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Friday, December 11, 1998

jeeeeez! Shoot that damned alarm clock! No, wait; 4am and time to go to work again. Spring through Fall (18x7). Winter Hours (11x7) now somewhat lessen the load. Helping thousands of people with a half-million problems. I enjoy it. I can't imagine doing anything else. That's okay, I'll sleep sometime next week. Sunday, I'll get an extra 5-6 hours sleep, if the cats permit it. Uhhh, any coffee left there? Okay sure, I'll make a new pot.

Early To Bed, Early To Rise.
Doesn't do a damned thing like make you healthy, wealthy or wise. I'm living proof of that. What shit that rhyme is. Another childhood myth shattered.
Because we're on the Winter Hours regimen now, I'm still in at 6:15am to brief the Landscape Foreman, but now I leave at 5pm or so for home. Dark when I get there, dark when I come home. Asleep by 9pm; up at 4am puts a serious dent in any foreseeable social activity. Bummer.
I still have a few landscape design plans to finish estimating for Spring. Michelle, our landscape designer, is working on a pile of requests which I funneled her way and she will return the layouts usually within a week. I can turn them around within a day or two, but sometimes I get backed-up and have to take them home to work on. I use a Zip Disk to transport the Microsoft Excel v8 files and templates, which I've built especially for the landscape estimating process.
At home, my new SAG Electronics Pentium II 450 (10,000rpm ultra fast/ ultra wide LVD2 SCSI HD), coupled with either MS Works v4.5 or MS Excel v8 apps, handles the number crunching with ease. It's a real pleasure to work on a machine that's so fast and has 256mb SDRAM. I'm planning on adding another 128mb from the pile of leftover Dell 128mb chips; 384mb SDRAM and it's maxed out. When other people find out that I'm running either 256mb or 384mb SDRAM in my office and home machines, they ask if I'm running a server. Ha. It's all the intensive graphics programs I use which require huge amounts of memory. The Dell 333 now has 384mb SDRAM; the SAG 450 deserves a full set of slots, too.
The Spring 1999 Schedule is filling up rapidly for both Landscape Installations and Maintenance. For the first few years, I had to really hustle to bring in business; we were an unknown quantity in a field littered with medium and low grade landscape contractors. Now, we're sought out by people from eleven states for our rare, unusual and hard-to-find plant material and unique, high-end landscape designs and installations. It's a nice feeling that all that hard work has paid dividends.

My Error. Maybe.
It's the second week of December and we're having balmy 70F weather here in central Pennsylvania. Looks like my most recent ad, Winter Over was wrong for the second year in a row. I also predicted a bad Winter last year and that failed to materialize. I was right in '96, when The Blizzard of '96 kicked the shit out of everyone in 8 states.
I'm holding out hope that January and February will be cold and snowy; the plants need both. The cold period freeze allows them to go into dormancy and get the deep sleep they need before being awoke by Spring's warmer temps and rains. The snow provides moisture as it melts slowly, allowing the water to get to a plants root system, where it's needed.
In fact, it's showering now we haven't had any serious rain in over two years and a drought emergency has been declared in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania but this rain should be snow. What's going on with the damned weather? The West Coast is getting cold rain and snow; we're in the 70s and balmy.
f*ck 'em if they can't take a joke.

www.gdnctr.com Moves South.
Hopefully, there won't be any interruption in service; as of Dec 28th, www.gdnctr.com and all its 300+ attendant pages will reside in a new neighborhood, at manassas dot com. Okay, it's not as flashy as Cyberia was when I rented server space 37 months ago in November '95, but when they merged with a substandard ISP company from Lancaster County, I'd had enough.
Sure, it's great that the three partners each made millions from the buyout deal, but with prices dropping and service soon to follow, I had no choice except to leave. I've been through situations like this before; it only goes downhill from the great benchmark Cyberia set.
Using my 500+kbps cable modem, coupled with the new SAG Electronics 450 P-II/ 256kb (soon to be 384kb) SDRAM, 8.4gb ultra wide-ultra fast LVD2 SCSI HD, ultra wide-ultra fast LVD2 SCSI internal ZIP Drive, I downloaded all my folders and files from Cyberia's NT Server, to my HD for inventory, evaluation and cleansing. That was about 22mb, in a 41 sec download. Do the math.

Espy's OJ Jury.
Acquittal is not innocence. The fact that the lib-Dem scumbag, Mike Espy, former Secretary of Agriculture who resigned in disgrace several years ago, was simply acquitted, doesn't mean he wasn't guilty; the independent prosecutor merely wasn't able to prove that he did favors for all the gifts he received from companies he was supposed to oversee. Espy is still a filthy crook.
That the jurors couldn't make the connection between Espy's bribery and political favors points out that the US Legal System is gravely flawed and needs overhauling. It was clearly an OJ Jury, playing the race card and stacked with liberal scum. Only one juror was white; that speaks volumes. Espy should be in prison for what he did.
Another of the Clintonite criminals gets a pass and walks. What a shame.

Somehow, the shit-for-brains Bubba The Liar Clinton's gotten it all wrong again. It's not what punishment he will accept, it has something more to do with what the Constitution provides for his crimes. It's becoming more obvious to the criminals at The White House that the House of Representatives will vote Articles of Impeachment against the lying bastard Clinton. Anything less is unacceptable.
Clinton needs to pay dearly for his willful engagement in perjury and obstruction of justice and abuse of power. He should understand that The US Constitution does not allow for deals, and be run out of Washington, DC, in disgrace, as Nixon was. Start the Senate Trial and let's send Bubba & Hitlery back to Arkansas in disgrace, to a federal prison.
Here's how it will happen.
Lots of subhuman lib-Dem filth needs to be removed from the House Judiciary Committee before it can function per The US Constitution again. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when the Nation really needs him?
And three cheers for Judge Norma Holloway Johnson for ruling against the lowlife lib-Dems at The White House and in the House of Representatives. She's sent them scurrying back under the slimy rocks under which they all live. It would appear that Judge Starr and The OIC were correct in their procedures.
There are bona fide communists and socialists masquerading as lib-Dems in The House of Representatives. True. These are ultra-left wing nuts committed to destroying democracy in the US through socialistic-communistic programs. Read about the stinking scumbag filth for yourself; it's no wonder they're some of the lowest forms of subhuman life found in the Nation. These filth should be exposed for what scum they are, and driven from office for planning the destruction of the US Government and American Way of Life.
And the incompetent, myopic, politically-and-sexually-compromised so-called attorney general bitch, Janet Reno is still trying to get Clinton and Gore off the hook well hell, they hired her and they're her bosses by declining to explore their myriad fund raising crimes, among the many others they've committed. Congress needs to hold her in contempt and charge her with obstruction of justice.
Meanwhile, a bunch of impotent, old, pathetically-decrepit GOP governors are bleating and crowing about things which they know nothing about: reality. The lying sneak of an moron governor from Pennsylvania (my state), Tommie 'The Commie' Ridge doesn't speak for anyone in this state tried to get $230+mm (mille mille = million) in public funding for sports complexes in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia without taxpayer knowledge or consent. Everyone wants Clinton to get what's coming to him for lying to America. whack yourself with the nearest corkscrew, Ridge, you two-bit jerk! You're morally-and-ethically-challenged and faked all of us out here in PA. You won't get a second term, scumbag.

Many Less Subhuman Filth.
Be still my beating heart. Another murdering piece of shit has gotten what he deserves: execution. If only every murderer clogging up Death Row or sentenced to life in prison would get that true and just punishment, life would be just grand. And society all the better for it.
This is what happens when liberal morons try to rehabilitate a murderer. It doesn't work. All murderers let's throw in rapists and child molesters, too need to be executed for their crimes against society. No exceptions.
Like these two pieces of shit, both of whom should have been executed 21 years ago and not wasted taxpayers money keep this subhuman filth alive. Nice going, South Carolina!
Do I sound Pro Death Penalty? Well, I surely am in favor of executing society's subhuman filth, who've preyed upon and murdered its innocents. I have no sympathy for any of them. I'll take on any lib-Dem scumbag cowards Amnesty International, ACLU come to mind right away who want to chit chat about execution v rehabilitation v clemency. Any takers? Though so.
This isn't a problem limited to the US; Russia has its own demons to deal with. Give the piece-of-shit a fair trial and then execute him.
Wait; let's include traitors in the execution matrix. They might be worse than murders; traitors put entire civilizations at risk. Immediate execution upon conviction.
My favorite state, Texas, leads all others in getting rid of society's filth and scum. Atta boy, Governor Bush. You have my vote in 2000. Just apply Texas will to rid society of this garbage, to the national effort to clean up Death Row. Particularly all the subhuman filth on Death Row for over 20 years needs to be cleaned out, permanently.
Vote for Texas to lead the effort.

Competent To whack, Competent To Die.
It seems to me that if someone is cunning and competent enough to plan a murder and pull it off, they should be competent enough to be executed for it when they're convicted. Makes sense to me.
This Weston scumbag murdered two Capitol Police Officers in a cold and calculating fashion. I was outraged when I heard about it. The cops who finally shot him should have head shot him and there wouldn't be any insanity shit for the crippled legal System to deal with.
Once again - as with Charles Manson, David "Son of Sam" Berkowitz, Unabomber Theodore Kaczynski and hundreds of other cases the pathetic US Legal System's flaws shine through. Some government idiot shrink has once again allowed a murderer to escape the justice (aka the death penalty) and the US Taxpayers you and I will have to foot the bill for the rest of the subhuman piece of shit's life.
Murderers, rapists, traitors and child molesters should be executed immediately upon conviction. No exceptions. No 10-30 years of languishing in comfy, TV-studded, full legal library, recreational and rehabilitative prisons. No appeals. No shit.
Why aren't those cyanide pellets dropping? Why aren't those electric chairs smoking? Why the hell aren't those hypodermic needles plunging into veins? On a once every hour basis? In a few months, all the 3,500+ subhuman murdering/raping/treasonous/molesting filth would be terminated and more could be moved into those execution slots. Bingo! End of problem.
No executed murderer ever commits the same or any other crime again. That's pretty damned final and a whole lot better than what the current, lousy US Legal System can now offer. It's about time the so-called system looked after the rights of its citizens before they become victims.

Take Out The Garbage.
Ever since Glenn, Shepherd and Grissom began the US Space Program at NASA, I've been a big fan. I've watched every launch (on TV) and especially remember that July, 1969 walk on the moon With all the hardware which Russia and the US threw up there, I was naive to think that all of it began to fall back to Earth and burned up in re-entry, as all the TV science reports reported.
Now they're dodging space debris, and very probably have for a long time, telling no one except Mission Control at NASA.
What an opportunity for Waste Management Corp. for garbage collection, debris retrieval and recycling.

What Evil People Do.
The headlines never fail to stun me as to human beings cruelty to other animals. We are, collectively speaking, the worst and the best species of animal inhabiting this Earth. The piece of shit who stabbed these horses should be executed; I'd volunteer to pull the trigger; hell, I'd even use my own .357 Magnum so I know it'd be done completely and correctly.
Whether it's cruelty toward any animal, humans should be held accountable. No, I'm not a member of PETA (People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals), but their cause is sounding more and more like something I'd like to get involved in as I continue to read about what human scum do to other animals.
I carry a shovel in my Jeep Grande Cherokee LTD V8 to bury dead animals alongside the roads here in central Pennsylvania. Every year, there are more and more strays whacked due to moron humans allowing them to breed unchecked and then turning them loose to eventually be whacked. The ones whacked are lucky; their misery is over. Most stray animals starve to death slowly.
It's so incredulous that we human beings are capable of such compassion and yet such cruelty at the same time.

The Politically Compromised Reno Bitch.
Well, duh. Was I or anyone else really naive to think that shit-for-brains attorney general Janet El Reno would dump another independent counsel on her boss, Slick Willie The Liar.
Sorry, I lost my head. I thought this was the United States of America, governed by a Constitution and Bill of Rights and Laws. How stupid of us all.
Here's the bitch's reasoning: ...good faith reliance on the advice of counsel negates criminal intent, she said. Well golly, by that twisted, convoluted line of non-reasoning, if I had just tried to shoot a person but whacked him instead, I'd be guilty of no more than a simple assault, rather than murder. Good faith doesn't mean shit when it's amongst criminals, like the Clintonite filth and his minions of corrupt attorneys and sleazy lawyers. Nothing.
The Parkinsons Disease-riddled slut has declined to investigate the corrupt, lying AlGore moron and the dirty, lowlife, liberal scumbag Harold Ickes; both men as corrupt as their dead, liberal Democratic filth fathers, whom were run out of politics for less-than-honest dealings with their constituents. Like corrupt father, like corrupt sons-of-bitches.
The Reno moron needs to be removed from office by Congress, indicted for obstruction of justice and prosecuted and dis-barred from ever practicing ah, that's the key word: practicing law ever again. Of course, there are too many weak, lowlife scumbag liberal filth commie-socialist Democrat motherf*ckers in Congress to accomplish that ethically-elevated task.
Politically and sexually compromised to the max, Reno's a two-bit whore, doing just what her master wants. No more, and certainly a whole lot less every chance she gets.

The House Hearings.
Twenty four years ago, I was watching the televised, epic Watergate Hearings while living in Miami. This past week, I watched CSPAN's coverage of the House Hearings on Impeachment.
I was struck at the marked differences and noted similarities. Nixon was never allowed any time for any legal response, as Clinton has been. It's very bipartisan now; back then, the infamous tapes sealed Nixon's fate. Democrats defend and rationalize now; back then, they went straight for the throat. Republicans want the truth now; back then, they sought and found the ugly truth.
I'm also struck at the rationalizing and sliding the slimy lib-Dems are doing when they say that "what Bubba The Liar did wasn't all that bad", and that a slap on the wrist is what he'll accept. They want to dictate what Clinton will accept as punishment, not realize what the US Constitution actually provides in a case such as this: impeachment and removal from office. A very bitter pill to swallow; the lib-Dems can't handle it.
It's also difficult to believe that there are so many scummy lib-Dem people in one room without morals or ethics, that they can look askance on multiple lying episodes in a federal setting and not be bothered at the pattern. Extrapolate that through the entire House and Senate and it becomes readily apparent that the American Voter (not me in either election) has elected slimy and sleazy representatives who are, after all, a direct reflection of the voting public. Hence, the now unsurprising polls saying that the Nation is tired of it all, time to move on.
There are truly some wackos on the lib-Dem side of that House Committee. People who can't speak a complete sentence, who can't present a cogent thought, who talk for the sake of talking, who interrupt at every chance. Pathetic, pathetic people elected by American voters: Waters, Conyers, Lee, Frank et al. All of them are abject scum. The Nation saw them this week for what they are, but whether America can even recognize those disgusting flaws anymore is the overriding question.
The first US Constitutional step commenced Wednesday, Dec 9th. Wow: two days after Pearl Harbor and seven days after my Bday. How f*cking historic.
What's simply amazing throughout all of this is that the slimy, sleazeball lawyers insist that Slick Willie The Liar followed the flawed advice of his then-legal team; no criminal or fraudulent intent proven, he's innocent by reason of stupidity. What? Clinton's a goddamned lawyer; what are these lowlife lib-Dems pulling over our faces (collectively speaking)?
I'm both ashamed and sorry to see the US come to this point in our short history. And on The Boomers' Watch, nonetheless.
Like I trust the ratbastard Clinton. There is little or no difference between this generals crimes and those of the Clinton scumbag; the real test will be the punishment meted out by US Law.
The House Judiciary Committee did its job and indicted the Clintonite criminal, as it was required by US Law to do. For once, it worked. That might be all it does, in the final analysis.

Waste A Furby.
If the hype over this year's HOT holiday toy has you seeing red, then vent your frustration virtually. It's much cheaper to witness the destruction of cutsy wittle Furbys through harmless animated graphics than to have to wait in long lines, dole out $30, and smash one to pieces for yourself.
No muss, no fuss. No M16s, either. Get in a short, virtual line, sharpen your browser and whack a damned Furby.

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