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Friday, August 27, 1999

there's probably no good reason why anyone would want to install plant material in this ungodly dry and hot weather, unless of course, an adequate irrigation system is in place or gets installed with the plants. Peppers and tomatoes love this weather; my 22 tubs of basil keep bolting (going to seed), as lettuce often does in hot and humid weather, and will have to be re-planted. Again. For the third time this season. This time, I'll keep the tubs in Greenhouse #1 under 40% shade cloth where it won't be subjected to the merciless heat. This time last year, I had picked 7 or 8 crops of leaves from the basil and turned it into pesto sauce. This year, I've gotten two meager pickings. My friends, Jeff & Denise, have a whacker crop of ultra-hot habaneros peppers growing; he makes a hot sauce that's great on Mexican food or pizza, and can remove paint from your SUV. Don't pick your nose after handling the peppers, Jeff. Umm, of course, you know that.

Around The Garden Center.
Another week with no significant rain, even though the TV weatherpeople-idiots predicted it, there were a few intermittent thunderstorms. We need a hurricane to find its way up here and sit on us for a while. We'll handle the heavy rains. No problem, baby. Oh, be still my beating heart.
Due directly to the drought's adverse effects, the pace of work has slowed to a crawl. There are plenty of jobs on the books, but with only one 4-man crew I laid off my Summer landscape help several weeks ago it goes agonizingly slow. Many people have postponed their scheduled installations to either much later in the Fall, or to Spring 2000. The dead and dying plants, water restrictions and outright bans on watering have cut deeply into peoples' psyche. Many wells, ponds and streams are drying up. It's grim and getting grimmer. Damn, why can't we get some of that?
Last weekend, we did get some much needed rain and it stayed cloudy for a few days, ameliorating the heat. 3/10" was wonderful thankyouverymuchwhoeveryouare but did nothing to recharge the groundwater. In fact, if memory serves, temps were in the low 60s; downright chilly. Everyone except me was wearing long sleeved shirts or light jackets. Strange people, those. Upstate, Bradford PA got 6 damned inches of rain! And Sunday was gorgeous, in the low 70s and breezy.
On Sunday, all power (electric) went down at 3:30pm; since we close at 5pm, it was an emergency. Temps can routinely jump to 140F/sauna-like in a matter of minutes in the retail greenhouses if the fans and louvers aren't running. Ken (my weekend salesman) and I propped the vent and fan louvers open with bamboo sticks and weighted nursery pots and rocks. It was crude, but it worked. The northern breeze ameliorated the heat in the four 30ft x 100ft Greenhouses. Fortunately, it wasn't all that hot outside, either.
I called GPU (General Power Utility Co.) at 3:45pm from my Jeep's cell phone. The complex's GTE phone system weren't working; GPU had to be notified that "all was not well in River City". They reponded and got the problem fixed quickly; not bad for a local-yokel power company in southern Pennsyl-tucky. A car accident against a substation box. I felt okay leaving at 5:30pm, Sunday. The watering system would either come on at 8pm, or if it didn't, we'd run it manually the following morning. No problem. Been there, did that; more than once.
On Wednesday, I slept in for the morning; it was a cloudy and drizzly(!) day, my favorite for doing so. My two house cats enjoyed having me home for the morning. When I got into work at noon, landscape customers were there waiting.
More rain(!) on Thursday. 2/10" and thankyouverymuchwhoeveryouare, again.

Bad Move, Dubya.
G.W. Bush made a huge error by answering any question on his past drug usage. Like Clinton's infamous I didn't inhale lie to the Nation, Bush gave three different answers on two days to the same question: when did you last use cocaine.
What is puzzling is the way the US mainstream media have ignored an eyewitness' account of doing coke with Clinton, when he was so-called criminal governor of Arkansas.
Though he hasn't slipped much in the polls, he'll be haunted by those answers for the rest of time. I'm sure the slime at The White House engineered a few liberal scumbag reporters into asking the question. It stinks of Sid "The Squid" Blumenthal and the lying con artist, Hitlery bitch.
Who gives a flying rat's ass about Alabama's straw poll, anyway? It doesn't mean diddly-shit.
Such past lives should be off-limits and candidates should set the groundrules, not the liberal media.
The Clinton scumbag changed all the rules of candidate honesty in '92.
Bush's already said too much; now he should say no more.
I won't be voting for GW Bush; he's not my candidate, but he's being annointed and rammed down the GOPs throat right now. I don't like that, similar to Bob Dole in '96, though I voted for him in the General Election. I actually like Liddy Dole and Steve Forbes, though neither have held elective office, yet that's not a problem. Most who've held elective office are crooks and scum. Read the five part series about the Congressional Criminals.
Apparently, no one really cares. Clinton has lowered the public's bar so far that morality is now an irrelevant issue.

The Clintonite Filth.
Now comes the potential bombshell: the Dept of (In)Justice (DOJ) is working on a plan to allow surreptitious entry called a black bag job to anyone's home so their computer and files can be copied and used as evidence against them. Huh? What happened to The US Constitution and Bill of Rights? The f*cking scum at DOJ don't care about that; they're more interested in claiming national security issues than protecting citizen's rights. The whole f*cking lot of them should be removed and replaced with real law enforcement career people, starting with that lowlife Reno bitch.
Ummm, no, actually he's rapist and liar and draft dodger-in-chief; nothing more than that.
Clinton's campaign contributors, the stinking, yellow-dog, rat-bastard, Chi-Comm scum are at it again, making threats with nothing to back them up. A few, well-placed, thermo-nuclear warheads would do the job quickly and the world would be a much safer place without the Chink scumbags.
Finally, Clinton did something positive for Yellowstone and the wildlife there. That's one in a row. Now, how about Killing yourself and making the entire Nation happy?
The traitorous Clintonite scumbags still deny that the stinking Chi-Comm filth stole US nuclear technology, or they deny it makes any difference. Just f*cking amazing.
I hope he does it: the psycho shit-for-brains Beatty tries a run for president and f*cks up Gore-Bore and Bradley in 2000. I'd love to see him spend all that money trying to tell America that he and his mentally retard sister, Shirley "Squirrley" McLaine are normal.
Once again, in order to buy Puerto Rican votes for the Hitlery bitch, Clinton's pardoned a group of illegal alien terrorist criminals held since the 70s and 80s in NYC. He's compromised ethics, morality and the law; a typical Clintonite move.
Also, let's get the commie, fascist United Nations out of America; it's no friend to the US. Never was.
Read about the criminals in Congress, as if you already didn't know that.
The lying Reno bitch vows to get to the bottom of what really happened at Waco? What a f*cking hoot! It's like putting the sexual deviate Clinton in charge of a young girl's soccer team. Uhhh, let's not go there.

Execute Them All.
Why we wasted the money on a 9-month trial and sentenced this piece of shit, towelheaded, islam, muslim, scumbag to life without parole, is beyond me. He and the others involved in the World Trade Center bombing should have been executed right after conviction. Well, it was a politically-sensitive issue, so forget about Justice.
And this subhuman lowlife has already confessed, yet his shiester lawyer pled him innocent, now wants his life's story to be made into a book or movie? Huh? Execute this piece of subhuman garbage for the murders of those three women in Yosemite; what the f*ck are we waiting for?
The sheer numbers tell a scary story: the US Taxpayer is burdened with footing the bill for 5,900,000 people behind bars. At $40,000 per year per inmate, that comes to... uhh, my calculator doesn't have that many decimal points... a lot of f*cking money! I calculate $236,000,000,000 (billion) to keep that subhuman filth alive, comfy and cozy. The 3,700 Death Row inmates alone cost upwards of $16,000,000,000 while all the victims are still dead. Does this make sense to you? To me, it doesn't. The Death Row filth should have been executed right after their convictions. Period.
Absurb and obscene: thinking that death for murderers should be humane and painless. Were the murderers humane to their victims and gave them a painless death? No f*cking way. The electric chair isn't painful enough, to my way of thinking. f*ck the whining, liberal pieces of shit filth who wet their panties just thinking of the poor murderers being executed, instead of being allowed back into society after liberal rehabilitation, to wreak more death upon society's innocents.
Why aren't the electric chairs smoking? the hypopdemics injecting? the cyanide pellets dropping and plopping? Why does this country coddle murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors? Why? Why? Why? Oh shit, I gotta sit down again, I'm having chest pains thinking about keeping all those 3,700+ subhuman pieces of shit alive on Death Row.
This 15 year old boy, tried and convicted as an adult, deserves to die for the murder of an 8 year old neighbor girl; instead we'll be paying $40,000-60,000 to house the scumbag for the rest of his unnatural life. Too harsh, you say? Not a f*cking bit. Well, at least he'll be raped repeatedly in prison; yep, he'll make some 400lb inmate a nice girlfriend. With some luck, maybe he'll commit suicide and relieve society of the burden. I'm crossing my fingers.
Here's another 15 year old who, if he's old enough to murder, is old enough to die for the crime, right after the other 3,700+ Death Row filth.

Bullshit Dep't.
What the hell are we doing by educating children of illegal immigrants, at public expense? One-in-six students in California schools are illegals? Can't that f*cking liberal idiot state deport the scum, as the Law requires? They need some serious law enforcement help out there.
Aw gee, the fat, stupid, waddling, sweathog, AIDS-lover, Elizabeth Taylor, got drunk again and fell down again, like she's done 15-20 times before, and made the news, again. With any luck, next time she'll die and we won't have to read this shit again.
This worthless, redneck piece of shit politician should have been dead many years ago.
As much as I love good wine, there isn't any good stuff produced here in Pennsylvania; basically just swill which passes for wine amongst the locals.
Why was a dire Navy report on Y2K, predicting widespread utility failures, hidden from the public? Now, they're denying it.
Idiot. That's all one can say about former CIA director keeping classified files on an unsecured PC at home. Ummm, isn't that what the Chink spy did? Pretty close.
To the moronic bitch who complained about a sexist comment in a Bugs Bunny cartoon: get a f*cking life, you scuzbag.
Another government coverup exposed, at the expense of its citizen-workers who are dying by the dozens. Nice going, Uncle Sam.
I used to like our neighbors to the north, but after I read this story about water, I changed my mind about the stinking Cannuck-f*cks.
The InterNet doesn't need stinking 80 million Chink filth clogging up the bandwidth; stay the f*ck off the Web, yellow slime dogs.
Who cares if the FBI used pyrotechnics to waste the Branch Davidian scum? More power to them. Whatever it takes to rid the Nation of that stinking cult filth.
This piece of shit dirtbag needs to go to prison for several years.
Here's a lowlife idiot, nay black or African American, who threatens violence against NYC cops in a million boy shuffle. Gimme an M16 and several hundred clips; I'll tame their appetite for shuffling. Get a job, scumbag shithead.
Oh puuulllleeeaaaasssse: addicted to the Net? Gimme a f*cking break.
Blaming a storm for a car accident in which four people were whacked is shit; the very dead truck driver is to blame. It's called driving too fast for conditions. Why is it that the human species always tries to affix blame on to something or someone else?
What a waste of lives and careers: smuggling drugs and getting caught. Dozens of United Airlines workers were busted this past week in a DEA-BATF sting operation. They're headed to prison for many years now. I've voluntarily worked with FBI-DEA-BATF-York County Narctoics Task Force Police back in '95-96 to make drug buys, bust and round-up crack and coke dealers here in York, PA. It felt good. We put over 29 dope-dealing scumbags in York County and federal Harrisburg Prison for 20 years to life. Good riddance. But as soon as we got them off the streets, there were dozens waiting to take their places in the food chain.
Typical commie, greaseball, WOP scum: cheering a murderous bitch transferred back to Italy to finish serving out her sentence. The dirty bitch should have been executed. She's no hero.
The formerTIME Magazine, now re-named SLIME Magazine because of its libelous, racist attack on columnist David Horowitz, isn't fit to wrap fish with, or line any birdcage to catch droppings, anymore. Read Horowitz' reply to the bigot, Jack White, from SLIME. Horowitz merely told the truth: guns don't whack blacks, other blacks do.

Chili Peppers.
Although the website is a visual train wreck, everything you could ever want to know about them, burning, hot thangs is right there. Some great links, too; just dig for a while.

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