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passing phases
Friday, December 10, 1999

i'm still in denial about turning 50 last Thursday, but I'll get over it. If I can get past the mental barrier that it's only a number, maybe I can re-focus myself on the tasks ahead, and there are plenty coming up. Remember the mantra from the 60s? Never trust anyone over 30! Ummmm, sure. I never thought I'd get this far. Now my objective has become to see the century change. FYI: the Millenium change-over is in 2001. Small steps indeed, but worthy goals for one of my "advanced" years. Pass the Geritol, please.

Around The Garden Center.
No sooner had we gotten all containerized nursery stock stored in the greenhouses for the Winter, and spent a week "winterizing" the 20acre complex, than the temps jumped back up into 50s and 60s. Now, I'll have to make sure that everything, including tens-of-thousands of perennials stored in the greenhouses too, get watered weekly. This is absurd, but there's nothing to do except ride it out. Many, many plants' buds are beginning to swell and some are blooming, tricked into believing it's Spring. Plus, it's been an unusually dry Fall, as we're still 23" down on water for the three-year drought period. Not a good omen.
Yep, we're still landscaping. Despite the freakishly-warm weather, there are 7-8 medium-to-large jobs on the books, which need to get installed this Fall-Winter. Plus, we have some replacements to get completed. The coming Spring 2000 will see us much too busy to do them in a timely fashion. There's just too many other maintenance and landscape jobs already on the schedule; heck, we're booked until June 2000 already.
Dad's new IBM Aptiva P-III 500 is almost ready for installation at his home office; all his data files have been moved to the new unit and his software installed, alongside Office, Works, Publisher, PowerDesk etc. I'll move it up and install it this weekend, and bring the old P-100 down, as well as a semi-old P-200 lying around here in the offices, for refurbishing and donation to a local day care center.

Clintonista Lowlifes.
Everyone knew it was "judicial favoritism" when it happened, and the process provided acquittals for both criminals, Web Hubbel and Charlie Trie, Clinton's friends. "It" refers to assigning the criminal cases to Clinton-friendly judges who passed the cases through the system and let the criminals skate. Now, the judge who assigned the cases says it's time for reform. Sure thing. Typical crooked politics.
The two-faced, hypocritical Hitlery Clinton bitch really shined this past week. She derided Mayor Rudy Guilianni for his treatment of the homeless filth, when she'd ordered two lowlife lib-dem mayors (Dinkins and Daley) to do the same thing back in '92 and '96. What a scummy bitch.
With all of Clinton's lies comes another revelation: crime has not dropped since '92, it's risen 40% nationwide. The cowardly sleazebag bitch, Reno and the (In)Justice Dept, have "cooked the books" once again to make them look better, when they're actually doing a worse job. No surprise there.
Like loser sister, like loser brother(s).
Everytime the Clinton moron touches something, it turns to shit.
If we could just keep the shit for brains Clinton home and his foul, ignorant mouth shut, things would improve immeasurably throughout the world.
More bullshit from the lying scumbags at Dept of (In)Justice against Microsoft. Those government lowlifes couldn't find their own asses with both hands.
Huh? The US Treasury Dept out of control? Covering up? Shredding documents? Lying to a judge? shit, tell us something we didn't already know. Nice to know the government is following in the Liar-In-Chief's footsteps.
What a bummer job: being the liar-spokesperson for the First Liar bitch, Hitlery. Knowing full well that every utterance coming from the First Bitch's mouth is a lie that needs explanation and clarification and obfuscation. Certainly not a job worth putting on any honest person's resume; that speaks volumes about Marsha Berry's ethics and morals.
Because of Clinton's gross incompetence and ouright stupidity, there's a cancer growing in our backyard. That's some "legacy" he's leaving us to deal with.

Here's the racist, bigot-filled NAACP playing the race card in charging that a local Maryland county tickets more blacks, in respect to their population size. Oh gee whiz, could that relate to the fact that blacks and hispanics commit more crimes in relation to their population size too? Facts are facts. And the facts shout to racist scum like the NAACP bigot president: f*ck you, scumbag!
f*ck it: blow this illegal alien island out of the water. In fact, take all of illegal alieno Rico out. No loss for the world, just a lot of welfare monies for those lazy slimeballs.
I love it: either wars or disease will clean the subhuman continent of Africa to the satisfaction of the civilized world, but Asia will soon surpass Africa. Ignore the plethora of scum on both continents. Urban renewal, don'tcha know.
This is an obscenity; pull the plug.
Uh oh, Castro's angry! The commie, fascist, illegal alien slime's blood pressure is rising and he's threatening the US over some half-breed kid who escaped the oppression of that Cuban shithole island. Gee whiz. f*ck off, illegal alien scum.
Another useless, waste of 6 lives, in a vain search for homeless garbage. Who cares? Exterminate them all.
Lazy, homeless, worthless filth are a plague. If I was Dictator For A day, I'd eliminate them ASAP, baby. They're like germs, bacteria, subhuman garbage. We're with ya, Rudy! f*ck the whining liberal scum, who want to "glamorize" homelessness.
Well, well, the fat stupid pig-f*cking bitch, Rosie O'Donnell, is now taking up the homeless bums' cause celeb. The ignorant waddling sweathog has the stupidity to castigate NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who cleaned up NYC, for ridding the streets of the homeless garbage. Hey Rosie, you lowlife liberal: f*ck off!
Major bummer. I can think of better things to do with $165 million right here on Earth.
Now why would anyone apologize to the racist bigot Jesse Jack-scum for speaking the truth. I sure as hell wouldn't, even if it would cost me a job. f*ck it: they're always more jobs; the truth is immutable. Let's put him on the Lorraine Motel balcony and hire a shooter, so the idiot can become a martyr as he wants.
It's amazing that after people win awards for literature, they all of a sudden become "experts" on world poverty and hunger, like this nazi scumbag who won the Nobel prize for his writing. Hey nazi idiot: shut the f*ck up and write another cheap, dime novel.
Hmmm, no surprise here. Just as JFK was assassinated by a conspiracy, so was MLK Jr. No lone gunman did either job; many were involved and both are still so well covered-up, neither will ever be solved.
Really? What are low-income minorities going to do on the InterNet, after America wastes billions to give them computers and access? Spend their welfare checks at Dean & DeLuca or Neiman-Marcus? They need to get their lazy asses out and get 2-3 jobs, get the f*ck off welfare and become productive citizens, instead of being the societal parasites they are.
Why would anyone prosecute a cop who whacked a lowlife piece of shit rapper shitper idiot like Notorious B.I.G.? He should be rewarded and encouraged to whack all the filth he can. Hell, I'll chip into a reward kitty.
Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-Utah) is a scumbag. He purposely held unnecessary, bogus hearings on Microsoft in the US Senate and demanded "repayment" from the whining, incompetent, uncompetitive lowlifes of Silicon Valley. They include Eric Schmidt of Novell Inc.--based in Hatch's home state of Utah--as well as Scott McNealy of Sun Microsystems Inc., Jeff Henley of Oracle Corp., George Vradenburg of AOL and Larry Wolfe of Intuit Inc., James Barksdale--a staunch Microsoft opponent who was CEO of the software firm Netscape Communications Corp. before it was acquired by America Online Another is Andrew Steinberg of Sabre Inc., an airline reservation company that isn't even based in Silicon Valley, but is a vigorous opponent of Microsoft's tactics. Hatch is an moron, who never had, doesn't now and never will have a chance to be elected president.
It's hard to believe that even a criminal bitch of Hitlery's caliber would stoop to meet a racist, bigoted idiot slimeball like Fat Al "Pass Dem Donuts" Sharpton, for whatever reason. This time, she's a whore for the black vote in New York state. The two lowlifes richly deserve each other.

Time To Die.
Child molestation - one of the crimes I would execute people for, besides murder, rape and treason - is something I have no forgiveness or pity for the molestor. And this piece of shit needs to die for molesting more than 100 young boys. Molestors are never rehabilitated; they always repeat the crime. They need to die. American society needs to get past the "rehab" thing and get into severe and permanent Justice for that crime. Dead molesters don't re-molest. Factoid. C'mon lib-dem shit: I dare you to refute me on this.
Also, violent habitual criminals need to be executed to prevent re-occurrences of so many crimes from happening.
White supremacist skinheads should be executed en masse, whether they've committed a crime or not; this piece of white trash shit did commit murder and must die for the crime.
Just one more reason why murderers should be executed and not rehabilitated or given life in prison. They don't deserve it; they seriously need to die for their crimes.
It took 11 years to get these stinking towelhead muslim dog-f*ckers into court, for bringing down PanAm 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland in '88; we'll try, convict and execute them as rapidly as possible. Right? Probably not. The cowardly morons in Europe don't execute anymore. It's a life in prison thing now.
Ummm sorry, raping a 14 year old child is justly deserving of the death penalty, IMHO.
More proof that Ethiopia is a civilized country and will execute these scum for Killing a seven year old girl, while Britain is less than civilized by allowing this homo pedophile merely life imprisonment for Killing a 12 year old boy.
This little 12 year old piece of shit ought to be beaten to death for sexually assaulting five little children and trying to give them AIDS, which he has.
Love the state of Texas! Another piece of subhuman filth was executed this week, for the hatchet slayings of three women in 1986 near Dallas. 13 years ago; well, better late than never.

No Escape.
Urban Americans who think they're escaping the pollution of the big city when they beat it out of town are deluding themselves, according to a report by two environmental groups. Actually, pollution levels "out there" are often worse than in town, a CNN story said. To wit: Cape Cod National Sea Shore has higher pollution and more bad air than Boston; Maine's Acadia National Park's pollution levels have equaled those in Philadelphia this year; the Amish farmland and the nearby city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania has had twice as many dirty days as Philadelphia in 1999. Probably all those damned looms.

Sign of the Apocalypse.
Things being as they are, doomsayers are hard at work looking for signs that the end is nigh. The topic is so hot, there is a PBS documentary on the apocalypse. Why not use this opportunity to play a little joke on the dinner guests? When everyone has adjourned to the living room to digest and relax, place the turkey carcass on your pet's head - dog or cat will work - and nudge said pet into the living room. Follow close behind and scream. For added effect, tape the turkey gizzard to the inside of your pet's ear. Sick enough? You bet, for a liberal's digest.

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