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The Real America

The Real America
Friday, December 2, 2005

As the leftist, liberal-demokkkRAT moonbats become more and more unhinged and try to drag America, the brave US Military and President Bush into the liberal sewer that they inhabit, it's time to remember who and what, made America what it is. Our Brave US Military has always been there, to answer the call for Freedom — the freedom from want, freedom of worship, freedom of speech and the freedom from fear; my Dad was among the highly-decorated heroes of The Battle of The Bulge in WWII, as was Dolly's Dad, Mike, in the North Afican Theater of war. They were of the Greatest Generation, from a different time and place. Mom & Dad, Sister Becky, my grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, white picket fences, regularly-manicured lawns, meticulously-maintained GI-Bill homes, Norman Rockwell paintings, Cub and Boy Scouts, Little League Baseball, Swanson® Frozen TV Dinners, Ike and JFK, high school sock hops, Radio Flyer® wagons, Daisy® BB Guns, Buck® knives, Elvis, Kool-Aid® stands, Thanksgiving and Christmas, capitalism, the spirit of hope and freedom to be what you can be, and so many other personal memories, are whatn my America is made of. I remember Vietnam. God has called us and awakened us, and given us another chance to save what's been given to us, by those who preceeded us. Will we waste it and ignore the task? The torch has been passed. The American Spirit is alive and well, IMO. The Flame of Freedom has been dimmed by those, who were asleep. Finally, we are now awake and well-prepared to do what needs to be done. Our task is far more daunting than our parents and grandparents was: to utterly destroy a murderous, terroristic, theocratic, islamofascist dictatorship of islamic-muslim filth, who demand theocratic world total domination (caliphate) and the forced-conversion or slaughter of us Infidels. muslims aren't a race; they're subhuman, violent, 6th century, dirtbag garbage. Ergo; there's no racism, when calling them the subhuman filth they are: Throat/Head-Cutting muslim-islamic pigshit-filth, or incinerating ovens? I don't see the difference, as they're both left-wing, fascist, commie, socialist, nazi scum. Mentally-ill, left-wing, radical liberalism is exactly what's wrong with America, and what should be exterminated, immediately. Go down on your un-holy muslim prayer rug, lib-dem filth, and die, at the murderous islamics' rusty knives behest. We will persevere, survive and flourish. islam, be damned and utterly destroyed. What's your *Spiritual Account*, worth? How many times did you hurt someone today, lie to someone today, encourage someone today, hate someone today? If the muslim enemy is willing to die for their perverted-deviant-degenerate cause, and we're not willing to die for our beliefs, then, we're completely dead as a Nation. I, for one, am not there. The Culture War rages on. America is on the Frontline For Its Soul.

Around The Garden Center™.
Thanksgiving Dinner at Mom & Dad's Estate, was wonderful, as usual: a 13lb Butterball® Tom Turkey, velvety roux-giblet gravy, homemade mashed potatoes, peas, super-moist baked stuffing, roasted Winter Butternut Squash Bisque, pumpkin pie, Chablis vino, B-U-R-P! I'm looking forward to a couple of weeks worth of leftovers.
Wow, did Winter ever get here in a hurry. Daytime temps are only in the upper-20s, while nightly temps are in the single digits. The ground is freezing-up fast, and we've still got landscape jobs and tree installations to get completed before we break off for the year. I've put up the Winter Hours sign at the front gate, changed the website's posted hours and the telephone answering machine's recording. I'm enjoying 10am - 3pm, Monday through Saturday, closed on Sunday.
Although now closed on Sundays until March or so, I will miss going down to the GC&N Complex to feed and play with Pickle, and catch-up on the mountains of paperwork. Now that he's gone, I will miss that special time we had together with no customers or employees around. Even on heavy-snow/ blizzard days, when the GC&N would be closed, I made the effort to get down there, open it up, plow it clear, and feed him. He was always grateful to see me, the "food giver".
On the way in to work last Friday ("Black Friday") morning, the huge, local malls were swamped with cars as early as 7am, and traffic was flowing in their directions, not as usual business traffic. I can't even begin to imagine the bedlam and chaos, inside those places. No, I don't go near malls during the Holidays, as there are too many sick people in there and I assiduously avoid doctor's offices, movie theaters etc, during the Winter months. Plus, handwashing is important after going to any public places. And remember not to pick your nose! Hence, I'm rarely ever sick with colds or the flu. I can't remember the last time.
Help our Brave US Troops out for the Christmas Holidays, by calling the USO and donating what you can toward a Care Package — toiletries, phone card, CDs, hand games & candy — so they get something from home. I gave $50 last week.
Are "beer goggles" an urban myth? Worked for me in college, in the 60s. LOL!
Okay, I did it: stopped at one of the Rutter's Stores, and picked-up a 16oz jug of Egg Nog. I do this once a year, usually in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year, I made the mistake of actually reading the Nutrition Facts label: Total Fat-12g, Saturated Fat-6g, Cholesterol-70mg, Sodium-80mg, Carbs-27g, Sugars-25g. It's a hardening-of-the-arteries, massive stroke and a heart attack in a bottle! Double yikes! Some 150-proof rum would help a little. You'd next find your liver being feasted upon by a vagrant, after it jumped out of your body and landed somewhere in an alley, in the 'bad part' of town.
Buck Season opened in Pennsylvania, today. For the past couple of weeks, it was "small animal" and "bear" seasons. Whole businesses, industries and towns will shut down or operate on reduced schedules, while hundreds-of-thousands of hunters take to the woods, shooting up trees, rocks and each other. No, I don't hunt, even with the formidable arsenal I have, at my fingertips, and on my right hip.
The weather here in the Mid-Atlantic Region has briefly reverted to "Indian Summer" mode, but major nasty Winter weather is just to our west, and moving this way, any day now. Temps were in the upper-60s, on Monday and Tuesday, with a cold front zooming through from the Midwest's first blizzard of the Winter, following closely behind. Temps dropped into the upper-30s on Wednesday, and we had some dry weather to continue working.
We're on a $15-k landscape job, right now, at a rather small job in light of the $100-140-k jobs we're used to. The Xxxxxx-lscp job, down in White Hall (MD), is part of a $101-k estimated job. We've also got retail tree installs, and two scheduled patio lscp jobs, and then we're done for the year. Y-a-w-n; I can't wait.
Gas prices at the pump are holding steady, over the past 2 weeks: Unleaded Regular is still at $2.09/gal, Unleaded Plus at $2.19/gal, and Unleaded Premium at $2.39/gal. No complaints. Diesel fuel is still way too high, at $2.79/ gal, but at least my season's coming to an end and I won't have any large fleet fuel expenses ($1,500+/ month) over the Winter.
I turned 56 this week, actually today, and don't feel a day over, ummmm, 56.
With so much negative crap, garbage and junk in the news these days, a wonderful story such as this comes along, and no one hears about it. I hope it brightens your week and helps to restore your faith in us all.
When you're in his neighborhood, be sure to stop by and visit Banagor's Website Blog.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
Stephen Chamberlain could have sued NYC, Macy's etc, and made millions after his two daughters — Sarah and Mary — were injured by a rapidly-deflating and crashing M&M Balloon, on Thanksgiving Day's Macy's Parade, but he didn't. The money-grubbing, ambulance-chasing slimeball lawyers are going ballistic.
Hey, Israel: WTF, and get it done, dammit! The US isn't going to take your muslim-islamic-pigshit trash out, for you, this time. FYI.
'Christmas' trees vs 'Holiday' trees? WTF is up with this crap, Lowe's? Fox News and Laura Bush are also referring to them as 'Holiday' trees. They're freaking CHRISTMAS TREES, dammit! Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree Christmas tree!
Finally, one GOPer with a spine: US Rep Denny Hastert (CONSERVATIVE-IL) recommended that the annual Capitol Holiday Tree, as it has been called the past several years, be renamed the Capitol Christmas Tree. Okay, Denny.
When it's cold in France, hundreds of people die; when it's hot in France, tens-of-thousands die. What a pathetic, socialist, communist country.
I saw a great (or so I thought) movie about muslim-islamic terrorism in NYC, Monday evening on The History Channel: The Siege. I have a CATV WIN-TV video-recorder card in my home machine, and can watch and record anything on my hard drive, as an MPEG file. It's a large file, about 13GB, runs about 3 hours and would take 3 DVD-RWs (4.7GB) to house it. It's available on Amazon.com, and I urge everyone to get it and see it. It's fascinating, shot in '98 in NYC, with the WTC Towers clearly visible. And very telling that the Hollyweird director-producers made the US Mililtary to be the "bad guys", instead of the murderous, subhuman, pigshit-gulping, muslim-islamic garbage.
"Christian Peacemaker Teams", a left-wing, socialist, commie, fascist, nazi, wacko group that has had activists assholes in Iraq since October 2002, blames the US and UK for the kidnapping of 4 of their idiots, captured by muslim-islamic filth. Don't let that name fool you, as they're looney, liberal leftist scumbags who hate America, hate the US Military and hate President Bush.
World AIDS Day? Sorry, I don't have any sympathy for the subhuman, lowlife dirtbags who get AIDS from homo-sodomite-faggot-rape-druggie behavior. Zero. None at all. I think they should be denied all medication, and be allowed to die, like the subhuman filth they are. Now, those innocents infected through no fault of their own? Yes, help them out with drugs. An AIDS Vaccine? Nope; that would just encourage perversion, degeneracy and deviant behavior. Let 'em die, wholesale.
Kwanzaa is made-up, sambo bullshit. And the FBI-stooge, and racist scumbag, Ron Karenga, the criminal, should still be in prison, awaiting execution. He's subhuman filth and garbage.
Fat, bloated, drug-addicted, alcoholic, thankfully-dead scumbag Jerry Garcia's toilet is up for auction on eBay, along with his other appliances. I give-up on Mankind, as they have to be the dumbest fricking people walking the earth.
The dumbass, moronic, socialist scumbag French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, now says that the recent "youth unrest" was not "riots", and that it was not rooted in ethnic or religious divisions? THEY WERE MUSLIM RIOTS, YOU FROG ASSHOLES! YOU'RE UNDER SIEGE. THE BARBARIANS ARE INSIDE YOUR GATES, MORONS!

Lowlife, dirtbag RINO, useful idiot, disgraced ex-gen Colon Bowell, chastizes The White House for lambasting the traitorous coward, US Rep Jack Murtha (TRAITOR-PA), thereby showing his true colors. Powell's a disgrace to America, the US Military and the uniform he used to wear. He's just another unfortunate "diversity" hire, and a loser.
I guess it's going to take another 9-11-01 or much worse, to wake the do-nothing, worthless scumbag politicians in Washington DC, before they finally act and get the borders under control. Shit-for-brains, dirtbag lowlife liberal, RINO US Sen Arlie Sphincter (TRAITOR-PA) doesn't care about America's security; he's just interested in the immigrant vote.
This crap is beyond disgusting, SECDEF Don Rumsfeld. Punishing US Soldiers for burning dead, decomposing murderous muslim-islamic corpses. You'd better get this media-induced outrage under control, and speak-up, dammit. All subhuman, muslim-islamic terrorists should be defiled with pigshit, urine and feces, and buried in a pit facing north.
NO, Mr President and liar-traitors McCain, Kennedy, Kyl, Cornyn and Nagel: No freaking guest worker crap or legalization of illegal aliens! Do your sworn duty and round them up and deport them all, dammit! What don't you morons understand about *national security*? Our borders are wide open and we're at grave risk. You gutless RINO and liberal scum, make me sick.
It looks as though the GOP is going to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, in the '06 and '08 elections, once again. How do these dumbasses do it on such a consistent basis? Is *right* and *wrong* abhorrent to them?
Dammmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, President Bush. You just blew it, with me, for good. Either we get the borders and illegal aliens, under control, or we suffer more 9-11s, and much worse. Got it?
Sure, go ahead, and do it. Oh yeah sure, cRapper boy.
Mentally-ill, liberal-demokkkRAT National Committee Chairman, Howard "The Coward" Dean (TRAITOR-CT), issued the following statement on President Bush's campaign-style event today in Tucson, and his failed policies on immigration: Blah-blah-blah!
Sorry, President Bush: your "guest worker" program is just disguised "amnesty", just like Reagan did back in the 80s. I was against him then, and I'm against you now, on this subject. Uh sorry, Mr President, but this is way too little, and way too late. US Rep Tom Tancredo (CONSERVATIVE-CO) knows what to do, BTW.
Yes, I believe the Joseph Wilson affair was a CIA plot against President Bush. I'm disappointed in The Company, but it's full of criminal, crooked Klintoon holdovers, and Porter Goss just can't get it cleaned-out fast enough. This CIA war against The Bush Administration is one of the most overlooked and underreported stories of the past 3 years.
VietNam Vet Flying Ace, disgraced, lying, cheating, thieving, weasel, criminal lowlife US Rep Randy "Duke" Cunningham (SCUMBAG-CA) pleaded guilty Monday, to conspiracy and tax charges and tearfully resigned from office, admitting he took $2.4 million in bribes to steer defense contracts to conspirators. And the lying, bloated, fat, lardass, criminal bitch, Hitlery Rotten Klintoon, skates free, again. Randy, your VietNam service is to be commended and celebrated, but your criminality is not.
Thank you, US Rep Denny Hastert (CONSERVATIVE-IL) for (finally) growing a spine and finding your cajones, under the bed. Merry Christmas Tree.
Kick ass, SECDEF Rumsfeld!
The US Economy is doing just fine, despite all the hurricane dame we've suffered in '05. But you'll never hear that from the left-wing, liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled mainstream media (MSM). Hells bells, they still maintain that America's in a depression, as evidenced by this sneaky NY Slimes article.
Yes, Mr President, I agree with your plan to "stay the course" in Iraq. 100%.
Hey, shit-for-brains, mentally-ill, liberal-piece-of-shit US Sen Arlie Sphincter (SCUMBAG-PA): forget TO-asshole and the crappy Eagles, and get Sam Alioto confirmed, you senile, worthless, old liberal asshole.
Who is lying about Iraq? Read this and find out.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Culture of Corruption™.
Although I have very little respect for US Sen Joe Lieberman (demokkkRAT-CT), because of the lies he told America during the 2000 Election, he does "get it" about Iraq. Read his article. Otherwise, he's a skunk.
Liberal-demokkkRATs are the most racist, subhuman filth, on this earth. Bar none.
Yeah sure, America's just as bad and murderous as Sodomy Insane and his two murderous sons, were, US Media idiots.
Fat, incompetent, bloated, criminal, disgraced, lying sack-of-shit, NM Gov Bill Richard-scum (LIBERAL-NM), lied when he said he was drafted by pro baseball's Kansas City A's, in 1966. LIAR! Never happened. He was a fat tub of lard back then, as he is now. And the OFM (Old Failed Media) are covering it up, bigtime.
Turd-sucking, sodomite-homo-death, Billy-Bob Moyers, a white, ersatz-Christian-educated lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT, alcoholic, hate-America, NPR-US Taxpayer-Funded dirtbag, drug-addicted, untalented, hate-Bush, socialist butt-boy, brushed aside the claim that his show had a liberal bias, carping that conservative critics unfairly tarred him with the "liberal" brush. Dumbass.
Bloated, fat piece-of-shit, Sandy Burglar, the disgraced Klintoon National Security Adviser who was caught stealing highly-classified Operation Bojinka/ TWA 800-shootdown documents with Klintoon's hand-written notes on them, also got caught driving recklessly. BFD; he should be in prison for 20-30 years, for treason, theft, perjury etc. I'd prefer to have the criminal, fat slob executed.
Lowlife loser, failure as a mother, flop, alcoholic, mentally-ill left-wing wacko bitch, Cindy Sheehan, gave a book signing, and 100 media showed-up, but no buyers for her shitty little book.
Lowlife, dirtbag US Sen Byron Dorgan (CRIMINAL-ND) took a $5,000 bribe from the Louisiana Coushatta Indians, for voting favorably on one of their pieces of legislation? I'm shocked!
The liberal-demokkkRAT slimbags at the NY Slimes reports that the US Economy's booming, BUT we're heading toward a cliff on many fronts. Gloom and despair on all fronts, they say. Fear and loathing.
Fat, bloated, corrupt, criminal skank Illinois State Rep Patricia Bailey, was found guilty of using fake addresses on re-election paperwork and voter registration cards, and must resign. Bailey, 52, first elected in 2002, faces up to five years in prison when sentenced Dec. 21st.
Lowlife, traitorous dirtbag, US Rep John "Coward" Murtha (SCUMBAG-PA), say the US Military is "broken, worn out" and may not be able to meet future military threats to the country’s security. The fat, bloated pork-king should be stood against a wall.
Drunk, deadly demokkkRAT, Michael D'Occhio, 29, killed a 31 year old woman crossing the street, and then fled. He’s charged with felony evading responsibility, second degree manslaughter, and driving under the influence, like the murderous alcoholic, Ted Kennedy.
Shit-for-brains, dug-addicted scumbag, dismissed in disgrace from the US Navy, son of a bitch, Jack Carter-Farter, 58, son of the worst president in US History, Bubba Jeffy Klintoon excepted, is thinking of running for the corrupt US Congress. from Nevada. He's shit, like his old man is.
Speaking of useless, worthless, liars and plagiarizers, have you read what US Sen Joe "The Plagiarizer" Biden (LIAR-DE) has to say? Right here.

Lowlifes, Scumbags and Assorted Trash™.
Adios, Peoples' Republik of Kalifornicate. The barbarians and subhuman filth are inside the gates, BTW.
If NOLA never has another Mardi Gras, so much the better. Let the sodomite-homo-death filth find another sewer to pollute, like back to San Fran-Sicko.
Allowing alcoholic, drug-addicted, unemployable Indians to own casinos and $91,000 a month incomes, each, is ridiculous. They are incapable of dealing with reality and large amounts of money. Money corrupts absolutely, and the criminal, political leeches are coming out of the woodwork for bribes and payoffs.
The lowlife, black scum in the Nation of islam (NOi) are vandals, criminals and subhuman racist filth, wrecked 2 liquor stores (watch the film clip) in Oakland (CA), last week, need to be stood against a wall, and shot. Now, they're whining and crying. The corrupt, criminal, mentally-ill, racist-bigots in the NOi need the RICO Act to come down on their sorry sambo asses, like 10 tons of bricks. Like muslim-islamics everywhere, the black muslims in the NOi are child rapists, too.
Jackie Chan is a racist scumbag, and his movies "Rush Hour" were pathetic shit.
Pleasing activist groups bent on revenge, San Fran-sicko's Board Of Supervisors is now lobbying the Federal Communications Commission to pull the license of Bill O'Reilly's San Fran-sicko affiliate KNEW-AM, also home to The Savage Nation. The move, in the form of an official city resolution, comes after the FOX News Channel host's recent controversial comments about San Fran-sicko's increasingly extreme stances on issues such as military recruitment.
I shoot looters. You?
Awwwwwww gee whiz, poor whining, lowlife scumbag shitfilth NOLA garbage: frustrated New Orleans residents appeared before Mayor Ray Nagin Tuesday with complaints about the response to Hurricane Katrina, with two speakers asking why a nation fighting to stabilize Iraq can't resolve a crisis at home.
Pedophile, child molester, pervert, degenerate, liar, lowlife, scumbag, deviant, half-breed, sodomite-homo, impotent Mikey "I Love Naked Little Boys" Jackson has no sperm in those missing balls, and didn't father any children. The sperm donor was a sperm bank, not Mikey The muslim. He's got a load of cocaine in his pants, but no balls. I'm glad he can't reproduce; subhuman filth shouldn't be allowed to procreate. Figures; he's a eunuch.
Who gives a f*ck?; this shit isn't news, liberal-demokkkRAT morons!

islam Is A Criminal, Terrorist Organization™.
Think I've been too hard on muslims and islamics, over the past few years since 9-11? Go to The Savage Nation website, scroll down to "Know Your Enemy" and watch the 6 beheading videos. Those are subhuman filth and they need killing, whenever and wherever we find them.
No, I don't recommend harming or killing any innocent muslims, but, as all the islamics I've ever met, want you and me dead, so they can establish their perverted, demented, deviant, murderous islamic caliphate (dictatorship) over the USA, I'd have to conclude there aren't any moderate muslims. I do recommend killing all murderous islamic-muslim terrorists, by the tens-of-millions, wherever you find them cowering under slimy, pigshit-coated rocks, waiting in ambush to kill innocent women and children. Remember: islamics/ islamists want to kill you and me; muslims just want us all Infidels, dead. Got it?
We should be killing murderous, islamic-muslim-terrorists like this pigshit-gulper, Fawaz Mohammed Damrah, 44, instead of deporting them and allowing them to fight against us, again. Military tribunal, summary execution. Next?
Bravo, Oriana Fallaci! One of the few voices, other than my own, telling the world what the horror of islam, is really all about. I will miss here when she's gone.
More subhuman muslim-islamic shit, living in the US and supporting muslim terrorist groups, getting their fatass-wa deported. We should be doing this wholesale to much more muslim garbage, until we've emptied the country of all the filthy, murderous pigshit trash.
Are you ready for the coming islamic World War?
The murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane at the Marriott Hotel in New York City, in 1990, was the beginning of unholy islamic-muslim jihad on US Soil.
Here's 5,000 pigshit-gulping, dirtbags who truly need killing.
Yes, it was black muslim filth (NOi).

Some People Just Need Killing™.
So many subhumans needing killing, and so precious little time.
Convicted pedophile, child molester, child sodomizer, pervert, deviant and degenerate, Gary Glitter, whose real name is Paul Francis Gadd, needs killing, not 12 years in a Vietnamese jail. Hopefully, someone in there will kill him, after they gang-rape him. All pedophiles should be killed, and their recividism rate would be zero, instead of 100%.
Soooooooo, we've only executed 1,000 subhumans since the Death Penalty was reinstated in 1976? Let me do the math: that's one subhuman dirtbag dead almost every 10 days. IMO, it's not nearly enough. We should be killing 10, 20, 30 or 50 of the subhuman, lowlife garbage, every day, until society is cleaned out. And this subhuman piece-of-shit, convicted killer Stanley Tookie Williams, the Crips gang founder, should be next on the death list. No clemency for the killer-sambo; kill him.
Stanley "Tookie" Williams is a subhuman, murderous piece-of-shit which needs killing, not a commuted life sentence. All murderers need killing, not rehabilitation, since their recividism rate is almost 100%, like child molesters and killers, who also need killing.
This is wrong. District Court Judge, dumbass Jeffrey Langton reluctantly accepted a plea agreement Wednesday for Frederic C. Reimers, handing down a 10-year suspended sentence for one count of incest. The 50-year-old Stevensville man was charged in December 2004 with five counts of sexual assault, two rape counts, incest and sexually abusing children. In a plea agreement, all charges except incest were dismissed in September. Reimers should be jailed and executed.
The Queens judge who sparked an uproar when she helped a defendant escape arrest through a back exit of the courthouse should be removed from the bench, a disciplinary panel ruled Tuesday in one of its most contentious decisions on record. The judge, Supreme Court Justice Laura D. Blackburne, was immediately taken off active duty by the Office of Court Administration. She faces a lengthy suspension and then, if the Court of Appeals affirms the disciplinary ruling, the end of her nine-year judicial career. She should be facing a firing squad, IMO.
Elmar U needs killing, not 10 years in jail, for molesting 200 homeless boys in Thailand.
Iranian "president", Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, needs killing on GPs. He's subhuman filth. Get on it, CIA.
Aging criminals don't deserve this level of medical care; our Nation's elderly citizens and veterans do. Kill the aging criminals.
Thank you, Arkansas, for making my week! Arkansas death row inmate, subhuman piece-of-shit, Eric Nance was executed by injection following a 1 ½-hour delay while US Supreme Court justices considered separate claims that Nance is mentally retarded and that additional DNA testing might clear his name. Rot in hell, scumbag!
And a big thank you to Ohio, too! Convicted Cincinnati killer subhuman piece-of-shit, John Hicks, 49, was put to death Tuesday for the cocaine-fueled slayings of his step-daughter and mother-in-law. Hicks confessed to the August 1985 slayings of Brandy Green, 5, and Maxine Armstrong, 56, which he blamed on his addiction to cocaine. Bullshit. Rot in hell, scumbag!
Dirtbag, coward, lowlife scum-sucking wimp, liberal-demokkkRAT turdboy, Virginia Gov Mark "Buttboy" Warner (COWARD-VA), has commuted murderous subhuman filth, Robin Lovitt, who would have been the 1,000th person put to death in the United States since the Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty in 1976. Warner is trash, garbage and a steaming pile of dogshit. Lovitt is guilty and richly deserves to die.
Go ahead, liberal-demokkkRAT filthies: tell me that Mr Fletcher Anderson Worrell doesn't need killing; just some rehab, maybe and some GPS-monitoring? Kill the subhuman filth.
Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, Larue Graves, 30, needs killing. Buh-bye, subhuman sambo trash.
Yes, all animal extremists need to be tracked down, and summarily executed. Shoot, shovel and shut-up.
Fry this subhuman piece-of-shit Williams, already! He's murderous filth.
Kenneth Lee Boyd is the 1,000th subhuman, piece of lowlife shit to die for murder. 1,000 murderers dead just isn't enough, IMO. Cleanse the filth from society: kill him!
Attorney Lynne Stewart, age 66, faces 30 years in prison. Not enough, kill the treasonous, seditious bitch.
This is so wrong. Convicted killers are walking out of state prisons, thanks to a series of controversial rulings by liberal, activist judges who decided the jailbirds were charged with the wrong type of murder. Calling The Star Chamber.
Richard Edgar Henderson Jr needs killing, for this.

Asbury Park: Urban Exploration at the Jersey Shore.
Asbury Park, a once-bustling seaside resort immortalized by a Bruce Springsteen album cover, has turned into a veritable ghost town. While the tumbleweeds of the depopulated Great Plains bob through empty streets and tourists flock to the erstwhile settlements of the old West, Asbury Park provides a more recent and eastern example of the rise-and-fall of great American destinations. The town was one of the Northeast's most popular seaside resorts until a long slow decline began in the 1970s. It still has a population of 17,000, but the site's then-and-now photographs painfully illustrate what has been lost inside and outside the decaying structures. The blight includes hotels, the boardwalk and casino, and an unfinished condo tower. As Bruce Springsteen might lament, "Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J." — wish you, or anyone, were here.

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