Different Viewpoints
Friday, August 28, 1998

for every 10 people who witness an event, there are 9 different stories as to its happenstance; inevitably, one person saw nothing or can't recall. Human nature, being what it is, provides a wide latitude for explanation: nothing is simply black or white, there's always gray area to deal with. Most opt for the majority opinion, but that's sometimes tainted and usually fallacious. What counts is truth and accuracy; commodities seemingly in short supply. Those items are always black or white. No one person and certainly no political party has an exclusive option on either these days.

A Busy Week.
Unless you live in either a cave or the third world — and many of those stinking towel heads even heard about it — on Monday, president Slick Willie The Type 'T' faced a grand jury and testified in an historic first: the only president to ever do so while being investigated for his participation in a criminal matter. Some legacy. That same day, president Clinton gave a pathetic non mea culpa 4-minute chit-chat, denial of overall responsibility and stupid attack on the Independent Counsel, which then occupied just about everyone's spare time for analysis and criticism. All that for a blowjob and a couple of lies. Still no sign of outrage or concern from the femi-nazis. Who could really tell what he said; his double-talk was too short and concise for adequate analysis.
That is, until reality once again began imitating art with Thursday's cruise missile strikes on terrorist hideaways in that shithole known as the third world. The movie, Wag The Dog, which paralleled the Billy Boy-Monica-terrorist scenario has now been revived and is either sold out or rented until 2003 nationwide. Remember when Three Mile Island and The China Syndrome occurred within the same week back in '87? That was a more real and scary instance of life imitating art on a lethal scale.
Things steadily got worse for Bubba: A tie Clinton wore during an August press conference fell under prosecutors’ suillegal alienion of being a secret message of solidarity to Monica; a cocktail dress that Lewinsky claimed contained a stain that proved an intimate liaison with Clinton turned up positive for human DNA; Monica was called back by the grand jury to repeat her story, now known to differ substantially from his sworn statements; Clinton gave prosecutors a sample of DNA several days prior to admitting the "not appropriate" relationship and the Nation finally began to understand that Clinton has a long history of extra-marital affairs and that Hitlery is lying too, when she says she just found out about all this; presumably for the pity factor she has been accorded. So Bubba hid out and skipped Sunday church; something a real sinner shouldn't do. Trying to revive a gravely wounded presidency will now consume all the Clintonoids time.
Plus, Bubba publicly rebuked Hitlery for not producing a male heir to his presidency. What? You missed that story?
Want some details Bubba left out of his Monday evening speech? Over 21? Okay, read 'em. Always make sure your cigars are wrapped and sealed; no telling where some of them have been.
Read what my friend Greg thinks about it all.

We'll Miss This Lady.
I remember when Juanita Kidd Stout was appointed as the Nation's first black woman judge in the early 60s; and particularly the swift and sure justice she handed out to criminals, regardless of race. She went from lawyer to State Supreme Court Justice in Pennsylvania and set all kinds of legal precedents. The Nation could use thousands more like her, instead of the whining, bed wetting liberal scum now occupying judgeships, who are too soft and wimpy on criminals, while ignoring their victims and the society they are pledged to protect. They've forgotten what upholding the Law means.

Islamic-Muslim shit.
Forget the Tomahawk and Cruise Missiles; use thermonuclear weapons to obliterate all the subhuman, terrorist, towel-head filth scum in the mid-east. I don't give a flying f*ck where they are or who they're hiding behind; waste them with the appropriate weapons, at least equal to, but preferably far worse than the crime they committed on the two US Embassies in Africa. Force is the only thing these scumbags understand and respect.
The Western World should do one of two things: declare an unholy war on these stinking towel-heads; effectively Killing everyone captured and suspected of terrorist activity; or get the hell out of that part of the third world and leave the filth to their own miscreant devices.
Personally, I opt for the judicious use of thermonuclear weapons and the complete and total obliteration of those scum. Neutron weapons would leave the oilfields intact, while obliterating all life. That Americans have to worry about their own safety overseas is an outrage and should be pre-empted by wasting the enemy without delay. Even (trash)bin Laden's towel head handlers, the Taliban, can't control the little weasel.
Another haven for towel headed terrorists is the shithole Libya, which should have been blown off of the face of the earth right after the Pan Am 103 incident in '88. Well, Scottish justice is probably/maybe/perhaps/almost (check one) better than no justice at all. Take what you can get here and whack them in prison later. Oh gee whiz warden, he's got 21 knives sticking in his back; worst case of suicide I've ever seen!
Since all towel heads consider it a great and (un)holy honor to die for allah-the-scumbag, I'd like to help them along to their great reward. There are eight or nine countries in the Middle East and Africa which need annihilation and no one in our chickenshit government seems to have the guts to launch. It's a great pity the all wrong people are in positions of power and allowing these atrocities to continue without the proper retribution. Make a salient example of say, Libya, and the rest will cower down and behave themselves like the filthy, towel head, muslim-islamic curs they are.
One of the most ignorant towel heads, old scumbag Fayed, now says it was his bodyguards and not the British Government, who whacked his worthless, lowlife son and the Diana bitch. Well, duh. We all knew that. What cave was that rat-f*ck bastard hiding in all this time?
The war has been joined and started. I won't be surprised to see it over here, soon. Bless the FBI and CIA in their new challenge of tracking down the terrorists and exterminating them before they set off the explosions. The World Trade Center bombing was nothing in comparison to what's ahead for this Nation.

Union Scum.
Two more cogent reasons why commie-socialist union activity is hurting America came to the fore this past week when the U.S. West Telephone Co and Southern New England Telephone Co were both struck, disrupting level two service to millions in 20+ states.
Having long since outlived the original purpose and usefulness to the American Worker and to society, unions should be banned. They're mere holdovers from a bygone era of communism, also deeply rooted in socialism. Dozens of their propaganda-ized sites are online for the world to discern as lies.
Communist-socialist inspired organizations like the Communications Workers of America (CWA), Teamsters (AFL-CIO) and dozens of other rotten, corrupt, criminal organizations posing as friends of the working stiff, need to go away for good. They serve no clear, quality purpose anymore.
The reason they haven't been disbanded is that all politicians, especially the liberal-democrats, owe their very existence to their robot-like, voting memberships. As corrupt and immoral as politicians are, they're not (all) stupid: they don't want to cut off the cash and votes by punching the face that feeds them.

Summer Flu.
It was a typical Saturday but with an atypical ending: I got the worst case of the flu I've ever had. By noon on Saturday, I'd abandoned the rest of my meetings and appointments, and headed home to bed. The next 24hrs were hell. Everything hurt non-stop. Aspirin didn't help. Soon, I wished a burglar would break in and shoot me, just to put me out of my misery. By Sunday, the fever, vomiting, diarrhea, aches and pains were almost over and I was looking forward to an uneventful week at work.
This is the first Summer flu I can remember suffering under. The flu isn't a Winter illness, knows no season and can strike anytime. So I've learned firsthand.
This stuff really drains the body and spirit. I can feel it, still.

Rain? Rain? What Rain?
For the past 13 weeks, we've gotten one lousy day of rain, while the rest of the country is having flood troubles, hurricanes and all manner of moisture. shit, we can't even buy rain around here.
All recent landscape projects have included soakers hoses or custom-built, irrigation systems and electronic timers, pre-set to water at optimum times. Any customers who don't want such safeguards built into their investment, risk losing not only the plant material, but their 5 year Warranty as well. Most agree it's a small price to pay upfront for such large, long term investments on their part.

Chickenshit US & UN.
I can't believe what I'm now reading: the US and UN squelched the weapons inspection teams from doing their jobs in that shithole, Iraq. Bowed to the stinking towel heads demands. And now the chief inspector has resigned over the US' interference. And he's pissed off and talking about it.
The lowlife liberal democrats — the Albright bitch in particular — led the way by caving in to the towel head filth on surprise, intrusive weapons inspections. The Brits also joined in by demanding that inspection teams and personnel be halted or removed from the country.
The surprise, intrusive inspections were and still are critically needed, not only to track down and expose what Soddomy Insane (aka Saddam Hussein) is really doing, but more importantly: to provoke another war where the Allies can finally and ultimately destroy the bastard and the entire country.
Now the toothpaste is out of the tube, and it'll be impossible to get it back in. Nice going, State Dep't, you dumb f*cking scumbags.
Congress needs to start hearings to determine who is at fault, why we are two-faced liars and fire the gov't lowlife liberal scum who participated in the scam.

Not-So-Far Right.
Visit these folks for a hateful view, a wee bit to the right of center. I can't tell if this is an act, or if it's for real. Kinda makes my stuff seem tame in comparison.

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