west nile plague virus
Friday, August 30, 2002

With so many confirmed cases of West Nile Virus, now resulting 18 deaths Nationwide this Summer, so far, the question begs asking: how did it get here in '99, and who brought it over from that filthy shithole, Africa? So far, 41 states are infected on either a "bird level" or "human level", and it's heading for the Left Coast. Only Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii are uninfected. And no, I'm not going to speculate that it was introduced by a terrorist, but it seems entirely plausible. Maybe, as the CDC and NIH posit, it came as a stowaway in a valid shipment of plants or merchandise. Entirely possible, since only about 7% of all cargo containers even get checked at US Ports of Entry. (your knees wobbling, yet?) Imagine what the terrorists have been able to covertly smuggle-in, and we're none the wiser? (getting visibly angry, yet?) The INS and US Coast Guard have "promised to be more diligent" in searches of all incoming material. What the heck does that mean? What were they doing before The Massacre of September 11th? Apparently, not much. Thousands of terrorist "sleeper cells" are already here, waiting for "activation". Is Ebola next? Aflatoxin? Botulinum? More Anthrax? Smallpox? We're slowly being turned into a Turd World country. The mosquito (Anopheles quadrimaculatus) is already over-active, no thanks to the lib-dem and green lowlifes, who told The Big Lie and got DDT banned 40 years ago, resulting in millions of mosquito-borne, disease-related deaths worldwide, each year. Don't panic, just yet. It isn't always fatal. Uh-oh, we're now up to 20 deaths and counting.

Around The Garden Center.
While the Drought From Hell relentlessly marches on in the Mid Atlantic, Northeast and Southern Regions, the Midwest is getting 7" of freaking rain, and accompanying floods! Crikey, what do we have to do to get some moisture out here? The local crops are a total loss in Southern Pennsylvania and most of Maryland, lawn services, nurseries, garden centers are shutting down, wells, streams, ponds, lakes and reservoirs are drying up at an alarming rate. Lots of clouds passing by, but no damned rain. Whooops, spoke too soon. Saturday saw a wonderful 1½" rain visit us and most of the Region, helping to replenish reservoirs and groundwater content. Some areas got over 3", but we recorded a solid 1½" in the rain gauge.
Only in The People's Republik of Maryland, can someone whack someone else's two cats, and get off with no penalty under law. Try that shit here in Pennsylvania, and you'll go away for quite a while.
And the Glock 19/ 9mm jamming controversy goes on in the NYPD. My Glock 32/.357sig jammed twice after I "limp wristed" the first two shots; not since in over 3,000rnds. There's nothing wrong with the Glock; it's the coppers who don't know how to shoot. More range time for them all, and at taxpayers expense!
Huh? 100lb+ catfish invade the Susquehanna River, just 3 miles to the east of York (PA)? Hellish. Whooooa, scares the living bejeebers outta me! I'm not a fisherman, but I'd sure take my Bushy AR-15 A3 and Remy 870 Tactical 12ga along, for "self-protection".
Last Friday, Jeff & Denise and I went to York Culinary Institute for a very nice Mediterranean 5-course (we brought our own vino) Dinner. The roast duck was superb.
I retired my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8, after 171k miles, this week, as looming engine and transmission repair bills are soon going to outweigh the value of the vehicle. On Tuesday, I picked-up a new '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo from our local Chrysler FiveStar dealer, Fishel Chrysler Jeep, in Red Lion (PA), just north of my Garden Center Complex. It's a 200hp-6cyl, silver, power sunroof, dark grey leather, 4WD Selec-Trac transmission, CD and 10-stack CD Changer, eight speakers, well, too much more to go on about. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the ashtray out to empty it, and the radio/clock has so freaking many functions, as does the overhead console, I'll be reading the Owner's Manual for weeks. A very nice job, Jeep; I'm impressed. And with the large 6cyl, I can drop back to 87octane gas, since the coming MidEast War will surely mean a decrease in availability, higher prices and longer lines at the pumps.
"Water promises to be to the 21st century what oil was to the 20th century: the precious commodity that determines the wealth of nations." — Fortune. Yes, I've been saying that for years, now, but this article has quite a leftist spin to it, yet there are some profound issues about corporate ownership of water supplies. Worth a read. So is, "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle".
Time to start thinking about Fall foliage color already? Where'd the Summer go so fast? Actually, I'm kind of glad Summer's on the wane, and a cooler Fall is just around the corner, hopefully with some rainfall.
Ahhhh, another happy Win95-98 user; that's why I use WinXP Pro Edition, now. And I've got features everyone should have in their desktops.
Rain, rain, glorious rain! And lots of it, all day Wednesday through Thursday afternoon, non-stop, from a Nor'easter coming up the East Coast and spinning moisture counter-clockwise all over the Mid-Atlantic. Another 1¾" of moisture! Saints be praised!

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day.
As the anniversary one year mark of The Massacre of September 11th draws near, I feel my anger, hatred and rage building even higher than it's been for the past 12mos. No, I have no plans to "do anything" about it; I'm content to let them make the first move, over here in the streets.
Soooo, the subhuman Taliban Islamic filth and deviant Muslim al Queerda garbage are re-grouping in Ash-can-istan and neighboring shit-istan? Fine, let 'em re-group; we have millions of tons of bombs and our Special Ops Troops will wipe them out, once again. No prisoners. Execute them all, bury face down in a pit with copious amounts of pigshit. Your moonie false god, Allah maggot-homo sucks pig rectums, Muslim trash.
Subhuman lowlife Islamic scum and Arab trash demonstrating in Trafalgar Square in London? And the Brits are powerless to do anything about it? Really? Here in America, millions of us would meet any pro-terrorist demonstration and whack THEM ALL! End of diaperheads. End of problem. Look at this subhuman scum's pics and read their terrorist threats.
Here's another Middle East shithole country still in the 6th Century, Egypt, with its hands out, begging for US Dollars, and spitting in our face. They have nothing, except some tourists and the pyramids, for an economy, and we give those sandidiot filth $2billion a year, plus lots of military hardware. Time to cut off all aid, and let Israel take what they want and need.
Aw gee whiz, another "innocent" Arab terrorist, whining about detention. There are no innocent Arabs. Shut the f*ck hell heck up, you lowlife piece of shit Islamist shit. At least you weren't incinerated in a 600mph airplane crash into buil;dings, with 3,000 innocent Americans. You're lucky I'm not the jailer, or I'd whack you personally, really slow and painfully, diaperhead Muslim garbage.
Targeting Islamic "education centers" and mosques with bombs is stupid; this guy deserves what he gets. After the Arab scum and Muslim filth begin suicide-homicide bombings in shopping malls, churches and schools, and small arms massacres in the US streets, we'll be bulldozing the buildings anyway, with the government's blessing, after we've rooted them out, whacked the guilty and deported all the rest.
That said, go practice on the cowardly scum.
Why are American students being forced to read the evil, dirty, garbage Quran book? I wouldn't wipe my ass line a birdcage floor with it; it's evil shit shit, akin to Hitler's Mein Kampf or Mao's Little Red Book. Pure garbage.
A gang rape trial that culminated in one of the longest prison sentences in Australian history has triggered accusations of racism and inflamed ethnic tensions in Sydney's volatile outlying suburbs. The gang leader, known only as X, was jailed for 55 years for his part in the rapes, which were carried out by 14 youths, all of Lebanese Muslim origin. The group terrorized western Sydney in August 2000, attacking seven women during a three-week spree that was planned and co-ordinated by mobile phone. Solution? whack all Muslim trash filth in Australia; no, wait, they're all dis-armed, like the UK weenies. Nevermind, let 'em all suffer, until they again rise-up and overthrow the f*cked screwed-up socialist governments who oppress whites, in favor of "diversity" and "multiculturalism" filth.
The Saudis are stinking garbage, liars, subhuman Muslim trash, idiotic Islamic filth, murderers, funders of terrorism, punks, lowlifes, scumbags, degenerates, sandidiot deviants, Allah homos, and all-around laughable idiots. Uh oh, they're upset at being identified for what they are? f*ck Screw off, diaperheads.
This article explains why, since the Saudi filth have been paying billions in "protection money" to the bin Laden homo, we have to destroy that 6th century country, too, while preserving the oilfields for ourselves, and preserving the evil Islamic religious sites for the subhuman Muslim hordes. Personally, I'd turn them into bubbling glass with well-placed nuclear strikes. f*ck Screw the Allah pork-eating garbage.
Why is Ash-can-istan releasing al Queerda terrorist homos? They should all be executed; no release, just death.
For the umpteenth time: YES, Middle East terrorist filth were involved in the OKC Bombing, with Nichols and McVeigh as "whitey frontmen and dupes" for the Iraqis. That threw the "scent" off of the ME connection, and onto the white, far right-wing, domestic militias. I also fear that the CIA, FBI and Mossad were somehow involved. I'm hoping it isn't true. More OKC stories, here. And a litany of OKC Facts and Speculation, are here. Once again, I'm hoping it isn't true.
Further proof that Muslims are subhuman: worthless, lazy, crime-riddled Islamic garbage, who need to be exterminated from Western Sosiety. Denmark made its own bed with the Arab filth, now they're paying the price.
US authorities refused entry to 60 Saudi students who were accepted in universities in the United States under a program by Saudi Aramco. The state-owned Aramco was to have ensured the training of the Saudis in oil administration. Only a few million more Muslim-Arab subhumans to get rid of, now.
Speaking of subhuman Saudi Muslim garbage, look at this ugly lowlife sandidiot "prince", who's coming to W's Crawford TX ranch, for "talks". Shoot and whack him, throw him into a pit full of pigshit, face-down, so he can't see the deviant scumbag moon god, Allah scum.
Congressman Dan Burton (R-Indiana), chairman of the Government Reform Committee, is almost there, in the investigation of the OKC Bombing. I wonder how long before he meets with an "unfortunate accident".
Oooooo, the punk Arab dictator of Egypt, Mubarak, is warning us about an Arab revolt, if we attack Iraq? C'mon disperhead, pork-sucking, Muslim trash: bring it on. I agree: Arabs are revolting subhumans, no doubt about it.
Sorry, I don't bow to this shitpola; we do know what's going on.
Here's the first of many to come: A federal grand jury Wednesday indicted a well-known porch-monkey Islamic piece of shit activist in the Seattle area, Earnest James Ujaama, a U.S. citizen, 36, on charges of conspiring to set up an Al Queerda terrorist training camp in rural Oregon in an attempt to further promote "violent jihad" against the United States. The indictment accused Ujaama, an American citizen, of leading discussions about creating poison to use on the public and firebombing vehicles. No trial. Military tribunal, then execute the idiot scum.
Ah ha, 3 more subhuman Muslim dogshit Islamic filth rounded-up in Detroit, supporting the pork-eating Al Queerda homos. The men arrested in Detroit were accused of acting with two others as "a covert underground support unit" and a "sleeper operational combat cell" for a radical Islamic movement allied with al-Qaida. They were charged with conspiracy to provide material support or resources to terrorists. No trial. Military tribunal, then execute all the sandidiot scum.
The lowlife Saudi filth are spending millions on US PR firms to help "shore up" their shitty murderous, treacherous and slimy image? Sorry, disperhead scumbags, it just won't help. You're pigshit Muslim trash, and goat-humping Islamic garbage in America. But sure, spend away, we'd like our oil money back!
There are hundreds thousands of Islamic terrorist compounds, walled-off to the outside world, all across the US. Read this chilling article about the what the deviant Muslim filth plan to do inside the US, with small arms massacres, bombings, poisonings and more. Time to round-up the Islamic scum, try them by military tribunal and execute them, and inter the rest in camps, under heavily-armed guards, until the subhuman Muslims can be deported.

GOPers & RINOs.
Finally, a judge with backbone who says the drug manufacturers aren't at fault because someone abuses their legal drug, and dies (good riddance, Rebecca Ann Allen junkie bitch). This should have happened with tobacco, guns and now, the fast food industry. People must take responsibility for their own actions, and not make the US into a "nanny state" and sue everyone for anything they don't like.
Our Nation is being slowly invaded by Mexicans and other Turd World trash, and Bush does nothing to close down the borders, and get the millions of illegal garbage out of the US. The damage to American Society will soon be irreparable to generations of future Americans. Where the hell heck is Bush's mind? Or does he even have one anymore, for allowing this impending disaster to continue?
Apparently, Bush & Co have lost their freaking minds; they're allowing this horror show to resume. The United States government has announced the annual immigrant visa lottery programme, an embassy statement said on Friday. The lottery is administered on an annual basis by the Department of State and conducted under the terms of the Immigration and Nationality Act. It makes available 50,000 permanent resident visas annually to persons from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States. Does anyone in DC care anymore about America's security?
Here's a real Conservative: US Rep Tom Tancredo, R-Col, who wants to seal the borders and use hi-tech surveillance techniques and equipment to intercept and turn back the hordes of illegals. I agree; use 60cal machine guns and whack them all.
Excellent move in skipping the socialist-communist UN summit on sustainable development shit meeting, W. Tell the UN lowlife scum to stuff it, and let' spull out of that junk organization; kick the Turd Worlders outta NYC, too.
W must hate having to lie about the lowlife Saudi scumbags on a worldwide scale; it makes me puke to hear them called our "eternal friends". They're treacherous lowlife morons Muslim filth.

Lib-DemocRAT Trash.
In a nutshell, this is what liberals and democRATs have done to Blacks in America, by introducing massive family welfare programs back in the 60s: they've destroyed the family unit, caused illegitimacy to soar and set Blacks back 250 years. The democRAT's have created a "new plantation" for black slaves, dependent on the Federal Government, and the liberals are the new slavemasters.
Looks like the AOL Time Warmer crybaby libs Steve Case, Bob Pittman, Bob Parsons and Ted Turner are in deep shit doo doo with the SEC for securities fraud, amongst other things. Couldn't happen to a nicer bunch of morons guys, who egged the Dept of InJustice on against Microsoft, for no reason, other than MS had a better product. All those millions and billions won't mean spit in prison, chumps.
Leaks of classified intelligence from the US Senators? I'm shocked, I tell you! Betcha it's "Senator Depends®" Pat "Leaky" Leahy, once again. Well, I'm still not sleeping any better, even though the FBI's on the case. We'll see what "justice" means in this case. They're all criminals in the US Congress.
Burr-head Gum-ball's (Bryant Gumbel) punk kid, Bradley Gumbel, 23, is a criminal, and should be in jail for robbery and attempted rape. Read the article and look at the skank white pig, long-time mistress Hilary Quinlan, of Gum-ball ("whitey-hates-us-and-wants-to-oppress-us"). Gaaawd, what a lowlife slut. idiots — nay blacks — all.
What's this? The ultra-liberal piece of shit, NY Slimes, hostile to W and the coming iraq invasion? It's editor, Howell Raines, a southern liberal, is a lowlife scumbag. Shocked, I am! NOT.
Here's another racist, bigot black idiot lib-democRAT who needs to be booted out of office: State Rep. Billy McKinney of Georgia. His pig-faced, Arab money-loving daughter, Cynthia, got her lib-dem lardass booted out last week.
Martha, Martha, Martha Stewart: what a tangled web she wove that's now beginning to unravel. I'm thoroughly enjoying seeing this very dislikeable lib-dem bitch take it in the face, and her shitty shitpy little empire crumbles. What's going to be so worth watching will be the government's attitude toward indictment, arrest, trial, conviction and sentencing in the coming months. Will she wind-up like Jim Trafficant? Or will she skate? I'm afraid after this burgeoning insider trading scandal — $45million from the illegal sale of K-Mart stock and $70million from the illegal sale of Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia stock — the nickel-dime ImClone $45,000 sale is chump change. Libs and dems are distancing themselves from here, as she's about to be pilloried and criminally charged.
How the hell heck did we get subhuman lowlife lib-dem shitfilth homo loving judges in Harrisburg, PA? I thought all that garbage was in either Philadelphia or Pittsburgh. But here in "Alabama" is amazing. The Pennsylvania tucky Supreme Court is composed of deviants, degenerates and lowlife perverts, for allowing homos to adopt normal children and pervert their lives. Better off dead, than homo. Homo is just slower death.
I just love it when political lightweights like Chrissy Matthews gets his panties in a bunch over The Bush Administration's plans to neutralize Iraq. He's just getting over a bout of malaria; I kinda wish it would have whacked him, he's so worthless a lib-dem moron.
The socialist-communist lib-dem NEA (National Education ass'n) is shoving a decidedly "blame America on 9-11" teaching agenda down their 2.7million teachers throats, to teach students in the classroom, on the 1st Anniversary of The Massacre of September 11th. They've been caught and exposed by the Conservative Media, and the NEA's president, Bob Chase, is lying and spinning a pathetic response. Time to defund the NEA and break it up; US Taxpayers' dollars are being used in a perverted and demented manner to support a wholly worthless group of scumbags and lowlife liberals.
San Francisco-istan, laden with apologist left-wing wackos, deviants, degenerates and subhumans, is once again leading with way into blatant stupidity. Apparently under the color of 'diversity appreciation', a full blown campaign — paid for by the local United Way — will include public transit posters printed in English and Arabic declaring "We Are Not The Enemy" featuring the faces of a turbaned male, a mid-eastern appearing woman and others. Really? Not the enemy? It was Muslim filth and Arab garbage who attacked America on 9-11, wasn't it? Thought so,
Hey SUV haters: come give me a "hate ticket", and I'll put a bullet cat turd through your empty skull, scumbag fags.
Another lib-dem lie: second hand smoke causes cancer. What a crock of shit shit, and you lib-democRAT liars are now fully-exposed, as such.
Teddy "The Turd Boy" Turner is a liar, lowlife, scumbag, deviant, degenerate, lib-dem socialist-communist, mentally-ill cretin, and he's a welcher on his "pledge" to the socialist-commie UN degenerates. Luvit.
DemocRAT "presidential hopeful" Ir-Rev Al Sharpton said Sunday that the Democratic Party had swerved too far to the right in recent years, before defending recent comments by Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan suggesting that President Bush should be put on trial for war crimes. DemocRAT presidential hopeful??? BWAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA! Bring it on, fat Al.
The lying Torricelli, D-NJ, greaseball is digging the hole deeper and deeper; he'll be gone in November. Good riddance, scumbag.

Scumbags & Lowlifes.
The United Nations "Earth Summit" is the height of hypocrisy: they are gorging on mountains of lobster, oysters and fillet steak at the Johannesburg conference — aimed at ENDING FAMINE. Well, it sure has for the attendees, but for no one else. 60,000 Turd Worlders, staying in Five Star Hotels, gorging themselves on mountains of food, while "common people" people starve a few miles away in shanty towns. The menu includes 5,000 oysters, more than 1,000lbs of lobster and other shellfish, buckets of caviar and piles of pâté de foie gras, more than 4,400lbs of fillet steak and chicken breasts, 450lbs of salmon, 220lbs of a tasty South African fish called kingclip, and more than 1,000lbs of bacon and sausages."Please pass the foi gras and vintage bubbly, mr ambassador, and get those starving peasants away from the windows; they bother me!"
This Michael Kopper homo, who helped Enron defraud millions of people, and cost them billions, should go to prison, with all the execs of that pitiful sham company, for a long, long time.
Think that just-defeated US Rep Cynthia McKinney wasn't a racist bitch? She's a Jew-hating, filthy, pro-Arab whore. Good riddance, scuzbag idiot.
Isn't this lowlife Bobby-boy Mugabe idiot a hoot? Zimbabwe's President Robert "Robby Bobby" Mugabe denounced US and other western criticism of his government as a racist campaign to undermine his nation's independence. He's not black; he's a idiot. The stupid socialist idiot thinks he can kick out all the white farmers, who fed the country for generations, and that millions won't starve. Famine is at that shithole of a country's front door, right now. Thousands are dying every day. Screw it; let it happen, let the shithole sink into chaos and rebellion. Who cares anymore?
Jeeeez, more stupid idiot filth rioting in a north Minneapolis neighborhood. C'mon cops, pull out 12ga riot shotguns, called "Street Sweepers" and rid the area of such filth. These are subhumans; they belong back in the jungle.
The Osbournes? Filth, all of them. She's got cancer and he should have died from a drug overdose 20 years ago. Maybe colon cancer will catch up to him soon.
Why do morons, idiots, communists, socialists and lib-dem cretins like Mac and Apple so much? It's all overpriced junk, struggling to work as well as last year's PC. Trash is what it is. I've used them at a local graphics studio, years ago when I learned PhotoShop and Illustrator; crashed every evening session, and we spent half the time reloading the stinking OS and other software. Jobs is junk.
Global balance? f*ck Screw the UN and all socialist and communist subhuman filth! Get out of the damned UN, and it'll collapse without the US. End of problem.
The Chinks, who've murdered baby girls in favor of baby boys, will pay for their crimes. I can't wait until Chin is overflowing with unemployed, homos who can't find a woman anywhere in the country. LOL, Chinks!
The whining Euro-weenies are at it again: blaming America for anything and everything; this time, it's for failing the world's poor. And this time, it's the idiot Brits. The Earth Summit in Johannesburg, with 65,000 socialist-communist delegates, is another NWO joke.
The Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, brimming with homos and lesbians, who pretend to be "religious church-goers", is really just a sexual meeting place for the deviants and degenerate lowlifes who aren't fit to be part of American Society. With most of the "church members" infected with AIDS and STDs, hopefully they'll die-off and reduce the world's stench.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors all need to be put to death. None are able to be rehabilitated; they'll revert and commit the same crimes against society's innocents again and again: recidivism. They should all be terminated with extreme prejudice, for the greater benefit of society. f*ck Screw the lib-dem rights groups and commie ACLU; they're traitors to mankind, in the worst ways imaginable. I hold them directly responsible for repeat murders, rapes, child molestations and treason.
That said, this subhuman Muslim garbage in Australia, raping women at will, all need to die. No jail; death. And if the filthy Islamic trash in the suburbs want to riot, machinegun them all to death; let the streets run red with Muslim and Arab blood. Get rid of the illegals and subhumans.
Helping to make the case for executing rapists/murderers, is the lowlife, subhuman piece of shit, Ward Weaver, who raped, murdered and buried the two little girls from Oregon City, Oregon, just last week.
While I delight in hearing about subhumans executed for the above-mentioned crimes against society's innocents, it makes me glad when I hear of someone exonerated by DNA evidence, and set free.
Sure, the streets are much safer than they were 10-15 years ago, but this is a lot of people in prison in America. Too many low-level offenders — pot users, DUIs etc — clogging up the legal system; too many violent types still walking the streets.
Screw the new trial shit; this fat, alcoholic Kennedy cousin lowlife murderer, Michael Skakel, needs execution for a 25yr old murder, of a 15yr old girl. Time to pay with your life, scumbag junkie. Ahhhh haaaaaaa! Fat boy murderer alcoholic gets 25yrs to life! Good riddance, scumbag Kennedy cousin/nephew, or whatever.

Few things are more prosaic than a urinal. Functional, utilitarian, and decidedly unglamorous, the urinal stands alone or beside its comrades in the men's restroom. I'll leave the bathroom humor behind, but this engrossing photographic essay on Urinal.net journeys into the world of urinals, taking you places you never imagined you might go. For instance, the marble-filled world of The Bellagio, or the metallic modern design of the Swiss Autobahn. There's even a handy Top Ten, if you'd like to visit some of the world's number-one examples (check out the SpaceStation urinal; ummm, no way I'd...). Bathroom pictorials aren't exactly everyone's cup of tea, so stay away if you're the squeamish type. One final word to the wise — avoid the troughs at Candlestick Park.

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