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Friday, August 3, 2001

and they taketh away, too. But, seldom, do they do that. Actually, the US Government has given way, way too much to those who don't need it, and is now faced with the unenviable task of having to "lessen" certain entitlements, grants and outright gifts to many stripes of its Citizens. Yes, Welfare the societal safety net concept was a good idea 50+ years ago, but the lib-democRATs turned it on its ear and made it de rigeur for their poor black and poor white "constituencies", that removing that weekly gift check and forcing them to actually work for a living was a major step. The lib-democRATs, NAACLP and Big Unions kept their "constituencies" beholden to them through Welfare, and kept their loyal votes. Thanks to the Conservatives and, in a (very) small part, the GOP, it was accomplished and is working well. The lowlife lib-dems' "soft bigotry of low expectations" was removed from the National Table. The Welfare rolls are dwindling dramatically, as now other entitlements are being eyed for reform. Social Security's turn is coming soon, and not a minute decade generation too soon. Without major reform, it'll be broke by 2017 Hell, I'll be in Autumn House by then, eating gruel or oatmeal 3x day and some more "creative accounting" will merely pass the burden off to another generation, as we've they've done for the past three generations. Time to bite the bullet and get it fixed, as best we can. Uhh nurse? Can I have another bowl?

Around The Garden Center.
Thunderstorms blew through the area last Friday, giving a mere 3/10th of an inch of moisture, but more significantly, dropped air temps back into the 50s. It was actually cool at 52°F when leaving for work Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning, though all the beneficial rains were 50 miles to the south and we didn't get diddly. Almost like September weather. Probably won't last long; August is notoriously hot and humid and not one of my favorite months. Carry on, nurse!
Mike Reed, one of the Net's premier digital artists, has consented to do a sketch-up of Pickles & Me in mid-August. Let's see what he comes up with, shall we? It's slated for a MAJOR Nat'l Mag's usage/story in 2002.
The NY Slimes NY Times talk of a looming recessiondoesn't bode well for the rest of this year and immediately beyond. Alarmist shit or Words of Wisdom? I sure hope the socialists and communists at the Times are wrong. Again.
Here's an endearing story about the comeback of The American Elm, devastated in the 60s by the elm beetle, not the Dutch Elm Disease. It's wrongly named; the Dutch were in the fight with us to find a cure. They had nothing to do with the cause. It was the f*cking damned cheese-eating, surrenderist French Frog scumbags who sent the beetle over here. And here's where you can get grossly-overpriced 30-36" seedlings of The American Elm. My advice: wait until more nurseries get the tree stock, then the price will drop. These pirates are gouging everyone.
Gas prices have dropped again in the York (PA) area from $1.29.9/gal (89 octane) to $1.26.9 (89 octane); not quite the National Nickel, but much appreciated. So where's the "energy crisis", lib-dem bed-wetters? Yeah, thought so.
First, a steam engine explodes and whacks 4 and injures dozens of others in Ohio; now a Tilt-A-Whirl crashes and injures more people. Not a very auhispanicious start to the Summer County Fair Season across America. Our York County Fair hasn't had either problem, I'm relieved to say.
This is choice: the bimbo left-wing wacko editor of Garden Center Magazine, which no one in the industry reads anymore, is comparing my Journal rantings with the left-wing wacko Green Terrorist extremists, ELF (Earth Liberation Front), except that she loves the ELFers. Natch, she's a lib-dem socialist and a communist. Imagine that, I'm an extremist? Hardly, left-wing wacko with a title and a computer; just someone who is outraged at what passes for civility in a corrupt society and government, these post-Clintoon days. (What's your pathetic excuse, bitch?) And powerless to do anything about it. Here's an extremist organization: the NAACLP (National association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People); now those are extremist racists and bigots. What's the matter, Carol Miller bigot, haven't you heard of The First Amendment?
I took Thursday off, slept-in 'til 11am and did some overdue computer maintenance and condo projects. It was 94°:F Heat Index of 111°F when I left the condo at 12noon, and no rain in sight. Chicago wasn't so lucky, however. I sure wish we'd get some moisture here; the crops are wilted and shrivelling up and the landscapes aren't doing much better, except where we've installed drip irrigation systems. The farmers are going to take a financial hit after a relatively good season, last year.

Republican moderates, defying President Bush, joined Democrats and voted Friday to block any White House effort to lower standards for arsenic levels in drinking water that had been set by the criminal Clintoon administration. This is gonna cost industry untold billions with no appreciable effect on consumers. Dumb idea.
Someone had better reign-in the government spending, using 1.8 million credit cards, Pentagon employees went on a $9 billion shopping spree filled with fraud and abuse. And the US Taxpayer paid the bill, as always.
I find it incredibly difficult to believe that no one in the Bush Administration is willing to re-open hearings into the missile shootdown of TWA Flight 800, when the evidence is so obvious.
It's about time AG Ashcroft got rid of the Clintoonistas at the FBI and Dept of InJustice. I hope this is just the beginning of a major purge of such lowlife filth who've corrupted the Law in the USA.
A bipartisan Election Reform Report? Bullshit. We don't need another National Holiday just to vote. Those who don't vote won't make any effort to get to the voting booth; f*ck screw them, they're garbage. And we shouldn't allow felons they're lib-dem people to vote after they complete their sentence or their parole; they're subhuman garbage. Most should have been executed in the first place. Voting is a right and a privilege; felons are not eligible for either. Never will be, IMO.
An August recess? The entire cabal of lowlife criminals in the US Congress taking another month off; hell, they don't do anything worthwhile when they're in DC, except bicker and dicker, and sexually assault interns.
No doubt about it now: the US will have a nuclear war with criminal Red China, resulting in millions of Chi-Comm deaths and dozens of Chi-Comm cities being incinerated. They leave no room for anything else.
After 6 months, W is at 59% approval; in stark contrast, the disgraced, impeached ex-president BJ Clintoon was at 42%. Eat shit, lib-dem lowlifes.

Lib-democRAT Garbage.
"Tax Relief for America's Workers" a GOP Slogan? Nah, it's more of a left-wing wacko commie socialist lib-democRAT territory, where no self-respecting Conservative, let alone common GOPers, would fear to tread. DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe, an unindicted criminal lowlife scumbag, made the charge. He's so f*cking freakin' stupid that he's a candidate for federally-subsidized drugs for the mentally infirm. What a piece of lying, lowlife shit McAuliffe is. But then, I'm not telling you anything you already didn't know, right. Of course.
Here's a case where this lowlife, taco-snorting hispanic scumbag should have been sent back to the jungle. State Sen. Richard Alar-con-man, a lib-democRAT representing the Los Angeles-area town of San Fernando, is sponsoring a bill mandating the collection of racial data on all suspensions and expulsions in California's public schools. "African Americans and Latinos are suspended and expelled at much higher rates than the general population," Alarcon said. U.S. Department of Education figures show that one in eight black students nationwide was suspended in 1997, compared to only one in 18 white kids." Gee whiz, Tyrone Paco Einstein, does that reflect the US Average of blacks committing 47% of the violent crime, while merely representing 13% of the Total Population. Hispanics/Latinos or whatever, comprise about the same Overall Percentage, but commit far less violent crime. Blacks were the worst offenders. No surprise here. That's why I always carry my Colt Trooper MKIII .357 Magnum, and my Glock .9mm. Both terrifyingly-accurately spew .158gr hollowpoints, easily capable of blowing off an appendage and making mass hamburger. Read the article; it correctly paints Alarcon-man a racist, bigot and lib-dem whiner. Need I say more?
I find it un-f*cking believable incredible that the turd-sucking lowlife, Jimmah Carter, America's worst president in modern memory, criticizes W. Here's some of Carter's pathetic record.
Great news: the disgraced ex-president criminal scumbag liar white trash Bubba Jeffy Clintoon is moving to Harlem with all most of the other lowlife filth. Nice to have "it all" in one place; how about a small thermonuclear device to vaporize all the subhuman garbage and cleanse the putrid smell? I'll chip in $100 for the detonator and U-235 fuel rods. Any other contributors?
Another lowlife criminal Kennedy "thinking about running for office" in Illinois? William Kennedy Smith's a rapist, whose drug and alcohol-riddled Kennedy family bought his way out of the rape charge. He's unfit for anything but prison. The US doesn't need anymore of these scumbag Kennedys, we've had enough of their lies, crimes and socialistic-communistic ideas.
The Liar's back: disgraced ex-president criminal BJ Clintoon the scumbag is "beginning anew" to pollute the already stench-filled American political scene, with his putrid brand of criminal activity and lies. He's like a stinky turd which just won't quite flush down the toilet bowl, and requires repeated tries to banish it from sight.
The Other Liar's back, now too. AlGoreBore The Loser is making his "re-emergence" from the slimy Tennessee rock he's hibernated under since trying to steal the 2000 Election. Just as the lib-dem stench was finally beginning to abate nationally, he's back. Both GoreBore and Clintoon are like turds which won't flush.
Paralyzed shithead's back, too: Christopher Reeves, former mediocre actor and current vegetable, is on this stem cell thing like white-on-rice. He really thinks it'll benefit morons like him who ride/get thrown from horses, and end up rutabagas, at US TaxPayer expense. Look at the pic of him in the article; he doesn't even look human anymore; looks like a lowlife, subhuman lib-democRAT piece of dogshit. No f*cking darned way he looks human; more like embalmed. Mercy Killing is called for.
Another lowlife lib-dem lesbian dyke dog sleazoid alcoholic, Paula "Strap On That Vibrator, Ellen" Poundstone, continues to sully the news headlines, after sexually molesting a 14 year old girl and endangering 4 other children in her (former) custody. Poundstone has been free on $200,000 bail and remains in a residential treatment program for alcoholism, where she should live out the rest of her pathetic, miserable life.
The virtual closing by wildlife officials of a two-mile stretch of oceanfront beach in The Hamptons to protect the endangered piping plover is ludicrous; the complete f*ckover screw-over of Klamath Falls Farmers vs suckerfish is quite something else. It's tantamount to the federal government violation of The US Constitution, The Bill of Rights and everyday societal law. People always come before lower forms of life, especially fish, snails and flies. Move the fish-bird-snail-fly etc. Do no harm. But also do no harm to the families who've been stewards of the land for hundreds of years.
Look at this bitch's UGLY FACE; Lizzie Grub-man is a beast. I hope, sincerely hope, the JAP slut pig goes to jail for 3-5 years, but I doubt it. Too much money behind her waddling, fat and very, very ugly lardass.
This new study is taking some all of the wind out of the alcoholic Indians' claims that they are the original Native Americans. It would seem that they are "interlopers", too, in the overall grand picture of North America.
Secret documents show that the National Education association has become the Democratic Party. No real surprise here, but the scandal could be juicy. This integration of the NEA into the Democratic Party goes a long way toward explaining how a monopoly that today leaves nearly two-thirds of African-American and Hispanic fourth graders illiterate has insulated itself against political accountability.

Stinking Lowlife White-Black Trash.
UN Summit on Racism? Topics like reparations for African slavery and a denouncement of Zionism? Skip the commie socialist meeting, W. It's for lowlifes and scumbags and black racist-bigot trash nations still trafficking in slavery, not the USA.
I find it very humorous that American blacks go to "Mother Africa" to find their family's so-called "roots" and harshly criticize America's involvement in the black-owned and black-run slave trade in the 1600s, 1700s and early 1800s. Heck, if their ancestors hadn't been brought here back then, they'd be living dying in Africa with all the AIDS-riddled filth, be raped and sold into slavery or massacred in one of the tribal wars. Some life, huh? Hey stupid American blacks: wake the f*ck hell up and count your blessings you're here. You may not be "living large", but at least you're living, unlike the millions who die every year in that shithole called Africa.
Rape? Is that the only way the lowlife piece of subhuman shit, Mike "I Have No Brains Left" Tyson can get a date and sorta get laid? Put scumbag on a leaky boat back to Africa, and torpedo it in mid-voyage. What's this? Twice or thrice now, for rape? Ah yes, here it is: Tyson, 35, spent three years in jail after being convicted in 1992 of raping Desiree Washington, an 18-year-old Miss Black America contestant. Yep Mikey boy; figures, moron. Tyson, who was jailed a second time in 1999 for three months for assaulting two motorists in Maryland, settled outta court for huge bucks. He's a psycho, don'tcha know?
Speaking of dogshit, the race-baiting misery-profiteering Irrev Jesse "Who's Your Daddy?" Jack-scum is blackmailing another company; this time, Toyota. And now he's gonna "boycott" through his corrupt PUSH cabal? Hell, blacks don't buy Toyotas; let him go ahead and boycott. If it was Kentucky Fried Chicken or California Watermelon Co, then he'd have a point. Toyota? Nah. Go f*ck screw hang yourself, Jack-scum scumbag.

Better Off Without This Filth.
I personally don't think we should waste the medication on this subhuman piece of shitfilth, who murdered two capitol police officers 3 years ago. He should be taken out behind the prison, have a 9mm bullet put through his murderous head, and thrown into a dumpster. Case closed.
Pork-sucking towelheads raping white girls in Australia? C'mon Aussie coppers, that's what your 9mm's are for, guys. Execute the stinking muslim-shit, islam-filth on the spot. No trial, no muss or fuss. Headshots for all involved.
No sympathy for this "murderous (Andrea Pia Yates) mommie"; she drowned her 5 children in the home bathtub. She was indicted today on two charges of capital murder; should have been 5. Her husband, Russell "I'm A Lying, Complicit moron" Yates, told authorities his wife had been treated for postpartum depression for the past two years. No f*cking damned excuse, bitch. And screw whack f*ck to heck with all the liberal-democRAT filth who've "come to her defense". They're aiding and abetting murder, too, by their phony diagnoses of a fraudulent disease/problem/condition. Bullshit, NAGs (National association of Gals), formerly NOW.
This is why AIDS is a very useful population control device, and why no effort should be made to find a so-called cure: too many billions of people on the Earth. The Black Death or Bubonic Plague acted much more quickly, but AIDS'll do the same job of cleansing the garbage from the Earth, without Killing the innocents. So run rampant!
Here's a Serbian general who murdered almost 8,000 people during the Balkans War, and he only gets 46 years in prison. Sure, he won't live that long, but execution would be so much more appropriate, as the Nazis got at Nuremberg. The United Nations war crimes tribunal in the hague, are truly cowards.
If you have a question about English, shouldn't a site "for everything you need to know about the English language" be your first stop? aims offers helpful tips for better writing, information on the origin of words and the creation of dictionaries, and diversions like word games, crossword puzzles, and a jargon buster. And don't miss the the contenders for inclusion in the Oxford English Dictionary this week's possibilities include "dot.bomb," "bilderberger," and, our favorite, the Spinal Tap-inspired "goes up to 11."


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