Barry ∅bummer: "The Nigger Failed".

so many people are down on øbama now

friday, december 6th, 2013

many Americans, including Democrats, are very disgruntled with President Obama. But the real blame for many of our current messes lies beyond Mr. Obama.

Its amazing how for years people should have seen the warning signs. They saw the unscrupulous ways that Mr. Obama conducted foreign and domestic policies. They saw how he pitted classes and races against each other. They saw how he squandered peoples money on adventurous programs, such as Solyndra, not to mention his and his wifes expensive vacations. And of course they saw how he favored Muslims over Christians; and Arabs over Israelis.

That is to say nothing of selling guns to Mexican criminals, the betrayal at Benghazi, and the mishandling of the Arab Spring.

And yet his loyal subjects followed him blindly. And his adoring media covered up for him.

Well, at least they all did until they became personally affected by his most famous lie – if you like your plan, you can keep it, period; if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor, period. Now that Mr. Obamas unscrupulous and habitual mishandling of the truth is hurting them, they are getting all riled up.

Foolishly, the electorate that voted for him again and again could not see the truth even when it stared them in the face. But once it hit a nerve in their hip pocket, they turned on him.

There is nothing new under the sun, however. Two thousand years ago, the Roman philosopher Cicero opposed the dictatorship of Julius Caesar and supported a return to the traditional republican government. But Cicero knew that blame should be cast beyond Caesar.

Cicero said:

"Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom and danced in his path and gave him triumphal processions. Blame the people who hail him when he speaks in the Forum of the 'new, wonderful good society' which shall now be Rome, interpreted to mean 'more money, more ease, more security, more living fatly at the expense of the industrious'."

History repeats itself. May God have mercy on America more than He had on Rome.

© 11/24/13 by Michael Youssef, "Townhall" Magazine.

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague." – Marcus Tullius Cicero 106BC – 43BC.

A Day In The Life

I slept-in until 7am on Friday, but with the ultra-bright sunlight coming thru even my black-out shades, I decided to get up and start the day. 34°F. I made Fresh-Squeezed OJ w/ lots of pulp, French-Roast, Turkish-Grind Coffee (from whole, freshly-ground Starbuck's® Dark French Roast Fresh Ground Beans) with my Chemex® Drip System had some Arnold 12 Grain Bread Toast with Black Raspberry Preserves. Black Friday? BFD; I'm not going anywhere in the mayhem, violence and hell out there, with millions of "Mall Rats" crawling everywhere. There's nothing I want or need that badly. I checked the weather and news sites, scanned email, and just took my time reflecting upon how once-precious Thanksgiving & Christmas Holidays have been perverted and bastardized, over the years. "Black Friday" is truly a day for the "Mall Rats". Truly a sad commentary on our country and its people. I'm hearing all kinds of horror stories from family, friends and former customers, who've gotten their letters from their long-time insurance companies, canceling their plan and telling them to go to to apply

for the pathetic, substandard gov't sociaized medical plans, and single-payer service. I left for Dad's at 10am, visited with him and Becky for an hour or so, and took the backroads home, to miss the traffic accidents and congestion. I listened to Mark Steyn, sub-host for Rush, from 12-3, and helped a neighbor change a flat tire on her 2013 BMW X5, which didn't have the standard jack onboard! I checked everywhere; even consulted the Owner's Manual;, but it was MIA. The shit-for-brains dealer had removed it, for some unknown reason. I used my Jeep's "scissors jack" and got her tire changed in 35 minutes, with all the delays and improvisations I had to make. By 4:25pm, it was getting dark, so I closed-down the Condo, cranked-up the heat, worked on some financial statements, document filing, paperwork and bookmarked some websites about Social Security and MediCare. I have to apply for SSI within the next next 2 weeks or so, and for MediCare by this time next year, so I neded to do some research on both. By 6pm, the Mark Levin Show had come on until 9pm, and after that, I listened to the Michael Savage Show from 9-11pm. Outside temps wre already at 23°F, but I dropped the heat to 68°F anyway, armed the Condo and went to bed.

Weekday Holidays always mess me up; it takes a day ot two to get re-oriented. I was awake and up by 7:30am on Saturday, a bitter cold 17°F morning with a heavy frost, turned-up the Condo's Honeywell® Digital Furnace/AC Thermostat, grabbed my Turkish Bathrobe, made OJ and coffee, but was feeling slightly sick, so I skipped breakfast. I scanned the usual weather and news sites,

checked email, and by 10am, decided to take a shower; that helped a little. I looked at some of the local East York "traffic cams", and the main roads around The Galleria Mall were still clogged with cars, parking lots overflowing, so I decided to stay inside for the day. By 12:15pm, temps outside had risen to only 34°F, but at least the Condo was toasty-warm. It was just too cold to go over to Dad's and cut down 3 ornamental grasses and a large butterfly bush, but if it warms-up a little next week, I'll do that before we get snow/ice. I took a 3hr snooze on the LR couch, instead of going out into the cold for a walk, since I had the chills and some "intestinal issues". I watched some football – something I almost never do anymore – and listened to some older archived "Gun Talk" Podcasts and some new "First Person Defender" Series Videos, until 11pm, turned-down the heat, turned-off my door wreath, checked my morning's food shopping list, and went to bed. I planned to sleep-in, and go to Weis Market around 10am, and then over to Dad's to visit him and Becky.

Sunday was another bitter cold morning, 19°F and more heavy frost on the neighbors' cars' windshields, so I finally got-up at 8am, made coffee and OJ, cranked-up the Condo heat to 76°F, and checked the weather and news sites. I had to activate 2 new credit cards by phone, since it was the 1st of December, and destroy the old cards. I warmed-up the Jeep, picked-up the week's mail at the Condo Assn's community mailbox, and left at 9:45am. I had a short list, and got thru in 15 minutes, and drove to visit Dad and Becky, for a while. I also took over all of my 46¢ custom-printed stamps so Becky and Dad could use them up before Jan 1st, when the idiot USPS, who lost another $7 BILLION in 2013, can up the rate to 47¢ because of the bullshit public union pensions etc, continually screwing the US Taxpayer. I have 5 packages of custom-picture-printed

Patriotic NetStamps, which we can print the postage amount on Dad's HP LaserJet with the new postage rate, as we've always done, instead of going to the local post office to buy the moronic 1¢ stamps. I highly recommend for your personal or business usage.

After getting home around 12:45pm, I unloaded and put away the groceries, opened a pile of mail, and wrote out some checks for upcoming bills. My box of new ledger checks had arrived, as I was almost out of them. After garaging the Jeep for the night, I started 3 loads of laundry, and will finish-up the bed linens and Turkish Bath Towels, tomorrow. I listened to "GunTalk" Radio until 8pm, when the live/recorded stream came on again, on this Conservative forum. I watched an episode of "Walking Dead", closed-down by 11:30pm, and needed serious sleep; I was beat-tired.

I slept-in until 8:30am on Monday; it was my 64th Birthday and I felt entitled. Besides, it was laundry/change-the-bed-linens day anyway, and I had some other Condo chores to get done. After OJ and coffee, I scanned the usual news and weather websites, checked email (thanks to all who sent a Birthday Greeting, and/or card), grabbed my usual morning shower and, while the laundry was washing, went out for a walk in the cloudy, 46°F day. I wasn't feeling well, skipped both breakfast and lunch, and needed some fresh air. Back by 12, I called Walt's Barbershop in Red Lion, to get a haircut

appointment for Thursday, spent a solid hour shopping HP's website, looking for a new industrial-grade PC with Windows 7 Pro 64x on it, as a back-up to my 2009 HP 6000 Pro (Win-7 Pro) unit, and the same, identical unit (2009 Garden Center unit) I have in the basement as a back-up, in case hard drives or motherboards fail. After a Grilled Cheese & Proscuitto Sandwich for lunch, I listened to Rush and the morning's missed Chris Plante Show morning Podcast, the usual Mark Levin Show, from 6-9pm, and the Michael Savage Show from only 9-10pm, while resting on the LR couch. I closed down at 10:15pm, and headed upstairs for some sleep.

I was up at 5:30am on Tuesday, 28°F outside, made coffee and had some Del Monte® Mandarin Oranges, but still felt a bit wrung-out and queasy from yesterday. I ran a few errands and decided to just come home and stay inside. I had a Olive Loaf Sandwich for lunch, listened to Rush from 12-3, and then got a call from Becky that Dad's younger brother, our Uncle Herb Shelley (Herb on left; Dad on right), had just died earlier this morning, and that the viewing would be Friday evening, and the funeral on Saturday morning. I rushed to get Dad round-trip tickets, a hotel room and make arrangements for a

cab/limo to get him back and forth. I had to get him to Harrisburg Int'l Airport by 5:30am on Friday (we need to get-up at 4am), and pick him up at 10pm on Saturday. He'll have a 1-hr layover in Charlotte, NC, each way, and change flights on US Airways planes both times. I finally got finished with email/calling at 10:45pm, closed-down and went to sleep. Lot of things to do over the next few days.

After a night of familiar, SHTF dreams, I got-up at 5:30am, again, turned-up the heat, 30°F outside, made OJ and coffee, and checked the weather and news sites, email and noted that the Plains and Midwest were having another blizzard, and it'd be hitting us over the weekend, most likely in the form of rain. I needed to gas-up the Jeep and get to Dad's by 9am, and would do my errands after getting his special travel requirements – wheelchair, no x-ray, pat-down only – taken care of with US Airways and their booking agents. I left at 8:30, filled-up the Jeep and made it with time to spare. After cutting-down and cleaning-up a couple of "Little Bunny" fountain ornamental grasses, I met with Dad and Becky to go over his special medical requirements for the Harrisburg-to-Atlanta, round-trip flight, notify the airline and TSA, and they'd already gotten those details attended to. I visited for a while, and left to errands done. My local PNC branch bank was "temporarily closed", so I had to drive south to Red Lion to get that business done, pick-up a repairs and cleaned hallway rug, and pick-up 12 laundered/starched shirts at the cleaners. I was back by 12, did some garden clean-up work at my Condo, and made a Grilled Cheese w/Ham Sandwich & Potato Salad and Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch. I listened to Rush until 3pm, went out for a walk until 4, and then replayed the morning's missed Chris Plante Show Podcast; high for the day was 57°F. By 6pm, I was getting Dad's Flight

Confirmation paperwork organized, and needed to print-out his boarding pass, which I can do until tomorrow. So I listened to the Mark Levin Show from 6-9, and the Michael Savage Show from 9-11pm. I needed to leave at 8:30am for a 9am haircut, so I called it quits for the day.

I woke-up at 3am on Thursday, had a smoke while thinking about some weird dreams, and went back to sleep/overslept until 8am. My haircut appointment was at 9am, so I skipped coffee, gulped-down some OJ, hastily got ready and was out-the-door by 8:25, and made it to Walt's Barbershop by 8:55, and went right into his chair. It was raining lightly, and 53°F. I'd taken my Beowulf .50cal, it's new SIG SAUER CP-1 Scope and new Viridian X5L-RS Green Laser/Light along, to show him. I was finished by 9:30 and drove up to Dad's; Becky'd gone to close of her new condo, so Dad and I took a drive around North York to her place, and then he showed me some back routes and shortcuts. When I got him homew, Becky was there, so we loaded-up both Dad's and my Jeeps with boxes and smaller items for Becky, and drove the loads to her condo. Dad's bags were packed for his trip to Atlanta tomorrow morning at 6:30am, and I'll be up at 4am, pick him up at 5am, and get him to HIA for the flight. I went home at 1pm, listened to the rest of Rush, the morning's missed Chris Plante Show Podcast, and the usual Mark Levin Show from 6-9pm, and then to sleep, as I had to get up at 4. Long day tomorrow and Saturday, when I have to be back at HIA to pick-up Dad very late in the evening, on his return flight from Atlanta. High for the day was 67°F, but much colder weather, snow and sleet were on the way for the weekend.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and there'll be a lot of things to help Becky with moving smaller items to her new place, my prospective buyer for the GC&N has an escrow check due (we signed the sales contract's "letter of intent" 15 days ago!), and I'm planning on going down to Freedom Armory's pistol & rifle ranges, to zero-in some new scopes and lasers. Colder weather with some snow and sleet, is coming and the rest of the month looks relatively "mild", from the mid-30s to mid-40s. But that could and will change.

You Own It, demokkkRATs!

Congratulations to the asswipe demokkkRATs, irrelevant "Free Shit!" minorities and stupid young people on the Truly-Shitty Economy you've created and inherited. You now own it 100%, and you can't blame Bush, anymore. Bathhouse Barry ∅bummer did it all by himself. You voted for it, dumbassed idiots. Time to suffer with the rest of us, as your actions have dire consequences for the entire country. Nice going, low-information voter morons.

No healthcare for tens-of-millions of Americans, you own it.

The next terrorist attack, you own it.

Can't get a job after graduation, you own it.

Sky-rocketing energy prices due to ∅bummer's corrupt EPA shutting down the energy producing states, you own it.

∅bummer voter

A nuclear Iran, you own it.

Bowing to Russia, you own it.

Another severe recession, you own it.

A volatile border with Mexico, you own it.

Trouble getting good health care, you own it.

Higher health insurance costs and health care costs, you own it.

No budget, you own it.

Our allies mistrust us, you own it.

Another trillion-plus of debt, you own it.

More Benghazi Massacre situations, you own it.

No one willing to join the military, you own it.

Trouble getting a loan to buy a home, you own it.

More dependency on food stamps, you own it.

Trouble finding good employment, you own it.

Several part time jobs instead of one good job, you own it.

A One-World Government, you own it.

The UN governing the United States, instead of us governing ourselves, you own it.

A Senate that will not bring any legislation to the table, even if it is "Dead On Arrival", you own it.

China controlling our world trade, trampling all over us, you own it.

Loss of our freedoms as we have known them in the past, you own it.

A dictatorship, instead of a democracy that follows the Constitution, you own it.

Less take home pay and higher living costs, you own it.

Driving a car that looks like a child's toy, you own it.

Unending islamic shitfilth wars in the Middle East and Africa, you own it.

More government corruption and lies, you own it.

More toleration of extreme, fanatical and subhuman islamo-nazi fascist filth, you own it.

Terrorist attacks called "workplace violence incidents", you own it.

Your "revenge" instead of love of country, you own it.

President George W Bush is out of it now, and there is not another good man for you to villify and lie about.

Shit-for-brains, ∅bummer-asshole is a liar, traitor, racist, muslim, coward, bathhouse fag and doper, can't take responsibility for the damage he's inflicted upon America. It's 100% his fault. Prove me wrong, anyone!

In a way, I am relieved that another good man will not be blamed when it becomes impossible to clean-up this mess that YOU voted for. Yes, moronic ∅bummer-asshole idiots: YOU!

Your TSHTF Survival

Are you truly ready for when, not if, TSHTF (The Shit Hits The Fan). And a lot of my "Journal" Readers have emailed and called me to discuss what preparations they should take for that "coming awful event". Believe me, "it" IS coming. Based upon what's happening around the world and here in the US, I have a terrible, terrible *gut feeling* that TSWHTF (The Shit Will Hit The Fan), sometime in 2014. Don't ask why; I just do.

First, Israel is preparing for war, after being attacked for years on many fronts, and not fighting back as she should have. This war will truly have "Biblical implications" around the world. The Middle East is rapidly-collapsing under the subhuman, murderous muslim/islamic riots (muslim Brotherhood) and rule ("arab Spring"), with world crude oil prices projected to hit $200+/bbl, or even higher into the $300-$400 range,

Europe is on the verge of insolvency and collapse, no thanks in great part to Germany, teetering-and-tottering Asia and South America will quickly-follow, then comes the downfall of Canada, and The USA won't be far behind, in late 2012 and into 2013. Watch this video; be sure you're sitting-down, and don't have any food or liquid in your mouth upon which to choke.

Just Google "survival" and see what comes-up. Damned-near everything you ever wanted to know how to prepare for this for-sure-coming "hellish holocaust", some of it in easy-to-download *.PDF format. Tens-of-thousands of websites are devoted to the topic of "survival". Do the same with "You Tube", and watch the thousands of videos. This is *NOT The Phony Y2K Crappola*; this is for real. I said numerous times that Y2K was a waste of time and money to prepare for, and that came true. I'm reading that "survival stores" are reporting a huge upswing in sales and preparations, and for good reason.

I'm also one of the very, very few who "predicted a 9-11 type event", 2 years and 8 months before it happened. Read down that "Journal" entry to the "Scary Stuff" section, and it was done by the subhuman, murderous muslim/islamic shit/filth/trash, NOT the US Gov't as some morons and idiots (Alex Jones & Co), have and still It's interesting you mention when an old paradigm dies and a new one takes its place. There are people who are still connected to the old one and can't conceive of life without that old paradigm. I think you saw that in the Great Depression. A lot of people never recovered from it because once that hit it was the end of their lives. claim. Need I say more about those certifiable and murderous, subhuman muslim/islamist wackos who are determined to kill all of us Proud Infidels?

Am I an "conspiracy alarmist" or one of those "crazed survivalists", sequestered in a Montana, Idaho, Utah or Wyoming compound or bunker? Not hardly; I'm simply in mid-State Pennsylvania, an Eagle Scout, Class of 1963, Order Of The Arrow/ Vigil Honor, and our BSA Motto was then, and still is now, "Be Prepared". Need I say any more?

Forget all of the "buy gold and silver" bullshit commercials; buy "brass and lead" for your guns. They're a far, far superior investment, IMO. Ammo is truly a "fungible" item; gold & silver aren't at all. They may be "intrinsic", but they're utterly-useless in a collapsing/collapsed society or world. Do the requisite research, as I've done. 'Nuff said on that subject.

BTW, how are you stocked-up for incandescent light bulbs? Within 4 weeks, manufacturing and using 100w incandescent will become "a crime", thanks to stupid-assed, liberal moron chimp, shit-for-brains, George W Bush & Co, in 2007. You'll be forced, under penalty-of-law, to use the very expensive,

dangerous and short-lived CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Light bulbs). Better stock-up NOW on 60w, 75w and 100w incandescents, where and when you can find them, before they become unavailable and illegal!

This government's ***CRIMINALLY NUTS***, in trying to regulate our use of anything and everything! It's fascism, socialism, Leninism and communism, dammit, and it won't stand! Where is that in The US Constitution? The US Government isn't empowered to force us to do or buy anything, and has overstepped its legal authority in The ENUMERATED Commerce Clause. The Commerce Clause is quite specifically an enumerated power listed in the United States Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 3). The Contemporary Commerce Clause debate, When "decided by the SCOTUS in the Summer of 2012", will cause CWIII, if upheld. Stockpile NOW, because TSHTF before/during/after the November General Election!

Gold is NOT the way to go; lead and brass (aka ammo) ARE. Mark my words!

TSHTF this or next year, and members of the corrupt, criminal US Congress are helping racist, commie, lowlife scumbag Barry "Fuck America!" Obama (SAMBO-IL), by either collaborating with him or cowering before him, on his You are going to see, in metro areas, the absolute worst in humanity, as the people that are most dependent upon a collectivist system, whether they're these Occupy Well Street people, or people who are loaded up with debt, they are totally unprepared for an economic reality where their paradigm does not function. As a result they're going to go through the absolute most disgusting inhumanity that I think any American has ever seen as they go through this anger phase – and it's going to result in riots, and starvation and bloodshed. It has to happen. You don't have people's life savings disappear and people become desperate, and not have that happen. coming "Race War" plan.

We are *at war with Iran*; no doubt about it. Get used to it. And shit-for-brains, racist, commie, lowlife scumbag Barry "F•ck America!" Obama (TRAITOR-IL) has politely "asked" for our formerly Top Secret RQ-170 Sentinel Drone "to be returned". What a dumbf•ck Obama is! He should be charged, tried and imprisoned for *treason*, IMO.

I've been saying, for the past 2-3 years, that no one should buy any gold or silver; it's worthless crap if TSHTF (The Shit Hits The Fan). Instead, buy guns and ammo; they're a far, far better investment, IMO. Any questions?

Uh-oh, it's beginning to happen in Europe. Better get ready for it to come over here, soon, as The Fed f•cks America, once again. Time to abolish The Fed and its corrupt, criminal influence on America's economy!

Here's a very useful List of Barter Items, for when TSHTF. Get and stockpile those and more, if you know what's good for you and your family! Think I'm kidding? Better read this and think VERY carefully about it.

With the FBI already considering many US Citizens as "sovereign citizen extremists", are you ready for "Rex 84" & The FEMA Camps? A new bill has been introduced in the US House of Representatives called the National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645. This bill if passed into law will direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish

national emergency centers otherwise known as FEMA Camp Facilities on military installations. Some more detail on "Rex 84", right here, written by, very disappointingly, USMC Lt Col Oliver North.

"Economic chaos" ahead? You betcha. Are you and your family ready for it? It IS coming, at out current rate of out-of-control government spending.

Before TSHTF, here are 20 Lessons From The Streets of Cairo. Worth reading, if you plan to survive.

And before TSHTF, here are Innumerable Lessons From The Collapse of Bosnia, in 1992. Also worth reading, if you plan to survive.

Do you live near a "terrorism hot-spot"? Check the map. Here's DHS' recently-issued "White Paper (*.PDF)" on it, from 1970-2008, published by the University of Maryland.

Do you know what an "EMP Attack" is? Now you do. *When* it happens, not *if*, we're all f•cked, unless we're prepared to live in the early-1800s. That's why I write this stuff.

Are you ready for Obama's (TRAITOR-IL) "October Surprise"?

What about access to land and fresh water? Right here's an article to address those concerns.

Are you worried and prepared for the coming paradigm shift? How's your preparation work coming along?

The end of the dollar is coming; are you prepared for it? Here's a guide to a few canned foods.

Looks like a "race war" is coming, thanks to the hate-filled nigga race-pimps Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakan and New Black Pampers®, and time is growing shorter and shorter before TSHTF.

Don't let the possibility of DHS watching your every move deter you in preparing for TSHTF; do it regardless. Your and your Family's safety & survival always comes first. Beware of what your neighbors will do if you're prepared and they're not.

State and local resistance to the detention provisions contained in the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) continues to grow, rapidly-emerging as a nationwide movement against the illegal and unconstitutional Federal Jack-Booted-Thugs' powers.

America is already being turned into a giant prison camp, and 90% of Americans either go along with it or don't see it happening. I do.

When prepping, always plan your survival purchases first on paper; buy them afterward.

Here's another good preparedness/precious metals website, 321 Gold. No, I don't believe in gold & silver, for what's coming. I believe in *lead & brass*/*food & water* for that situation; the other stuff comes much, much later.

Here's a new "warning" about a solar-based EMP event. If it happens, TSHTF.

If Iran attacks America's infrastructure, we've got major problems. Are you prepped and ready for it, when it happens?

Are you on a tight budget, in a apartment of small house? Try these link resources.

What happens to a non-Prepper? Read it at your own edification.

Good, solid Prepping information and related links? Right here.

Canned, excellent quality meats for long-term storage and use? Right here.

Shhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell anyone about your "prepping" activities. Keep it quiet, and read this.

Here are the 5 Warning Signs that America is in decline.

What if you're a "Beginning Prepper"?

Ever wonder what "the new normal" might look like? Read it, in chapters. Prepped yet?

What are the 5 symptoms of SHTF happening?

The US is headed for a "fiscal cliff"? Gosh, all of the articles posted at the link in this section, have been saying that for many months. And the "geniuses" in DC are just figuring that out? Well, slap me silly!

Did you know that when the trucks stop, it's over?

Here's Part 1: Preparing For Disaster. And here's Part 2: Preparing For Disaster. Have you ever thought about what happens to Security During A Breakdown?

Here's "The A-to-Z List" of what you'll need to survive. It's daunting, but you may already have much of it, in-house and not realize it.

There's a new Preparedness Manual, available in *.pdf form, right here. Get it, please.

In case you missed it, here's the "Granddaddy" of Preparedness Manuals.

And here's yet another (condensed) Preparedness List, to compare against the previous two lists, just so you don't miss anything important.

Here are "120 powerful pieces of advice for preppers", to read and take-to-heart.

After Hurricane Sandy, is there any doubt in your mind that you ought to be "prepping" for disasters, before everything is stripped from the stores' shelves? Does this look familiar to you?

If you were in an area heavily-affected by Sandy, you might have seen some looters running rampant. IMO, they should be shot on sight, not arrested. KILL ALL OF THE LOOTERS!

What happens in the first 12 hours, after the US Dollar fails?

Watch The Day the World Ended [Part 1 of 2].

Watch The Day the World Ended [Part 2 of 2].

Is your city a gang-infested hellhole, yet? It will be, all too soon.

Here are an easy 25 DIY Weekend Preparedness Projects, for anyone wanting to be a little more prepared at the end of the day.

How much food storage do you have?

What will the streets of America look and be like, in the coming months and near future? In a word: ugly.

Good article, which answers many questions you mught have about "prepping": "Time To Plan For The Worst Rather Than Hope For The Best".

Another good article: "7 Surprising Reasons Why Americans Aren't Prepared for What's Coming".

Even left-wing liberal PBS "Frontline" did a series on the coming "Apocalypse".

Can you guess How Many Times Has the World Ended, so far?

$100 says TSHTF in Europe, very soon. It's falling apart and all subhuman muslim troglodyte filth are going to need to be hunted-down and killed. are you ready for the coming collapse, because it's coming to the US, too?

This the Marxist takeover of America is happening right before our eyes. It is a scenario that will not end well for all of us.

Will you be charitable when TSHTF?

What will you do when the EBT Cards run-out, and the 47% start rioting?

Lock & Load: Are You Prepared For Civil Unrest?

Do you know the Signs Of A Societal Breakdown?

Ever heard of "The Grey Man Directive"? Read up on it, as it may save your life.

Ready for the electrical grid to collapse? SHTF!

Have you heard the old saying, If You Dont Have Your Money In Your Pocket Its Not Yours.?

When TSHTF, They Will Smell Your Food From Miles Away. What will you do?

"Last week, President Barack Obama delivered some telling remarks to a fire station full of people in Roanoke, Virginia. I'll save you the trouble of reading the (long and uninspired) speech and provide you with the most interesting part:

     "If you've got a business – you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen." – President Barack Obama, July 13th, 2012.

It would be easy to respond with something along the lines of, "Somebody else made that happen? Who? Who magically imagined the product or service, started the business, built it up, and created the jobs? Who was it? The tooth fairy?" And to some extent, President Obama's statement is so ridiculous as to merit that sort of quick, flippant response.

(Here's the video of that loony remark.)

However, he's not entirely wrong. This reminds me of an argument that Massachusetts Senate Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren would probably make. If he's talking about a mid-sized or large business, where an entrepreneur has hired additional employees, then at that point the business's success isn't purely that of its founder.

Employees add value to a business through work and ideas. That's why you hire employees, after all. Steve Jobs didn't invent every last detail of the phones, computers, and tablets to come out of Apple over the last decade. There were engineers working on those products who developed them. So, employees help entrepreneurs to build their business. "Somebody else" did indeed play a part in making that happen.

But what makes the president's remarks so inane is the totality of what he's saying. He's not saying that entrepreneurs and employees work together to build a business. It's not a collaborative effort. It's all thanks to the employees. Usually, I can understand the way the president's mind works on most issues by examining it through a pragmatic, liberal, or progressive framework. This one baffles me.

As I explained, I can see that he has some of a point, but he's still just obviously wrong on the broader point. Sure, the employees help to build the business, but the business itself wouldn't exist without the entrepreneur. So, to say to entrepreneurs and to business owners, " didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen," is just wrong. It's silly. They did build that by setting the foundation for the business.

Entrepreneurs are almost always the hardest workers in their business. They work a simply insane number of hours to get their idea off the ground. If they succeed (and they face a tremendous risk if they don't), then they'll start to grow and to hire employees to help. Honestly, if I were an entrepreneur and I read those remarks by the president, I would be furious. It's a tremendous insult to the true job-creators in America, entrepreneurs.

In the context of a long, somewhat rambling campaign speech that touched on every issue under the sun, it may seem as though I'm over-exaggerating the importance of a minor thing he said. But President Obama isn't a stupid man, or even one who makes off-the-cuff remarks he doesn't really mean. He's a very smart man, and he meant what he said.

When the most important issues for most Americans are economic growth and job creation, I believe it's essential to know exactly where both candidates stand on the importance of entrepreneurs. Yesterday, we learned that President Obama believes that entrepreneurs don't build businesses. Ultimately, they're irrelevant. Take that for what you will." ©Principles and Policy, July 14, 2012

Liberal Media BS

The most insidious power of the corrupt, criminal liberal media, is the power to ignore the truth.

Here, have some fun. Something stinks within America's newsrooms. It's the stench of liberal bias permeating the so-called mainstream media. From lies and deceit to distortions and character assassinations, the liberal media dish out leftist BS to drive their radical agenda.

Think you can detect it? Take this test and find out just how much BS the liberal media are dishing out. Wear your hip-waders; the bullshit is deep!

Some People Just Need Killing

It's not my intentions to be the judge here — that's God's "job" — but rather to "hasten the meeting" so that He can send the following subhuman filth to the "Fires of Hell", "River or Lake of Sulphur", or whatever He deems appropriate. I'd gladly/happily volunteer, at no cost to any of my Hard-Working, Fellow US Taxpayers, to gladly/gleefully/happily headshoot these murderous, lowlife dirtbags of all stripes — their skin-color doesn't matter one whit to me, at all — and rid American Society's innocents — especially our too-vulnerable, precious children and the frail, defenseless elderly — of the subhuman criminals who prey upon them, once-and-for-ever. And yes, I'd rather see one innocent man convicted and executed, than 10 murderers, robbers, child rapists-murderers freed, to rob, rape and murder again. Hey, call me an "Old Fashioned Conservative"! Too harsh? Nah. Someone needs to take out the trash! I volunteer.

Society's innocents — our precious, defenseless children and the frail, defenseless elderly — must be protected from predators, murderers, rapists, robbers and other subhuman filth, at all times and at any cost, IMO.

The 6th Commandment actually says: "Thou Shalt Not Murder". It does NOT say, "Thou Shalt Not Kill." I personally don't consider any summary-execution — except by subhuman, murderous muslim/islamic pigshit — as murder, in any way, shape or form. It's "Due-Justice-For-Crimes-On-This-Earth", IMO.

The Death Penalty is The Foundation of Government.

Yes, I agree with the premise of this article, that "the death penalty is a Noahic Covenant with God, in a post-flood world", and America should apply it every damned day, to those deserving death for their crimes against society and its innocents.

"100 years from now, I want the filthy, stinking subhuman islamic/muslim filth's childrens' childrens' childrens' children to cower and cringe in fear whenever they hear the sounds of jet engines overhead because their legends tell of fire from the sky. I want them to hide in wet, dark caves and hellish-holes in the earth, shivering with terror whenever they hear the roar of diesel engines because the tales of their ancestors talk about metal monsters crawling over the earth, spitting-out death and destruction. I want their mothers to be able to admonish them with "If you don't behave, the Pale Destroyers will come for you", and that will be enough to reduce them to quivering obedience. I want the annihilation to be so complete that their mythology will tell them of the day of judgment when the stern gods from across the sea – the powerful Americans – destroyed their forefathers' wickedness."

Good riddance and rot/burn in hell, you commie, Marxist, terrorist, murderer, racist bastard, piece-of-subhuman shit, Nelson Mandella! The slaughter of White Afrikaans Farmers and their families by your murderous, subhuman ANC filth, is well-documented, dirtbag Mandela filth! Got guts? Watch this. ROT AND BURN IN HELL, MANDELA!

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