liar, weak, spineless, gutless, liberal, scumbag, seditionist, terrorist-supporter, illegal alien-supporter, alcoholic, drug-addict, asswipe, punk, turd-polisher, supports a treasonous plan, that would allow some of the 12 20-30 million illegal immigrants already in the US, to apply for citizenship if they meet certain requirements, including having been in the country at least two years, and having paid taxes." A steaming load of BULLSHIT!•

Q: is America 'tired' of The War On Terrorism?•
A: First of all, this isn't a 'War On Terrorism'. It's a War On islam. They started it. Do you really think that our brave, heroic US Military doesn't believe in our mission to liberate Iraq and bring democracy to the MidEast? Read this soldier's missive, and get back to me with your opinion. OK? I'll wait.•

Q: Do you think Rudy Giuliani has a chance to be president in 2008? How about John McCain? Is the GOP positioned to hold on to The White House and the US Congress, for another 4 years?•
A: Are you kidding me? Rudy's a wide-open, cross-dressing scumbag, a well-known homo-sodomite, who's perfect for the hell-hole of NYC and SF, but totally and completely unfit to ever set foot in The White House. McCain is mentally-ill, a leftist RINO and also unfit to serve in any elected capacity. McCain is shit. The Conservative Party is dead; leftist, GOPer-RINOs are subverting and taking-over the once GOP.•

Q: Has the time come for passenger mutinies? Is your idea of a hero, Al Sharp-scum? Are we relearning lessons in the War on Terror islam? Is America ready for the truth about 9-11? ABC's 'The Path to 9/11' is outstanding. Did you forget to wish Bubba a Happy 60th Birthday
A: Yes. Die Bubba, DIE the next time you get a heart attack, you treasonous asshole! DIE! Do the world a huge favor!•

Q: Wheeeeeeeeew! What was that all about? I thought you didn't carry grudges, for very long?•
A: I don't; take from it what you will, Self. You know my Conservatism, second only to myself. Let's call this so-called interview to a close, okay? Good nite.•

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