heads up their collective asss

August 4, 2000


here do all the liberal-democrat scumbags come from? What darkened, slimy, algae-covered rocks do they crawl out from under? Most likely, they're hiding in dark rooms with soil-filled coffins, safely hidden away from sunlight and any sense of normalcy and decency. Liberal scum continually try to infringe upon normal citizens' rights, inflict their demented ideas and "politically-correct" perversions of what they think we should say, do and consider. Liberal slime somehow mistakenly believe we're not smart enough to decide where our heard-earned money should be spent; hence, outrageous taxation begets grossly-flawed social programs — the ill-conceived Welfare and Head Start come to mind immediately — requiring huge infusions of US Taxpayer's monies. Liberal idiots think that social program schemes like Welfare help people, when in fact, such programs addict poor Blacks and Whites to unending handouts and promote reliance upon government largesse. Liberal morons congregate around man-made disasters — the Columbine shooting comes to mind — and pontificate about how more laws are needed, when 20,000+ laws are already on the books to control guns. The reason it's not working so far is the non-enforcement by the BATF, FBI and Dept of InJustice. Simple, lowlife liberal morons screw it up for everyone in society; then cry "wolf" to disguise their incompetence and stupidity. Lowlife, racist, bigoted filth like Irrev's Jesse Jack-scum and Al Sharp-scum — neither with any visible means of support — are always leading their so-called "battle" for the disenfranchised "victims". AlGoreBore slimefilth continue to profit — does AlGoreBore's commie cash cow Occidental Petroleum ring some bells? — from their criminal activities, while deluding the gullible America Public. Lib-dems are such liars and scumbags on so many issues, they simply can't be trusted to do what's right without personal, ulterior motives. And the slimy, biased liberal Old Time Media is always willing to be their shills, conveniently ignoring facts and using White House/DNC "talking point" faxes to lambaste Conservative candidates. I'd enjoy seeing those institutions go under; realistically, it won't happen but the Web-based New Media has put a significant dent into their audience and influence so far.

Around The Garden Center.
Even with all the wonderful rain and personnel taking time off, we had a good week. Several high-end landscape jobs were completed and the customers were thrilled at the results. I'm due to get back out with my digital camera and add some new installations to the Ongoing Projects Pages.
The surging US economy doesn't appear to be letting up; if anything, it's getting more robust. I just wish I could find more workers who wanted to work, instead of loafers who want jobs but don't want to work. Heck, I start landscape help at $8/hr — commensurately more if they're experienced — while the nearby fast food joints pay them $9+ to flip burgers. Some future they have there.
Summer and its concomitant hum-didity came back with a vengeance last weekend and continued through this past week. Although temps were only in the upper 80°s, the 95% humidity factor produced upper 90°s heat index readings. To say the very least, it was uncomfortable; actually, it sucked. And with the daily thunderstorms rolling through, moisture levels in the air and ground remained high. Last year, everything was burnt brown and almost scorched beyond recognition. This year, everything looks lush and green, unlike the Southeast and Southwest regions, which are suffering terribly. They're gonna need a couple of hurricanes to come through and sit on them for a few days to recoup moisture levels, though their crops are gone for good.
Just a few miles to the east in the Philly area, they had a gully-washer. Wow: 7.5" in an hour. Did I say gully-washer?
Last Sunday, I took my new Char Broil Patio Caddy gas grill (foreground, left front; looks like R2D2... heh) home; I'd already brought my family's carefully-maintained and refurbished '59 Weber Kettle antique charcoal grill down to the Garden Center for everyone on staff to use during the week. On Monday, because it was a slow day, my General manager, Lynn and I grilled Prime Ribeye Steaks, sweet Vidalia Onions, made baked potatoes and had a nice head lettuce salad w/ dressing, on the side. Yum. I could get used to eating like that everyday.
Gas prices have stayed steady at around $1.58.9/ gal (89 oct) for the past few weeks in the mid-state area, while many home heating oil customers are now locking themselves into price contracts for the upcoming Winter season. I'm still paying around $34 for 22gals to fill up my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD, and at roughly 15-17mpg, it does just fine for me.
In The Not-All-Parts-Are-Created-Equal Dept, my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD has had 3 fuel pumps replaced in the space of two days, by the local Jeep Dealer. When the original went south 8 weeks ago, they replaced it for $700; then last weekend it again started having problems. I burnt the battery out trying to start it, took it in and they replaced it again: another faulty pump before it got out of the Jeep Dealer's garage; and finally another pump, which is working fine. I hope. Fortunately, the last two are under warranty and cost me nothing. Time will tell.
I took Thursday off, slept in 'til 11am, and did some much-needed food shopping for the condo, stocking up on "grillable" items for my new Char Broil Patio Caddy gas grill. The Garden Center office 'fridge also needs a restocking, so I'll get to that over the weekend.

Chores In The Garden For August.
Jeeeez, can you believe it's already August? Tempus Fugit, baby. Here's what needs to happen in your garden(s) this month:
»Plant Asters and Mums for Fall color,
»Divide and replant crowded Summer-blooming bulbs after leaves yellow,
»Buy Winter- and Spring-blooming bulbs ,
»Plant container and balled-and-burlapped (B&B) fruit trees,
»Plant permanent ground covers,
»Plant and aerate lawns and loosen thatch,
»Plant or transplant Fall-Winter vegetable seedlings,
»Sow seeds for Fall-Winter vegetables ,
»Divide and replant Summer-blooming perennials after bloom,
»Plant container roses,
»Plant container and balled-and-burlapped trees, shrubs, and vines,
»Plant frost-tolerant trees,
»Plant needle-leafed evergreens,
»Provide birds and asserflies with a shallow water source.

Clintoonista morons.
When US Military Troops have to use Gov't Food Stamps to feed their families, something's very wrong. The lib-dem draft-dodging Clintoon-Gore filth have raped and used the US Military to death, and never replenished it, all in the name of a "balanced budget", mandated by the GOP. The stupid, lowlife lib-dem scumshit can't remember that welfare entitlements and other worthless social programs are to blame, NOT the US Military. The Republicans put the Military near the top, and take care of it, unlike the slimy, lib-dem Clintoon-GoreBore, garbage.
DogFace Chelsea Clintoon is taking a quarter off of college to help Mommy-Hitlery-Bitch and Daddy-Bubba-Liar stay outta Prison. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Read the last 2 paragraphs of the Clinton lies. Somehow, those morons believe their own lies.
Wow, here's how to deal with liberal-socialist-commie politicians — shoot them! — and I'd sure like to bring the ETA shooters over here to clean out all the lib-dem filth in the worthless US Congress.
I don't believe this shit for a f*cking minute: A White House aide obtained confidential FBI background files on Republicans from past administrations by mistake, not to collect derogatory information on political opponents, according to an independent counsel report released on Friday. If you do, I'd like to talk to you about a bridge in Brooklyn that's for sale. Sounds to me like the IC (independent counsel), Bobby "the shithead" Ray, is in the lib-dems pocket.
It's really hard for me to believe people can be so stupid: shit-for-brains Bubba Clintoon is still tricking citizens into believing that if they give up their Second Amendment Right to "keep and bear arms", crime will drop. Hey fellow & fellowette Americans, do you see any criminals turning in their guns for cash? They're the ones who commit crimes and who need to be disarmed, not you! By disarming US Citizens, criminals will be more easily able to prey upon them.
Because of illegal pressure and lawsuits from the Clintoon Dept of InJustice, Marlboro cigarettes are going up $.10-.30 per pack, to pay for the outrageous $145billion Florida settlement for 300,000 sickly morons, who knew the risks of smoking over the years, but who are too cowardly and slimy to take responsibility for what they've done to themselves over the past 30-40 years. Sure, I feel some empathy toward them, but they're getting what they deserve. What's next? The stinking Clintoonista scumbags have targeted the completely legal gun industry; soon they'll go after the automobile industry, then the fast food industry. There's no telling where this ugly precedent will eventually lead. I sure hope GWB can stem the tide.

The GOP Convention.
First, if I were in charge of law and order in Philly, this shit wouldn't happen. My cops would break heads, tear-gas and arrest every last piece of shit protester on the streets, jail the scum and let 'em rot in prison. That said, on to the show.
Why GWB kept the lowlife Johnny "The Commie" McCain around for the RNC Convention, is anyone's guess. I can't figure it. He brings zero to the ticket and the party. 58 Arizona delegates? So what?
Allowing this empty-headed idiot into the GOP Convention is a huge mistake; he's a racist, bigot, race-baiter. Just like Jesse Jack-scum is. But way lower on the food chain. Where's James Earl Ray when the country really needs him?
Sure, there's got to be a bomb scare. At both Conventions, right? Otherwise, I'd think Carville-the-mentally-challenged-halfbreed-lowlife-subhuman-piece-of-shit was "responsible" for it against the GOP. Him? Nahhhhhh.
In a move contrary to the Laws of God and Nature, the GOP is reaching out to homosexuals and allowing them to speak at the Convention. A huge mistake by Bush, this idiotic move permits the homosexuals to undermine the GOPs family values plank and further their perverted agenda.
Why would the GOP even let the fat, race-baiting, stupid, racist bigot idiot Al Sharp-scum into the Convention? That's insane. He's a filthy lowlife who deserves the same bullet that Malcolm X-crement got for being a racist bigot.
Ummmmmm, real Phill cheesesteaks! Yum. Heck, I'd have 2-3 delivered daily to my assigned seat if I was a Convention Delegate. Lotsa napkins for the grease, though.
Those lowlife protester scumbags are lucky I'm not the Philly Police Chief: every cop under my command would be breaking heads, arresting the filth and jailing them for the balance of the month. That'd clear the stench from the streets. Oh, I have no problem with people speaking their minds, according to the First Amendment; it outrages me when they go on rampages and destroy property and other peoples' businesses, as they did in Seattle a few months back. That's when I'd issue the order to shoot to whack, on sight. How the hell are 2 police officers "injured"? My way of doing business would be to break some f*cking protester heads, without contrition. I'd crack skulls, shatter bone and damage greymatter.
At 10pm, GW gave a great speech, outlining what he'll do to rid the Nation of the stinking, decaying Clintoonism and GoreBoreism, and people responded. Despite the cheap shots that the cowardly ABC News dumped on him, he came through for America.
The full text of his speech is here.

Good Riddance, Scumbags.
Darryl Strawberry, the cokehead who had the world by the (base)balls and threw it all away for cocaine. Couldn't handle it? Glad your colon cancer came back and we all hope like hell you'll die from it. You're a useless, worthless piece of shit.
25 years ago last week, the notorious criminal of the Teamsters, Jimmy Hoffa disappeared and was "hit" by the mafia. This scumbag gave new meaning to the words, lowlife and crime. Glad you're dead, Jimmy; please stay there as your like-father, like-son criminal is running the scumbag Teamsters now and following your tradition. With a little luck, he'll also be dead soon.

Capital Punishment.
Jeeeez, I hate to say it: this moron needs to be executed. Army sergeants or not, he needs to be executed. Oh yes, he plea-bargained his death sentence away for the murder, sodomy and committing indecent acts with a minor, rape and felony murder. A crime in and of itself. He should be executed, no doubt.
This piece of shit murderer is guilty, but instead of going on trial and receiving a deserved death sentence for the murder of four women and girls in Yosemite Nation Park last year, he gets a six month reprieve. Why? So his slimy lawyers can "analyze" 28,000 pages of evidence? Bullshit! Execute him. The victims are still dead and their families need justice and closure.
Tough to re-open a closed murder case? Yep, should be. Should be impossible; execute the subhuman filth slimeball.
Oh Jeeez, execute this scum filth, LeRoy Tyrone John-scum — Mumia Abul Jamal — whack the idiot cop-whacker! What's holding up this scum's appointment with the Grim Reaper? He's NOT an African-American or Black; he's a lowlife garbage murderer who needs to be terminated with extreme prejudice.
Only morons and morons would eliminate the death penalty. Glad to see that most Oregonians didn't sign that stupid petition to change true Justice in that Left Coast state.

Pure Bullshit.
Why anyone would pay anything to talk to the murderous idiot, OJ Simp-scum, is beyond my line of reasoning and logic. He should be on death row, awaiting execution, not making money from an interNet chat-for-fee-session. He's a subhuman piece of shit idiot — in my book, he lost the moniker Black or African-American when he murdered two innocent people — who was set free by the crooked Johnny Cock-roach lawyer when the "race card" was played, and by incompetent Los Angeles DAs office idiots.
No wonder people drag them behind pick-up trucks.
Think I'm being too hard on the Irrev Jesse Jack-scum? Read this about his "non stand on slavery in the Sudan". He's a hypocrite, liar and a coward.
Are you ready for the primetime death of NFL Football? Since it's early glory days in '70, with Howard Cosell, Don Meredith and Frank Gifford, Monday Nite NFL Football just hasn't been the same. Michaels said the MNF crew, like any young team, will need time to grow. "Everybody will make a certain judgment after five or 10 minutes of the game and that’s going to be unfair," Michaels said. "I think over the course of the season it will get better and better, it’ll get smooth and smoother." Sorry Al-moron: it's going to get worse; it's going down the dumper with that lowlife Dennis Miller onboard.
Aw gee whiz, pedophiles are afraid to be named and shamed publicly, for fear of being whacked? They should be; actually, they should be executed by the government for crimes against innocent humanity.
Oh shit, here we go again: the dogshit company, Sun Microsystems Scottie "pottie squealy" McNealy is whining about Microsoft being a success, just because his pathetic organization can't seem to turn a profit. This time it's in Europe. He whined, wet his bed and begged the US Dept of InJustice to prosecute MS because his unprofitable company can't make it in the business marketplace, as did the morons from Oracle scumbag, Ellison, Netscape, AOL and other lo-tech crybabies. f*ck them all.

Old Woodies.
No, not that kind. Think about it as evolution: "Once, almost every conveyance was made of wood: boats, chariots, wagons, trains, even airplanes. Twentieth-century wood-sided wagons, convertibles, sedans, and trucks wear the vestigial tails of their wooden predecessors." Old Woodies is a celebration of wood-clad cars and trucks from decades past includes feature stories and histories, and fabulous photo galleries with classic rides lovingly salvaged and restored by owners from Nashville to San Diego, even outrageous English shooting brakes (that's British for woodies) like the 1910 Rolls Royce Silver Ghost.


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