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Friday, August 7, 1998

know what this is?

once in a great while, something comes along which piques my interest: linguistics obscura, the meaning of obscure words. Poltroons is defined as: craven, dastard, recreant, coward, spineless, lily-livered et al. It's a wonderfully obscure and arcane word and should be incorporated into our daily language on a more frequent basis. Actually, it applies to many people in the headlines these days. I'm surprised more journalists don't use it to describe all politicians, religious right evangelists and liberal Hollywood types on a regular basis.

Getting A Much Needed Break.
After 3 weeks of 90F+ weather and no rain, we got some much welcomed relief last Thursday in the form of heavy thunderstorms with over 1.5" of rain. Everything has been burnt to a crisp and will take much more moisture to recover. Thankfully, it's not as bad here as it is in the southwest, or in Texas specifically. Some years were worse than others. But with all that heat and drought, the wines should be pretty awesome this year. There's a flip side to everything, I guess.
I continue to get calls by the score telling me about stressed-out plant material and replacements needed in dozens of gardens. The bulk of those will be done in the Fall, after air and ground temperatures drop and the rains (hopefully) arrive. With only two-four man crews this year, I have to devote all resources to completing some very large landscape jobs before we lose the weather, traditionally in late November.
I've had to go to one very large, partially completed landscape project which will soon appear in the new Ongoing Projects Pages on the Site and do some watering with the overhead system, which we installed for the owners to take care of the new, massive gardens. It's an hour round-trip from my Center to their residence, and was a minor nuisance during my busy days, but since they were on vacation, someone had to do it. I'm the utility infielder, often called upon to fill in the gaps, when and where necessary.

Clinton's Choices.
Despite ostensibly being in big trouble, actually, he does have a few. He can pre-empt his August 17th Grand Jury testimony with a mea culpa nationally televised confession, thereby taking all the wind out of Judge Starr's upcoming report and possibly avoid impeachment proceedings for perjury. He can take his chances with the sure-to-follow he said, she said accusations, after his and Lewinsky's grand jury testimony. Or he can tough it out and see what happens after all testimony is received and let the American Public and Congress be the final arbiters. Finally, he could just whack himself to avoid the embarrassment and pain of being impeached and run out of town in disgrace. That sounds like the best solution to me.
Whatever his decision, his presidency is clearly damaged. This whole scenario could have been avoided if he'd done the mea culpa speech back in January, when the blowjob stories first surfaced. But he didn't have the guts or the moral direction then or now.
He's a liar, cheat, philanderer and scumbag; plain and simple. The Nation and the World know it, but few seem to care, according to the so-called polls. I really wonder who get polled? I've never been asked for my thoughts. Have you? Perhaps if people with a backbone and a conscience were asked, the results would be skewed very differently, and not in such a liberal manner.
Typical of Clinton's lowlife style of everything he does, he doesn't face problems; he runs away to the Hamptons to cavort with scummy Hollywood liberal types, themselves living in a propped-up fantasy world and blinded to what reality and truth actually are. Lobster and cash it is, instead of truth. He's a piece of shit, deserving of impeachment and disgrace for not facing the Nation and telling the truth for once in his pathetic life and so-called career. But that's just Bubba, isn't it? He's more comfortable with the lie; it's been his constant companion all of his life. He'll do everything he can to keep the truth from coming out, including arguing a meritless case for his lowlife, lop-eared adviser, Lindsey all the way to the US Supreme Court, as a pure stalling tactic.
If the lying scumbag Clinton had just told the truth back in January, this whole mess would have been over long ago. Instead, the lying moron Clinton deliberately chose to put the Nation through this soap opera shit and it's a long way from over. He loves the lie. And he and his minions will do whatever's necessary to protect what they have. These are the worst kind of scum, indeed.
Why do Conservatives hate Clinton? Here's way out, left wing nut Salon magazine's take on that issue. See why they're ultra left wing nuts?

The World Won't Wait.
Let's get this impeachment process moving quickly. Real events won't wait too long for the process to get rid of Slick Willie The Bubba and get back to the world's business.
Look what's going on out there: Russia, with 20,000 nuclear weapons and an impoverished arms industry ready to sell anything to anyone, is teetering on the edge of collapse. Kosovo and Albania are imploding. China is considering devaluing its currency, in a move that could trigger a whole new downward economic spiral in Asia that would surely hurt the U.S. economy. Japan is stumbling around, lost. Saddam Hussein is preparing to rear his ugly head again. Iran is testing a long-range missile. The Arabs are moving closer to Iran, out of a feeling that the U.S. is too weak now to protect them from any Iranian meddling. The expansion of U.S. free trade, through the fast-track process, is frozen because the President is afraid to confront Congressional Democrats on this issue, because they are his only core support. And the Arab-Israeli peace process is frozen, in part because the White House has completely wimped out from its vow to confront Israel's Prime Minister, Bibi Netanyahu, if he continues to reject the U.S. peace plan.
But wait. If the lowlife lying Clintonite filth are gone, that leaves AlGore in charge. he's a lying moron southern politician scumbag, just like his crooked daddy was, and will gain an election year advantage by his newly-donated position of president. Goddam, that gives me the creeps. Gore as president. Yikes!

This Country's f*cked Up.
Only in America is a pathological liar and sociopath able to be elected president and allowed to keep that job. William Jefferson Clinton, aka Slick Willie The Bubba, is the worst kind of human being: a congenital liar, philanderer, cheat, conspirator and all-around lowlife. Ditto for his semi-wife, Hitlery The Bitch.
But what's far, far worse is the American Public, who don't care what Clinton is. They (not me) elected the son-of-a-bitch twice (not me, either time) to the now greatly tarnished and disgraced Office of President.
It's amazing that Clinton can keep his lying mouth shut when he's backed up to the wall of truth, but can't keep his dick to himself or his frigid bitch of a wife, Hitlery. Considering what he's now up against, the stupid (collectively speaking) American Public will probably give the son-of-a-bitch Clintonite a pass on this, too. He's weakened the Nation, but looks good to the liberals. How is that?
It would be such poetic justice for someone we're still talking about Bubba Clintonite who has made a career of ducking and dodging the consequences of his criminal actions, and who spent his whole life getting to be president, to be impeached and driven out of office in disgrace. Hopefully, he'd commit suicide rather than return to Arkansas in such deep shame. Heck, maybe Hitlery would whack herself too.
Remember, it's not the sex; it's the perjury and conspiracy which are important. Liberals can't quite grasp that simple fact. Clinton's screwed so many women he's got several highly-active strains of herpes venereal disease; that's why The White House won't release his medical records. And he's transmitted herpes to dozens of other women besides Hitlery.
Yeah sure, the US is f*cked up; but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else. At least, we can dream of and sometimes realize meaningful changes here.

El Reno.
I once had respect for Attorney General Janet Reno; actually the day she was appointed by her criminal quasi-client and boss, Slick Willie The Bubba. But no more. She's proven herself a myopic, conspiratorial un-American bitch.
By continually stonewalling the Law and not appointing an independent counsel to investigate the flagrant lib-dem's '96 campaign funding criminal acts, she's let hundreds of witness flee the country and is protecting Clinton, Gore and all the slimy bastards in the DNC and White House from investigation and prosecution. Plus, she's pissed off some heavy GOP hitters who will make her life even more miserable than it already is. Go get the bitch, Dan!

Dog Days.
It occurs every Summer: heat and humidity stifling every pore in the body. It's uncomfortable and often miserable, but I'd never heard of the SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder being tied to Summer, before reading about it recently. I can't imagine that problem affecting 20% of the US population.
Are we a Nation of neurotics and maniac depressives? Bi-polar twinkies? What's going on here? People getting depressed by Winter and Summer? Hey, here's a fix which will save you lots of money on doctor visits and medication: go whack yourselves! Call in Dr. Death, aka Jack Kevorkian, and he'll fix your depression problem. or better yet, get a hobby and a new life.

Wrong Action.
The state of Oklahoma clearly f*cked up when they executed a man who whacked a filthy child molester. That guy was a hero: he should have been released and pardoned for his other crimes.
All murderers, rapists and child molesters should be executed upon conviction. No appeals. Execution is immediate and final. That would help to clean out society's subhuman scum and effectively deter any further acts of that evil nature.
Oh, the ignorant shit-for-brains liberals don't think so. They still think that societal garbage can be rehabilitated. They've been proven wrong by repeat offenders over the years. Killing them all is the only answer.

Still Needs Killing.
Why this piece of shit, scumbag Fidel Castrate is still alive and continuing to ruin once prosperous (1950s era) Cuba is a mystery. Socialism and communism haven't succeeded; the USA failed to act decisively and whack Castro, ridding the western hemisphere of a cancer.
Now he's cavorting around the Caribbean trying to convert those shitty little island semi-nations to his wonderful brand on communism. Like it ever worked; look at the condition of that country and its people.
If we invaded, the paper tiger army there would fold like a limp whatever. Better yet: don't waste the lives or money; let 'em eat atomic waste. Nuke'em.

The Death Penalty.
Mentally defective or not, anyone murdering anyone else should be executed summarily upon conviction; no appeals. Why there is a debate on degree of punishment, is a mystery; nothing gets done. No scum are executed. What a waste.
The subhuman scumbag who shot and whacked two cops, needs prompt execution, as do thousands of other murderers languishing on so-called Death Row. There is no valid reason or excuse not to execute them today. It's documented and witnessed; what more is there to discuss?
To spend taxpayers money as in you and I to save his worthless life, treat his mentally defective condition with drugs, house, clothe and feed him for the rest of his unnatural life, is grossly obscene. It's wrong and sends a message to others that they can get away with murder and still remain alive.
Instead of being punished, guards who whack filthy prison inmates should be rewarded and promoted for helping to reduce the prison population.
We don't need more prisons; we need less prisoners, and execution is a sound fiscal way of reducing the languishing populations. Like thinning out herds of deer, prisoners are animals who need serious and permanent reduction from society.

Piece Of shit.
This lowlife racist punk choked and punched his white NBA coach and threatened to whack him; then he sued when he was terminated. He charged he was discriminated against because he was black. What a f*cking joke. A rational judge finally threw the merit-less suit out. It should have gone to criminal court and the Sprewell moron should be playing hoops in prison for 5-10 years, where he belongs, with other criminals. Sprewell isn't an African American; he's a idiot. He's an embarrassment to African Americans.
It's way past time that so-called professional athletes were either made to behave like citizens or eliminated from professional sports altogether. They're just punks; boys who never grew up and took responsibility for their own lives. They somehow feel the world owes them a living. Making the kind of money they do is an abomination; it's obscene and should be scaled way back to some semblance of reality.

Stains And Pains.
The Monica Bimbo told what happened; the FBI Lab found the semen stain on it; the courts struck down all of Slick Willie's lies and stalling tactics. Hey, it's going to be a wonderfully interesting Summer and Fall.

More properly called entomology, or the study of insects, this site is a good starting point to find out what's living in your garden.

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