the drought from hell

Friday, August 6, 1999

yup, you guessed it. I'm a Charter Member of the VRWC. I hate the Clintonite filth scum with a passion usually devoted to a hobby-level activity. One does not need to be a conservative to hate the Clintonite criminals; many democrats hate his guts for lying to the American Public on so many occasions. There isn't much filth worse than Clinton around anywhere, except murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors. Ummm, let's see: Bubba Clinton is a rapist, murderer, and traitor. And without stretching it too much, he's also a child molester, since the Lewinsky slut was less than half his age. Then there's the arrogant Hitlery bitch; jeeez, don't get me started on that inept, lying, carpetbagging scuzbag. Liberal sons and daughters of bitches can't quite handle the truth. They freak, they panic, they recoil from responsibility in recognizing the cold, hard facts. They falsely pontificate, advocate and pass huge government controlled, social programs which addict the end recipients to as life of social, fiscal dependency and ethical and moral hell. I have no use for liberals or democrats; they need to be exterminated best yet, left to self-destruct and become naturally extinct. But alas, they breed like rats. Liberal democrats have a tendency to attach themselves to a host organism and bleed it for what it's worth. They're leeches and bloodsuckers, preying upon society's less fortunate. Criminals all of them, needing to burn in hell for longer than eternity.

Around The Garden Center.
The weekend started out very nicely: early Friday morning at work, a 20 minute rain from a passing thunderstorm cell cooled things down and added much needed moisture to the wilting crops and parched fields. I stood out on the front steps and revelled in getting wet. After the sun came back out, it was 100F+ all weekend with unbearable hum-didity. It was stifling. A definite 2 shirt day.
Friday evening at home, I caught a very nice, slowly passing thunderstorm's benefit by getting in on the southern end of a solid hour of heavy rain and mounds of pea-sized hail. Everything turned white for 15-20mins; it looked like a January snowstorm outside. Lots of power blips due to the frequent lightening and booming thunder claps. A couple of re-sets of the 450 Pentium reminded me that I need to get the full suite of APC equipment, as I have at the office for the Dell 333. The SAG 450 at home deserves it, too.
When I got to the complex at 6am on Saturday morning, everything over 2' tall was laying down from the storm on Friday evening. Everything had to be stood up and hand-watered. By 9am, I was almost finished rectifying things. One of the joys of ownership, I guess.
With temps of over 100F, and working outside and sweating so much, I got "sick" on Sunday and couldn't keep any food down. I was supposed to have dinner at my Folks' on Sunday nite, but cancelled at the last minute. I don't do well in heat, anymore. I went home, stayed in the AC and drank lots of cold fluids (aka water, not cabernet).
Monday, the heat and hum-didity broke after 28 days of 90F+ & 100F temps. It was actually a pleasure to see 80F readings, almost like early Summer. The drought is still with us and probably will be for some time yet. Other states are now declaring drought emergencies, following Pennsylvania's lead. It'd be nice if each of us could "box-up" one very nice day and use it whenever we wanted one.
This first week of August was again bearable, as compared to the murderous heat of July. August is traditionally much hotter than July; I suspect that will again be the case.
On Tuesday, Lynn's 200 Pentium at the Front Counter took a dump and blew out Win95. We salvaged the most important files GardenWare labelling and sign-making program libraries and payroll and installed Win98 and reloaded all the important software. Boy, are we having fun or what?
Sure, the heatwave broke but the drought is getting much worse. The calls come in steadily from customers and others at an alarming rate: what can we do to save our plants? On the other side of the pond, they've got the opposite problem. Why the hell can't things even themselves out?
I also agreed to help one of Lynn's daughters, Ashley, to build a website for a local band, called Generik, in which she has a "vested interest" (his name is James). It's starting to take shape.
A fascinating story on the origin of plant life has just emerged from a 5 year study. Well, at least they're not going to rename and re-classify everything. That would screw things up worldwide for years.
The past couple of days has seen temps again rise in to lower and mid-90s. I've been setting up and moving sprinkler towers around the B&B trees and shrubs, just to keep them alive in the unending drought. Everything is badly wilted. Even well-established plants which have been in the ground for years are teetering on the edge of death without water.
Last weekend, one of our customers who we do work for at their two funeral homes and residences, told me that his gravediggers aren't finding any signs of moisture 7-8ft down when they're digging; it's just dust. Normally, there'd be 12-14" of dry soil on top, but there should be moist soil below. There isn't; it's bone dry to the bottom from 3 successive years of drought, a very grim cumulative effect.

Teamster Criminals.
It's like letting the fox guard the henhouse: allowing the mafia-riddled, Teamsters to police themselves. Sure thing. Definitely the most corrupt organization outside of the Clinton administration, the Teamsters should have been disbanded decades ago and most everyone should have been jailed.
All the Hoffas are criminals, a part of and beholden to organized crime. That's a constant in a changing world.

Execute Them All.
Anytime a murderer whacks himself is a good thing; too bad he took all those other people with him. Who said the workplace is safe? Here's his frame of mind after Killing his wife and two children; then he set out to whack 9 more people, plus himself.
Inmate suicide saves between $40,000-78,000 per prisoner, per year. I've read that it's on the rise. Great, I'm all for it. I haven't noticed a greatly-reduced tax bill yet, but I'm sure that as we execute more of the 3,700+ subhuman filth, charitably-housed upon Death Row for 10-30 years, we'll have even more appreciation for ", liberty and the pursuit of happiness". Maybe we could include an industrial strength noose in every cell? Regular inspections and removal-cleanings, too.
Why isn't this piece of shit dead yet? He pleaded guilty when arrested; sentence and execute the scumbag "Railway whacker". What the f*ck is everyone waiting for? 20-30 years of appeals? Waste him.
Who cares? There's now one less piece of shit wrestler to pollute the TV airwaves. Too bad all of them don't die in "accidents". Good riddance, idiot. If I get any mail from a "wrestling fan", they're on the wrong website.
Raping a 15 year old girl at the so-called Woodstock99? Sure, execute the piece of shit; no one will miss him.
This is how it's supposed to work when one keeps a firearm at home for protection.
Oh, be still my beating heart! Six murderers to die in the next 2 weeks; I knew there was a reason I liked Texas and "Dubya", as governor - but not as president. Look at the murder dates; all are 15+ years old and the victims are still dead. These lowlife murderers are allowed to live many years beyond the violent deaths of their victims and clog up the courts with endless appeals. Very, very wrong. At least Bush is signing the death warrants.
As soon as he's convicted, burn this piece of shit, too. Serves him right for not following his own bad advice.
At least Florida can still use Old Sparky to fry the murderous scum.
This is unbelieveable; why don't the Brits and Scots use the death penalty to remove such filth permanently from society? They're idiots.
Life in prison for murder? Not in my f*cking courtroom; that piece of shit would be executed ASAP.
I don't have a problem with the Gov't keeping criminals' DNA profile on file; if it helps them catch more murderers, rapists and child molesters, and execute them, I'm all for it.
Why is this murderous piece of shit still alive?

If they're here illegally, catch them and deport their sorry asses. If they're here legally, learn to speak and use English and not some guttural foreign language, like Spanish.
California voters voted to end billions of dollars of social services to illegals, except for emergency medical treatment. They should have been deporting the scum by the tens of thousands. Instead, California has footed the huge bill for illegal scum.

Bullshit Dep't.
Linda Tripp indicted? Bill Clinton acquitted? Doesn't this f*cking country and warped legal system have it all back-ass-wards? (Of course, look at the way we treat murderers) Clinton lied, was impeached and got off scot-free; Tripp did nothing illegal f*ck Maryland and faces two felony counts for telling the truth.
Pathetic is the only way to describe a Brit court's moronic ruling that three so-called men get "gender reassignment" operations, paid for by public monies. Sounds like their so-called legal system is as f*cked up as ours is. Lorena Bobbit would do it for free with a good sharp knife, I'd wager.
Public servants at Dept of The Interior doing anti-GOP research and propaganda? Sure, and thousands more are at it on the public's tax dollars. The DNC benefits and the taxpayer loses. An all too typical liberal scam.
Once again the lying, hypocritical Hitlery bitch is spinning Bubba's wandering dick, by blaming his lack of morals and ethics on two dead women. He just can't take responsibility for his own actions, another liberal trait. It doesn't hold water. The shrinks agree. The only reason she stuck around is for the trappings of power and prestige of the Office of The President. She's a power hungry, arrogant bitch. And a congenital liar, as he is. Maybe that's how "they do business in Arkansas", but that isn't The Real World. Or, is it, now? Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when the Nation really needs him?
Here's the real reason why Clinton does what he does. Wake the f*ck up, Hitlery!
Flipped a SUV? Leave it to Monica. Bubba really picked a smart one to polish his knob: Monica doesn't have the swhacks to blow her nose, let alone Clinton's dick. Ummm, maybe the two tasks aren't related. Never mind.
What do you expect? The Chief Chink Chi-Comm Spy bleats innocent; did we really expect a "guilty" admission?
This guy saved the lying, raping Bubba's ass in Kosovo. (Wherever the f*ck that Kosovo shithole is.) Now, in an obvious political move, the White House has bumped Clark to accommodate Ralston (the lying, adulterer). Bummer; Clark knew what he was doing, Ralston is merely a Clinton purchase and clone for the political punishment of Clark.
Was there undue political influence brought to bear on the case? You bet, sure thing.
These bloated, balding (both sexes), lowlife, refugees from the 60s are sill around? f*ck it: waste 'em. They were dogshit then and they're ex-cocaine-bloated, dogshit now. No loss if they're dead, now, like Mama Cass. Serendippity was their theme; they simply came along in time when the music and attitude were right. Songs by "others"; nothing original, like maggots.
Wrong, wrong, wrong. There could have been 116 millionaires instead of just one lowlife maggot who'll waste the money. Lotteries which don't have at least 10 winners, depending upon the purse size, should roll over until more winners are able to claim some of that cash. 9.774 out of 10 players are idiots, cretins, morons and fools anyway who else plays the lottery? and not one of them deserves to waste-away $116 million. Not one. Spread the wealth amongst the idiots, cretins, morons and fools. That's what a lottery does: steal your money.

Top 100.
Ever wonder who the top 100 websites are? compiles the list weekly by activity and ranks them for all to see. Not many surprises there.

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